University of Miami Past Exams and Midterms 2019

University of Miami students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at Miami.

We recommend adding in your midterm and exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

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Please note that this collection is currently not comprehensive or complete. Old midterms and exams should be used as study aids only and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year.

Course CodeCourse Name at University of MiamiPast Midterms and Exams
APY 202Principles of Cultural AnthropologyView Now
BIL 104Genetics and SocietyView Now
BIL 150General BiologyView Now
BIL 250GeneticsView Now
BIL 255Cellular and Molecular BiologyView Now
BIL 311BiostatisticsView Now
BIL 330EcologyView Now
BMB 401Biochemistry For The Biomedical SciencesView Now
BMB 509Molecular Biology of the GeneView Now
BSL 212Introduction to Business LawView Now
BTE 210Fundamentals Of Bus Tech & InnovationView Now
CHM 111Principles of Chemistry IView Now
CHM 202Organic Chemistry II (Lecture)View Now
CLA 220Greek and Roman MythologyView Now
CSC 120Computer Programming IView Now
CSC 220Computer Programming IIView Now
ECO 211Economic Principles and ProblemsView Now
ECO 212Economic Principles and ProblemsView Now
ECO 300Microeconomic Theory And ApplicationsView Now
ECO 301Macro Economic TheoryView Now
ECO 302Micro Economic TheoryView Now
ENG 201World Literary Masterpieces IView Now
FIN 303Intermediate Financial ManagementView Now
FIN 320Investment and Security MarketsView Now
GSC 103Evolution of the Modern Earth’s EnvView Now
INS 101Global PerspectivesView Now
KIN 150General Nutr for Health and PerformanceView Now
MAS 110Quantitative Applications in BusinessView Now
MAS 202Intermediate Business StatisticsView Now
MAS 311Applied Probability and StatisticsView Now
MGT 349International BusinessView Now
MIC 301Intro to Microbes and the Immune SystemView Now
MKT 469International Marketing ManagementView Now
MSC 220Climate and Global ChangeView Now
MTH 161Calculus IView Now
MTH 210Introduction to Linear AlgebraView Now
MTH 311Introduction to Ordinary Differential EquationsView Now
PHI 130Contemporary Moral IssuesView Now
PHY 101College Physics IView Now
PHY 110Descriptive AstronomyView Now
PHY 205University Physics IView Now
PHY 206University Physics IIView Now
PHY 207University Physics IIIView Now
PHY 350Intermediate Electricity and MagnetismView Now
PHY 360Introduction to Modern PhysicsView Now
POL 203Introduction to International RelationsView Now
POL 388Politics Of IsraelView Now
PSC 101Physical ScienceView Now
PSY 110Introduction to PsychologyView Now
PSY 210Social PsychologyView Now
PSY 230Child And Adolescent DevelopmentView Now
PSY 260Personality PsychologyView Now
SOC 101Introduction to SociologyView Now

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Jobs for College Students at the University of Miami

Heading off to college is always an exciting time, but once you start up the semester, there is always that worry of finances while at university. The University of Miami has many opportunities for students to make money for whatever financial issues they may have. They encourage student employment most as it helps students to still focus on their students while also teaching them how to balance a job. The university helps to work around students schedules for the most productive and success future. Here are some of the money earning opportunities offered.

1. Becoming a Graduate Assistant

U of Miami building

It is a wide known fact that college professors need all the help they can get with having large class sizes and hundreds of papers to grade in a timely manner. Becoming a graduate assistant will help you to learn how to manage your time and help to improve the learning of others. It will also give you a good mentor to help you for future work and references. To become one, you must apply after entering into graduate school. The university will pay you to help teach and grade to help out their overworked professors.

2. Facilities Administation Representative

This is the College of Medicine at the University of Miami.

Through the College of Business at the University of Miami, they are looking to hire someone to perform routine daily operations of the Facilities Management department. This would include, but not limited to, work order management and providing high quality service that can have flexible hours. The portion requires teamwork, cooperation, and direct contact with administrators and staff to the University. It would be advised that this job is perfect for business majors or those interested in business.

3. Campus Security Guard

Picture of the university's main building on the water

Nowadays, it is vital to have on and off campus security as there has been a spike in assaults on campuses around the U.S. Specifically, the College of Medicine is in need of an immediate guard for the building. They want to make sure that the building is safe for when visitors and patients arrive for treatments. It pays well for a broke college student that has to simply make sure those are all behaving properly and make sure their is no trouble for the building. The job also entails that you would help with traffic control is necessary.

4. Program Coordinator

U of Miami campus tour

The program coordinator provides general oversight of the day to day operations of the program, DIRECCT. This program is here to provide an environment driven by purpose, excellence, community, and service. In this job, you will assist the program director in the development, organization, production, and evaluation of the program. Specifically, in the order to achieve the program’s mission, goals, and objectives.

5. Assistant Coach (Football)

The University of Miami's symbol that helps to represent the university as a community.

This is a fun and interesting job especially if you are interested in football and enjoy watching it. The assistant will be responsible for assisting the head football coach in the management and administration of the football program. They would coach the players in meetings, practice sessions, and workouts. Will be responsible for breakdowns of films and computer analysis. They also may be asked to help the head coach look for and possible recruit possible candidates for the future football team.

6. Assistant Store Manager

logo for macy's

In the nearby mall, Dadeland, off campus, Macy’s is looking to hire an assistant store manager. You will be responsible for driving sales and selling product to customers as well as helping other employees. Training, coaching, and development of the Macy’s team is also part of the job. Leadership skills are wanted for the positions, but is also not necessary as it can be learned on the job.

7. Delivery Driver

Papa John's pizza logo

If you live around the area of campus or off campus and have a vehicle available then this job could be for you. Papa John’s is looking to hire delivery driver for around the area a bit off campus. They are willing to pay well as well as work with hours if you are a student. Driving is easing and easy for students are it helps them to focus as well as relax more while earning money. It is a win-win.

The University of Miami has a lot of opportunities and jobs to offer students that are looking to help settle debt or earn spending money. It also has many off campus opportunities that will help spread students experiences of the city. Don’t make money a stressor in your life. Having a job or finding opportunities to earn money is a life experience everyone will learn some sooner than others.

University of Miami (UM) Fall 2018 Final Exam Schedule

University of Miami Fall 2018 exam schedules are now available. Please check the schedule carefully to ensure you have the correct date and time for your examination.

We recommend adding in the exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

Please make sure to bring the following items with you to your final exam:

-Student ID

-Pen, pencil, eraser

-Calculator (if permitted by instructor)

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***Please note that exam dates/times are updated on a regular basis. Please consult with your University of Miami Exam Schedule to ensure the highest degree of accuracy***

Special Courses Exam Guide
CHM 111
ECO 212
CSC 120
ECO 211
MTH 108
MTH 107
MTH 162
MTH 161
PSY 110
ECE 118

*The above can cover more than one section

Class Time Exam Date Exam Time
MWF or MW or M/W/F & 8-8:55am Wed, Dec 12 8-10:30am
MWF or MW or M/W/F & 9-9:55am Fri, Dec 7 8-10:30am
MWF or MW or M/W/F & 10-10:55am Wed, Dec 12 11-1:30pm
MWF or MW or M/W/F & 11-11:55am Mon, Dec 10 8-10:30am
MWF or MW or M/W/F & 12-12:55pm Mon, Dec 10 11-1:30pm
MWF or MW or M/W/F & 1-1:55pm Wed, Dec 12 2-4:30pm
MWF or MW or M/W/F & 2-2:55pm Fri, Dec 7 2-4:30pm
MWF or MW or M/W/F & 3-3:55pm Mon, Dec 10 2-4:30pm
MWF or MW or M/W/F & 5-7:45pm Mon, Dec 10 5-7:30pm
MW or Wednesday & 5-6:20pm Wed, Dec 12 5-7:30pm
MW or Wednesday & 6:25-7:40 Wed, Dec 12 8-10:30pm
MW or M/W, TR or T/R & 7:50-9:30 Mon, Dec 10 8-10:30pm
TH or T/R & 8-9:25am Tues, Dec 11 8-10:30am
TH or T/R & 9:30-10:55am Thurs, Dec 6 11-1:30pm
TH or T/R & 11-12:25pm Tues, Dec 11 11-1:30pm
TR or T/R & 12:30-1:55pm Thurs, Dec 6 2-4:30pm
TR or T/R & 2-3:25pm Tues, Dec 11 5-7:30pm
TR or T/R & 3:30-4:55pm Tues, Dec 11 2-4:30pm
TR or Thursday Only & 5-6:20pm Thurs, Dec 6 5-7:30pm
TR or Thursday Only & 6:25-7:40pm Tues, Dec 11 8-10:30pm
Tuesday Only & 5-7:45pm Fri, Dec 7 5-7:30pm
Courses Exam Date Exam Time
ARB 101,102 Fri, Dec 7 11-1:30pm
BIL 153 Fri, Dec 7 8-10:30pm
BSL 212 Mon, Dec 10 8-10:30pm
CHI 101,102,201 Fri, Dec 7 11-1:30pm
CHM 111, CHM 121, CHM 222 Thurs, Dec 6 8-10:30pm
CHM 105, CHM 205, CHM 206 Fri, Dec 7 8-10:30pm
FRE 101,102,105,201 Fri, Dec 7 11-1:30pm
FIN 302, 320 Thurs, Dec 6 8-10:30am
ITA 101,102,201 Fri, Dec 7 11-1:30pm
JPN 101,102,201 Fri, Dec 7 11-1:30pm
MTH 099, 101, 107 Thurs, Dec 6 8-10:30am
PHY 101,102,205,206,207 Mon, Dec 10 8-10:30pm
POR 201 Fri, Dec 7 11-1:30pm
PSC 101 Mon, Dec 10 8-10:30pm
SPA 101,102,105,107,201,207 Fri, Dec 7 11-1:30pm

More exam study guides are available below ordered by department

Department Name Study Guides
Accounting Business Administration
Art History
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Business Law
Business Technology
Cinema and Interactive Media
Civil and Architectural Engineering
Communication Studies
Computer Science
Ecosystem Science and Policy
Finance Business Administration
Geological Sciences
Industrial Engineering
International Studies
Journalism and Media Management
Management Science
Marine Science
Microbiology and Immunology
Physical Science
Political Science
Public Health
Strategic Communication
Teaching and Learning
Theatre Arts
Theory and Composition
Womens and Gender Studies

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Top 10 Majors at University of Miami

The University of Miami is a private research University and more than 17,000 students around the world are currently enrolled here. Located in South Florida, UM is focused on providing innovative and diverse knowledge to the students. The University was established in 1925 and comprises 11 colleges and schools offering 180 major programs. Below is the list of top majors of the university.

1. Architecture & Related Services

Instruments of Architecture

At the University of Miami, there is one distinct program available for the candidates interested in the field of Architecture. During 2016-17, there was a total of 46 graduates in the field of General Architecture.

2. Biological & Biomedical Sciences

Biological Sciences apparatus

There are plenty of options for the students of Biology in UM as it is offering 7 unique programs in the field of Biological & Biomedical Sciences. In 2016-17, UM awarded Biology degree to 435 undergraduates.

3. Business, Management & Marketing

Major elements of Marketing & Business

In the field of Business, Management & Marketing, UM has a lot to offer. Currently, University has 10 distinct programs enrolled in this field. In 2016-17, there was a total of 686 graduates in this discipline. Some of these programs include Business Administration and Management, Accounting, and Business/Managerial Economics.

4. Communication & Journalism

Tools of Communication & Journalism

UM offers 6 different programs in the field of Communication & Journalism. There were 259 graduates in this field from UM in 2016-17. Some of these programs include Speech Communication and Rhetoric, Broadcast Journalism, Public Relations/Image Management, and Advertising.

5. Computer & Information Sciences

Motherboard and IC Circuits

There are 4 distinct undergraduates programs in the field of Computer at UM. These courses include Computer Graphics, Information Technology Project Management, Computer Science, and Information Science/Studies. In 2016-17, 65 students were graduated in this field from UM.

6. Education

Basic elements of Education

In the field of education, the University of Miami currently offering 3 different programs including Elementary Education and Teaching, Secondary Education and Teaching, and Music Teacher Education. Till now, 20 graduates have been passed this degree from UM.

7. Engineering

Working environment of Engineers

Being a major field of study, there are 11 different programs available in Engineering at UM. A large number of students have graduated as Engineers from UM as in 2016-17 there were 247 graduates who got this degree. Some of the majors include Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Software Engineering, and Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering.

8. English Language & Literature

Alphabets of English

UM is offering two distinct programs in the field of English Literature including Creative Writing and English Language and Literature, General. In this field, 45 students graduated in 2016-17. UM is best ranked for English Literature.

9. Health Professions

A Variety of Health Professionals

In the field of Health Professions, the University of Miami has 7 major programs. in 2016-17, UM awarded 284 degrees in this discipline. Some of these degrees include Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences, Health/Health Care Administration/Management, Athletic Training/Trainer, and Music Therapy/Therapist.

10. Social Sciences

Info graphics of Social Sciences

In this field, UM is offering 8 graduate programs including Anthropology, Criminology, Geography, International Relations, and Affairs, Political Science and Government, and Sociology. In 2016-17, 418 students got a degree in this discipline.

At the University of Miami, you will not only get a pure learning environment but also a wide range of disciplines to choose from. For more information about the majors and the university, you can visit the official website of UM.



10 University of Miami Library Resources

The University of Miami is a private, nonsectarian research university in Coral Gables, Florida, United States. Nonsectarian means that it is not affiliated with a religious group, which needs to be mentions as most private colleges are. Because they are known for research you should know these 10 different library resources to help you.

1. Facebook

Facebook is a fast way for students to engage via social media. It gives short and concise updates on when new events are happening and when there are any changes in the hours of operation. They also post pictures of new collections and displays.

 puzzle feature that was hand completed

2.Redesign Feedback

The library has since done a redesign of the website. Which is why the library needs your feedback on how to improve the website or how it is based on looks and functionality. It is important to give your honest opinion(don’t be criticizing).

 feedback helps the library to improve

3. Research Consultants

Research Consultants are there to make your life easier. They are able to be booked and should be as a tool to be for your future assignments. They are fellow students that know where to best look for research. The consultants will give you advice on how to do your project.

 research consultants show you how to properly research

4. Study Room

The study room is meant for all types of uses. It is great for trying to practice a speech. It is also great for those who are looking to be left alone with very few distractions. This is a room that needs to be booked ahead of time.

 study rooms must be booked ahead of time

5. Food Studies

This is a program that is under the famous Proquest. Which is a larger branching company that many students and teachers rave about for higher end source material. Food studies dives deep into food that goes beyond just consumption but also it talks about functionality, psychology and history of food.

 food studies is more than just the plate


This is a special type of online education company that the library links as a great tool to use. It specifically dives deep into learning about all things innovation, business, tech, and software. It does detail how to videos so that you are in the know.

 lynda is an online training library

7. Dance Online:Dance in Video

This is an online library database that gives details on all things dance. They give video tutorials as well as show historical significance of dance in the olden and modern age. A few topics they cover the range from jazz to modern hip hop.

 dance video tutorial and live action

8.Drop In

Though the hours can be limited depending on the time you can drop in and visit with a librarian. This person will help you with any form of research or gather info from that might be of use for your assignment. Do not expect every time you do a drop in though that you will be waited on.

 logo for a drop in

9.Floor Map

The floor map is meant for those to know where things are in a specific space. It goes floor by floor and in proximity to each other will lay out where everything is such as with a facility for bathrooms or the help desk. Refer to the map for any visual needs.

 floor map example and key

10.Ask a Librarian

The ask a librarian can be a helpful tab because it shows on the website the contact info of all the major people in every library and their departments. This can be crucial if you need to send out a private proposal for filming and legalities or if you need to ask a librarian directly a question about your book holds.

logo for ask a librarian

Libraries at University of Miami

1.Otto G. Richter Library (Interdisciplinary) 

This library is for those studying any of the academics of interdisciplinary. This is the combination of any two or more activities of thought. A few topics that would come to mind are:Anthropology and Sociology. If you are in any of these majors this library will have tons of resources for you.

 Otto G. Richter Library (Interdisciplinary)

2.Paul Buisson Architecture Library 

The architecture library is the library for those studying architecture. It goes with plenty of resources on the vast history of architecture. It dates back to key people who have made large contributions to major art we see today.

 Paul Buisson Architecture Library

3.Judi Prokop Newman Information Resources Center (Business) 

This library center covers all things in the business world. It has books on the ethics of business especially in different financial crisis(such as the downfall of very unethical business’s) and they also carry books on tips for students studying business.

 Judi Prokop Newman Information Resources Center (Business)

4.Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library 

The music library is your go to stop for all things history in the music world. Often humanities classes or if you want to teach music will ask to have vast knowledge on old composers or how historical events have led to the music of today.

 Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library

5. University of Miami Law Library 

The University of Miami Law library is the perfect place for students to meet like-minded individuals. You will most likely meet those studying criminal justice or those who are studying to be legal attorney. Whatever it may be you will have plenty of books to cover any type of law out there.

 University of Miami Law Library

Top 5 Dorms at the University of Miami

Making sense of all the different places to live on the University of Miami campus can be challenging.  Still, it is important to know what you are getting yourself into when you select your dorm.  After all, you will be living there for a year!  Read on to get the inside scoop before you commit to the wrong abode.

1. Hecht Residential College

Hecht residential college1231 Dickinson Drive, Coral Gables, Florida 33146

One of the two major freshman dorms, Hecht is a twelve story residence hall located close to the Herbert Wellness Center.  While each floor has one single room, the rest of the rooms are doubles (rooms shared by two people).  The bathrooms are communal, with one per floor, and floors are separated by gender.

2. Stanford Residential College

 Stanford Residential College from the back

1239 Dickinson Drive, Coral Gables, Florida 33146

Similar to Hecht, Stanford is also a 12 story freshman dorm.  It is organized in the same way as well, with mostly double rooms, communal bathrooms, and floors separated by gender.  An added perk of Stanford is that it is connected to the dining hall, so you do not even have to walk across the street to satisfy you appetite.

3. Eaton Residential College

The front of Eaton Residential College

1211 Dickinson Drive, Coral Gables, Florida 33146

Unlike the traditional freshman dorms, Eaton is home to approximately 60% freshman and 40% upperclassmen.  A limited amount of single rooms are available, but the majority of living spaces are suite style.  This means that two people share a double room, but these two people share one bathroom with another two people instead of one large communal bathroom per floor.

4.Mahoney-Pearson Residential College

The intersection between Mahoney and Pearson Buildings

1101 Stanford Drive, Coral Gables, Florida 33146

Even though Mahoney and Pearson are technically two buildings, they are connected and are generally referred to as one residence.  Mahoney-Pearson is for sophomores and older, so there are no freshman.  Some single rooms are also available here, but most of the rooms are suite style, with one shared bathroom per four people.

5. University Village

Building 2 of University Village

Various Addresses in Coral Gables, Florida

Located on the edge of campus near the athletic fields, the University Village is only open to students with sixty credits or more, meaning that it houses juniors and seniors.  It is set up as an apartment complex, with units for one, two, three, or four people.  A kitchen, washer-dryer, and between one and four bathrooms are also in each unit.  If you want to feel as if you are living in a real home and not a dorm, this is the best option.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at the University of Miami

1. Room Basics

Dorm room interior

1) Mattress topper

2) Two sets of sheets

3) Body and hand towels

4) Hangers for clothing

5) Shower caddy

2. Food and Snacks

shelf stable snacks

1) Granola bars

2) Shelf stable, microwaveable meals

3) Tea bags or instant coffee packets

4) Shelf stable snacks such as chips and freeze dried fruit

5) Disposable plates and silverware

3. Tech & Entertainment

small tv

1) Laptop

2) USB cables

3) Small TV

4) Power bank

5) Board games

4. School Supplies

assorted pencils and pens

1) Lined paper

2) Set of colored pens

3) #2 pencils

4) At least 3 binders

5) Folders

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

paper towels

1) Paper towels

2) Trash bags

3) Plastic storage drawers

4) Swiffer+wipes

5) Windex

6. Campus Gears

umiami hoodie

1) Umbrella

2) Rain jacket

3) Beach towel

4) Portable hammock

5) University of Miami hoodie

7. Items you should ask first before bringing

Microwave oven


2)Ironing board




Living on campus is a truly unique experience that allows you to take full advantage of everything the University of Miami has to offer.  Depending on your year in school and comfort with room-mates, different dorms will be better suited to your needs.  Consider the descriptions above, and be sure to apply for housing early to ensure your first choice.


7 UMiami Buildings You Need to Know

Whether you are coming to the University of Miami for the first time or are a returning student, the abundance of palm trees and beautiful Lake Osceola are likely to divert your attention away from the buildings themselves.  Nonetheless, many of the structures on the University of Miami campus have stood for over half a decade through the sun, wind, and many hurricanes.  In addition, unlike other college campuses, the buildings at the U employ a variety of architectural styles, making each one unique.  Read on to find out more!

1) Oscar E. Dooley Memorial Building

The Dooley building was the first permanent academic building to be opened on the Coral Gables campus following WWII.  It was built in the International Style by architects Marion I. Manley and Robert Law Weed in  1947.  Its namesake, Oscar E. Dooley, was a University of Miami trustee who recommended the George Merrick land in Coral Gables as the permanent new home for the University of Miami.

2) J. Neville McCarthur Engineering Building

The J Neville MacArthur Engineering Building was designed in 1959 by architect Wahl Snyder using a post-modern style.  The building was made possible by a one million dollar donation from J. Neville Mcarthur.  One of its most notable aspects is the molded concrete sculptural screen that covers the top two stories of the building’s western half. The screen gives the appearance of rippling waves.

3) James M. Cox Science Building

Often referred to as “the dungeon” by struggling students in the sciences, the architecture of the Cox building goes far beyond a big concrete box despite being built in the “Brutalist” style in 1967 by architects Caudill, Rowlett, and Scott.  The name Brutalism comes from the French term for raw concrete, béton brut, and the Cox building is a prime example with its visible concrete structure.  Other notable elements include the use of Mosaic tile, attention to sun protection, and transitions between outdoor and indoor space.

4) Ashe Memorial Administration Building

The Ashe Memorial Administration building was built in 1954 to honor the first president of the University of Miami, Bowman Foster Ashe.  The architects, Watson & Deutschman, employed a post-modern style.  Today, the seven story building houses the offices of university officials, as well as a vault with decades of the university’s important records.

5) Otto G. Richter Library

Easily one of the most popular buildings on campus,  the post-modern style Richter library dates back to 1962.  Construction began after an 8.7 million dollar donation from Otto G. Richter.  The building has undergone many renovations in order to house new collections of books, but still maintains historical significance for its geometric patterns.

6) 1300 Campo Sano

While this building does not have a formal name, it has one of the most interesting histories of all buildings on campus.  Located at the far end of campus, this building is used for a variety of different classes.  It is currently the only building left from “The Shacks,” which were a collections of hastily constructed buildings to accommodate the influx of students after World War II.  Back then, 1300 Campo Sano acted as the administration building.

7) Shalala Student Center

Located at the center of campus, the gigantic, glass paneled Shalala Student Center was completed in 2003 to honor former university president Donna Shalala.  This building is the epicenter of student life at the U, and houses a 24-hour study space, student organization offices and lounge spaces, a Grand Ballroom, a Senate Room, multi-use meeting and activities rooms, and a media suite.  The Center is also the site of several food retailers, including Starbucks and the Rathskeller.

Interesting Facts about the University of Miami

1. The on-campus Sports Hall of Fame houses an authentic war canoe.

The canoe was hand carved and painted by the Seminole tribe in 1955.  It is considered a trophy from UM’s football victory over Florida State University.

2. Drake made gave an impromptu concert in 2018.

During the 2018 spring semester, Drake spontaneously arrived to campus and gave a concert from the top of the Hurricane Food Court.  He also gave out t-shirts and awarded a scholarship to one special fan.

3. The University of Miami has some famous Alum.

Notable alumni include Enrique Iglesias, Dwayne Johnson, and Gloria Estefan.

4. The University of Miami condones setting boats on fire (once per year).

There is a longstanding tradition of setting a boat on fire in the middle of Lake Osceola in honor of homecoming each year.  The boat represents the rival team in the Homecoming football game.

5. The school colors represent an orange tree.

The colors are white, orange, and green.  They represent the blossoms, oranges, and leaves respectively, of the orange tree.

6. The campus is the only place in South Florida where you can have a snowball fight.

Each year, several tons of man-made snow are formed on the Foote Green in honor of Winter Wonderfest, an annual event featuring games, food, and more to finish out the fall semester.

7. Sebastian the Ibis was not the original mascot.

Before Sebastian, the official mascot of the U was a sixty-five pound boxer dog named Hurricane.

Despite the stereotype that life at the University of Miami is just a semester of days at the beach, the truth is that the U has much more to offer.  From impressive architecture to wacky traditions, the University of Miami is a truly diverse place to study.  The sunshine and palm trees are just icing on the cake.

Top 10 Professors at the UMiami

In college, your professors can make the difference between an enjoyable semester or four months of struggling. Nobody wants a professor who is so easy that you don’t learn anything, but at the same time, excessively difficult instructors make each class a challenge and put a dent in your GPA.  Read on for a list of the ten best professors at the University of Miami to ensure the best learning experience possible.

1. Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez

Rating: 100%

Department: Nursing

Courses Taught:

NUR 307-Learn More
NUR 453-Learn More
NUR 613-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Ahh-mazing lectures. He is truly the best professor at the U. Learned a lot from him and hope I can take every class with him. Very easy on the eyes too!”

“The guy is a walking encyclopedia. Truly the best professor I have ever had. Thank you!”

“Great professor and provides great support to students. Very tough class, be ready to read the book and study your butt off! Thank you for everything Dr. Gonzalez.”

2. Andrew Porter

Andrew Porter

Rating: 100%

Department: Public Health

Courses Taught:

BPH 310-Learn More
BPH 321-Learn More
BPH 419-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Dr. Porter is easily the best professor at UM. I am a senior and wish I would have found him earlier. This is the only class I have ever looked forward to going to every day and was upset on the few days I had to miss for travel. If you come to class, participate, and turn in the assignments you are guaranteed to have a great semester. A++++ class!”

“Dr. Porter is hands-down one of the best educators I’ve had, period. He truly does care about his work and his students, and that passion shines in his lectures. In practice, his classes are fairly graded and interesting. I’ve taken four classes with him and he was a strong influence in my decision to pursue a career in public health.”

“I just came here to say that Dr Porter is everything you want in a teacher. He is funny, knowledgeable, caring, and keeps his classes interesting. He definitely wins the award for best dressed too.”

3. Rebecca Hu

Rebecca Hu

Rating: 100%

Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENG 105-Learn More
ENG 150-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“She’s the best. literally. I sat through her class on my computer, had a biweekly paragraph to write, and one 10 page paper at the end of the semester. she cares so much about her students and class, and is the sweetest person ever. super easy. put in the right amount of effort for the minimal work there is, do it for her sweet, adorable soul.”

“BEST PROFESSOR EVER. Her grading is fair and she made me a better writer. If you show up to class you’ll probably get an A.”

“Rebecca is the nicest and most helpful English teacher I’ve ever had. She’s really approachable and helpful outside of class and he really teaches you how to write. I’d take him again if I could. Definitely recommend.”

4. Gina Maranto

Gina Maranto

Rating: 100%

Department: Ecosystem Science

Courses Taught:

ECS 113-Learn More
WGS 350-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“SUCH an incredible prof. ive had her for two semesters and each class has been so incredible ive actually looked forward to going. She will do anything for her students. Sweetest woman and loves discussion, never a dull moment in her classes. I wish all my profs were like gina.”

“I loved Gina and I’m excited to take more classes with her. She’s really educated in her field and taking this class opened me up to many things I hadn’t previously known. Participation is in the form of how many assignments you turn in – those are IMPORTANT! Do those, go to class and make sure she knows who you are and you’ll do great.”

“She’s the most amazing human being on the planet. Would do anything to help any student. Easy class. She’s perfect.”

5. Karen Turner

Karen Turner

Rating: 100%

Department: Business

Courses Taught:

BSL 212-Learn More
BSL 304-Learn More
BSL 412-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Professor Turner is amazing. She clearly outlines what you need to know and quizzes are straightforward. She is easily accessible outside class. If you don’t show up, you definitely won’t pass. She takes the time to clearly explain everything you need to know. There’s also minimal textbook work.”

“TAKE HER! She’s incredible! Lecture heavy but very fun and makes them interesting, cares about you as a student, really considerate personally and as a teacher. The class is tricky and she’ll make it rigorous but it’s so worth it. She’s a true gem I have zero regrets with taking her class. Make use of office hours and email bc she’s there to help!”

“Best professor I have ever had. She really helps you understand the material and makes class very interesting”

6. Mario Perez

Mario Perez

Rating: 100%

Department: Accounting

Courses Taught:

ACC 211-Learn More
ACC 212-Learn More
ACC 312-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Perez is an awesome professor he makes the class clear and explains what he is doing very well. In addition, if you don’t feel like showing up he is available often for office hours. Before each test he tells you what problems to study. I would recommend taking any accounting classes this guy teaches you will get an A.”

“Awesome professor. He is always ready to help. He has a bunch of office hours and is excited to answer questions. Apart from that he is super nice and really wants you to understand accounting. He never uses power points which makes the class not be boring or monotone and actually quite entertaining. Its not an easy A unless you work for it.”

“Professor Perez is by far one of the best professors at UM. He’s very organized and gives handouts so its important to go to class to get them! He makes the materials incredibly clear and easy to understand. He’s always willing to help and very understanding if theres a problem. Exams are hard but if you go to class and study you should be fine!”

7. Patricia Rua

Rating: 94%

Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught:

MTH 103-Learn More
MTH 107-Learn More
MTH 108-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“TAKE RUA IF YOU CAN!!!! I had a horrible experience with Calculus in high school but Rua completely changed my attitude towards it with this class. She explains everything perfectly and I was able to understand the material without depending on memorization. My favorite professor ever!!”

“Ms. Rua is by far the best professor not only in math but any subject matter, ever! She is a true definition of a caring professor. She takes time out of her own schedule to tutor you. She teaches in a form that will grasp your attention and keep you focused. Highly recommend her especially if you have math difficulties.”

“Amazing teacher, describes everything and makes sure everybody is on track. Expect to go to class and have homework, do those two and you will get a good grade, and also learn math!”

8. Susan Leary

Susan Leary

Rating: 96%

Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENG 105-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“She is just amazing! If you do your best you can really learn how to write very good papers using her theory of thought. She makes the lectures funny and interesting by using people’s papers to teach. She truly cares about the students and is actively engaged in their learning process.”

“Absolutely loved this class. She is by far the best professor I have ever. She makes the class so interesting and it is a very free-flowing class. Graded is solely based on 3 papers and participating in class discussion. If you need ENG 105 or any english class that she teaches take her.”

“Oh man, Susan is a true gem in academia. I have never met someone so genuine, caring and compassionate as her. Her love for what she does truly radiates and reaches every student that she teaches. She truly has made an impact in my life and my love for literature. I strongly recommend her, you will embark on a journey of intellect and creativity.”

9. Marina Portnoy

Marina Portnoy

Rating: 98%

Department: Management

Courses Taught:

MGT 304-Learn More
MGT 401-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Professor Portnoy is a wonderful and caring individual. She provides quality feedback and seeks to empower the students to understand and analyze the facets of Strategic Management. Most importantly, you can tell that she truly goes out of her way to help and provide guidance. It was an absolute pleasure taking her class.”

“Absolutely wonderful professor. Professor Portnoy has relevant experience in her field, inspires others to achieve, gives quality feedback, and cares deeply about her students and the work that she does. Was a pleasure to take this course, and I would recommend any class with her as the professor. 11/10”

“Professor Portnoy is excellent. She cares about her students success and gives plenty of time to work on projects. You speak in front of the class often and do in-depth research for projects. From this, I learned valuable business information and developed my professional skills including critical thinking, research, writing and public speaking.”

10. Wes Smith

Wes Smith

Rating: 94%

Department: Kinesiology

Courses Taught:

KIN 202-Learn More
KIN 221-Learn More
KIN 233-Learn More

“The absolute best. He really knows his stuff. All you have to do is show up and listen and you will learn everything you need to know for the course. Everything he teaches has practical applications for your own lifestyle.”

“You can tell how truly passionate he is about what he does. Amazing, interesting lectures. Quizzes were so easy and half of them were take home. Tests you had to really study for, but there were only 2 and he did online video review sessions the day before which was extremely helpful. As long as you put in some effort you’ll have no problem.”

“This guy is an unbelievable professor. If you can take a class with him, do it. He’s the absolute best.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at the University of Miami

1. Research Project by Ralph Sacco M.D.

Ralph Sacco

Faculty: Neurology

Dr. Sacco works is the chair of the  Neurology Department at the University of Miami. He conducts research on the causes and treatment of strokes.  His primary focus is on minority and ethnic groups.  Dr. Sacco aims to create better prevention and treatment plans for stroke victims.

2. Research Project by Glen Barber Ph.D.

Glen Barber

Faculty: Cell Biology

Dr. Barber’s research aims to understand mechanisms of innate immunity to virus infection and malignant disease.  A major focus in his laboratory is interferons, which are produced in response to infections.  Dr. Barber is credited with discovering important mechanisms that explain interferon production and aspires to continue uncovering information to help create more effective treatments for infections.


3. Research Project by Denise Vidot Ph.D.

Denise Vidot


Faculty: Epidemiology

Dr. Vidot is currently conducting a study investigating the cardiovascular and metabolic effects of cannabis use.  She also specifically analyzes effects of cannabis on HIV patients.  She hopes to improve health outcomes for substance abusers, particularly from minority backgrounds.

4. James Englehardt Ph.D.

James Englehardt


Faculty: Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Englehardt directs the Water Quality Engineering Laboratory at the University of Miami. Developments and discoveries from his work include energy efficient water treatment systems and technologies to make drinking water safer.  His goal is to develop an eco-friendly, affordable water system in order to make clean water available worldwide.

5. Blaine Fowers Ph.D.

Blaine Fowers


Faculty: Educational and Psychological Studies

Dr. Fowers is a licensed psychologist and Fellow of the American Psychological Association’s Division 24.  He is primarily interested in the ethical dimension of psychology and focuses on the interplay of virtues, cultural ideals, and human flourishing in psychological practices and ordinary life.  Dr. Fowers aims to help students better understand their own potential and desires.

In the end, it is never possible to love every one of your professors.  Nonetheless, certain professors have a reputation for making class more difficult or boring than is necessary.  When building your schedule, consider opting for sections taught by some of the ten professors listed above to optimize your success and enjoyment this semester.


10 of the Easiest Classes at UMiami

The following is a list of the easiest course offered at the University of Miami. You should space these classes out during your time at the 305 so that you can always have an easy class to fall back on during otherwise challenging semesters at the University of Miami.become a notetaker at university of miami

1. ENG105 – English Composition I

English 105 is one of the most rudimentary classes at the University of Miami. However, while it is relatively easy to score well in this class, it is crucial to your development as a college student. Compared to high school, writing will play an even more integral part in your life as a college student. ENG105 will help you start building the skills you need to write successfully as a college student while simultaneously helping you comb through the world around you and current affairs with a fine brush.

2.  PSY110 – Introduction to Psychology

All you have to do to score well in this class is attend lecture and pay attention for 50 minutes 3 times a week. Take basic notes, focusing particularly on the definitions given to you by the lecturer and you will ace this class. The exams are multiple choice. That said, if you have never been exposed to psychology, this is a great course to perhaps spark an interest you may have never had. This course gives a brief overview into curious topics such as abnormal psychology, sleep and learning and there are follow up courses for you to take if you enjoyed any of the 15 topics covered by the professor.

3. GSC101 – Origin and Evolution of Planet Earth

Originally designed as an introduction to geology for athletes, this course has become part of the cognate affectionately dubbed as “rocks for jocks”. Attend lecture, pay attention and minimal reading outside of the course will be required for you to succeed. Get ready to understand the basics of how elements and the earth came to be.

4. DAN 102 – Stretching

This is a one credit class that is dedicated to helping you understand how you should be stretching in order to prevent injury to your body. Additionally, certain methods of body therapy will be covered. This is an easy to score class and a great way to add some variety to your schedule.

5. BUS 201 – Money

“Adulting” is one of the hardest skills that you must pick up as a college student. From cooking, cleaning and self-management to filing taxes there are a host of skills that you need to learn before stepping out into the “real world”. The business school has very acutely recognized the need for more financial literacy among college graduates, especially when it comes to managing personal finances. This is a great class to take if you wish to develop the life skills that will enable you to serve as a fully functioning member of the workforce.

6. SPA 101 – Elementary Spanish I

This is a Spanish course designed for individuals that have never taken Spanish before. Learn the basics and you will be able to help yourself maneuver through basic interactions in spanish-speaking Miami.

7. SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology

Just like Psychology 110, Sociology 101 offers a brief introduction to a variety of sociological concepts. Go to lecture, pay attention and  you’ll do perfectly fine on the multiple choice exams.

8. MTH 101 – Algebra for College Students

If you took math at any capacity in high school this class should be a breeze. Use this class as a GPA booster and get a free 12 credit points on your way to a 4.0.

9. BIL 244 – Wine Tasting

This is perhaps the hardest of the easiest classes on this list, not to mention that you have to be 21 to take this class. In this easy and intriguing course offering, you will study the science of growing grapes and wine-making which will of course culminate in wine-tasting.

10. BIL 161 – Biodiversity and Evolution Lab

This is a very simple biology lab where you will be able to survey your surroundings at the University of Miami in addition to observing the antagonistic behavior of Betta Splendens (Siamese fighting fish).Hopefully the above list has given you some food for thought regarding the diversity and variety of courses you can add to your 4 years to spice up your schedule a little bit. Plus, you’ll be making sure that GPA gets a boost.become a notetaker at university of miami

5 Things Only a Student at the University of Miami Can Say

From being known for our sports teams, the exotic creatures roaming freely around campus to blaming the weather for just about everything, there are certain things only fellow Cane students at the University of Miami can truthfully get away with saying!

1. “I live where you take vacations

Where people in some parts of the States usually see the warmth and sunny weather as a temporary, seasonal treat, we are privileged enough to enjoy all the heat Miami has to offer almost all year round. With South Beach just 20-30 minutes away from us, we are free to enjoy summery, beachy weekends as much as we want between classes!



2. “I am in Drake’s music video”

We will be the only alumni graduating from a university who can quote Drake telling us that he doesn’t think he’s “ever been to a more turnt school than this” before proceeding to dance on top of our Shalala Student Center for the ‘God’s Plan’ music video. With him wearing one of our signature UM hoodies and throwing the famous ‘U’ hand gesture up at us, we may just have been officially verified as the coolest school ever.




3. “It’s all about the U”

With over 26,000 established universities in the world that could have taken this name, we are the only university who is allowed to refer to our school as “The U” and are proud to acknowledge it. The “U” shaped hand gesture has officially become affiliated to us, with our logo simply but famously being a big orange and green ‘U’.

Its all about the U



4. “It’s great to be a Miami Hurricane”

Our signature chant pervading around Hard Rock Stadium during football matches. Along with holding the best tailgates before our games, we are ranked as one of the top college teams in the whole of the United States for NCAA football. The ESPN even came to film our big match against Notre Dame in 2017 (also known as the Catholics vs Convicts with the last game between us being in 1988). News reporters provided coverage on our campus as well as at the stadium. Go Canes!



5. “A hurricane has cancelled class”

At some point during your time at UM, it is inevitable that you will experience some form of a hurricane scare or disruption to your class schedule. It may result in just a few days off class for a lower category hurricane without having to evacuate, however with hurricanes such as Irma in 2017, you can unfortunately expect up to 2-3 weeks away from our sunny, resort-looking campus.



6. “It’s so cold” when the temperature drops below 60 Fahrenheit

While other countries or States would consider themselves lucky to have weather as “mild” as 60; the constant exposure to Florida’s heat and humidity has weakened our tolerance to any form of coldness, making it almost seem like 60 Fahrenheit is on par with Canadian cold spells. It is therefore only natural for us to need to bring hoodies into our lectures when the AC is turned up too high.



7. “There’s an alligator sitting over there”

Florida is renown for its scary, exotic looking creatures roaming around freely such as scorpions and snakes. UM’s campus is no exception to this. Given that we have many picturesque lakes around campus, it is likely that you will come across alligators relaxing by them, not to mention a lot of ducks and a few iguanas on a less scarier note.


8. “Ben and Jerry’s are giving away free ice cream”

Ben & Jerry’s along with many other food and beverage companies occasionally station themselves near the breezeway in trucks handing out large amounts of free ice cream and other products to students. The news tends to get around pretty fast so before you know it there are usually lines taking up most of the breezeway! Other causes for long on-campus lines include free t-shirts, mugs and other U themed merchandise.

Ben & Jerry's


9. “Did you see J-Lo at our game last night?”

Many celebrities proudly associate themselves and support our university through attending our sports games, using our sporting facilities, simply just visiting or wearing any kind of U clothing. Most recent celebrities known for supporting the U have been Jennifer Lopez, Snoop Dogg, Paul Pogba and The Rock (who graduated here), to name just a few.

Snoop Dogg UM


10. “Let’s study by the pool”

With the constant warm and sunny weather, it can be hard to concentrate on studying indoors. Luckily for us we have a large outdoor on-campus pool surrounded with sun-beds to lounge on and catch up with some reading whilst tanning. If studying by the pool is not the most productive way to spend your time, we also have many swing gliders around campus which is another popular place for students to study on outside.

UM Pool


All in all, there are many special things about the University of Miami that makes our school so unique and one of the most exciting, unforgettable places to study. From our top ranking sports teams, outstanding on-campus facilities to the exhilarating weather, there are many aspects which no other university can detract from, making us all proud to forever be a Cane!