400+ Student Discounts for UMass Amherst Students

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Being a student is difficult and very expensive, as I’m sure we all know. Moving out and living on your own can be a pretty extreme transition for students, especially first-year students.

Studying at UMass Amherst can cost almost $50,000 a year to study there as an out of state student.

This is why it’s crucial to spend your money in smart ways. Using discounts and coupons is a great way to save your money throughout the year!

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Here are a ton of student discounts that you can take advantage of as a student at UMass Amherst.

Local DiscountsNational Discounts

Local Discounts for UMass Amherst Students

aerial view of umass amherst campus

Student discounts around the UMass Amherst campus.

Student Discounts on Technology

female student on her cell phone

Discounts on technology products for students at UMass Amherst.
Spotify and Hulu50% off and FreeStudents can receive a half-off discount on monthly Spotify costs as well as free Hulu when they sign up using their student email!
Microsoft OfficeFreeStudents can get free Microsoft Office 365 through their school when they sign up with their student email.
Windows and AppleVariesUsing UMass Amherst’s saver app called U$ave, students can get various Windows and Macintosh Apple discounts.
DellVariesUMass Amherst’s app called U$ave offers great discounts on many Dell products.
BestBuyVariesBestBuy offers students various discounts on different technology products using your .edu email.

Student Discounts on Education

students studying in a library at UMass Amherst

Education student discounts for UMass Amherst students.
The New York Times50% offStudents can get half off their monthly New York Times articles.
Wall Street Journal$1/weekStudents get to pay only $1/week for 15 weeks to access the Wall Street Journal.
The Economist$1.88/weekWhen using your student email address, students get a discounted weekly rate for the Economist.
Audible3 for $3Students have access to an exclusive 3 books for $3 deal. You have to use your student email for this.
The Washington Post50% offStudents can use their .edu email address to sign up for the Washington Post and get half off their subscription.

Student Discounts on Entertainment

students performing in a theater show on campus

Entertainment discounts for students at UMass Amherst.
AMC TheatersVariesStudents get discounted tickets and food when using their student ID at AMC Theater locations near UMASS Amherst.
Regal CinemasVariesRegal Cinemas also offers discounted tickets and snacks for students using their student ID at checkout.
Carnegie Hall$10 ticketsStudents only have to pay $10 for tickets to shows at Carnegie Hall when using their student ID.
New England Aquarium$2 offWhen using your student ID, students get to take $2 off adult tickets to the aquarium.
Boston Duck Tours$6 offStudents get to take $6 off regular-priced adult tickets for Boston Duck Tours when using their student ID.
Museum of Fine ArtFreeCollege students get free admission to the MFA when using their student ID.

Student Discounts on Labor/Service

moving boxes and other moving supplies in a house ready to be moved

Discounts on labor services around UMass Amherst.
Penske20% offStudents get 20% off their Penske Truck Rentals when using their student email address.
Supercuts20% offMost Supercuts locations offer student discounts when you show your student ID.
Life StorageVariesStudents can get various discounts on storage services with Life Storage when using their .edu email address.
ZipcarVariesZipcar rental cars have numerous discounts at UMASS Amherst. All you have to do is use your .edu address on their website.

Student Discounts on Clothing

female student shopping at a mall on campus with shopping bags and phone in hand.

Clothing student discounts around UMass Amherst.
J.Crew15% offStudents get 15% off their purchases at J.Crew when using their student email address.
Madewell15% offStudents get to take 15% off their purchases at Madewell when using their student email address on their account.
ModCloth25% offStudents get 25% off their order total at ModCloth when using their .edu email address.
Topshop10% offWhen you sign up with your student email using StudentBeans, you get 10% off your order at TopShop.
TOMS10% offGet 10% off your TOMS shoe purchases as a student using UniDays.
Urban Outfitters10% offStudents get to take 10% off their Urban Outfitters purchases when using their code through UniDays.

Student Discounts on Food

fancy restaurant overlooking water

Food student discounts around the UMass Amherst campus.
Grubhub$7 offOn your first Grubhub order, you can take $7 off any order of $15 or more using your student email and code.
DoordashFree deliveryStudents don’t have t pay for delivery for their first month of orders when you’re a new member.
Chipotle15% offChipotle online orders in some locations offer a 15% discount when you use Student Beans.
Burger King10% offSelect Burger King locations offer a 10% discount for students who bring their student ID.
Dairy Queen10% offGet 10% off your order when you show your student ID in various Dairy Queen stores.

Other Student Discounts

male student holding a giant bundle of 100 dollar bills

Student discounts on miscellaneous products and services for UMass Amherst students.
1-800-Contacts15% offStudents exclusively get to take 15% off their contact orders when using their .edu email
GM MotorsVariesStudents have access to various GM and Chevy motor discounts using their .edu email.
Pottery Barn15% offStudents get 15% off their furniture and home decor purchases at Pottery barn with their student email.
Sally Beauty Supply10% offStudents get discounts around 10% off for their purchases at Sally Beauty using their student ID.

350+ National Student Discounts in the US

national student discounts for all students in America

Discounts applicable to all students in the US

The above discounts are from local vendors on or around the UMass Amherst campus.

The thing is, the discounts don’t stop there.

There are also more than 350 companies across the US that offer discounts to any student in the US which includes big brands like Nike, Adidas, Apple, etc.

Click below to see all of the 350+ student discounts that you can take advantage of as well!

student discounts in the US button

Student Discount Cards and Programs

student discount cards and programs

In addition to all of the wonderful discounts above, we recommend looking into the following student discount cards/programs.

Each program grants you access to hundreds or even thousands of discounts for free or at a very low cost so that you can really take advantage of your student status.

ID.meAs a “digital wallet”, ID.me verifies your student status and gives you access to thousands of discounts at 400+ companies
ISIC (International Student Identity Card)The ISIC card gives students discounts, internationally and domestically, on travel, shopping, entertainment, insurance, food, and accommodations. They have over 160,000 discounts in over 130 countries and it only costs $25/year
Student Advantage CardGet access to up to 40% discounts at campus shows, local businesses, and online stores at $22.50/year
Student BeansGet access to the latest discounts right from a smartphone app that verifies student status online
UNiDAYSSimilar to Student Beans, UNiDAYS offers discounts at numerous popular brands by simply verifying student status online

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There are so many different discounts for students to take advantage of to save money. Students often struggle with saving their money, so that’s why we made this list to help students like you. Hopefully, these discounts have given you some great ideas to save your money!

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10 Buildings You Should Know at UMass Amherst

Like most universities, UMass Amherst takes pride in its buildings and its appearance. The buildings are the heart of the school–it’s where students learn, grow, chat, and build friendships. Keep reading this post to learn about ten of the buildings at UMass Amherst.

1. W.E.B. Du Bois Library

W.E.B Du Bois Library and UMass Amherst

This 28 story library is sure to have everything you need. Stocked with a service desk, lockers, a cell phone booth, copiers, printers, study rooms, and a hydration station, the library is the place to be if you want to succeed. Not to mention it’s full of books, catalogs, and other education materials.

2. Fine Arts Center

The University Museum of Contemporary Art at UMass Amherst

The University Museum of Contemporary Art is UMass Amherst’s teaching museum. It’s a multidisciplinary, international laboratory for exploring contemporary art. The museum has exhibitions, a permanent collection, educational programming, and various visiting artists programs.

3. Fernald Hall

Fernald Hall at UMass Amherst

This building is like home for entomology students. Fernald Hall is the primary lecture hall and laboratory for the entomology program. The building also contains a collection of domestic and foreign insects.

4. University Health Services

University Health Services at UMass Amherst

The University Health Services building is key to being a healthy and happy student. Their goal is to provide extensive medical care to the diverse population living on campus. They also strive to promote campus health in all aspects including mental and physical.

5. The Research & Education Greenhouse

Research and Education Greenhouse and UMass Amherst

Not many universities have their own greenhouse but UMass Amherst is lucky enough to be one of the ones that does. The greenhouse/laboratory consists of two wings that house 12 separate rooms. In the greenhouse, there’s two labs, a potting classroom, a growth chamber room, and offices for superintendents.

6. Physical Sciences Building

Physical Sciences Building at UMass Amherst

This building is a mix of laboratories and office space. The building is home to physics, computationally and synthetic chemistry research. Although the building is nice as it is, it was designed to be easily reconfigured in the future to keep up with evolving research needs.

7. UMass Natural History Collections

National History Collections at UMass Amherst

This collection contains more than 300,000 specimens of mammals, birds, plants, fishes, reptiles, and amphibians. The best part is that students are allowed to use these resources to further their undergraduate education. Students will use them during laboratory courses and research studies.

8. Integrated Sciences Building

Integrated Sciences Building at UMass Amherst

This building houses classrooms, laboratory spaces, teaching labs, auditoriums, seminar rooms, and more. The lab spaces alone can hold 4,640 students a semester! On top of that, the Integrated Sciences Building has a student lounge, study areas, a cafe, and a space to just socialize and chat with your friends.

9. Life Sciences Laboratory

Life Sciences Laboratory Building at UMass Amherst

This building is state of the art and aims to give students the best of the best. The building was designed to create a collaborative environment while allowing students across different fields and industries to be able to share ideas. LSL also has open research labs which offer equipment alcoves, support labs, shared platform labs, faculty offices, labs, conference rooms, colloquia, and food serving areas.

10. Admissions Building

Last but not least is the admissions building, home to all of the information about UMass Amherst that you could ask for. The building is especially useful for freshman, transfers, and potential incoming students. It’s also useful for academic information.

Hopefully after reading this post, you’ve learned more about the buildings on the UMass Amherst campus. If you’re ever lost or don’t know where to go for what you’re looking for, come back to this post for a refresher!

UMass Amherst Past Exams and Midterms 2019

UMass Amherst students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at UMass Amherst.

We recommend adding in your midterm and exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

If you’re looking for additional material to help you study for the upcoming exams at UMass Amherst, click on the link beside the course departments and special course offerings.

Please note that this collection is currently not comprehensive or complete. Old midterms and exams should be used as study aids only and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year.

Course CodeCourse Name at UMass AmherstPast Midterms and Exams
ACCOUNTG 221Principles of Financial AccountingView Now
ANTHRO 100Human NatureView Now
ANTHRO 150Ancient CivilizationsView Now
ASTRON 100Exploring the UniverseView Now
ASTRON 101The Solar SystemView Now
BIOLOGY 110Introductory Biology for Science MajorsView Now
BIOLOGY 151Introductory Biology IView Now
BIOLOGY 283General GeneticsView Now
BIOLOGY 544OrnithologyView Now
CHEM 110General ChemistryView Now
CHEM 111Gen Chem-SciView Now
CHEM 265Organic Chem-MajView Now
CHEM 471Elementary Physical ChemistryView Now
CHEM-ENG 120FundamentalsView Now
COMM 118Intro to Interpersonal Comm and CultureView Now
COMM 122Media Industries and InstitutionsView Now
COMM 287Advertising as Social CommunicationView Now
COMM 289Media, Public Relations – PropagandaView Now
COMPSCI 121Introduction to Problem Solving with ComputersView Now
COMPSCI 311Introduction to AlgorithmsView Now
ECON 103Introduction to MicroeconomicsView Now
ECON 104Introduction to MacroeconomicsView Now
ECON 203Intermediate Microeconomic TheoryView Now
GEOLOGY 105Dynamic EarthView Now
HISTORY 101Western Thought Since 1600View Now
HISTORY 121Modern Latin AmericaView Now
KIN 100Introduction to KinesiologyView Now
LEGAL 250Intro Legal StudiesView Now
MATH 127Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences IView Now
MATH 131Calculus IView Now
MATH 132Calculus IIView Now
MATH 233Multivariate CalculusView Now
MATH 235Introduction to Linear AlgebraView Now
MATH 300Fundamental Concepts Of MathematicsView Now
MATH 534Intro Partial Dif EqView Now
MICROBIO 160Biology of Cancer and AIDSView Now
PHIL 160Introduction To EthicsView Now
PHYSICS 151General Physics IView Now
PHYSICS 152General Physics IIView Now
POLISCI 101American PoliticsView Now
POLISCI 111Comparative PoliticsView Now
POLISCI 121World PoliticsView Now
PSYCH 100Introductory PsychologyView Now
PSYCH 217Psych Of Cruelty – KindnessView Now
PSYCH 330Behavioral NeuroscienceView Now
PSYCH 350Developmental PsychologyView Now
PSYCH 355Adolescent PsychView Now
PSYCH 360Social PsychologyView Now
SOCIOL 103Social ProblemsView Now
SOCIOL 107Contemporary American SocietyView Now
SOCIOL 110Introduction to SociologyView Now
SOCIOL 224Social Class and InequalityView Now
STATISTC 515Statistics IView Now

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Restaurants and Cafés at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Dining at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is considered an integral part of campus life that helps to create and promote a healthy living and learning atmosphere where the experiences will last a lifetime. Here are some of the restaurants and cafes’ available at the institution.

1. Whitmore Café

Whitmore Café interior

Located in the Whitmore Administration Building, Whitmore Café is the perfect place for both students and staff members to enjoy a freshly brewed illy Coffee, get a breakfast sandwich, a freshly baked pastry from the UMass Bakeshop, hot Paninis or a delicious salad from Greenfields.

2. Herter Café

Herter Café Interior

The Herter Café located in Herter Hall and only a step away from Haigis Mall serves coffee, breakfast, and lunch on the go at affordable rates to both students and staff members. The café operates from Monday to Friday between 7800 am and 2:00 pm. Herter Café accepts cash, credit cards, UCards, and dining dollars as payment modes.

3. Procrastination Station

Procrastination Station

This is the brand new Peoples Organic Coffee Café located in the W.E.B. Du Bois Library. It offers the best coffee and espresso-based drinks, all natural and organic offerings including salads, sandwiches, and much more. The hot items that are served include fresh soup and Ciabatta Paninis. There are also several varieties of pastries and breakfast treats.

4. Courtside Café

The interior of Courtside Café

The Courtside Café is located on the second level of the Recreation Center and was opened in 2009. Students can grab a snack, fresh smoothie, or cold drink after classes or workout session. Take away sandwiches and salads are also served at the café. Operating hours are between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm on weekdays and between 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm on weekends.

5. SBS Express

SBS Express interior

SBS Express is an automated café that specializes in serving Seattle’s finest freshly ground and brewed coffee and other fresh, delicious and healthy takeaway items. The cafe is located at 200 Hick ways and operates from Monday through Friday.

6. Chicken & Co. @ Southwest

Chicken & Co. @ Southwest

Students go to enjoy a variety of chicken entrees, loaded tater tots, pizza, wraps and more at Chicken & Co. within the Hampden building. The restaurant operates till late in the night from Tuesday through Sunday. The restaurant has two locations that offer different menus and students have a variety of choices to make at both locations.

7. Quad Café

Quad Café

Located in Marcus Hall, the Quad Café offers hot and cold beverages, such as Espresso and Esselon Coffee,
light snacks, gourmet deli sandwiches, salads, and pastries. The café operates from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 2:30 pm.

8. Hampshire Café

Hampshire Café

The Hampshire Cafe is situated on the 1st floor of the Hampshire Dining Commons. Hampshire Cafe features freshly prepared artisan sandwiches, Starbucks coffee and other specialty drinks, salads, gelato and more. Apart from the great coffee and food, various toiletries are offered at the cafe. Operating hours are between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on weekdays and 10:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekends.

Jobs for College Students at UMass Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst, the flagship campus of the UMass system, is a nationally ranked public research university located in the scenic Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, only 90 miles from Boston and 175 miles from New York City. At UMass, there’s a good chance that students will work at a part-time job during college—work-study or not—to help pay your costs. More so, many provide valuable academic and career experience. Available jobs working for UMass, either on or close to campus, are posted on UMass Amherst Student Job Board.  and the Student Employment Office for a wide range of additional opportunities that best fit into students academic schedule and provide the income and experience they need. In this post, we will be taking a look at the available positions for students at the university.

1. Office Assistant

A student office assistant

In this role, the student will be working with Valerie Alexander at the Department of Labor/Mgmt Workplace Education – HR. The rate of pay is
$12.00 per hour. The task includes a variety of clerical assignments to help coordinate the department’s workshops and training, as well as the day-to-day tasks. Work will include but is not limited to, photocopying, filing, data entry, word-processing and database management. Additionally, their ongoing projects require typing up classroom notes, engagement on social media, interview transcription, the development of posters and promotional materials, press releases, presentations, and support with events.  Applicants must apply in person at Labor/Mgmt Workplace Education – HR. 303 Goodell, Amherst, Massachusetts 01003 or send an email with resume to [email protected]

2. Museum Assistant

A museum assistant cleaning

In this role, the student will be working with Betsey Wolfson at the Department of University Museum of Contemporary Art, Fine Arts Center, UMass. The rate of pay is $12.00 per hour. Museum Visitor Attendants represent the museum as they welcome visitors, make them feel comfortable in the museum, and inform them about the exhibitions.    Applicants must apply in person at University Museum of Contemporary Art, Fine Arts Center, UMass151 Presidents Dr. Amherst, Massachusetts 01003 or send an email with resume to [email protected]

3. Child Care

A child care assistant and children in a class section

In this role, the student will be working with Michelle Staudinger. The rate of pay is $15.00 per hour. This position will require picking children up from school in Amherst and bringing them home. Must have a car with a back seat big enough to fit two toddler seats and a clean drivers license. Applicants must send an email with resume to [email protected]

4. Departmental Assistants

A group of departmental assistants

In this role, the student will be working at the CNS Office of Advancement. The rate of pay is $14.00 per hour. This position provides primary support to the entire Advancement team, including the Director of Stewardship & Donor Relations and Gift Officers, with additional work as needed. Responsibilities include donor engagement planning, data-entry, running reports, contributing creative ideas on Advancement projects, and other tasks as needed. Applicants must email their resume and the contact information of two professional references to [email protected]

5. Delivery Driver

In this role, the student will be working with Bruno’s Pizza. The rate of pay is $13.00 per hour. This position will require delivering pizza. Part-time or full-time shifts from 11-5 and 5-10 no late nights. Applicants must call 413-256-0222 for further details or send an email with resume to [email protected]

6. Marketing Assistant

A group picture of marketing assistants.

In this role, the student will be working at Brittni Howard – Star Service and Study Abroad. The rate of pay is $12.00 per hour. This position involves hanging flyers for up to 4 hours during Saturday or Sunday throughout the UMass Amherst campus and other 5-college campuses. Flyering entails taping and tacking all of the corners of 11×7 flyers on boards throughout the campus buildings . Applicants must send an email to [email protected] with their resume to discuss the schedule and flyering protocols.

7. Programmer/Web Development

In this role, the student will be working with Timothy Randhir. The rate of pay is $12.00 per hour. This position involves website design, web server maintenance, Javascript and PHP coding. Applicants must send an email with their resume to [email protected]

8. Dishwasher

 A student dishwasher

In this role, the student will be working with Kaiju at 30 Boltwood Walk. The rate of pay is $12.00 per hour. This position involves cleaning and restocking dishes, cleaning facilities, and otherwise assisting in operations at Kaiju. This is a part-time position with significant hands-on, front-line responsibility, working collaboratively within a small business. Applicants must check employers Website: http://kaiju-amherst.com/jobs/

9. OneClass Online job opportunities

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today. 

Health and Wellness Services at UMass Amherst

The University of Massachusetts – Amherst is often regarded as the flagship campus of the entire UMass network of schools in Massachusetts (including the Lowell, Boston, and Dartmouth campuses). UMass is often regarded as one of the best schools in a state that is filled with the best Ivy League colleges, and Division One schools. At UMass Amherst, a healthy balance between the athletics and the academics is struck. In addition, the school has the number one dining service in the entire nation. On top of all this, UMass also keeps the safety of its students as a top priority.

They have many services littered around campus to ensure that their students are taken care of. From police help buttons to campus sanctuaries, it is abundantly clear that UMass takes student safety seriously. However, they also keep the safety of students in mind when referring to the health and wellness of them because there are many centers around this flagship campus that focus on health, fitness, wellness, and more of the top aspects that students need to stay in tip top shape.

1. University Health Services

The UHS are located right behind Franklin Dining Commons

The UHS is the main location for all sorts of ailments and physical needs that students may experience during any given day. Most years, flu shots will be administered in this building, as well, though they have also been known to be given out in the Student Union. Essentially, if you need some help with your physical health, the UHS is the place to stop by!

2. Communication Access Program

Hearing aid services are also provided by UMass

The CAP is an excellent service for the deaf students on UMass’ campus! In addition to hearing aids and other such tools, there are specialists on hand to help the students who are hard of hearing. There are also Braille version of books in the library for students to make use of!

3. Center for Counseling and Psychological Health

The Let's Talk initiative has a logo with two speech bubbles

Mental health is a topic that is being treated with more care and legitimacy by school campuses these days. UMass has its own very center on campus. With professors and therapists on hand for students, they can talk through some of the problems weighing on their minds. Additionally, there are text services if students ever need to talk, but still need some sort of barrier between them; not everyone is ready!

4. UMass Police Department

The UMass Police Department is located behind Orchard Hill

UMass has its own police service, separate from the town of Amherst! This way, students will always got the most immediate, knowledgeable, and helpful services possible! The proximity to campus is also well-received by students for its speediness in case of emergencies.

5. Campus Recreation Center

The Campus Recreation Center houses many students who love to work out

Located near the Honors College, the rec center houses many state of the art pieces of equipment. From treadmills to ellipticals, there are no shortage of devices for students to get a good workout on. Additionally, there are open rec areas for students to practice dance, basketball, and all sorts of aerobic activities!

At any university or college, student safety is always going to be a top priority. But it’s clear that the administration and faculty go above and beyond at UMass Amherst to ensure that students never have to worry about anything (except keeping those excellent grades high!).

Top 10 Cool Clubs at UMass Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is a public research and land-grant university in Amherst, Massachusetts, United States. The school has around 22,000 students in attendance. Here are 10 cool clubs to visit at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

1. WMUA Radio Station

 the logo for WMUA Radio Station

WMUA Radio Station serves as the school’s local radio station. This allows students to be able to feel involved by requesting their favorite music or even being able to host their own talk shows or give new ideas to the station.

2. UVC-TV 19

 a student recording on a camera

UVC-TV 19 serves as the school’s local tv station. It allows students who are studying production and filming to get their feet wet into a hands-on experience that will prove to be helpful for their future careers in the film and entertainment industry.

3. Student Union Art Gallery

scattered paint and paint brushes

What makes this college’s art gallery especially unique is that it is entirely student-run. This is the perfect thing to get involved in if you are majoring in the arts and what your talents to be seen by others. The hold plenty of events and showcase various works.

4. Massachusetts Daily Collegian

 the staff of the Massachusetts Daily Collegian in a group pic

Massachusetts Daily Collegian is part of the school’s community newspaper. It allows students to gain insightful hands-on experience in the world of print media as well as honing the craft when it comes to all things writing and editing.

5. Active Minds

 the logo for active minds is two people

Active Minds is a group on campus that is committed to helping others when it comes to mental health. Often mental health is brushed aside and not taken as seriously as physical health. Mental health when ignored can be just as dangerous.

6. Alumni Association

an alumni with their diploma

The alumni association allows students to act as a connection for those students who have graduated. In order to receive donations or gifts to be used towards scholarships, alumni must be made active by thorough engagement by the alumni association.

7. Ballroom Dance

 a couple that is ballroom dancing

Ballroom dance is a club on campus that allows students to learn how to properly do the steps that is ballroom dance. It is an elegant dance to learn as well as one that has an engaged community that will be there to teach you.

8. Belly Dance Club

 a group of belly dancers performing

Yes. There is a club for belly dancing. Belly dancing is not just fancy attire with bells on it. It is a dance that can be complex to know the steps of at first as well as in the long is a fun and fast way to burn off those calories and keep fit.

9. Campus Design and Copy

 promotional items being printed

This group is a student-led business that provides services in the areas of printing, photography, and design. It is a great way for students in the major that is photography or graphic design to get experience outside of the classroom.

10. Card Game Club

 the anime character from yugioh holding cards

Card game club is a group of enthusiasts that enjoy all different kinds of card games. Card games are enjoyed for various reasons such as strategy or even the feeling of competitive RPG. A few of the games played are Yugioh and Magic the Gathering.

The Top Events of the School Year at University of Massachusetts Amherst

1. Trans Support Group

 the colors for the trans flag

Each week the trans support group has a drop in meeting that allows students who are seeking others support. This is a great time to meet the group for the first time as well as meet others who are going through your same thoughts and feelings.

2. Annual Donation Drive to Support Student Food Pantry and Care Supply Closet

 an array of non perishable food

Whitmore 2nd Floor AND Bartlett 317C will be holding a donation drive that will allow students to donate a variety of nonperishable food or toiletries to go to the greater good of those students who are struggling. This is a great way to give back to those who cannot give for themselves.

3. International Coffee Hour

 a brewing cup of tea

This recurring event allows students to get to know other students from all around the world. It gives exchange students a chance to get to know each other and the diversity of cultures. The event features tea and tasty treats too.

4. Newmass Yoga

a person doing a yoga pose outside

Yoga is the perfect way for students to be able to relieve stress as well as feel truly at ease with themselves. This recurring event offers instruction from a qualified yoga instructor and will help you reach the ultimate calm in a hustling and bustling world.

5. Craft Night at YKCC

 the logo for Yuri Kochiyama Cultural Center

Each month the Yuri Kochiyama Cultural Center hosts a craft night that allows students to engage with the culture on campus as well as have fun creating a craft that shows the heritage and traditions as well. This event is free.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst) Fall 2018 Final Exam Schedule

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Fall 2018 exam schedule is now available for all of your courses. Be sure to check the schedule carefully to ensure you have the correct date and time for your examination.

We recommend adding in the exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

Please make sure to bring the following items with you to your final exam:

-Student ID

-Pen, pencil, eraser

-Calculator (if permitted by instructor)

If you’re looking for additional material to help you study for the final exam, click on the link beside the departments and special course offerings.

***Please note that exam dates/times are updated on a regular basis. Please consult with your The University of Massachusetts Amherst Exam Schedule to ensure the highest degree of accuracy***

Special Courses Study Guides
PSYCH 100 View Now
ECON 103 View Now
MICROBIO 160 View Now

*Above sections could be one of several

Current exam schedule

Lecture Start Times Exam Date Exam Time
M, W, F 8:00am Mon, Dec 17 8AM
M, W, F 9:05am Thurs, Dec 20 8AM
M, W, F 10:10am Fri, Dec 14 8AM
M, W, F 11:15am Wed, Dec 19 10:30AM
M, W, F 12:20pm Fri, Dec 14 1PM
M, W, F 1:25pm Thurs, Dec 20 1PM
M, W, F 2:30pm Wed, Dec 19 3PM
M, W, F 4:00pm Mon, Dec 17 3PM
Tu or Th 8:30 Wed, Dec 19 8AM
Tu or Th 10:00am Fri, Dec 14 10:30AM
Tu or Th 11:30am Wed, Dec 19 1PM
Tu or Th 1:00pm Thurs, Dec 20 10:30AM
Tu or Th 2:30pm Thurs, Dec 20 3:30PM
Tu or Th 4:00pm Fri, Dec 14 3:30PM
MATH 101, 104, 128 – All Sections Tue, Dec 18 3:30PM
MATH 127, 331 – All Sections Mon, Dec 17 10:30AM
MATH 131, 131H – All Sections Mon, Dec 17 1:00PM
MATH 132, 132H, 233, 233H – All Sections Tue, Dec 18 8:00AM
MATH 235, 235H – All Sections Tue, Dec 18 10:30AM
STATISTICS 111, 240, 515 Tue, Dec 18 1:00PM

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Additional exam resources that are popular with UMass Amherst students

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Top 10 Majors at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Deciding a university that has your major and career of interest is stressful, but choosing a college that is known for your path can be easy! This article will help guide you on the top ten majors the University of Massachusetts Amherst has to offer students! Let’s get started!

1. Business

This major is the top program at UMA due to its competitive edge and well known professors throughout the country. Students travel far and wide to attend the business school at Amherst and strive to discover their best career path in this field.

Students in a business lecture at UMA. 

2. Marketing

In the school of business, marketing has become quite popular amongst students at UMA because of the versatility and success it offers. This is a great field at Amherst because of the location, nearing cities like Boston and New York not all that far, create great places for internships.

A gif on how most students should feel when attending college!

3. Social Sciences

Social Sciences at UMA has infiltrated and advocated for one of the best study abroad programs in the country. With this major, Amherst offers a wide range of places for students to discover their passions in this career field.

Student representing with pride, UMA. 

4. Psychology

Through the undergraduate program, psychology majors have the upper hand when coming from UMA. After completing their first four years, many students desire to continue their professional degree at UMA because of the high end research opportunities the school offers.

Spring sunrise over UMA campus.

5. Liberal Arts and Humanities

Many students love the variety of careers offered in this major by UMA. On the east coast, UMA offers one of the best performing arts schools with plenty of experiences given to students to become the best in the business.

Students performing on stage.

6. Architecture

If you love to create and design, UMA offers on the best architecture schools in the nation. It is ranked in the top 50 for both undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture, which aids students in their college decision process!

Amazing architecture of a building, which most students aspire to create in this program. 

7. Nursing

UMA offers an exceptionally acclaimed nursing school for students. It is top 100 in the nation, which is an amazing number considering most universities and colleges offer nursing programs and certifications. This highly competitive program aid students in being the best in the field.

How most nursing majors feel all the time!

8. Economics

Students who are interested in economical areas of study should look into UMA because of their ongoing school of economics which started many years ago. Through experience and valued professors, students will learn about the many career chances they have in the program.

Student moods on graduation day!

9. Communications

Despite the many schools that offer this degree, UMA has one of the top statistics for degree completion and job rates after graduating college. That is why this program is ranked in the school’s top 10 for most popular majors chosen by students.

Gorgeous fall day on UMA campus. 

10. Public Health

UMA has many great research studies that correlate to the field of public health which really draws students to learn more about this area of studying. Aside from research, UMA has many awesome connections for students and earning internships too!

Image of people from health professions. 

Overall, the University of Massachusetts Amherst offers many different majors for students to choose from. These listed above are just the top ten of the university based on size, popularity, and competitive edge compared to other schools. If one of these are your major, look no further than East Lansing, Michigan to give you the best!

10 Library Resources at UMass Amherst You Need to Know

UMass Amherst is a public research and land grant university in Amherst, Massachusetts. It is the main UMass school in their many other Massachusetts colleges. They have great libraries and resources, so here’s ten of the best ones!

1. Refworks

Pre Quest by Ref Works

Refworks is a wonderful tool for students struggling with citations. They can use Refworks to sort out their sources and citations for research, essays, projects and more!

2. Computer Classrooms

Free Use Computer Lab Classroom

UMass Amherst has numerous computer labs all over campus for free use. When class is not in session, students can go to library computer labs and use the computers inside!

3. Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Books

If a material or item you are looking for is not available in UMass’ libraries, there is a system called the Interlibrary Loans that you can use. If you talk to workers at UMass libraries, they will request the materials for you at other libraries.

4. Discovery Search

Discovering New Things

Discovery Search is a tool for identifying, retrieving, and requesting a wide array of books, articles, videos, and more. It is a great tool to get materials you need online.

5. Research Database

The Research Cycle

If you’re struggling on your research assignments or studies, you can gather sources and materials from the research database! There is full access to journals, articles, and more.

6. Circulation and Reserves

Borrowing for Reserved Materials

The Circulation and Reserves Desk offers materials for borrowing. You can check out books, pick up items you’ve requested, borrow course reserve materials, laptops, video and multimedia equipment.

7. Learning Commons

learning commons

Come to the Learning Commons if you have any questions about academics, research, borrowing and technology! They offer their advising services for free for any students in need.

8. Open Educational Resources

two opened books on the library

Open Educational Resources has educational materials and resources that are offered for free for anyone to use and re-mix, improve or redistribute. This includes computer software, course material, journals, and other various items.

9. Digital Scholarship Center

Digital Media Visual

The Digital Scholarship Center helps faculty and students with any and all digital projects. They consult with you and connect you to other library and campus resources that can support your digital academics.

10. Turnitin

Turnitin Plagiarism Checker Tool

Turnitin is a digital tool for students to submit assignments like essays in. Turnitin has the ability to review an essay and check for any plagiarism from any article, journal, or website.

5 Libraries at UMass Amherst

1. Du Bois Library

28 Story Du Bois Library

The 28 story Du Bois Library is the top location for resources in education, geography, humanities, nursing, management, medicine, public health, and social and behavioral sciences.

2. Science and Engineering Library

Umass Science and Engineering Library

The Science & Engineering Library offers access to science & engineering collections as well as quiet study spaces, group study rooms, and subject librarians who can help with research topics.

3. Mt. Ida Wadsworth Library

Library Collections

This is a library space at the UMass Amherst at Mt. Ida, containing quiet and group study spaces. They offer access to course reserve for classes taught at the Mt. Ida campus.

4. Digital Media Lab

media composed of different forms

At the Digital Media Lab, you can use any technology resources or digital media available. It’s easy to borrow equipment from this digital library at no cost.

5. Special Archives


The Special Collections is home to the library’s rare, unique, and valuable holdings, including collections of archives and manuscripts, photographs and digital files.