10 Hardest Courses at the University of Louisville

The University of Louisville is a public university in Louisville, Kentucky. The University offers 70 bachelor’s degrees, 78 master’s degrees, and 22 doctorate degrees. Among the many courses offered at the institution, below is a list of some of the hardest.

1. BE 450 – Biomaterials & Biocompatibility

An image of DNA Strands

This is an advanced course in bioengineering that discusses biomaterials and the clinical relevance of biomaterial performance. Students will have to learn very complex and technical concepts throughout the course. Students will also have to attend a series of lab sessions that are considered very engaging and time-consuming.

2. BIOL 485 – Microbial Physiology

A Microbial Physiology? Textbook Cover

This biology course discusses microbial cell biology and the processes, reactions, and energetics that support microbial life. Students find this course hard because it involves a lot of technical concepts and terminologies that need time to be familiar with. This course is recommended for students taking a major in Biology.

3. CIS 440 – Object-Oriented Methods

A picture of the globe written "Object-Oriented Methods?"

This course in computer information systems is considered hard by students because it discusses very complex and technical concepts related to the object-oriented paradigm. Students will need to allocate more study time in order to grasp the concepts and excel in exams.

4. CECS 310 – Discrete Structures

Discrete Structures Textbook Cover page

Computer Engineering and Computer Science courses are most likely than not considered difficult due to their technical nature. This course is no different as students will be required to study complex and technical concepts such as algebraic computational structures, finite state machines, relational structures, propositional logic, trees, and graphs among others.

5. CEE 450 – Geomechanics

A geomechanics computer generated graph

This is an advanced course in civil and environmental engineering. Students get introduced to very complex concepts related to environmental engineering. Students will also have to engage in a series of very engaging practicals related to the main field of study.

6. CHEM 466 – Physical Chemistry II

Test-tubes, conical flasks, a calculator, and a person's hand writing on a paper.

This advanced course in chemistry discusses very technical and complex topics such as thermodynamics, statistical thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, and reaction kinetics. Students will also be subjected to several lab sessions that will be very challenging and time-consuming.

7. PHYS 361 – Atmospheric Thermodynamics

A poster written Atmospheric Thermodynamics

Atmospheric thermodynamics is an advanced course in physics mostly recommended for physics majors. The course focuses on the principles of thermodynamics and their applications to atmospheric structure and dynamics. Students have a hard time internalizing the concepts and they need to allocate more study time to excel in exams.

8. MATH 405 – Differential Equations

A solved differential equation on a black board

Like most advanced math courses, differential equations is considered very hard. It focuses on methods and formulas that would find solutions for different types of differential equations. Students will be introduced to very complex mathematical formulas and theories that they are required to use to solve various mathematical problems.

9. ECE 420 – Signals and Linear Systems

Signals and Linear Systems Textbook Cover

This course in electrical and computer engineering is considered hard by most students because of the technical nature of the topics. Students will be introduced to very technical terminologies and concepts that are difficult to comprehend. Students will also be involved in a series of practical sessions that are equally technical before the end of the course.

10. GEOS 367 – Geomorphology

A rock structure formed by tectonic movement of the earth

This course in the field of geosciences focuses on the study of the relationship between climate and tectonics to Earth-surface processes and the development of landforms and landscapes. It is a very technical course that involves complex concepts and a series of practical sessions.

Restaurants and Cafes around University of Louisville

Being a student in the south means getting a lot of sun and being around the good old southern hospitality when it come to food. Below we have compiled the best local spots to eat at while you are attending the University of Louisville.

1. Derby City Pizza Co.

Say hello to southern style pizza! This place has a wide range of special pizzas including pizzas for meat lovers and vegetarians. They also have gluten free crust options as well as low carb crusts. This is a great spot to celebrate the end of midterms with your friends.

Southern style chicken pizza at Derby.

2. El Molcajete

This Mexican restaurant has small plates for comfort food. You will find your vegetarian and meaty options of burritos, tacos and rice bowls. Their menu also includes sea food and deserts for a late night out. The place closes at 10 pm every night.

Sample bowl at El Molcajete.

3. China Inn Restaurant

If you are craving Chinese soy infused food, the China Inn is your go to. s This local spot has all your favorite appetizers from dumplings, noodle dishes and fried rice dishes. Their menu includes meat, pescetarian and vegetarian options.

China Inn facade.

4. Home Run Burgers and Fries

If you want your classic American and southern meal, hit the Home Run. They have three locations across Kentucky and will have your favorite chicken, beef or pork burgers with crispy fries. This local gem is a good option for a long day and comfort food.

The american southern cuisine at The Home Run.

5. JB’s Pub

This Pub has all of the classic pub food such as the burgers, sandwiches and more importantly fresh brews every month. Their Mediterranean feta pizza is a vegetarian favorite . The Pub supreme is a 3 meat packed pizza for meat lovers.

A full house at JB pub.

6. Wagner’s Pharmacy

This restaurant name suggests classical music and apothecary. The reality is that you can get a great heart American breakfast at Wagner’s.It used to be a pharmacy and a low key meeting point for horsemen to have coffee. Wagner has been in KY since 1922, a true historical gem. Their menu includes breakfast plates, omelettes, burgers, sandwiches and soups.

Wagner's pharmacy inside.

7. Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe

This cafe has a variety of classic american pub and breakfast options such as burgers and some good beer! The ambiance of the spot is mostly for sports fans. If you need a place to watch the game with friends, this hall of fam is your go to.

Inside of Hall Fame Cafe.

Being an undergrad in Louisville, is all about making the best out of the city and the resources at the university. There are many great spots to hang out with friends and have good food in Louisville. We hope you enjoy these suggestions!

Jobs for College Students at the University of Louisville

The University of Louisville was founded in 1798, and was the first city owned public university in the United States. With a high graduation and acceptance rate, the University of Louisville specializes in Business, Engineering, and Parks and Recreation services. It is a campus full of opportunities especially for those looking to improve themselves mentally, physically, and financially. There are many jobs offered for students, financing themselves, on and off campus.

1. University Patrol Officer

The local recreational pool for students to use as well as for swim meets. It is a normal sized lap pool for daily workouts to classes offered from the University. Go for Workout Wednesday's!

This specific patrol officer position is for their pool areas. There are minimal requirements that are needed for this position like being at least 21 years of age, and having a high school diploma. You cannot have any prior felonies or misdemeanors, and must provide a valid drivers license. It pays about $15 per hour with adjustable hours.

2. University Groundskeeper

Just one of the many different lawns that will need care at the University of Louisville. This is where the University of Louisville golfers practice actually. It is the biggest lawn that is needed to be maintained, and one of the oldest and prettiest lawns that was crafted in the United States.

Another job with minimal requirements for the job including a high school diploma, valid drivers license, and at least one year of experience in groundskeeping. For the job, you will have to maintain lawns, landscapes, trees, and mix. It also includes planting, mowing, seeding, and fertilizing. All of the basic jobs that would need to be done on any normal lawn, but for the University of Louisville. It pays $11.30 per hour.

3. University Public Safety Tele-communicator

This is a campus emergency posts. They are here to help students who feel unsafe in any situation. They are meant to alarm the police and emergency services to keep students safe. The light at the top of the post will light up and flash as well as a sound coming out of it to alarm others of the danger imminent.

There are minimal requirements like a high school diploma, keyboard skills, and a telecommunications certificate is required within 6 months of employment. It’s a well paying job at $12.45 per hour. The job includes answering calls from the police, fire, and medical emergency services, and maintenance of various different emergency-like activities. If you are someone who likes helping others and are well organized this is the job for you.

4. University International Student Advisor

The many different ways to say welcome in various different languages. This is inside the International Center at the University of Louisville. It is a widely used poster through different universities, and meant to help foreign students understand even with one word as well as making them feel a little more at home.

This job helps to process the admission of international applicants for graduate and professional programs at the University. This position helps to work closely with the graduate departments and applicants with excellent student services. Organizational and communication skills are critical for this position as it is the main purpose of the job. There is a lot of researching and multi-tasking involved in this job, so if you are well at those skills, this is a job for you.

5. University Administrative Assistant (School of Dentistry)

This is the logo of the School of Dentistry at the University of Louisville. The department was first opened in 1887 and is the most well known School of Dentistry in the state.

The job is asking for two years of prior experience in this field and possibly a bachelors degree. It is a well paying job at $14.72-$19.49 per hour depending on the amount of prior experience and amount of time being at the job after being hired. It would be wise to have Microsoft experience, well written and verbal communications, and experience with transcription equipment.

6. Video Technician for the University Physicians

This is the sign you will see when you are looking for Tech Support at the University of Louisville. It is a student and staff friendly way to help fix your computer or other devices for no cost.

This position is required to perform equipment installations, setups, operational maintenance, and preventive maintenance. This job is asking to have a associates degree in the related field. It is salary pay through the university. If you are good with technology, and like to help others who don’t understand it for a living, this is a good start to your career.

7. Starbucks Barista near Campus

This is the classic Starbucks coffee cup that is widely seen everywhere. It is no different at the University of Louisville. Students are frequently visiting the store and showcasing these cups around campus.

It is always said that everyone should work in the food industry at least once in their lives, and Starbucks is here to help. Working as a barista near campus would give you easy access to getting to work if living on campus at the time, and would help to strengthen communication and team work skills. Even with no prior experience, Starbucks will teach you the basis ways to create master coffee drinks for customers.

The University of Louisville is a great university that offers many different kinds of job opportunities for students starting their new lives or simply looking to finances themselves. It is also a nice place to live and attend college if you enjoy warmer weather. College is a stressful time in life and balancing your activities with a job helps a lot more than most would think.

10 Coolest Courses Offered at the University of Louisville

The University of Louisville is a public university offering many great courses. With a lot of classes to choose from at the University of Louisville, it is essential that you know the cool courses for a more exciting stay in college. Here are the 10 coolest courses at the University of Louisville.

1. HSS 104 – Scuba

Scuba divers and a sea turtle

This is the perfect course for students who want to learn the basics of underwater scuba diving. Students are required to have basic swimming skills and, maybe, the desire to become a great underwater diver. What’s better? This course prepares you to take the Open Water Diving Certification.

2. ANTH 201 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

The major study areas in Anthropology

ANTH 201 is one of the few classes students look forward to every week. This course introduces cultural anthropology and surveys its fundamental questions, concepts, methods, and data. This is not only an exciting class but also one of the easiest courses.

3. SPAD 180 – The Sports Spectator Experience

Spectators at a Motor Rally Racing event

Sports fans and their activities can be more interesting than the actual sports. In this course, you will explore the sports industry from the perspective of the fan/spectator; learn their behavior, activities, and how they affect the sports industry.

4. HSS 118 – Beginning Martial Arts

Martial artists training

This is one cool practical courses at the University of Louisville. Students will choose to learn either judo, karate, Tae-Kwan-Do, Tai-Chi. At the end of this course, you would have mastered basic skills in the martial art of your choice.

5. HIST 340 – Ancient Mediterranean World

The history of ancient Rome

The study of the ancient Mediterranean World is one captivating and cool course. You’ll explore the history and cultures of the ancient Near East, Greece, and Rome from the earliest times to 500 C.E.

6. TA 207 – Enjoyment of Theater

The stage of Prince Music Theater

The title of the course is enough to make you interested. As you study this course, you will explore theater from its origins to the present, with an emphasis on dramatic literature, and theatrical techniques.

7. PHYS 107 – Elementary Astronomy

An Astrophotograph of the milky way

This is an introduction to the fundamental laws of nature as seen in the large-scale structure of the universe: galaxies, stars and our solar system. It is an introductory course, so the lectures are made comprehensible and as interesting as possible.

8. PSYC 201 – Introduction to Psychology

Dissecting psychology - the human brain

Psychology has always been a fascinating course to study. In this course, you will learn how mind functions while you’re asleep, how mental illnesses and disorders develop, and much more. As an introductory course, you will not learn anything complex, just the basics.

9. MUH 204 – Music in Western Civilization

Sound engineers working in a music studio

This is the perfect class for any lover of music. MUH 2014 is an introductory course surveying history of Western art music from the Middle Ages to present. As part of this course, you will listen to popular music of different eras and learn the history and social context behind those songs. You will also learn the effect of music through the ages.

10. ARTH 203 – Introduction to Art

An artist painting

ARTH 203 introduces you to visual arts, involving analysis, interpretation, and criticism. You will spend most of your time in class looking at different forms of art and talking about them. You don’t need to be a fantastic painter to take this course, all you need is your interest, ideas, and opinions in are.

Health and Wellness Services at the University of Louisville

Going to be college can be exciting and stressful, but no one can deny staying healthy is important. One way to live up to your fullest potential in college is by taking care of yourself; physically, mentally, and emotionally. The University of Louisville offers plenty of resources for students to reach their potential, especially in the area of health and wellness. Here are some services they offer students!

1. Campus Health Services

This is an excellent place for students to go when they are sick while at school, and acts as a doctor’s office like back home. Medical care, immunizations, allergic reaction treatment, STD testing and laboratory services are provided here. This health center is especially great at transferring prescription meds for students who attend school out of state. The clinic is located on the Central Ave of campus. They also have a 24 hour nurse available for phone calls. Scheduled appointments are preferred, but call ahead same day visits are also an option in case of a need of a quick visit.

2. The PEACC Center

Prevention, Education, and Advocacy on Campus and in the Community is what the acronym stands for, PEACC Center. The center is open to University students, staff and faculty. There are any topics that are covered with group including alcohol, drugs, stress, and prevention of bad health. Students looking to improve their overall should visit the PEACC Center and get some awesome information.

3. Cardinal Station and HSC

The Cardinal Mental Health clinic center is a group of trained professionals working to improve the mental health of the UL student body through counseling, education & consultation.  One on one counseling, relationship and group counseling, and emergency services are available along with many more resources for students. To schedule an appointment the first time, students must do it in person the first time. The first appointment is also just a consultation with a therapist to see the needs of the patient.

4. UL Police Department

The police force of UL are dedicated to keeping their students safe and well on and off campus. While police are stationed on  campus, they are taking phone calls, attend to problems in dorms, and keep the safety of students. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all students throughout the university.  All officers are sworn in and certified by the State of Kentucky. They strive for students to live in a safe environment while learning at the university.

5. Health Promotion and Education Services

UL offers many services for students to improve and help everyone reach their maximum wellness both on campus and for life. The university offers courses and techniques on stress for students and wellness classes and activities throughout the day on campus whether in the Rec Center or somewhere outside on campus. Yoga, exercise classes, and stress management courses are available. UL strives for community and on campus health and wellness, for everyone!

Overall, these are only a few resources UL offers many students. To improve their physical and mental health, students should look into what the university has to offer. Taking advantage of many free or low cost services will help students have the best experience possible at college.

Top 10 Majors at University of Louisville

A public university in Louisville, University of Louisville is founded in 1798. It was known as the first city-owned public university in the United States. With very rich background, you can expect that they offer really good majors including the rundown below.

1. Area, Ethnic, Culture and Gender Studies

WGST at University of Louisville

The Area, Ethnic, Culture and Gender Studies is concerned with the social change and social justice. It helps to improve the critical thinking skills to analyze the gender, how race, sexualities, class and shape better world experiences.

2. Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Biology Department at University of Louisville

The Biology Department focuses on the origins of the molecular functions through evolution of disease and interaction of the biotic diversity to global climate change through research of fungal, population, microbial genetics, metabolism and others.

3. Business, Management and Marketing

University of Louisville College of Marketing

The Department of Marketing offers elective courses that are made for business, management and marketing careers. Their sales program is well known in the country and ideal for the skills of the students.

4. Communication and Journalism

Communication at University of Louisville

Communication and Journalism at Louisville University gives them the opportunity to continue the education to hone different strengths and sharpen the skills of the students. It allows them to have oral and written skills for communication.

5. Education

Education Students at University of Louisville

Education is a popular choice of many students. It gives them the knowledge, training and other sources to build better skills in performing well for their current career. The course is certified to meet the Kentucky certification.

6. Engineering

Engineering at University of Louisville

Engineering at University of Louisville offers educational opportunities with different programs They specialized in innovative instruction, high quality and student interaction that conduct applied and fundamental research to their needs.

7. English Language and Literature

English Department at University of Louisville

The English Department aims to promote literacy to many students by improving their ability to write, read and critically think. English in University of Louisville is well-known around Kentucky and they have careers in teaching, writing and research.

8. Health Professions

Doctors at University of Louisville

At the University of Louisville, they’ve got a variety of health professions education including dental, medical, pharmacy scholars and nursing. They have widely trained teachers and build up the skills to your needs.

9. Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics at University of Louisville

The Mathematics department aims to teach mathematics to the students and let them have background in the mathematical sciences. They also offer mathematical services that brings out better skills, training and other necessary skills.

10. Psychology

Psychology at University of Louisville

At the Psychology major, they prepare the students to have a critical consumer and educated citizen in this world. They can learn important information of scientific research, basic and applied psychological research and build scientific relationship to the community.

10 Library Resources at University of Louisville

University of Louisville is a public university in Louisville, Kentucky, and it is a member of Kentucky state university system. This university was founded in 1798. Here’s ten of its library resources!

1. Database

Database with different information

The library at U Louisville has its very own online database! This web tool makes it easy for students to search for the materials and resources they need to succeed academically.

2. Journal Finder

Academic and Scholarly Journal

If a student is specifically looking for journal article resources, they can use the online journal finder rather than the database! Using a few keywords, students can easily search for journal articles they need.

3. Create

Create on a Corkboard

The library’s “Create” page on their website is a great place for students to go to for help with their projects or papers. There is a citation tool, a data analysis tool, and more!

4. Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian Anything

The Ask A Librarian tool is a great way for students to contact librarians with any questions they need to be answered. They can schedule a face to face meeting, email them, or even call them!

5. Reserve a Room

School study room

The Reserve a Room tool is an online resource for students to reserve specific study rooms throughout campus. This ensures that students have a place to study if they need it, rather than having to search everywhere for an open space!

6. Borrowing Service

Borrowing from one another

The U Louisville libraries offer a technology borrowing service for students to check out cameras, laptops, chargers and more. This is a great way for students to access the resources they need for school!

7. ThinkIR

Thinking Bubble

Think IR is U Louisville’s open access collection of any and all scholarly works created by the U Louisville community. It’s a great tool for students and faculty alike to find UL resources!

8. Writing Center

Student Getting Writing Center Help

If a student is struggling with a writing assignment or paper, they can schedule an appointment with the library’s writing center! This writing center helps and tutors students with writing based work.

9. Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan for Specific Materials

If a material a student needs is not available in the actual U Louisville libraries, then students can use the interlibrary loan service. This tool allows students to request certain materials and books from local libraries around Louisville!

10. Subject Guides

Specific Class Subjects

For students who need help with particular subjects, there are numerous subject guides available on the library website. Students can browse through subjects like history or biology to find guides with the information they need.

5 Libraries at University of Louisville

1. Ekstrom Library

Ekstrom Library at U Louisvile

Ekstrom library is one of the main libraries on the east side of campus. It is a popular destination for students looking for certain materials, or even looking to use the available study spaces.

2. Kornhauser Health Sciences Library

Kornhauser Health Sciences Library

Kornhauser Health Sciences Library is a specialized library that offers materials related to medicine and health science. It is mainly for medical and health science students, but is open to any UL students as well.

3. Law Library

Law Library at U Louisville

Like Kornhauser, this library is specialized for a certain study. The Law library, like the name says, is meant for law students and contains law related materials. It also has available study spaces for student use.

4. Art Library

Inside Study Space in the Art Library

The Art Library is another UL Library with a certain purpose. This library serves art students and the art department as its hub of information and materials.

5. Archives

Archives Academic Building UL

The UL Archives is an interesting facility that holds any and all U Louisville archived information/resources, as well as special collections holding historical materials in UL history.

Top 10 Dorms at the University of Louisville

Most college students tend to opt for dorm living when they head out to school. But you always have to know which dorms are the best ones to live in. Here are the best ones at the University of Louisville.

1. Bettie Johnson Hall

Not only is Bettie Johnson the prime spot for incoming students, but it also boasts a lot of division one athletes. Additionally, it’s hardly even dorm living. Thanks to amenities like a kitchen, Bettie Johnson really does feel like apartment style living.

louisville university bettie johnson hall

Address: 401 W Cardinal Blvd

2. Kurz Hall

Kurz Hall is definitely the best style for suite living for first year students. Kurz is in a great location, but its best feature is the community nature that always fosters within it. This is most definitely because of the courtyard aspect to the dorm.

louisville university kurz hall

Address: 1900 S 4th St

3. Community Park

Community Park is located in a prime spot on campus as it is close to a recreation center and to classrooms. The bathrooms also tend to be limited in terms of who has access to them. Likewise, the bedrooms tend to be quite roomy.

louisville university community park

Address: 2033 S 4th St

4. Threlkeld Hall

Threlkeld Hall is a fine how do you do for many incoming freshmen at Louisville. The building itself is hard to navigate. But there is no denying that the halls are conducive to making new friends and having a shared community experience.

louisville university threlkeld hall

Address: 121 E. Centennial Walk

5. Louisville Hall

The titular dorm building for Louisville offers a wide range of bedroom sizes, especially for such a conventional dorm building. One, two, and three bedroom sizes are available. Restrooms are also private in the case of some suites.

louisville university louisville hall

Address: 318 W Brandeis Ave

6. University Tower Apartments

This dorm building has the potential for anywhere from one to four bedrooms. This allows for the building to be much more spacious. The only downside is that availability for this location does tend to be limited.

louisville university university tower apartments

Address: 2000 Unity Pl

7. Miller Hall

A freshman dorm, Miller Hall is among one of Louisville’s most conventional. Like most dorms for freshmen, single and double rooms are offered. The restrooms featured in the building are communal for the rooms on a given floor.

louisville university miller hall

Address: 2005 S 1st Street

8. Unitas Tower

Unitas boasts the benefits of being a traditional dorm style building with doubles and singles in a tower format. However, it is pretty far from most of the classrooms on campus. And since it is a tower, the elevators are not always easily accessible.

louisville university unitas tower

Address: 1901 S 1st Street

9. Billy Minardi Hall

Minardi Hall is one of Louisville’s all-male buildings. Most of the suites in the building feature two bathrooms and two bedrooms. However, the option for singles does exist.

louisville university billy minardi hall

Address: 2040 S 4th Street

10. University Pointe

One of the only independently operated dorms at Louisville, University Pointe has a lot to offer. It is operated by American Campus Communities. Many students tend to explore this option after their freshmen years.

louisville university university pointe

Address: 2108 Unity Pl

A lot of the dorms at Louisville are geared towards first year students. But no matter what year you are, you can find something for you at Louisville. That’s just how great the dorms are!


Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Louisville

1. Room Basics

louisville dorm rooms

– Mattress pad
– Pillows and pillowcases
– Shower totes
– Hangers
– Towels and wash cloths

2. Food and Snacks

bottled water

– Bottled Water
– Microwave
– Utensils
– Snacks to munch on while studying
– Mini fridge

3. Tech and Entertainment

printer and ink

– PlayStation or Xbox
– Headphones
– Laptop
– Extension Cords
– Printer
– Printer Ink
– HDMI Cables

4. School Supplies

post it notes

– Notebooks
– Folders
– Post-It Notes
– Planner
– Textbooks
– Dry Erase Board

5. Cleaning and Organization

vacuums for dorm

– Vacuum
– Shoe Organizer
– Binder
– Trash Bags
– Tissues

6. Campus Gear

backpacks louisville

– Backpack
– School Sweatshirt
– Hat
– Sneakers
– Sunglasses
– Refillable Water Bottle

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing


– Toaster
– Couch
– Hot Plate
– Candles
– Pocket Knives

10 University of Louisville Buildings You Need to Know

Established in 1798, the University of Louisville—or UofL as it’s commonly known—is a public university located in Louisville, Kentucky.  If you’ve been looking for information about residence halls or academic buildings on UofL’s campus, below are 10 university building descriptions as well as eight general facts about the school!

1) Ekstrom Library

This is outside the Ekstrom Library

If you’re living on campus and in need of a place to study, then you should visit the Ekstrom Library. One of the most popular buildings on campus, this is the university’s main library—there’s little doubt that, when you walk in, you’ll know someone almost immediately.

2) Miller IT Center

This is outside the Miller IT Center

Computer troubles making it so you’re going to miss a deadline? Visit the Miller IT Center for all your technology related questions and answers. This building also has a state-of-the-art computer lab in it.

3) Patterson Hall

This is outside Patterson Hall

If you’re a student studying business or a related subject, it’s quite likely you’re going to spend some time in this building throughout your four years. Home to the College of Business, this building is one of the oldest on campus.

4) Wright Natatorium

This is inside the Wright Natatorium

Swimmers and divers will become very familiar with this building very soon. There are also periods during the week where the pool is open to anyone who attends the university.

5) Student Rec Center

This is inside the Student Rec Center at Louisville

When this 128,000 square recreation center opened in late 2013, many students and athletes alike were very excited. Since its opening, this building has become one of the most popular on campus—you’ll see freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors all hanging out here.

6) University Pointe

This is inside University Pointe

This residence hall is one of the best on campus, which means there’s always a tight competition for vacancy. If you’re an upperclassmen looking for apartment-style living, then you should live here; after all, you’ll be given priority over any underclassmen.

7) Sackett Hall

This is outside Sackett Hall

Those students studying mechanical engineering will find themselves in this building a lot throughout their four years at the university. This building is also home to the Computer-Aided Design Studio.

8) Louisville Hall

This is the exterior of Louisville Hall

In this co-ed hall, it’s going to be mostly first-year students you’re living with. Compared to other universities that are commensurate, Louisville is a great place to live for your freshman year.

9) Bettie Johnson Hall

An image of the outside of Bettie Johnson Hall

If you want to live somewhere that’s apartment-style living, then this building should be your first priority. Students can live with as little as four and up to six roommates, which means you have the potential to make your room really fun if you live with the right people.

10) Kurz Hall

This is the exterior of Kurz Hall

These apartments take the word deluxe to a new level: fixed with all the amenities you could ever possibly want, the rooms here are arguably the best on campus.

Interesting Facts About the University of Louisville

1) On-Campus Living Is Popular

Students on campus

The campus reports that 99% of its student housing is occupied by the beginning of classes. If you’re looking for a lively and thriving campus community, you’ll find one here!

2) Transfers Come Here

Students playing video games

Transfer students from a variety of four-year and two-year universities enroll at Louisville each semester. It’s no secret that UofL offers some of the best academic programs.

3) Veteran Friendly

A veteran holding books

This school has been recognized as being one of the most veteran-friendly schools in the country. If you’re someone looking for veteran services while you study here, you should rest easy knowing there are plenty of people here who want to help you!

4) Go Cardinals!

This is Louisville's mascot

The UofL mascot is a fierce-looking cardinal. The school has had this mascot for at least a century.

5) Future Teachers Thrive Here

An image of a teacher

If you get a chance to study in the Teaching Innovation Learning Lab, you’ll likely learn several skills that’ll make you more prepared to be an effective teacher when you graduate. There’s nothing like learning the technology of tomorrow to make you feel more prepared.

6) Heisman Winners Go Here

A student winning the Heisman

In 2016, sophomore Lamar Jackson won UofL’s first Heisman Trophy—an award that is given each year to the most outstanding player in college football that season.

7) Diversity Has a Home at Louisville

This is a diverse group of people

You want to attend a school with a diverse student body, that way you can really immerse yourself in dialogues with people who may have a totally different background than yours.

Since you’ve reached the end of the lists, you now have more information about UofL than you did before. With this newfound information under your belt, perhaps you’re now interested in pursuing an education at the university!

Top 10 Clubs at University of Louisville

The University of Louisville is a public university in Louisville, Kentucky, a member of the Kentucky state university system. Their mascot is the cardinal bird. Here are 10 clubs you need to check out.

1.Black Student Union

This group educates and empowers fellow African-American Students. They educate by holding info sessions at tablings. They empower by having events that celebrate the culture of the black community.

 black student union

2. Active Minds

Active Minds seeks to bring students together. It does this by being a listening ear for students with mental health issues. Many struggle every year and being the listener can make all the difference.

mental health

3. Adult and Transfer Students

This group is meant to be a way for students struggling to fit in to meet each other. Often it is hard to transition into the school when you don’t have students in your situation. Meet friends your age group that can be your guide through surviving and concurring school.

 adults transfer group

4. Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a non profit group on campus. They look to provide one on one relationships for friendship and networking. The college student will be paired off with a person who suffers from a intellectual and developmental disability (IDD).

Best Buddies

5. Big Brothers Big Sisters

This group strives to be a mentor for young people. This means that they visit different schools. The group will read to children and be a listening ear, they spend time with them and make sure that they are growing as a student and human.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana

6. Campus Y

This is an extension of the YMCA Youth program. It invites students to be future leaders and provide excellence in the youth of today. They hold events and involve themselves heavily in the community.

Campus Y

7. Cardinal K-Pop Dance Team

This group will immerse itself fully in dance and history. The history of K-pop must be understood before the dance moves are learned. The group performs at cultural events on campus.

 k pop

8. Delta Zeta Sorority

The group strives to be open and a safe haven for women looking for socialization. This means they are a sisterhood with a strong bond. They hold community events, serve for charities, and fundraise for philanthropies.

 delta zeta

9. Elderly Serve

This group is one of the largest groups on campus to serve the elderly in the area. The purpose of the group is to empower elderly people to be independent and live with dignity. The students help with recreation programs and are advocates for the elderly.

 elderly services

10. Fat Positive

This is for those students looking to be a voice on campus. Fat shaming has been a thing for decades but this group is here to eliminate that. They are open to all weights and will support everyone regardless a number on the scale.

 fat positivity

The Top Events of the school year at University of Louisville

1.Student Social

This is a way for students to get to know their presidents. Lunch is free and will be provided and served by faculty members. Come on out for a great time with the president Dr. Neeli Bendapudi.

 student social

2.Shelby Campus Breakfast

This event is another event that allows students to meet the president Dr. Neeli Bendapudi. The breakfast is free and tasty. Please come for conversation and great food.

 shelby campus breakfast

3.Stress Resilience Yoga for Women

Come to destress away the semester. This is women only, and there will be mats provide. Come in comfortable athletic clothes and a water bottle.

 yoga pose

4.Clothing Exchange Project for Children Donation Drive

This is an annual event put on by the Women Center Student Parent Association /Moms Support Group. They collect new or gently worn clothing for children and infants. They also need diapers, toys, shoes, and toiletries.

 baby clothes

5.Black Out Bash

This is a free event put on by the Black Student Union group on campus. Come in black attire. There will be food, music, and you need a student ID to get in.

 black student union