10 Hardest Courses at the University of Lethbridge

Nothing in life worth having comes easy. This is so true with college courses. There is no such thing as an easy course, you have to study hard to learn and obtain a degree. While there are some not so difficult courses that you can choose from, there are also some courses that are really hard. Here’s a list of hardest courses gathered from the University of Lethbridge. If you’re considering your classes for the next year, take note of these 10 hardest courses.

1) ENGG 2000 – Engineering Statics

Engineering students in a field study.

First on our list of 10 hardest courses at the University of Lethbridge is an Engineering course. ENGG 2000 or Engineering Statics is all about analyzing the equilibrium of two and three dimensional systems. This course requires a Math corequisite. Any engineering course is challenging not just because it involves more Math and Physics but it is also because of the heavy workload. If you’re planning to take this course, make sure you know how to manage your time well!

2) BIOL 1010 – Cellular Basis of Life

Students studying about the ecosystem through Biological research.

The more you learn about the world, the more complicated it gets. Studying Biology helps you learn about the parts that make up the whole. At the University of Lethbridge, one of the hardest courses is the Cellular Basis of Life, wherein you will study about the fundamental principles of celullar biology. Learning about yourself and the rest of the environment around you requires a significant time and effort.

3) Mathematics 2580 – Calculus IV

Students studying Mathematics at the University of Lethbridge

Calculus is one of the hardest parts of Mathematics. At the University of Lethbridge, Calculus IV is considered one of the hardest courses because you need to go through all the calculus classes (Calculus I, II, and III) before you can enroll in this course. Calculus IV is the study and review of partial differentiation, changes of variables, theorems, chain rule and everything that involves computation and analysis of derivatives and integrals. If you love Math, and you think you handle Calculus, try this course, but if not, find a course that matches your passion.

4) Nursing 2290 – Pharmacology and Applied Therapeutics

Nursing students applying their skills at the Simulation Health Center.

Included in our list of 10 hardest courses at the University of Lethbridge is the Nursing 2290. This course is not just about memorizing drugs or medications, but it is also about understanding the body’s reaction to medication and vice versa. Nursing 2290 provides different therapeutic modalities in health care and teaches nursing aspirants about their role in promoting life through therapeutic treatment.

5) Biochemistry 4150 – Contemporary Methods in Biochemistry

Research and experimentation at the Biochemistry Lab.

Generally speaking, Biochemistry is a hard subject. You have to know how to apply the concepts of cellular and molecular biology, physics, chemistry, and organic chemistry to the biological system of life. Biochemistry 4150 requires students to learn more than just basic concepts of biochemistry. You also have to study recent experimental biophysical and biochemical techniques.

6) Physics 2150 – Quantum Mechanics I

Physics students and faculty at the University of Lethbridge physics lab.

If you’re a Physics major, then this course is one of the hardest that you’ll have to take. Quantum Mechanics I requires a high amount of conceptual mathematics experience. In general, you have to make significant changes in the way you view the universe. This course includes the wave properties of particles, Schrödinger equation, solutions in one and three dimensions, and the origin of quantum mechanics. Just reading about these topics can make your head spin, right?! This is how hard Quantum Mechanics is.

7) Computer Science 3655 – Operating Systems

Computer science and Mathematics building at the University of Lethbridge.

Codes literally everywhere! The Computer Science 3655 or Operating Systems at the University of Lethbridge is one of the hardest courses because you have to memorize and write massive amount of codes. In this course, students will learn about several programming principles, operating system principles, memory management, and concurrency.

8) CHEM 2500 – Organic Chemistry I

Faculty member of the Department of Chemistry, Dr. Stacey Wetmore, received a CIC fellowship award.

Another chemistry related subject is in our list of 10 hardest courses at the University of Lethbridge – Organic Chemistry I or CHEM 2500. Organic chemistry is hard because it is one of the most experimental courses in the field of Chemistry. It requires brute memorization and analysis. If you want to study this subject, be prepared to learn about the chemistry of carbon-containing compounds, their bonding and structure.

9) Neuroscience 3645 – Cognitive Neuroscience I

A young researcher learning at the University of Lethbridge Neuroscience laboratory.

Studying about the brain isn’t simple because brain itself is a complex organ of the body. Cognitive Neuroscience is one of the hardest courses at the University of Lethbridge for various reasons. First, students have to understand the neural mechanisms of the brain that convert sensory stimuli to perceptual experiences. Students will also study about attention process, perception and sensory physiology. To learn these topics, you have to be passionate about Neuroscience.

10) Economics 2750 – Quantitative Methods in Economics

Book of Economics at the University of Lethbridge.

Last on our list of 10 hardest courses at the University of Lethbridge is none other than the Economics course 2750. This course is about Quantitative Methods in Economics. It teaches students to learn the mathematical interpretation of fundamental economic concepts. If you have little or no mathematical training and you don’t know how to a phenomena works, this subject will be difficult for you.

Hopefully this list can help you decide what course to take in college. If you ever encounter any of these courses, just make sure to put a lot of effort and time in studying. You can pass and get a good grade if you study hard!

Restaurants & Cafes near or at University of Lethbridge

Spend time with other ethnic students to know about their cuisines and try the restaurants near campus. Even though there are college cafes on campus, but you should always opt out for other options too so that you can enhance your experience by studying at the University of Lethbridge.

1. Campus Coffee Company

Cup of coffee

Find the best coffee and bread at this café. You will be able to enjoy each sip of the coffee because of the ambiance of the café. Along with that, you have the option to buy paninis, wraps, sandwiches and much more. Fill your stomach with something on the way to class every morning from this place.

2. Backstreet Eatery

grilled pizza

The backstreet eatery offers you with a variety of pizza and salad items. You can also find bacon salad here which is healthy and has a unique taste. It is a decent place to eat with your friends when you are hungry since morning. Make sure to try it by walking a few steps away from the campus once in a while.

3. Ericksen’s Fine Foods Take Home

classic mexican adobo sauce

If you want to eat seafood, they prefer to go here. This restaurant is right in front of the campus which you can access easily. You can find fried shrimps, fish, sauces and much more. Along with that, try the specialty of chef’s soup there which you will surely love during winters.

4. Two Guys and A Pizza Place

A man is slicing pizza

Find a great combination of Canadian and Italian cuisine at this place. The pizza taste is exceptional, and students love to visit there on a daily basis. For the pizza lover, this is a place which they should not miss.

5. Good Luck Pizza Mart (GL)

curly fries with sauce dip

For the students who love pizza, burgers, and fries, this is your ultimate stop. It is located in Rocky mountain plaza at a distance of around 3 minutes walk. There are Pizza, Grill, Shawarma & Halal, and a lot more to try. Go and grab your favorite food within the working hours of cafe.

6. Mocha Cabana

inside of cafe hall

You will be able to find a healthy fusion of Canadian food at this place. There is also a wine bar for the students to relax over the weekend. The food tastes great, and you can find burgers, fries, steaks, pasta, pizza and much more on the menu to order. Stay there as long as you want to enjoy the time.

7. Veg-In YYC

staff member holding burger

It is located in Rocky Mountain Plaza which is at a distance of 3 minutes walk from the main campus. Also, it is open all through Monday to Sunday. Students can enjoy Gluten-free, vegan, and dairy free options. If you are looking for some healthy meal, then give this place a try.

Explore new places near the university, so you do not have to stick one kind of food at all times. When you eat a variety, you get to know different ethnicities along with their cultures.

Jobs for College Students at the University of Lethbridge

If you have ever wanted a job while you study for your classes, it can be hard to know where to look. Fortunately, Lethbridge aims to make it easy by collecting a database and a roster of potential jobs for students. And eight of the best ones to be pursued are listed below!

1. Student Tutor

A peer tutor offers assistance

Student tutors can take on many different roles at the Lethbridge campus. For one, many students will ask them for help in college classes that the tutors may have actually taken before. For another, the tutors could always end up being asked to teach people various subjects in an online capacity.

2. Campus Security Official

Campus security officials pose together

For students who like providing a sense of protection and safety to the campus, they can apply for lower level and part time security positions. They would patrol the campus that they know so well and make sure emergencies are taken care of. They would also do so during hours when many police officers prefer not to work.

3. Substitute Teacher

An apple holds a book open

In the local area around the University of Lethbridge, there are many public schools. And because public schools are not infallible, teachers will sometimes get sick and not be able to come into school. If too many call out at once, substitute teachers are going to be needed and they sure would love to have some education majors from the local university step in to help.

4. Food Service Supervisor

Food service workers prepare and serve food

Many college students will apply for part time food service jobs while they are working on their classes. However, at Lethbridge, students are given the opportunity to rise up in the ranks while still keeping their part time status. They are often able to become supervisors to make sure food is being handled safely and cleanly.

5. Table Washer

A person washes a table

Another job that students can apply for to get their foot in the door of the food service industry is that of a table washer. Students often prefer to eat their food on clean surfaces during the various meals of the day. These table washers are responsible for monitoring tables and cleaning them as soon as students leave to ensure that no one sits down to a dirty table.

6. Painting Event Host

People participate in a painting event

In the area surrounding Lethbridge, many facilities host special painting event nights. These are a good way to spend some relaxing and fun times with friends while potentially uncovering a talent you never knew you had. And these events often tap students to lead them due to the fact that they often occur in the evening.

7. Online Marketing Assistant

A cartoon cloud of digital marketing outlets

Today, a lot of marketing still takes place in person or over the phone. But every day, online marketing grows more and more in terms of legitimacy. And it can be a very niche industry to try to figure out. That is why many businesses are asking for Lethbridge students to help them with online marketing campaigns, whether they are over email or social media or something else entirely.

8. Notetaker for OneClass

OneClass logo, it offers online employment for students

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Health and Wellness Services at the University of Lethbridge

Health and wellness service is the continuous process of raising the awareness and helping humans to make choices that will keep them healthy and happy. This service is much more than staying free of sickness; it is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being and not just the absence of infirmity or disease. So, to achieve a high-quality life within the campus community, University of Lethbridge has identified that maintaining an optimal level of wellness is highly important. This matters because every activity and emotional relation going on within the campus community greatly contributed to their wellness.  To maintain a high level of wellness, below are 5 Health and Wellness service centers in the University of Lethbridge that caters for the campus community well being.

1. Counseling Center

The University of Lethbridge Counceling session

One of the toughest decisions students do ask themselves is“What degree program will guarantee their dream life?” This career counseling center will provide you professional and confidential advice that will help you fulfill your passion and to allow live a dream life. This department professional counselors will provide you free and confidential individual counseling that will help you manage a wide range of personal issues. However,as a new client, you must have a 15-minute service consultation before you’re allowed access to other services offered by the department.

2. The Fitness Center

The University of Lethbridge Fitness center

The university of Lethbridge is proud to provide a family and friendly environment aimed towards encouraging the campus community to keep fit and look good while having fun. Featuring a triple gymnasium with 2000 seats for spectators, multipurpose studios for dance, fitness and yoga classes,changing rooms and locker rooms with steam rooms. You’re in for a unique and personalized experience.

3. Accommodated Learning Center

The University of Lethbridge Library with books

This department range of services is aimed towards providing and equipping students with their learning needs. Although, most of the service costs will be taken care of by the government based on the student eligibility.However, students wanting to apply for funding support will have to first complete their application for Student Aid Alberta, and later proceed for an appointment with the Accommodated Learning Center team for a clearer discussion on their eligibility.

NB: Student Aid Alberta is a requirement for determining eligibility, but those who don’t meet the requirements will be provided other support opportunities.

4. The Women Center

The University of Lethbridge women center

The university of Lethbridge women center provides professional and confidential easily accessible 24 hours services including, resources,referrals, counseling, outreach and education to women. This department also aimed to eliminate discrimination issues and the creation of a better environment for the campus community. All of these will be achieved through educational events, including group discussion, volunteerism, individual consulting and activism.

5. Health Center

The University of Lethbridge Health center

The joy of staying healthy and happy plays a major role in the academic success of students. This has brought about the establishment of Health centers including, medical clinic, alcohol & awareness and mental health clinic by the University of Lethbridge to promote and support the well-being of the campus community. This Health and Wellness service center is also aimed towards providing comprehensive social network service to help link the students to the appropriate Health center on campus.

Health Center contact information.

Address: SU020 (Students’ Union)

Phone no: 403-329-2484

Email: [email protected]

6. Student Success Center

A graduating student holding a trophy

This department was created by the recruitment and retention integrated planning department and the counselling service department. The goal is to tutor students, improve their study skills and learning strategies, and educate them on health and wellness. This service is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students free of charge, which also includes access to workshops, tutorial, events and resources designed to make their learning and personal goal a reality.

7. Campus Safety

Campus safety written on a red surface

This department promotes risk control, education and encourages the campus community and the general public that attends and uses the university facilities and services to develop strong safety culture. To address specific concerns and questions, the department was divided into 4 different responsibilities,which are: emergency management, risk and insurance, safety services and security services. In case you have some questions for any of these services, kindly visit the contact page

Top 10 Majors at University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge ensures that the students have an environment that would help meet their educational and personal needs. It has become popular for its excellent teaching, exposure to research, interaction with professors and instructors, academic advising, counseling, and cultural, recreational and extracurricular programs. It offers numerous programs and here are the top majors offered here.

1. Canadian studies

person holding globe in his hands

This program will expose students to numerous social, religious, geographical, political, cultural, economic, educational and legal perspectives. They will also study complex issues such as bilingualism and biculturalism, and examine their relevance to our modern, multicultural nation. It will provide them with valuable skills and knowledge for their career.

2. Biochemistry

researchers in a lab

This is a demanding field that will require students to t combines expertise in the biological sciences, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Students will learn versatility and intense curiosity which are the hallmarks of successful biochemists, while they also draw on knowledge from a variety of fields to investigate the molecules that facilitate life.

3. Economics

students talking outside

As an economics student, you will be plunged into a world that would give you a deep understanding of the decision-making the process at the individual, firm or government level. Students will learn how unhampered market processes lead to the efficient production of goods and services, and the effects of interfering with these processes.

4. English

students in class

By studying English here, students will delve into the questions about literature and how we, like humans, express ourselves and interact with others. It is a program that looks into the science of communication and critical inquiry. Students will learn how to use language in the world at large, and consider the functions, structures, and significance of literature over time.

5. Mathematics

students in class

The program will help students become experts in four main areas: algebra, analysis, number theory and geometry, and statistics. Students can choose to combine math with courses in physics, computer science, chemistry, economics, management or other areas of interest. They will be provided with solid training that is sought after by employers and allows flexibility in different careers.

6. Psychology

student doing Psychology experiment

Psychology will teach students how to delve into what makes people tick. You will learn skills that would help you analyze and interpret complex material, particularly as it relates to behavior. Students will inevitably become savvy and critical consumers of evidence-based information related to people’s behavior such as self-help, psychological and medical advice.

7. Physics

students taking group picture

This program observing and understanding natural phenomena. It is a “hands-on” science and students will be taught how to study objects at a distance and interpret the information gathered. This will help them better understand the universe we live in.

8. Neuroscience

graduating student

As a neuroscience student, you will ultimately delve into the world of neurological discoveries, learning from the country’s most renowned leaders in the area. Students will also be exposed to in-depth knowledge about the brain’s functionality, as well as the methods and concepts used to uncover its many secrets. This program will help enhance student’s technical and practical skills with extensive theoretical knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, philosophy and other related areas

9. History


Students of history in this institution will learn about great leaders of the past and what ordinary people believed and valued. They will learn the history and art of people that lived in ancient, medieval and modern times in virtually all regions of the world.

10. Environmental science

student with net and cooler at the edge of lake

Environmental science students will study the interactions of humans with the earth’s natural systems and how it affects the biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere using an interdisciplinary and integrative approach. Students will be provided with an appropriate background in the natural and physical sciences that is needed to understand how natural and man-made systems function.

10 University of Lethbridge Library Resources You Need to Know

The library can be one of the best academic resources for college students.  Whether you are studying for a test, working on a research project, or meeting with a group of classmates, university libraries have something for everyone!  Students at the University of Lethbridge are fortunate to have access to a plethora of resources.  See below for the different libraries and library resources you can find at the University of Lethbridge.

1.  Writing Centre

A student writing

The writing centre is located at the library.  Students can get individual consultations with trained academic writing instructors.  The writing centre also provides tutors.  These services are free of charge and students of all writing levels are welcome.

2.  Printing and Copying

Printing Services Logo

Printing and copying services are available at the library.  Students use their Bridge Bucks card to pay for these services.  Community members and alumni may also use these services as long as they purchase a guest Bridge Bucks card.

3.   Information and Research Assistance Desk

Information and Research Assistance

Students can drop-in and ask the staff a variety of questions about research and how to use the library.  The staff will help students with any aspect of research.  Students who are off-campus can ask their questions via instant message, email, phone, or text message.

4.  Media Borrowing

An example of a media item available for borrow

Students can borrow a variety of audio-visual equipment and software from the library.   All items are picked up and returned to the General Services Desk.  An example of items available for borrow are laptops, digital cameras, video projectors, and portable screens.

5.  Study Spaces

A group study room

The library has many different types of study spaces.  In total there are 1,096 study spaces.  There are 22 bookable group study rooms and over 140 study carrels equipped with computers.  Some of the computers in the study spaces have special software for students with special needs.

6.  Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary loan icon

If an item is not available at the on-campus library, students can use the interlibrary loan service to acquire the item elsewhere.  Requests for materials can be submitted online.  Undergraduate students can have 30 filled requests per fiscal year and graduate students can have 75 filled requests per fiscal year.

7.  How-to Guides

How-to guide

Students can visit the library website to find many different how-to guides. Examples of available how-to guides include ‘how to plan your research’, and ‘how to find journal articles’.  Students can also search the guides by subject area.

8.  Citation Help

MLA citation

The library website provides APA, MLA, and Chicago citation help.  Students can find citation guideline pages on the website.  After logging in with their student account, they can also access the different citation manuals.

9.  Online Catalogue

Online Catalogue

Students can search for resources on the library website via the online catalogue.  The catalogue can be searched through many different methods. Students can search by keyword, title, author, subject, and more!

10.  E-Reference Resources

E-References search page

Students can find the E-References resources on the library website.  This portion of the website gives students access to thousands of information sources.  For example, is a student is researching a certain film, they can click on the ‘movies/film’ link and be led to a variety of different helpful websites.

Libraries at the University of Lethbridge

1.  University of Lethbridge Library

University of Lethbridge Library

This library offers resources to students who are on and off campus.  The library contains about 1.4 million physical items as well as many online resources such as e-books and e-journals.

2.  Education Curriculum Lab

Education Curriculum Lab

The lab is located on the 11th floor of the library.  This portion of the library supports students who are studying education.  The lab has over 48,000 learning resources related to early childhood education through grade twelve.

3.  The University of Lethbridge Archives

An example of a material that could be in the Archives

The Archives acquire and preserve items that are related to the University’s history.  Archival materials include photographs, building plans, posters, and many other items.

4.  Lethbridge Public Library

Lethbridge Public Library

The Lethbridge Public Library was established in 1919.  Today, the library systems has two branches.  While not located on campus, university students can access additional resources at the Lethbridge Public Library.

5. Chinook Arch Regional Library System

Chinook Arch Logo

This library system has a location in Lethbridge and provide university students with additional resources.  The Chinook Arch Regional Library System was formed in 1992 and currently has 33 libraries across Southern Alberta on traditional Blackfoot territory.

Top 6 Residences/Dorm at University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge takes pride in seeing about the needs of all its students. They have come up with various ways to save them money and unite them including cutting textbook expenses. Students can start off by applying to stay at one of the school’s on-campus residents. Here’s a list of them.

1)Residence Village

Residence Village at University of Calgary
Aperture Park West, Lethbridge, AB T1K 6T4

3rd and 4th-year students get the privilege of living here! The University of Lethbridge gives more mature students the ability to stay in actual townhomes. The residences are nice and cozy, set up with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

2)University Hall

University Hall at University of Lethbridge

4401 University Drive West, Lethbridge, AB T1K 3M4

University Hall is for students in their first year of college. The rooms are set up as dorms and all of the students that live here must get meal plans. However,  students still have a good selection of rooms. They can choose a single, double, or suite-style room.

3) Piikani House

Piikani House at University of Lethbridge

7 Aperture Park West, Lethbridge, AB T1K 6T5

In Piikani House, the apartments are configured into 1, 2, and 4-bedroom setups. Each apartment has an open-concept kitchen and living room area. There is also plenty of closet space in every room as well.

4) Mt. Blakiston House

Mt. Blakiston House at University of Lethbridge

Aperture Park West, Lethbridge AB, T1K 6T4

All bedrooms are personal in this apartment complex. However, students share semi-private kitchens and bathrooms. Game room and exercise gym are communal.

5) Siksika & Tsuu T’ina House

SikSika and Tsuu T'ina House at University of Lethbridge

11 Aperture Park West, Lethbridge, AB T1K 6T3

Every Student enrolled full-time can apply to stay in Siksika & Tsuu T’ina House. However, a spot cannot be guaranteed due to available space. Considering the fact that the buildings are beautiful and are built with balconies outside of most of the rooms, these townhomes are one of a kind. Single and double bedrooms are available.

6) Kainai House

Kainai House at University of Lethbridge

3 Aperture Park West, Lethbridge, AB T1K 6T4

The apartments at this location are for larger groups of freshman that enjoy staying with others. 2, 4, and 6 bedroom apartments are available for residence. There is a high demand for these apartments, so try to sign up early.

It’s not hard to find your way once you get planted on campus. So, enjoy your time at the University of Lethbridge and choose your place of residence wisely. This is the place you’ll make some of your fondest memories.

Here’s your Move-in Day Packing List at University of Lethbridge

1) Room Basics

basic things needed for your room

1. Comforters
2. Organizers
3. Hamper
4. Fan
5. Trash can
6. Electric Blanket

2) Food and Snacks

snacks every college student can enjoy

1. Crackers
2. Little Debbies
3. Tv dinners
4. Juice
5. Chips
6. Popcorn
7. cookies

3) Tech & Entertainment

technology that most students need

1. Headphones
2. Cell phone
3. Laptop
4. Chargers
5. Blow Dryer
6. Shavers
7. Flat Iron

4) School Supplies

some of the supplies needed for school
1. Pens
2. Pencils
3. Paper
4. Binders
5. Notebooks
6. Bookbag

5) Cleaning up & Organizing

supplies needed to clean your room

1. Broom
2. Swifter
3. Filer (for books)
4. Air Freshener plug-ins
5. Clorox wipes
6. Gloves
7. Cleaning Solutions

6) Campus Gears

college gear most student need

1. School shirt
2. School hat
3. School License plate
4. School Stickers
5. School Writing utensils
6. School Backpack

7) Items you should ask first before bringing

ask button

1. Vacuum Cleaner
2. Candles
3. Dish Sets
4. Matches
5. Tv
6. Microwave
7. Mini Fridge
8. Iron Boards

10 University of Lethbridge Buildings You Need to Know

The University of Lethbridge is a public university that was established in 1967. The University is located in Lethbridge, Alberta.  The campus has a smaller feel to it as it has over 8,000 undergraduate students and around 600 postgraduate students.  Before you step on campus, check out 10 important buildings as well as some fun facts about the University of Lethbridge.

1.  Students’ Union building

Students' Union Building

This architecturally stunning building is home to many different student services.  The building includes the Bookstore, food kiosks, a dining area, video game rooms, CKUL Radio, the ZOO Pub, and health services.

2.  University Hall

University Hall

This building reflects the Brutalist style of architecture.  It is home to a cafeteria, residencies, classrooms, labs, administrative offices, and plant utilities.

3.  University Library

University Library

This beautiful library has so much more than just books.  The library includes a writing centre, curriculum lab, and visiting therapy dogs.  It is the perfect place for a student to study!

4.  University Centre for the Arts

Art Gallery at the Centre for the Arts

This building is home to various departments including Art, Dramatic Arts, Music, and the School of Fine Arts.  It also contains a theatre, recital hall/film theatre, the University Gallery, classrooms, offices, and practice rooms and studios.  All music and art lovers will want to stop by this building!

5.  1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport & Wellness

=1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport & Wellness

This building helps the students at the University of Lethbridge stay fit and healthy. The centre is home to a gymnasia, a fitness centre, an indoor running track, a climbing wall, a sauna, steam room facilities, and classrooms.

6.  University Theatre

University Theatre

This theatre includes a 450-seat performance space.  Many different events are held in the space including concerts, productions, and lectures.

7.  Gushul Residences

Gushul Residences

The Gushul Residences include a studio and cottage and are located in the town of Blairmore, Alberta. The residences were opened in 1988 for professional artists and writers. This unique residence has seen many successful writers and artists pass through.

8.  David Spinks Theatre

David Spinks Theatre

This campus building is a multi-use black-box theatre.  The theatre has performances and serves as a classroom and rehearsal space for the Department of Drama.

9.  Turcotte Hall

Turcotte Hall

Opened in 2008, this building is home to the Faculty of Education, Counselling Services and Physical Plan.  The building contains large classrooms equipped with Smart Boards, a state-of-the-art computer lab, a videoconference suite, and a math/science lab.

10.  Markin Hall

Markin Hall

This architectural masterpiece is home to the Dhillon School of Business and the Faculty of Health Sciences.  The building includes a stock trading room, case rooms, and project rooms for the business students to utilize.  There is also a Patient Stimulator Lab, a Problem-based Learning Suite, and an Addictions Counselling training suite for the health sciences students.

Interesting Facts about the University of Lethbridge

1.  There are a plethora of degree options to choose from.

Diploma Clip Art

The university has over 150 undergraduate and 60 graduate programs.

2.  Lethbridge is a nice place to live.

Bridge in Lethbridge

The University is close to the Rocky Mountains.  It is also one of Canada’s sunniest cities and it has moderate winters.

3.  Many different countries are represented at the University of Lethbridge

College Student Clip Art

The University has 506 international students from 99 counties.

4.  The student to faculty ratio is low.

University of Lethbridge Logo

The student to faculty ratio is 15:1 with an average lecture class size of 33.6.

5.  The University has an art gallery.

Art gallery at University of Lethbridge

The gallery has one of the largest collections in Canada of 19th and 20th century Canadian, American, and European art.

The University of Lethbridge is a great school to attend.  Come take a campus tour to learn more about what this school has to offer and to see the beautiful buildings for yourself!

The Top 10 Clubs at University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge is a publicly funded academic and research university located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. The college is a liberal college and their mascot is Luxie. The total enrollment is about 9,000. Here are 10 clubs you need to check out.

1.Let’ Get Mental

This group strives to educate. It talks about mental health and wellness. They are an open ear for those who are struggling with depression or anxiety throughout school.

mental health

2.ULeth Swing

The swing dance club gives you the basics. The steps are the groundwork for the dance but repetition is key. There are plenty of experienced members to guide you through the movements.

swing dance

3.Campus Roots Community Garden

The Campus Community garden is open to students and faculty. They have plenty of beds that house a number of different herbs and berries, an orchard, and composting bins. This is a way to get fresh produce as well as find volunteer hours.

planting flowers

4.Catholic Young Adults

This group rejoices God and will take you in with open arms. They meet weekly and often go through scripture in a reflective way. This is a great group of people if you are looking for fellow Catholics.

catholic young adults

5.Economics Club

The group gives you a chance to learn about economics through discussion and debate. They bring up a variety of topics. It is what side you are on and what others are on that gives you different perspectives of how economics works.

words of economics

6.Freedom House Club

Freedom House club strives to worship the Lord. They meet weekly for worship nights as well as bible studies and community days(usually a service project or social event. This is a great way to meet new people.

worshipping the lord

7.Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers allows students to express themselves in writing. It gives them a platform to write in the spoken word and perform their ideas to an audience. This group is non judgemental and supportive of all students work.

spoken word

8.French Club

French Club is a non religious and non government centered group of students that want to learn more about the French Language. It allows students who already know French to practice up and new students to be introduced to new words and phrases.

french club

9.Get Real ULeth

This group strives to make the stigma of talking about LGBTQ topics go away. They are an open support system that are there for you when you need an open ear. They also give you advice on how to deliver the message to fellow friends and family.

raised fist


InterVarsity is a nondenominational Christian fellowship. They are all-inclusive and strive to make you feel the most comfortable in your spirituality. Which is why you are paired with like-minded (in social activity or living center) individuals in your small group.

intervarsity logo

Top Events Offered During the School Year at University of Lethbridge

1.Resume Workshop

This will show you how to target your resume to specific jobs. It gives you the edge over people who decide to go with a plain resume. It is a great way to differentiate yourself and be different.

a resume

2.New Media Film Series: The Amina Profile: A Gay Girl in Damascus

“A Montreal woman in an online relationship with star blogger Amina Abdallah Arraf al Omari becomes involved in the international attempt to rescue Arraf after her purported abduction by the Syrian regime. ” This event is not only free but is open to discussion after the movie. Come out for a fun time of friendship and movie watching.

3.#IBelieveYou Campaign Launch

This launch is for the #IBelieveYou Campaign that is based on the ideal of women. Women are often not believed when it comes to sexual harrassment or violence. Support those women who are able to stand up for themselves against all odds.

#IbelieveYou campaign sign

4.Interview Workshop

Similar to a resume workshop this will show you what to expect at a interview and the steps needed to do well in one. It will show you different clothing to wear, what to say and how to say it. Attend this workshop for helpful tips on getting a job and even proper follow through.

Recruiter checking the candidate during job interview

5.So you were told to use the Library: Digital Media technology available in the Library

This event is there to show you the different types of digital media you can create in the library. It gives a round basis of basic digital media mediums and helpful tips as well. Check this out for future classes in advertising, communications, and graphic design.

digital media

10 of the Easiest Courses at uLeth

Picking elective courses can be stressful when one already has a large course load to balance. For this reason, students attending the University of Lethbridge should consider the following courses when filling in their timetable as a GPA booster. They are known for being not only light to manage alongside a full course load but are also incredibly enlightening. Here are 10 of the easiest courses at uLeth.

1. ASTR 2020: Modern Astronomy

This course focuses on the history and knowledge surrounding the galaxies and stars of our universe. You will learn about the evolution of these things as well as fascinating topics like black holes, cosmology, and the death and birth of stars.

2. MUSI 1000: Introduction to Music

This course explores classic compositions and styles. You will listen to a variety of musicians who were famous for their work throughout history, learning to distinguish between different styles. It is a non-intimidating course that is fairly easy to excel in without prior music education.

3. PSYC 2800: Social Psychology

Theoretical perspectives and literature in social psychology are discussed in this course. The class involves a lot of group work, which makes it engaging and fun. The material covered is also incredibly fascinating, including the topics of persuasion, prejudice, attraction, and aggression.

4. MGMT 2020: Marketing

Students will understand how marketing tools are utilized in organizations, strategies, distribution, and the process of promotion and market research. This class is great for those who love storytelling – there is plenty of opportunity to use your creativity in this course in collaboration with peers.

5. MUSI 3030: Film Music

This course explores film music trends, styles, and composers throughout time. You will watch a lot of movies and listen to a variety of soundtracks. The course is incredibly engaging with readings that are light and easy to complete.

6. PSYC 2110: Introduction to Child Development

The major theoretical perspectives in the psychology of child development will be explored in this course. You will learn about the physical, cognitive, and social aspects of development from infancy to childhood. Course material is very easy to understand and the lectures are really enjoyable.

7. HIST 1200: World History

This course covers major developments in the world throughout time and highlights the way societies have changed and been shaped over decades. You will cover a diverse range of topics including politics, cultures, wars, religions, and economies.

8. PHIL 1000: Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to philosophy examines the basic branches of philosophy, addressing some of humanity’s most profound questions revolving around god, free will, and the future. If you want a course that allows you to get creative with assignments and learn about human communities with a light course load, this course is an ideal choice.

9. HIST 2800: History of Women

If you are interested in learning about diverse woman throughout history, the impact of industrialization and urbanization on women, and the ways in which woman’s rights have been shaped through the years this is a fascinating class. The professor keeps the lectures fresh and engaging. The course assignments are also quite short, making the class easy to excel in.

10. PHIL 2150: Philosophy of Art

Students in this course will have the opportunity to examine the major philosophical perspectives surrounding art and literature. Topics to be discussed include aesthetic properties, interpretation of art, and ontology. The wide breadth of topics covered in this course makes it a fun one and assignments and essays are not tedious.U of L has such a far-reaching variety of courses for students to select from that there are endless opportunities to expand your knowledge outside your major or study discipline. These courses are great choices for their engaging lectures and easy to manage coursework.