Top Startups from the University of Houston

With the Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship ranking #2 in the United States on the Princeton Review and the Top 25 Best Undergrad Programs for Entrepreneurs in 2019, it’s clearly evident that student entrepreneurship at the University of Houston is thriving.

Since the University of Houston has such an impressive entrepreneurship program, it’s no surprise that the student startups to come out of UH are equally as impressive.

Here are the top startups that have come from the University of Houston.

*The following startups are not sorted in any particular order.*

Top University of Houston Startups

1. PolarPanel

university of houston startup logo of polarpanel

As a renewable energy startup, PolarPanel focuses on bringing clean, reliable, and low maintenance refrigeration technology to the commercial cold chain through efficient, solar-powered solutions.


“PolarPanel’s vision is to bring sustainability to the cold chain, an overlooked, diesel dependent industry. By retrofitting refrigerated railcars and trucks with solar energy, PolarPanel can reduce pollution released in the air and add a cost-effective, cleaner solution. With pre-seed funding from MIT and US Department of Energy and the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Energy recognition, we are very proud of our team, and are motivated to keep moving forward to hopefully leave an impact on the world.”

-PolarPanel Founders


Brad Cathcart – President & CEO

brad cathcart, co-founder of the polarpanel startup

As the President & CEO, Brad brings a multi-generational background of the rail industry to PolarPanel. His family owns Bucyrus Railcar Repair, our strategic partner, and has been featured in Trains Magazine 2017.

Viviane Nguyen – Co-Founder

viviane nguyen, co-founder of polarpanel startup

Viviane has a variety of experience in Marketing and Sustainability and is passionate about entrepreneurship and content creation. As a PolarPanel co-founder, she’s made the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Juan Pablo Pimienta – Co-Founder

juan pablo pimienta, co-founder of polarpanel startup

Also a 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 listmaker, Juan Pablo grew up in Houston and has a background in logistics. His interests include music, soccer, and dogs.

2. REEcycle

reecycle logo, a university of houston startup

REEcycle reclaims rare earth elements (REEs) locked inside of neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets from disposed of HDDs, creating a secondary, sustainable supply of REEs. REEcycle provides security for North American, European and Japanese manufacturers who are all entirely dependent on China for these critical materials.


“With REEcycle’s low-cost, low waste reclamation process, we are wiping clean the dirty history of clean energy technologies: rare earth element mines. Mining for rare earth elements harms the environment, releasing toxic and radioactive waste into the soil and water. Our hope is to eliminate this ironic situation by creating a secondary supply of neodymium and dysprosium reclaimed from electronic waste. REEcycle’s innovation will always focus on a zero waste mission by recovering the highest amount of REEs from electronic waste with the smallest environmental impact.”

-REEcycle Founders


Casey McNeil – Co-Founder

casey mcneil, co-founder of reecycle startup

Casey possesses an extensive background in the electronics recycling space through his various leadership roles within the industry. Casey currently focuses a majority of his attention in REEcycle on working with electronics recycling companies to develop more efficient techniques for magnet extraction and procurement. His strategic insight into the electronics recycling industry is attributed to his founding of Vendera Mobile, a start-up focused on managing and recycling mobile devices for large enterprise clients. Prior to Vendera and REEcycle, he was an initial member of iCracked, a high growth Silicon Valley cell phone repair and recycling company.

Susan Tran – Co-Founder

susan tran, co-founder of reecycle startup

Susan graduated with honors from the University of Houston in December 2014, majoring in entrepreneurship and accounting. Before starting college, she had extensive experience in the culinary field, which required creativity, consistency, and endurance. While working at multiple high-end restaurants and an accounting company, she learned how to manage inventory, costs, production, and staff. Currently, she combines her business education and experience with her enthusiasm for entrepreneurship to bring REEcycle to commercialization.

Other Info

The REEcycle story began at the University of Houston, where REEcycle’s patented technology was initially discovered by Dr. Pradeep Samarasekere under the guidance of professor Dr. Allan Jacobson. Out of all of the students in the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the Bauer College of Business, Casey McNeil, Susan Tran Bohuslav and Cassandra Hoang began working to bring REEcycle’s innovative rare earth recovery technology to market. 

From 2014 to 2016, REEcycle went on to win top honors and national awards at business plan competitions hosted by many top universities. In late 2014, REEcycle went on to win all three top prizes at the Department of Energy’s National Clean Energy Prize Competition.

REEcycle has now received both a Phase I and Phase II award from the National Science Foundation bringing total non-dilutive cash received to over $1.2 million dollars. Using this funding, REEcycle has been able to move forward with the build out of a pilot facility intended to prove the feasibility of a full-scale, commercially viable process.

3. Sensytec

sensytec startup logo, a startup from the university of houston

Sensytec provides detailed data on concrete conditions in real-time, through the curing process as well as the operational lifetime.

Their technology allows a user to monitor the exact status of their structures in real-time, at very high sensitivities including any cracking, contamination, corrosion, temperature changes, and more. Sensytec makes structures “smart” and ultimately mitigates any potential failures.


“Sensytec’s vision is to revolutionize the Structural Health Monitoring industry through enhanced quality control and monitoring of cement & concrete structures and provide intelligent analysis of data gathered during design, placement, performance, and maintenance to create valuable knowledge and wisdom of structural integrity for the end user.

To do this, Sensytec will bring disruptive, knowledge-based and innovative technologies to the cement & concrete industry with solutions that are essential in the development of sustainable infrastructure. Sensytec envisions itself to be a disruptive innovator in the Structural Health Monitoring industry that revolutionizes the economics of the industry and mitigates the public safety issue of structure collapse.”

-Sensytec Founders


Ody De La Paz – CEO

ody de la paz, co-founder of sensytec startup

Ody De La Paz is Co-Founder and CEO of Sensytec, Inc which was founded in 2016. Mr. De La Paz is an experienced entrepreneur with several years of working with start-ups in sales & marketing and also operating family businesses in the Houston area. Mr. De La Paz holds a BBA Degree in Entrepreneurship from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. He founded Sensytec while in college and since then has raised over $200k in funding from business plan competitions across the nation, government grants, and private investment. His company took part in the second best start-up accelerator program in the world, TechStars Energy Accelerator Norway in fall 2018. His current strategy is to continue to lead the charge within Sensytec and grow the team and company to the full commercialization stage.  

Anudeep Maddi – CTO

anudeep maddi, co-founder of sensytec startup

Sai Anudeep Reddy Maddi has a PhD in Civil Engineering in Material science from the University of Houston. Anudeep has been leading the R&D of Sensytec for implementation in commercial field applications. For the past 5 years he has developed the technology from lab scale to field implementation. Anudeep has many publications on this Smart Cement technology.

4. Resthetics

resthetics logo, a university of houston startup

Resthetics is a medical device company that has developed a system and process to capture waste gases such as anesthetics from hospital operating rooms. They can then manufacture this captured waste into a safe reusable generic form to be chemically identical to what it was before capturing.

Their initial targets are fluorinated anesthetics such as Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, and Desflurane. Through a simple process of adsorption, Resthetics will serve as a cost effective solution to the $1.5 billion worth of these fluorinated anesthetics released from U.S. hospital operating rooms annually. The demand for fluorinated anesthetics is also increasing due to an aging population, increased life expectancy, and healthcare reform. Given that pharmaceutical prices are on the rise and a new found focus on global warming, there is a real need for a company like Resthetics.


“To convert waste anesthesia into a safe renewable resource.”

-Resthetics Founders


Daniel Weisfeld – Co-Founder

daniel weisfeld, co-founder of resthetics startup

Daniel oversees the day to day activities of the company to ensure that they continue growing in the right direction. Daniel has Bachelor degrees in both Finance and Entrepreneurship. He has a number of years of experience managing many different ventures. In his free time, Daniel enjoys traveling, exploring the outdoors, and experiencing new cuisines from cultures around the world.

Representing the University of Houston, all of these startups have very impressively fulfilled a customer need and are providing value to their communities through their unique products and services.

Make sure you keep an eye out for these rising stars.

A collaboration with the Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the CT Bauer College of Business, University of Houston.

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Restaurants and Cafes for Students at the University of Houston

The University of Houston is a state research university in Houston, Texas. This is the flagship university in the University of Houston school system. There are around 42,000 students enrolled at this school, making it a very large and diverse campus.

1. Kolache Factory

mug plate and coffee

Kolache Factory is a local bakery and breakfast spot near the University of Houston campus. This restaurant is a popular spot for students to grab fresh pastries and baked goods along with a hot cup of coffee or tea! The food is a decent price for what you get.

2. Fellini Cafe

coffee beans and coffee

Fellini Cafe is a great Italian cafe near campus. This place offers amazing Italian appetizers and sweets for a quick bite on the go, as well as fresh, artisanal coffee and tea. Students love to come here for the food and environment! The prices are a little higher, but it’s worth it!

3. CoCo Crepes

strawberries on crepes

CoCo Crepes, Waffles and Coffee is a small, local restaurant/cafe with all sorts of different crepes. They make fresh crepes and other breakfast foods for all sorts of tastebuds; both sweet and savory. Students love coming here for the sweets and good prices!

4. Tiny’s Milk and Cookies

milk and cookies

Tiny’s Milk and Cookies is another super popular place near campus! This small shop offers freshly made cookies and milk at affordable prices, making it perfect for any students in need of some sweets!

5. Rice Coffeehouse

students in rice coffeehouse

Rice Coffeehouse is mainly popular with students for its $1 drip coffee if you bring your own mug! Students and locals love rice for the great coffee and study spaces, which provide a relaxing environment for everyone.

6. Cougar Grounds

students and locals in a cafe

Cougar Grounds is a coffee shop located directly on campus at the University of Houston. This makes it very popular with students for its easy access. Students love Cougar Grounds for its affordable coffee and tea, and its versatile study spaces!

7. Faculty Cafe

cafe at a university

Faculty Cafe is another on campus coffeehouse at the University of Houston. Students love coming to this coffee shop for its great caffeinated beverages and private study spaces, as well as its reasonable prices.

Jobs for College Students at UH

Working on your University of Houston campus can be very rewarding. Seek out opportunities through your on campus recruiter website and ask around for available positions. You never know what you may find!

1. Garden Assistant

An outside garden

Through the Office of Sustainability, students have the opportunity to assist with outreach activities and general tasks. Assistants work with the garden coordinator, who will then pass on the coordinator position to the assistant after they graduate from UH. Working here means having a job for the entirety of your undergraduate career.

2. Outreach Assistant

Assistant at an event and speaking with people

Another position with the Office of Sustainability is working as a outreach assistant. You’ll have the chance to promote the garden and events to your campus community as well as the surrounding areas. You will work on with other organizations, plan and promote events, and also assist with general tasks.

3. Athletics Department Assistant

Athletes running while the media team is nearby

Are you interested in video, graphic design, operations or marketing? Then there is a job position waiting for you with the Athletics Department! The department has many positions available for UH students that can help you gain experience in the sports industry and will prepare you for job opportunities after you graduate.

4. Library Assistant

Large selection of books in a library

Working at the library on campus can be a very rewarding experience. You get to help students with computer problems/questions and serve as an important part of keeping the library accessible to everyone. Even though this is a job you can keep until you graduate, there are opportunities for growth.

5. Front Desk Assistant

Student at the front desk

Many departments are always searching for student workers to help with administrative work. If you want to learn more about a specific field, find the department you’re most interested in working in and ask if they have any positions available. Learning how a department works can help you in future endeavours.

6. Student Dining Worker

Self serving salad area

With dining options including Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut and lots more, there is always a need for student workers to lend a hand. Workers always get a free meal for their lunch break and get the opportunity to meet lots of new people. This is your chance to work in your favorite dining hall!

7. OneClass Note Taker

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

Top 10 Best Majors at the University of Houston

College is an exciting time, but also a stressful time. As a college freshman coming straight out of high school you are suddenly faced with a lot of responsibility that you never had to shoulder before. It might feel like every decision you now make will influence your future. While this is true to a certain extent, choosing the right major early on in your college career can help you find your path sooner and allows you to achieve your goals that much faster. The following majors are some of the most popular and practical majors chosen at the University of Houston!

1. Entrepreneurship


The University of Houston is very well known for its college of business. The Bauer Business college at UofH is ranked 13th nationally in terms of its Entrepreneurship undergraduate program in specific. Each year, Entrepreneurship students put on a weeklong festival called Wolffest where students from the Wolff school of Entrepreneurship find vendors to sell their goods at UofH in an effort to raise funds for school scholarships!





As far as science majors go this one is probably one of the least demanding. If you are considering applying to graduate school like medical school or dental school after college, one of the best things you can do is maintain a high GPA! With this major maintaining a high GPA should be fairly easy and you will have time to pad your resume with volunteer work, research and shadowing to make yourself a great applicant for your next step in higher education

3. Communications


The Jack J Valenti School for Communications at UofH is a great major to choose if you know you might want to into a career involving Public Relations, Journalism, Photojournalism or even Social Media Management. If you feel like you might want to go into something along those lines, but are not yet entirely sure of what you want to go into this major would be a good choice for you. After graduating you can apply to a variety of jobs because being in this major will not limit your scope of knowledge and will adequately prepare you for various careers. Additionally, this college connects you will many internships in the area that will help you form connections, should you chose to take advantage of them, that will help you find a job after graduation!


4. Hotel and Restaurant Management


Students in this major get a chance to learn how to run a business by having the opportunity to work at Cougar Grounds- a student run coffee shop on campus. This college is able to boast that 91% of its graduates have jobs right after graduation. If you think you might want to go into hospitality as your career, this major would defiantly help you out by providing you with applicable experiences and resources to fulfill your goals!

5. Accounting

Graphs, pie charts and calculator

Again, UofH’s business college Bauer is widely recognized for being one of the better undergraduate business programs in the nation. In addition, Houston is a great area to be in if you want to go into accounting. Houston has offices for the big 4 accounting firms right down town and Bauer does a good job of hosting job fairs and internship fairs for you to make connections to help you find a job for the future!

6. Psychology

Left and right side of brain


This is one of UofH’s most popular majors! Psychology is super interesting and can open you up to a variety of job opportunities after graduation. In addition there are a lot of great research opportunities with professors in this department. If Psychology is of some interest to you and you think you will want to pursue a career that may involve Psychology this is a good major to check out!

7. Honors Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical sciences

This major is not easy, however if you are planning on applying to graduate school for a career in the medical field after college this is a really useful major to be in. All the pre-requisites for medical school and most other health care professions schools are included in the degree plan. In addition, the rigor of the program will deftly prepare you for the difficulty of professional school. The faculty and stuff who run this program are easily accessible if you have questions and do a good job of putting you in touch with research and shadowing opportunities as well.


It prepares the highest quality educators

If you have been enamored by the idea of teaching and being able to help shape young minds this major is a good option for you to look into! Education is an honorable profession to go into and there is always going to be a need for educators. Going into education nearly guarantees you a job in the future!

9. Computer Science

This is the picture of a computer displaying graphs

Learning about Computer Science is truly important in this day and age. Each day comes with new technical advances, some people say that coding is even going to be the language of the future! That being said, majoring in computer science will put you in a position of being able to find a job in the technology sector!

10. Engineering


UofH offers about 9 different engineering degrees. This list includes Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Electrical Power Engineering. Engineering is unique in that you can often find a relatively high paying job with just an undergraduate degree! If you are interested in going into engineering, there is a good chance that UofH has a major that will fit you!

10 University of Houston Library Resources You Need to Know

The University of Houston is a state research university and the flagship institution of the University of Houston System. It is known for its research which is why you need to know about different sources you can use to attain good research. Here are 10 different resources that the library has that will help you.

1. Special Collections

1850s and 1860s Hotel and Restaurant Menus

Special Collections are usually historically older documents that are either a preserved original document or a representation of the original that happens to be rare. In this case an example of what you might find in the collection could be old restaurant menus. But the collection has many other topics of history as well.

2. Maker’s Space

Makerspace project in progress

The maker’s space is a special space meant for those who are innovators and creators. The space allows students to bring their own materials or use any of the kits provided. A few examples of kits that the library provides are: sewing kits and hot glue gun kits.

3. 24 Hour Lounge

 computers in the 24 Hour Lounge

Just because there are no library staff at all times should not mean you shouldn’t be able to do your homework. The 24 hour lounge allows you to do this at any time. It is open for students and has at least 12 windows desktops that are made for you to do your homework.

4. Group Study Rooms

photo of newly renovated group study room

The group study rooms are meant for those needing a space to study. You are able to rent out one of these rooms but you must book ahead of time. Depending on timing such as peak hours during exams please give yourself at least a week in advance.

5. Multimedia Studio

use of the multimedia studio

The Multimedia studio is meant for those students that need to create a high-end multi media project. This is perfect to be utilized in that you can have a chance to work in an actual studio that can provide music and video support far beyond anything that your normal computer could do.

6. Photocopiers

 a representation of the looks of a photocopier

Photocopiers are available to all students. But keep in mind to be wary of yourself and others. Do this by not abusing the privilege. You must have your student ID on hand in order to use the photocopiers. This is a great tool if you are waiting on a book and need to read a section.

7. Scanners

 the look of a scanner

Scanner use is allowed an encouraged. If you have a document that you need for a project you can step up your game by using a scanner to download any historical original documents. Such examples of these would be old newspaper clippings or even photos.

8. Printing

 the use of printing in color

There are a variety of different printing stations depending on where in the library you are. You must have your student ID(cougar card) in order to complete the job. Each semester you get an amount credited that can be reloaded. Each print job is about .01-.1 cents per page.

9. Dragon Naturally Speaking speech-to-text software

 Dragon Naturally Speaking speech-to-text software

This is a tool that is available for those that visit accessibility services. It is meant for those students that need to have their text spoken to them. This is more so for students with learning disabilities that are in the more mental scheme. But can also be utilized for students who are blind.

10. ZoomText (software for screen magnification)

representation of the program zoomtext

ZoomText is meant for those students that visit the office of accessibility. The software can be downloaded to a computer. Its main purpose is for those who have trouble seeing things up close. You can also decrease the magnification as well.

Libraries at the University of Houston

1. MD Anderson Library

MD Anderson Library main library

The MD Anderson Library is the main library on campus. It is filled with study rooms, places to do group sessions for collaborations. It also has helpful staff that are more than ready to help with all your researching needs.

2. William R. Jenkins Architecture & Art Library

William R. Jenkins Architecture & Art Library

This is the perfect library for those that are seeking inspiration in the field of art and architecture. It holds volumes of information that is related to different angles and looks that best fits the modern schemes of great art of today. Check out the looks of this building!

3. Health Sciences Library

Health Sciences Library located in health building 2

The health science building is your ticket for all things medical. The health sciences pertain to subjects such as biomedical and even lead to the sciences that will help in your journey to being a doctor or a nurse. Meet like-minded people while being in a building that is fine-tuned to your major.

4. Music Library

the Music Library is in the moores school of music

The music library holds all things music related. It carries volumes of DVDs, records and CD’s. It also has information on the old style music genres that have led to how music has changed throughout the years. Make sure to ask about checking out any great music.

10 University of Houston Buildings You Need to Know

Discovering your college is an exciting and a challenging activity. the journey of exploring the vast campus, understanding which building houses what offices, where you need to go for all your classes and lab, and hearing and stories and legends surrounding the old, beautiful sites that dot your college is both exhilarating and confounding at the same time. Here are 10 important buildings in the University of Houston (UH) you need to know.

1) Roy G. Cullen Building

The Roy G. Cullen Building

This is one of the oldest building currently on the UH campus and was opened along with the Science Building that is situated right next to it. You will the long corridors of this building filled with students waiting outside their classrooms doing the pre-reading or preparing themselves for class.

2) Moody Towers

The Moody Towers

This student hall consists of two 18-story buildings and can accommodate over 1000 students. This hall offers multiple facilities for students including Wi-Fi, dining facilities, and more. There are InterTower sports competitions organized. A fun place to spend your college life in!

3) Ezekiel W. Cullen Building

Ezekiel W. Cullen Building
The name is usually shorted to E.Cullen Building and houses the main administrative offices of the University of Houston. In fact, it is the headquarters of the entire UH system.

4) Blaffer Art Museum

Blaffer Art Museum

This building is home to contemporary art and artworks. It is located in the precincts of the Arts District of UH and is an important place for UH art students.

5) TDECU Stadium

TDECU Stadium

This large sports stadium on the campus of the University of Houston hosts multiple sports events including track and field meets, football games, and more. You will have the privilege of seeing this beautiful stadium come alive on important sporting events days.

6) Technology Annex

Technology Annex

This one-story building has numerous classrooms and lab facilities. The Technology Annex was one of the earliest buildings constructed on the UH campus. Its old-world charm is still evident.

7) College of Technology Building

A computer lab

Housing the administrative offices and departments of the College of Technology, this three-story building has many computer lab areas and classrooms for the convenience of students taking up a major or minor program in technology.

8) Isabel C. Cameron Building

The Isabel C. Cameron Building classroom 101
The offices, classrooms, and lab facilities of the Human Development and Consumer Science Department are located in this building. So, if you are a student of human resources or its related subjects, then this is the building for you.

9) The Albert and Mamie George Building

The Albert and Mamie George Building

This is another huge building complex at the University of Houston that has numerous classrooms and lab facilities. This building complex houses the College of Nursing and Sugar Land. The size of the building and the quality of facilities are bound to make you feel proud of your college.

10) Brazos Hall

Brazos Hall

This is a bigger complex than the Albert and Mamie George Building and houses classrooms, labs, and offices for the faculty and staff of UH Sugar Land.

Interesting Facts About the University of Houston

1) Every Friday is Red Day

the color red

Wearing red every Friday is not just a tradition but a way of telling the world what the University of Houston stands for. The color red unites all students, staff, and faculty, and wearing red Friday on reflects this unity.

2) The University of Houston Class Ring

The UH ring

This ring is presented to students each semester during a formal ring ceremony. The current students wear the ring facing inwards while the alumni wear it facing outwards.

3) Shasta; the UH mascot


Shasta is UH’s cougar mascot. Five live cougars were the mascots between 1947 and 1989. When the fifth Shasta died in 1989, students in Shasta costumes play the role of the much-loved mascot.

4) Rubbing the paws for luck

Cullen Plaza

There are cougar statues in Cullen Family Plaza and it is considered to be good luck for students to rub the paws of these animals before an important event such as an exam or a sporting event.

5) Push-up celebrations

Team push-ups
For every point scored by the UH teams in a football match, the cougar mascots perform celebratory push-ups.

Top 8 Residences at the University of Houston

Students have the option to live in multiple halls during their stay at the University of Houston. However, what are the options really like. Find out below as you read our list of some of the top housing options you will find on the University of Houston’s campus.

1. Cougar Village I

 Cooper Village I.

Address: Cougar Village I, 4385 Cougar Village Dr, Houston, TX 77204

This hall houses first year Honors, Chinese, Impact, Hotel and Restaurant, and Natural Sciences students. The front desk operates for 24 hours. Students have the chance to do laundry for free, study in one of the two large lounges, and cook in the community kitchens. This dorm also features a four-person suite with one shared bathroom.

2. Moody Towers

 the Moody Towers.

Address: 4401 Cougar Village Dr, Houston, TX 77204

The Moody Towers features a two-person shared bedroom. Students have access to free laundry services, a computer lab, and community styled bathrooms on each floor. These dorms come fully furnished.

3. University Lofts

 University Oaks.

Address: 4700 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX 77204

The University Oaks offers students the chance to live in an Efficiency/Studio Apartment, one-bedroom apartment, or two-bedroom apartment. This is for students who are juniors or above 21 years of age. Students have access to free laundry services, a private courtyard, and rooftop terraces.

4. Bayou Oaks

 Bayou Oaks

Address: 5063 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX 77004

This dorm is for sophomore students or students who are 20 years of age or older. The International Community is also situated here. Students have the chance to live in a four-bedroom two-bathroom apartment. Students will have full sized bedrooms, their own bathroom, and live in a fully furnished apartment.

5. Cougar Village II

Address: 4373 Cougar Village Drive Houston, TX 77204-7001

Cougar Village II is the second building of the two Cougar Village dorms. Cougar Village II is home to many of the business, engineering, health, and theatre students. This dorm features a four-person style suite.

6. Cougar Place

Address: 4016 Cullen Blvd. Houston, TX 77204-7006

Here, students have the chance to live in a four-bedroom one bathroom suite/apartment styled dorm. Students who are a sophomore or are 20 years of age have the chance to stay here. Cougar Palace is also home to the Cougar in Recovery, Gender diversity, and Medicine communities.

7. Cullen Oaks

Address: 4600 Cullen Blvd Houston, TX 77004

Cullen Oaks features a single, double, and triple apartment for students to choose from to live in. Students have access to a fitness center, recreation, basketball courts, and lounge areas as well.

8. Cambridge Oaks

Address: 4444 Cullen Boulevard Houston, TX 77004

Cambridge Oaks is another student apartment where students have the chance to live in a studio apartment, double-occupancy apartment, or quadruple occupancy apartment. Students also have access to many facilities.

Here is Your Move-In Day Packing List for the University of Houston

1. Room Basics

 a dorm room.

– Two Sheet Sets
– Comforter Sets
– Pillows
– String Lights
– Your favorite University of Houston Poster
– Desk Lamps
– Table Mirror

2. Food and Snacks

 junk food snacks.

– Pretzels
– Doritos
– Funyuns
– Bread
– Turkey Slices
– Frozen Pizzas
– Cereal
– Milk

3. Tech & Entertainment

 a laptop.

– Laptop for taking Notes
– Cell phone
– Kindle
– iPhone
– Ipad

4. School Supplies

– Calendar to write in to do list and important dates
– Mechanical Pencils
– Pens
– Folders
– Binder
– Erasable Markers

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

 cleaning supplies.

– Broom
– Dustpan
– Disinfecting Wipes
– Bug Spray
– Storage Containers
– Plunger
– Toilet Bowl Cleaner
– Vacuums

6. Campus Gears

 Beats by Dre.

– Headphones to listen to music and when you don’t want to be bothered
– Umbrella for rainy days
– Poncho for when you look ahead at the weather
– Light jacket
– Heavy coat for winter days
– Key-chain for your keys

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

 a mini fridge.

– Laptop because some professors suck and are old-fashioned
– Mini-fridge because you can share it with your roommate(s)
– Microwave (coordinate with your roommate)
– TV
– Tape  Recorder for classes

Top 10 Clubs at University of Houston

Getting involved on campus is important to have a well rounded college experience. Joining clubs and making friends is important! Here’s the 10 best clubs at the University of Houston.

1. Cougar Tutors

Cougar Tutors

This is a community service/volunteering club that helps surrounding school districts in Houston. They have student members teach/tutor math and science classes.



eNABLE is a branch of a global organization dedicated to providing 3d-printed prosthetics/devices to children with upper limb deficiencies. No experience is required to join.

3. Foster Houston

Foster Houston

This club provides resources, tools, and support to transitional students on campus. Their mission is to promote and support the development of student success by advocating for student health and education.

4. GeoSociety


GeoSociety is a student group that seeks to build fellowship between geoscience students by holding events, facilitating career preparation, volunteering in the community and exploring geology.

5. Glass Mountain

Glass Mountain Logo

Glass Mountain is an undergraduate-run literary journal published by UH students. We accept submissions from undergraduate and emerging writers all across the U.S.

6. Global Aid Project

Global Aid Project

This is a UH nonprofit organization that aims to destroy barriers for women and children all around the world. They have bake sales and other types of fundraisers to raise money to donate to those in need.

7. Health Students Association

HSA Logo

This group aims to educate and promote a healthy lifestyle for students and staff on campus. HSA’s mission is “to enhance the quality of life among the students and staff at the University of Houston through health promotion and education.”

8. Learning Abroad

Learning Abroad

Learning Abroad offers undergraduate and graduate students unique, life changing overseas experiences. It provides opportunities for students to participate in global, third party outreach programs.

9. Quest

Quest Logo

Quest collaborates solutions for humanity’s biggest problems (water crisis, climate change, and more) through discussion and shared ideas. Their goal is to educate and empower people to make a change.

10. Student Government

Student Government

The Student Government Association serves as the official voice in which student opinions may be expressed in the overall school policy, decision making, and services offered at the University of Houston.

5 Cool Events at U Houston

1. Campus Prowl

Campus Prowl Event Image

The Campus Prowl is a campus-wide open house event. You can visit different offices and departments to learn more about them and see what you are interested in.

2. Greek-A-Palooza

Greek Life Members Event Image

At the Greek A Palooza, you can meet all of the sororities and fraternities on campus. This is a great way to connect with all of the 48 fraternities and sororities while enjoying free food and drink, and getting involved!

3. Cage Rage

UH CheerEvent Image

Cougar fans are invited to kick off the Houston Athletic year with the Cage Rage. This event features the football team, appearances by Major Applewhite, players and special guests.

4. Get the Scoop

 ice cream

Get the Scoop is the CDI Meet and Greet, where staff welcomes students and faculty to UH. This event is a great opportunity to network and learn about the Center’s events for upcoming semester.

5. Symphony Orchestra


A great way to experience the arts at University of Houston is by attending the many Symphony Orchestra performances held throughout the year. It’s a wonderful performance to come and enjoy!

Top 10 Professors at the University of Houston

The University of Houston has made a name for itself through all sets of manners. But one of the top reasons is its stellar faculty members. Here are ten of the finest ones:

1. Paul DeCarlo

Professor of Information Science

Rating: 5.0
Department: Information Science

Courses Taught by Professor DeCarlo:

MIS4397 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor DeCarlo:

“GOAT professor. Highly recommend taking his Mini-semester class for all my fellow UH Bauer MIS majors. Easy A & fun class.”

“He is a great professor and the class is very interesting. I very much enjoyed this class. I would definitely take any class with Professor DeCarlo.”

“This class is highly sought after for a reason. Learned a lot in just a week, and wish it was longer!! HW, quizzes, website, different technology topics, and labs. I would most definitely recommend this class. He’s a chill and genuine professor that really cares about his students.”

2. Shayne Lee

Professor of Social Science

Rating: 5.0
Department: Social Science

Courses Taught by Professor Lee

SOC3366 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Lee

“Shayne is a great professor, probably one of the best I had at UH. His class is long (3 hours) but totally worth it. I have actually learned a lot from his class, and he plays interesting movies. Shayne is a great guy and wants to see his students succeed. I wish I could take another class of his.”

“Shayne is incredible. Although I wish he wouldn’t have kept us the entire three hours, we honestly spent a majority of the time watching various movies and documentaries. He challenges you to think through different prisms and apply your own experiences and sensibilities to everyday life. Definitely taking him again!”

“I love this professor, I would definitely take him again and recommend him to everyone! Too bad I’m graduating this summer and won’t be able to take any more of his classes. Come to class, his lectures are great anyway!”

3. Whitney Cox

Professor of Humanities

Rating: 5.0
Department: Humanities

Courses Taught by Professor Cox

WGSS2350 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Cox

“An amazing professor, she truly cares about her students and makes lectures fun and informative.”

“I love her! Honestly, she is an amazing professor. Grades are based on a couple of short essays and the final presentation. The lectures are very interesting and they are key to completing the written assignments. She gives great feedback and what should be improved on the written assignments.”

“Take her for any class, this one was so much fun! We watched so many movies every week and wrote 3 critiques and gad a final group film project to turn it. She is so funny and hilarious and makes you want to come to class. She is so compassionate and ready to help any student. She is one of the best professors at UH, no doubt about that.”

4) Reginald Alexander Bain

Professor of Physics

Rating: 5.0
Department: Physics

Courses Taught by Professor Bain

PHYS1301 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Bain

“Dr. Bain is amazing!! He makes physics easy to understand and he makes himself very available to his students, it is clear that he cares about them a lot. If you study his lectures and TopHat questions you will do well on the exams. He also gives out a lot of extra credit and attendance and participation is a easy grade.”

“Dr. Bain is a great Physics professor! You just need to show up and study his lecture examples for the test and you can get a 100 every time as long as you study for a little bit. Mastering Physics is due every week but he explains how to do it in his office hours. Great teacher and a real hottie.”

“Dr. Bain is a fantastic teacher through and through. His lectures: effective and easy to understand. Question? Ask him. He will give you the answer you’re looking for. It is clear that he cares about his students, as he does his best to make sure everyone understands the material. Physics is tough and Bain is the ally you’ll want on your team!”

5) Dustine Thomas

Professor of Education

Rating: 5.0
Department: Education

Courses Taught by Professor Thomas

CUIN3302 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Thomas

“The best professor I’ve had thus far. Do your assignments on time so you have time for revisions, though.”

“She has every quality of a wonder professor and very respected! I always looked forward to her lectures. My best advice for you is to do your journals in a timely manner and not leave it till the last minute as your over pre-teaching courses will make it difficult. You will never have a dull moment in her class, I promise.”

“Hands down for Dustine. She is one of the best Professors from the Education department! She makes you think outside the box when completing her papers but allows you to do rewrites. She doesn’t have due dates however you are expected to turn them in. I enjoyed the mosque field trip and the light rale activity. Overall, amazing class!”

6) Carolina Alonso

Professor of Spanish

Rating: 5.0
Department: Spanish

Courses Taught by Professor Alonso

SPAN202 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Alonso

“Dr. Alonso is the most amazing professor I’ve ever met. She is so very kind and is always available to help students. She is a very fair grader and is there to help you improve your Spanish, not just to teach it. I am so grateful I have her as my Spanish professor. She takes time to know her students, not just view them as faces in the crowd.”

“She’s cool and down to earth. Languages are always a lot of work, but she’s decent at not overloading students. She’s helpful if you come to her. If you’re taking span1501, she’s the way to go.”

“Dr. Alonso is one of the most helpful people on the planet. She cares about her students. Everyone should take this class! The material is very relevant to everyday life and she does a good job of making the class entertaining. Coursework is easy as long as you study. Her attendance policy is strict, but she makes you want to come to class!”

7) Craig McAndrews

Professor of Marketing

Rating: 5.0
Department: Marketing

Courses Taught by Professor McAndrews

MARK3337 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor McAndrews

“Craig’s a cool guy, big fan. He’s knowledgeable, charismatic, and engaging. The assignments and exams are reasonable. You might actually learn a few real world skills while boosting your GPA in the process.”

“Amazing professor and extremely funny. Made getting up early in the morning easy. Textbook not really required but was nice to have on for vocab words he didn’t go over in class. Group project was majority of grade, so choose team members wisely. A total of three test that are easy that is pretty much based off the study guide.”

“He is hands down the best professor I have had in my whole college career. HE IS AMAZING, take this man if you want a great semester. The class isn’t a blow off though, you have to put some work in but its a fun class so its not hard to get into the class. I will miss this class and I would take it again just for fun.”

8) Joshua Dewain Foster

Professor of English

Rating: 5.0
Department: English

Courses Taught by Professor Foster

ENGL1304 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Foster

“Taking Professor Foster for this class was my best decision. He is not only clear about all the grading criteria and papers but is also very helpful. His lectures are very interesting and are fun to attend. He also gives many extra credit opportunities.”

“If you’re bad at writing or feel like you are, look no further. Professor Foster is very genuine and understanding of his students, which makes the class a lot less stressful for those who struggle in this subject. Do your assignments and the class should be a breeze.”

“Professor Foster was really fun. HIs class made me like English more, and I am a math major. He provides a few extra credit opportunities. He’s very interesting, if you can take him.”

9) Laura Gasca Jimenez

Professor of Spanish

Rating: 5.0
Department: Spanish

Courses Taught by Professor Jimenez

SPAN2308 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Jimenez

“The best Spanish teacher ever! I love Maestra Gasca! I will be taking her again for sure!”

“Super helpful and amazing email etiquette! Homework is insanely time consuming and will have to work for your grade but feedback is given. She also offers explanations and is very organized. Sends emails and posts announcements so you do not miss assignments.”

“This class is intense! The professor is very nice and helpful. Responds quickly to all questions.”

10) Nelly Ossia

Professor of International Studies

Rating: 5.0
Department: International Studies

Courses Taught by Professor Ossia

FREN1502 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Ossia

“Loved her class and had lots of fun! Was a joy to interact with and talk to. I wish she was still a professor at my school; I miss her class so much!”

“Prof. Ossia is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. I always looked forward to her class. She’s funny, understanding, and very passionate in her profession. Expect lots of quizzes, a couple or compositions, and a few readings. It helps if you watch your TV shows and read news articles in French as she recommends.”

“She is very knowledgeable about anything related to her profession. Her passion is contagious. She appreciates participation, but doesn’t pressure you. Lots of reading, and movies to watch. Grading is moderate.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Houston

1) Stopping Floods by Jim Granato

A flooded street.

Faculty: Public Affairs

In the days of strict political partisanship, it is refreshing to find things that almost everyone can agree upon. For residents of Houston, this is coming up with better plans to cope with flooding. The initiative to vote on this was led by Granato of the University of Houston.

2) Mapping Terrain by Megan Robertson and Aaron Becker

The mapping prototype.

Faculty: Chemical, Biomolecular, Electrical, and Computer Engineering

Whether it is used for military purposes or public purposes, dangerous terrain is definitely more beneficial when it is avoided. This is achieved when devices map all sorts of dangerous terrains. Robertson and Becker have developed a small container that uses sensors to achieve this.

3) Deep Earthquakes by Jiaxuan Li and Yingcai Zheng

Jiaxuan Li and Yingcai Zheng

Faculty: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

This team of researchers has made a breakthrough with understanding deep earthquakes. They analyze the radiation from seismic waves. What they have found is that deep earthquakes are most strongly connected to rocks and their heat within.

4) Antibiotic Resistance by Debora Rodrigues and Stacey Louie

Antibiotic resistance

Faculty: Civil and Environmental Engineering

When infections begin to become resistant to antibiotics, the health of billions could be jeopardized. Through studying pig intestines, these two researchers have found a way to induce genetic mutations. This would allow for antibiotic resistance to be quelled.

5) Testing Water by Yandi Hu

yandi Hu in her lab

Faculty: Civil and Environmental Engineering

One of the biggest problems with dangerous water is that those who are exposed to it cannot always afford to test it. But thanks to Yandi Hu’s research, there is a new test kit that checks tap water for a presence of lead. And the kicker is that it’s rather inexpensive!

The University of Houston is one of Texas’ premiere academic institutions and, with these research projects, one of the United States’ too.

5 Places to Study at the University of Houston

The University of Houston is a big campus, and as such it has many places for students to study at. From the library to the student center, the campus holds a diverse array of such locations, each location suited for each student’s specific preference, from open spaces to secluded carrels. Here are just a few of those locations.

1. M. D. Anderson Library

As the main library of the University of Houston, the M.D. Anderson library is designed to help students study better. On each floor, certain areas are sectioned off into silent and quiet areas: where talking is not allowed, and where only whispering is allowed, respectively. For those studying in groups, over 40 group study rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis. For those studying alone, individual study  carrels are available, located in quiet sections. You can also use the library to print materials with your Cougar Card, which is pre-loaded with $7.50 for printing use: that is enough to print 500 black-and-white pages or 75 colored pages.

2. Cullen Family Plaza Fountain and Reflection Pool

There are two fountains at the University of Houston: the M. D. Anderson Library Fountain, which is in front of its namesake; and the Cullen Family Plaza Fountain and Reflection Pool, which is front of the E. Cullen Building. The Cullen Family Plaza holds two lawns and several benches where students can study outside. The area is generally quiet, as it isn’t an area students usually pass on their way to class. The grassy area is large enough to hold groups of students, which is useful if you want to study with your friends. The only downside to studying here would be the fact that you would be studying outside, away from electrical outlets or shelter from poor weather.

3. Second Floor of Student Center South

Being the University’s main food court and entertainment center, the Student Center is loud and busy, and wouldn’t seem like it would be a good place to study. The second floor of the Student Center, however, is not a food court or entertainment center, but a collection of offices and study rooms. These (10) study rooms hold dry-erase boards, wireless internet connection, and can seat up to 10 students. They can be reserved at the Student Center Information Center. Outside these rooms are studying areas open to students, with couches, windows, and outlets. Some areas are also next to large windows, which is nice if you want to study with natural light. Another advantage to these studying areas is that it is quiet: not many students come to the second floor, so student traffic is minimal.

4. Cougar Grounds

Cougar Grounds is the University of Houston’s student-run coffee-house. It is a small, cozy environment where students can buy a coffee and study. There are areas in the coffee-house next to an outlet where students can study in, and a lounge outside where students can socialize or hold group study meetings. Cougar Grounds is a good place to study if you want to study in the morning, and need coffee to keep you awake.

5. Cougar Woods Dining Hall

As it is in an inconvenient location, students rarely visit Cougar Woods. As a result, it is never crowded. If you need to study for long interrupted periods of time, this dining hall is a great location to study. On the left side of the building facing the entrance is a long table facing the wall with electrical sockets in the bottom, which you can use to study without interruptions. The dining hall’s environment is clean and spacious; its large windows lining its walls serves as a welcome contrast to the cold electrical light of your lecture halls or apartment. Also, being a dining hall, you can make yourself a coffee or tea whenever you feel tired. One more reason to study at Cougar Woods: the dining hall closes at 1 a.m. on weekdays, allowing you to study for tests late into the night.

As the University of Houston is a large campus, there is a wide variety of places in which to study. Since studying in your dorm or apartment often becomes dull, these locations are provided as alternatives. Finding a good place to study on campus can motivate to put your best work into your studies. Maybe one of these locations will be that place.