Jobs for College Students at University of Glasgow

Jobs can be difficult to find as a students with no previous experience working in the field. For those that would like a job to pay of their tuition or to pay for textbooks there is no need to worry as there is plenty of student jobs and opportunities for students attending University of Glasgow. Below you can find a list of jobs that students can apply for.

1. Truck Team Member

truck team member staff in a meeting

This position will be paying you a salary of £8.5  for working 24 hours per week. It involves customer service, marketing, sales, driving and physically hauling the junk. It is a physically demanding job so students should be built for this and be able to carry heavy objects. There is various shifts available from Monday though Saturday. Also flexible for students. You must have a diver’s licence to apply for this job.

2. The Economist Student Brand Ambassador

a group of students collaborating

This position would be great for students that would like to be the face of brand on campus and hold events to promote the economist. The hourly wage would be £10 to work 8 hours per week, this would be great for students with busy schedules. Students will have great perks with this job like networking experience, a resume, and overall experience in working in a field like this.

3. Small Animal Rotating Internship

German shepherd dog walking on the grass

Student that are in the field of health and medicine have a great opportunity to work as an intern. You will be working in referral hospitals and be able to network with professionals. This is a great opportunity that the campus is providing for students, so make sure to sign up. The bonus with this intern is that you also get paid!

4. Bar and Events Staff

bar staff serving drinks

If you are experienced in working in a bar or as an events staff than this would be a great position for you. They are recruiting employees urgently in Glasgow so make sure to apply as soon as possible. You should be able o work in a high pace environment and deliver high quality customer experience. Due to regulations you must have previous bar experience. Pay with £7.83 per hour.

5. Notetaker – Veterinary Medicine

students taking notes in class

This position is for students that are able to take notes accurately with nice hand writing which will be passed done to students. The work is flexible and suits the students availability. This will be an awesome way to earn money as it is repetitively an easy job with no physical pain. Students applying must have completed at least 1 year of higher education study.

6. Recovery Workers

girl helping another girl in a wheelchair

This is a job where students will be providing people with recovery focused support to enhance their mental well-being. The working hours will be for 36.25 hours per week, for long hours working students will be able to make a lot of money. Hours may include evening. weekends, and sleepovers.

7. OneClass Online Note Taker

A person writing notes in a book

Take notes with One Class and receive payments while you go to class. When you take Notes with One Class,you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. This is a great way to make extra money for your expenses. Become a Note taker today.


Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is a public research university in Glasgow, Scotland.  The school has around 26,000 students and one of its more notable alumni has been Gerard Butler who is a famous actor. Here are some tasty restaurants to visit nearby.

1. Kember and Jones

a look at the serving counter

Kember and Jones are unique because not only is it a cafe to get yourself a fueling coffee or tasty baked good, but it is also situated next to a deli and bookshop as well. The pricing starts at £ 2.95 (Green Leaf Salad) to 9.99 (Fish Board).

2. Stravaigin

a look at the bar with wines

Stravaigin is the place to go to if you are looking to impress your friends and family with gourmet sea food. What makes this unique is how large of a selection they have of cheese and even foods you wouldn’t think of at first(Roast Wood Pigeon). Pricing starts at 5 (soup and bread) and goes up to 28 (Char grilled Ribeye Steak).

3. The Hanoi Bike Shop

an arrangement of hanging bikes and lanterns

This is a lively place to come into if you are looking for Vietnamese street food. The decor of the hanging bikes is a great chance to take some interesting photos. The pricing starts at 2 (prawn crackers) and goes up to 14.25(Crispy, Ginger and Chili Marinated Beef).

4. Number 16

a dish of braised pork belly

This restaurant takes traditional Scottish food and makes it all their own. The restaurant serves up food that is considered a little on the higher end , but takes into account its modern flare and pricier quality ingredients. A few crowd favorites served up are: Smoked Duck Terrine and Chantenay Carrots.

5. Cafe Andaluz – Glasgow West End

the inside of the restaurant with chairs and tables

This restaurant caters to those who are looking to taste international delights with locally sourced food. The food features Spanish tapas and so much more. The pricing starts at £3.5(Pan Fresco) all the way up to £9.5(Tabla De Serrano GF).

6. The Sisters Kelvingrove

a cheese and fruit board

This is a unique dining experience as the food options are married together in an all one go. This means that the food is rung up together and you are tasting multiple dishes. The pricing is £11.95 for 2 courses (
Ramsays of Carluke ham, buttered Savoy cabbage & mash )and an additional £3.50 to add on dessert. You can also order additional sides as well. The menu is always changing but there are a few staple items.

7. Ubiquitous Chip

different plants and fairy lights around dining tables

Ubiquitous Chip is a great place to hold your next grad party or meet up with friends to celebrate that new internship. The inside features greenery that gives the restaurant a unique atmosphere. The food is Scottish flavors with their own twist. The pricing starts at £7.45 ( Chip’s Famous Caledonian Ice Cream) to upwards of £35.00 (8oz Fillet).

10 Coolest Courses at the University of Glasgow

As the fourth oldest University in the English speaking language, the University of Glasgow is one of the top 100 Universities in the world, offering some of the coolest opportunities around. We’ve made a list of the coolest classes available

1. ACCFIN5061 – Global Issues in Management Accounting

This class will prove extremely valuable in the business world
Picture: Pixabay

Have you ever wondered how global forces changed how businesses manage and practice in the modern day?  This class will examine social and organisational theories to help answer that question

2. ARCH4063 – Cloth and Clothing

Clothing and cloth could tell us a lot about our ancestors
Picture: Pixabay

The archaeology of clothing and cloth is a topic that not many have touched on. This exciting class examines textiles in a new way, helping to examine life in prehistoric Europe. 

3. ASTRO5002 – Pulsars and Supernovae

Glasgow offers an exciting course on  pulsars and supernovae
Picture: Pixabay

This class develops student’s knowledge and understanding of pulsars and supernovae, including applications and the developments in physics, giving you enough information to excel well after graduation.

4. CRWRT5043 – The Genre-Bending Art of Essaying

Could a class change your opinions on essay writing?
Picture: Pixabay

You’ve probably written a lot of essays in your academic life, but have you ever wondered why we write like this? This course will also examine how you perfect the art of essay writing, helping you with your other classes. You might even enjoy writing them by the end. 

5. HISTART4009 – Art in America 1945 – The Present

Track the transformation of art in America
Picture: Pixabay

This class tracks the development of American art from WW2, post-medium and the modern art that we all know today. It touches on minimalism, conceptual and pop, focusing on the shifts that were apparent during these times. 

6. NANKAI5005 – Mandarin Advanaced Translation and Language Study

Glasgow offers a unique and exciting translation course
Picture: Pixabay

This class is a part of the SMLC Translation Studies Program. It’s a unique course that offers an advanced level of teaching in the theory of translation. Glasgow will be sure to offer you an innovative level of teaching. 

6. SOCIO1009 – Self and Society

A class that focuses on individuals and their place in society
Picture: Pixabay

This is a really interesting class that focuses on the individual and society, touching on social reproduction and change. This might just make you view yourself and society a little differently. 

7. THEATRE 4076 – Queer Exceptions

Gain all the knowledge you need on the queer theory
Picture: Pixabay

Discover everything you need to know about the “queer theory” and relate it to the conventions, contexts and practices of performance all across the world. This is a truly forward-thinking class that really changes how we view the theatre world. 

8. PUBPOL3018 – Making Public Policy in the Real World

Learn just how public policies are created
Picture: Pixabay

Explore a range of topics from mad cow disease to terrorism, examining how public policy really works in the real world. This is a class that you will be sure to utilise further in your degree and after graduation. 

9. SCOTLIT4013 – The Scottish Enlightenment: Ideas and Influences

Glasgow offers an exciting Scottish Enlightenment class
Picture: Pixabay

We couldn’t think of a better place to study all about the Scottish Enlightenment than in the heart of Glasgow. The class will also allow you to understand the lasting influence it had on the country, whilst experiencing it for yourself. 

10. ENGLANG2005 – Language, Mind and Expression

How do we remember so many words?
Picture: Pixabay

This answers some of the most fascinating questions, like “how do children learn words?” and “why do adults remember so many words?”. This English class has an element of psychology and history to it, making it all that more interesting. 

In such a bustling city filled with amazing history, it’s no surprise that Glasgow has some of the coolest classes in the country. 

Health and Wellness Services at the University of Glasgow

One of the biggest components of your time at school is how you stay healthy throughout the process. You really need to make your health a priority at all times. Fortunately, there are some health and wellness services offered to you by the University that can help you out. This is a very good perk for you to keep in mind when choosing a school. Here are five health and wellness services offered to you by the University of Glasgow.

1. Barclay Medical Centre

The first health and wellness service that you should take advantage of is the Barclay medical center. This location supplies you with the necessary knowledge and resources to be physically healthy on campus. This is a facility on campus that harbors real doctors and nurses that can help you get expert opinions and diagnoses. You will be able to be at your very best if you get regular check ups at this facility.

Image result for university of glasgow barclay medical centre

2. Student Health Service

A more specialized, yet similar, resource available to you is the student health services. This is another on campus facility that offers you basic health treatment and help. When in doubt, it is good to visit this location in order to get help before it becomes something worse. This allows you to stay healthy throughout your time on campus. The professionals of this facility are dedicated to making sure that you are at your very best no matter what.

student health service building

3. Counseling and Psychological services

If you have fine physical health, but you need help with your mental health, there are  counseling and psychological services available to you on campus. You will be able to meet with real psychologists and counselors that can help you grow as a human being. No matter how big your problem is, you can go to these people that will listen to you and offer feedback and advice. This is a great way to vent and get more for mission about how to improve your mental health.

a two person counselling session

4. Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is the closest large hospital in the area. Your university as a partnership with Queen Elizabeth university to provide students with the best care possible. There are nurses and doctors that work tirelessly around the clock while saving lives and giving you the best health support that you need. They even have a running ambulance service they can come get you if the situation is that bad. If you ever need any sort of help in a timely manner, this is the place to go.

queen elizabeth hospital glasgow

5. Health Research Institute

 The final health and wellness resource that you should take a look at is the health research Institute. If you ever need any information in regards to the medical field or your own personal health, this is the place that you need to go. There are tons of professionals and professors here that would love to help you and give you the answers that you need. That being said, you should use this resource every chance that you get. This is a resource that often goes unnoticed, but you should use it whenever you can.

university of glasgow health research institute

Top 10 Hardest Courses at the University of Glasgow

College is one of the hardest challenges in the lives of students. Many of the courses at Glasgow fit into this mold of difficulty in Scotland. Here are ten of the hardest courses offered at the school:

1. ASTRO4011 – Stellar Structure and Evolution

There are trillions of stars in the known universe

Stars are some of the most complex things in the entire universe. To understand all that they encapsulate is to court impossibility. However, this class takes a stab at what comprises the stars we see in the night sky.

2. CELTCIV4028 – Medieval Welsh Poetry

This map of Wales details medieval times

No matter what time poetry comes from, it is difficult to know what the intentions of the author are. Medieval poetry is even more difficult because it really can seem like an entirely different world from the one students know today. This particular course focuses on the poetry that came from Wales.

3. DENT5077 – Dentoalveolar Surgery

Dental surgeons operate on a patient

Many of the hardest medical courses are centered around surgeries. And the dental surgery courses are no different. With classes like these, prospective surgeons are forced to abandon paper, textbooks, and the written word and apply what they know into real situations, which is definitely daunting.

4. FTV5049 – Experimental Art and Media

<em>The Other Side of the Wind</em> is a recent example of experimental cinema

Many students who study film are not necessarily well-versed in art. After all, if you don’t intrinsically know what to look for in examining art pieces, it can be hard to understand it. Experimental art is even more challenging for students to wrap their heads around.

5. MUSIC2008 – Opera

Opera houses are still found in many prominent cities

A class on opera is one of the hardest ones a music student can take. Even some of the best singers have a difficult time with all that opera demands of them and their voices. Therefore, when it is taught, the singing sections are difficult for students to pass.

6. ASTRO5004 – Plasma Theory and Diagnostics

This is a depiction of a plasma universe

Science is hard enough when understanding how the material works and should be memorized. But it can be even more difficult when the theory of how these scientific principles is taught. Understanding where science comes from is just as difficult as understanding where it is going.

7. CELTCIV5002 – Advanced Early Gaelic 2

The Gaelic language has been around for many years

The Gaelic language, in its modern form, is hard enough for students to understand. But the study of the early Gaelic language is even more complex because of the misunderstanding of a lot of the roots of the language. On top of this, the class is advanced and at a second level, making it a near insurmountable challenge for students.

8. DENT5083 – Orofacial Infections

Dentists are familiar with many different kinds of tools

Dental work involves more than just check-ups and teeth cleanings. It is also focused on treating diseases and infections of the mouth. This course delves deep into medical and scientific backgrounds that contribute to the knowledge required for this course.

9. FTV4001 – Animation

Pixar is one of the premier animation companies in the world

Of all the film studies courses, Animation is one of the hardest. It is also incredibly difficult to apply what is learned in this course to the real world. Many film scholars tend to view animation as “for kids” so this stigma is important to overcome.

10. MUSIC4062 – Music of Scotland through the Long 18th Century

Bagpipes are at the forefront of Scottish music history

Most of the genres of music that college students listened to were released anytime from 1990 to 2018. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule, but none of the exceptions are likely to include an affinity for 18th century Scottish music. Because of the fact that students have to learn a new type of music from scratch, it deserves a spot on this list.

The University of Glasgow is one of the best schools in the entirety of the U.K. Classes like these are certainly difficult. But they help the school maintain its reputation.

Top 10 Majors at the University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is one of the world’s top 100 Universities. Located in the bustling city in Scotland, you can guarantee a wonderful University experience studying here. Glasgow University offers a selection of majors, some include placements and other opportunities. Here are our top picks.

1. Celtic Civilisation

Discover the fascinating facts behind celtic culture
Picture: Pixabay

You’re in Scotland, where better to study about Celtic Civilisation. This major gives you an understanding of Gaelic texts, Celtic societies and culture and all engage in debates around Celtic studies.

2. Geodynamics and Earth History

This major gives you a chance to make a difference to the local environment
Picture: Pixabay

This course will teach you how to critically evaluate existing geological sources, create exceptional arguments, conduct field observations and make a local and regional difference.

3. Urban Conservation

The city of Glasgow itself has benefited heavily from conservation and urban studies
Picture: Pixabay

As part of the Urban Studies at Glasgow University, you can major in Urban Conservation. This course aims to teach students about the philosophy, policies and legislatures around protecting historical buildings and architecture. Glasgow is bursting with incredible buildings, sporting various conservation areas. The perfect city to study Urban Conservation.

4. Civil Engineering

Design your own building project as Glasgow
Picture: Pixabay

This course will introduce you to the studies behind construction materials, like steel, timber and concrete. It will combine these findings with Building Information Modelling (BIM). The final outcome will see students using BIM on a building design project.

5. Film and TV Studies

Become the next major film producer with this major
Picture: Pixabay

Majoring in Film and TV studies will give students incredible research and presentational skills, an understanding of film theories and locate broader historical contexts behind films. Majoring in Film and TV Studies at Glasgow University will end in a dissertation on your chosen subject.

6. Computer Science

Be a part of the course that is changing the world
Picture: Pixabay

If you’re looking for a major that shapes the modern world, Computing Science is the one for you. You’ll learn across the board social, economic and physical theories surrounding the topic. As well as developing the skills required to become a major in Computer Science.

7. Special Topic in History

Glasgow gives students the opportunity to major in their specific choice
Picture: Pixabay

A city full of history and culture, you really couldn’t pick a better University to study history in. This course gives students the opportunity to major in a topic they are truly interested in, under regular guidance and support from a tutor.

8. Scottish Literature

Where else would you study Scottish literature?
Picture: Pixabay

Choose from modern, Robert Burns, the Scottish Enlightenment, alternative and much more. Scotland has an enviable reputation with literature, majoring in the subject will allow you to respect, analyse, interpret and be inspired by some of the greatest pieces of work.

9. Social and Political Sciences: Research Design

Become an expert with different types of blueprints
Picture: Pixabay

As part of the Social and Political Sciences Course, you have the opportunity to major in Research Design. This Gives students a view of all the different types of blueprints used in different practices.

10. Earth Science

Co-design and conduct research on a specific Earth Science project
Picture: Pixabay

Major in Earth Science and end your University life with an inspiring research project. You will have the opportunity to co-design and conduct original research on an Erath Science topic. This course gives you the chance to work in labs, practise field research and propose new methods.

With a city as rich and historical as Glasgow, you can be sure that no matter what subject you decide to major in, you’ll have the best time.

10 University of Glasgow Library Resources You Need to Know

College students looking to succeed are regulars at libraries and similar institutions. There’s something about the tranquility of a library that simply cannot be matched, and students attending the University of Glasgow know this better than any; their libraries are so nice! If you’ve been looking for information regarding the multiple libraries affiliated with this school, and the resources they offer students, then you should read through the following lists of libraries and library resources.

1. Google Scholar

The Google Scholar logo

Are traditional resources and databases just not cutting it? Try Google Scholar. Most teachers assign scholarly readings in class, and they as well expect these to be referenced on most of your assignments; Google Scholar is a great place to get supplementary scholarly readings.

2. Recent Publications

A pile of newspapers

Staying up-to-date with your news your thing? Want to deepen your perspectives with a plurality of publications? Then you need to spend some time at the libraries here. From U.K. news to U.S. news, these libraries are usually stocked with all the black-ink stories you need to keep yourself informed.

3. Private Discussion Areas

People reading in a circle

Want to give a small presentation to a group of peers or professors? There are plenty of spaces for you to do this in any of the libraries on campus. Don’t worry about disturbing about others who are nearby, most of these spaces are setoff from the main library area.

4. Copying Stations

Students using computer terminals

If your professor assigns a last minute reading that needs to be copied, what are you going to do? The best thing would be to visit a copy station at this library. Copying on your own becomes expensive fast, and therefore you need to take advantage of this free alternative.

5. Printing Stations

An image of a printer

Those long lines in front of the printing station are not a thing here, and this is especially true if you go before noon. The staff is also very attentive when it comes to the printing stations, which means a machine is never down, if one should go down at all, for too long.

6. Accessibility

Someone in a wheelchair

If you’re someone who has a disability, you can confidently come to the libraries on this campus and know that they are totally accessible. Services like the ones provided here are not offered everywhere, which means the institution is somewhat of a beacon for students who can’t study under normal circumstances.

7. Reliable Staff

This is a librarian

A reliable staff is essential in all businesses that employ the use of them, and nowhere is this truer than in a library. The librarians at this library know the ins and outs of everything contained within the building’s walls; therefore, you should never hesitate to ask one for assistance.

8. Study Rooms

A library study room

Need to get away from friends and roommates to study? Is the regular library space still too noisy? Try renting out a private study room. Booking one isn’t hard: you can do it in person, over the phone, or online.

9. Expansive Collections

These are library shelves

You’d be surprised at how expansive the collection is here, but don’t let this overwhelm you. Attending a school where the library is first-rate is something that not everyone gets to do; enjoy the time while it lasts!

10. Reliable Wifi

A wifi symbol in coffee

Need to take a test online for a class? Looking for a place to study where your videos don’t take an unbearable amount of time to load? If so, then you should make it a point to go to one of the several libraries located on campus. The wifi in these buildings is always exceptional regardless of how many people may be inside.

5 Libraries at the University of Glasgow

1. University of Glasgow Library

The library's exterior

Students studying in any field will be spending a lot of time in this university library, mainly because it is equipped with all the amenities they’ll need to succeed. References and private space are usually available.

2. Hillhead Library

This is outside Hillhead

This is one of the most-visited libraries in the area, and for that reason it’s used quite often by students and faculty alike. If you have a project or some kind of assignment that requires the use of technology, then you should reserve a spot here!

3. Wards Library

This is inside Wards Library

If you’re interested in older documents, this is the place you should visit. You never know what you might uncover with some good research. Also, the librarians here are very pleasant, which is always nice if you’re new to the library.

4. Patrick Library

A photo of the library's interior

Like most public libraries, this one offers a decent selection of books and references. If you’re looking to do some studying in an off-campus setting, this is the place you should go to. It’s pretty close to the main campus too!

5. Woodside Library

An image from inside the library here

This is a beautiful library both inside and out, and many students make it a point to spend time here each day for a variety of purposes. If you’ve been looking for a quiet but casual place to study, this should be one of the buildings you consider.

Since you’ve reached the conclusion of this article, there’s a good chance you now have more information about the University of Glasgow libraries than you did before. A good library doesn’t have to be modern or state-of-the-art to serve its intended purposes, but students here get the best of both worlds: a handful of modern libraries equipped with all the amenities and resources necessary for academic success.

10 of the Easiest Classes at University of Glasgow

Imagine studying at the Scottish University of the year (2018)! It sounds fun, exhilarating, and daunting all at the same time.  Being a college student isn’t easy, especially if it’s your first year. You’re transitioning from high school into an entirely different lifestyle, and it’s often hard to adjust at first.  Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the top ten easiest classes at University of Glasgow to help you take some of the stress off your shoulders as you take the time you need to adjust to your new school in Glasgow, Scotland.  These courses are easy, fun, and have the best professors at University of Glasgow, willing to help you with whatever you need.

1. HIST1022 – Introduction to Scottish Culture Semester 1

This class involves learning about a very basic introduction to Scottish history.  It is reserved exclusively for international or visiting students, as they have little to no experience in this subject area. Students describe the teachers as being highly intelligent and knowledgeable.

Traditional Scottish outfits and music


2. MATHS 2025 – Mathematics 2T: Topics in Discrete Mathematics

This class is for students who are interested in learning about computer science, mathematics, or statistics.  The basic principles of discrete math are covered. Professors are well liked and educated in their field.

Mathematics concepts written on a chalkboard.


3. MATHS1002 – Mathematics 1S

This is a fun and interesting course, and lectures are engaging for most students who attend. The class teaches students about higher level mathematics, and is designed for those who wish to study this for their major or career.  The professors are known for helping students fully understand very difficult subject matter, and making it seem almost easy because they are so skilled at explaining it.

Mathematics written on a chalkboard.


4. PHIL 1001 – Philosophy 1K: Knowledge And The World

Here, students study and learn about deep issues and questions regarding reality and existence.  The class focuses on the piece “Meditations on First Philosophy” by Descartes. Teachers are said to be excellent in the philosophy department at University of Glasgow.

Students sitting in a circle in a seminar.


5. PSYCH 1001 – Psychology 1A: Biological and Experimental

This course introduces students to the basic foundations about psychology in terms of biology and cognition.  Students become familiar with the experimental process as well as conceptual psychological material. Students say that the professors are hardworking, funny, and helpful.

Students at a whiteboard studying psychology.


6. COMPSCI 1016 – Computing Science – 1CT Introduction to Computational Thinking

In this course, students learn about the basics and foundations that they will need to study computing science.  Students study computing processes in both the natural environment and in modern technology. The professors are said to be unconventional yet fun because of this.

Computation on a cell phone.


7. ARCH 2011 – Archaeology 2B:Theory and Practice

This course introduces students to the field of archaeology, as the title of the course suggests.  Students explore this subject through the lenses of both history and technique. The professor is reported to have a sense of humor that helps students easily remember material from the lectures.

A group of people at an archaeological site.


8. BIOL 1001 – Biology 1A

This course studies the structure and functions of cells within organisms.  Students study both single cells and multiple cells working together within the organism. Students feel that the professors are great because of how interesting the lectures are.

Close up shot of a plant.


9. EDUC 1077 – Academic Writing Skills – Classes

This interesting class is a good course to take for students who want to get extra practice in their writing skills.  It teaches students about the basics regarding academic writing, and provides them with help and support. The teachers are, according to students, very kind and caring toward the students.

A table with someone writing at it.


10. MATHS 2004 – Mathematics 2B: Linear Algebra

This course is a great class for students who need to understand the foundations necessary for higher level sciences including biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, etc.  The students who have taken this class agree that the professors are funny during lectures. Jokes are a large part of the class, keeping students engaged and entertained.


Algebra written on a blackboard.


Hopefully with this list of classes, first year students will be able to ease into college and get used to it while taking some fun and intriguing classes.  For other students who have already been at Glasgow for a year or more, these classes should provide a nice break and a contrast from the classes that students have found more difficult.  Whatever the case, we hope this list has helped you and provided some ideas for classes you might want to take in your years at University of Glasgow!