10 of the Coolest Classes at the University of Florida

Attending the University of Florida can be a challenging time for many students, freshman and seniors alike! However, taking fun and interesting classes can certainly alleviate stress and guide you in finding a major that suits you and discover what your passion is for choosing a future career. Without further anticipation, here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at the University of Florida:

1. GLY3083C – Fundamentals of Marine Sciences

This is one great class you do not want to miss out on taking! The class follows a regular class structure with several exams and assignments, but… there are three day trips in the lab portion! These include traveling to Cedar Key, the Gulf of Mexico and Matazanas Inlet! So, it’s a win-win for anyone who likes marine wildlife and getting a hands on experience.

2. CLA3160 – Ancient Egypt

Have you ever walked like an Egyptian? Well even if you haven’t heard the song or tried to dance to it, you’ll really enjoy this class! During this course you’ll experience the history, life style, and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Not only that, but you will learn some of the hieroglyphics used during that time. Even if you’re not planning on studying Egypt any further it still counts as a humanities credit and you can impress your friends with your knowledge of hieroglyphics.

3. THE2000 – Theatre Appreciation

Calling all theatre aficionados (and even those who haven’t stepped inside a theatre), this is the class for you! During the semester you will read different plays and actually have the opportunity to watch them in person! Part of the class involves attending several plays, which helps you get a feel for what to expect when going to the theatre. Not only that, but the professor is extremely helpful and encouraging so watch and read away!

4. AST1002 – Discovering the Universe

Have you ever wondered if we really are alone and want to know more? Then this is the course for you! You’ll even get the opportunity to use a telescope and observe objects that can’t be seen with the naked eye! So definitely take this course to satisfy all of your space related questions!

5. ENY4573 – Beekeeping

Alright, this class may sound silly to you but bees are highly important in our every day lives! Not only will you learn how bees function but you’ll gain knowledge about the social structure within the colony. Who knew bees had a social hierarchy? There is also a field day where you’ll get to go to the Bee Biology Unit and learn how to extract honey. In my opinion this class is pretty sweet!

6. CRW1101 – Beginning Fiction Writing

Wanting to become the next J.K Rowling and satisfy your writing requirement? Then CRW1101 is the answer for you. Not only will you respond to short stories read in class you will also have to write your own! Even though writing about vampires may seem overdone; there are a million other possibilities to explore. The professor is also highly encouraging and informative, so check this class out!

7. ALS2410- Challenge 2050: Global Uncertainty

This class is definitely for all of you conservationists and those just wanting to preserve our planet! This course expands upon how the worlds’ population is growing and how we can save our quality of life! The class is split into 5 groups to represent food, economic, social, environmental, and health. By doing this you will broaden your own ideas of sustainability and gain knowledge about working in groups! Every one of us can make a difference in how we take care of our planet!

8. SPC2608 – Introduction to Public Speaking

Everyone knows how frightening it is to speak in front of an audience no matter what age you are! Thankfully this course will ease your fear and make you a public speaker to be reckoned with. By completing several types of speeches (persuasive, informative and impromptu) you will gain skills applicable to any situation! So now when you have to give a speech you won’t have any worries!

9. HSC3537 – Health and Medical Terminology

Here you will find any term in the medical field you could possibly imagine! No matter what field of medicine you’re going into (or not) these terms are useful even for routine checkups at the doctors’ office. It’s also a fun and interesting way to earn credits toward your gen ed classes!

10. EEX3093- Exceptional People

This course was a wonderful experience! In it you will learn about disability studies from several different perspectives. The course consists of several tests and the professor is extremely informative and entertaining! You’ll also get the chance to volunteer with disabled people and learn sign language. What a great way to fulfill the humanities requirement and add to your resume!


20 Things You Only Understand If You Go to The University of Florida

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Each university has its own characteristics, but if you ever went to UF then you might be familiar with some of these! Here are 20 things you only understand if you go to the University of Florida!

1. You know how serious the FSU-UF rivalry is.

Everyone knows that hating on FSU is completely normal, especially during football season. Plus, in our defense, we get better grades…

2. You’ve aggressively stalked Student Self Service (formerly ISIS) to register for a class.

Probably the most frustrating part of starting a new semester, especially when that one course you want is never available.

3. You know that preventing the urge to buy Krispy Kreme is futile.

If you’ve ever had one then you know how addictive these donuts are. Especially when the hot now sign is on…

4. You know owning an umbrella Is the best decision you’ll ever make.

And you thought the weather in Gainesville was always sunny and nice, just wait until summer.

5. You’ve spent nearly everything you own on parking tickets.

UF is a great place because of many things but parking is just not one of them.

6. You enjoying tailgating more than going to the game.

You’ve got to do it at least once and don’t even think about not going to an away game.

7. You know the construction never stops.

Seriously, when did they start building a new hotel/apartment building on 13th?!

8. When you go out and encounter the locals AKA ACRs.

Otherwise known as Alachua County Residents, believe me you will know one when you see one.

9. You’ve had Krishna lunch.

Something you can’t find anywhere else and if you haven’t had it yet, you should!

10. You’ve waited hours in line for a Beat t-shirt.

But it’s so worth it in the end.

11. Your diet consists mainly of Chick Fil A and Subway.

Shout out to declining balances and the fact that they are everywhere on campus.

12. You’ve struggled to find an open seat in Lib West or Marston during finals week.

If you’re just going to sit there and watch Netflix, please leave.

13 .You know that Smokin Notes and Study Edge are a godsend.

Literally wouldn’t have been able to pass gen chem 1 or bio without these.

14. You’ve tried to avoid the crowds and fliers in Turlington.

Try not to walk through here between classes, unless you want to listen to the Turlington Preacher or get offered a million random fliers!

15. You know how to spot lost freshman around campus.

They look so dazed and confused trying to figure out the campus, always brings back memories.

16. You’ve had an awkward encounter.

Somehow you always run into that one night stand or girl/guy you don’t like even though UF has over 50,000 students. Weird right..?

17. You’ve been involved in Dance Marathon.

Even if you haven’t been a part of DM, it’s a huge event at UF and it’s for a great cause!

18. You’ve been to Lake Wauburg.

What’s better than taking a day trip to Lake Wauburg and going kayaking or sailing? Absolutely nothing.

19. You went to Midtown and/or Downtown for your 21st birthday.

Having your 21st birthday at either Midtown or Downtown is a popular tradition. There’s no better way to celebrate it even if you don’t remember what happened afterward!

20. You know it’s great to be a Florida gator!

Even with its idiosyncrasies, UF is an amazing school to be a part of and you will miss it when you graduate!

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10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

Not only does UF have a wide variety of student involvement, it also offers some amazing restaurants near the campus! Whether you’re tired of the same old dining hall food or if you got a little extra spending money from your parents, there are certainly some places on this list that will grab your attention. As always, here are 10 of the best places to eat near UF.

1. Italian Gator Pizza (aka pizza by the slice)

I’m starting off with this one because pizza by the slice is a well known cure for the drunchies or to have during the day if you’re craving pizza. It’s open practically all night until 2:30 am so you won’t have to worry about ordering takeout. This place never disappoints and if you’re willing to splurge you should also try their garlic knots, they’re incredible.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

2. 3 Natives

I finally got a chance to try this place out last week and I had to say I was impressed. If you’re in the mood for a healthy snack, try one of their acai bowls (amazingly tasty) or salads. This place certainly hits the spot during the hot summer months in Gainesville.  

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

3. ooZoo

This is place has the best of everything including pizza, hamburgers, and wings so you can’t go wrong here. Plus, the atmosphere is pretty chill and it’s a great place to watch any sports game. Not only that, but they have an extensive beer selection, if you’re 21 and up of course.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

4. The Flying Biscuit

I know I mentioned places close to UF but I couldn’t resist mentioning this restaurant. If you’re looking for the best breakfast in town, this is place to go to. They give you a homemade biscuit with every meal and it’s hard to just have one. It’s definitely worth the drive because you won’t be disappointed.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

5. The Top

This place may be located a little far away from campus in downtown, but it’s well worth the walk, drive, or bike ride. They have an excellent hamburger and dinner selection plus their brunch is to die for. Just be aware this restaurant gets extremely busy so you’ll want to get there early to check it out but it’s well worth the wait.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

6. Reggae Shack Café

If you’re looking for something different, this is place to go to since it has a wide variety of Jamaican foods. Everything on the menu is delicious and has that spicy and exotic taste you would expect when you come here. I especially liked their boneless curry chicken and jerk pork.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

7. Karma Cream

Karma Cream is one of the few places that boasts a great selection of vegan items and ice cream selection. But just when you thought this place couldn’t get any better they have homemade baked goods and amazing coffee. Anyone who hasn’t tried this place yet definitely needs to.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

8. Designer Greens

Sometimes you just want to take a break from all of those fried and baked foods and go for some leafy greens instead. That’s why Designer Greens exists, so you can go for a quick snack and not feel guilt afterward. They also have a wide selection of toppings and salad dressing you can choose from while building your own salad.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

9. Flaco’s

Ironically, right next to Designer Greens is Flaco’s which boasts some pretty great Cuban food. Here you can order a delicious Cuban sandwich or some plantains. It’s also open pretty late so you can stop by and get something after going out.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

10. Relish

Last but certainly not least, Relish has super tasty burgers and fries and is conveniently located right across the street from campus. It’s not just their cheese fries and burgers that make it amazing but the amount of toppings you can choose from. It may be a little pricey but it’s worth the splurge when you’re craving a burger

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

10 of the Best Class of 2020 Facebook Posts for University of Florida

Trying to find out what’s trending around campus or something to make you laugh? Then definitely check out these 10 great Facebook class of 2020 posts at University of Florida (http://www.ufl.edu).

1. Broward dorm’s Ralph the roach

This one took me by surprise as I was distracting myself from my homework with Facebook. Normally things about bugs freak me out, but this whoever made this shrine is hilarious.

2. Putting a picture of Brad Pitt from Inglorious Basterds as a solution to the Turlington Nazi

There has been so much talk about a random non UF student wearing a Nazi symbol around campus. Personally, I was appalled that someone could even think about promoting Nazi culture, but using Brad Pitt as a solution to the issue was humorous.

3. The Big Sean ft. Lil Yachty concert

So much hype has been going around for this big event at the O’Connell center where students were waiting in line for hours. The amount of FOMO I have right now is incalculable.

4. Riding the struggle bus for Chem 1, Bio 1 and any related classes

Don’t worry life gets better once you’re done taking them for a little bit. Unless you’re pre-med, pre-vet, pre-pa, pre-optometry or any of the other pre-professional tracks.

5. Huxley, a DJ from London, is performing at the Gallery Ultralounge

This looks pretty legit and is for anyone who is wants to listen to new music. Plus, Gallery is a fun place to check out if you’ve never been there before!

6. Dorm kitchen horror stories

Having never lived in a dorm, I found these stories to be quite comical. I mean how could someone forget about taking their cookies or cinnamon rolls out of the oven, such a tragedy..

7. A pigeon who was able to take a bath in a water fountain

I found this post to be quite entertaining, I always knew pigeons were kind of smart but not this smart.

8. A scooter that can operate on land and in water

We’ve all been caught in a rainy day in Gainesville and it’s definitely not fun. But now you can buy a scooter that allows you to get through those 5 foot puddles of water.

9. Girl Scout cookie sale locations

These cookies are unbelievably addictive and if someone says they don’t like them, you know they’re lying. If they’re coming to campus have your wallets ready!

10. Cantina getting evicted

Once a great place to go to in Midtown, has now been shut down for several reasons. Midtown will never be the same again..

10 Tips to Survive Freshman Year at University of Florida

1. Try to get along with your roommate

Living on your own is intimidating at first and couple that with living with someone you hardly know. Whether you both matched with each on the dorm matching service or he/she is completely random, it would be wise to try to get along since you’ll be spending a lot of time together. But, have no fear they won’t be your only friend for long, especially with all of the Greek life and clubs available on campus!

2. Avoid the ‘Freshman 15’

Now that you’re not living with your parents and having family dinners every night, all of the readily available pizza, chicken wings, and Asian food seems so enticing. However, what isn’t enticing is gaining 10 or 15 pounds and not feeling like yourself anymore along with being unhealthy. This can easily be remedied by utilizing the free gym memberships at Student Rec and Southwest as well as sticking to fruits, veggies, and lean protein.

3. Do not take 8:30 am classes (or just early classes in general)

What your advisor didn’t tell you when you thought you did this all the time in high school, was that in HS you didn’t have the opportunity to stay out until 2 am every night. Unless you want to pass, stick to a manageable hour that you know you can wake up for and make it to class every week. I personally did this my first semester and it was brutal, I had a lot of trouble making it on time and having the energy to stay awake.

4. Go to your professor’s office hours and get to know them

This may not seem like a big deal to you now, but going to a professor’s office hours for help shows you’re truly invested in the class and can pay off later on. Professors are invaluable in terms of writing letters of recommendation as well as providing research opportunities. So get a head start for building your resume and making connections!

5. Get involved in Greek life, a club, or a sport

Being surrounded by tens of thousands of other students is definitely overwhelming and doesn’t make trying to fit in easy. But if you choose to join any of the activities mentioned above, finding a place where you feel like you belong will be so much easier. You’ll also get the chance to make some friends and add to your resume! Not only that, but taking it a step further and holding a leadership position helps as well.

6. Spend your money wisely

Of course, with the allurement of clubs/bars, buying a cute new outfit, and getting a bite to eat at that new expensive restaurant you might forget to watch your spending. As you move along through college, you’ll learn how to save your money for really interesting things like traveling to a new place and not on a new pair of shoes or outfit.

7. Don’t forget to call your parents

Your parents know all about how much of a great time you’re having but they will want to hear about it from you. No matter what year you are, they will always miss you and look forward to getting a call. Just take 30 minutes out of your day and Facetime or call them and believe me, it will mean so much to them.

8. Learn the bus system

If you’re a freshmen without a car, like I was, studying the RTS bus system will prove to be an incalculable asset. Whether you need to get to the store or get a ride home after going out with your friends, knowing how to use the app will help you out greatly. And, if you just don’t feel like spending money on an Uber knowing which bus route to take is the way to go.

9. Know how to manage your time

With all of the never-ending assignments and club or Greek activities life can get pretty hectic. Maybe you didn’t use a planner in high school or maybe you did, but the point here is that you will need to use one once you get here. Just putting down when assignments are due and when things are happening will make you motivated to get things done and get to your activities on time!

10. Enjoy your time at UF!

And don’t forget to savor every minute of it because the years go by so quickly and you will miss being a UF student when you graduate, trust me!

10 of the Hardest Classes at University of Florida

Going through college guarantees that you’ll take some challenging classes along the way! Some classes, especially at the University of Florida, will certainly give you a new meaning of the word challenging. Here are the 10 hardest classes at University of Florida:

This one goes without saying as one of the most demanding courses at UF. Not only is there an unfathomable amount of material but you need to have a strong background in organic chemistry and biology. Good luck to all of you pre-med, pre-dental and all other pre-professional majors out there!

Speaking of organic chemistry previously; these two courses are certainly going to have you putting in some study hours. These classes build off each other and are necessary for most pre medical profession pre-requisites. Fortunately, Study Edge will be there to help you out!


This can be a very easy or hard class depending on how strong your strengths are in math. But for most, this course requires a considerable amount of time to keep up with the homework assignments and studying for exams. So, if you don’t understand the concepts from early on you may be in trouble since the class moves at a fast pace.

And you thought organic chemistry was the least of your worries, then you haven’t taken physics 2 yet. This is one of those courses where you might need to give up your social life in order to pass. The tests will definitely be a challenge, so don’t fall behind!

For many students, this class will want to make you rip your hair out. The overall course itself is extremely interesting, but the exams will make you think twice about taking it. The issue is that the tests are written in a strange way with confusing answer choices where two choices could be correct. Just make sure you know the material like the back of your hand!

This one is for all of you engineering majors out there and is not for the faint of heart. The material builds off itself very quickly and the exams are very in depth and arduous. Fortunately, you’ll be able to brag to your friends about how you completed this course once you pass!

This is a course that will have you begin studying everything from the first day of class. As a requirement for all business and accounting students, you can’t get out of taking this one. I have read horror stores online about the complexity of the exams and material.

Don’t go into this course expecting an easy A because that is not what you’ll get. There is a vast amount of material in this course and the challenging exams don’t make it any better. Depending on the professor you have, you’ll need to spend a fair amount of time studying for this class.

Don’t let the course name fool you with the word “elementary”, this class is far from it. You absolutely need to have a strong grasp on concepts from calculus 1 and 2 or else you’ll be taking a ride on the struggle bus. Also ,having a membership for Study Edge won’t hurt either!

This is one of those classes that you can’t escape from if you’re thinking of going into the medical field. Even Charles Darwin might have trouble with this course mainly because of the challenging exams and assignments. If you had a lot of trouble with the genetics portion from Bio 1 you might want to reconsider taking this class!

10 of the Easiest Classes at University of Florida

Looking for a few classes to boost your GPA without having a panic attack at University of Florida? Have no worries, here are 10 of the easiest classes at University of Florida:

1. FOS2001 – Man’s Food

This is one is notorious for being an easy A. It’s completely online and is a great way to fulfill your gen ed requirement. Also, if you buy Smokin’ Notes then you’ll be set for the semester!

2. WIS2040 – Wildlife Issues

Who doesn’t want to save the earth’s animals? This course not only teaches you about resolving issues in ecology but it also satisfies a gen ed credit. So, go ahead and take this course without having to stress to much about it.

3. MUH4016 – History of Jazz

If you like jazz or just need to raise your GPA, then you’re in luck. This class is completely online with several quizzes, assignments, and two exams. Fortunately, all of these assignments are incredibly easy and the professor seems interesting too.

4. ARH2002 – Introduction to Art

All you do is learn about different art forms from different cultures and time periods. There also isn’t any form of drawing or painting required, so that’s a plus! This class is just an easy and fun way to appreciate art.

5. BCN1210 – Construction Materials

This class is literally what it sounds like, you learn about materials used in construction. This course just consists of quizzes and homework and doesn’t have any exams. It’s a great way to boost your GPA!

6. PLP2000 – Plants, Plagues and People

This course is a no brainer when it comes to deciding if you want an easy A. There are several exams and quizzes but the quizzes can add up and replace a test grade! Not only that but there is a ton of extra credit.

7. DAA2331 – West African Dance

This class is pretty self-explanatory, all you do is show up and dance.

8. PEN1136 – Open Water Scuba

This one is pretty interesting, you actually get to learn how to operate scuba equipment and get your certification! Not only that, but you get the chance to scuba dive in the Florida Keys!

9. ENY1001 – Bugs and People

Don’t let your dislike of bugs deter you from taking this class, it’s really interesting and effortless. There’s a ton of extra credit and the professor is very enthusiastic and passionate about the course.

10. HUM2305 – What is the Good Life?

Of course, saving the best for last is this wonderful gem of a class. It’s just a mix of quizzes, writing assignments and two exams. Just be sure to stay on top of it and don’t get a really early section.