18 Reasons NOT to go to the University of Delaware

1. Main Street just doesn’t have enough food options.

Definitely not enough options. Half priced nacho Tuesdays at Kate’s are the worst; the menu at Homegrown is lousy; and seriously, if I’m craving a burrito, how does anyone expect me to choose between Cal Tor, El Diablo, AND Chipotle?

2. The grass is almost never green

I mean, you think they’d fertilize it or something!? Maybe the cows down on the agriculture campus should make better manure because it just is not green enough.

3. The buildings on campus are boring and hideous.

What’s the big deal about brick and giant columns anyway? The architecture really is a sight for sore eyes…and that’s just the outside of the buildings! Not to mention the red brick looks just awful against the aforementioned vibrant grass.

4. The Little Bob (gym) is so old and outdated.

Renovated in 2013? That’s outrageous. Its brand new equipment, basketball and racquetball courts, climbing wall, and swimming pool are just not enough. Not to mention the dozens of fitness classes that are offered weekly. Forget about it.

5. Spring is the worst season in Delaware.

Hundreds of college kids hanging out on the green and a campus covered in pink flowers? No thank you. Students are out walking their dogs and throwing Frisbees, meanwhile the cherry blossoms and the magnolias are bringing way too much color to Newark.

6. Not to mention Saturdays in the spring are super lame.

Ugh who wants to wake up up before 11am for bagels and mimosas? Dancing outside in the warm weather with your best friends on a Saturday sounds like no fun at all.

7. For the hot days (or the cold days who are we kidding), 25 ice-cream flavors at UDairy just doesn’t seem like enough options.

There’s those cows again. First they’re keeping the grass green now they are making delicious ice-cream. I blame you, cows, for the freshman 15!! (UDairy now serving 10 (U)Dairy Free options).

8. UD is totally in the middle of no where. No major cities or sites anywhere near campus.

Okay, so it’s sort of near Philly, and Baltimore, D.C, and NYC. And only 15 minutes from Wilmington and the Christiana Mall. Also, the famous beaches and boardwalks down in lower Delaware don’t appeal to students at all.

9. No one who graduates from UD ever went on to be successful.

Nope not a single one. Especially not Superbowl Champ Joe Flacco or VP Joe Biden.

10. YoUDee is such a strange mascot…and a woman???

university of delaware mascot

Ah, the Fighting Blue Hens…or some may know them as the A** Kickin’ Chickens. Either way YoUDee is one tough chick—and one of three female mascots in the country! But really, who needs a mascot that empowers women? Definitely not me…a woman….

11. Why would you ever want to go to the sixth oldest school in the United States?

Yeah it’s technically considered a Public Ivy because it was founded in 1743…and architecture brings a ton of character to campus…but who really cares about the history behind their university?

12. Over 280 clubs and organizations creates a very limiting environment.

From outdoor adventure, to scuba diving, to the chocolate lover’s club…there just aren’t enough options. The worst part is if you really don’t see something that interests you, you only need a few friends to start your own club.

13. There is no where to hike or enjoy nature.


Unless you’re including White Clay State Park on the edge of campus…there’s that. Honestly though, no one enjoys dipping their toes into rivers and waterfalls when it’s hot out… and fisherman absolutely hate it here. Nothing special to find in this place.

14. There are no job opportunities coming out of UD.


Not only are they constantly offering on-campus jobs to students in the admissions office and career services, but JP Morgan Chase & Co hire most of their employees from the Lerner College. Let’s be real though no one likes having a job…or money.

15. There are not nearly enough coffee places to satiate coffee addicts (like myself).

I mean, unless you’re counting Brew Ha Ha, NDB, Brewed Awakenings, Central Perk, Hot Bagels, Starbucks, Dunkin’, Einstein, and Peet’s Coffee…but there is definitely room for more!!

16. There is no entertainment on campus at all.

The REP’s shows are no big deal. Every campus has a professional theatre company that casts UD students and gives them employment opportunities, right? And if theatre isn’t your thing, SCPAB is constantly bringing in outside entertainers and musicians for students. But no biggie.

17. The study abroad program is just awful and the students have a terrible time.

Sure, UD is the first university to ever run study abroad trips but so what?? I’ve never heard of anyone having any fun when they “study” abroad…

18. Overall, it’s a pretty terrible place to be… I can’t see one reason why anyone would want to be a Blue Hen.

blue hen which is the mascot of university of delaware

10 of the Coolest Courses at the University of Delaware

College is the perfect time to explore new outlets. University of Delaware offers endless courses and whether you need to satisfy some breath requirements or just want a fun filler UDSIS is sure to be accommodating, as long as it doesn’t crash… Here are 10 of the Coolest Courses at the University of Delaware!

1. HOSP418 – Beverage Management

“…This course examines these issues along with an in-depth study of wine, beer, distilled spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.” While you must be 21 to take the course, you will learn all about how beverages impact hospitality operations along with having some tastes of your own. Who needs Grottos? You can become a connoisseur and get credit for it!


2. ANFS404 – Dairy Production

Really any class that gives you time on south campus’ farm would be such a unique experience. The Agriculture College offers many courses to have hands-on experience with a variety of animals and develop a deeper appreciation. Get a behind the scenes look at how UDairy ice cream comes about.


3. ANTH344 – Anthropology of Clothes

Study how fashion and beauty changes so frequently world-wide, based on economics, politics, gender and religion. This is a great multicultural course to discover the causes and consequences of changing style of dress through the topic of globalization. Gotta keep up with the trends!


4. ART250 – Introduction to Sculpture

Use tools to create sculptures while working with metal and wood. You’ll be welding and utilizing woodshop equipment that can not only make amazing pieces of art but develop cool skills that can be relevant in the future. Hands on dorm décor?

5. BAMS107 – History of rock

May not be as cool as the school of rock, but youll learn about a variety of music leading up to an focusing on rock. Also, this satisfies a group b requirement, win win!

6. BHAN200 – Physical Education

New Years resolution was to actually walk into the lil bob and work out more? This is your chance, a great way to stay motivated and fit all semester long. You can choose from a variety of focus’s including, yoga, strength and conditioning, ice skating, ballroom dancing, body tone, cycling, team sports …. The list goes on and on. There’s no excuses for that freshman fifteen and the perfect way to work off that beer belly included into your schedule.

7. BHAN132 Scuba / MAST132

Cause who wouldn’t love swimming up close and personal with sea creatures? You will build the basic skills and knowledge needed for you to continue training to receive open water scuba certification. Spring break excursions in the future will be so much better!

8. SOCI209 – Social Problems

In need of a Group C requirement and want a more open minded perspective of the world? This course covers it all, from poverty, to war to adolescence through aging and even environmental pollution. Gain knowledge that will shape your thoughts and actions for the better!

9. ENTR115 – Start-up of the Professional You

Learn practical skills that can be utilized for any major. Professional skills, meaningful relations and an entrepreneurial mindset will help you brand yourself. Using social media you can succeed in the workplace with newly found communication and networking skills!

10. SOCI322 – Crowds, Cults and Revolutions

Find human behavior and mentality interesting? This course analyses behavior in unstructured situations like crowds, panics, riots and demonstrations. How does an event go from peaceful to out of hand? Study through the processes of interaction how susceptibility, contagion, polarization and communication make it possible.

16 Signs You Go to the University of Delaware

1. You brag about the famous alumni like Taylor Swift’s dad and former Vice President Joe Biden

People as you why you went to the University of Delaware? Just list all the important people that came out of this school like VP Joe Biden and the creator of one of the greatest pop stars of all times. Now that’s an accomplishment.

2. You know exactly what places are a “flex zone”, and that place is not the Little Bob

At first the difference between points and flex confused you, but soon you know exactly what to respond to “how are you paying?”

3. You will defend the legitimacy of YouDee as a mascot until the day you die

We may be the Fightin’ Blue Hens but were the most GD ferocious blue hens there ever was!

4. You know who Uber Leroy is

As soon as you see the blue lights and hear “London Bridge” by Fergie bumping on Main Street you know exactly who it is.

5. There is a huge difference in the pronunciation of Newark, NJ and Newark, DE

If you say Newark like “New York” but meshed together, you should be embarrassed.

6. You chug at the pregame because there is no way you’ll get to the keg anytime soon at the frats

No matter who you know at the party it’s going to take you at least 10 minutes to get your beer refilled.

7. You argue with your friends from home whether its “dage” “darty” or “daylong”

Darty and daylong just sound dumb. There’s nothing more fun than a UDage on a Saturday.

8. You cringe when you hear someone call us “UDel”

Even though our emails are @udel.edu you’d never be caught dead calling UD “UDel”.

9. At least 60% of your friends are from New Jersey

We’re basically the University of New Jersey at Delaware.

10. You’ve been verbally assaulted by the teachings of Kirkbride Jesus

Being told you’re going to hell by Kirkbride Jesus is a rite of passage.

11. You stare longingly at the 21 and up crowd at the bars on Main Street

Everyone knows that it’s impossible to get into a bar until you’re actually 21 years old. The day that you can get into Deer Park will be one of the best of your life.

12. Your favorite frat is Pi Omicron Delta, or more commonly as known as P.O.D.

Without a doubt you will be there at least once every weekend.

13. Off campus housing causes you extreme anxiety

Anyone who has ever thought about living off campus has suffered through the stress of the more than difficult process of finding housing.

14. You do anything to recover from a dage on Saturday in order to be good to go out that night

People may think were crazy for partying during the day and at night, but in all honestly were just really freaking fun.

15. The only reason to get out of bed on Sunday’s is that brunch stops at 2

It wouldn’t be a Sunday without a mad rush to CR at 1:45 to make it to brunch

16. Winter break is the worst 7 weeks of your life and you just want to be back at your real home in Newark.

All of your friends are back at school and all you want to do is be back at UD.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware

One thing that you’ll have never complain about in Newark, DE is a lack of eating locales. Main Street jam-packed with restaurants from as many as 6 places specializing Mexican cuisine to a spot with all your favorite gelato flavors. For the many days that you can’t handle another bite of dining hall the options are endless. 10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware:

1. Home Grown Café

This is one of the most popular places for Sunday brunch. From eggs benedict served with crab to BLAH BlAH, the food will not disappoint. Grab some outdoor seating and order a mimosa while people watching passersby. It makes for a perfect outing with the girls.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware

2. Grotto Pizza

Grotto’s is another restaurant that will be far from empty on Sunday. With its many flat screens and a bar that goes by the name of “The Blue Hen Sports Den”, the place is packed most weekends come time for Sunday night football. It may not exactly live up to the standards of pizza many of the students that hail from New York and New Jersey have come to expect, but it makes up for that with its jam packed atmosphere and complimentary popcorn machine.

grotto pizza

3. Del Pez

There may be an unusually large number of Mexican restaurants on Main Street, but it simply makes for more variety. Ideally you should taste them all, but if that is not an option, make Del Pez a priority. It has the perfect combination of authentic tacos and burritos or typical bar food for whatever you’re in the mood for.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware

4. Brew Ha Ha

Starbucks is stiff competition, but it just might have met its match with this hipster coffee shop. Its list of flavored lattes, “serious coffee”, and a healthy variety of sandwiches and pastries makes for an ideal study location those afternoons when the library is simply too quiet.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware

5. Deer Park Tavern

This place has the exact vibe its name implies. The Newark Landmark since 1875 has cozy booths, pub fare and an endless list of beers making it a great place to grab dinner on a Friday night.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware

6. Taverna

For the many New Yorkers and New Jerseyites that attend UD, Italian food is a staple of their at-home diet and Taverna helps to make up for the lack of Sunday dinners while at school. The rustic, trendy décor makes it feel like more like an NYC restaurant than one in Newark, Delaware.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware

7. Caffé Gelato

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…gelato! This restaurant, started by an actual UD student, has become a frequent stop for current students and alumni alike. It may be more expensive than some other restaurants listed here, but it is a perfect place for date night and the hazelnut gelato will make it all worth it.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware

8. Central Perk

Another coffee house has made the list. Even without its undeniably satisfying coffee and deli sandwiches made to order with fresh vegetables, this would still be a regular spot to hang out simply because of its name. What better place to channel your inner Rachel and live out your Friends dreams?

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware

9. Newark Deli and Bagel

Have no fear that you will have to go without good bagels because NDB can compete with the best of them. On the weekends, its packed with students and nearby residents waiting patiently for a taylor ham egg and cheese sandwich. Breakfast here, after a night out, is the perfect hangover cure.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware

10. Klondike Kate’s

There will inevitably be a line out the door here Thursday-Sunday. Those students of legal drinking age are tempted by its burger and wings deals, the bar of course and the variety of  music it provides. Make no mistake, though, the brunch here is just as appetizing and it will long be a favorite for residents at any time of day.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware

Make a point of visiting as many of these as you can plus the many places that didn’t make the list before graduation day! Newark, DE may be a small town, but it has no small list of places to go and foods to fill up on.

10 of the Hardest Classes at University of Delaware

As with most colleges and universities, taking any math or science courses will bring you down a difficult path. Freshmen, take comfort in knowing that you won’t be suffering alone. And if you power through, you can reap the best (most expensive?) reward- a college degree. Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at University of Delaware!

1. NURS101

No one ever said health sciences would be easy. Although named as a nursing course, this is an anatomy and physiology class, and teaches every system of the human body in an unnecessary amount of detail for a freshman class. Who will need to memorize the names of all the nerves in two days for a quiz next lecture? You will! But this course’s textbook is extremely helpful- you’ll need the 5 pages per chapter of tables filled with relevant terms, definitions, and diagrams.

2. BISC205

Again with the health science courses! This life sciences biology class will have you studying the inner workings of genetics all hours of the day and dreaming about RNA transcription all hours of the night. The professor is far too smart to be teaching this level of biology, and as a result will test you on subjects way beyond your level of learning. Don’t forget about the lab that comes with it- while the lab itself is not difficult, the separate lab final is, as the professor won’t tell your TA what you’ll need to study.

3. CISC108

Ahhh computer science- an obscure topic for most. Those who are technology-challenged should avoid this class at all costs! Learning coding will give you a migraine like no other, and even banging your head against your desk will be more fun than creating your own project at the end of the course. On this note, any of the CISC (computer science) courses will have you learning information so specific that only 0.01% of the population will know what you’re talking about at any given time.

4. ECON301

Quantitative Microeconomic Theory. Just the name of the course makes you shiver. While this is not a math or science course, it still makes the cut for one of the top hardest classes. An entire class based around theories and graphs . You even need an in-depth knowledge of calculus just to understand price determination and income distribution. If this class is required for you, I’m sorry, stock up on Red Bull for your all-nighters. If it’s not required: what are you doing? Pick any other class.

5. PHYS207

This fundamentals of physics class sounds pretty basic, right? Wrong. A year of high school calculus is highly recommended before even stepping foot into this (introductory!) class. To be fair there are some cool aspects with the lab experience, but it is brought to you with the cost of staying up for three days straight. With an emphasis on Newton’s laws of motion and conservation principle, this is the kind of science that combines with math to equal a semester-long headache.

6. CHEM321

Either you love chemistry, or you hate it. There is no in between. If you’re the latter, then this is not the class for you! As a higher-level organic chemistry class, this class is filled with identical carbon rings and confusing nomenclature that no matter how hard you try, you will never remember it 100%. You have to know so much detail in molecular models that you actually have to build organic molecules on every (cumulative!) exams . Unless you have an aptitude for chemistry, this shouldn’t be your number one pick.

7. MATH221

Since this class can apply to nearly all majors, if you got a B or C on the math placement test you can anticipate the possibility of being enrolled in this course. For a low level calculus course, it is unrealistically in-depth. 2 years of high school algebra is not simply recommended, but required, and a year of precalculus won’t hurt either. The list of topics covered would take up more pages than this article. If you are unwillingly forced into this lecture hall- I will be praying for your soul and sanity.

8. BISC300

A microbiology class is interesting (and difficult) any way you spin it. What makes this class a killer is that there are no in-class lectures. Sounds great right, no class! Wrong. Good luck keeping yourself accountable for the topics you need to know. And considering your entire grade is based on 3 exams and a final, you better learn the information quickly and correctly. For best results: hole yourself up in your dorm and take no other classes all semester.

9. MATH241

The only thing worse than a general math class is a math class where you have to analyze and apply to the real world, along with taking it freshman year. Analytic geometry and calculus is a name that will haunt your dreams even past your first semester, and might even make you want to drop out. Best of luck!

10. ENGL205

Here we have the sole english class on the list. British Literature to 1660 certainly deserves this spot! If you’re an English major, this is just one of your elective options. Enjoy reading texts that are written in such old language that it will take you 4 tries just to comprehend what you’re supposed to be reading about. Math and science are easy in comparison to authors who are so long dead no one remembers who they are, and the texts, while you may try to connect to them, are so far beyond your realm of reality.