University of Central Florida (UCF) Past Exams 2019

Looking for University of Central Florida past exams, old exams, and practice exams? This list includes past exams and solutions at UCF. Feel free to check them out and be sure to share them with your fellow UCF peers.

Course CodeCourse NameView Exams
ACG 2021Principles of Financial AccountingView Exams
ACG 2071Principles of Managerial AccountingView Exams
ACG 3131Intermediate Financial Accounting IView Exams
ACG 3141Intermediate Financial Accounting IIView Exams
ACG 3361Cost Accounting IView Exams
ACG 3501Financial Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit OrganizationsView Exams
ACG 4401CAccounting Information SystemsView Exams
ADV 3008Principles of AdvertisingView Exams
AMH 2010U.S. History: 1492-1877View Exams
AMH 2010HHonors U.S. History: 1492-1877View Exams
AMH 2020U.S. History: 1877-PresentView Exams
AMH 2020HHonors U.S. History: 1877-PresentView Exams
AMH 3547U.S. Military History Since 1900View Exams
ANT 2000General AnthropologyView Exams
ANT 2410Cultural Anthropology: Global Perspectives, Local ContextsView Exams
ANT 2511The Human SpeciesView Exams
ANT 3302Sex, Gender and CultureView Exams
ANT 3541Biobehavioral AnthropologyView Exams
ANT 4027Mummies, Life After DeathView Exams
ANT 4034History of Anthropological ThoughtView Exams
ANT 4462Medical AnthropologyView Exams
ANT 4560Birth to Death: Anthropological Perspectives on Human GrowthView Exams
APK 3400Sports PsychologyView Exams
AST 2002AstronomyView Exams
BCH 4053Biochemistry IView Exams
BME 3211Engineering BiomechanicsView Exams
BSC 1005Biological PrinciplesView Exams
BSC 2010CHonors General BiologyView Exams
BSC 2011CBiology IIView Exams
BSC 5824BiogeographyView Exams
BUL 3130Legal and Ethical Environment of BusinessView Exams
CAP 5415Computer VisionView Exams
CCJ 3014Crime in AmericaView Exams
CCJ 3024Criminal Justice SystemView Exams
CGS 1060CIntroduction to ComputersView Exams
CGS 2100CComputer Fundamentals for BusinessView Exams
CGS 3269Computer Architecture ConceptsView Exams
CHM 1020Concepts in ChemistryView Exams
CHM 1032General ChemistryView Exams
CHM 2040Chemistry Fundamentals IAView Exams
CHM 2041Chemistry Fundamentals IBView Exams
CHM 2045CHonors Chemistry Fundamentals IView Exams
CHM 2046Chemistry Fundamentals IIView Exams
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry IView Exams
CHM 2211Organic Chemistry IIView Exams
CIS 3360Security in ComputingView Exams
CIS 3362Cryptography and Information SecurityView Exams
CNT 3004Computer Network ConceptsView Exams
CNT 4714Enterprise ComputingView Exams
COM 1000Introduction to CommunicationView Exams
COM 3003Exploring Human CommunicationView Exams
COP 3223CIntroduction to Programming with CView Exams
COP 3223HHonors Introduction to Programming with CView Exams
COP 3330Object Oriented ProgrammingView Exams
COP 3502CComputer Science IView Exams
COP 3503CComputer Science IIView Exams
COP 4020Programming Languages IView Exams
COP 4331CProcesses for Object-Oriented Software DevelopmentView Exams
COT 3100HHonors Introduction to Discrete StructuresView Exams
COT 4210Discrete Structures IIView Exams
COT 4500Numerical CalculusView Exams
COT 5405Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsView Exams
CPO 3034Politics of Developing AreasView Exams
CWR 4202CHydraulicsView Exams
DEP 2004Developmental PsychologyView Exams
DEP 5057Developmental PsychologyView Exams
ECO 2013Principles of MacroeconomicsView Exams
ECO 2013HHonors Principles of Economics MacroeconomicsView Exams
ECO 2023Principles of MicroeconomicsView Exams
ECO 2023HHonors Principles of MicroeconomicsView Exams
ECO 3203Intermediate MacroeconomicsView Exams
ECO 3223Money and BankingView Exams
ECO 3401Quantitative Business Tools IView Exams
ECO 3411Quantitative Business Tools IIView Exams
EDF 2005Introduction to the Teaching ProfessionView Exams
EDF 2085Introduction to Diversity for EducatorsView Exams
EDF 2130Child and Adolescent Development for EducatorsView Exams
EDF 4467Learning Theory and AssessmentView Exams
EDG 4410Teaching Strategies and Classroom ManagementView Exams
EEE 3350Semiconductor Devices IView Exams
EEE 4314Device Electronics for Integrated CircuitsView Exams
EEL 3004CHonors Electrical NetworksView Exams
EEL 3123CHonors Networks and SystemsView Exams
EEL 3470Electromagnetic FieldsView Exams
EEL 3657Linear Control SystemsView Exams
EEL 4216Fundamentals of Electric Power SystemsView Exams
EEL 4436CMicrowave EngineeringView Exams
EEL 4750Digital Signal Processing FundamentalsView Exams
EEL 4781Computer Communication NetworksView Exams
EEL 4818HHonors Current Topics in Machine Learning IView Exams
EEL 4914Senior Design IView Exams
EGM 3601Solid MechanicsView Exams
EGN 3310Engineering Analysis-StaticsView Exams
EGN 3343ThermodynamicsView Exams
EGN 3365Structure and Properties of MaterialsView Exams
EGN 3373Principles of Electrical EngineeringView Exams
EGN 3420Engineering AnalysisView Exams
EIN 5117Management Information Systems IView Exams
EML 3034CModeling Methods in Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringView Exams
EML 3701Fluid Mechanics IView Exams
EML 4225Introduction to Vibrations and ControlsView Exams
EML 4301CMechanical Systems LabView Exams
EML 5060Mathematical Methods in Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringView Exams
ENC 1101Composition IView Exams
ENV 3001Environmental EngineeringView Exams
ENV 4341Sustainable Resource ManagementView Exams
ENV 4433CEnvironmental Engineering Wastewater DesignView Exams
EUH 2001Western Civilization IIView Exams
EVR 1001Introduction to Environmental ScienceView Exams
EXP 3204Sensation and PerceptionView Exams
EXP 3304Motivation and EmotionView Exams
FIL 1000Cinema SurveyView Exams
FIL 2030History of Motion PicturesView Exams
FIN 2100Personal Finance and InvestmentsView Exams
FIN 3303Financial MarketsView Exams
FIN 3403Business FinanceView Exams
FIN 4313Management of Financial InstitutionsView Exams
FIN 4604International Financial ManagementView Exams
FRE 1120CElementary French Language and Civilization IView Exams
GEB 3375Introduction to International BusinessView Exams
GEO 1200Physical GeographyView Exams
GLY 1030Geology and its ApplicationsView Exams
HFT 3431Hospitality industry Managerial AccountingView Exams
HSA 4180Organization & Management for Health Agencies IView Exams
HSA 4702Health Sciences Research MethodsView Exams
HUM 2020Encountering the HumanitiesView Exams
HUM 2210Humanistic Tradition IView Exams
HUN 2201Fundamentals of Human NutritionView Exams
HUN 3011Human NutritionView Exams
INP 3004Industrial/Organizational PsychologyView Exams
INR 2002International Relations-Theory and PracticeView Exams
LAE 4466Canon, Young Adult Literature and the English Language Arts CurriculumView Exams
LDR 2002Intermediate Foundations of LeadershipView Exams
LIN 3713Language ScienceView Exams
LIN 3716Language DevelopmentView Exams
MAC 1105CCollege AlgebraView Exams
MAC 2147Mathematics for CalculusView Exams
MAC 2233Concepts of CalculusView Exams
MAC 2311CCalculus with Analytic Geometry IView Exams
MAC 2312Calculus with Analytic Geometry IIView Exams
MAC 2313Calculus with Analytic Geometry IIIView Exams
MAN 3025Management of OrganizationsView Exams
MAN 3301Strategic Human Resource ManagementView Exams
MAN 3520Quality & Productivity ManagementView Exams
MAN 4350Performance ManagementView Exams
MAN 4441Conflict Resolution and NegotiationView Exams
MAN 4701Business Ethics and SocietyView Exams
MAR 3023HHonors MarketingView Exams
MAR 3203HHonors Supply Chain and Operations ManagementView Exams
MCB 2004CMicrobiology for Health ProfessionalsView Exams
MCB 3020CHonors General MicrobiologyView Exams
MCB 4207Infectious ProcessesView Exams
MGF 1107Explorations in MathematicsView Exams
MHS 5005Introduction to the Counseling ProfessionView Exams
MMC 3200Mass Communication LawView Exams
MMC 3420Mass Media Research MethodsView Exams
MUH 2017Survey of Rock MusicView Exams
MUL 2010Enjoyment of MusicView Exams
MUL 2010HHonors Enjoyment of MusicView Exams
MUL 2720Music of the WorldView Exams
MUT 1004Fundamentals of Music IView Exams
MUT 1121Music Theory and Musicianship IView Exams
NUR 3125Pathophysiology for Nursing PracticeView Exams
NUR 3145Pharmacology for Nursing PracticeView Exams
NUR 3225Nursing Care of the Adult IView Exams
NUR 4227Nursing Care of the Adult IIView Exams
NUR 4837Health Care Issues, Policy, and EconomicsView Exams
OSE 5312Light Matter InteractionView Exams
PCB 3023Molecular Cell BiologyView Exams
PCB 3044Principles of EcologyView Exams
PCB 3063GeneticsView Exams
PCB 3233ImmunologyView Exams
PCB 3703CHonors Human PhysiologyView Exams
PCB 4234Cancer BiologyView Exams
PCB 4524Molecular Biology IIView Exams
PCB 4683Evolutionary BiologyView Exams
PET 3005Introduction to Sport and Exercise ScienceView Exams
PET 3097Health and WellnessView Exams
PET 4050CMotor Development and LearningView Exams
PHI 2010Introduction to PhilosophyView Exams
PHY 2048CHonors General Physics Using Calculus IView Exams
PHY 2049CHonors General Physics Using Calculus IIView Exams
PHY 2053CHonors College Physics IView Exams
PHY 2054CHonors College Physics IIView Exams
PHY 4605Wave Mechanics IIView Exams
PLA 3108Legal ResearchView Exams
PLA 3306Criminal LawView Exams
PLA 3309Criminal ProcedureView Exams
PLA 4263EvidenceView Exams
POS 2041American National GovernmentView Exams
POS 3182Florida PoliticsView Exams
POS 3235Mass Media and PoliticsView Exams
POS 3413The American PresidencyView Exams
POS 3703Scope and Methods of Political ScienceView Exams
POS 4284Judicial Process and PoliticsView Exams
PPE 3003Personality Theory and ResearchView Exams
PSB 3002Physiological PsychologyView Exams
PSC 1121Physical ScienceView Exams
PSY 2012General PsychologyView Exams
PSY 3022CAcademic CounselingView Exams
PSY 3028Psychology of Career DevelopmentView Exams
PSY 3204CHonors Statistical Methods in PsychologyView Exams
PSY 3302Psychological MeasurementView Exams
PSY 4604History and Systems of PsychologyView Exams
QMB 3200Quantitative Business Tools IIView Exams
REE 3043Fundamentals of Real EstateView Exams
REE 4303Real Estate Investment AnalysisView Exams
REL 2000Introduction to Religion and Cultural StudiesView Exams
REL 2300World ReligionsView Exams
RTV 3511Production Fundamentals and Aesthetics of Electronic MediaView Exams
SOP 3004Social PsychologyView Exams
SOP 3723Cross Cultural PsychologyView Exams
SOW 2020Careers in Creating Social ChangeView Exams
SPA 3011Speech Science I: ProductionView Exams
SPA 3101Physiological Bases of SpeechView Exams
SPA 3104Neural Bases of CommunicationView Exams
SPA 3112Basic PhoneticsView Exams
SPA 3123Speech Science II: PerceptionView Exams
SPA 4032AudiologyView Exams
SPA 4400Language Disorders Across the Life SpanView Exams
SPC 1608Fundamentals of Oral CommunicationView Exams
SPC 1608HHonors Fundamentals of Oral CommunicationView Exams
SPC 3301Interpersonal CommunicationView Exams
SPN 1121CHonors Elementary Spanish Language and Civilization IIView Exams
SPN 3300Advanced Spanish Grammar and CompositionView Exams
STA 1063CBasic Statistics Using Microsoft ExcelView Exams
STA 2014CPrinciples of StatisticsView Exams
STA 2023Statistical Methods IView Exams
STA 3032Probability and Statistics for EngineersView Exams
STA 5825Stochastic Processes and Applied Probability TheoryView Exams
SYG 2000Introduction to SociologyView Exams
SYO 4400Medical SociologyView Exams
SYP 3511Sociology of MurderView Exams
SYP 4550Drug Use in SocietyView Exams
TAX 4001Taxation of Business Entities and TransactionsView Exams
THE 2000Theatre SurveyView Exams
THE 3311Theatre History and Dramatic Literature IView Exams
THE 3313Theatre History and Dramatic Literature IIIView Exams
WOH 2012World Civilization IView Exams
ZOO 3701CHuman Gross Anatomy & Dissection TechniquesView Exams
ZOO 3713CComparative Vertebrate AnatomyView Exams
ZOO 3733CHonors Human AnatomyView Exams
ZOO 4605Human Clinical Embryology and Congenital MalformationView Exams

Health and Wellness Services at UCF

Located in Orlando, the University of Central Florida is the premier school for students who find themselves drawn to the city of Orlando and its many entertainment offerings. In a city that houses Walt Disney World, students’ safety is always regarded as a top priority.

UCF is quick to focus on all angles of student safety, too. Listed below are the top safety services and institutions at the school.

1. Student Health Services

The Health Center is the premier building for student wellness

The Student Health Services houses all of the medical services and tools that students will need when they are experiencing illnesses and detriments to their well-being. From flu shots to cold medicine to local check-ups, the Health Services building is an excellent institution to have on campus, especially for students who find themselves away from their hometowns and their hometown doctors with whom they are more familiar. The UCF doctors and medical staff are plenty friendly, though, and will help students feel right at home!

2. Student Disability Services

The Health Center is the premier building for student wellness

Special services are available from UCF wellness and disability faculty members for students who need special assistance. Whether students are wheelchair bound or are deaf or blind, there are services and faculty members that have the same goal of helping them all. Students of all kinds are welcome at UCF and they are certainly more than taken care of.

3. Counseling and Psychological Services

UCF's CAPS program has a strong social media presence

UCF also puts an emphasis on mental health, as well as physical health. For students who are suffering from anxiety or depression or large bouts of stress during the semester, they can make use of the CAPS service on the UCF campus. Mental health professionals are always on hand for students to talk to and vent to and get much needed assistance from.

4. UCF Emergency Management

UCF has an emergency texting service

When living in Florida, many students and residents will be exposed to natural disasters during many parts of the year, hurricanes being the biggest one. Therefore, in addition to typical emergency services on campus, UCF also has greater emergency services that students will need in case of a disaster. Students will also get text message alerts in case there is immediate information that they need to be aware of.

5. Recreation and Wellness Center

Many of the gym rats are found in the RAWC

When students make the transition to college, they will often hear about the phenomenon known as “the freshman fifteen”. This refers to when students are exposed to the exceptional dining hall cuisine that they consume in large quantities. The rec center is the best service that students can use to curb this effect. State of the art exercise equipment is made available to UCF students.

The University of Central Florida offers high quality safety and health services for students to make use of. Of course, the school brings these services to the students, as well. Mental, physical, disability, and fitness services are all present at UCF.

10 Hardest Courses at the University of Central Florida

Whenever the student goes to university, he or she needs to prepare himself with the fact that he has to confront the toughest classes in college. The university courses are no walk in the park; they are extremely challenging and their subject matter is dense. In this respect, they are difficult to pass. So, let us have a look at some of the hardest courses in the University of Central Florida:

1. QMB 3200: Quantitative Methods for Business

Quantitative analysis of businessThis course will help the students to adopt a quantitative based approach towards decision making in businesses and the role that management science plays in decision making in the recent times. In order to gain admission in this course, the students need to pass out STA 2023 or QMB 2100 with a minimum C grade. As the quantitative approach is complex and demanding, students find the course difficult.

2. MAC 2311 C: Calculus with Analytical Geometry

…and there is nothing you can do about it.The prerequisites for this course is obtaining a minimum C grade in either of the two courses MAC 1140C or MAC 114. This course extensively discusses the topics on geometry such as trigonometry, integration, definite integrals, differentiation of algebraic and trigonometric functions, limits and continuity. This course is highly advanced and advanced calculus is not everyone’s piece of cake.

3. MUT 1121: Music Theory and Musicianship

A deeper understanding of musicFor a two years program of music theory, this course is in the first semester. Although music at a surface level might be interesting to enjoy, going deeper into analyzing its tone through the comprehension of rhythm, melody, harmony and different forms may be challenging. This is what the course caters to and difficulty gets one step ahead when at labs the students are expected to get ear training and master at the skills of sight singing.

4. CHM 1020: Chemistry for Liberal Arts

Understanding of basic chemistry conceptsThose students who do not have science as their major subject can opt for this course. This course introduces them with the basic concepts regarding chemistry and how these concepts can be practically implied on air, pollution, drugs, nutrition, food production, and energy. To get qualified for this course, the students need to have at least a year of experience in learning algebra in high school.

5. ACG 3131: Intermediate Financial Accounting

Mastering at accounting technicalitiesWith having three credit hours and three hours of class duration, the prerequisite for this course is passing the ACG 2012 and ACG 2071 course with a minimum of C grade or CGPA 2.0. The complexity of the course is mastering at the technicalities of accounting and learning how the financial data can be interpreted and analyzed by external users.

6. POS 2041: American Federation Government

Political theories and their complexitiesThe reason why this course comes under the hardest courses in college is that it focuses on extensive understanding and examination of the American political system. Majority of the students find politics extremely boring and exhaustive especially different political concepts fly from the top of their head, many tend to sleep in the class or yawn during the lectures. So, the theories, principles, the workings of various elements that shape the political outcomes are extremely difficult to understand and learn.

7. BSC 2011 C: Principles of Biology

Organisms and kingdoms complete this biology courseThis course is highly recommended for those students who are thinking of getting a transfer to institutions that offer them four years program in biology. This course is a sequel to the Introduction to Biology course and explores the concept of evolution and ecology and the different kingdoms in biology extensively. In order to reinforce or make the subject matter of this course understandable, the students need to go through lab classes.

8. COM 1000: Introduction to Communication

Linking people with one anotherThis course has been designed in such a way that the students can learn to respond to “how” and “why” regarding methods of communication. Through detailed syllabus and dense subject matter, the students can study human communication from the multiplicity of perspectives.

9. AST 2002: Astronomy

Mysteries of the universe explainedThe students who have opted for algebra in their high school or have passed the MAC 1150C course can opt for this course. The class duration of this course is 3 and the credit hours is also 3. The students are expected to gain a descriptive understanding of stars, galaxies, solar systems, and the complexities that surround stars.

10. PHY 2053C: General Physics

Matter, energy, particles, quantum and theoryThose students who desire to major in fields such as pre-dental, pre-engineering, pre-medical, biological sciences and problem-solving abilities regarding stresses. As this course has a diverse exposure, its demands are complex and difficult too.Thus, these are the hardest courses in college. In order to pass them, students need to develop interests and the right skills and intelligence.

Top 10 Majors Offered at UCF

The University of Central Florida is a public university that was established in the year 1963. It boasts of a total student population of about 56,972, it has a suburban environment setting; it lies on a land size of 1,415 acres. It is ranked number 165 in the 2019 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities. Top majors offered are:

1.  Business management

marketers, brokers, social-media managers, logistics personnel and advertisers.

Students at UCF are highly equipped with skills before graduation which are essential to the market and the client-market for any service or goods they want to put out in the market. The related support services involve developing ways to support marketing strategies such as social media marketing. Careers include marketers, brokers, social-media managers, logistics personnel and advertisers.

2. Nursing

careers as nurses, acute care agencies, school nurse, pediatrics, psychiatric mental health nurse more.

Students interested in taking a major in Nursing are likely to have careers as nurses, acute care agencies, school nurse, pediatrics, psychiatric mental health nurse more. The college has a very competitive Admission which is pegged at a cut of 50 percent according to data from last year.

3. Health Professions

Careers are available in hospitals, as private practitioners, business people in the sector and more.

Offered at the College of Health Sciences. Careers are available in hospitals, as private practitioners, business people in the sector and more. The university has the best lecturers who are well motivated to make sure that the students are equipped with the best knowledge and skills before graduation.

4. Psychology

counseling psychologists, extreme cases therapists, education psychology lecturers

Students at the University of Central Florida are taught the skills on how to manage and deal with human behavior and mind-related issues. The course develops professionals who are able to venture into careers such as psychologists, counseling psychologists, extreme cases therapists, education psychology lecturers, and more.

5. Education

teachers/lecturers/tutors, counselors, librarians, and electronic media staff.

The College of Education offers various courses in education. These courses prepare professional lecturers and education-related professionals, including professionals who work as teachers/lecturers/tutors, counselors, librarians, and electronic media staff.

6. Engineering

classes and via practical knowledge in the laboratories

The course is for the preparation of students who go ahead and work as engineers in various sectors of the economy. They are skilled in this area both in the classes and via practical knowledge in the laboratories.

7. Accounting

accountants, financial auditors, private/public accounting, and more.

All students who take the major at UCF are assured of being professionals who can handle all issues that do exist in the accounting and financial sectors. Careers such as accountants, financial auditors, private/public accounting, and more.


biotechnologists, environmental scientists, wildlife biologists etcetera.

The course mainly entails the learning on molecular pharmacology, cell biology, human anatomy, and other areas on living things. Careers in this field include; biotechnologists, environmental scientists, wildlife biologists etcetera.

9. Hospitality Management

hotel managers, cooks, waitresses, travel agencies staffs

Involves arming the students with skills to help them be the sought-after professionals in the hospitality sector. The students graduate to become hotel managers, cooks, waitresses, travel agencies staffs, and private business people in the sector.

10. Computer engineering

Computer engineering

The students are enrolled for this course which takes 4 years at UCF. It prepares them to venture into careers such as computer programmers, IT consultants, IT support analysts, computer systems analysts, and among others

The courses offered at The University of Central Florida are very competitive in the job market. This is due to the fact that students taking their courses at UCF undergo thorough class studies and practical training using up-to-date technologies to make sure they are the best in the market.
Graduates from the university are highly sought by employers because of the high GPA. Much more on UFC can be found on their website.

Top 10 Library Resources at the University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida is a top location for Orlando students. Situated in the hub of Florida, the students here have to focus on their studies. The library resources listed below help them achieve this.

1) EndNote

The logo for EndNote's X9 software is displayed

EndNote is not just a way for students to learn how to format their citations. The software also helps students find what they should be citing in the first play. The software combs through a great many available bibliographies.

2) LibTech

The LibTech help desk stretches wide across the library lobby

LibTech is crucial for students who are searching for course materials. Often, professors will set aside books and articles for students to take out for limited periods of time. The course reserves are available through LibTech.

3) 3D Printing

The 3D printing technology is assorted

UCF and its libraries offer many technology services that can be lent to students. They also offer a kit for 3D printing to students of all kinds. This is clearly some advanced, state of the art technology.

4) Print, Copy, Scan

The logos for printing, copying, scanning, and more are arranged

In the libraries at UCF, students always have the ability to print and copy at will. There are also many scanners available to students. There are specific scanners available to students, depending on the items they want to scan, including, but not limited to, textbooks.

5) Interactive Whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard is placed at the center of a study room

Always available to be reserved by students, many study rooms are present for groups to gather. They also feature interactive whiteboards. This allows for a completely different mode of learning for students who are preparing for upcoming curriculum materials.


The logo for UCF's STARS service features, of course, stars

The STARS service at UCF is a comprehensive collection of scholarship for students to borrow. Provided to students are services of all kind, from texts and research to school archives and more. Students may also submit materials that they believe fit the STARS model.

7) InfoLit

The InfoLit website has options for students and faculty members to navigate the domain

InfoLit is short for information literacy. With this service provided by the UCF library, both students and faculty can focus their research on specific points of interest. Faculty can assign different modules from InfoLit as an aspect of their classes for students, as well.

8) Schedule an Appointment

A librarian conducts research with a student

There are always appointments available for students who want focused research on the materials they are studying in class. The only thing needed for the librarian is two days notice in advance. They are happy to go in depth with you on what you are learning, as well!

9) Live Chat

The logo for UCF's libraries features an animation of the library

The UCF library features many different live chatting options for students to engage with their librarians. Not only can students text and email with the librarian they collaborate with. But they can also chat with them in real time via the UCF’s library website.

10) Illuminations Newsletter

The Illuminations logo resembles the logo for the nearby firework show by the same name at Epcot

Not every library in the nation boasts a regular publication of its own newsletter. But UCF does it and it frequently includes some of the top scholarship offered by the school. Both students and faculty are encouraged to submit materials to the newsletter.

UCF is one of Orlando’s best institutions. Students who visit Disney World frequently will love the library resources at UCF. This is largely because of how helpful they are at focusing students’ attentions.

Library and Services of UCF

1) John C. Hitt Library

Students focus in the learning commons at Hitt

The Hitt Library is the main library on the UCF campus. There are over two hundred employees who work here. Half of them are students, too, so you will never be too nervous to ask for assistance.

2) Cocoa Library

Two students walk out of the Cocoa Library

The Cocoa Library is located at the Eastern Florida campus. It provides easy access for UCF students. They are always welcome to check out EF exclusive books.

3) Health Sciences Library

The lobby of the Health Sciences Library is bright and pristine

This library fills a niche on the UCF campus. Students in the health and science departments will visit this library frequently. They are able to find subject specific books whenever they need.

4) Curriculum Materials Center

The desks in the learning area are unoccupied

The Curriculum Materials Center has texts on hand for students in courses. However, it’s also open to high school students. This can help them get a jump on the college process.

5) Rosen Library

This collage of Rosen features chairs, a home, a computer lab, and people hard at work

UCF is a major destination for hospitality students because of its status as a tourist capital in the country. Rosen houses most of the hospitality materials. It is open to the community beyond students, as well.

Top 9 Dorms at UCF

If you want to make the most of your education, you need to be living in a great place. By picking a dorm that is right for you, you will have a much easier time on campus. Here are the top 9 dorms at the University of Central Florida!

1. Nike Hall

 nike hall

Address: 3700 Libra Dr

The Nike residence hall is a part of the Academic Village. This is where a lot of freshmen tend to live. This is a great place to live if you need some help getting used to college life. 

2. Apollo Hall 

Apollo Hall outside

Address: 4151 Pyxis Ln

Another hall that has a lot to offer to you is Apollo Hall. This is a great place to live with your friends. This building has double and triple suites for you to live in.

3. Hercules Hall

Hercules Hall

Address: 3700 Libra Dr

Another hall that is within the Academic Village is Hercules Hall. This building offers single, double, and triple rooms. This gives you plenty of options to choose from.

4. Lake Claire

Lake Claire

Address: 12580 Gemini Blvd

Lake Claire is a complex on campus that you can live in. This is where a lot of upperclassmen tend to stay. You will have a little more freedom by living here.

5. Neptune Hall

Image result for university of central florida neptune hall

Address: 3700 Libra Dr

The final complex within the Academic Village is Neptune Hall. This is another first-year dorm on campus. You will be in a safe and fun environment in this building.

6. Libra Hall

Libra Hall

Address: 4151 Pyxis Ln

Libra Hall is yet another great place for you to live on campus. You will be in a coed and inclusive space. This adds a good sense of community throughout the building.

7. Northview Mall 

Northview Mall

Address: 2700 Libra Dr

Northview Mall is another residence hall on campus. A big perk of this dorm is its great location relative to the rest of campus. This makes it very easy to get around.

8. Rosen Hall

Rosen Hall?

Address: 9907 Universal Blvd

If you are a freshman, you should consider staying at Rosen Hall. This is a coed dorm that is accepting of everyone. There are also always events going on to get you involved.

9. Towers


Address: 4266 West Plaza Dr

The Towers are the final residence hall on campus. This is a large complex that houses hundreds of students every year. This means that there are always things going on in this area for you to enjoy.

Here is your Packing List for UCF

Room Basics

A dorm room
  • Mattress topper
  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Garbage can
  • Desk lamp

Food and Snacks

snack foods
  • Bottled water
  • Instant coffee
  • Microwavable meals
  • Tea
  • Fruit snacks

Tech and Entertainment

a computer
  • Computer
  • Chargers
  • Cell phone
  • Tv
  • DVD player

School Supplies

a stack of textbooks
  • Textbooks
  • Backpack
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils
  • Pens

Cleaning and Organizing

an organized closet
  • Vacuum
  • Broom
  • Dustpan
  • Desk organizer
  • Shoe rack

Campus Gear

a person swimming
  • Walking shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Beach towel
  • Rain jacket
  • Spirit Wear

Things to Ask First Before Bringing

a pet dog
  • Pets
  • Guests
  • Furniture
  • Microwaves
  • Printers

Top 10 UCF Buildings You need to know

Getting around campus can be a hassle if your school is huge, however, it can also be a good thing if you are looking to Luckily, we have compiled a list of some of the buildings you should know at the University of Central Florida below!

1. Classroom Building I

An image of Classroom Building I
The Classroom Building I holds many of the core classes. It’s also a short walk from many of the dormitories. Classroom Building I provides spaces for students to learn and grow.

2. Chemistry Building

An image of the Chemistry Building.
Are you a chemistry major? You’ll be spending the majority of your time in this building. The Chemistry Building is home to many of the laboratories, resources, and offices for chemistry faculty and staff.

3. Mathematical Sciences Building

An image of the Mathematical Sciences Building.

The MSB is home to many of the math and physics classes. Students who are also looking for administrative offices, mathematics assistance in the Learning Lab, and physics teaching labs can go here.

4. Nicholson School of Communication and Media

An image of the Communication and Media school.

Are you majoring in communications and/or media? This will be your new home for the next four years or so! The NSC opened in 1997, and it has since been a space where students majoring in public relations, advertising, journalism. radio-television, and human communication can thrive.

5. University Writing Center

An image of the University Writing Center


Are you wanting to vamp up your writing skills or have someone edit your work? Here at the University Writing Center, students have a chance to get their work edited by fellow peers and even professional faculty.

6.  Visual Arts Building

An image of the Visual Arts Building.

Are you a visual arts major? Here, you’ll find everything you’ll need as a visual arts student. Students have access to numerous art studios, classrooms, and lecture halls where they will have a chance to learn more about their craft.

7. Student Union

The Student Union situated at the heart of campus.

This building is known as the “Heart of Campus.” The Student Union provides students with a place to study, meet up with friends, go to on campus events, and eat. Students will find various retail and vendor locations here.

8. Creol

An image of the Creol building.

Creol is one of the world’s most renowned institutions that students can conduct research. It launched in 1987 and soon became one the of the most innovative buildings in the country and later the world.


An image of the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Humanities building is home to many classes related to the arts and humanities. Arts and humanities majors will reside here during their later years of college as well.

10. Duke Energy UCF Welcome Center

An image of the Duke Energy UCF Welcome Center.

The Duke Energy UCF Welcome Center was known as the Progress Energy Welcome Center before. This building opened in 2004. It houses a multipurpose room, classrooms, and offices.

Interesting Facts about the University of Central Florida

1. The University of Central Florida has over 216 degree programs for students to choose from.

An image of a graduation cap and diploma.

Undergraduate students have 95 degree programs to choose from. Doctoral students have 31 to choose from. There are 87 Master’s Degree programs and 3 Specialist.

2.  The University of Central Florida is ranked second in the state with over 300 students who are National Merit Scholars. 

An image of the National Merit Scholar symbol.

The National Merit Scholar are students who have the top PSAT scores in the country. They are then ranked as some of the top students in the country.

3. Over 72% of students enrolled have received some form of financial aid.

An image of FAFSA.

Financial aid can come from a variety of resources. Most students have a chance to gain grants from FAFSA or scholarships through the school itself.

4. The University of Central Florida is ranked as one of the largest schools in the United States.

An image of the University of Central Florida.

The University of Central Florida currently has over 66,000 students, both undergraduate and graduate, enrolled. These students are also counted through their various campuses as well.

5. The university was originally named the Florida Technological University. 

An image of the year 1968.

Originally, the university opened in 1968 as Florida Technological University because they had full support for the US Space Program. However, as the school expanded academically, they realized that the school would be more than just technology.

6. The University of Central Florida’s official colors are black and gold. 

UCF logo

These colors symbolize the Pegasus, the university’s official logo. This also symbolizes their mission and vision of limitless possibilities at the University of Central Florida.

7. The University of Central Florida is a space-grant university.

An image of the NASA symbol.

The University of Central Florida first started out with only space and technology related majors. This means that they do space-related research as a university for both undergraduate and graduate studies.


Top 10 Clubs at University of Central Florida

The stress of college is one that can sometimes feel overwhelming at times. It is important to relieve the stress so that you don’t push yourself over the edge. Luckily for students attending the University of Central Florida, they have assembled a wide range of clubs for students to join. Let this be your guide to different clubs that can help you find your home at the University of Central Florida.

1. Mixed Martial Arts Club

If you are looking for a cool way to get in some exercise, Mixed Martial Arts Club can be the new home for you. Here you will get to learn the arts of Mixed Martial Arts.  You can attend workshops convenient to your schedule while meeting new people.

These are two girls doing martial arts.

2. Student Accounting Society

For the business majors, Student Accounting Society (SAS) is an amazing club to join. Even if you are going into another field of business, SAS can help you build amazing skills that can help you in the working world. Along with this, you can meet other business students to help you in your classes.

accounting on a laptop

3. Health Awareness & Prevention Society (HAPS)

In Health Awareness & Prevention Society (HAPS), you can help raise awareness on campus for students to live a healthy life style. This is a great way to learn tips that you can incorporate into your own life. You will be doing a great deed while meeting new people.

These are foods good for a healthy lifestyle.

4. Triathlon Club

Triathlon Club is the ultimate club to join for exercise. Here you can train with other athletes who want to attend a triathlon. So if you struggle with motivation, joining a club and meeting new friends is a great way to stay on track.

Triathlon athles running into the water

5. Volunteer UCF

Volunteer UCF is the main organization that holds volunteer opportunities on campus. Being apart of this organization will give you great events for you to attend while being a volunteer. Since there are so many events, the opportunities to meet new people are endless.

These are hands raising to volunteer.

6. Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM)

If you are looking for a way to continue your religious practices, Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) is here for you. Their goal is to make it convenient for students to continue their practice while in school. It is also a great way to meet others of the same religion.

This is a cross on a field.

7. Chabad Jewish Student Group

If Catholicism is not for you, don’t fear. Chabad Jewish Student Group is another organization created to give students a convenient way to continue their practices. They want to ensure that students feel safe and give students an environment for them to practice in a stress free zone.

This is a main symbol of a jewish holiday.

8. Wakeboarding Club

If you love the water and want to try something new, Wakeboarding Club is the perfect club for you. Here you will get to learn the basics of Wakeboarding. No prior experience is needed and everyone is welcome.

This is a man wakeboarding.

9. UCF Walking Club

UCF Walking Club is created to help students get up and live a healthier lifestyle. Here you can sign up for events to walk in groups. It is a great way to get exercise while making new friends.

This is a woman's foot while she is on a walk.

10. UCF Chess Club

Want to challenge yourself outside of class? UCF Chess Club is the place for you. Here you can learn the basics of chess and compete against other members.

This is a kid playing chess.

Top Events During the School Year at University of Central Florida

1. Hidden Arts Exhibit

The Hidden Arts Exhibit displays art pieces on campus for students to view. It is a different activity that students should not overlook. Best of all, it is located right on campus for student’s convenience.

This is an art exhibit.

2. Film Production Meet & Greet

Film Production Meet & Greet is also a fun event to attend. Here you will get to meet popular film production leaders in the community. Even if you aren’t a fan of film, it is a fun event to come to meet new people.

These are two people handshaking.

3. Monthly Mixer

The Monthly Mixer is an event that happens every month to bring students together. Students can participate in different events against one another. Of course free food and beverages will be provided.

This is an event on campus.

4. Half Marathon Training

Half Marathon Training is an event to help students get in shape to run a half marathon. Here you will train with other students working towards the same goal. It is a great way to exercise even if you are not going to run a half marathon.

These are men exercising.

5. Relax, Rejuvenate & Connect

One of the university’s programs is to help students relax. At Relax, Rejuvenate & Connect, you will get to participate in various activities created to stimulate the feelings of relaxation. Best of all, this event is free to all registered students.

Man relaxing on beach

College can be extremely stressful. Without proper actions, stress can become the main focus of your life. It is important to join clubs or attend events to maintain a healthy balance between stress and happiness. Let this be your guide to different clubs or events that can help you create this balance in your life at the University of Central Florida.

Top 10 Professors at UCF

Everybody wants the best classes and the best professors, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. It’s best to know who your teachers are before you start a class, and whether people like them or not. To get you started, here’s the top 10 professors at UCF!

1. Christopher Leo

Christopher leo u central florida

Rating: 100%
Department: Business

Courses Taught:

GEB4513- Learn More

Student Reviews:
“You have to put the work in to pass the class, but Leo is willing to help out where ever you need it. He’s super knowledgeable about the business world and he really prepares you for it.”
“The most amazing professor I’ve ever had in all of college. He is the sole reason why I love the integrated business program.”
“Professor Leo is hands down the most effective educator I’ve met. He cares deeply about all of his students and gives you every tool he can to help you succeed in the business world.”

2. Brenda Savage

Brenda Savage?

Rating: 100%
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught:

SYG2000- Learn More
SYA4650- Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Professor Savage is by far the most engaging and caring professor I have had in my college career. She cares about what she teaches and goes about it in a unique way focusing on the student coming to lecture out of their own interest. “
“Savage is funny and cares about her students. She allowed a lot of discussion and asked meaningful and Socratic questions. At times, she could get a little too opinionated/political, but for the most part, she stayed professional and interesting. The tests were pretty fair if you paid attention.”
“Mrs. Savage is the best teacher I have had in all my years of schooling. She honestly took the time to learn the name of every single student in that 200-person classroom. She encouraged questions, but while she always challenged our thinking and opinions, she never belittled us.”

3. Mary Mann

Mary Mann

Rating: 100%
Department: Social Work

Courses Taught:

SOW3352- Learn More
SOW3300- Learn More

Student Reviews:

“She is honestly one of the best professors, I have ever had. She is a fair grader, she definitely gives you chances and wants you to pass but you do have to work for your grade.”
“Professor Mann was an excellent instructor. She really cared about the education of her students and was willing to go the extra way in assisting them in any need.”
“She is by far the best professor in the program, in my opinion. She has a genuine passion for “our beloved social work” and that passion shows in all the classes she teaches. She cares about her students – both in and out of the classroom. She pushes students to be their best and presents topics in ways that challenge and sharpen students. Amazing.”

4. Lewis Worrell

Lewis Worrell u central florida

Rating: 100%
Department: Health Science

Courses Taught:

HSC4008- Learn More
HSC2000- Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Loved this class. Found it really interesting that every week we had a different guest speaker come in and teach us about a different profession in the health field. Worrell is really cool and definitely cares about his students.”
“The class is pretty easy and very helpful for people wanting to go into healthcare. You’ll have two exams and one project. Prof. Worrell really knows what he is talking about and is really nice too.”
“Great professor! I learned so much information that i was able to apply in my life right now. Really helpful for any health students going to grad school. He is always there to help you and gives great advice. Very nice and approachable.”

5. Daniel Seigler

Daniel seigler u central florida

Rating: 100%
Department: Public Administration

Courses Taught:

PAD3003- Learn More
PAD3733- Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Dr. Seigler is one of the best professors, his lectures are clear and he is available anytime you have a question. Wish he taught more classes, great professor, greatly recommended.”
“Excellent Professor. Knows his stuff and Gets his points across. Relays important information from different angles so you understand the material. Makes himself available to you and will help in any way possible.”
“Dr. Siegler is the epitome of what a professor should be. He cares about his students, provides clear instructions on what is expected, and takes time to give feedback.”

6. Michael Moreschi

Michael Moreschi u central florida

Rating: 100%
Department: Criminal Justice

Courses Taught:

CJE4610- Learn More
CCJ4014- Learn More

Student Reviews:
“The greatest professor ever! He is absolutely hilarious and very passionate about his career. Shows you real cases he’s worked. Quiz every class based on previous class and textbook chapter.”
“Do yourself a favor and take all of the available classes humanly possible to take with Moreschi. He will be your favorite professor. He is the best professor on the UCF campus, hands down (trust me I have totally taken all of them). But really, take him, you will not regret it.”
“Highly highly recommend him as a professor. He’s one of the best professors I ever had and I would take him again if I had the opportunity. He’s very passionate about his job but hilarious at the same time.”

7. Kyle Trainor

Kyle Trainor u central florida

Rating: 100%
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught:

MAC2312- Learn More
MAC2313- Learn More
MHF3302- Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Great lecturer! I loved attending his classes. His tests are difficult, but they are fair and doable. You must work hard for the A, but he’s totally worth it. He’s very good at describing the concepts clearly, and listens to his students. Attend class, and you’ll get a decent grade.”
“Professor Trainor is one of the best lecturers I’ve ever had. He explains the material extremely well. If you take notes, the book isn’t needed. He’s quirky, but in an endearing way.”
“This guy has to be one of the best math professors at UCF. Not only is he insanely good at relaying concepts to the students in an understandable way, but he does it in an entertaining and captivating manner.”

8. Carol Del Vitto

Carol del vitto u central florida

Rating: 100%
Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENC1101- Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Dr. Del Vitto is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. You learn and are happy to be in class. She tells you crystal clearly what she expects of you, and helps you get there.”
“Dr. Del Vitto is the best teacher I have ever had. She was is always willing to help you out and she even proofreads papers before the due date so she can tell you what you need to improve.”
“Extremely good teacher! Very helpful, she wants you to have a thorough understanding of the language. She is, by far, the best college professor I have ever had!”

9. Jacey Brown

Jacey brown u central florida

Rating: 100%
Department: Communications

Courses Taught:

COM3110- Learn More

COM3113- Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Wonderful Prof!! So entertaining, and she is content oriented. The stuff she teaches is really useful in life.”
“Best class I ever had. She is an awesome teacher. She cares tremendously about her students and pushes them to become successful in her class and public speaking in general.”
“She is awesome! She is hilarious and you will actually look forward to going to class.”

10. Stephen Levensohn

 Stephen Levensohn

Rating: 100%
Department: Philosophy

Courses Taught:

PHI400- Learn More

PHI3601- Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Dr. Levensohn was my all time favorite of all teachers. He would split up his class in half with the first half as mandatory and the second as an open forum. He taught me how to think outside the box and changed my thinking forever.”
“My favorite college professor. Made it looks so cool that it almost made me want to take up pipe smoking. I took four courses with him from ’91-’95. I think of still think of him often. Vaya con Dios.”
“He’s a great guy. Had him for some philosophy electives and would take him again. Stimulates and encourages deep thinking. He is very open-minded, very helpful and very clear. Classes were easy to me. Highly recommended.”

Notable Research per Faculty at UCF

1. Florida Scrub Jay Environment and Adaptations by Reed Bowman


Faculty: Department of Biology

Reed Bowman is an Associate Biologist at FGCU. His research is very focused on scrub organisms, their environment, and their adaptations. He has been studying the variation of the Florida scrub-jay and their resource management.

2. Earthworm Nutrient Cycling Importance by Patrick Bohlen


Faculty: Department of Biology

Patrick Bohlen is a Biology Professor, as well as the Director of Landscape and Natural Resources at FGCU. He is interested in soil and ecosystem ecology, and the lives of earthworms. He has studied earthworm nutrient cycling in many different ecosystems.

3. Environmental Protection and Conservation Studies by Dave Breininger


Faculty: Department of Biology

Dave Breininger is a Biology Professor at FGCU. He is interested in environmental conservation and the protection of endangered species. His research follows the management and protection of Floridian ecosystems.

4. Functions and Shapes of Nano Materials by Gang Chen


Faculty: Department of Chemistry

Gang Chen is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at UCF. He is interested in nanomaterials and material chemistry. His research focuses on building different nanomaterials to fit certain shapes and functions.

5. Creating New Nano Meter Patterning by Stephen Kuebler


Faculty: Department of Chemistry

Stephen Kuebler is a Chemistry Professor at UCF. His lab research revolves around photons and the creation of new materials for photonic applications. He is particularly interested in patterning materials on nanometer size scales.

10 Easiest Courses at UCF

University of Central Florida (UCF) has a lot of courses to offer, ranging from introductory classes to honors and intermediate ones. Rather than make the college experience harder on yourself, allow yourself to take some easy courses and potentially boost your GPA! Here are the 10 easiest courses offered at UCF.

1. ASL 2140 – Introduction to American Sign Language

This easy class is a 4 credit-earning course that covers the development of ASL vocabulary and grammar, as well as the history and nature of deaf culture and research. Not only is this beginner course easy, but it offers a fresh perspective on society.ASL being signed

2. CAP 3104 – Foundations of Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Fundamental concepts about HCI that will be covered in CAP 3104 include human-centered design problems, design guidelines and heuristics, interface evaluation techniques, and more. This class is a great way to become familiar with the Computer Applications program while also earning an easy A.the different branches of study in HCI

3. COM 1000 – Introduction to Communication

This class teaches an overview of human communication in both personal and professional contexts, and is meant to introduce students to different research experiments, theories, and principles of these communications. COM 1000 is an incredibly easy and eye-opening course that’s offered year-round at UCF.Two people communicating with each other

4. EAP 1850 – English for Academic Purposes I

This easy course is offered solely to UCF students who have been admitted to the Global Achievement Academy Development. EAP 1850 introduces students to the basics of teaching English as a second language, focusing on skills such as note-taking, written and oral communication, and vocabulary development.A school for teaching English to non-English speakers

5. ECO 2013 – Principles of Macroeconomics 

ECO 2013 is an introductory course to the subject of macroeconomics that covers a wide range of topics, such as employment, national income, price level determination, national income, and international economics.A graph looking at the market

6. FIL 1000 – Cinema Survey

This fun and easy class is perfect for students who are thinking about studying film in college, or just like to watch movies. FIL 1000 mainly teaches the different approaches to studying cinema, so it’s very introductory.A movie theater

7. GEO 1200 – Physical Geography

GEO 1200 will take you through the basic elements of physical geography, discussing topics such as climate, landforms, natural vegetation, and minerals and their natural distribution throughout the world. This easy course is the perfect way for any UCF students on the fence about their major to try out geography.Different studies within physical geography

8. HFT 1000 – Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

This introductory course for UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management provides a basic overview of the hospitality, tourism, and restaurant industry. The basic overview includes a look at the industry’s history in America as well as the structure and operating procedures that make up the industry.The industry in different countries

9. INR 2002 – International Relations, Theory and Practice

INR 2002 analyzes the foundations of interstate relations, including the basic guidelines that nation states seem to follow in interstate relations, as well as the different factors that affect those relations. INR 2002 also applies these analyses to contemporary global developments in an attempt to explain them.Different countries conversing with each other

10. MUL 2010 – Enjoyment of Music

Calling all music lovers out there, MUL 2010 is the perfect class to earn credits while also relaxing and learning about something of interest to you. While Enjoyment of Music is meant to teach an understanding of music principles to non-music majors, it also provides new and different techniques for listening to music.Sheet musicWhile college can be one of the most fun and enjoyable times in one’s life, it can also be incredibly stressful. Every college kid is undoubtedly a hard worker, so it’s important to give yourself a break. UCF students can go easy on themselves by taking any of the 10 courses listed above.