10 Hardest Courses at University of Bridgeport

College is hard. No matter what classes you are taking, college classes will always challenge you. However, some classes are harder than others. Some majors are more demanding than others, and with those majors come some of the toughest classes in the whole school. In this article, you will find out what the 10 hardest classes are at the University of Bridgeport

1. IDDSN 399 – Special Projects

special projects lightbulb

Special projects is an advanced course under the Industrial Design major. In this class, student work will be held in competitions and sponsored projects. In addition, the students will be working on a semester-long research project. This course seems time-demanding, but any student with advanced time-management skills can handle it. 

2. DHYG 305 & 306 – Dental Hygiene Research I & II

person in labcoat looking at microscope in a lab and writing notes

These courses go hand-in-hand. To even get into these courses, you must have already been admitted as a dental hygiene student. Although Dental Hygiene Research I is slightly easier than Dental Hygiene Research II, nothing comes easy. These courses are all about research design, and the process of research. Students will develop advanced assessment, evaluation skills, and will even implement their own research. This is a great course for any student who is serious about the dental hygiene path. 

3. ELEG 346 – Fundamentals of MEMs

MEMS chip on someone's finger

MEMs, as described on the University of Bridgeport’s website, are microelectromechanical systems, which are essentially devices with extremely small size in terms of microns. Even from that description, you can tell this class requires some advanced knowledge before even going in. It lies under the electrical engineering major, and even though it is a “fundamentals” class, there’s really nothing fundamental about it. 

4. ENGL 308 – Advanced Creative Writing

creativity in a book shown through 2d sketches that pop out of open book

Although we think of creative writing as a fun, relaxing time of making up your own stories within the comfort of your favorite place, Advanced Creative Writing is far from that. This course is a seminar workshop, which is great because it pertains to the interests of the student, and not necessarily a professor. However, potential publication could come from this course, which is why it is nothing to not be taken seriously. In addition, the course is only offered every two years, so students must plan ahead to take it. 

5. FIN 380 – Multinational Finance

globe-multinational finance represented by a globe on top of chart on paper

Multinational Finance is the toughest course in the Finance major. It focuses on the international dimensions of finance in corporate settings, and prepares students to deal with major financial decisions that they may face in their career down the road. This course is only offered as a junior or senior year course, with another advanced finance class as a prerequisite. 

6. HSCI 331 – Kinesiology

human with half skeleton, half muscles

If you have ever talked to anyone in the Health Sciences, they have probably told you about how difficult kinesiology is. Kinesiology is the study of the biomechanics of the human skeleton. It is also the analysis of human movement. The course focuses intensely on the anatomical and mechanical analysis of motion. There are other physiology prerequisite courses that you must take before taking this one. 

7. HSCI 471 – Exercise Nutrition

female running with food in her body

This class is actually offered at a graduate level, but some students may take it with instructor’s permission. It focuses on dietary nutrition and supplements that pertain to exercise. There are many science and health prerequisites for this course, seeing as though it is a graduate course. 

8. HSCI 401 – Health Sciences Information Literacy

words that describe health science in a wordcloud

This class is another one of those classes that is specialized for graduate students to take, but undergrads can get permission by their professor to take it. However, this is actually in introductory course in information literacy. It includes the most important databases in health care, which is why it is such a high level, high-importance class. 

9. HSCI 470 – Clinical Herbology and Botany

just a couple of plants in fancy vases

Like the past two, this course is a specialized, graduate-level class. It includes many aspects from past classes and prerequisites, including but not limited to pharmacology, toxicology, and medicinal herbs. It is a heavily weighted biology class, but it seems very interesting. 

10. IPED 390 – Multinational Corporations in IPED

map of the world filled with names and logos of multinational corporations

If you don’t know what IPED stands for, we can probably both agree that this course would be rather difficult. It analyzes the role of Multinational Corporations, as well as their decisions in today’s politics and economics. An instructor’s approval may be required for entry into this course, which further proves just how difficult it is.

Top 10 Library Resources at University of Bridgeport

The University of Bridgeport provides a variety of graduate and undergraduate degrees. These programs are offered to people seeking professional and personal growth around the world. To enhance academic excellence, commitment to service and personal responsibility, this campus prides in the Magnus Wahlstrom Library facility that offers a myriad of resources and services to promote learning outcomes. Below is a quick rundown of top 10 Library resources at the University of Bridgeport.

1. Borrow and Renew

A student borrowing a library laptop

Wahlstrom Library allows borrowing of books, DVDs, CDs, loaner laptops, VHS, smart board makers, whiteboard markers, HDMI to VGA adapters, headphones, and headphone splitters. You are free to browse the library books on the third floor or the journals and audio/visual items on the fourth floor. Check out the items using your current university ID.  Requests for loaner laptops and other things are made at the Information desk. You are required to sign a Laptop Use Agreement to check out a laptop.

2. Computers & Printing

Library Computer section showing desktop computers and printing station

UB library has 44 desktop PCs and 36 more computers both on the first and second floor respectively. The Information Desk has twenty loaner laptops that are only used within the library. The desktop computers are opened by logging in your UBNet password and ID. Your normal UBNet login is used to access the loaner laptops. Wahlstrom Library provides print, scan and copy services to the students, staff, faculty, and the community at large.

3. Interlibrary Loan

A student completing an interlibrary loan request form

Items not provided at Wahlstrom Library are requested from other libraries through ILL- Interlibrary loan. Currently registered students, staff, and faculty get this service free for course research. The ILL request form is used to borrow articles or books not accessible on the library eJournals, databases, or Onesearch. However, UB Library may not be able to borrow particular items such as theses and dissertations that are charged, materials prohibited by the ILL publishers, course books and more.

4. Research Services

Three students consulting from a librarian

The Wahlstrom Library offers many resources that assist both the faculty and students in research. The facility has databases of books, news, articles, and other various scholarly works. Other academic resources include the eJournal Finder, Reference Sources and the UB Scholar Works. For any request about consultation services, you are required to liaise with the librarian by email, chat, or phone to inquire for a reference appointment. Research guides are available at the library for the basic research and the advanced topics.

5. Study and Meeting Rooms

Library Meeting Room

Some policies govern the use of the group study rooms. All students using the facility have to accept and follow these policies. The D!BS is used to reserve both the presentation and study rooms. The first floor has two presentation rooms that are enclosed with projectors, and erase boards. The rooms hold up to 12 visitors. Four study rooms are located on the first floor of the library building. These spaces are semi-private with DVD players and a video screen.

6. Disability Services

A photo of a student with crutches reading a book

Adaptive Technology room is provided by the UB library to support learners with visual, physical and learning disabilities. Space is sited on the fourth floor of the Wahlstrom Library. This particular room is equipped with low-vision equipment, and voice recognition software. Any student of UB campus who is eligible for accommodations can access both the software and the hardware.

7. Services for Distance Students

Library Document Station

Wahlstrom Library delivers scanned materials from its print journal collection to distant learning students. Scholars undertaking programs at the Waterbury and the UB Stanford areas benefit from this service. The documents requested through interlibrary loan are sent to your UB email as PDFs. Online eBooks and articles are provided through Library databases and Onesearch. This enables easy access by students from any place provided they use their UBNet password and username.

8. Services for Faculty & Staff

Students with staff in a library reading lounge

The library has some handouts, YouTube videos, plus other materials that can be combined into instruction to enhance information literacy. The facility organizes group reading of available library resources for classes to reduce waste of time and resources. Loaner laptops are provided for both staff and faculty. This is an initiative spearheaded by the Academic Technology Services. Items intended to be placed on reserve are taken to the Information Desk on the first floor.

9. Services for Alumni

Alumni Library Card

Alumni are only eligible for resources that are provided freely including open access books, PubMed and more. A guest-borrowing card is issued to any UB alumni at no charge. This card gives them the right of borrowing to a maximum of three print books simultaneously. The library does not permit alumni in accessing library audio material, digital resources, or computers.

10. Services for Local Community

Writer David day holds a library community card.

Guest borrower’s cards are issued to those who are not employees, students or alumni of UB. The card is renewed at $25 annually. You can borrow to a maximum of three print books using the Guest borrower’s card. Outsiders are not allowed to access audiovisual items, digital resources, or computers at the library.


Top 5 Libraries at University of Bridgeport

1. The Wahlstrom Library

Magnus Wahlstrom Library, University of Bridgeport

Wahlstrom Library is nestled at the heart of the University of Bridgeport. This research and learning facility covers the first four levels of 126 Park Avenue adjacent to Carson Hall. The UB’s Maps and Directions page gives the exact directions to the library. Each of the four floors is equipped with different resources that fit the specific library services offered including computers, tables, chairs, self-checkout equipment, book collection, print journal collection and more.

2. Mt Aery Library

A green Garden in front of Mt Aery Library

This study and research institution is located in Bridgeport CT and held privately. The library’s undertaking is based in one location but corporates with neighboring libraries as well. Mt Aery Library falls among public libraries. Research indicates that the facility was founded in 2009 and its incorporation took place in Connecticut.

3. Bridgeport Public Library Newfield

Two cars parking in front of Bridgeport public library Newfield branch

This library facility is the main public library in Bridgeport city. The City of Bridgeport is the most popular metropolis in Connecticut. The capital has more than 145,000 residents with over 60 spoken languages. Nestled in a town with a variety of significant tourist attractions, Bridgeport Public Library prides in being among the cultural centers that promote study and research in the area.

4. Black Rock Branch Library

Main entrance of the Black Rock Branch Library

Black Rock Branch Library is a comprehensive study and research facility in Black Rock region of Bridgeport, CT. This section of Bridgeport has a diverse and active community. Founded in 1932 and reopened in 2009, this facility has been renovated from 6,000 square feet to 11, 00 square feet. Other changes years down the line include the installation of free wifi and public computers in the entire building. This library acts as a hub for teens, adults, and children.

5. Daniel T Banks Health Sci Library

Daniel T Banks Health Science Library – Bridgeport, CT

This library is held privately and located in Bridgeport, CT. Its business is based on a single location. Daniel T Banks Health Science Library falls under Medical libraries. The facility was founded in 1982 and merged in Connecticut. The company’s estimated revenue figure stands at 54385 with an employment rate of about three staff.

Top 10 Residences at the University of Bridgeport

Living on campus is an important part of the overall experience and development of students at the University of Bridgeport. The residence halls are not just places for students to sleep, but are vibrant communities where students are engaged as active members of the campus, educated on topics directly related to their success and empowered with the critical thinking skills that will help in their transformation into a responsible and active member of a global community.

1. Barnum Hall

Barnum Hall

Residence Address: 150 Marina Park Circle, Bridgeport, CT 06604

Barnum Hall, located near Marina Dining Hall, is a traditional coeducational building that houses roughly 200 students in traditional two-person rooms, as well as a select number of single occupancy rooms. The main floor offers residents a recreation room, laundry room, community kitchen, and television lounge.

2. Bodine Hall

Bodine Hall

Residence Address: 80 University Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604

Bodine Hall, located near Knight’s Field, is the campus’s largest residential building, housing around 400 students in double or triple occupancy rooms. Undergraduate students comprise floors 1-5 with graduate students living on floors 6-8.
Located in the basement is a recreation room providing residents with a big screen television, table tennis, pool table and community kitchen area.

3. Chaffee Hall

Chaffee Hall

Residence Address: 411 University Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604

Chaffee Hall offers a traditional coeducational living style to 140 students who have over 60 credits in traditional two-person rooms, as well as a select number of single occupancy rooms. Located adjacent to Marina Dining Hall, Chaffee Hall provides an ideal environment for students finishing their undergraduate careers and/or those taking graduate courses.

4. Cooper Hall

Cooper Hall

Residence Address: 400 Linden Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604

Cooper Hall is a traditional coeducational residence hall housing roughly 100 students on three floors. The first floor of Cooper Hall is used by the ELI program as classroom space. Located adjacent to Marina Dining Hall, Cooper Hall offers standard two-person rooms, as well as a select number of single occupancy rooms. Each floor provides students with a community lounge area, kitchenette space, and a communal laundry center. Renovated in 2013, Cooper Hall provides residents with the comfort of air conditioning within all residential rooms.

5. Seeley Hall

Seeley Hall

Residence Address: 490 Waldemere Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604

Seeley Hall is a traditional coeducational residence hall housing 200 students. Seeley Hall is conveniently located near the Marina Dining Hall and houses the Office of Housing, Residential Life and Community Standards. The main floor of Seeley offers students a television lounge and recreation room area, as well as a laundry room and community kitchen.

6. University Hall

University Hall

Residence Address: 40 Rennell St, Bridgeport, CT 06604

This is the newest residence hall which was opened in the fall 2016 semester. The residence hall is suggestive of a resort hotel, similar to those of Bar Harbor Maine. The facade is punctuated by a curved bay window with a front porch that welcomes students home to an entrance lobby decorated in a theme that extends Victorian flair to the exterior design. The four story facility houses 220 students, with 30+ credits, in a variety of residence configurations including suites and traditional bedrooms along with many social amenity rooms and support services.

7. Health Science Living Community

Health Science Living Community

Residence Address: Seeley Hall, rear entrance
490 Waldemere Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06604

Located at the corner of Waldemere Avenue and Myrtle Avenue, the Health Sciences Living Community (HSLC) provides twenty (20) students enrolled in the graduate Health Sciences programs the comforts of home with all the benefits of living on campus— at a low cost. Located across the street from Hubbell Gymnasium, the HSLC is only a few moments from academic buildings and includes an amazing view of Seaside Park and Long Island Sound.

8. University Place Apartments

University Place Apartments

Residence Address: Atlantic Street and Rennell Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604

For those graduate students looking for a true apartment living experience University Place Apartments provides one and two-bedroom apartments located right behind Wheeler Recreation Center.

9. Golden Hill Apartments

Golden Hill Apartments

Residence Address: 144 Golden Hill StreetBridgeportCT 06604

The building holds one and two bedroom apartments for rent. The apartments have a bathroom that is shared in the two bedroom apartments. The apartments also have bamboo flooring, have ready cable, fully applianced kitchen, and stainless Steel Appliances. Shared amenities include high speed Internet access, a library, on-site laundry facilities, on-site management, and ample parking.

10. Laurelwood Place Apartments

Laurelwood Place Apartments

Residence Address: 585 Norman Street, BridgeportCT 06605

Laurelwood Place house one bedroom apartments for rent. The apartments are spacious and fitted with modern appliance, have handicap accessibility, and individual climate control. The shared amenities include a community room, an elevator, off street parking, on-site laundry, and on-site management.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at the University of Bridgeport

1. Room Basics

A student room

  • Beddings
  • Decorations
  • Mattress cover
  • Clothes
  • Personal effects
  • Iron box

2. Food and Snacks


  • Juice
  • Biscuits
  • Cereals(if you intend to cook)
  • Fruits
  • Beverages(coffee, tea, chocolate)

3. Tech and Entertainment

Bluetooth speakers

  • Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Ipod/mp3 player
  • Game consoles
  • Tv

4. School Supplies

Pencils, books, stapler, paper punch, paper clips

  • Books
  • Pens
  • Notebook
  • Stapler
  • Paper punch
  • Marker pens

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

Clothes hanged using hangers

  • Hangers
  • Detergents/soap
  • Storage containers
  • Dustbin
  • Mop/broom

6. Campus Gears

Bridgeport University shirt

  • Campus branded clothes (T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, and jackets)
  • Bag pack
  • Umbrella
  • Walking shoes
  • Sunscreen

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

A pink square written "ASK FIRST"

  • Pets
  • Furniture
  • Refrigerators
  • Halogen lamps
  • Hoverboard


10 Coolest Clubs at University of Bridgeport

There’s no easier way to make friends and have a great college experience than getting involved on campus. Luckily, most universities have dozens and sometimes even hundreds of different clubs and student organizations of all interests. If you’re attending the University of Bridgeport, consider getting involved in these top ten clubs and top five events on campus!

1) Aerospace Club

Four people talk in a group while one holds a model rocket.

Aerospace Club is the perfect club for those who love aerodynamics, space exploration, and engineering. This club focuses on Aerospace projects, competitions, and other social events. These club activities include discussing aerospace topics and theories, creating solutions to real-world issues, and designing and building engines, air crafts, and other space vehicles.


2) Biology Club

A person looks into a microscope as another person operates it.

Biology Club seeks to promote the understanding of important issues in the life sciences through a variety of on-campus activities, including social events, guest speakers, and the discourse of our love for science. This club helps promote career awareness for students interested in Biology. This includes any medical relevant career (e.g. Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Vet, Pre-Professional), as well as Industry/Research careers in the life sciences. These goals shall be accomplished through a variety of on-campus activities including, but not limited to, formal lectures, panel discussions, careers in biology programs, and off-campus trips to educational events directly related to the field of Biology and the medical field.

3) Drama Society

Image of theatre seats.

If you like to act, then Drama Society is the club for you! This club allows students to put on many shows that show off everyone’s talents, diversity, and friendships. Drama Society incorporates the community around them and other majors inside of the school, not just music/theater majors.

4) Eve’s Secret

Volunteers working a donation drive.

Donations and charity are a great way to help out your community. Eve’s Secret at the University of Bridgeport was created to supply basic necessities to those in need through means of donation and education. The club strives to make connections to those in need, low income, and/ or homeless individuals of the community of Bridgeport and beyond.

5) Fencing Club

Two people partake in a fencing match.

Fencing Club; make new friends, and then stab them. The primary purpose of this club is to provide a space for students to not only learn the art of fencing but to perform this art against opponents in a safe environment that allows them to learn while practicing against opponents and honing their skills. This will be accomplished through team practices, workshops and one on one practice matches.

6) Global Ambassadors

Image of hands holding the globe.

Do you like to travel or study abroad? Then consider becoming a Global Ambassador at the University of Bridgeport! As a Global Ambassador, your role would be to advocate for the merits of study abroad. Global Ambassadors are peer advisors and recruitment specialists. By sharing your stories and encouraging others to study abroad, Global Ambassadors play an important role in helping to internationalize the UB campus. Students who complete the UB Global Ambassador Program expectations will receive a UB Certificate of Global Engagement!

7) Knights’ Ensemble

A group of people practicing on instruments.

Do you play an instrument? Are you interested in joining a band or making music for fun? Then look no further! Knights’ Ensemble is a club for students to come together to make music in a concert band formation. This club is just for fun but also performs at concerts with the UB Percussion!

8) Purple Knights Random Acts of Kindness

Two people hugging.

Purple Knights Random Acts of Kindness is an organization that believes in spreading kindness throughout schools, the communities, and homes. This organization believes that we can change the way people see the world differently by showing kindness and helping one another. If you want to spread love and smiles, then this is the club for you!

9) Robotics Club

Four people work on a robot.

Spark your curiosity with the Robotics Club! The Robotics Club is a group that builds physical things and expands the curiosity of themselves and others. The mission of the club is to push forward what’s possible as a student organization, both in terms of technical accomplishments and educational value. The club welcomes students from all backgrounds and experiences and offers them real hands-on experience in constructing robots and leading a team. The ultimate goal is to open the possibility of becoming a robotics innovator to anyone.

10) UB Wellness Club

Three people participate in yoga.

Want to live a healthier lifestyle? The UB Wellness Club promotes health and wellbeing at UB through activities focused on exercise, nutrition, and emotional/mental health. The club’s main offerings include FREE weekly yoga, meditation, Zumba classes, and fun workshops throughout the semester. Club members can come and go as they please to the weekly classes and workshops.


Top 5 Events During the School Year at University of Bridgeport

1) Homecoming Weekend

People in colorful outfits pose with the Purple Knight mascot.

Homecoming weekend is the biggest event of the year at UB! Homecoming Weekend is UB’s annual gathering of alumni, students, families, faculty, staff, and friends! Saturday registration includes a free tee-shirt, continental breakfast, picnic lunch, two free drink tickets, and entry into most events. Sunday registration includes a free tee-shirt, buffet breakfast, and entry into events. Come be a part of an important UB tradition. You do NOT want to miss this event!

2) Harvest Festival

People walking around and tables set up outside on campus.

Harvest Festival is a large festival that happens every Fall at the University of Bridgeport. Student clubs and organizations host family-friendly activities, including a bounce house, giant Jenga, and more!

3) Engineering Carnival

Family gathered around a table with paper and markers.

This event is perfect for families! UB’s award-winning School of Engineering students showcase their talents and provide interactive activities for children of all ages at the annual Engineering Carnival! These carnival activities were designed and built by UB’s engineering students just for this event. Check the Engineering Carnival out and support your fellow Knights!

4) Pep Rally

Cheerleaders cheer in a circle around the mascot, Purple Knight.

Show your Purple Knight Pride at the annual spirited pep rally! Activities include cheers, dances, and an appearance by everyone’s fave mascot, the Purple Knight! The Pep Rally is the perfect way to kick off Homecoming Weekend. Don’t miss out on this great UB tradition!

5) Semi-formal Dance

Group of people posing with props for a fun semi formal picture.

UB students are invited to enjoy a special Homecoming semi-formal dance! Get dressed up and have a fun night of dancing and silly photo booth photos with your friends. This event only happens once a year, so you don’t want to miss out!

10 of the Easiest Courses at University of Bridgeport

The University of Bridgeport is nationally recognized for it’s amazing security system and on-campus student safety. They also offer some really fun and interesting courses that aren’t too hard to do well in! Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. HSCI 250 – Introduction to Community and Public Health

Want to learn about the basics of Public Health? Look no further! This course will give you all the essentials to help you get your voice heard out in the world! Get involved in your community and let them know that you’re advocating for something!Often, a key part about informing the community about issues like public health is the method of communication

2. PSYC 202 –  Adolescence Psychology

What goes through an adolescents mind? What are their secrets, their dreams, and their emotions? You’ll figure it all out in this course! The young mind is still developing and this change is what makes the course really interesting!Adolescents taking a group selfie during a hangout

3. PSCI 233 – An Introduction to the U.S. Legal System

What constitutes the decision-making process in condemning someone innocent or guilty? How does the Judicial Branch cooperate with various industries around the world and retain world peace and balance? It’s complex structure is broken down easily for you in this class.The U.S. Legal System involves the judiciary branch, which deals with judges and courts

4. PRST 201 – Fundamentals of Management and Leadership

This class will give you some insight on how to work together with others and make a voice for yourself, whether in a workplace, in school, in a protest, etc. Learning to management different aspects of work and life can often be challenging, but this course makes it seem easy as pie! There’s very little homework and it just requires lecture participation.Part of being a leader actually involves a lot of teamwork

5. HUM C201 – The American Dream

What does the “American Dream” mean”? Is it the green light at the end of Gatsby’s dock? Is it working your way up from “rags to riches”? It is the fundamental belief that success is somewhat, largely, predicated upon a meritocracy; in other words, how hard you work determines how successful you’ll be. This class will teach you all this and more!Will Smith's role in the "The Pursuit of Happyness" as a destitute homeless to a thriving businessman exemplifies the very definition of the American Dream

6. SOC 310 – Race and Ethnicity

Why does society thrive like it does? Diversity. Take this course to learn about how important it is to have a society with individuals of different ethnicities and backgrounds. Perhaps your perception on race and background will change if you take this course, who knows? A picture encompassing three women from three different backgrounds

7. PSYC 381 – Drug Effects and Behavior

Drugs are a huge problem in society; many abuse them and don’t understand the consequences of this action. This course will help you become engaged with the psychology that occurs before and after someone takes drugs. You will also get to see the effects that different drugs has on different parts of the brain and the rest of your body as well.A man takes a dosage of his prescribed medication, but does he know the psychological consequences of overdose?

8. HSCI 230 – Fundamentals of Nutrition

Are you getting enough nutrition each day? Which meals are the most nutritious? Which aren’t? Satisfy your curiosity by taking this course to understand the essential nutrients that your body requires and how we obtain them!Our diet scale is large: nutrition can come from seafood, vegetable greens, fruits, etc. The list is endless!

9. SOC 102 – Social Problems

What are some examples of social problems you can think of? Poverty? Hunger? Underdeveloped healthcare in third-world countries? This course has really passionate professors that will sway some of you to go leave a positive influence on the world by remedying our social problems.A destitute man in wonder of how he will survive the next week with the little food, money, and healthcare protection that he has

10. PRST 202 – Business Math

Grab your calculators and pens! It’s time for some quick and simple inputs! In business, whether its real estate or car dealerships, part of being a convincing employee is to show how adept you are in your calculations. Take this course to get speedy with your basic math skills; the professors sometimes even share their life stories in class!Being able to do quick and accurate calculations is an essential part of business

 So there you have it! The top 10 courses you should keep on your list for the University of Bridgeport. You’re guaranteed a decent grade if you show up, participate, and do some review for the tests in each class. Good luck!