Restaurant and Cafes at UArk

College is the best years of students lives. One of the best things about college is the food around campus. Alumni always miss their college food days, and always go back eventually. The students in Arkansas are no different, and luckily they have amazing food. Here are the 7 restaurants and cafes at the University of Arkansas.

1. US Pizza

Pizza for pizza restaurant

The first restaurant on this list is US Pizza. This is the local pizza shop near campus. It is the perfect spot for brunch, or even an early dinner. One of the best reasons that students come here is for the bottomless mimosas. The food is truly special, and every student knows how great this restaurant truly is. Students can always come here for some nice comfort food.

2. Prelude Breakfast Bar

The menu for prelude

The second restaurant on this list is the Prelude Breakfast Bar. This is a new place near campus, and has a very hipster vibe to it. It is super tasty, and has very interesting food that students can not get anywhere else on campus. Students love to come here for any celebration, or just to have a nice meal at a beautiful restaurant. 

3. Savory Tea Company

Some sandwiches and tea at restaurant

The third restaurant on this list is the Savory Tea Company. This is the perfect lunch for anyone who likes healthy, cute sandwiches and teas. There are many tea options, and two walls full of options for students to choose from. It is also close to the Farmer’s market for students to have a lovely day. 

4. Doe’s Eat Place

Steak and some fries

The fourth spot on this list is Doe’s Eat Place. While this is a very expensive restaurant it is very worth it. The main entree is steak, and who doesn’t like a good ribeye? Students usually come here with their parents because they can food the bill. They also usually come here for celebrations because it is just so good. 

5. Onyx

The food at Onyx

The fifth cafe on this list is Onyx. This is a cute, little coffee shop that is the perfect location for hanging out or studying. It is the best premium coffee shop in the area, and is so pretty. It also has a great atmosphere for both hanging out and studying, depending on what the student wants to do. There are also different baked goods, or sandwiches for students to eat and enjoy. 

6. The Hive

Person making the food at Hive

The sixth restaurant on this list is the Hive. This is a more upscale place for students to eat. While it is expensive, it is a great meal for anyone looking to eat a fancy meal. Students can also come here with their parents if they really want to eat a nice meal. 

7. Con Quesos

Tacos and some chips

The final restaurant on this list is Con Quesos. This is the local Spanish restaurant on campus. It is so tasty, and the perfect meal for anyone craving some Mexican food. It is pretty cheap for a nice Spanish meal, which is perfect for some broke college students. It is also perfect for lunch or dinner. 

Health and Wellness Services at UArk

Health and wellness facilities are as integral as the academic programs and resources in an educational institution. University of Arkansas provides the needed physical support plus the intellectual nourishment for their students and faculty staff. No matter how intellectually gifted you are, a robust health still assures your success. Here are 5 health and wellness services at the University of Arkansas.

1. Wellness Coaching

Woman having a talk with her coach

The department of Wellness and Health promotion wants to help students achieve academic and personal success, which is why students have access to free wellness coaching provided by certified wellness coaches. Wellness coaching is offered either individually or as a group. Wellness coaches are professional certified health educators.

2. Allergy, Immunization & Travel (AIT) Clinic

Girl getting a flu shot

The AIT Clinic assists students with required immunizations, TB testing and other screenings required by graduate programs or clinical assignments. They also administer a variety of immunizations including those needed for foreign travel as well as provide advice on health and safety conditions for several countries.

3. Nutrition Counseling

Woman having a meeting with her nutritionist

The health center offers nutrition counseling to empower you to respect and nourish your body. Nutrition Counseling provides 1:1 nutrition assessments & on-going care at no cost to students. Pat Walker Health Center has a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN) that provides individualized care

4. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Guidance counselor talking to a student

Counseling and Psychological Services help students navigate the pressures of college life and beyond with various evidence-based mental health services and programs. All CAPS programs and services are designed to meet the academic, developmental, remedial and preventive needs of the campus community. Students can schedule an appointment with CAPS by calling 479-575-5276.

5. Suicide Prevention

Graphic image depicting depression and suicide

Suicide is a crucial issue that many university students face today with the constant pressure of academics. U of A set up a hotline for students who are thinking of attempting suicide to reach out for a talk. They always have an available professional mental health person. Emergency hotline is 479-575-5276.

10 Library Resources at UARK

What first started out as an eight-student and three-faculty membered campus with very little funds, the University of Arkansas has built quite the reputation 145 years later. Now with more than 27,000 students enrolled in their academic programs, they also made sure to provide tiptop library resources for them. Here are 10 library resources students can use for research accomplishment.

1. InterLibrary Loan

The Interlibrary Loan Department will deliver library materials to University of Arkansas students, faculty, and staff who participate in courses either online or in a location other than the Fayetteville campus. Individuals using this service must live outside a 15-mile radius of the Fayetteville campus. Students can use their ILLiad account to request materials.InterLibrary Loan graphic logo

2. Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are “free AND openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research and other purposes.” When used in the classroom they can be accessed by students for free or at minimal cost. By collaborating to create high-quality shared texts, the academic community can dramatically lower the cost of textbooks and class materials for the students they teach.

Open Educational Resources graphic logo

3. Rooms and Carrels

Naturally, doing research would require a quiet place for you to focus. The UARK libraries allow their students to book through the website. A valid University of Arkansas Identification Card indicating current enrollment or employment status is required to obtain group study rooms or to have access to other types of rooms.

Mini personal study carrels

4. [email protected]

[email protected] highlights a growing collection of faculty publications, presentations, student work and teaching materials. It is the institutional repository for the University of Arkansas, contains research, scholarship, and creative work produced by the university’s academic departments, research centers, faculty, staff, researchers, and students. Much of the content is open access, meaning that it is offered to users worldwide for the purpose of furthering research, scholarship, and education.

Reading glasses sitting on top of open books

5. Course Reserves

The University of Arkansas Libraries Course Reserves service allows faculty and instructors to make recommended or required course materials available to their students, whether those materials are print, electronic, video, or audio. Course reserves are available either as electronic reserves (e-reserves) or as print and media reserves.

Course Reserves graphic logo

6. Chat 24/7

Students love cramming late night study sessions. But what if you have a sudden emergency question and the library is not open at 12 midnight? The UARK Libraries website has a chat feature available all day in case their students need some quick assistance with something.

Live chat 24/7 icon

7. Research Consultations

Meet with a librarian to discuss your topic and explore relevant resources. There is a form that you need to fill out so you can schedule an appointment with your librarian. They also have a list of names of librarians and their subject specialties, email addresses and contact numbers for your reference.

Woman asking a librarian for help

8. Citation Help

It’s not just the actual content of your paper that will matter. Citing your sources allows your reader to identify the works you have consulted and to understand the breadth and scope of your research. The website offers quick links on different citation styles with examples for you to check out.

Word collage about citation

9. Children’s Collections

Yup, even though you’re now a university student, you might still be asked to check out children’s literature as research materials. The Children’s Collection includes most Caldecott and Newbery award winners as well as items purchased in support of coursework in the College of Education and Health Professions.

Little girl browsing the library

10. Multimedia Services

Housed in the Lindley and Kaneaster Hodges, Jr. Reading Room, Multimedia Services provides support for use of current periodicals, microfilm and microfiche, audio and video materials and equipment, and maps. The website also has a link to instructions for requesting materials to be delivered to campus.

Multimedia services graphic logo

Top 5 Libraries at UARK

1. Mullins Library

Mullins Library is the main library facility on campus, where the majority of the University Libraries’ central offices, study space, and collections are available. Built in 1968, Mullins replaced Vol Walker Hall as the main University Library. Mullins Library

2. University Archives

The University Archives is the repository for non-current official materials of enduring value that document the institutional memory of the University of Arkansas Fayetteville campus. Official materials are documents produced or received by an agency, officer or employee of the university in connection with the transaction of university business.

University Archives

3. Library Annex

The Libraries’ new high-density annex opened in summer 2018, providing a climate-controlled environment for the university’s growing library collection of books and other materials, while freeing up needed space in Mullins Library, the main research library on campus. The 27,000-foot storage facility can accommodate approximate 1.8 million volumes when filled to capacity.

UARK Library Archives

4. Fayetteville Public Library

A group of citizens led by the University of Arkansas librarian Julia Vaulx established the Fayetteville Public Library in 1916. The library originally occupied two rooms of the Washington County Courthouse basement. In 2009, the library was named Best Library in NWA by Citiscapes readers’ poll.

Fayetteville Public Library

5. Physics Library

In 1929 the Physics Library began as a small collection of books and journals purchased by the department and was located in two bookshelves in Dr. Paul Shara’s office in the basement of Old Main. The physics material was transferred to its present building in 1960. In 1992, with the renovation of the Physics Building, the Physic Library collections were moved across the hall to the present location.

Physics Library UARK

10 Hardest Courses at the University of Arkansas

It is undeniable that students find university courses hard as the level of studies go one step ahead. Some students may pass out with flying colors while the others stay behind because they are unable to cope with the demands and the stress level. Nevertheless, most of the times the hardest college classes are equally challenging of all students no matter how smart and intelligent they are. So let us see what these toughest classes are at the University of Arkansas

1. HIST 2013: American history

We are born to fly high in the sky.This course discusses in detail the reasons behind the civil rights movement, the events that led to the Second World War and the alteration in the attitudes of the white community against the black. This course expects the students to invest considerable time in reading and surfing stuff on the internet and other resource materials. In short, they have to give quality time effort and brains to pass this course.

2. PSYC 2003: General Psychology

Exploring general psychology in detailThis course expects the students to have an all-encompassing approach towards human psychology that discusses the cognitive behaviors, developmental and social psychology and the presence of psychological disorders. To master such concepts, the students need to prepare a thorough and comprehensive research assignment and thesis at the end of the course that carries marks. This course also carries ACTS equivalency to PSYC 1103.

3. PHIL 2103: Introduction to Ethics

 ethics typed on piece of paperThis course requires the students to invest time and harbor good reading stamina and comprehension skills regarding Plato theory and all the renowned philosophers. Different challenging approaches are discussed under this course such as Moral Universalism, the philosophy of Ethics, Rape, and Democracies.

4. PLSC 3293: African American Politics

African Americans too come under the universal rights charterThis course discusses in detail the rise of the African American desire for freedom, liberty and their quests for their justified rights that are unfairly denied by the white establishment. Furthermore, this course discusses in detail the rise of black feminism where the impoverished segment of the society, the female fights for their rights. These theories are complicated and challenging to understand, and this is why this course is hard.

5. PLSC 4513: Creating Democracies

Is democracy only vote of the people, for the people, by the people?This course allows the students to understand the sophistication and complexity that surrounds the concept of democracy and how it is a tool in the hands of the powerful so that they can further their vested interests. So, just like the idea of democracy is complex, the demands and the level of understanding of this course are complicated as well.

6. FREN 1013: Subject, Pronoun, Infinitive, Preposition and Postposition

Understanding the French language and the French cultureIt is the Second Semester course at the university and those students who have either opted for FREN 113 or have two years of experience of having French classes can opt for this course. The main focus of this course is on reading, listening, speaking, articulation and writing. Along with the learning of the features of the language, this course also invites the students to learn the culture and the way of life of the French people through this course. As the French language is complex, so are the course demands. For this reason, it is one of the hardest courses in college!

7. ANSC 1032: Introductory Animal sciences

Caring and management of livestockIn this course, the students will be made familiar with the concept of livestock management and care. Furthermore, there are also advanced topics that will be extensively covered which include animal health, development, nutrition and physiology. With these complex topics, the course is challenging to pass. Most importantly not all students are interested in studying these topics.

8. BIOL 1543: Principles of Biology

Evolution of microorganismsThis course is equivalent to BIOL 1541L. This course explores in detail the working and interaction of organisms and their evolution in the ecosystem. With a scientific and demonstrative approach, this course expects the students to learn the concepts on their fingertips and recall them in each moment of lab experiments.

9. BIOL 1541L: Principles of Biology Laboratory

Adopt a calculated and scientific approach to lifeTo pass this course, the students need to demonstrate experimental and observational techniques that will allow them to interpret the results and formulate the theories. So it means that they need to be on their foot all the time and work, work and work all day!

10. MKTG: 4433: Retail strategy

Key to successful marketing is strategy and planningThis course introduces the concept of retail and the challenges that the retailers face on a daily basis as the new trend and innovations come in the market. So the students need to implement a lot of calculation, rationality and thinking beyond the apparent strategy while passing this course.Thus, these are the toughest classes in college. In order to pass them, the students need to invest a significant amount of energy, time and effort along with intelligence.

Top 10 Majors at University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is a public institution located in Fayetteville Arkansas. The university is currently offering more than 70 amazing majors. Having a knowledge of these major is a key to making the right choice. Highlighted below are the top 10 majors offered in this university.

1. Agricultural Business

Different kinds of agricultural products

The agricultural business major provides education suited to career opportunities in farm management, agricultural business management, and agricultural marketing in both the domestic and international areas. The basic skills and knowledge needed for making sound decisions are provided by the agricultural business curriculum.

2. Architectural Studies

Example of an architectural design

The architectural studies program provides opportunities for students who wish to prepare for graduate study in an accredited architecture program or in an allied discipline, such as architectural history, historic preservation, urban planning, or construction management, as well as serving students who seek opportunities in related fields. The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies incorporates coursework from the school with liberal studies for students with interests that fall outside the parameters of the accredited professional degree program.

3. Finance

Analogy of financial analysis

Students who major in finance concentrations more on banking, energy finance, financial management/investment, insurance, and real estate. Careers in finance are analytically oriented and will generally require proficiency in accounting, economics, and quantitative methods.

4. Chemical Engineering

picture of distillation columns in a chemical plant

Chemical engineering deals with the creation, design, operation, and optimization of processes that derive practical benefits from chemical or physical changes principally involving chemical and biochemical reactions. Chemical engineers have a variety of traditional job opportunities in industries such as petroleum production and processing, chemical manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceutical production, and process equipment manufacturing.  Students obtain a broad foundation in chemistry, mathematics, physics, communication skills, economics, and the humanities.

5. Sociology

The description of a social environment

Sociology is a comprehensive liberal arts degree that provides an excellent foundation and springboard for working in today’s diverse social, organizational and business environments. The Sociology major provides marketable skills in research, theory, and data analytics and knowledge related to social institutions, interactions, cultures, social inequality, and organizations.

6. Philosophy

Picture showing the philosophy of lotto

Most of the things offered Major include some of the deepest, most interesting, and most challenging questions that the human mind can raise. What is the difference between appearance and reality? What are the sources and limits of human knowledge? Does God exist? What is the origin of evil? Can computers think or have feelings? And so on. The Department of Philosophy at the University of Arkansas offers an undergraduate major in philosophy as well as a combined major in philosophy and African and African American studies, both of which lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

7. Animal Science

Pictures of some group of cows

The animal science major offers three areas of concentration designed to provide scientific and technical education to prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility. Students gain valuable experience pertaining to the production of beef and dairy cattle, swine, horses, sheep, and companion animals. In addition, extensive study is offered in the specialized areas of animal health, breeding and genetics, meat science, nutrition, and physiology.

8. Management

Comparison between management and leadership

Management is the force responsible for directing organizations toward goals or objectives. Therefore, the management curriculum focuses on the nature and capabilities of human and other resources, as well as how the manager plans, organizes, staffs, coordinates, and evaluates those resources in an organization and its environment. The study of management prepares students for positions of leadership in profit and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

9. Graphic Design

Representation of graphic design

This major will prepare students to be proficient makers and thoughtful problem seekers and solvers in a four-year professional degree program. The Graphic Design degree focuses on typography, interactivity, branding and design research, each identified as strongly connected to the design industry while incorporating the university research initiatives of the School of Art at the University of Arkansas.

10. Food Science

Picture of the food science laboratory

Food science is the application of science and technology to processing, packaging, safety, product innovation and distribution of food products. Food science deals with all aspects of food between production and consumption and involves many disciplines, including chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, engineering and sensory science.

Top 10 Dorms at the University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas housing comprises of four areas each under the leadership of a director: Administrative Services, Business Services & Information Technology, Residence Education, and Residential Facilities. The university’s housing department is committed to provide a safe, comfortable, convenient, and reasonably-priced living and learning environment that promotes student success. Here are some of the residence halls at the institution.

1. Buchanan-Droke Hall

Buchanan-Droke Hall

Residence Address: 129 N Garland Ave Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

Buchanan-Droke is a three-story female freshmen residence hall that has a capacity of 101 students and a large community room on the ground floor. Each student room has a ceiling fan, a window unit air conditioner, wireless network access and a cable outlet.

2. Duncan Avenue Apartments

Duncan Avenue Apartments

Residence address: Duncan Avenue across from Harmon Parking Deck

Duncan Avenue Apartments are co-ed apartments for the upperclassmen. They are just minutes away from Engineering, Physics, Business, and Kimpel Hall classrooms. The apartments have 4-bedroom houses that can house up to 196 students. The apartments are fully furnished with high speed Internet, washer and dryer, kitchen, and fire alarm and sprinkler system.

3. Founders Hall

Founders Hall

Residence Address: 255 N. McIlroy Ave. Fayetteville, AR 72701-4023

Founders Hall was opened in 2013 for the 2013-2014 Academic year. It has a capacity of 214 students who are housed in a co-ed building. It has an elevator, Wi-Fi connection, sinks in every room and is available for all students including freshmen. The hall is adjacent to Brough Commons dining hall and is centrally located on campus.

4. Futrall Hall

Futrall Hall

Residence Address: 525 N. Lindell Ave. Fayetteville, AR 72701

Futrall Hall is located on the north side of campus next to Holcombe Hall and receives desk and mail services through the Garland Commons desk at the Northwest Quad. It is a co-ed building with a capacity of 195 students. It houses both freshmen and upperclassmen students

5. Gibson Hall

Gibson Hall

The hall has rooms that can accommodate up to 98 female students. The building is air-conditioned, and the rooms are comparably spacious with a ceiling fan and a sink. The hall has a hardwood flooring with a large T.V. lounge and kitchenette in the second floor lounge and a quiet study area on the third floor. Other features include Wi-Fi and Ethernet access, a neighborhood computer lab and a networked smoke detector.

6. Gregson Hall

Gregson Hall

Residence Address: 301 N. Garland Ave. Fayetteville, AR 72701-4031

Gregson hall houses 203 upperclassmen students. All the rooms at the hall are carpeted and feature modular furniture, individually controlled air-conditioning units, and direct network connections for Internet and e-mail access. The hall has a game room, a television lounge and a private study lounge and houses the University of Arkansas Enhanced Learning Center.

7. Humphreys Hall

Humphreys Hall

Residence Address: 195 N. McIlroy Ave. Fayetteville, AR 72701-4032

Humphreys Hall is located next to Brough Commons Dining Center and opposite the Business Administration Building. It features a large first floor lounge, and direct computer network access in each room. A study lounge is provided on each floor. It is a co-ed building that houses 432 students. Other notable features include an elevator and a grand piano.

8. Hotz Honors Hall

Hotz Honors Hall

Residence Address: 1175 W. Cleveland St. Fayetteville, AR 72701

The hall contains traditional double rooms that would accommodate up to 416 students. Each floor provides a large space with indoor gaming equipment, study area and a TV area. There is also a computer lounge, music room, and conference rooms  within the premise. The hall has spa-styled bathrooms with multiple shower facilities that have been reconfigured for greater privacy. Other features include an elevator, exercise equipment and Wi-Fi.

9. Maple Hill East

Maple Hill East

Residence Address: 1261 W. Cleveland St. Fayetteville, AR 72701-1785

Maple Hill East is a multi-use suite-style residence that houses approximately 345 students and staff. It consists of a residence hall with staff apartments, classrooms, conference rooms, quiet study rooms and a large fireplace lounge. Students may live in double rooms in one and two bedroom suites, with cable TV and individual Ethernet connections in each room.

10. Northwest Quad

Northwest Quad

Residence Address: 1106 W. Maple St. Fayetteville, AR  72701-3108

The Northwest Quad is a multi-use suite-style facility. The complex consists of four residence halls: Gatewood Hall, Harding Hall, NW Quad-B and NW Quad-C. It also contains a computer lab, music room, faculty and staff apartments, classrooms, meeting rooms, lounges and a connected dining hall. The Quad consists of two, three and four bedroom suites, with cable TV connection and Ethernet connections in each room and locking bedroom and closet doors. The three and four bedroom suites have two bathrooms per unit. There are 136 four-bedroom suites, eleven two-bedroom suites, and ten three-bedroom suites in the Quad.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at the University of Vermont

1. Room Basics

A student room

  •  Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Hangers
  • Posters
  • Plants
  • Sheets, blankets, comforter and mattress pad
  • Mirror
  • Pillows
  • Towels

2. Food and Snacks


  • Utensils
  • Coffeemaker
  • Blender
  • Cereals
  • Juice
  • Dry Snacks (Biscuits, crisps etc.)

3. Tech and Entertainment


  • Laptop
  • Game console
  • Music player
  • TV
  • Headphones

4. School Supplies

Books, pens and pencils

  • Notebooks
  • Exercise books
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Sticker notes
  • Marker pens
  • Paper clips

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

Someone vacuuming a floor

  • Toiletries
  • Hangers
  • Mop/broom
  • Storage containers
  • Bucket
  • Dustbin

6. Campus Gears

College branded t-shirts

  • Campus branded clothes (T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, and jackets)
  • Bag pack
  • Umbrella
  • Walking shoes
  • Sunscreen

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

Ask first

  • Pets
  • Furniture
  • Refrigerators
  • Halogen lamps
  • Hoverboards

10 Buildings at the University of Arkansas You Need to Know

Knowing where to go the first day of school can be tough. Many freshman and transfer students are looking at the maps on their phones to figure out where their next class is. Luckily, we have compiled a list of some of the top buildings you should know at the University of Arkansas!

1. Administration Building

 the Administration Building.

In the Administration Building, students will find many of the Administrative Offices such as the Office of Diversity, the Financial Aid Office and so much more. Come here to find the office that meets your needs.

2. AEAB) Agricultural Economics and Agri-business

 the Agricultural Economics Building.

Are you interested in agriculture and economics that relate to it? Here, you will find many of the classrooms, research facilities, and offices for agriculture, business, and economics. Students who major in a related field will find most their classes here.

3. Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Building

/> the Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Building.

Do you have chemistry with someone? The Chemistry and Biochemistry Research building houses labs and classrooms for chemistry students. Here, students will also find offices where many professors hold office hours.

4.  David W. Mullins Library

 the Mullins Library

Do you prefer going to the library to study and hangout with friends? If so, this is the place for you! Here, you will find technology services, books to read during leisure time or if you plan to study, and places to study as well.

5.  Fine Arts Center

 the Fine Arts Center

What’s finer than the arts? The Fine Arts Center houses studios for art and music majors, classrooms, and places for students to socialize and network with one another. Here, you will also find concert halls as well.

6.  Graduate Education Building

 the Graduate Education Building.

Do you plan to teach kids or young adults one day? If you’re a graduate educational major, you’ll find yourself here most of the time. Students have access to faculty offices, study spaces, and places to socialize with classmates here.

7.  Center For Business & Economic Research

 the Center of Business and Economic Research Building.

Are you a business or economics major? Here, you will have a chance to conduct your own research at the University of Arkansas. Students have access to faculty and offices that will help them do so as well.

8.  Hillside Auditorium

 Hillside Auditorium.

Hillside Auditorium is right by Greek Theatre. This building has two auditorium that combine and fit over 740 students. 265 students can be seated in the upper auditorium while 475 can be seated in the lower auditorium.

9. Arkansas Union

 the Arkansas Union.

The Arkansas Union sits at the heart of campus. Students will find many of the dining choices on campus, meeting and event spaces, places to get involved, and entertainment. The fun never stops at Arkansas Union!

10. Gibson Hall 

 Gibson Hall.

Gibson Hall was formerly known as Razorback Hall. This building was named after James Gibson who was the director of University of Housing. It is air conditioned and has rooms that were renovated in 2015.

Interesting Facts about the University of Arkansas

1. It was first established in 1871

 the Ozark Mountains.

In 1872, the university was granted land where it first established itself on a hiltop that overlooked the Ozark Mountains. There were a few facilities and the university only had eight students enrolled. However, there was many opportunities for growth over the years.

2. The university has over 27,000 students enrolled. 

 Students cheering in the crowd.

Students enrolled come from all 50 states and over 120 countries. Students have access to thousands of resources on and off campus as well.

3. There are over 200 degree programs offered to students. 


Undergraduate students have a chance to study and choose from 85 different degree programs. There are 81 degree programs for Master students and over 40 doctoral and graduate certificate programs as well.

4. Bill and Hillary Clinton taught here. 

 Hillary and Bill Clinton when they were young.

Bill and Hillary Clinton began teaching law at the University of Arkansas. This would actually be the first of many of their classes. Before they became political leaders, they became teachers!

5. The Senior Walk is over 4 miles long. 

 The start of the senior walk.

Students have a chance to add their name to the sidewalks of the university upon graduating. There are over four miles of sidewalks with the names of alumni from the University of Arkansas.

6. Hillary Clinton founded the legal clinic at the University of Arkansas

 A Law Review from the University of Arkansas.

Again, Hillary Clinton began teaching law here. During her years here, she helped the university by founding its legal clinic which now sits on campus.

Top 10 Clubs at University of Arkansas

As college comes with mounds full of stress, it is important to make sure that you balance a healthy social life alongside with it. At the University of Arkansas, there are a wide selection of different clubs and events that students may attend to do so. There are so many to select from that it is guaranteed to suit every interest. Let this be your guide to ten amazing clubs at the University of Arkansas that can help you find your place on campus.

1. Ballroom Club

If you have a love for dancing, Ballroom Club can be a new change to what you are used to. Here you can learn how to ballroom dancing at workshops on campus. There is no previous experience in dancing needed.

These are couples ballroom dancing.

2. Martial Arts Club

If you have been interested in self-defense, Martial Arts Club can be the perfect start for you. Here you can learn from train professionals. It is a great way to get fit while making new friends.

These are women doing martial arts.

3. Water Skiing Club

If you love the outdoors Water Skiing Club can be a great club to join. Here you can sign up to go on their trips for water skiing. No experience is needed to join this club.

This is a man water skiing.

4. American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

If you are looking to be in the food department, the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences can be a great place for you. Here you can learn more about careers in this field. You can also learn basic skills that can help you in this field.

This is a woman shopping for groceries.

5. The Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Club

If you interested in the environment, this is the club for you. Here you can learn more about how you can make a difference. This club has also won third place at the Gateway to Future Video Contest.

Image result for environmental science

6. Conversation Club

Conversation Club is the perfect way to meet people. The main purpose of this club is to have great communication with new people. You can also learn new skills that can help you strike conversations with new people.

These are people having a conversation.

7. Psychology Club

In Psychology Club, you will get to learn more about the human mind. All students are welcome, not just psychology majors. This is an amazing way to meet people while learning more about your own body.

This is someone studying the brain.

8. Digital Dance Club

If you are interested in dance, Digital Dance Club could be the place for you. Here you can learn a new style of dance. You can even compete with them if you are qualified.

This is a someone dancing and having electric figures drawn around them.

9. Advertising Club

Advertising Club is mainly for business majors, however everyone is welcome. You can learn more about advertising and marketing tips in this club. You will be able to attend seminars and workshops in this club.

This is an image of advertising.

10. Pre-Vet Club

If you are studying to become a veterinarian, this is the perfect club for you. This club will set you up with basic skills necessary to be apart of the field. You can also meet others who are in the same field as yourself.

This is a veterinarian.

Top Events During the School Year at the University of Arkansas

1. Freestyle Rap/ Dance Battle

This event is very unique to the University of Arkansas. Here people can sign up to be apart of the Freestyle Rap Contest or the Dance Battle. However everyone is welcome to watch and support.

These are people having a dance battle.

2. Superhero Series

Superhero Series is a series of events where you can watch your favorite superhero movies. This event is free to all students. It is a fun way to get to interact with others who have an interest in superheroes.

These are images of superheroes.

3. Destress Fest

The University of Arkansas has a Destress Fest to help students relax during the school year. Different workshops and seminars are available. This event is free to all students.

These are ways to destress on a napkin.

4. Anne Kittrell Art Gallery

There will also be an art exhibit dedicated to Anne Kittrell’s work on campus. This is a great way to meet others who are interested in art. Also it will be extremely convenient as it is located on campus.

This is an art gallery.

5. Fall Fest

Fall Fest is a welcoming back event to students. This event is free to all students to come to. You can join in on activities or socialize to meet new people.

Image result for fall

When in college, there is no way to avoid stress. The best way to combat stress is through joining clubs and attending events. Use this as your guide at the University of Arkansas so that you can have a great time during your school year at this institution.

Top 10 Professors at University of Arkansas

Everyone wants to have the best classes and teachers when going into it for the first time, but that’s not always guaranteed. Some people luck out with great professors, while others aren’t so lucky. It’s best to know ahead of time who the good teachers are, so here’s 10 of the best at University of Arkansas!

1. Christopher Shields

Chris shields university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Criminal Justice

Courses Taught:

CMJS2043 – Learn More
CRIM2013 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“I absolutely LOVE Dr. Shields. He makes learning about criminal law very interesting. Make sure you attend class, take notes, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

“I absolutely LOVE Dr. Shields. He makes learning about criminal law very interesting. Make sure you attend class, take notes, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

“He is the man. Really cares about his students and will go above and beyond to help you out. Tests can be tricky, but if you do the required reading and go to class each day and take notes, you have everything you need to make a good grade.”

2. Casey Harris

Casey harris university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught:

SOCI3413 – Learn More
SOCI3303 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“One of the greatest professors at the University of Arkansas. He is positive, upbeat, and knows what he is talking about. Lectures are entertaining and he loves classroom participation. You do not want to skip his class!”

“Dr. Harris was a great professor, the subject is hard and boring but he makes it pretty interesting. While he doesn’t take attendance, there will be random quizzes and homework you have to be present to participate in.”

“Dr. Harris made this class fun by bringing in interesting data and showing us how actual research works. Some of his examples were funny, which made them easier to remember.”

3. Grace Archie

Jessica Archie

Rating: 100%
Department: Health Sciences

Courses Taught:

CHLP2101 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Ms. Archie is such a wonderful person. Usually teachers talk about how they are willing to help you outside of class but then never do. She’s not like that at all. If she says something, she means it.”

“Mrs. Archie is a fantastic professor. She is very considerate and easy to work with and if you ever need any help outside of class she’s always available. She’s just a great person!”

“I absolutely loved having Ms. Archie as a teacher. I can’t believe people feel like she graded hard, as long as you follow the directions she gives you you should get A’s on everything.”

4. Hannah Suggs

Hannah suggs university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Communications

Courses Taught:

COMM1313 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“My favorite class this semester! Ms. Suggs is super peppy & makes classes fun by doing competitions and activities. It was a great class environment where everyone in the class got to know each other.”

“This teacher cares that the students do well. She is always willing to help, give bonus, and makes class enjoyable/fun.”

“Honestly, the best class I took freshman year. By far the most caring, fun, exciting teacher I had all year. She helps you understand the assignments and gives good constructive criticism that helps you to get better.”

5. John Gauch

John Gauch

Rating: 100%
Department: Computer Science

Courses Taught:

CSCE2004 – Learn More
CSCE2014 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Very helpful professor! Dr. Gauch made foundations 2 easy to understand: he’s good at explaining things, and if you have questions he is very easy to talk to!”

“Other professors really need to see how he works with his students. Fun. Engaging. Makes the subject interesting. Gives good explanations. Explains with powerpoints, the board, funny analogies, sample code, and sample programs.”

“Dr John Gauch is probably the nicest professor at the university. He genuinely wants you to succeed. His homework and labs are really straight forward and related to the subjects talked about in class.”

6. Scott Miller

Scott Miller university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Business

Courses Taught:

FINN3603 – Learn More
WCOB1033 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“By far the most helpful teacher I have had!! He makes the material very easy to understand and works through every problem you have answering all questions along the way. He’s extremely smart and wants all his students to succeed.”

“Scott has the ability to teach and communicate difficult material in an effective manner. He is accessible and willing to go the extra mile to help students learn.”

“Really great teacher. If you have to take data, you need to take him. He wants everyone to do good in the class. I felt VERY prepared for the final, which is his goal. I definitely recommend him!”

7. Tammy Overacker

Tammy overacker university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Politcal Science

Courses Taught:

PLSC2003 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Great Professor. She has a real interest in the subject that carries over to her lectures. I would absolutely recommend her.”

“One of my favorite college professors, she was incredibly engaging, extremely clear, and made for one of the best classroom experiences I have ever had. Intriguing, extremely kind and understanding, you will be grateful you had her as your professor.”

“Tammy is a devoted and caring teacher who runs a smooth classroom. Passionate about her role as a professor, she is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Go out of your way to have her as an instructor.”

8. Kelly Riley

Kelly Riley university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENGL1023 – Learn More
ENGL0003 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“She is a great teacher, wants you to get it seems to really be concerned for you and wanting you to understand the material. Also is always willing to help even after your out of her class.”

“She is a great teacher! Enthusiastic. Truly wants everyone to do well in the class. Papers can be a little challenging- but she is very available if you need help!”

“I have her her for basic writing. She’s really nice. She brings birthday cakes to class. She offers a lot of helpful comments on papers. She grades a little hard but not too bad. Mostly, she cares about students and wants them to do well. I really recommend her as a teacher.”

9. Miroslav Penkov

Miroslav Penkov university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENGL1013 – Learn More
COMP1213 – Learn More
COMP1103 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Miro is awesome! He’s understanding to the fact that we as students are not excited to be there, and he make things interesting in a very efficient amt. of time.”

“He’s very helpful and fun. He makes life easy for students. There’s a good amount of homework because of department requirements- but its easy and painless.”

“He understands the amount of interest students have to a required course so he goes over important material then moves on. Open to suggestions for the class and he makes you laugh. Take his class with an open mind and you will have fun.”

10. Trevor Francis

Trevor francis university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Communications

Courses Taught:

COMM1313 – Learn More
ARSC1001 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Do the work and you’ll be fine, he’s such a nice teacher. You should def. take him he made the speech class really fun and comfortable for everyone.”

“By far Dr. Francis’ class was my favorite of this semester. He was really helpful with our speeches and actually made us better public speakers. I would 100% recommend him to anybody!”

“Professor Francis is pretty awesome! His class is super easy. He’s super laid back. He focused on having the speeches casual and easy going. Heard other speech professors were tough.”

Notable Research per Faculty at University of Arkansas

1. Andrew Alverson

Andrew Alverson

Faculty: Department of Biology

Andrew Alverson is a professor at U Arkansas who teaches in the Department of Biology. His labs current research studies the origin of diatoms and their evolution, and the evolution of sea life from marine life to fresh water. He has multiple publications to his name.

2. Marlis R. Douglas

Marlis R. Douglas

Faculty: Department of Biology

Professor Douglas teaches in the Biology Department about Life Sciences. Her research is about conservation of biodiversity across the globe. She tests many hypotheses in her labs, mainly using fishes as model organisms.

3. Matt McIntosh

Matt mcintosh university of arkansas

Faculty: Department of Chemistry

Matt McIntosh is the Chemistry Department Vice Chair, as well as an Organic Chemistry teacher at U Arkansas. His research group studies synthetic organic chemistry, and the recreation of natural materials in a lab environment.

4. Charles Wilkins

Charles Wilkins

Faculty: Department of Chemistry

Charles Wilkins is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry who focuses on teaching Analytical Chemistry. His research right now involves something called Fourier transform mass spectrometry, used for high mass analysis. His research is aimed at understanding the processes used to create lasers.

5. Ralph Henry

Ralph L. Henry

Faculty: Department of Biology

Ralph Henry is a Distinguished Professor in the Biological Sciences at U Arkansas. His research is devoted to protein production and therapy; his protein therapy study is aimed at helping methamphetamine addiction.

10 of the Easiest Courses at UARK

At the University of Arkansas (UARK), you’ll have to take some classes outside of your major. Instead of making your workload harder for classes that don’t count towards your degree, give yourself a break and take some of the easiest courses that UARK offers. Here are 10 of those easiest courses.

1. ACCT 2013 – Accounting Principles

This course’s title says it all – if you enroll in ACCT 2013, you’ll be learning about the fundamentals of accounting, which means this course is not only for anyone, but also beneficial to everyone. Better yet, Accounting Principles only meets twice weekly, so this easy class guarantees you some free time.An accountant evaluating charts at work

2. ANTH 1011 – Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Any introductory course is practically ensured to be easy, but ANTH 1011 will just be expanding on your high school biology knowledge while incorporating key anthropological values, such as ethnography and cultural relativism.A look at how skulls human skulls have evolved over time

3. ENGL 0002 – Basic Writing

This is only a two-hour weekly course, so it won’t take up much of your time. While ENGL 0002 is a mandatory class for incoming freshmen with low ACT English or SAT verbal scores, Basic Writing is the perfect course to introduce students to college-level writing, reading, and composition.Writing and researching a paper

4. UNIV 1001  – University Perspectives

This is a 1 hour credit course which helps first-year students transition into college by teaching them how to handle stress, time management, as well as both physical and mental health. Making it even easier, UNIV 1001 is taught half in-class and half online, meaning you can take this class without leaving your bed. The easiness of this course combined with the helpful strategies it offers makes this a class that every University of Arkansas student should

5. THTR 1003 – Theatre Appreciation

This is the only theater course offered to all students, not just theatre majors and minors. It teaches the basics of playwriting, directing, acting, and design, making this a fun and easy course that’s also worth three credit hours.A theatre for the performing arts

6. TEED 1103 – The Nature of Technology

This course studies the basics of new technologies and its changing and tight-knit relationship with nature. Not only is it an easy course, but it’s also intriguing and enlightening about our rapidly changing society and how it affects the world.An image exemplifying how nature and technology are related

7. STAT 2023 – Biostatistics

It’s hard to find an easy math course, but biostatistics fits the label pretty well by only teaching the basics about the subject. Furthermore, the class focuses on understanding graphs and data, which is basically an extension of high school math.Evaluating graphs and their data

8. SOST 2003 – Introduction to Southern Studies

This is an extremely unique course that looks at the history, politics, literature, and culture of the southern United States. Not only will this easy course build on your preexisting knowledge of the South, but SOST 2023 fulfills a requirement for the Southern Studies minor.

9. SOCI 2013 – General Sociology

Since this course covers the generics of the subject, SOCI 2013 will offer an overview of different sociological theories and methods about understanding society, making this course beneficial to students of all majors. And because only the basics are taught, SOCI 2013 is one of the easiest courses too!Stanley Milgram's famous obedience experiment

10. PBHL 1203 – Prevention of Drug Abuse 

The drug epidemic is a huge problem in America, so this course is extremely beneficial. PBHL 1203 looks at the rise of drug use and abuse in our society, and touches on the basic approaches for drug abuse and misuse prevention.An anti-drugs advertisementCollege is all about learning, finding yourself, and having fun. Expand your knowledge while also taking it easy by enrolling in one of these ten courses at the University of Arkansas.