10 Buildings You Need to Know at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a public research university in Birmingham, Alabama. The school has an acceptance rate of about 58%, with around 12,000 undergrad students. Here are 10 different buildings you should check out at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

1. University Dining Facility

 the inside of a dining hall with tables and chairs

The university dining facility is where you will find students relaxing with friends and family over a tasty meal. The dining facility has plenty of chairs and tables as well as choices to fit your needs when it comes to appetite. The dining options you will find in there are Commons on the Green and The Den by Denny’s.

2. Campus Recreation Center

inside of the recreation center with an elevator

The campus recreation center is your ideal space for all things meditation and fitness. It is a great way for students to get a killer workout while still having fun as well. The students are encouraged to bring their friends. The center also has a climbing wall.

3. Hill Student Center

 the outside of the hill student center

Hill student center is the main place students go to ask about different events going on, on campus as well as grabbing a bite to eat. The book store is also conveniently located here so students can be worry-free on the first day of school. A few of the favorite food spots here are Panera Bread and Mein Bowl.

4. Johnson House

ArtPlay - Johnson House outside view

The Johnson House is more notably called the Art Play house. It is used as an event space for creativity within the arts. The house offers plenty of free or almost free events to get you in the mood to create. A few examples of events that Johnson House holds are street jazz and even knitting.

5. Samual Ullman Museum

 the museum and its outside view

Samual Ullman was a famous poet that had works admired by those in Japan and America alike. His museum stands as a test of time to his works of poetry and art and carries on the legacy through donations from cooperations and people within America and Japan. Make sure to check out his most famous work, the poem “Youth.”

6. Facilities Training Center

 inside of the facilities center with mats

The facilities training center is mostly used by student athletes and coaches for team sports. The training center is where you will find students doing conditioning for the season and building up their endurance and performance. It is a state-of-the-art training center with plenty of machines and weights.

7. Community Care Building

 front outside view of care building with trees nearby

The community care building is an affordable and convenient way for students to get care nearby. When it comes to changing the weather or even just catching an illness/injury you might need to check this building out. This care building has plenty of staff on deck such as doctors, nurses, and social workers to give you the peace of mind you need.

8. Children’s Hospital Tower

outside view of childrens hospital in parking lot

As a student, anyone at any time can decide to go back to school even if they have kids or family that needs to be taken care of. The Children’s hospital tower was built to be convenient for students to make sure their children and family were taken care of while also being close to the school. The hospital covers everything from flu shots to diet.

9. Tinsley Harrison Tower

 harrison scupture in front of building

This unique tower is a center for research. A lot of the research that is conducted deals with science and how it pertains to the medical field as well. A few various research events and topics that are covered and shared are cystic fibrosis, cancer, and integrative biology.

10. Ziegler Research Building

 the outside plaque of the research building against brick

The Ziegler Research building conducts research in the medical field. This building has a large number of laboratories that are used for various sectors of the medical field such as anesthesiology, medicine, and surgery. The building also has research labs in pathology, biochemistry, microbiology and so much more.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a medium-sized school that allows students to meet new people, without being overwhelmed by an overly large campus or large enrollment size. The buildings at the campus hold plenty of different things to see and do. You can visit the recreation center for rock climbing or even the Johnson house for learning a new craft.

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at the University of Alabama – Birmingham

The University of Alabama –Birmingham has Hire A Blazer, a place for all things career. Students can access internships, part-time jobs, career jobs, and work-study jobs there. There is a wide range of student jobs available for those who wish to earn money while also schooling. The work-study is available for every student that meets the requirement and the working hours are flexible as they are scheduled around the lecture hours of the student. Here are some of the student jobs available in this institution.

1. Student Office Associate

A student assistant at her work station

The student under moderate supervision, performs general office, administrative and secretarial duties with some variety and complexity. He/she is also required to follow generally prescribed procedures using limited judgment. Typical duties may include receiving, screening and routing telephone calls, mail and visitors, arranging itineraries/agendas, setting up and maintaining files. The student is required to put in roughly 20 hours every week, between Monday and Friday.

2. Sales Associate

A sales assistant attending to a customer

The Sales Associate is a job that several students relish. The job is flexible and the students are responsible for various retail support activities related to an assigned area i.e.textbooks, general merchandise, art supplies, computer supplies, etc. The salesclerk will also assist with customer service for the Store, telephone, web, ore-mail inquiries from customers, and customers in the Store. The hours are long and it is split amongst the students working there.

3. Team member at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

A worker attending to a customer

This job is available off-campus and is available for students that wish to deliver a premium customer experience by inspiring creativity within their customers. Team members are asked with driving sales through advanced product knowledge, innovative merchandising, and cutting counter accuracy. Students who work part-time here will create an exceptional in-store experience and provide excellent customer service by interacting and engaging with customers. Students would be able to make money while also learning valuable sales and marketing skills.

4. Student Assistant Librarian

An assistant librarian shelving books

If you are good with research and helping others, then you should try your hands here. The student assistant librarian has duties such as library searches, general office work, data entry, assisting patrons, book repairs, and maintaining statistics. Good manual dexterity necessary for specified tasks is also required. The assistant would be required to perform complex library tasks with minimal supervision and also have the ability to work effectively with the public.

5. Program Assistant

Five people discussing a project

The hired student under limited supervision will assist the assigned department head or director in the day-to-day operations of a program. They will also be tasked with overseeing the program support, general office, administrative and secretarial duties with some variety and complexity. It is a job that requires a lot of administrative duties. It is however flexible and students can get to do the job while also having ample time for their studies.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Alabama-Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a public research university in Birmingham, Alabama. The school has an acceptance rate of about 60%. The undergraduate enrollment is about 11,000. Here are nearby restaurants and cafes.

1. Lucy’s Coffee & Tea

the storefront of lucys

This cozy tea and coffee cafe is a great go-to chill spot when you are looking to meet up with your friends or family. You can order for delivery through Door Dash. Pricing starts at $2(plain bagel) to $7.49 (a Panini).

2. O’Henry’s

ohenrys outside seating  /patio

This coffee shop is a great place to go to get fueled for your day with tasty breakfast finds and plenty of coffee or smoothies! Pricing starts at $3.75 (for the oatmeal) and goes to $4.85(for a breakfast Panini). They also sell baked goods.

3. Golden Temple Health Foods and Cafe

the outside signage of golden temple

This is a grocery store and cafe built in one. They serve healthier foods and this particular cafe is completely vegetarian friendly, they have tasty whole wheat breads and soup. The place serves vegan and gluten free options and will be a light and refreshing place to eat at. The pricing is moderate.

4. ThirsTea Cafe Birmingham

different faces of bubble tea

If you are seeking to visit a bubble tea place this is the best one to go to. The varieties of bubble tea are impressive. They serve smoothies, fruit tea, milk tea, and jelly boba. This is perfect if you want to take an aesthetically pleasing photo. Pricing is moderate.

5. Falafel Café

a platter of hummus and pita bread

This cafe serves delicious Greek-inspired dishes and can even be delivered through Grubhub or Doordash. Pricing starts as low as .69 cents for one Falafel to as high as $9.49 (for a Mujaddara Rice with Lentils plate). 

6. MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes

a platter of burger and fries

This casual restaurant has a great variety of hearty burgers that will keep your full! They also feature all the fixings such as sauces and fries and also serve shakes and salads. You can order online and pricing starts for the burgers at $6.28(The Ranch Hand).

7. Chez Fonfon

a photo of a charcuterie board

Chez Fonfon is a more French decorated atmosphere that has antique furnishings that will be perfect for treating yourself with your friends or family. The restaurant features are mostly French(and read in French). The pricing starts at $9 (Tartine with goat cheese and  beets & tapenade)-$26(steak fries).

Health and Wellness Services at UAB

Student’s well-being is a major factor that contributes to their success. Hence, the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) strives to help its students. UAB is known for providing high quality health and wellness services for the physical and psychological well-being of their students. Following are the health and wellness services which are available at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

1. UAB Student Health Services

the main entrance of UAB health and wellness center

All students of the UAB campus will have access to UAB’s Student Health Services (SHS) through their inbuilt Student Benefit program without any extra cost. This implies that the students can see a health care provider with no extra visit charges. Benefits of SHS include:

  • Acute and urgent medical care
  • After-hours physician on call, 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year
  • Preventative medicine
  • Annual checkup
  • Emergency and routine mental health evaluations and treatment
  • Contact: One Stop Student Services: (205) 934-4300

Adolescents and teenagers are at a crucial point of development. They are in a period of life where they have to figure out how to deal with their own well-being with less parental support. It is at this stage, where they form habits that will affect their prosperity and learning. It helps them in individual and academic achievements in future life.

2. UAB Hospital

UAB hospital situated in Birmingham's medical district

UAB hospital serves patients with an entire range of primary and specialty care services with the help of the most edge-cutting treatments in health services. Physicians come together to design a suitable treatment plan for every patient. Academic and research aspects of UAB provide guidance in the treatment of most troublesome cases. UAB hospital consists of many important treatment centers like UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Research Center, Glycemic Control Program, Neuroscience Center, Heart/Vascular, and Critical Care Center along with different administrations. One can make an appointment at 800.UAB.8816.

With growing numbers of students, universities need to be prepared for global epidemics like the H1N1 of 2009. And to offer long distance medical, psychological, and safety counseling to students who are travelling or studying off the campus.

3. Student Counseling Services

sign for suicide prevention and stress management

Student Counseling Services deems everyone to be equals. Thus, they offer a sheltered place to talk about and resolve issues that meddle with individual and academic objectives. These centers understand and respect different traits and characteristics of a man’s personality while providing counseling services.

Among many other things UAB offers:

  • Individual/ couples counseling
  • Counseling for groups
  • Counseling about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • Eating disorder treatment
  • LGBTQ student counseling
  • Gender transition services

More students today come to campus with noteworthy health needs, including mental health disorders. 1 out of every 4 is now taking psychotropic medications. This enables students to do well at college, who otherwise may not perform well. Many need help in medical conditions like asthma, ADHD, dietary problems, fixation, hormonal imbalance issues, and other common mental disorders.

4. Department of Emergency Medicine

button for the emergency health care center

At UAB, Department of Emergency Medicine is set to provide patients with high quality emergency services, two well-equipped departments and a total staff of 81 personnel. Contact the UAB Hospital Emergency room by dialing 205-934-5100 in case of emergency. One can contact the Campus Police at 205-934-3535. Other important contacts and significant details are available on their website.

5. Women’s Reproductive Health Care

beautiful building of UAB women and infant center at night

Women and Infants Care Center at UAB provides women with a wide range of health care solutions and services. Many doctors from the faculty are recognized and felicitated by the Best Doctor organization in America. Physicians are available in the center 24 hours a day throughout the year. The 400,000 square foot hospital consists of lounges, kitchenettes, dens and sleeping quarters. One can contact the Women and Infant Center Room at 205-996-3130.

The University of Alabama has been successful in providing high-end professional and efficient health care services. Health and Wellness centers at the university provide confidentiality and maintain friendly relationships with their patients. It has rendered its students with a sense of security and protection. Students fight, overcome and heal from physical and psychological illnesses with the support of these Health and Wellness centers.

Top 10 Cool Classes at the University of Alabama-Birmingham

Those lecture courses that make you want to fall asleep five minutes in are common throughout college and university campuses across the globe. At the University of Alabama – Birmingham, students know that the university offers a handful of cool classes each semester, and that’s why many of them make a point to enroll in these classes—the point of college is to learn something, right? If you want to know more about 10 cool classes at the University of Alabama – Birmingham, then read on!

1. BUS 110 – Essentials of Financial Literacy

A class like BUS 110 is going to be a relief for students who have a jam-packed semester. If you like learning about interesting subject matter and characters, this is the class for you!

An image of money

2. HRP 300 – Survey of Health Professions

Why would you waste your time in classes that put you to sleep? Are you sick of the monotonous drone of the professors you’ve had in almost all of your lectures? Take HRP 300 for some relief next semester!

The inside of a hospital

3. EH 213 – Ideas in Literature

Imagine being in a class where engagement is literally what your grade is predicated on: EH 213 is that class. Don’t spend time, effort, and money on boring classes that addresses topics you’ll never again encounter in like—take EH 213.

An open book and a stack of books

4. FLL 120 – Foreign Cultures

This is one of those classes that is difficult to enroll in, though you should still make every available effort to get a seat. One of the most interesting classes instructed at this school, it’s well known by students that this class is as easy as it is cool.

Flags of the world

5.  PHL 115 – Contemporary Moral Issues

The idea of a schedule full of cool classes is one that crosses the minds of many students, yet these students never take the opportunity to enroll in courses they suspect they’ll enjoy. Take PHL 115: you won’t regret it!

A sign post

6. THR 102 – Introduction to Cinema

One of the most attractive classes offered at this institution is THR 102. If you’re sick of the monotony associated with most of the lectures you’ve been in thus far, take this class!

An empty cinema

7. BUS 350 – Business Communications

Students with an eye for academic success know that a dense schedule may be necessary sometimes, though such is never truly ideal. If you’re a student who can’t avoid a semester full of classes, make sure you at least take a cool class like BUS 350, that way you won’t be overworked.

An image of someone contemplating communication

8. PHL 125 – Introduction to Ethics

If you think the classes you’ve enrolled in so far are going to be soft and without substance, you may want to enroll in PHL 125, if you can. This is one of the most interesting classes offered at the institution—anyone will tell you that!

A person contemplating where to go

9. BY 123 – Introductory Biology I

Want to engage with interesting writers, speakers, and subject matter? If say yes, then you need to enroll in this course. Not only is this course one of the coolest offered at this school, it’s also quite easy too!

A red slamander

10. EDU 300 – Special Topics in Education

If you enjoy doing short, interesting assignments, most of which are completed in groups, then this is the class for you. Participation does matter in this class; some people get the idea, because this class is a lecture, that they don’t have to show up. Don’t be like them; attend class on a consistent basis. There will be a lot of cool subjects covered in this class—you won’t want to miss any of them!

An image of students learning

Since you’ve reached the conclusion of this list, it’s fair to say you now have more information about 10 cool classes that are routinely offered at the University of Alabama – Birmingham. College is a time for learning and discovery, and that’s exactly what happens in all of the classes on this list. Are you going to enroll in any of them?

10 Hardest Classes at UAB

A very important part of your educational experience is picking your classes each semester. That being said, there are some classes that you should stay away from. Here are the top 10 hardest classes at the University of Alabama Birmingham.

1. BUS 110 – Essentials of Financial Literacy

One of the hardest Introductory level classes that is offered to you is essentials of financial literacy. The curriculum can become very intense and hard. This is something for you to keep in mind.Finance scrabble

2. BME 312 – Biocomputing

A very advanced class that you can take is biocomputing. This is an interesting course but it is very demanding. There will be a lot of classwork that you have to do.some computers

3. EDU 425 – Stem Applications for the Classroom

If you want to be a teacher, one of the most challenging classes that you might have to take his stem applications for the classroom. Science, technology, engineering, and math are at the forefront in the classroom today. You will learn about how these areas can be conducted in a modern classroom.a stem graphic

4. GEO 491 – Environmental Policy

A very in-depth class offered to use is environmental policy. This is a very rapidly changing field that this class takes on. You will diving into actual laws on the books.a person holding a tree

5. EPI 222 – Public Health Issues in Physical Activity and Obesity 

Public Health Issues in Physical Activity and Obesity is a relevant, yet hard class that you can take. You will have to spend a tone of time studying and doing homework in order to pass this class.illustration of health and exercise science

6. LCS 106 – Reform to Revolution

A pretty challenging history course that you can take is reform to revolution. Although it is an introductory course, there is still a lot of work involved. This can make your life very difficult.history of the world

7. PUH 250 – Biostatistics

One of the most challenging math courses that you can take is biostatistics. This is a very weird class that is quite demanding. If you take this class, you will be adding stress into your life.a stat graph

8. PUH 441 – Public Health Law and Policy

Public health and life policy is one of the most intricate classes offered at the school. There is a ton of work required of you in this class. In addition, the information taught is quite hard and difficult to understand.Tools of the court

9. GHS 320 – Global Health Service Learning

A pretty hard class that you can take is Global Health Service Learning. This is a class that dives into how people around the world from different cultures stay healthy. This can be very challenging for you to understand. globe in the hands

10. BUS 410 – Integrating Business Function

The final class that you should stay away from is Integrating Business Functions. This is an in-depth class that requires you to do a ton of work outside of the classroom. This will make your life much worse. a business meeting

Top 10 Majors at University of Alabama Birmingham 

If you want to make the most of your time at college, you need to pick the right major for you. This ensures that you have a great time while at school. Here are the top 10 majors offered at the University of Alabama – Birmingham.

1. Mass communication 

A very unique path that you could take is mass communication. In this day and age, communication is important and very vast. This means that there are tons of jobs available to you after college.

types of communication

2. Music

If you love music, you should translate that passion into a career. By majoring in music, you will be able to give back to all of the programs that helped mold that passion. You will be able to help people of all ages in a variety of different ways.

colorful music notes

3. History

A very general major that you can take is history. There are tons of different branches that you can take from this history degree. You can even choose a period of time to focus on to become an expert in.

history of the world

4. Philosophy 

Philosophy is another great option available to you. You’re spending a lot of your time focusing on the past and reading about philosophical ideas and customs. You will then be able to try to predict the future and make your own decisions.

terms relating to philosophy

5. Psychology 

Another very versatile major that you can get is psychology. You will be able to help yourself as well as help others after you were done with college and have your degree. You should have no problem getting a job after graduation.

a bright brain

6. Computer science 

One of the most quickly growing industries that you can think of is computer science. This is because technology is changing every single day. There is always a need for these professionals in the real world.

a computer

7. English

Another very broad degree that you can get is English. There are so many ways that you can take this degree after graduation. Some examples include being an author, journalist, or many other things.

english icons

8. Chemistry 

A major that will give you a lot of lab time is chemistry. By getting this degree, you can go into the science industry and see what field best fits you. You will surely be very successful after graduation.

beakers and test tubes

9. Theatre 

If you love to perform and be on stage, you should major in theater. This degree will help you land a job on Broadway or a similar place. Even if you don’t like being the actor, you can play the behind the scenes roles available.

a theatre

10. Neuroscience 

The final great degree that you should consider is neuroscience. Although this is a very difficult path, the outcome is very great. This is one of the most high paying jobs available right now.

an interesting brain

Top 10 Library Resources at UAB

One of the major study areas for students at the University of Alabama – Birmingham is its 8 major libraries. These libraries offer a wide variety of resources for students to help them on their research and study. Today, we’ve compiled the 10 Library Resources at University of Alabama – Birmingham to help you maximize your time on any of its libraries.

1. Reserve a Space

Students can make reservations on one of the 19 study rooms available for both individual and group studies. This is a first-come, first-serve basis.

student using laptop in the library

2. Interlibrary Loan

The University of Alabama – Birmingham offers Interlibrary Loan and document delivery services which basically enable students to borrow materials not available at the UAB libraries.

book in the library

3. Research Assistance

The UAB has a Reference Department which assists students with identifying, locating and using research materials.

librarian helps students

4. Databases

The UAB has a huge database which all students can access via the library computers. All materials can be categorized by subjects, by types and by providers.

student researching library database

5. E-Journals

Browse through thousands of electronic journals and published materials via UAB’s E-Journals section. All materials are categorized based on their specific fields.

computer data base

6. Instruction and Workshops

The UAB librarians and course instructors can provide collaboration between students to help further their research on a specific topic.

students collaborate with librarians

7. Computing and Equipment

Students can access library computers and equipment to further their study and research. They also have access to printing and photocopying machines as well as Wireless Connections.

students using library computer

8. Borrow and Renew

All current UAB residents can borrow research materials from any UAB library. All printed materials (except non-circulating materials), media and etc. are available for checkout and can also be renewed for a period of time.

student borrowing book

9. Courier Service

The UAB Courier Service enables the transfer of one eligible UAB library material(s) from one library to another. This is done through user request.

books being delivered

10. Copyright Resources

The UAB library staff can help students check for copyright issues on their research materials. With this library service, you’ll mostly never encounter any copyright issue with your research!


Libraries at the University of Alabama – Birmingham

1. Lister Hill Library

The Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences is currently the biggest biomedical library in Alabama. The library was built on 1945 and housed a huge collection of medieval manuscripts and some thirteen thousand rare books.

collection of books

2. Mervyn H. Sterne Library

The Sterne Library, at its present location, opened in service in January 1973. The library has a seating of 1,150 users and has more than a million of printed and electronic books as well as over 41,000 periodicals. This library also provides users access to specialized databases, materials, etc.

library shelves

3. Reynolds-Finley Historical Library

The Reynolds-Finley Historical Library (formerly Reynolds Historical Library) was built on 1958. This library housed a collection of over 14,000 rare books, manuscripts and journals pertaining to history of medicine, science and health care. These materials date back from the 1300s through the mid 1900s.

picture of a library

4. Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences

The Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences contains seven hundred years of medicine represented in the form of instruments, equipment, models and specimens used by healthcare professionals all over the world. Experience the long history and evolution of medicine as it progresses through time.

soldier reading book in a library

5. LHL @ University Hospital


The Lister Hill Library is a branch location of the Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences. This library serves hospital staff and currently is not open for the general public.

inside a library with yellow lighting

6. UAB Archives

UAB Archives is the appraisal, collection and reference use of UAB’s official records with historical value. This library provides reference use to both UAB residents and the general public.

archives in library

7. UAB Digital Collections

UAB Digital Collection is an online library that contains all digital research materials and data available for all UAB residents. Students can get assistance about the collections by contacting the Digital Collections staff.

Digital Streams series. Arrangement of numbers, lights and design elements on the subject of digital communications, data transfers and virtual reality

8. 801 Building

The 801 Building is basically a remote storage facility for less-frequently requested items. These items are made available for users via the Courier Service. It is also a treasure trove for Vinyl Albums, CDs and other formats of music.

stack of old cds

Top 10 Residences at University of Alabama – Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a public research university located in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. It is a not too overwhelmingly large. It contains about 11,000 students. While you visit the campus make sure to check out these residences nearby.

1. University House

 the residence house of university house

Residence Address: 1300 3rd Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35233

The University house is only a few minutes from campus. This makes it easy to commute to. The place features access to great community events, has a fitness center (which can be used at most times), as well as a pool and clubhouse.

2. Blazer Hall

 blazer hall birmingham al construction

Residence Hall: 920 16th Street South Birmingham, AL 35205

Blazer Hall features 700 different units. This is large enough where you will meet plenty of close by students to be friends with. There are game rooms, study lounges,a facility to do your laundry as well as high-speed internet/wifi.

3. Blount Hall

 blount hall birmingham al housing

Residence Address: 1001 14th Street South Birmingham, AL 35205

Blount hall is made up of 2 or 4 bedroom complexes. This is meant for students who are at least sophomore standing. The complex holds vending machines, a printing station that is perfect for getting in last-minute homework or reading projects.

4. Camp Hall

 camp hall birmingham al

Residence Address: 1516 10th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35205

This hall features one bedroom apartments for 2-3 people. You can be a freshman or up to use this housing option.There is access to an oven, community space for events as well as internet and laundry facilities and a refrigerator.

5. Denman Hall

 denman hall in birmingham al

Residence Address: 1604 9th Avenue South  Birmingham, AL 35205

This hall is open to those who have reached sophomore standing and above. You have access to your own full size fridge and oven, which makes creating your own meals at home easy. You also have access to cable TV as well as wifi/high-speed internet.

6. NFR Hall

 nfr hall in birmingham al

Residence Address: 900 17th Street South Birmingham, AL 35205

This hall is one of the newest and modern housing units for freshman. It consists of 4 wings and is 8 stories tall. You have access to a mini fridge(to keep any leftovers or drinks), as well as a microwave for easy meals and snacking.

7. Rast Hall

 rast hall birmingham al address

Residence Address: 1530 11th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35205

Rast Hall holds 4 residents in each apartment. This option is open for those who are sophomore standing or higher. There is a print station for if you need to print out your homework or for a last-minute project.There is also wifi access .

8. Silver Oak

 silver oak birmingham al address

Residence Address: 1144 16th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35205

At this complex you are able to have pets.You can choose to pay your bill online as well as with a credit card over the phone. There is high-speed internet and the prices for the apartments are reasonable. You aren’t going to be paying much more for the rent than $600-$950.

9. Element26

 element26 birmingham al address

Residence Address: 1620 14th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35205

The Element26 offers affordable housing units for students looking to live on a budget. They have housing as low at $600 and usually isn’t much more than $900. You can pay your bill online as you are able to have pets on the property.

10. The Highlands

 the highlands birmingham al address

Residence Address: 2310 Highland Avenue, #A9, Birmingham, AL 35205

The Highlands are luxury apartments. You can choose from studio apartments or regular 1-2 bed. You are within close distance to many great attractions such as restaurants or parks and zoos. This makes your travel convenient and you will always have something to do.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at the University of Alabama – Birmingham

1. Room Basics

 example of a small dorm rug

  • Tapestry
  • Room decor
  • Rug
  • Hangers
  • Jewelry holder
  • Posters

2. Snacking and Cravings

 nutella lasts awhile and is delicious

  • Utensils
  • Napkins
  • Tupperware
  • Lunchbox
  • Chips
  • Microwave soup
  • Microwave mac and cheese
  • Crackers and dip(Nutella/nut butters/jam)

3. Tech and Entertainment

 bluetooth speaker made by sony

  • Hand-held video games
  • Phone chargers
  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Bluetooth set up
  • Hulu/Netflix subscriptions
  • iPod or tablet
  • Laptop

4. School Supplies

staplers are meant for organizing documents together

  • Stapler
  • Staples
  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Pencils
  • Lead refills
  • Whiteout
  • Folders

5. Organizing and cleaning

 wet wipes get rid of caked on messes

  • Wet wipes
  • Mop
  • Buckets
  • Bleach
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Detergent
  • Cleaning tablets for washer

6. Campus gears

 bikes are meant for easy travel

  • Insoles
  • Walking shoes
  • Bike
  • Bike chain and lock
  • School spirited shirts and pullover
  • Lanyard (for school ID)
  • Rain jacket
  • Parking pass
  • Backpack

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

 coffee maker can give you the energy you need

  • Hot plate
  • Skate board
  • Crock pot
  • Microwave
  • Coffee maker

Top 10 Clubs at the University of Alabama-Birmingham

One of the most important factors of your education is your social life. Fortunately, there are tons of clubs and organizations that you can join to meet new people. Here are 10 of the most popular clubs at the University of Alabama-Birmingham!

1. Donor to Diner

Donor to Diner is a great organization on campus. You will be able to help students who struggle with food problems and help eliminate food waste on campus.

Donor to Diner logo

2. First Aid for All

Another great organization that you can join is First Aid for All. This group’s focus is on supplying people with the necessary first aid equipment to stay healthy.

A first aid kit

3. Ballroom Dance Society

The Ballroom Dance Society is a great group to be a part of. You will learn a lifelong skill in an inclusive and friendly environment.

A couple dancing

4. Table Tennis Club

A super unique clubs is the Table Tennis Club. You will be able to play ping pong with your friends to pass the time.

Ping pong paddles

5. Basketball Club

If you love to play basketball but you aren’t good enough to play for the school, you should join the Basketball Club. You will be able to compete with much less pressure.

A slam dunk

6. Caring Hands

If you have a passion for helping the community, you need to join Caring Hands. This group helps the community be gathering food and supplies for those in need.

Caring Hands

7. Chess Club

A great way to expand your knowledge on campus is by joining the Chess Club. You will be able to play chess with your friends with no stress.

a game of chess

8. Coins for Cancer

The Coins for Cancer group is that fundraises money for those affected by cancer. This is a great group that will get you even closer to the community.

Coins for Cancer members

9. Homeroom

Homeroom is a group on campus that focuses on musical expression. You will be able to hone your skills as a musician with the encouragement of other members of the group.

 students group picture after class.

10. Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a charity group that focuses on donating money to dental organizations. This money is used for kids who have dental issues.

Operation Smile

A great way to have a fun time on campus is by joining any of these clubs or organizations. You will have a better GPA and a more rounded view on college. Check out these clubs at UAB!

Top Events During the School Year at UAB

1. Learning Styles Workshop

A great event for new students to attend is the Learning Styles Workshop. You will learn how to take notes and make the most of your education.

Social Spotlight flyer

2. Motivation and Prioritization

The Motivation and Prioritization guest speaking event is a perfect informational session. You will learn how to stay motivated and stay on track with your studies.

A motivation street sign

3. The How and Why of Academic Advising

When going to school, there are tons of resources that are free for you to use. That being said, by attending The How and Why of Academic Advising, you will see what your advisors can do for you.

Academic advising

4. Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark is a great seminar to attend. You will see how to make a presence in your academic and professional lives.

Seminar in Advertising

5. Study Cycle

The Study Cycle event is a great seminar to go to. You will learn how to study effectively and how to excel in the classroom.

students studying in class