10 Coolest Courses at Tuskegee University

Tuskegee University is an independent and state-related institution of higher learning. Its programs serve a very diverse community of students. With a strong orientation toward educational disciplines in sciences, professions and technical areas, Tuskegee also emphasizes the importance of the liberal arts as a foundation for successful careers in all areas. Of the many courses offered at the institution, below are some of the coolest.

1. ENGL 0327 – Public Speaking

A microphone on a stage in front of an audience

Speaking in public requires confidence and skill. This course teaches students both. Students taking this course will learn how to compose and deliver speeches to different audiences. Throughout the course, students will write and present speeches in class as part of the classwork. Students who wish to pursue a major in English need to enroll in this course.

2. COMM 0324 – Nonverbal Communication

People in office wear with the words nonverbal communication written above them

Communication can either be verbal or nonverbal. This course in communication discusses the concepts and techniques of nonverbal communication and how they apply in the communication process. Students will learn and practice the various nonverbal cues in the class sessions. The course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a major in communications.

3. FPAR 0101 – Art Appreciation

A person's face painted with different colors

Art is generally beautiful and interesting. This course allows students to appreciate different forms of art. Students will interact with and analyze various pieces of art throughout the course as they try to understand the nature of art pieces and what the artist intended to bring out. This course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a major in Fine and Performing Arts.

4. MUSC 0112 – Marching Band

A matching band playing different instruments

Being in a band is fun. Imagine the symphony of the instruments as you play. This course teaches students how to play various instruments while marching in a band. Students will practice with their instrument of choice in a makeshift band during the course. At the end of the course, students are expected to play their instrument of choice comfortably while marching in a band.

5. CSIT 0265 – Web Design

A poster written WEB DESIGN with different components

If you love computers and how they work, you can gain a new skill by enrolling in this course. The course teaches students the fundamentals of web design using various programming languages. The course is very practical as students will interact with various design tools and programs. At the end of the course, students will be able to create basic web pages that can be hosted on the internet.

6. PHED 0315 – Kinesiology

human skeletal and muscular images

This course discusses the concepts and principles of anatomy and mechanics related to human motion and physical activity. Students will learn very interesting facts about how the human body functions. This course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a major in Physical Education.

7. HIST 0210 – History of the United States

The American Flag with the words "UNITED STATES HISTORY" written on it

Learning History is always fascinating since you learn interesting facts that you were not aware of. This course discusses the History of America and focuses on the social, political and economic developments in North America from the Age of Discovery to present times. Students will learn through readings and research.

8. FREN 0101 – Elementary French I

The word "French" written on a background of the French flag and the Eiffel tower

Learning a foreign language is important in the contemporary world. If you wish to learn French, this course teaches students the essentials of novice-level French communication. Students will learn how to speak, write, listen, and read in elementary French. The coursework will be delivered through readings, films and audio clips.

9. PHIL 0203 – Introduction to Ethics

A poster written Ethics and other words on pieces of paper

For students who wish to pursue a major in Philosophy, this is a very interesting course to enroll in. The course acts as an introduction to the concepts related to ethics including all the major ethical theories and their applications. Students will analyze writings from various writers as they try to understand morality.

10. PSYC 0272 – Child Psychology

A child speaking to a female psychologist

This psychology course discusses human development from conception through late childhood. Students will learn very interesting facts about the development stages of children. Students will learn through readings and research projects. The course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a major in Psychology.

10 Hardest Courses at Tuskegee University

The classes that you take can really make or break your great college experience. Every student wishes all their classes could be easy, but let’s face it, that’s just not realistic. Since you’re going to have to take a difficult course eventually, you might want to start figuring out which classes you’re willing to challenge and which you want to avoid completely. If you’re a student at Tuskegee University, then check out this list of the top 10 hardest classes offered at Tuskegee. Just be careful not to take them all at once!

1. AENG 0346 – Fundamentals of Propulsion

Diagram of an aircraft propulsion system.

Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s not rocket science”? A standard phrase used to indicate that something is not very difficult when compared to rocket science. Well, Aerospace Engineering pretty much is rocket science. Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. This course is an introduction to the fluid mechanics and thermodynamics required for the analysis and design of aerospace propulsion engines. Topics include: elementary propeller theory, thermodynamic analysis of various types of jet, rocket and other engines in aerospace use, effects of installation, velocity and atmospheric conditions on engine performance, noise, emissions, environmental considerations and appropriate standards.

2. BIOL 0360 – Biochemistry of Cell Regulation

Close-up of liquid in a petri dish.

Biochemistry is difficult because it combines both biology and chemistry, so if science is your worst subject, then you might want to avoid this class. Fundamental principles of biochemistry (protein structure and function, conformational change, kinetics, thermodynamics, equilibrium, etc.) are covered in this class. Cell biology topics will include plasma membrane and membrane proteins, cell signaling cascades, regulation of gene transcription and translation, regulation of the cell cycle, cancer and oncogenes, nerve transmission, and immune response. There are a lot of terms, definitions, equations, and formulas to memorize, so good memorization skills are necessary to succeed in this class.

3. BUSN 0376 – Advanced Accounting

Image of a pen and calculator on a piece of paper with rows of numbers.

Accounting deals with a lot of numbers, equations, and formulas. Besides the math, there’s also a lot of terms and definitions to memorize. Special units are included on accounting theory and external reporting, partnerships, special sales procedures, consolidation, and fiduciaries. Introduction and intermediate accounting classes are challenging, so you can expect this advanced accounting course to be even harder. Be prepared for many nights of hours of studying.

4. CHEM 0321 – Organic Chemistry II

Diagram of chemical molecules and compounds.

Chemistry, like biology, can be difficult for many people because it can be hard to understand something you can’t actually see. Organic chemistry is a sub-discipline of chemistry that studies the structure, properties, composition, and reactions of organic compounds, which contain carbon in covalent bonding. Topics in this class include nomenclature, physical properties and reactions of carbon compounds; reaction mechanisms; conformational analysis of cyclic and acyclic compounds, including spectroscopy for the elucidation of chemical structures. If you are struggling in this class, check out OneClass’ notes linked above for some extra help!

5. CSCI 0385 – Security Engineering

Graphic of a lock icon with the word "security" in the background.

security engineer is tasked with the monumental role of protecting the networks and computer systems of a company from any security threats or attacks. This course fills the gap between the theories of secure systems and the skill based training of System Administrators. The focus is on the security technologies used to implement security policies. Topics include Introduction to Security Engineering concepts, Security Protocols, Access Control, Cryptography, Multilevel Security, Multilateral Security, Biometrics, Network Attack and Defense, Security in Banking, System Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model, Security Requirements, & Risk Analysis. Many find this course difficult because you need to know and understand how to read and write code.

6. ECON 0352 – Microeconomics

Diagram of supply and demand on a price/quantity graph.

Microeconomics is harder than macroeconomics because it’s a more narrow, specific study of the economy while macroeconomics is a broad study of the economy. This course analyzes the behavior of business firms, industries, consumers and resource owners. It investigates how the market system determines the composition of national product, the amount of the productive factors used by firms and industries, and the distribution of income. It evaluates the extent to which various market structures (e. g. pure competition, oligopoly, etc.) function in the interest of social welfare. Not only do you need to be able to analyze a graph, but you’ll have to memorize all the different scenarios that affect and shift things in the economy.

7. MATH 0307 – Differential Equations

Close-up of differential equations written on a screen.

If math and numbers aren’t your strong suit, then this class is going to be difficult for you. The study of differential equations is a sub-discipline of calculus. A differential equation is a mathematical equation that relates some function with its derivatives. This course teaches solutions of ordinary differential equations with applications to geometry, physics, and engineering; solutions in power series; systems of linear differential equations; introduction to Laplace Transforms. Even those who are good at math will be challenged by this advanced class.

8. PHYS 0311 – General Physics II

Chalkboard with physics equations and formulas written in chalk.

The main goal of physics is to understand how the universe behaves. This course is difficult for many because it involves science and math. This class is a more comprehensive course designed to meet the needs of physics majors as well as advanced students in chemistry, engineering and other areas. Topics related to heat, thermodynamics, geometrical optics, electricity and magnetism are rigorously presented. There’s lots of equations and formulas to memorize, so prepared for studying, studying, and more studying.

9. PSYC 0306 – Psychological Statistics

Illustration of a brain with scientists studying it.

This is another science and math-related course, so if is you like math and/or science, then considering taking on this challenge. This class is an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics for the psychological sciences. Topics covered include descriptive and inferential statistics, including chi-square, t-test, analysis of variance, correlational techniques, and when those techniques might be applicable in psychology. If you like testing hypotheses, analyzing data, and learning about the mind, then this might be just the class for you.

10. SOCI 0370 – Social Psychology

Graphic of people with icons portraying what they are saying or thinking.

Sociology is the study of society, patterns of social relationships, social interaction and culture of everyday life. This course is the study of the development of human nature and personality as a product of social interaction and the nature of the socialization process. Special attention is given to the role of such factors as membership and reference groups, group values, attitude, norms, language in the development of personality. This course is like your brain trying to understand other brains. If human behavior and interaction interests you, then you might actually like this class.

Top 10 Dorms at Tuskegee University

If you are going to attend Tuskegee University, you need to pick the right dorm for you. There are girls dorms and boys dorms offered here. Here are the top 10 residence halls at Tuskegee University.

1. Douglass Hall

The first option that you have is Douglass Hall. This is a dorm dedicated to all female students on campus. If you are a girl, this area provides a great place for you to live.

Douglass dorm room

Address: N/A

2. Harvey Hall

Another all-female building on campus is Harvey Hall. This is a fairly new residence hall that has a lot to offer to you. This means that you will be able to make the most of your education if you live here.

Harvey area

Address: N/A

3. Sage Hall

If you want to become the best student that you can be, you should live in Sage Hall. In fact, this is where a lot of freshmen tend to live while at school. This gives you the right environment to thrive.

Sage dorm room

Address: N/A

4. White hall

White Hall is one of the older options that you have while at school. Although it might be an older building, there are still tons of resources available to you here. Some examples include computer access and laundry facilities.

White building

Address: N/A

5. Younge hall

The final dorm dedicated to only females is Younge Hall. This is mostly where upperclass women like to live. This allows you to have a bit more peace and quiet while living on campus.

Younger building

Address: N/A

6. Bethune Hall

If you are a male, the first option that you have is Bethune Hall. This is a mainly freshmen dorm that is for the male freshmen on campus. There are always events going on here to help you get involved.

Bethune area

Address: N/A

7. Russell Hall

Another great option at your disposal is Russell Hall. This is a great place for you to live and meet new people in the process. This allows you to truly enjoy your college experience.

Russell Building

Address: N/A

8. Rockefeller Hall

Rockefeller Hall is one of the most popular spots for males to live on campus. This is a popular residence hall because it is located right in the heart of campus. This allows you to get to and from class with ease.

Rockefeller building

Address: N/A

9. Emery hall

Emery Hall is where you need to live if you do not want to be in the center of the action. This will make your life a little more peaceful while at school. This will lower your stress levels on campus.

Emery building

Address: N/A

10. James Hall 

The only coed building that is on campus is James Hall. This building allows both males and female to inhabit the halls. This adds a unique atmosphere to the living area.

James building

Address: N/A

Here is your packing list for Tuskegee University

1. Room basics

a stack of sheets

– Mattress topper
– garbage can
– sheets
– pillows
– clothes

2. Food and Drinks

a cup of coffee

– Bottled water
– coffee
– tea bags
– groceries
– bowls

3. Tech and Entertainment 

a black scanner

– Cell phone
– computer
– chargers
– adapters
– scanner

4. School Supplies

 wooden pencils

– Textbooks
– pencils
– pens
– paper
– notebook

5. Cleaning and Organization

paper towel

– All-purpose cleaner
– paper towels
– bath towel
– doormat
– shoe rack

6. Campus Gear

 a black bike

– Walking shoes
– umbrella
– water bottle
– bike
– skateboard

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a small printer

– Hover boards
– printers
– space heater
– furniture
– guests

Top 10 Clubs at Tuskegee University

Tuskegee University is a private, historically black university located in Tuskegee, Alabama, United States. The average enrollment for the school is a little less than 3,000 students per year. Here are 10 cool clubs you need to check out.

1. International Students Association (ISA)

 international student association logo world map in a bear

The international students association is meant to gather international students to make them feel welcome and that they can show off their culture to the school. The group has a number of events that showcase food and music of different countries.

2. National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

 National Society of Black Engineers logo fire torch and lightning

The national society of black engineers was first started in 1975 at Purdue University. The group strives for more people of the black community to go for engineering. Often it is a stereotype that people of color are not able to succeed in this job, this group is here to change that mindset.

3. Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

 logo for society of women engineers is a gear

Women in the engineering world is small but not nearly as small as it was before. This group is made so that women in the workforce can know about the options they have in the engineering field. It was also created to be a support system for those who are currently in the major.

4. The Newman Club of Tuskegee

 students at saint joseph church

The Newman Club is a club on campus that is associated with the St. Joseph Parish. If you are looking at keeping the lord present throughout your college experience this is the group for you. The group allows you chances to attend mass as well as social and spiritual events.

5. Tuskegee University NAACP College Chapter

 NAACP logo with a book and a weight balance

NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The group talks about and tries to educate people on civil rights as well as different workshops and seminars for those who are looking to expand themselves in the professional world.

6. Golden Essence Dance Team

 the Golden Essence Dance Team

The golden essence dance team is a group of people who are made up of usually 20-30 women. The dance team provides school spirit and is the main entertainment for any and all basketball games that the school has on during the year.

7. Golden Voices Choir

the golden voices choir performing

The golden voices choir is meant for those students who are interested in showing the world their vocal excellence. The group is known to be one that works as a team and they also get their voices known. The group does a number of events such as concerts and private entertainment.

8. Cheerleaders

Tuskegee University Cheerleaders performing

The cheerleaders are a group of talented students who have a great deal of pride in performing as well as school pride. The group does performances on the competitive level and as small as performing for school football games.

9. Marching Crimson Piper Band

the marching band performing

The marching band has been around for over 25 years. It is a group of students who not only perform an instrument but act as the face of entertainment and school spirit for all major sports games such as football. You must apply to get in.

10. SGA

 the logo for student government association

SGA stands for student government association. The group is made up of different departments such as events and treasury. This group is a great way to get your voice heard. The association is meant to represent students of the entire school.

Top 5 Events of the School Year at Tuskegee University

1. Annual Choir Christmas Concert

 logo for choir music notes

The choir puts on a Christmas Concert every year to showcase the beautiful singing talent of the choir. Make sure to come out for a great performance and to support your fellow students. It will truly be an unforgettable night and best yet the admission is free.

2. Faith Week

 the word faith spelled in game piece letters

Faith Week is a week that allows students to be critical of faith and the world around us. This interactive event looks at a variety of important topics and the stance that faith takes these topics on such as : poverty, homelessness, and political aggression.

3. George Washington Carver Convocation

 black and white photo for George Washington Carver

The George Washington Carver Convocation is meant as a celebration of George Washington Carver . He was someone who made a huge impact on how society saw men of color. He was committed to faith and made contributions to science.

4. Law School Fair

 the front of a law school

Are you considering learning about possible law school options for you? Look no further to the annual law school fair. There will be plenty of people who are looking to recruit you. Make sure to dress to impress and come with a resume.

5. Open House

 open house for grads. person showing different aspects of college such as pencils and lightbulbs

The open house is available around fall time and spring time. It is an annual event that allows prospective highschool or transfer students to truly see what the school has to offer. It is a great way to tour the campus as well as talk about different options for eating and living spaces.

10 of the Easiest Classes at Tuskegee University

The courses offered at Tuskegee University are extensive, making course selection season sometimes stressful of students who want to make sure they are selecting the right courses. The university offers many courses that are both manageable and easy to excel in and simultaneously incredibly enlightening.  Here are 10 of the easiest courses at Tuskegee University.

1. PHYS 0512 – History of Science

This class focuses on the historical development of basic ideas in science. The history of disciplines like chemistry, astronomy, geology, medicine will be covered. The course also looks at the history of these topics in relation to social and political influences.

a stack of books with a pair of glasses resting on top.

2. ENG 0430 – Film Studies

This class introduces students to the art form of film. Students will critique various classic and modern films, learning about different genres, narrative techniques and how films have evolved over the years. If you want to take a course where you get to watch movies during lectures, this course is a fun choice!

a silhouette of an individual holding a video camera.

3. PHIL 0201 – Introduction to Philosophy

This course is a great introduction to the historical development and fundamental theories in the field of philosophy. The course allows students to explore interesting issues raised by famous theorists and debate questions revolving around topics like life and morality.

an illustration of a man with a thought bubble with a lightbulb enclosed in it.

4. PHIL 0342 – Philosophy of Law  

Philosophy of law explores the basic concepts in common law and the justice system in relation to philosophy. Students will explore legal theory and write a few short papers. This course is easily excelled in when students attend class regularly and listen to the clear assignment instruction provided by the professor.

an image of scales to represent justice.

5. PSYC 0567 – Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology is a fascinating course that really broadens student perspectives around mental health and disorder. You will learn about how different individual identities and cultural contexts play into how mental health disorders are treated and diagnosed. The readings are light and the lectures are really interesting.

an illustration of a brain


Basic fundamentals of music will be introduced to students in this course. Topics to be covered include keys, scales, notation and other essential elements. This is a non-intimidating first year course that students from all disciplines will find easy.

a photograph of a violin against a black background.

7. POLS 0450 – Introduction to Public Administration

The role of administration in the public sector is focused on in this class. Management, finance, and law are just a few of the topics to be discussed in the class. The course content is fairly non-complex and student generally excel very well in the short quizzes and assignments occurring periodically throughout the semester.

a student working on a laptop with a textbook open next to them.


Child psychology covers the concepts inherent to human development from conception to late childhood. The developmental process is explored in depth including topics like memory, motor learning, and other aspects of brain development and growth.

an illustration of a person holding a brain and pointing to it with a pointer stick.


Students will look at welfare services and social work practice in this course from a historical and philosophical lense. They will learn about the different functions inherent in social services and how these programs affect individuals, communities, and families. This is a light course where you will get to learn a lot about how communities grow and thrive.

various hands reaching together to signify community.

10. BUSN 0311 – MARKETING.

This class offers an overview of marketing systems. It introduces students to concepts like product marketing and ownership transfer. Students have the opportunity to dive deep into the world of consumer and user strategy and learn how they can apply this knowledge in the working world.

a  notebook with the word marketing written on it on a desk.

Selecting elective courses can be stressful when one already has a large course load to balance. For this reason, students at Tuskegee University might consider the following courses when filling in their timetable. They are known for being not only easy to excel in alongside a full course load but are also incredibly enjoyable and enlightening.