Towson University Online Tutoring Services

If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at Towson University, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in Maryland. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at Towson University.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around Maryland.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHEM 100Chemistry and Current Problems
CHEM 103Foundations of Chemistry
CHEM 104Introduction to Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 112Honors Chemistry and Current Problems
CHEM 115Honors Chemistry for Allied Health Professions I
CHEM 121Allied Health Chemistry I Lecture
CHEM 121LAllied Health Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 131General Chemistry I Lecture
CHEM 131LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 132General Chemistry II Lecture
CHEM 132LGeneral Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM 210Analytical Chemistry
MATH 100Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning
MATH 102Intermediate Algebra
MATH 105Mathematical Ideas
MATH 109Transition to Algebra for Applications
MATH 111Finite Mathematics
MATH 115College Algebra
MATH 119Pre-calculus

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at Towson University

Maryland is one of the best academic states in the entire country, especially when it comes to higher education. Towson is one of the prime examples of what makes Maryland such an academic powerhouse. Beyond this, Towson also provides a service that helps students find jobs both on and off campus. They get that many will want their own income as they get their first taste of independent life. And they’re more than happy to help out in that regard.

1. Security Worker

Security is a priority at Towson

Security services are a crucial part of making any campus feel safe. There are so many different roles played by the security team, as well. From front desk security to campus security, applications can be sent through the resource of Handshake.

2. Research Assistant

Research assistants work together in a lab

Towson is a school that is open to all sorts of remarkable research projects from their excellent staffs of professors. However, these professors cannot go at it alone. They often post job openings on Handshake for students who are looking to get involved in helping their professors with conducting this research.

3. Computer Engineer

An engineer fixes computer wiring

In this day and age, many schools rely on the successful operations of their computers to succeed. It seems like a faltering computer service could result in a faltering campus. Since many students are studying computer sciences and computer engineering courses, it would only make sense to hire them to help fix these tools and get some experience.

4. Field Crew Member

Lines are painted on a field

Sports fields and stadiums at Towson are constantly in a state of flux. After all, different teams have to share the facilities. When it comes to different sports, however, these field crew members help transform what was once a football field into a soccer field and they can do anything else in this realm of maintenance!

5. HR Associate

Human resources involves a network of people

In the nearby area of Towson, there are many companies that require human resource departments (including the school itself!). For students interested in this field of business, student jobs are a must to help them get their foot in the door and gain some experience. These student jobs are posted on Towson’s Handshake resource.

6. Peer Advisor

Peer advisors have a motivational poster

Peer advisors are definitely useful for many undergraduate students as they navigate their college careers. When picking classes or sorting through professors or completing homework, it doesn’t hurt to have people helping you along the way. And who could be better to help with this than students who’ve done it before?

7. Summer Orientation Leader

Some schools have logos for orientation

Summer orientation is a crucial step of the college process. It is oftentimes the first exposure for students who choose to enroll in a school. These processes are always made much easier by having exuberant orientation leaders who can answer any question you might have.

8. Notetaker for OneClass

OneClass logo, it offers online employment for students

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Health and Wellness Services at Towson University

Towson University aims to provide excellent health and wellness services to its students. There are complete resources to support the students beside studies. The student can be successful when they have both wellness and health side by side. It keeps them encouraged to keep up with their health along with other activities which can be a source of good health. To keep the student happy, the wellness center offers a variety of services which they can utilize for their benefit.

1. Health Center

Doctor checking the health condition of the patient

There are many alternatives for the primary care at the health center for the students. The services are there to encourage the students to care about themselves. They can visit the center any time upon appointment for regular checkups. The staff of the health center plays an active role in providing aid to patients at all times. It helps them build confidence to take care of their health needs and be up to date with their health conditions. The compliance of immunization is a must by health care for build good community in the campus.

2. Counseling Center

Two girls sitting on sofa and noting something on paper

Counseling center helps the students to cope up with the stressful situations they have to deal with in the university. Therefore, the psychologists are there to provide help to the students constructively through the challenges they face. The college life stress and coping up with it diligently is the aim of the psychologist. Also, there are personal counseling sessions for the students to have one on one conversation to analyze and find solutions for their problems. They learn new skills of life and help build the resilience in them to be reactive to every situation.

3. Disability Support Services Center

A man taking out another man on a wheelchair

DSS center provides the utmost care for the disabled students along with providing them with comfortable accommodation. Also, they guide them to be a part of normal students with the equal opportunity for them to enjoy the university. The collaboration of students and administration is perfect to remove any barriers which may lead to bad mental health for the disabled students.

4. Campus Recreation Center

Outdoor yoga class for students

There are multiple services within the recreation center for the students to enjoy. It helps the students to stay active and have fun at the same time. Alongside, there is a pool and gym which keeps them fit during the stay in the university. This center also plans the outdoor trips to relax the students and also provides outdoor yoga classes.

5. Health Promotion and Outreach Center

Number of people discussing issues in group

This center aims for the programs which educate the students regarding right choices. The staff of this center holds group meetings or individual meetings upon appointment. They speak to the groups/individual regarding the social issues they may be facing. It can be drugs, alcohol, peer pressure or more. The information stays safe with the professional with suggesting techniques to stay away from bad habits.


To reach out to any of the centers, you can always call directly on 410.704.2000 or visit the center directly. The professionals will help you out with setting up the appointment instantly accordingly.

Health and wellness services are essential for the university to keep the students on the right path. It keeps them busy in healthy activities along with measuring their health for good.

Top 10 Majors at Towson University

What will you do next? Where will life take you? These are questions we all want answers too, especially while we are in college. However, there is only so much you can do. This includes knowing what field you would like to major in if you can. Below we have listed some of the top majors at Townson University!

1. Accounting

accounting on a laptop

Accounting majors know all about the field of economics. Students in this major will find out about investment, the trends in the world economy, and how money and banking works. Students will also learn more about what careers are offered to them.

2. Biology

The words biology is life

Are you interested in science? This major is for those who are looking to learn more about the sciences in the world and how biological sciences work. Many students also go on to medical school where they can use their degree to pursue doctorate.

3. Communication Studies

Different modes of Professional Communication

Are you an effective communicator? This one is for those who want to communicate effectively with the general public. Communication majors will study journalism and how to communicate through writing and speaking.

4. History

The word history written out

What’s written in the past? As a history major, you will study the history of the world. History majors will be able to utilize their own textbooks to make a career for themselves. History books teach us about a wide array of things including our own past.

5. Mathematics

picture of 2 plus 2 equals 5 written in chalk on blackboard

Do you know what two plus two is? Okay great! What about the science and methods for solving this problem when factoring it? As a mathematics major, you will learn more about the world of math. This includes equations, problem solving, and more.

6. Music

An image of an eighth note

Music is the language that everyone understands. Students will learn more about the world of music and the culture of music. Students will learn more about how music helps people to communicate effectively around the world and the history of music.

7. Philosophy

definition of philosophy

What’s your philosophy? Students will learn more about the world of philosophy. Students will learn about the history of philosophy, how philosophy works, and how it has stuck to many of the values we utilize today.

8. Physical Education

Words relating to physical education

Are you physically active? This major focuses on health and physical  education. Students will learn more about the human body, how the body works, and how to physically get fit. This includes learning more about nutrition and physical education.

9. Art and Design

A graphic that says art and design

This major focuses on the world of art and design. Students in this major will learn about the various tools for constructing art. This includes learning about software tools and handcrafting art yourself. Students will also learn about the various tools and methods for design.

10. Acting

The word acting written out

Lights, Camera, Action! Do you like to act? This field deals with the field of acting. Students will learn about the dramatic arts from world renowned actors themselves. Students will get a chance to take center stage and show the world what they can do.

10 Towson University Buildings You Need to Know

With over 22,000 students on its 329-acre suburban campus, Towson University is the fastest growing university in Maryland. The university’s proximity to Baltimore and Washington, D.C., wide range of programs and extracurricular activities, and strong partnerships with many businesses ensures that their students will have an exceptional experience during their time in school.

1) The Glen Arboretum


These 10 acres of wood lie adjacent to Smith and Van Bokkelen Halls. Part of the universities mission is to establish and maintain specimens of plants, principally trees and shrubs, that are native to Maryland. The Glen Arboretum is a valuable resource for ongoing research in biology and chemistry and houses the Towson University Challenge Course.

2) University Union


The University Union is the hub of co-curricular activities and programs for the campus, as well as home to many student services such as dining services, the post office, the ticket office, the bookstore, campus life offices, student lounges, and conference and banquet rooms.

3) Stephens Hall


Constructed in 1914, Stephens Hall was the original Administration Building.  Today, the Stephens Hall Theatre presents dance, opera, music and theatre performances. This building is also home to the Leberman Collection of 40 oil paintings, sculptures, ink drawings, lithographs, photographs and art books on display throughout the Honors College in Stephens Hall.

4) Cook Library


The Albert. S. Cook Library has a general collection of some 600,000 books, 150,000 e-books, 1,200 print journal titles and more. The University Archives in crude Babylonian clay tablets and the largest Judaica book collection in the southeast. Services include group and individual study rooms, a tutoring center and a digital media classroom.

5) The Commemorative Garden


The seasonally landscaped Commemorative Garden honors campus community members who have passed away through the engraved pavers, plaques, and walls around the garden. It also provides visitors with a peaceful place for contemplation, inspiration, reflection, hope and renewal.

6) West Village Commons


The Commons includes student housing, dining, gathering space and parking. Events, activities and programs held in the Commons are open to the entire academic community. Some of the eatery options include Einstein Bros. Bagels, Panda Express, and an “all you care to eat” dining facility.

7) Center of the Arts

center of arts

With programs in theatre, dance, music, art, and film, Towson has over 200 performances on campus every year.

8) Towson University Residence Tower

residence tower

The $32.5 million renovation saw the complete reconstruction of the 100,000-square foot building from the inside out. The 44-year-old Residence Tower has been home to more than 20,000 students since opening in 1972. This project is the residence hall’s first significant renovation. The two lower levels were transformed into community space, with a large kitchen, a game room and common areas in a loft-like setting overlooking the building’s main entrance. The area will also boast study lounges, a conference room and a laundry room.

9) Office of Public Safety

office of public safety

The department’s award-winning crime prevention and awareness programs—including emergency text alerts, campus escort programs, and campus safety videos—are built to help students stay informed of potential dangers so they can safely focus on learning.

10) Health and Counseling Centers

health and wellness centre

The Health Center offers a full range of primary, urgent and preventive health care services for TU students. They promote public health by maintaining immunization compliance for the campus community. The Counseling Center helps all students deal constructively both with normal and extraordinary challenges and stresses of college life.

Interesting Facts about Towson University

1) F. Scott Fitzgerald was a resident right near campus.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

He finished Tender is the Night while living at the now-demolished La Paix Estate. Towson students would frequently see him roaring up York Road in his Stutz Bearcat.

2) “Blood, Lust, and the American Dream”

image of vampire

In fall 2014, TU offered an undergraduate course titled “Blood Lust and the American Dream.” Its content focused on representations of vampires in popular media, from literary origins in the late 19th century through to recent incarnations on screen.

3) Most of the student body is not affiliated with Greek Life.

greek life

Only 10% of the male students on campus make up the 22 fraternities on campus, and 12% of female students make up the 21 sororities.

4) Maryland State Normal School

maryland state school

The original name of Towson University was the Maryland State Normal School, founded in 1866. Its current name was adopted in 1976.

5) Most of the students are from Maryland.


87% of students are in-state while only 13% are out-of-state.

6) A Teaching School


TU was originally a school of 300 students with the sole purpose of giving formal training and certification to teachers of public schools. It was not until 1963 that the school officially became a college, earning the title of the second largest public institution of higher education in Maryland.

7) Golden Knights to Towson Tigers

towson tigers

The tiger was not the original mascot of TU. Before 1961, the athletic teams were all titled as the Golden Knights. Tigers became the official mascot in 1962, but the school  did not have an official mascot costume or major mascot presence until the 1980’s.

Top 10 Clubs at Towson

College is stressful as is. Forgetting to allow yourself to relax and indulge in a healthy social life is the key to happiness in college. Towson University offers a wide variety of clubs and events so that students can do just that. This article will bring you through ten amazing clubs that can help you find your place at Towson University.

1. American Marketing Association

The American Marketing Association is a club that has taken its place in institutions all across the US. Here is where business fanatics come together to learn more about marketing and how they can further their careers. This is a great way to socialize and also learn professional skills.

These are different ways of marketing strategies.

2. Eco-Reps

Eco-Reps are the heroes at Towson University. They work hard to help the school a more eco-friendly place and to promote the cleanliness of the institution. So don’t be afraid to join this club because you will do your part in the community while meeting others who equally care about it as well.

reduce, reuse, recycle

3. Exercise Science Club

The Exercise Science Club is an amazing club that combines physical exercise with a science factor. Here you will learn more behind the scientific knowledge behind exercise. So don’t be afraid to join this club because you will benefit in many different ways.

These are people exercising.

4. Fashion and Business Tigers

The Fashion and Business Tigers are the fashionistas of the school. Here they can gather to talk about up to date trends and learn new techniques. If you love fashion or want to learn more, sign up for the Fashion and Business Tigers.

These are fashion students in the studio.

5. Math Education Club

For those who love math, Math Education Club is the perfect club for you. Here you can meet others who are extremely interested in math and you can train together. You can even enter in competitions as a club.

mathematical equations

6. The Feminist Collective

The Feminist Collective is a club dedicated to empowering women. Here, women come together to listen and speak with one another without judgement. It is a great way to meet sweet women who value the importance of a woman.

These are women protesting.

7. Transfer Student Organization

In Transfer Student Organization, you will get to meet others who are dedicated to helping transfer students have an easier transition into the college. You will meet other transfers students. You will also get a buddy who already attends school to help you through personal and academic hardships.

These are students calling for transfer students.

8. Musical Theatre Appreciation Club

If you are a big fan of theatre, then Musical Theatre Appreciation Club is the perfect place for you. Here you will get to discuss more about famous plays. You will also get to meet more people who share an extreme interest in theatre.

This is an empty Theatre.

9. Towson Art Club

If you have a love for art, Towson Art Club is the place for you. Here you will get the opportunity to learn new art skills. Experienced and unexperienced students are encouraged to join.

These are people in an art studio.

10. Towson Skydiving Club

Towson Skydiving Club is perfect for the thrill seekers in the world. Here you will get to meet others who love the rush. It is also a great way to meet others who can get together to plan activities such as skydiving.

These are two people skydiving.

Top Events During the School Year at Towson University

1. FALL in Love with Yoga

FALL in Love with Yoga was created to allow students to take a relaxation break in between classes. There will be different sessions so you can come according to your own schedule. There will be free food as well.

This is a woman doing yoga.

2.  Mario Kart Klassic II

Mario Kart Klassic II is a very unique event to the school. This is their second annual event this year. There will be free food and a prize for the first place winner.

This is mario in the mario kart game.

3. LaborStay- Block Party & Stroll Competition

Block Party is where the fraternity and sororities come together for their main event. The event is free to all students. Here you will get to watch them compete in a variety of activities. It is both fun for competitors and students who want to come and support their friends.

This is a sign that says talent show.

4. S’mores Outdoors

S’mores Outdoors is where students can come together for a campfire on campus. Here you will get to indulge in a variety of activities such as yard games and an open challenge course. Of course there will be s’mores and other foods for free to students.

This is a picture of a s'mores treat.

5. Snap Shot September

Snap Shot September is a main event that comes once a week. Here they will collect student’s pictures of the school using the hashtag #TUGLEN. So don’t forget to post your picture with the hashtag so you can be apart of the weeks display and event.

This is a person using instagram.

Don’t let the stress of college consume you. Allow yourself to take necessary breaks and create a well-balanced social life. Use this as your guide to events and clubs that can help you do so. Best of luck and have a great school year.

Best Professors at Towson University

Once you get to college, you learn that it is very different from High School. You are unable to just pass your classes by trying to negotiate with a professor. You really have to take the time and understand the material and go to the professors’ office hours or have out of class extra tutoring to ensure that you can understand and then pass the course. Some professors may be easy and give you a good grade but then you are not able to learn and actually apply the material that you should have learned in the course. Too hard of a professor will cause you to need to retake the course again. A good professor will be able to teach the necessary material in a fun and understandable way. You will be able to get a good grade and actually enjoy the class and what you are learning about. There are a handful of professors at Towson University that will allow you to succeed easily.

1. Prisca Martens

Prisca Martens

Department: Education

Courses Taught: EDUC 417

Common Tags: Caring, Gives Good Feedback, Group Projects, Respected, Clear Grading Criteria

Student Reviews:

“Professor Martens is enthusiastic about the course and cares about all of her students. She uses hands-on learning to make the class enjoyable and has clear grading criteria for all assignments. Grades consisted of 3 sets of reading logs, 2 group projects, 2 individual projects, writing letters to penpals, participation, and a final reflection.”

“Prisca is seriously one of the sweetest professors you will ever have! She grades very fairly, offers lots of encouraging words, and makes learning fun. This class was a breeze thanks to her! You can tell she is passionate about children’s literature.”

“Professor Martens is amazing! She is so kind and friendly and she treats her students like family. She is very understanding and helpful. She truly fosters a love for reading and understanding children’s literature!”

Ratings: Overall 5.0 – Level of Difficulty 1.7

2. Brianna Stinebaugh


Department: Psychology

Courses Taught: PSYC 317, PSYC 101, PSYC 314

Common Tags: Caring, Extra Credit, Gives Good Feedback, Amazing Lectures, Clear Grading Criteria, Respected

Student Reviews:

“LOVE HER AND THIS COURSE! If you can you need to take this as a psychology elective, you will not regret it. Stinebaugh is the sweetest, smartest, and most down to earth professor I’ve ever had. The material is so interesting and she makes it so fun to learn. Do yourself a favor and take the class, 3 exams, 1 research paper, quizzes are take home!”

“Literally, if you are going to take Sensation and Perception (it’s a bio-psyche requirement for the psyche major) TAKE IT WITH STINEBAUGH. She is an amazing professor. Her lectures are set up clearly, and the material is structured in a way that is easy to follow. I tried taking it before with another professor and was so lost. Stinebaugh is a gift.”

“She is the best teacher I have ever had. Her class is challenging but that’s the content she makes a hard subject understandable. She genuinely wants you to do good and she is so sweet and has an amazing energy. She makes class time fly by and is truly incredible.”

Ratings: Overall 5.0 – Level of Difficulty 2.2

3. Faith Weeks

Faith Weeks

Department: Biology

Courses Taught: BIOL 120, BIOL 120L

Common Tags: Extra Credit, Respected, Inspirational, Hilarious, Caring

Student Reviews:

“AMAZING! The sweetest lady there is. Lectures are full of information that she makes so easy to understand. Is willing to work with you to understand everything. The class consists of a lot of grades and she offers some extra credit. Even if you’re not a science person Dr. Weeks will make you love biology and ace her class”

“I was so afraid to take biology, but Prof weeks made this class so enjoyable! Such a nice lady who wants everyone to get an A! Her exams are so simple. Based on lectures, but she also posts the slides. No need for a book and If less than half the class is there she gives out 5 points extra credit! (Got it 3 times) She makes this class a breeze! :)”

“Dr. Weeks is a great professor because she makes the material interesting. There are only a few tests and quizzes and the content comes directly from her lectures. She is very understanding and is willing to work with her students to help them succeed. She also give out a lot of extra credit, which makes it easy to get a good grade in the class.”

Ratings: Overall 5.0 – Level of Difficulty 2.2

4. Erin Berry


Department: Communications

Courses Taught: COMM 300, COMM 377,  COMM 215

Common Tags: Hilarious, Gives Good Feedback, Participation Matters, Caring, Amazing Lectures

Student Reviews:

“Best professor at Towson hands down. She doesn’t bring politics into her lectures like most professors at TU. Professor Bery just tells it like it is.”

“BEST WOMEN ALIVE. So helpful, understanding and is so in tune with her students. She makes the class interesting and meaningful. LOOOOOOVE HEEEERRRRR!!!!”

“She’s super funny and so hip to her students. She expects you to participate so don’t be shy, it’s not a hard class. Talk to her, talk in class, actually take it seriously and you’ll do great.”

Ratings: Overall 5.0 – Level of Difficulty 2.2

5. Karen Cooper


Department: Nursing

Courses Taught: NURS 333, NURS 459, NURS 455, NURS 312

Common Tags: Respected, Gives Good Feedback, Caring

Student Reviews:

“Professor Cooper is amazing! She is very understanding, willing to help, and gives good feedback. She understands that you have other harder classes and takes that into consideration when it comes to assignment due dates. She makes the class interesting by having open discussions. By far one of my favorite professors!”

“She is a fabulous teacher. Caring, knowledgeable, just overall great teacher. Study for the tests but she will teach you what you need to know! LOVE HER!”

“One of the best professor I ever had.”

Ratings: Overall 5.0 – Level of Difficulty 1.4

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Towson University

Department: Ecology 

Department: Biology

Dr. Beck’s current research focuses on understanding how disturbances, either natural or anthropogenic affect the population dynamics and species richness of mammals and plants in the Amazon. In particular, he is interested in the dramatic impact of peccaries (a pig-like creature) on forest ecology. To test some of these hypotheses, he has set up several long-term experiments in Cocha Cashu and Los Amigos, two sites within the Peruvian Amazon. In addition, in collaboration with colleagues from the IUCN Tapir Specialists Group, he is currently testing the impact of tapir disturbances on the seedling and sapling communities using hundreds of exclosures across five Neotropical countries and in Malaysia. The results of his research are crucial for understanding the role of mammals within their ecosystem, and help us to develop new conservation and management strategies.

Department: Biology

Research in Dr. Bulmer’s lab focuses on the immune defenses of social insects, specifically termites and their fungal pathogens. Termites appear to have exploited elements of the conserved innate immune system for socially mediated protection. Immune proteins that are usually associated with the hemolymph (insect blood) in other insects are spread among termite colony members by mutual grooming and incorporated into nest building materials. We are investigating the evolution and mechanism of these secreted proteins as well as the fungal pathogens that they appear to target.

Department: Geochemistry

Dr. Moore’s research focuses on using geochemical tools to understand earth surface and atmospheric processes in natural and anthropogenically-impacted systems. Past and current projects include: 1) Mineral weathering and how it is affected by, or affects by a) Soil age, b) Ecosystem development, and/or c) Tectonic uplift and erosion; 2) Anthropogenic release, transportation, and fate of pollutants, particularly metals; and 3) Atmospheric CO2 concentrations and carbon isotopes to measure cycling in urban areas. He is also in the initial stages of a couple of projects in built and engineered systems including assessing the effects of subsurface sequestered CO2 leaking into drinking water aquifers and the relationship between concrete chemistry and microbial communities.

Department: Geographic Information Science

As seen, having a good professor can make you really enjoy a course that is necessary to take. It can teach you a lot and you may actually enjoy the class rather than dread going. College professors have a lot of the impact on how you perform in the course and also what you end up doing in the future with the information learned. These are some of the many amazing professors at Towson University and if you are fortunate enough to take a course with one of these many professors you should definitely do so!

10 of the Coolest Classes at Towson University

When looking into taking classes, many students will look for easy courses, things they are interested in, as well as something that fits their specific interests. With a large school such as Towson comes many interesting, cool and fun classes that can be taken. Here is a list of 10 of the coolest classes at Towson University.

1. DANCE 370 – Pilates

This course is a 2 credit class. It is taught at 8am with a great instructor. You learn a lot as well as get a great work out in 2 times a week to start your day. She has on the syllabus that the class is taught on Fridays but never actually holds class on Fridays, so you are able to get to sleep in and not go to class Fridays. There are no big assignments besides a pre-writing paper about what you want to learn, a middle-writing about what you have learned, and an end-writing about what you have learnt through the entire class. This is an extremely easy A as well as a great way to tighten up your core! 

Towson University DANCE 370 - Pilates

2. KNES 263 – Scuba Diving

This course goes on once a week in the Burdick Gym swimming pool. Typically it is a night class, which is nice because you do not have to be wet for all of the other classes during the day. Although you have to get wet, it ends up being a work out as well as fun. This course requires lab fees since it requires materials that the school provides.Towson University KNES 263 - Scuba Diving

3. HLTH 220 – Sexuality in a Diverse Society

This is a health class that is not only needed for health related majors and minors but also is a core that covers the diversity and different topics. This class is basically equivalent to what Sex ED in high school was. It covers the multifaceted components of human sexuality, including historical influences, religious influences, moral development and values, sexual practices and alternate behaviors, health behaviors, and sex-related diseases. You are able to learn helpful information from this class, plus you’ll be able to share it with your friends and future relationships. This class is educational as well as easy. The projects are a lot of fun and the class has a lot of group work.Towson University HLTH 220 - Sexuality in a Diverse Society

4. WMST 231 – Women in Perspective

Are you interested in a women’s role in society? Than this is a great class for you. The class is an examination of the status of women and women’s attempts to achieve economic, legal and social equality, and physical integrity in the past and today with an emphasis on U.S. women. The focus of the class is on the experiences that women go through. Topics that are mainly focused on  marriage, motherhood, education, jobs and sexuality. This class also covers the core for diversity and difference. If you are a women trying to learn more, or someone that is just trying to learn more about a women’s role in society, then this is definitely the class for you.Towson University WMST 231 - Women in Perspective

5. PHYS 103 – How Things Work

This is an interesting class for non-science majors to take and get their science credit out of the way. It is an introduction to physics and the science of how things in everyday life work and operate. It examines how toys work, to the next generation of how computers and technology will run. The course introduces fundamental science concepts underpinning ordinary to high tech objects, their principles of operation, and the histories of their development.Towson University PHYS 103 - How Things Work

6. DANC 102 – Yoga

With all the stress that college brings, what is a better way to start your day than with a yoga class that counts as a credit? Students are able to learn basic movements and breathing techniques along with how to concentrate while enhancing body and awareness along with flexibility. You will also learn yoga history and philosophy and have a few short quizzes on it! This class is an easy way to boost your GPA!

Towson University DANC 102 - Yoga

7. PSYC 101 – Introduction to Psychology

This class that is not necessarilyy cool but it is extremely interesting and a lot of people find it cool especially for people that are psychology majors. This class goes over psychological theories, principles and methods, with a focus on measurement and experimentation, biopsychology, sensation and perception, learning and memory, motivation and emotion, personality and adjustment, abnormality and psychotherapy, development and individual differences. This class is also a social and behavior science core. It is a prerequisite and interesting class for many other classes that you will need to take for all different majors!Towson University PSYC 101 - Introduction to Psychology

8. GERO 101 – Introduction to Gerontology

This class is offered online as well as in class. It describes the study of human aging from a variety of perspectives including sociological, psychological, and biological. It provides a background in social, political and public policy issues related to the aging of America. This class is a social and behavioral science core. This class also has many sections as well as online sections in case you would rather not go to class. This is a manageable course to take online and there is not too much work that needs to be completed.Towson University GERO 101 - Introduction to Gerontology

9. SOCI 101 – Introduction to Sociology

This class goes over sociological concepts, theories and methods. There is a study of society and culture and the influence of the social environment on individual behavior. This class is similar to Psychology 101 as it is a prerequisite for many course and is also a social and behavioral science core class. There are many sections and professors to chose from. If you are able to look at ‘rate my professor’, you can decide the type of teaching style that you want your professor to have.Towson University SOCI 101 - Introduction to Sociology10. KNES 265 – Fundamentals in Health and Physical Fitness Assessment

Although this class is for Exercise Science majors, it is a really cool class. It allows you to learn a lot about your body and how to test other people. It provides an integrated examination of the theory and methodology of health-related physical fitness testing. This course allows for practical experience in health-related physical fitness testing and interpretation of assessment data for low- to moderate-risk healthy adults.  There are prerequisites for this course, however this class then is a prerequisite for a lot of higher level kinesiology courses.

Towson University KNES 265 - Fundamentals in Health and Physical Fitness Assessment

Who wouldn’t want to take one or all of these courses? They are all fun classes that are able to give you some extra credits towards graduation and maybe even fill a core curriculum that is necessary to take. If there is a semester that you are able to take something for fun to even just boost your GPA, choosing a class from this list could really benefit you!

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10 of the Hardest Classes at Towson University

There are hard classes at every school, but knowing what classes are hard and what classes are easy is great knowledge to have when attending Towson University. A lot of the times majors at Towson allow you to chose between two classes to take. Knowing which class is the harder one will allow you to avoid it if applicable and go for the easier one. Here is a list of 10 of the hardest classes at Towson University.

1. PHYS 211 – General Physics I

Any science course is going to be hard, but especially physics. A lot of people did not take this course in high school so do not have prior knowledge to what the course is about. Specially for Physics 211, this course is a non calculus based 4 credit class. This is a class that a lot of students going to graduate school chose to take since it is a course that will transfer as credits that graduate schools accept. The topics covered generally touch on heat, light, electricity, magnetism, and a brief introduction to modern physics. There is a lot in this course that is learned at once and a lot of topics that are not able to relate to each other which is why it makes it so difficult. This core can be counted as physical and biological sciences (core 7).

2. ECON 201 – Microeconomic Principles

Econ 201 translates to be microeconomics. Microeconomics is a hard course to have to take. It is a course at Towson that all Business, Marketing, Communication, and a few more majors need to take. The concepts deal with single factors and the effects of individual decisions. There is discussion about economic reasoning of individual choice in household and market decisions. The difference between competitive and noncompetitive markets and functioning of labor is heavily focused on. This class can count as a core for social and behavior sciences (core 6).

3. ECON 202 – Macroeconomic Principles

After taking ECON 201, ECON 202 is a necessary class that needs to be taken. This class is macroeconomics. The class teaches about inflation and unemployment. There is a lot of money, banking, government spending and taxation that goes on. International trade is also a big topic that is touched on. These topics are hard in that the professors are tough as well as they expect you to understand from the previous course of microeconomics and so they move fast in this course. This core could be social and behavior sciences (core 6).

4. BIOL 221 – Human Anatomy & Physiology I

Biology 221 is Anatomy 1. It seems as if this is one of the hardest classes at Towson, especially if memorizing is not your strong field.  This is a course that needs to be taken for a lot of different majors especially anything dealing with science. This class has a lab attached to it and is a 4 credit class. The physiology part of the class is what the lecture is and then the class goes into the anatomy which is diagrams and memorizing for the lab section. In order to pass you need to memorize a lot of different muscles and bones as well as cells and the nervous system. Most majors have you take part 2 of this course, so it is important to not only do well in the course and actually pass it, but also understand the information learned as part 2 adds on top of it. This course is not a course that many people pass on their first time and it is limited to two attempts including withdrawals.

5. BIOL 222 – Human Anatomy & Physiology II

Biology 222 is Anatomy 2. This course is the second part of what is taken as part 1. This class just like part 1 is 4 credits containing a lab and lecture section. It is mandatory to pass part 1 in order to move onto part 2. Part 2 actually seems to be even harder than part 1 and from word of mouth this stresses students out. A lot of the time they seem to freak out and do not pass part 1 which then pushes off the time for when they are able to take part 2. In part 2 in addition to what was learned in part 1, there is a lot more information learned. The topics that are learned have to do with cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, excretory, endocrine and reproductive systems. There is a lot of information learned about each of these systems and since they are not all similar it is a lot of information that needs to be learned which makes the course so hard for students.

6. CHEM 131 – General Chemistry I

Chem 131 is general chemistry. This class comes along with a lab which makes the 3 credit lecture into a 4 credit class because of the addition of the lab. Topics such as atomic and molecular structure are learned, as well as theories of bonding, stoichiometry, chemical reactions, gases, and solutions. This course is difficult as it is a harder chemistry class because it is something that is able to be transferred over to graduate school. Although this chemistry class is general chemistry, it is a higher level than CHEM 121. This class also covers the core of biological and physical sciences which is core 7.

7. EBTM 250 – Problem Solving In Business I

This course is for students that are accounting majors. There are many EBTM courses that need to be taken, EBTM standing for e-buissness and technology management. These courses although many being only 1 credit, are a serious struggle for a lot of students. Since this is a 200 level class, but an introductory class, it makes it very difficult for students. There are exams that need to be passed, and many students end up needing to restudy and retake these exams over and over again until passing the course. The course is able to end earlier on in the semester if you are able to pass the exams earlier, but if not, along with many other students, it seems as the the duration of the course is most of the semester. In order to earn as satisfactory grade, after passing the MOS Excel Core exam, students need to earn a MOS certification. Topics such as analytic and technology skills are learned and needed to utilize spreadsheets to solve business problems. Specific topics learned deal with managing and sharing workbooks, custom formats and layouts, creating advanced formulas, and creating advanced chart elements.

8. ACCT 301 – Intermediate Accounting I

Accounting is an extremely hard topic. These types of classes do need to be taken by many majors but a lot of difficult courses just like intermediate accounting needs to be taken by accounting majors. Although these people did decide to chose this major, they may not have realized how hard to courses were going to be. Especially this course only being an intermediate level, these students still have even harder courses that are going to be upcoming when they get to those courses. In this specific course, revenue recognition methods, balance sheet presentation, cash flow reporting, and accounting for changes and errors are discussed. Some other topics learned are conceptual framework of accounting and disclosure requirements. This course has a few different prerequisites and is a prerequisite for some future courses as well that need to be taken by accounting majors.

9. FIN 331 – Principles of Financial Management

This course is taken by students that are typically accounting majors. It is known to be one of the first finance course a student takes, but also one of the most difficult ones. It is known as principles of financial management. This course can only be taken after a lot of prerequisites as well as being a junior in standing credit wise. This is an introductory course designed to provide students with the fundamental concepts underlying the theory of finance. Topics such as financial markets, security valuation, analysis of financial condition, forecasting, working capital management, capital budgeting, cost of capital, leverage, optimal capital structure, and dividend policy are discussed. This is a broad range of topics which is why the course seems to be so difficult. Students need to pass this course to move onto other finance courses and it seems to be a great struggle for many students to do this. A lot of students end up retaking this course, proving that it is very difficult.

10. BIOL 190 – Introductory Biology For The Health Professions

This is a course that a lot of students need to take. Since all students need to take some kind of science with a lab. Although a lot of students including education majors decide to take BIOL 120 since this is an easier course, BIOL 190 is a general prerequisite course for a lot of the other science courses that are upper levels or other topics. If a specific major does not need a lot of sciences than you are able to get away with taking BIOL 120 but this is not the case for a lot of other majors. This course gives a general background and understanding on bio. Students learn everything from basic principles of biology including process of scientific investigation to cells to macromolecules, metabolism, DNA, genetics, evolution, and even ecology. There are a lot of general topics that need to be learned for the first time in great detailed and actually understood how these topics will continuously come up again and again especially in other biology classes but also other science classes.While these are 10 hard classes that are at Towson University, there are still many more classes that students seem to struggle with. Hopefully after learning about one of these classes you will be able to try and get out of it. You will be able to potentially chose an easier course if you have the option between two courses to chose from. If you do need to end up taking one of these 10 courses, or even another hard course at Towson, than you will be able to be prepared for the toughness of the course before going in.

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Why You Should Be a Health Science Major at Towson University

Picking a major is extremely hard. Ensuring that you find a major that you really like and will want to do with the rest of your life is something for sure stressful to think about. The age we are in college is a young age. Coming right out of high school and either needing to get into a specific program and come in decided as a major or picking a major during Freshman year is still young. If you are unsure but know you like to help people, or if you want to be a nurse but didn’t apply soon enough to the program, or if you know you want to go to grad school but do not specifically know yet for what in the sense of Physical or Occupational therapy, then Health Science as a Major is for you! Here are the 5 main reasons to become a health science major at Towson University.

1. Interesting classes

There are tons of classes that you are able to chose form within this program. There are also options for the classes that you take so out of the options you can chose which you are either most interested in, or what goes best with specifically what you want to do. There are a also a lot of general classes which is good because this allows credits from high school and/ or community college to transfer over. There core classes that all students need to take have a lot of health classes that can be fulfilled, and so if you have this major early enough you would be able to actually take classes that get you further along in your major earlier on. Lastly, the last semester of senior year you need to do an internship for the whole semester. This specific semester this is all you do and you are not doing other classes at the same time. The internship gives great experience as well as sort of a break from taking regular classes which is what most of your friends will be doing this semester to finish up their programs.

2. Great professors 

Here at Towson there are great professors in this field. A lot of the professors are also advisors and they are known to be extremely helpful. Even on rate my professor many of these professors have great ratings and encourage future students to take the courses. The professors all are well educated and know how to teach the courses that they are teaching. While there are many different occupation that can come out of the same major, and many different types of classes you can take, a lot of professors teach multiple topics which means that they are extremely well rounded.

3. Helping field

This is a field that is great in helping. These types of professions are always necessary and there will always be people needing these services. It is important to have young people continuously coming out of schools with these degrees and then find placement for work. A lot of the time since it is so popular it is actually hard to find jobs right out of college. While this may be frustrating, once you are able to get a job this is a helping field. With this degree you can teach people to move again, or even in some cases you can save peoples lives both physically and mentally. A lot of people are struggling and these jobs are always going to be necessary to the people that are throughout society.

4. Pays well

The more schooling that people go through the more money the jobs end up paying. A lot of people with a health science degree end up going into graduate school to become nurses or any types of therapists. People can also become nutritionists or dietitians. With all of these professions, there is a lot of money that comes with it. Since people spent extra time in school to get a higher education, they are more educated so this will result in higher paying jobs. For a Physical Therapist the average in the USA is about $86,000/per year. Occupational Therapists make around $81,000/ per year  which is very close to Physical Therapist. These jobs are great pay to be able to support not only yourself but also a family.

5. Many different work settings

A great aspect of being a health science major is that no matter the profession out of this that is chosen, you are able to work in many different settings. There are hospital jobs, private practice, working in a office building, a school system, and much more. This is also good that there are so many different settings because you can change your mind in the middle. You are able to start out as one job and then decide if you like it or not and then you can always change to have the same job but working in a different setting. There are also many internships that you can do both during the school semesters as well as the summers that will help you realize what you like and you do not like.

All in all, Health Science is a great major to choose. It is a helping field and makes you feel good as a person for helping individuals. Although a lot of these degrees come with a lot of schooling after this first undergraduate degree, it pays off in the end. It pays off in the sense that you feel good but also in general these professions also pay well. It is important to go into this field only if you know that you will love it and be able to fully commit yourself to these jobs, but if you know that you are a person that would be able to do this than it should definitely be something that you look into.