400+ Student Discounts for TAMU Students

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Being a student right now isn’t exactly cheap.

The average cost of attendance for in-state students at Texas A&M University is roughly $30,000 a year, and for out-of-state scholars, it’s almost double.

With tuition rates constantly rising, it’s not difficult to understand why students want to be more financially responsible.

For that reason, we completed the most thorough list of student discounts available for TAMU students.

This list is broken down into two sections, a local list that TAMU students have access to in school and around the city, and a national list of discounts on major brands that are available to all students in the US (mostly online).

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Here are over 400 student discounts that you can take advantage of as a Texas A&M student.

Local DiscountsNational Discounts

Local Discounts for TAMU Students

texas a&m university campus

Student discounts around the Texas A&M University campus.

Student Discounts on Technology

students gathered around a table having a meeting with their technology products such as laptops. ipads, and phones.

Discounts on technology products around the TAMU campus.
Panasonic10% offReceive an additional 10% off your purchase with valid student ID

Student Discounts on Education

female student in the TAMU library looking at books

Discounts on education products and services for TAMU students.
Adobe Creative Cloud60% offOnly pay $20 a month for all Adobe products

Student Discounts on Entertainment

view of an amusement park from the water showing rides and other attractions.

Entertainment student discounts around the TAMU campus.
Spotify and Hulu$5/monthGet joint Spotify Premium and Hulu accounts for only $5 a month with your student email
Martial Arts America$50 offReceive $50 off registration fee with valid student ID

Student Discounts on Labor/Service

movers in blue uniforms moving boxes out of a moving truck

Discounts on labor and other services for students at TAMU.
Amazon PrimeStudent rates + Six months freeReceive special discounted rates on Amazon Prime services and six months free.
Sutliff & Stout, PLLC20% discount on attorney feesReceive 20% off attorney fees
Galveston Automotive Professionals10% discountReceive 10% off any repair over $100 with valid student ID.
GBE Performance Automotive10% discountReceive 10% off all repairs with valid student ID.
Joy Nails10% discountReceive 10% off all services with student ID.

Student Discounts on Clothing

a rack of clothing at a retail clothing store

Discounts on clothing and apparel for students at TAMU.
ASOS10% offReceive 10% off your entire purchase with valid student ID.
Express15% offReceive 15% off your entire purchase with valid student ID.
Forever 2120% offReceive 20% off your entire purchase with valid student ID.
Levi’s15% offReceive 15% off your entire purchase with valid student ID.
Topshop10% offReceive 10% off your entire purchase with valid student ID.
Urban Outfitters10% offReceive 10% off your entire purchase with valid student ID.
J. Crew15% offReceive 15% off your entire purchase with valid student ID.

Student Discounts on Food

an assortment of unhealthy but delicious foods such as burgers, donuts, fried chicken, pop, etc.

Food discounts for students around the TAMU campus.
Chick-fil-aFree drinkReceive a free drink with your student ID.
Dunkin’ Donuts10% offReceive 10% off your entire order with student ID
Buffalo Wild Wings10% offReceive 10% off your entire order with student ID
Schlotzky’s20% offReceive 20% off your entire order with student ID
Pizza Hut15% offReceive 15% off your entire order with student ID
Waffle House10% offReceive 10% off your entire order with student ID
Golden Corrall Buffet10% offReceive 10% off your entire order with student ID
Marble Slab Creamery10% offReceive 10% off your entire order with student ID
Salsas Mexican Restaurant 10% offReceive 10% off your entire order with student ID

Other Student Discounts

red sale stickers that say 50% off or 30% off, on a glass window.

Miscellaneous student discounts for TAMU students.
8085 at Traditions$500 off First Month’s Rent with leaseReceive $500 off your First Month’s Rent with a valid 12+ month lease
Island Bay Resorts$50 off per monthReceive $50 off every month’s rent with a valid 12+ month lease and student ID
Texas Apartment Locators- Houston$50 rebate on new leaseReceive a $50 rebate with a valid 12+ month lease and student ID

350+ National Student Discounts in the US

national student discounts for all students in America

Discounts applicable to all students in the US

The above discounts are from local vendors on or around the TAMU campus.

The thing is, the discounts don’t stop there.

There are also more than 350 companies across the US that offer discounts to any student in the US which includes big brands like Nike, Adidas, Apple, etc.

Click below to see all of the 350+ student discounts that you can take advantage of as well!

student discounts in the US button

Student Discount Cards and Programs

student discount cards and programs

In addition to all of the wonderful discounts above, we recommend looking into the following student discount cards/programs.

Each program grants you access to hundreds or even thousands of discounts for free or at a very low cost so that you can really take advantage of your student status.

ID.meAs a “digital wallet”, ID.me verifies your student status and gives you access to thousands of discounts at 400+ companies
ISIC (International Student Identity Card)The ISIC card gives students discounts, internationally and domestically, on travel, shopping, entertainment, insurance, food, and accommodations. They have over 160,000 discounts in over 130 countries and it only costs $25/year
Student Advantage CardGet access to up to 40% discounts at campus shows, local businesses, and online stores at $22.50/year
Student BeansGet access to the latest discounts right from a smartphone app that verifies student status online
UNiDAYSSimilar to Student Beans, UNiDAYS offers discounts at numerous popular brands by simply verifying student status online

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Even the slightest discount can make a big difference when you’re trying to save money, so hopefully, this list makes being a student at Texas A&M University a little less expensive (and maybe even a little more fun!).

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Top 10 Coolest Classes at Texas A&M University

When picking new classes, you must consider both your interests and what’s required of you. While you need to take classes that count towards your major, you also want to take classes that interest you. Read this guide to learn about some cool classes offered at Texas A&M.

1. AGEC 105 – Introduction to Agricultural Economics

A tractor in a cornfield

Agriculture and more specifically agricultural economics, are something that very few people think about. While it’s not something we know a lot about, it’s very important for different reasons. In this class, students will learn about our economic system, economic concepts, ranch firms, farm management, marketing, government farm programs, agricultural finance, and more.

2. ASTR 101 – Basic Astronomy

Stars in the night sky

The universe is so big that even with the years of research scientists have done, there’s still many things we don’t know. In this class, students will learn about basic stellar astronomy, distances between stars, stellar temperatures, H-R diagrams, the fate of stars, and more. Taking this class will help you learn more about our solar system and universe.

3. FILM 324 – Science Fiction and Film

A space ship in front. of a planet

Science fiction is a popular genre that many people enjoy. If you’re one of these people, why not watch some movies and get credit for it?! This class covers the history and future of science fiction film and focuses on filmmakers Kubrick, Jenkins, Cameron, Coogler, and more.

4. DDHS 3110 – Introduction To Dentistry

A dentist cleaning a woman's teeth

Most people don’t know how to properly take care of their teeth or just how important they are. This class will introduce students to dental hygiene and dental specialties. Guest lecturers will also talk to the class about dental hygienists’ role in the dentistry field.

5. DASC 202 – Dairying

Dairy products

Dairy is something we use in our daily lives but few people know how dairy and dairy products are produced. In this class students will survey the dairy industry. This includes topics such as dairy breeds, culling standards, herd replacements, feeding, physiology, food value, quality testing, and more.

6. NFSC 202 – Fundamentals of Human Nutrition

A food chart

Getting the proper nutrients is essential for being healthy. In this class, students will learn the basic principles of nutrition and apply it to the physiologic needs of humans. Some of the main topics includes food sources, adequate diets, the formulation of Recommended Dietary Allowances, nutritional surveillance, and more.

7. CLAS 251 – Classical Mythology

Classic mythology creatures

Mythology has been around for centuries and is the inspiration for many books, tales, and stories. Students who take this class will be introduced to important Greek and Roman myths through reading (don’t worry, the readings are in English). Students will learn about the role of myths in ancient literature and interpret modern and ancient myths.

8. METR 302 – Weather Reports and Forecasting

A weather prediction

Meteorology is a skill that very few people have. The main focus of this class is to allow students to learn about weather and forecasting reports. In addition, students will learn about atmospheric characteristics and processes that are needed to understand weather patterns and atmospheric principles.

9. RENR 375 – Conservation of Natural Resources

Some natural and renewable resources

We all know that the Earth has a limited number of natural resources, all of which we rely on. This class teaches students the principles and philosophies that the development, management, and use of natural resources depend on. In addition, students will learn the different ecological and social implications that are implied with managing alternative and renewable sources.

10. ASCC 102 – Career Awareness

Someone thinking about different career options

This class may be one of the most useful classes you’ll ever take. In this class, students will plan their careers and discover their life goals, giving them time to prepare for the future. Students will also learn about marketable skills, pursuing education relevant to their life goals, participating in professional organization, and more.

Remember this guide when you think about what classes you want to take in the future. Although there are requirements for your major, don’t let that stop you from classes you think you’ll like or interest you! College is the time and place to explore and learn new things!

10 Hardest Courses at Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is a public research university in College Station, Texas, United States. The institution prides itself in offering more than 125 undergraduate degree programs, 200 master’s degree programs, 100 doctoral degree programs, and 5 first professional degrees. Of all the courses offered at the institution, below are some of the hardest.

1. BIOL 451 – Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics represented through strand of DNA becoming computer language

This biology course discusses the entire field of bioinformatics. Students will learn very technical and challenging concepts. They will also have to spend time in the lab performing equally challenging practicals. This course is recommended for biology majors.

2. CHEM 466 – Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry? picture of polymers

This is an advanced course in chemistry discusses concepts related to polymer chemistry. Students find this course hard because of the technical topics involved. Throughout the course, students will learn technical concepts that are very difficult to comprehend.

3. ASTR 403 – Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology

Picture of galaxy

Students in this course will discuss the physical makeup of individual galaxies and large scale structures in the universe. The course will include very engaging practicals where students will observe and experiment with some heavenly bodies such as meteorites.

4. AERO 420 – Aeroelasticity

picture of a plane

This course in aerospace engineering focuses on the classical analysis of fundamental aeroelastic phenomena with application to aerospace vehicles. Students will throughout the course study very complex and technical concepts. They will also be exposed to a series of very time-demanding practical sessions.

5. PHYS 414 – Quantum Mechanics II

Quantum Mechanics molecule

This course in physics discusses very complex and advanced topics related to quantum mechanics and its application to atomic, solid state, nuclear or high energy physics. Students will have to allocate more study hours in order to grasp the very technical concepts discussed in the course and excel in the exams.

6. MATH 433 – Applied Algebra

example of equations in algebra

Math is never considered easy by many students. This advanced course discusses very advanced and complex concepts in math. Students will have to implement very complex formulas and mathematical theories that they will learn to solve mathematical problems.

7. MEEN 430 – Nanomaterials

Picture of Nanomaterials

This is a course in mechanical engineering that discusses the fundamentals of nanotechnology, including nanomaterials, types of nanomaterials, fabrication, characterization methods, and applications. The course is considered hard because of the technicality and depth of the topics. Students will spend long lecture hours just to cover the topics involved.

8. ECEN 419 – Genomic Signal Processing

Genomic Signal Processing

This electrical and computer engineering course focuses on very complex and technical concepts related to genetics and the application of engineering principles to systems biology. Students will be introduced to very technical terminologies and concepts throughout the course.

9. CSCE 440 – Quantum Algorithms

Quantum Algorithms visualized through graph

This advanced course in computer science and engineering involves discussions about the design and analysis of quantum algorithms. Students will learn very technical and complex concepts. The course also involves a series of mathematical calculations that may be challenging to most students.

10. STAT 438 – Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian Statistics? slide cover

This statistics course is considered complex by students because it discusses very advanced statistical methods and theories. Topics discussed in the course include the Analysis of scalar and vector-valued parameters, Bayesian linear models, Monte Carlo computational method, and prior elicitation.

TAMU Past Exams and Midterms 2019

Texas A&M University students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at TAMU.

We recommend adding in your midterm and exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

If you’re looking for additional material to help you study for the upcoming exams at Texas A&M University, click on the link beside the course departments and special course offerings.

Please note that this collection is currently not comprehensive or complete. Old midterms and exams should be used as study aids only and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year.

Course CodeCourse Name at TAMUPast Midterms and Exams
ACCT 209Survey of Accounting PrinciplesView Now
AGEC 105Introduction to Agricultural EconomicsView Now
ANSC 303Principles of Animal NutritionView Now
ASTR 103Introduction to Stars and ExoplanetsView Now
ATMO 201Weather and ClimateView Now
BICH 410Comprehensive Biochemistry IView Now
BIOL 111Introductory Biology IView Now
BIOL 320Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology IIView Now
CHEM 101Fundamentals of Chemistry IView Now
CHEM 102Fundamentals of Chemistry IIView Now
CHEM 107General Chemistry for Engineering StudentsView Now
CHEM 227Organic Chemistry IView Now
CHEM 362Descriptive Inorganic ChemistryView Now
COMM 315Interpersonal CommunicationView Now
CVEN 345Theory of StructuresView Now
ECEN 370Electronic Properties of MaterialsView Now
ECEN 447Digital Image ProcessingView Now
ECEN 474VLSI Circuit DesignView Now
ECON 202Principles of EconomicsView Now
ECON 203Principles of EconomicsView Now
ECON 311Money and BankingView Now
ECON 323Microeconomic TheoryView Now
ENGL 104Composition and RhetoricView Now
ENGR 111Foundations of Engineering IView Now
GEOG 201Introduction to Human GeographyView Now
GEOG 202Geography of the Global VillageView Now
GEOG 301Geography of the United StatesView Now
GEOL 101Principles of GeologyView Now
GEOL 104Physical GeologyView Now
HIST 105History of the United StatesView Now
HIST 226History of TexasView Now
INTS 201Introduction to International StudiesView Now
MATH 141Finite MathematicsView Now
MATH 142Business CalculusView Now
MATH 147Calculus I for Biological SciencesView Now
MATH 150Functions, Trigonometry and Linear SystemsView Now
MATH 151Engineering Mathematics IView Now
MATH 152Engineering Mathematics IIView Now
MATH 171Analytic Geometry and CalculusView Now
MATH 172CalculusView Now
MATH 220Foundations of MathematicsView Now
MATH 251Engineering Mathematics IIIView Now
MATH 308Differential EquationsView Now
MATH 323Linear AlgebraView Now
MATH 412Theory of Partial Differential EquationsView Now
MKTG 322Consumer BehaviorView Now
MUSC 200Topics in MusicView Now
MUSC 324Music in World CulturesView Now
OCNG 251OceanographyView Now
PHYS 201College PhysicsView Now
PHYS 202College PhysicsView Now
PHYS 205Concepts of PhysicsView Now
PHYS 208Electricity and OpticsView Now
POLS 206American National GovernmentView Now
POLS 207State and Local GovernmentView Now
PSYC 107Introduction to PsychologyView Now
PSYC 300Psychology of WomenView Now
PSYC 320Sensation-PerceptionView Now
RENR 205Fundamentals of EcologyView Now
SCSC 301Soil ScienceView Now
SOCI 217Introduction to Race and EthnicityView Now
SOCI 304CriminologyView Now
SPMT 217Foundations of Sport ManagementView Now
STAT 201Elementary Statistical InferenceView Now
STAT 211Principles of Statistics IView Now
STAT 212Principles of Statistics IIView Now
THAR 201Introduction to World TheatreView Now
VIBS 305Biomedical AnatomyView Now

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Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is a public research university in College Station, Texas, United States. The school has almost 50,000 students enrolled. The school has an acceptance rate of 67%. Here are some restaurants and cafes nearby.

1. Zoës Kitchen

bowl topped with salmon

Zoës Kitchen is a restaurant that sells Mediterranean kitchen. The type of food they serve is bowls, sides and snacks and so much more. The pricing is fairly moderate. A few crowd favorites have been the protein power plate and steak roll ups.

2. Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen

a pizza with assorted sides

This restaurant sells Californian-Mediterranean-Italian meals from a wood-burning oven. They have a great patio for sitting with friends and family. The food pricing starts at $5 (this is the soup of the day)-$17.5(for the Carnivore).

3. Smashburger

a mushroom burger and fries

Smashburger is the place to go to if you are looking for a fast and easy lunch or dinner plan that includes the classic burger, fries, and shakes! The pricing is fairly cheap-moderate and a few fan favorites have been the haystack onions and fried pickles.

4. Antonio’s Pizza

a pizza with basel and mozzarella

If you are looking for something that is close to authentic Italian pizza then this is the place to go to. You can do order pick up for a tasty and relaxing movie night in. The pricing starts at $3.5(fries) and goes to $25(Sici Cheese or Pepperoni).

5. Good Bull BBQ

two sandwiches with bbq meat

If you are craving a good BBQ then this is the place to be at .The BBQ has plenty of melt in your mouth meat options but also make plenty of home style good sides to go along with. The pricing starts at $2.25(sides) to $12(this is two sides two meets and a drink combo). A few tasty recommendations are the Pig Mac and Baked Potato salad. 

6. Sweet Paris Crêperie & Café

smores crepe with icecream and mint

Crepes are a French dessert that has taken the hearts and stomachs of the US by storm. You can make them savory or sweet and are the perfect photo winning plate. Besides crepes, the cafe also serves waffles and breakfast platters, soup and salad, and much more. The pricing starts at $5.50(plain waffle) to $11.95(Salade De Chevre).

7. Easterwood Airport Coffee Shop

the inside of the cafe seating area

If you live further out and want to travel back home or in general looking to take a much needed vacation then stop by this coffee shop to get fueled before your flight. The coffee starts at as low as .50 cents and the food is mostly packaged and easy for air travel. 

5 Health and Wellness Services at Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is a public research university located in College Station, Texas. The university offers a variety of health and wellness services to its vast student population of nearly 49,000 undergraduates. Among these are different resources related to physical, mental, and sexual health. Here are five health and wellness services offered to students at 
Texas A&M University that all current and prospective students should know about. 

1. Texas A&M University Student Health Services

The mission of Texas A&M University Student Health Services is to advance student development and academic success by providing students with personalized, high-quality, confidential healthcare. Appointments can be made online, by telephone, or in person. Student Health Services provides a variety of resources and services to Texas A&M students, including but not limited to access to its pharmacy, preventive medicine, nutrition services, laboratory tests, physical therapy, tuberculosis screenings, radiology, and more. 

Doctors who are ready to help.

2. Dial-a-Nurse

Texas A&M students wishing to speak with someone about their health concerns but unsure about whether their need requires a medical appointment can talk to a nurse by calling 979-458-8379. This resource should only be used for non-emergent medical advice. Nurses can help talk students through their questions and help them decide whether they should go and see a doctor. 

Nurses who are ready to help.

3. Student Counseling Service

The Student Counseling Service (SCS) at Texas A&M University provides students with short-term personal, career and group counseling, as well as limited-scope psychiatric services. Additionally, the Student Counseling Service provides stress management and biofeedback services, workshops, campus outreach, and crisis intervention to students in need of mental healthcare.

Somebody receiving help from a counselor.

4. Disability Services

Disability Services at Texas A&M University provides the student body with a staff that aims to interact and collaborate with students, faculty and staff to promote an inclusive environment at the institution by educating the campus community and providing appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities. Disability Services at Texas A&M University offers accommodations coordination, evaluation referral, disability related consultation, assistive technology services, sign language interpreting, and transcription services for academically related purposes. Accommodations for students with learning disabilities such as ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, and autism are also available; these include extended time to work on exams and use of technology in class, regardless of regular classroom policy. 

An assortment of symbols related to disability.

5. Physical Therapy

Licensed physical therapists at Texas A&M University Student Health Services provide preventive and rehabilitative services for conditions that affect muscles, bones and joints. Students needing treatment from Physical Therapy at Texas A&M University must have a referral for these services from a qualified source. To schedule an appointment, students should call Physical Therapy as soon as possible to secure an appointment time. 
Physical therapy services tend to be provided at an average cost of $45 per visit, depending on how many procedures are provided during a visit. Students with an A&M insurance plan usually will have the cost of their visits to Physical Therapy 100% covered by their insurance plan. 
For students interested in a career in physical therapy who wish to gain valuable experience, knowledge, and insight into the profession may participate in the Physical Therapy volunteer program. 

A physical therapist helping a patient.

Top 10 Majors Offered at TAMU

Texas A&M University is a highly rated public university located in College Station, Texas. The school was established in 1841 and is the largest and the flagship university of Texas. The school has ten colleges and 18 research institute offering over 150 degree programs. This list contains the top 10 majors offered at TAMU.

1. Accounting (BBA MBA Ph.D.)

A pen and a graph showing monthly performance

Mays Business School is an outstanding business school that handles the accounting programs at Texas A&M University. The main aim of the department is to train students who can provide notable contributions to society and the accounting profession.

2. Animal Science and Husbandry (B.S. M.S. Ph.D.)

Animal husbandry: Milking cattle on a ranch

Texas A&M University offers great programs in agriculture, and animal science and husbandry program are at the forefront. The department is known as one of the biggest and best in the United States. Through extension programs, outstanding teaching, and research, students are prepared to meet the needs of society.

3. Biomedical Science (B.S. M.S.)

A biomedical scientist working in the laboratory

Biomedical Science and Molecular Medicine is the flagship medical department of Texas A&M University. The school has a distinguished program in biomedical science which is research-based. The program is designed to prepare students who can apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems.

4. Business Administration (BBA MBA)

A meeting of business managers

Business administration and management is the premier business program offered at Texas A&M University. Students who major here are trained with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to thrive in the global business environment.

5. Communications (B.A. M.A. Ph.D.)

Concentration areas of integrated strategic communication

Communications is one of the leading programs offered at Texas A&M University. The program equips students with the skills of persuasion with the use of language. Communication majors can find jobs in public relations, media, law, marketing, health care, and every other organization that requires an expert in communication.

6. Construction Engineering/Management (B.S. M.S.)

Bolts and an the structural plan of an engine

Construction engineering is one of the most sought-after majors at Texas A&M University. The plan of the program is to equip students with the skills and knowledge in construction to prepare students for careers in architecture, technology, business among others. The program also prepares students for managerial roles in construction.

7. Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies (B.S. M.S.)

A Keto diet food pyramid

This is one of the fastest growing departments at Texas A&M University. The program is designed to teach students the importance of nutrition and food science in maintaining health and preventing disease.

8. Liberal Arts and Humanities (B.A. M.A.)

Major subjects in Liberal arts

The liberal arts and humanities program offered at Texas A&M University is top-notch, in terms of size, it is second to none at the school. The school has a standard, rigorous curriculum in liberal arts. The program is designed to equip students with skills and knowledge to pursue careers in different disciplines.

9. Mechanical Engineering (B.S. M.S. Ph.D.)

A mechanical engineer fixing a car engine

The mechanical engineering programs of Texas A&M University ranks among the finest in Texas. The school has an excellent curriculum and concentration in research. The program is designed to prepare students for professions that require mechanical engineering skills.

10. Psychology (B.S. M.S. Ph.D.)

Neurology: understanding how the brain functions

Texas A&M University has a great psychology department that focuses on psychological research and education. The school offers programs in behavioral and cellular neuroscience, clinical psychology, cognition, and cognitive neuroscience, industrial/organizational psychology, and social and personality at the Ph.D. level.

Top 10 Professors at Texas A&M University

One of the top schools in one of the biggest states, Texas A&M has a lot to offer to its wide population of students. They also have a lot to offer for the school’s excellent faculty. Here are the ten best professors at the school:  

1. Amin Davoodi

 amin davoodi texas a&m

Rating: 5.0
Department: Education

Courses Taught by Professor Davoodi:

INST362 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Davoodi:

“Best professor ever, FIVE STAR. I miss his class and his sense of humor. Take him if you have the chance.”

“By far the BEST professor at TAMU. If you get the chance to take him DO IT. I missed turning in my final paper and he took it in late and still gave me an A. Super understandable about everything!! Makes everything easier on you as well (lowered word count on papers and didn’t give any exams).”

“I really liked the class. Professor Amin is great he gives feedback very quickly and is a fair grader. The best thing about him is he’s so friendly.”

2. Jeanette Madkins

Professor of Psychology jeanette madkins texas a&m

Rating: 5.0
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught by Professor Madkins

PSYC305 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Madkins

“DON’T HESITATE, SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS WHILE THERE’S ROOM. She is an inspirational lecturer and you will learn SO much about yourself in this class. Attending class and reading the text will get you an A! DR. MADKINS IS THE BEST PROF.”

“My favorite professor I have ever taken, she is so genuine, caring and truly loves teaching her class. I loved going to class just to hear her talk, don’t skip she is worth going to. The class was not difficult as long as you pay attention and study. I learned so much and would take her again in any class she ever taught.”

“She makes class really interesting and is overall one of the best professors I’ve had. There’s clicker questions everyday for the comprehension checks and there are random in class assignments. Before each exam, she would give us more comprehension checks and help us with anything that wasn’t clear. She offers extra credit if you do SONA studies.”

3. Aakash Tyagi

Aakash Tyagi?

Rating: 5.0
Department: Computer Science

Courses Taught by Professor Tyagi

CSCE312 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Tyagi

“Tyagi is awesome! He understands the material and is super passionate about it! He makes you really excited to learn every time you come to class. I hope to have him again in the future!”

“This guy definitely cares about your understanding of the material. He turned what was potentially a difficult/not fun course into one of my favorite CSCE courses so far. I would definitely recommend him for any class he teaches.”

“Tyagi is hands down the best professor I’ve had. His class is really hard but if you work hard at it you will succeed. He is extremely caring about his students and will do his best to make sure they understand the material.”

4) John Mason

Professor of Physics john mason texas a&m

Rating: 5.0
Department: Physics

Courses Taught by Professor Mason

PHYS208 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Mason

“Physics 208 is a very difficult class in general, but Dr. Mason makes it as doable as possible. By no means does this mean this class is easy. The key to success in his class is to work at least a few if not more past exams and take advantage of his office hours. He really does care about your success, but you really have to work for it.”

“Dr. Mason made this class that I have been dreading way more manageable than I had hoped! This class is tough but he allows multiple resources to help you prepare for the exams. If you practice the old exams, go to recitation, and go to his reviews then you should do well! I took this class in the summer and there were 3 exams and a final.”

“Dr. Mason is by far the best physics professor I have ever had. I took Physics 218 at College Station over summer session 1, and it was his first time teaching the course. He obviously cares about his students and the class and goes well beyond what is required. He had reviews before every exam, and even came on the weekend before the final.”

5) Altay Dikec

Professor of Marketing

Rating: 5.0
Department: Marketing

Courses Taught by Professor Dikec

MKTG440 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Dikec

“Most genuine and caring professor at A&M!!! Takes time to memorize all students’ names. Online quiz over each chapter. Ample opportunities for extra credit. Semester long group project. Exams are open-book/open-note. Takes attendance and likes class discussion.”

“Super sweet and amazing life story. Open note tests! Lots of quizzes, but manageable!”

“Very caring, dedicated teacher. He constantly asks for and listens to student feedback to improve his teaching. He is really there as a resource for students.”

6) Norma Arizpe

Professor of Modern Languages

Rating: 5.0
Department: Modern Languages

Courses Taught by Professor Arizpe

SPAN318 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Arizpe

“Truly one of the best educators I have ever known. She is so caring and genuinely wants you to improve your Spanish, not just earn a grade. Her classes are not difficult, but very informative. I have been blessed to now have taken two of her classes and I would take 10 more if I could.”

“Amazing prof! This is my third semester with and she is so kind and cares for her students. She actually wants them all to succeed and learn Spanish. To pass, you have to show up to class and show effort. She is very understanding of good reasons for missing class and will do everything in her power to give you extra help outside the classroom.”

“This was the best teacher I’ve had in my entire lifetime. She is so caring and so loving to all her students!!!! If you want to learn Spanish and have a prof who truly cares for her students, TAKE HER. Tests are exactly like lectures in class. I will be taking her for my third semester this fall.”

7) Jeanne Carter

Professor of Education jeanne carter texas a&m

Rating: 5.0
Department: Education

Courses Taught by Professor Carter

RDNG461 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Carter

“You won’t regret taking class from Mrs. Carter. She is super helpful and an amazing instructor!”

“Professor Carter is so amazing!! She is so passionate and it shows in all that she does!! She truly cares about each one of her students and will help you with whatever you need help with. As long as you try your best you will get an A!”

“I LOVE PROFESSOR CARTER!!! She is an amazing professor with so much knowledge to give you. She is funny, sweet, and always willing to talk to you about anything. My favorite prof of my college career hands down. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”

8) Robert Heffer

Professor of Psychology robert heffer texas a&m

Rating: 5.0
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught by Professor Heffer

PSYC305 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Heffer

“I am currently in his class, but I felt I HAD to come on here to rave about him. He is the definition of a QUALITY person and professor. He makes his lectures fun, offers a bunch of extra credit, and really cares about his students. Very big on respect. Gives example text questions and tells us what we should study specifically. TAKE HIM!”

“LOVE LOVE Dr. Heffer! Such a caring and amazing guy. Attnd. is not mandatory but GO! He is so engaging and hilarious AND the optional bonus clicker questions boot your grade a whole letter grade! Seriously… I slacked so hard and was suppose to barely get a B and I ended with an A.. TAKE THIS CLASS!! tests aren’t that bad just read the chapters.”

“If you’re willing to show up every day for an easy A then this is the class for you! Do the quizzes in the back of the book, read summaries/write vocab for the chapters, and understand the in class notes, and you will get an A. Again, show up every day, he does clicker q for extra credit if you attend, up to 25 bonus pts. This class is amazing.”

9) Amber Schluens

Professor of Education

Rating: 5.0
Department: Education

Courses Taught by Professor Schluens

EDCI365 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Schluens

“Take Mrs. Schulens class!! You will not regret it. Shes the sweetest lady ever and is so caring! She makes learning fun and doesn’t load you up with a ton of assignments. Shes very understanding and you learn a lot of stuff that’s actually useful in her class!”

“Mrs. Schluens is an amazing professor who truly cares about her students. You will absolutely love this class!”

“Professor Schulens (or Master Master Schulens) is my favorite professor I have had. She is so kind and caring and is always willing to help you with anything. This class is all projects and quizzes with a couple of tests. Attendance is mandatory as a certain amount of unexcused absences will drop you a letter grade. Definitely would take again.”

10) Benjamin Ashburn

Professor of Construction

Rating: 5.0
Department: Construction

Courses Taught by Professor Ashburn

COSC175 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Ashburn

“Professor Ashburn is a great guy. He will take the time to make sure everyone is learning and keeping up. His tests are reasonable and always over what you learn in class. I strongly recommend taking the time to know him and talk to him because he’s one of the best professors I have ever had.”

“Great prof. Super nice guy and he was more than willing to help whenever I needed it. Pay attention to the schedule and note what is due that week as far as homework and assignments go. Study the textbook and online slides for tests. Easily one of my favorite professors.”

“Mr. Ashburn is a super nice guy. He’s always ready to answer questions and help you out. He will have you work out of the book a lot, but he grades very easily. Writing assignments are also graded very easily. The tests are worth a lot less than most other classes, and they aren’t too hard. Go over the PowerPoints and you’ll be good.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Texas A&M

1. Growing Grass by Richard White

speech by Richard White

Faculty: Soil and Crop Sciences

There are many differences between grass and turf. Richard White is aiming to determine which one is more effective and efficient. He’s doing this by carefully monitoring the growth of grass right under his feet.

2) Beef Operations by Reinaldo Cooke

Headshot Reinaldo F. Cooke

Faculty: Animal Sciences

Chances are if you or someone you know is a vegan, you have heard about the questionable beef practices. Reinaldo Cooke’s research centers around making the processes of curating beef a better one. He wants it to be safer, healthier, cleaner, and better for the animals.

3) Heart Health by Cristine Heaps

Cristine Heaps in her lab

Faculty: Biomedical Sciences

Heaps is studying the best ways to prevent and treat heart diseases. Her work is apparently renowned, though. Her research just earned a two million dollar grant.

4) High Tunnels by Richard Edsall

Richard Edsall teaching

Faculty: Agriculture

High tunnel systems in Edsall’s research might not necessarily mean what many would be inclined to think it means. It actually is much more connected to crops. Edsall’s work seeks to uncover the most effective ways of irrigation for crops.

5) Flood Response by Ali Mostafavidarani

engineers at work
Biomedical Engineering

Faculty: Engineering

An aspect of natural disasters that is often overlooked in the hubbub of preventative measures is human response. For flooding, disaster education is simply lacking. Mostafavidarani’s research aims to improve the response by humans to disasters like floods.

Texas A&M has so much more than just a stellar sports program, as evidenced by these research projects.

10 Texas A&M University Library Resources

Texas A&M University is a coeducational public research university in College Station, Texas, United States. As a research university that means that is is asked to conduct research in exchange for money to conduct it. As a student you will most likely be asked to do research for a project. Here are 10 different library resources you can utilize.

1. Dissertations

 dissertation sample to view for knowing how to make one

Dissertations are made by students going through a doctorate program. But they are also a big place to go to in the library that makes for easy and credible research. The dissertations must be approved to be shown to other students so you will not need to worry.

2. Thesis

 the best way to make a thesis

Thesis are available for the viewing and checking out of the library.What a thesis is, is that it is the main project that the student going through the masters program goes through. This is their most important project and does require lots of credible research and time.

3. Google Scholar

 example image of what google scholar is

Google scholar is like regular google(which is great because it is very accessible and easy). But the kicker is that it also is a credible way to get information. It only gives you scholarly articles and journals. Which will serve you well in any upcoming papers you might have.

4. Newspapers

 news papers are a hub of information through history

Newspapers are a great web of information. If you ever have questions about major events that happened in history, chances are it was extensively talked about in a newspaper. Check out newspapers for great original pictures and a way to understand the previous culture.

5. Suggest a Purchase

 suggest a new purchase for the lib

The library may own a lot of material, but it doesn’t have everything. As a faculty or student make sure to suggest a purchase. This allows for the library to take the suggestion into consideration, and if the suggestion is made enough will actually buy it.

6. eJournals

 ejournals are a compact way to get good info

eJournals are a way to view in the light weight convenience of either a tablet, laptop, or pc. Make sure to download the eJournal so you can refer back to it. These eJournals are sure to have the information that you want, while also being credible.

7. Endnote Presentation

 librarians show how to use endnote

The Endnote presentation is a event that happens multiple times throughout the library school year. It is where librarians will teach you how to use Endnote, depending on the session you go to they also teach in the different spaces you would use it, such as mac or pc.

8. Aggie Book Club

book clubs are a great networking tool

The Aggie Book Club is another event that happens in the library. It happens throughout the year. This is a great way to get back into leisurely reading. It is also a great way to engage with the library in a relaxing setting with new people.

9. Managing Your Information System

 the web of information systems

This is an event that happens at the library. It goes about the different ways that you can manage your information system. An information system is basically an organized system usually done through a computer. This event helps people understand their system more in depth.

10. Room Reservations

 the lib will be loaned out to certain classes in certain areas

The room reservations can be made by teachers to conduct research for their class. Most likely they are using it for either a tour of the library or they are in need of the wide range of computer use. The librarians will be sure to update the website on which class has use which time and day.

Libraries at Texas A&M University

1. Cushing Memorial Library & Archives

 Cushing Memorial Library & Archives

This is the main hub for all the archives that get distributed for the library. The information covers a wide variety of subjects that can be enjoyed by staff members, teachers/faculty, and students alike. Make sure to ask about how to get your hands on new material.

2. Medical Sciences Library

 Medical Sciences Library building

The medical sciences library has a great selection for those students studying any part of the medical science field. This is made up of a wide range of subject as medical science is a broad topic. A few examples of medical science would be anatomy and biomedical science.

3. Policy Sciences & Economics Library

 policy sciences & economics library texas a and m

The policy sciences and economics library is the library that you would visit if you had any questions or yearn to know about economics. Economics and policy deals with how government enacts different rules. Econ takes on many policies as money and exchange change rapidly.

 4. Sterling C. Evans Library & Annex

 Sterling C. Evans Library & Annex

This library is usually open from 7am in the morning to 2am in the morning. This makes it a great time for those who are starting to make last min study sessions for their morning class. It also is perfect if you want to stay up late to finish a project.

5. West Campus Library

 the west campus library outside

This library is usually open for 24 hours.But during the weekend the hours are shortened. Saturday is there shortest day with only being open from 1-5pm. This is due to the fact that Saturday is when many are not in the library as they are at some sort of event elsewhere.

Top 10 Dorms at TAMU

If you want to be a good student, you should live in a great dorm. This will improve your grades and your overall time on campus. Here are the top 10 dorms offered at Texas A&M University!

1. Aston Hall

 texas a&m university aston hall

Address: 655 Mosher Lane

Aston hall offers a lot for you as a student. This is a coed dorm that is acceptable to all people. You will be surrounded by interesting and nice people at all times here.

2. Hobby hall

texas a&m university hobby hall

Address: 160 Asbury St

Hobby hall is a great place for you to live on campus. This is a building that only offers double rooms. As long as you can find a decent roommate you will have a great time here.

3. Haas Hall

Haas Hall

Address: 212 Houston St

Another building with double rooms is haas hall. This is where you should live if you need to get used to college life. There are always events and other things going on for you to get involved.

4. Clements Hall

Clements Hall

Address: 390 Jones St

Clements hall is a great form for you to take advantage of. You will be able to use amenities like laundry services and other stuff. This is also a coed dorm.

5. Lechner Hall

 texas a&m university lechner hall

Address: 232 Houston St

Lechner Hall is a dorm that offers double rooms on campus. This is also a coed space. This means that all students of all backgrounds are accepted.

6. Hughes Hall

texas a&m university hughes hall

Address: 265 Jones St

A newly renovated dorm on campus is Hughes Hall. This is a great perk because you are guaranteed new and improved perks. This will add even more depth to your education.

7. Fowler Hall

texas a&m university fowler hall

Address: 225 Jones St

A unique living experience lies at Fowler Hall. This is a unique dorm because it is known as a balcony hall. This means that every room has its own private balcony.

8. Moses Hall

texas a&m university moses hall

Address: 212 University Dr

One of the older residence halls on campus is Moses Hall. This building was built in 1947 and has single and double rooms. This is also a coed dorm.

9. Walton Hall

texas a&m university walton hall

Address: 166 Houston St

If you want a little more room, you will stay at Walton Hall. This building is comprised of suites. This means that the rooms will be bigger and there will be a meeting place that conjoins the rooms.

10. Hullabaloo Hall

texas a&m university hullabaloo hall

Address: 306 University Dr

Hullabaloo Hall is another great dorm. This is also comprised of suites. There are two, four, and six-person suites that you and your friends can take up.

Here is your Packing List at Texas A&M

Room Basics

a basic dorm room

– Garbage can
– Calendar
– Sheets
– Mattress topper
– Clothes

Food and Snacks

a pile of food

– Bottled water
– Poptarts
– Coffee
– Tea
– Juice pouches

Tech and Entertainment

The red carpet

– Cell phone
– Laptop
– Scanner
– Extension chords
– Chargers

School Supplies

A stack of books

– Textbooks
– Note cards
– Calculator
– Post-it notes
– Pencils

Cleaning and Organization

An organized closet

– All-purpose cleaner
– Wet wipes
– Plates
– Shoe rack
– Rug

Campus Gear

gif of man riding bike

– School spirit wear
– Walking shoes
– Rain jacket
– Bike
– Backpack

Things to Ask Before Bringing

a Canon printer

– Pets
– Printers
– Guests
– Hoverboards
– Furniture