11 Yik Yaks Every Temple University Student Can Relate To

1. If you’re looking for a show, head to the Bell Tower:

2. Not sure if part of their job is to be nice to me, or not:

I can always depend on you, desk person.

3. Who you really need to be wary of in North Philly:

4. Staying healthy:

I mean at this point it’s basically a salad.

5. When the disappointment is too real:

6. It’s so much harder to spend real money verses Diamond Dollars:

Not even kidding, they had to put up a special sign at the Chipotle on Montgomery Avenue telling people that they don’t accept Diamond Dollars ahead of time because so many people were asking this.

7. Not sure if this is someone’s goal for the night, or just a PSA to everyone:

8. Always make sure you have your priorities in check:

Definitely adding this to my list of ways to procrastinate.

9. “Siri, why does God allow suffering?”

Wait, maybe they’ll take my printing dollars at Chipotle

10. You really wanna know to succeed in college?

11. I see what you did there:

Don’t tell me you didn’t sing it in your head, we both know you’d be lying.

17 Posts That Sum up Temple University

If there’s one thing Temple University does right, it’s social media. (Okay, so that’s not the only thing—but you know what I mean.) Whether we’re facing our on-campus fears in funny ways or celebrating the successes of our football team, our tweets, posts and shares are almost always guaranteed to make us stop and stare.

Ready to see for yourself how cherry and white look on social media? Here are 17 of the most accurate Facebook and Twitter shout-outs from such Philly favorites as Temple University Confessions, @TempleMakeouts and @TU_Alert, along with other solid mentions and, yes, even Panic! At The Disco.

1. We take chances


2. We fall in love


3. We do the unthinkable

4. And we shatter expectations

5. Until Stella gets a lil’ too sassy


— TempleMakeouts (@TempleMakeouts)

6. And reality sets in

7. But we’re used to setbacks

8. Because we’re rational thinkers

9. And we fight for what’s ours

10. Though we’re not afraid to return what isn’t

11. We live in a pretty city


12. One that’s prepared for anything

13. We’re hopeless romantics

14. Or, perhaps, just hopeless

15. But our mayor loves us

16. Our alumni love us

17. Even Panic! At The Disco loves us



We don’t win every game or lead perfect lives. However, Temple pride is real. And it’s something we all feel.




10 Celebrities That Attended Temple University

1. Diplo

If you keep up with popular music, then you’ve probably heard of Diplo. He put out an album this past year with Skrillex and Jack U, and a single off the album “Where Are U Now” featuring Justin Bieber has blown up.

2. Daryl Hall…
3…and John Oates– of Hall and Oates

Whether you know them for their music or the awesome couple’s costume for 80’s themed parties, you know Hall and Oates. And if you don’t know Hall and Oates, let me introduce you. Oates is the one on the right with the mustache, and Hall is on the left, sporting the leather jacket with fringe.

4. Kim Rhodes

Who doesn’t know The Suite Life of Zach & Cody? Carey Martin- I MEAN KIM RHODES was also on the CW’s Supernatural from 2010 to 2014 and recently guest starred in Key and Peele.

5. Dan “Soupy” Campbell

If you’re a fan of alternative/rock music, you know The Wonder Years. Soupy (he’s called this because of his last name, like Campbell’s soup) was front-man of the rock band up until last year when he broke off to start Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties. And I’ve got to say, looking up why someone goes by the name “Soupy” is by far the highlight of my week.

6. Bob Saget

You probably know this former Owl as Danny Tanner. He’s an actor and director, best known for his time as host on America’s Funniest Home Videos and of course, Full House. He’s currently reunited with the rest of the original cast, filming Fuller House for a release in 2016 (*squeals*).

7. Jesse Williams

You may have seen this Temple alum in the hilarious horror movie, The Cabin in the Woods, or Lee Daniel’s The Butler, but he’s most known for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy.

8. Kunal Nayyar

Raj! You most definitely know Kunal for his role on The Big Bang Theory as the forever-sassy Raj Koothrappali. He has also visited Temple multiple times since graduating in 2006, doing events and book signings.

9. Adam McKay

The grill Adam’s wearing in the picture above may or may not be real, I can’t say – he’s that successful. He is a screenwriter, director, comedian and actor, and along with Will Ferrell, he is a co-founder of Funny or Die. Adam co-wrote and directed super famous flicks Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Step Brothers, and The Other Guys.

10. Tom Sizemore

This Temple alum has been in the acting game for years. He’s a Golden Globe nominated actor, best known for Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and Heat.

11. Honorable Mention: Kevin Hart

Okay, even though he technically is not an alumni, Kevin went to Temple for about 2 years before deciding to focus completely on his career. Kevin is a very well-known comedian and has starred in movies like The Wedding Ringer, Ride Along, and Get Hard. If you’ve never seen it, please look up some of his stand-up IMMEDIATELY. Three of his stand-up specials are on currently streaming on Netflix and they are hilarious.


10 of the Coolest Classes at Temple University

Our GenEd Program and elective options get such bad raps. Why, you ask? Well, if you’ve ever uttered something along the lines of these classes are a waste of time or I just want to finish my major and get the heck out of here, then you, my friend, are guilty. We’ve caught you red-handed. Lucky for you, though, there’s plenty of room for forgiveness. These classes should change your mind. Who knows…they might even change your major, too! Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at Temple University!

1. ADV 2005 – Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it—social media is everything. Take your Insta game to the next level by gaining a better understanding of the strategies behind some of the world’s leading platforms. Your prof might say otherwise, but we’ll totally give you bonus points if you go viral by finals.

2. HIST 1008 – The Sixties: The American Experience

You know how to spot hemp bracelets and hippies from a mile away, but have you ever considered things like counterculture and the Vietnam War? A series of guest speakers, discussions, films, and other content will expand your horizons.

3. DANCE 1821 – Michael Jackson: Entertainer, Artist, Celebrity

It’s not a typo. We actually have a class in all things Michael. Snag a seat in this class, and you’ll get to research the King of Pop’s song skills, celebrity status, and place in the grand scheme of pop culture.

4. CSCD 1001-1004 – American Sign Language

These classes are downright cool. If you’re totally new to deaf culture, then no worries. The four-semester sequence will familiarize you with its history in the U.S. and, hopefully, allow you to become fluent in American Sign Language.

5. CHEM 0821 – Chemistry of Wine

Grapes are only part of the story. In this class, you’ll learn how wine comes to life, what made it the go-to beverage throughout history, and why some bottles cost more than your rent. Here’s hoping you earn an A and some newfound knowledge of rosé.

6. ARTU 2400 – Cosplay: Creating an Alter Ego

While there’s no guarantee that this course will transform you into a superhero, supervillain, or Pokémon, there is a strong possibility that you’ll learn how to navigate a sewing machine. History, alter egos, and fabric will be at your fingertips

7. FMA 0869 – Imaginary Cities

Although it may seem like cities shape the silver screen, you’ll soon discover that this tends to be the other way around. Take this class to watch fantastic films, analyze their portrayals of urban life, and get the lowdown on the California McDonald’s that serves zero Big Macs.

8. DANC 1807 – Hatha Yoga I

Other classes can be so frustrating that they cause you to lose your breath. This one helps you find it. Instead of losing focus in a crammed lecture hall, you’ll roll out a mat and reach your center through amazing asanas.

9. ENVT 0845 – The Environment

The world around us is as massive as, well, a world, so why not learn a thing or two about it? You’ll pinpoint your place on the food chain, don goggles for a few hands-on experiments, and face off in a final debate about anything from solar energy to water pollution.

10. ENG 2004 – Creative Writing: Fiction

What’s better than a good story? Being the genius responsible for coming up with it. No worries if novels make you nervous—this class focuses on shorter essays that let you sharpen your skills at your own pace.