10 Library Resources You Need to Know at Syracuse University

Syracuse University is a popular private research university located in upstate New York. It’s rich history can be traced all the way back to the 1800’s! There are beautiful buildings all around, including those of the libraries. Here’s ten of their library resources you need to know!

1. Database

Database for Finding Different Materials

The SU Library database is a wonderful resource for students and faculty alike. Any sort of document, article, journal or other material you need for papers or projects can be searched and found in the database!

2. Library to Go

Using the Library on the Go

Library to Go is a delivery service offered by SU libraries. It provides students and faculty with books, CDs, and DVDs they need for class or projects. It’s easy to use and is a great service!

3. Research Services

Student Researching Topics Online
The Research Service allows librarians to assist faculty, students, and researchers through consultation and classroom instruction. These librarians provide instruction or advice for anything related to academic research.

4. Tech and Printing Desk

Tech and Printing Services

The Tech and Printing Service provides assistance for students about printing, plotting, scanning, wireless devices, copying, and more. It’s a great tool to use to ask questions about tech related issues.

5. Check Out Desk

Check Out Desk Sign

For students who need access to laptops and other technological gear, come to the check out desk! Students can borrow a wide array of technology like laptops, cords, cameras, etc.

6. Chat

Online Chat Between People

If you cannot travel to the libraries to ask the workers in person about any issues, you can simply go on the SU Library website and talk! Using their chat services you can have a real time conversation with one of the librarians or staff about any questions.

7. Center for Learning and Student Success

Tutoring Session Between Students

CLASS is a service at SU offered by the libraries that works towards student academic success. There are free group or individual tutoring sessions offered as well as training and workshops.

8. Helpline

The Helpline Center Logo

Helpline is a phone service for library users who need assistance with anything at all. You can call or text from anywhere inside of Bird Library and a staff member will come to help you.

9. Interlibrary Loan

The Inter Library Loan System

The Interlibrary Loan service helps students gather needed materials that are not available in Syracuse University Libraries. Any current students or staff can contact the SU libraries to be loaned materials they require.

10. Learning Commons

multicolored brain

The Library Learning Commons is an active, open environment that supports academic success through its service, spaces, and resources. They help students with research questions, papers, projects, and more.

5 Syracuse University Libraries

1. Bird Library

Bird Library During a Sunset

Probably the most popular library on campus is Bird Library. It is located right next to Schine and has a total of 6 floors, 5 of which have books and study spaces. The sixth floor holds a museum showcasing many interesting pieces and historical artifacts!

2. Carnegie Library

Carnegie Library and the Archer Statue

Carnegie is another popular destination at SU. Being the prettiest library on campus, it attracts a lot of eyes. There are a lot less books inside, however it is completely silent on the main floor 24/7, making it a great study spaces. Carnegie also holds mathematics classes in its basement.

3. Dineen

Dineen Hall's Modern Architectural Design

Dineen is one of the less traveled libraries. It is past the Dome and near Sadler Hall, making it quite a hike from campus. But because of this, it does not get very busy. It is shared with the SU Law School.

4. King + King Architecture Library

King and King Library in Slocum Hall

This library is also not as popular as the first two. It is mainly used by SU architecture students, and its shelves are all filled with architecture based books and journals. However, it is still beautiful and a great space.

5. Light Works

light work

Light Works is a library at Syracuse that doesn’t contain shelves full of books. Instead, this building holds archives and histories of beautiful artwork. They showcase many different artists works.

10 Best Clubs at Syracuse

It’s important to join clubs and activities when you get to college to make friends and follow your interests. To get yourself involved on campus, it’s always great to join a few clubs you’re interested in! Here’s 10 of the coolest Syracuse clubs!


CHAARG at Syracuse University

Get fit and involved at the same time! CHAARG is a club that aims to help students find the fun in fitness rather than spending a boring hour at the gym. CHAARG teams up with local fitness studios once a week, ranging from Crossfit to Salsa dancing!

2. Citrus TV

Citrus TV
Citrus TV is a student run TV studio that provides entertainment for those in and outside of Syracuse University. They create content for all sorts of audiences; sports, media, entertainment, news, etc. They’re a great club to join to gain studio experience.

3. Jerk Magazine

Jerk Magazine

Jerk Magazine is a media and publication club at Syracuse that makes monthly publications about controversial and political topics. They seek to ‘jerk’ people out of their apathetic feelings towards politics. Their magazines are spread all over campus.

4. Nourish International

Nourish Logo

Nourish is a service club and non profit on campus that lets students help impoverished people all over the world. Students in Nourish work to bring awareness to these issues as well as raise money to help aid them.

5. Orange Seeds

Orange Seeds

Orange Seeds is a popular club on campus at SU. It is a leadership program for freshman, which is started in the fall semester. Freshmen interview to get a position in the club. Once in, students volunteer, get leadership training, and plan campus wide events all year.

6. OttoTHON

OttoTHON at Syracuse University

Ottothon is a student run philanthropic organization built to help aid Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It holds an annual dance marathon attended by students to help raise money for ill children.

7. SU Ambulance

Syracuse University Ambulance

SUA is a Health Services based student organization that acts as an ambulance on campus. They respond to over 1,500 medical emergencies each school year, and provide the same services an EMT would; the only difference is that they’re students.

8. The Kumquat

The Kumquat

The Kumquat is a popular student news outlet at SU. The provide news, entertainment, stories, etc, all produced by students and run by students. If you’re interested in media management, join them!

9. University Union

University Union

University Union is in charge of most of the programming and entertainment events on campus. For example, they run the extremely popular Juice Jam and Mayfest at SU. They are completely student run!

10. Z89


Z89 is a student run top 40 radio station at SU. They have music, sports and news departments on air, but they also have off air activities ranging from PR to social media. They are a student run club!

Top Events During the School Year at SU

1. Juice Jam

Juice Jam 2017

Hosted by Syracuse’s very own student run University Union, Juice Jam is a popular event at the beginning of the year. Juice Jam hosts popular headlining artists for a massive concert off of South Campus! Just last year we had Diplo and Ugly God perform for us. In addition to music there’s food and other activities!

2. Mayfest

Mayfest Tailgate

Mayfest is another concert event at SU, but it is much large and is held at the end of the year. Aside from the live concerts on Walnut Park, there’s other activities like tons of free food, bouncy houses, etc. In addition to the UU hosted activities are various tailgates.

3. Block Party

Block Party Carrier Dome

Block Party is a much bigger concert held in the Carrier Dome the night of Mayfest. The bigger name artists perform live at Block Party, but the tickets aren’t free. It’s still a great opportunity to see your favorite artists!

4. University Lectures

Lecture Series

On the more academic side of things, SU hosts year wide lectures from various cross-disciplinary speakers. These lectures are great for students to learn about many different things from another perspective.

5. Orange After Dark

Orange After Dark Logo

Orange After Dark is another year wide event at Syracuse. OAD holds numerous activities yearround for students at night, if they want to do something but don’t want to party. These activities can range from waterpark trips to free Target trips!

Top 10 Dorms at Syracuse University

The dorm experience is one of the most important parts of college life. Having a good dorm is essential to enjoying your time in university, especially if you want to be able to feel relaxed and comforted. With that being said, here’s the top 10 Syracuse University dorms!

1. Ernie Davis

Ernie Davis

Address: 619 Comstock Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210

Ernie Davis Hall; the dorm that every students yearns to live in one day. This dorm is the newest and best on campus, and it’s nearly impossible to get a room in. It’s in one of the best locations, it has a gym, a convenience store and a dining hall, and it’s beautiful and modern to boot.

2. The Sheraton

The Sheraton Syracuse

Address: 801 University Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210

This dorm is technically not a dorm building, but it houses 66 Syracuse students each year. The Sheraton on Marshall Street rents out its 4th floor to Syracuse University. For a dorm, this place is amazing. The rooms are big and have a bathroom, which is cleaned by the Sheraton staff. Though you can’t use the pool or gym if you’re a student, this dorm is in an amazing location!

3. Watson

Watson Hall Syracuse

Address: 405 University Pl, Syracuse, NY 13210

Just like Ernie, everyone wants Watson. Watson has so many things to offer. It’s in a great location, it has so many different room types (doubles, triples, quads, suites), and it has its own courtyard. If you don’t get Ernie, you’re definitely shooting for Watson!

4. Sadler

Sadler Hall

Address: 1000 Irving Avenue, Syracuse, NY, 13210

Sadler, an all freshman dorm, is a great place to be placed for your first year. Personally, I was put in there as a freshman, and I loved it! Sadler comes with its own dining hall (which is rare for freshman dorms) and it lies right beside the Carrier Dome. The rooms are nice, there’s pod bathrooms, and the floors are all full of friendly people!

5. Lawrinson

Lawrinson Hall

Address: 303 Stadium Pl, Syracuse, NY 13210

Another great freshman dorm is Lawrinson. The rooms are newly renovated and there’s laundry on each floor, but it comes with its negatives. This dorm is 21 stories high, so you better hope you don’t get the top. Lawrinson is notorious for its constant fire alarms, in which you cannot use the elevators. Nobody wants to go up and down 21 stories all the time!

6. Flint

Flint Hall

Address: 2 Mt Olympus Dr, Syracuse, NY 13210

This dorm on the mount has nice rooms and private bathrooms, which is a plus. This place has an underground tunnel to get to the dining hall, which is great for the harsh Syracuse winters. Compared to Day, the walk to campus is much easier.

7. Haven

Haven Hall

Address: 400 Comstock Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210

Haven has its quirks, but it also has so many positives. Its location on Walnut is pretty convenient to get to campus, frat row and Marshall street. Haven has amazing lounges, as well as a massive study space on the bottom floor which is newly renovated.

8. Day Hall

Day Hall

Address: 1 Mt Olympus Dr, Syracuse, NY 13210

Day Hall is another freshman dorm up on the Mount. The walk down the stairs to get to campus is pretty brutal, but it brings you right down into campus. Though currently it isn’t that great because Archibold Gymnasium is being renovated, it is still a nice end point.

9. Kimmel

Kimmel Hall

Address: 311 Waverly Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210

Kimmel has a wonderful location right next to Ernie, allowing all access to its dining halls and gym. It’s also a decent walk to Bird or Carnegie, and campus in general. Kimmel has its own Kimmel Dining, which is basically a stop for any and all fast food options (a popular spot on late nights).

10. Shaw

Shaw Hall

Address: 201 Euclid Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210

Shaw is basically the engineering dorm, so not many people outside of that major get placed there; but it does happen. Its location is right on Euclid which is great, because students there don’t have to trek up and down mountains and stairs constantly to get to campus. Shaw also has its own unique dining hall with great food.

Moving Day Packing List

1. Room Basics

Dorm Decor

1. Pillows

2. Throws

3. Wall Hangings

4. Wall lights

5. Desk lamp

6. Posters

2. Food and Snacks


1. Granola bars

2. Popcorn

3. Cereal

4. Microwave mac and cheese

5. Chips

6. Gum/mints

3. Tech and Entertainment

dorm room

1. Headphones

2. Wireless speaker

3. Laptop

4. TV

5. Chargers

6. Batteries

4. School Supplies

college supplies

1. Pens

2. Pencils

3. Planner

4. Notebooks

5. Calculator

6. Stapler

7. Hole puncher

5. Cleaning/Organizing

cleaning supplies

1. Handheld vacuum

2. Disinfectant wipes

3. Towels

4. Dish soap

5. Laundry detergent/pods

6. Tissues

6. Campus Gear

Syracuse Winter

1. Winter coat

2. Snow boots

3. Scarf

4. Winter hat

5. Gloves

6. Water bottle

7. Umbrella

7. Items you need to ask before bringing

Dorm desk

1. Extension cords

2. Wall lights

3. Animals (pets)

4. Lamps

5. Coffee machines

6. Printers

5 Syracuse University Buildings You Need to Know

College campuses are often beautiful spaces with tons of unique buildings. Many people are attracted to colleges based off of their appearance, so occasionally campus beauty is a factor in the college choice process. Syracuse is one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States, so here are 5 of the top SU buildings you need to know.

1. Crouse College Hall

Crouse Hall Syracuse

Crouse Hall is one of the most iconic Syracuse buildings on campus by far. This beautiful structure is reminiscent of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. Construction on this building began in 1888, and it was originally intended to be a women’s college. Today, Crouse is used as the building for Visual and Performing Arts.

2. Carrier Dome

The Carrier Dome

If you go to or know anything about Syracuse University, you know about the Carrier Dome. This massive stadium is the home of the Syracuse Orange sports teams, including Lacrosse, Football and Basketball. During the football and basketball seasons, this dome is booming with support from both students and visiting families.

3. Hall of Languages

The Hall of Languages
One of the most beautiful buildings and a personal favorite of mine, the Hall of Languages is a staple on campus. It is definitely a sight to see no matter what time of year it is. This building was built in 1871 and was the first building on campus, and it houses many different types of classes. Having class in this building is always super fun because of its beauty and great location on campus.

4. Hendricks Chapel

Hendricks Chapel

Hendricks Chapel is another one of Syracuse’s beauties, sitting right at the end of the quad. This building is used to religious gatherings as well as other events. It is not limited to only Christian denominations, it is open to any and all other religions. This building, which opened its doors to Syracuse University in 1930, is another great sight on campus.

5. Carnegie Library

Carnegie Library Syracuse

Carnegie Library is another personal favorite of mine on Syracuse’s campus. It sits right in front of the quad and is easily accessible to students, and it houses many classes in its basement. The main floor is a large, open space with desks and chairs for studying, and it’s the quietest floor in the building. This is a great study spot on campus, but it fills up fast during final/midterm season.

Interesting Facts About Syracuse University


1. The Addams Family

Hall of Languages at Night
Believe it or not, but the Addams Family house has creative roots in Syracuse! Syracuse’s very own Hall of Languages served as inspiration for the Addams Family house. It was used as a model to create the Addams Family House at 0001 Cemetery Lane.

2. The Carrier Dome

Carrier Dome Interior
The Carrier Dome is the largest dome shaped stadium on any college campus in the entire United States. The Carrier Dome is also the largest dome stadium in the entire Northeast!

3. Bachelor of Fine Arts

Syracuse University Emblem

Syracuse was the first college in the Unites States to create a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree. In 1874 SU took a step forward and created this Bachelors degree for its students, and later in 1911 it extended the program into a doctorate.

4. Snowfall

Snow on Campus

If you come to Syracuse, expect a lot of snow. And I mean a lot. Syracuse receives more snowfall than any other city in the United States! On average, we get about 110 inches per year.

5. Snow Days

Snowy Day on Campus

Don’t expect snow days if you go to SU! Last year, Syracuse announced a snow day for the 3rd day in history. That’s right, within Syracuse’s 150+ years of being open, it has had only three snow days!

Top 10 Professors at Syracuse University

Choosing new classes is tough, especially if you don’t know which professor is good or not. A bad professor in a good class can ruin the whole experience, so it’s important to make the right choice. Switching classes just because of the professor is always frustrating. To help you with this, here are the top 10 professors at Syracuse University!

1.Sacchi Patel

Sociology professor at Syracuse

Rating: 100%
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught:

SOC 301 – Learn More
SOC 230 – Learn More
CFS 388 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“He is seriously one of the coolest guys I know. He really cares about the work he does and will get you to care about it too.”

“Sacchi was the best teacher ive had at SU. His class on Gender was awesome, but his passion is what really made me want to learn.”

“Quality teacher and overall great guy. He clearly lives what he teaches and advocates for ending violence against women, gender inequality, oppression, etc. Probably the best class I took at SU.”

2. Chris Uyehara

Food and Nutrition teacher at SU

Rating: 100%
Department: Food Studies & Nutrition

Courses Taught:

FST 201 – Learn More
FST 222 – Learn More
FST 203 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Professor Chris Uyehara shows the class that he clearly cares about what he is doing. He takes the time to help any student who does needs help. He is a personable guy who makes learning enjoyable. I am now taking another course with him next semester because of how much I enjoyed his class.”

“Chef Uyehara is a great person who knows how to make people laugh. He is always attentive to our mistakes and makes sure we correct them. One of the best classes I took! Highly Recommend!”

“Absolutely would take again, it’s such a great class. You learn how to make desserts that are sold in those fancy bake shops. I feel like this is a class you should take at some point during your college career.”

3. Eva Phillips

Arabic Teacher at Syracuse

Rating: 100%
Department: Language and Literature

Courses Taught:

ARB 102 – Learn More
ARB 101 – Learn More
ARB 201 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Amazing professor she makes you want to learn.She does give a lot of homework so be prepared to constantly work and attend class because participation is worth so much. Overall I would only take another class with her. She is amazing.”

“I had her for 101 and 201. She is an amazing teacher! My Arabic has gotten better with her as a teacher. I highly recommend her. She is so nice and she’s very helpful.”

“An excellent and helpful teacher, you will both have fun and learn a lot. Arabic is a tough language no matter who you take it from, but she’s genuinely interested in helping each student. She is lots of fun, and very flexible. An excellent professor.”

4. Catherine Nock

Language Professor at SU

Rating: 100%
Department: Language and Literature

Courses Taught:

SPA 202 – Learn More
SPA 301 – Learn More
SPA 439 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Most genuine and sweet lady I have had the pleasure of meeting here at Syracuse. Genuinely cares about each and every student. Super understanding and kind. She teaches in such a loving way and appreciates effort by all students. Makes class understandable and will help with any questions or needs without the bat of an eye.”

“Such a sweet woman. Makes class so fun and is really willing to help you. The best spanish teacher I have ever had. She really is the best!”

“Hands Down the best Spanish professor I have ever had. She is so helpful and caring and fun and organized and I also got a lot better at spanish. She really cares about her students and is always willing to help. A really really great professor.”

5. Jackie Sorci

Italian Professor at SU

Rating: 100%
Department: Language and Literature

Courses Taught:

ITA 101 – Learn More
ITA 102 – Learn More
ITA 202 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“I can’t imagine how my time at Syracuse would have been without Jackie. Having her Monday-Thursday, as my earliest class, really put me in a good mental state every single day.”

“Wonderful teacher, wonderful class! The tests are relatively easy and pretty much follow exactly what you learned in class. She even lets your fix your errors to get half the points back!”

“Jackie was an amazing teacher and brightened my day every morning. She had fun activities to make learning italian easier, class is super reasonable and she is always there for extra help.”

6. Kevin O’Neall

Advertising Professor at Syracuse

Rating: 100%
Department: Communications

Courses Taught:

ADV 401 – Learn More
ADV 421 – Learn More
ADV 345 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“The greatest man who ever lived. Fantastic and interesting professor, really knows his stuff and just such a cool guy.”

“O’Neill’s great. Tough, but helpful. Knows his stuff and won’t let you down. Great human being and fantastic teacher. You can learn a lot from him.”

“He’s an icon in the business and one of the smartest, most interesting professors I’ve ever had.”

7. Shannon Sweeney

Psychology Professor at SU

Rating: 100%
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught:

PSY 446 – Learn More
PSY 335 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“One of the best professors I have ever had. I have never been more engaged in a lecture in my life. I am usually really not one to rate professors, but sometimes I look to this site when registering for classes. Expectations are super clear from day one, and they are fair!”

“One of the best professors I have had at Syracuse. She makes lectures entertaining and provides plenty of examples so that you understand the material. Exams are multiple choice with optional final.”

“One of my favorite professors. She’s so sweet and caring and really wants you to succeed.”

8. Steve Heyman

Music Professor at Syracuse

Rating: 100%
Department: Music

Courses Taught:

PNO 225 – Learn More
PNO 120 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Amazing teacher. I wouldn’t be where I am today musically if it wasn’t for him. Also a nice guy and great to talk to. Steve Heyman has so much to offer.”

“A wonderful human being! He definitely knows his stuff and is crystal clear when he teaches. He is also a phenomonal pianist and an interpreter.”

“A wonderful person and an amazing teacher (AND a performer). Although due to his busy schedule he tends to not dedicate as much time to his students. Sometimes rather cold, but always pleasant. High recommended.”

9. Sarah Harwell

Syracuse English Professor

Rating: 100%
Department: English

Courses Taught:

ETS 217 – Learn More
ETS 107 – Learn More
ETS 151 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“I highly recommend her for poetry and non-fiction. An absolute pleasure to learn from.”

“Professor Harwell is a sweetheart. She’s accommodating and motherly in her demeanor, but her brilliance is obvious. She’s very open minded and if you have a real interest in the English language, she’ll treasure you for it.”

“Professor Harwell is the best ETS professor I have had at Syracuse. She is nice and really smart. I had her for sophomore fiction workshop and she really made it fun and interesting.”

10. Patricia Tinto

Education Professor

Rating: 100%
Department: Education

Courses Taught:

EED 601 – Learn More
EED 337 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“If you ever have the opportunity, you owe it to yourself to take any class you can with this woman. She’ll make you work, but she’ll support you however necessary, too.”

“Tinto is the ultimate resource… Will bend over backwards to help you get a job or into grad school. Brilliant woman!”

“Very knowledgeable. Fun class and worth the effort. Great ideas and good resource.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at SU

1. Marilyn Plavocos Arnone

Information Studies Professor at SU

Faculty: School of Information Studies at Syracuse University

Arnone is a professor at Syracuse University’s iSchool. She has a background in instructional design, development and evaluation, and she encourages technology based learning. She researched and created a database of literary and informational texts for K-12 librarians. You can find her work here.

2. Kevin Crownston

Information Studies Professor at SU

Faculty: School of Information Studies at Syracuse University

Crownston is an iSchool professor who is distinguished in the fields of Computer Science and Information Technology. He works to explore new ways in which information technology can be used for organization. He has researched on teams that have developed the Gravity Spy system.

3. Timothy Korter

Chemistry Professor at Syracuse

Faculty: College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University

Korter is a Chemistry professor at Syracuse who has focuses in crystallography, computational chemistry, and polymorphism. His research focuses on the chemistry of molecular crystals. Korter’s research ranges from drug formulations to thermodynamic crystalline stability.

4. Beth A. Prieve

Communication Sciences Professor

Faculty: College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University

Prieve is a professor that teaches about Communication Sciences and Disorders. Her research explores physiological behavior in the ear and links it to hearing loss. Her research has been funded by the National Institute of Deafness and other Communication Disorders.

5. Linda Ivany

Earth Sciences Professor at SU

Faculty: College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University

Ivany is an Earth Sciences Professor at SU with her primary focus in paleoecology. Her research projects explore marine paleoecology and paleoclimate and relate to evolution processes. Her research has been funded through the National Science Foundation and the American Chemical Society’s Petroleum Research Fund.

College professors are a huge component in how much you enjoy and pay attention to a class. Having a great professor is a key element in appreciating a class, and it’s an added bonus on top of learning. The professors listed above are great people at Syracuse who will help you succeed.

10 Easiest Classes at Syracuse

While scheduling classes for the upcoming semester, Syracuse University students are locked into some courses that are required in order to progress in their major. Outside of that, however, there is freedom in choices of classes, and let’s face it, the easier the better for that GPA. Here is a list of 10 classes offered at Syracuse that are less intense than others if you’re looking to boost your grades.Become a Notetaker at Syracuse University

1. PSY 205 – Foundations of Human Behavior

human-1211467Psychology 205 is one of the most popular classes at the school, as it is both fascinating and designed for the student to do well. There is one lecture and one recitation every week, with the recitation giving a five question multiple choice quiz on the lecture material. The lowest exam grade is dropped, giving students a chance to recover from a poor test.

2. AST 101: Our Corner of the Universe

astOut of all the lab science classes, astronomy 101 is the easiest course. Eliminating the lab science requirement with this one is the way to go: exam scores over an 80 percent are an automatic A for the score.

3. ETS 107: Living Writers

Cherrie3-1024x683Personally meeting the writers of the novels read in class is definitely interesting, Books read in class are rarely more than 300 words, and reflection papers are broad and simple.

4. EAR 106: Geohazards and Natural Disasters

ND header (1)Many of the Earth Science classes at SU are lighter courses that are valuable arts and science credits. Learning about natural disasters isn’t a bad way to knock out some credits while taking on a easy-to-grasp concept.

5. HST 102: American History since 1865

coverThis course covers a lot of what is already taught in high school history classes. Yes, it goes more in depth on some topics, but moving through the country’s history since 1865, and doing so in only one semester, means that the focus of this class is broad.

6. ITA 101: Italian I

venice_520x252Introductory Italian gradually immerses and introduces students to the Italian Language and culture. The difference between Italian 1 and the other introductory languages? The Italian professors are some of the finest you’ll have doing your time at SU. This is also a four-credit course, allowing you to more quickly build up to credit requirements.

7. LIN 201: Nature and Study of Language

linLinguistics is an area of study that very few students focus on, or even know about. However, learning about how humans speak and how certain sounds are articulated is fascinating. Attending class is basically a requirement for an A in this course, but doing so does not warrant the too much further effort.

8. FST 422: Wine and Beer Appreciation

beerA class well suited for the upperclassmen who want to add a fun, unique elective to their courses of study. Being 21 or over is a requirement on the first day of class. Very little work is involved in this one, and even so, work is put towards studying how to judge the tastes of beer or wine.

9. PED 289: Backpacking

baAnother class for students looking to add another dimension to their course load. Backpacking teaches students how to properly tackle beautiful hiking trails of the great outdoors while offering little to nothing in terms of papers, assignments, or reading.

10. FST 201: Professional Baking

bakingA course to learn about making culinary desserts? About as easy and engaging as they come. If you’re looking to increase your baking capabilities, this class is a necessity.All ten of these courses provides students with the ability to boost their GPA while doubling as fascinating classes. However, every college course requires effort to get that A. While these may be easier than others, do not just expect an A to appear at the end of the semester after not showing up to a class all semester.Become a Notetaker at Syracuse University

5 Ways to Work Around Syracuse’s Dining Halls

Before coming to college, most people hear tons of horror stories about dining hall food. At first, Syracuse‘s dining options seem pretty great! There’s a bunch of options to choose from. But unfortunately, it gets old fast unless you know how to make the best of it. Once you get the hang of it, you can have great meals!

1. Check out the Salad Bar

The salad bar may seem like a boring area to look for good food, but trust me there’s plenty to find! You can grab your vegetables from there for snacks, but there are also tubs with pasta salad and other types of salad like tabouli! These can be great to customize your food a little more, or to even grab some healthy veggie snacks.

2. Go to the Wrap Station

The line for the wrap station may seem a little daunting sometimes, but it’s worth it! You can customize your own wrap, and the food service workers even toast it for you! If you wanted to, you could even get a quesadilla or a bacon egg and cheese on the griddle! These make for great breakfast lunch or dinner options when there are no good entrees. There are plenty of different wraps to make, and they’re always fresh!

3. Go to the Omelette/Pasta Bar

This is another station you can go to that often has a pretty long line. Every morning, there is an omelette station open for you to customize either an omelette, or any other type of egg (scrambled, fried, etc). And for lunch or dinner on occasion, there is a pasta bar or stir fry bar that you can customize. The omelette station is only open at certain times in the morning, so be sure to wake up early for it! These make great, delicious meal options when there’s nothing good!

4. Get Creative!

If you do a little digging around the dining hall and grab a bunch of things from different areas, you can always come up with cool meals! For example, you can grab the chicken breast from the burger station and mix it with salads or some quinoa! It might take awhile to come up with something good, but once you do, it’s amazing! And if you happen to be vegan, vegetarian or gluten free, you can still find plenty of foods around.

5. Go Back to the Basics

If you’ve run out of ideas, you can always just go back to the basics! There is always a burger station and Sbarro options in the dining hall, so those are easy to turn to when there’s nothing good. Pizza, pasta and burgers always make a good (albeit unhealthy) meal. They’re a great thing to turn to when you’re hungry and need a quick meal, rather than having to take the time to put one together yourself.

All in all, the dining halls can get pretty boring. But if you know how to work your way around it and switch your meals up often, then you’re good to go! You probably won’t get too sick of it for a long time. So make sure you enjoy it while you can, you might miss it in your later years!

Top 5 Intramural Sports at Syracuse University

For many of us at SU, we watch with wonder at the athletic achievements of the Division I student-athletes. We enjoy the slam dunks, goals, and touchdowns of amazing stud performers. As “regular” students here at the school, it can also put into perspective how far away we are from these athletic feats. But don’t you worry, former high school JV athletes; you too have a chance to shine on the field, building your legacy as an Intramural League legend. Presenting the top 5 Intramural Sports at Syracuse University.

5. Frisbee

We begin our top 5 with one of the easiest and most relaxing games there is to play. With the season coming in the last month of the semester, your spring fever can be instantly cured. No skill level requirement is needed here; the more advanced players are off playing for the schools club frisbee team. Frisbee is a perfect accompaniment to a warm-weather weekend complete with sun glasses and relaxation as the semester winds down.

4. Bubble Soccer

This is an Intramural Sport perfect for the energized and adventurous. Bubble soccer takes all the fun of a soccer game and adds the ability to bounce off others at high speeds. For some, big hits and layouts are a more important and more exhilarating stat than goals scored and wins. This game isn’t well suited for students looking to relax with friends; the big hits mean a player’s head must always be on a swivel. Since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2015, Bubble soccer has steadily increased in popularity. A game that is becoming a feature at corporate events, bachelor parties, and birthdays is a fantastic offering at Syracuse.

3. Volleyball

Intramural Volleyball is one of the most versatile sports offered at SU, and a blast even without any past Volleyball experience. Options include 4 on 4, Co-ed, and even beach sand options. With rotating spots on the floor, everyone on your hand-picked squad has a chance to play. This is also a low-maintence way to enjoy an activity with friends; all it requires is a pair of gym shoes and no other equipment. Without a doubt, the chance to sink your toes into sand with some of your best friends and play a relaxed beach volleyball match is difficult to pass up.

2. Flag Football

The perfect game for that ex-football player looking to hang onto a piece of that excitement, without the grind of daily practices. Even students who never played the sport will have a blast running routes and dusting defenders with best friends. Flag football games can be a staple of fall weekends, an event to look forward to while grinding through schoolwork. At its best, flag adds structure to a classic game of pickup football.

1. Basketball

The dawn of Intramural Basketball at Syracuse University is a very recognizable time on campus; students assemble their squads, the buzz begins about top teams, and gyms become packed with players trying to improve in hopes for that elusive championship ring. Don’t get it confused; an intramural hoops title can be the greatest achievement of your college career, hands down. Walking around campus as the champion of organized pickup is an experience worth chasing. For those who just want to enjoy the game of basketball in a fun, less intense environment, League B is the place for you. Either option presents some of the most fun you can have at Syracuse. It is the perfect experience for former High School athletes who long for the camaraderie and togetherness of a sports team.

No matter your skill level, athletic ability, or amount of free time, Syracuse University offers plenty of intramural activities to find your perfect match. The five listed above are among the most popular, but there are many other sports for you to become that intramural legend you always wanted to be. Take that, Division I athletes.

5 Best Things About Freshman Year at Syracuse

Syracuse is a well rounded college, and it’s always a ton of fun. People always enjoy their 4+ years here, and freshman year is one of these great years. It’s a year of exploration and adventure, and it is a fountain of knowledge. So here’s the 5 best things about being a freshman at Cuse!

1. Explore Campus

To freshmen, the Syracuse campus is essentially a maze. Not only is it massive, but it’s also a bit confusing. But that’s the fun part! You’ll spend the first few weeks lost and confused, but eventually you’ll get into a routine on your walk to class and you’ll start recognizing buildings. Our campus is beautiful, and it’s always fun to explore!


2. Discovering Syracuse

The city of Syracuse is another huge enigma! There are a few hidden gems throughout the city, like Original Grain and Pastabilities in Armory Square. It’s just a quick Uber ride away to get to places like these, and it’s fun to walk around Syracuse with your friends on a nice day!


3. Repping Orange

Coming in Freshman year, you’ll have little to no Syracuse apparel. But that’s what Schine, Manny’s and T-Shirt World are for! Stock up on your gear. You can even try to customize some clothes for tailgates in the fall.


4. Going to the Games

As a freshman, everyone knows about the Carrier Dome. Students flock to the Dome after tailgates to rep our favorite team, the Syracuse Orange! Your first game is always one of the best memories you’ll have. And after football season, you’ll definitely be hyped for Cuse basketball!


5. Getting your Dorm

Arriving at your Dorm building on the first day is always pretty intimidating. But trust me, you’ll love it! You’ll meet most of your best friends in that building, no matter what floor they’re on. And decorating it is always super fun!


Freshman year has plenty more perks! It may be stressful and scary at first, but eventually it becomes super fun! You should always value your freshman year, because it will go by super fast.

5 Things to Do When You’re Bored at Syracuse University

Sometimes you might have those awkward gaps between classes, or you’ll find yourself bored during the day on a weekend. But don’t fear! There are plenty things to do on and off campus in Syracuse.

1. Explore Marshall Street

Marshall Street near Whitman is a great place to head to when you’re bored! It’s filled with school spirit stores to explore and plenty of fast food and sit down restaurants. It’s fun to explore when you have nothing to do. You don’t have to spend any money if you don’t want to either, you can just explore the stores and browse!


2. Go to Destiny Mall

Like Marshall Street, Destiny Mall is filled with stores and restaurants, and is a fun place to go to with friends or alone when you’re bored. It’s not only stores in Destiny Mall either, there are plenty of entertainment based things to do as well! There’s a mini race track, an escape the room, and also a rope course in the middle of the mall! It’s a great way to spend your time when you have nothing to do.


3. Get your work done

Being a student, you probably have work to do that you don’t want to do yet. Procrastinating is almost natural for students, everyone gets it every now and then! So if you’re bored, go to the library or stay in and do your homework! Even if you don’t have homework, just study instead! Doing this will solve your boredom and work in your favor at the same time!


4. Hang out with your friends!

During the day on weekends, when you’re sitting alone in your dorm, it’s almost guaranteed that some of your friends are doing the same! So go reach out to them and hang out, it’s a win-win! That way you aren’t bored and alone. Go and have fun, whether you stay in together or go shopping or out to eat!


5. Join a club

Another great way to occupy your time while also being productive is to join a school club! There are plenty of clubs available to students at Syracuse, and there are surely plenty that are bound to be interesting to you! Joining a club is not only a great way to spend your time, but it’s also a good way to make friends and build your resume at the same time!


Syracuse, and school in general, can get pretty boring at times. But this city and school has so many things to offer, so it’s easy to find ways to occupy your time!