Jobs for College Students at SUNY Potsdam

In order start paying off student loans, you should consider getting a job while at school. This will also allow you to have some fun with your friends. In turn, you will get the whole college experience that you deserve. Here are some jobs offered to college students at SUNY Potsdam!

1. Financial Aid Assistant

The first job that you should look at is the Financial Aid Assistant position. You will work with the financial aid office in order to process requests and work with students who need help. This is a minimum wage job that offers a few advancement opportunities. 

A FAFSA form

2. Admissions Assistant

Another office job through the university is the Admissions Assistant job. This is another job that makes you work with students and your peers in order to get through the admissions process smoothly. Be sure to visit the admissions office in order to receive more information. 

A meeting for admissions employees

3. English Tutor

If you are good with English, you should become an English Tutor. You will work with students who are struggling in the subject. You will make low wages, but you will be able to learn more yourself. This is a great perk of the job. You will also be able to work 10-20 hours every single week. 

Terms relating to English

4. Associate Librarian 

If you would like to work in the library, you should become an Associate Librarian. You will spend your time putting away books and helping students find materials around the building. This allows you to have access to some of the best resources that the university has. 

The university library building

5. Dorm Staff Assistant

A great place to work is in the residence halls. You can apply to become a Dorm Staff Assistant. This job requires you to stay in that dorm and do random tasks around the building. This is a great way for you to make some additional money. Be sure to stop by there residence life office to get more information. 

Students in their dorm room

6. Wal-Mart Stocker

If you prefer to work off of campus, you should apply to work at Wall-Mart. Although you will start at minimum wage, there are lots of chances for you to advance up the corporate ladder. You will also be able to work as many hours as your schedule will allow.

A Walmart store

7. OneClass Note Taker

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

The logo of OneClass


Health and Wellness Services at SUNY Potsdam

SUNY Potsdam is committed to establishing a culture of health, wellness and psychological balance in the university. The educational experience that it offers, emphasizes on the importance of health and happiness and so it provides every health-related facility right on-campus and that too under the supervision of respective professionals.

1. Student Health Services

Intensive care unit of SUNY - Potsdam

Student Health Services at SUNY Potsdam have a mission to provide a safe environment for the competence and healthcare of all the individuals on-campus, students and faculty included. This service center collaborates with the students and the faculty to first identify their health goals and then to help them achieve those goals. This help is provided by enabling them to remove all such barriers which are hindering their path towards a personal wellness plan which will ultimately lead to a healthy life.  

2. Counseling Center

Combined Counseling Session

SUNY – Potsdam recognizes the importance of psychological health and so it has a very professional set-up which serves the purpose of counseling and helps all those who are going through psychological or emotional instabilities. The counseling center guarantees the confidentiality of its clients. The primary mission of this center is to guarantee that every individual on-campus is being provided with the help that he requires in terms of psychological disturbances and management of emotions. These services that the Counseling Center provides are free of cost.

Services Offered:

  • Individual Counseling

Registered students can get individual therapy sessions conducted by one of the licensed therapists at the counseling center. The goal of these sessions is to provide all the clients with a confidential place to discuss their problems, identify the causative agents of those problems and the with the help of a therapist device a plan to overcome them. This process is helpful because it is a solution-oriented session where individuals are gradually walked towards the solution of all the psychological/emotional problems that they might be facing. This guarantees the well-being of the students and thus promotes a healthy trend on-campus.

  • Peer Counselors (PCs)

This service provides a group of trained student paraprofessionals to all those students who have personal concerns. These sessions are conducted by these interns in the posted hours. If a student needs to vent out his emotions or to have his catharsis in the form of a helpful conversation with a professional, all he requires to do id to walk-in to the Counseling Center and ask to see a Peer Counselor.

  • Counseling Center Staff

The Counseling Center has a highly professional staff. It comprises authorized therapists and counselors with a great degree of experience in the related field. All of these counselors are licensed in New York State as Mental Health Counselors (LMHC’s) or Master Social Workers (LMSW’s).

3. SUNY Potsdam Fitness Center

Fitness Center at SUNY - Potsdam

Shane T. Shaul Fitness Center has been exclusively designed for the students of SUNY – Potsdam students so that a concept of physical health can be promoted on-campus. It contains over 8,000 square feet of space and has professional cardiovascular and strength training equipment which makes sure that fitness and fun are paired to make it easy for the students to work towards a healthy lifestyle.

4. Students Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

Students Group Photo Constituting the SHAC.

SUNY – Potsdam is one step ahead among all the schools of this category because it takes into consideration suggestions from student body as well. Issues like privacy intrusion, harassment, catcalling and bullying are the ones which disturbs a student and make him/her lose confidence which further pushes them in depression. In order to curb such behavior, there is a fully functional society which not only counsels the victims but also take in their suggestions and forward them to the administration.

5. Department of Public Health and Human Performance

Group Photo of the Management Body of Department of Public Health.

Only a sound, relaxed and a motivated mind can bring change to the society. One of the responsibilities of the Department of Public Health and Human Performance is to stay in touch with under-performing students and those students who have suffered some sort of mental loss and console them to lead them back to the vision they were following before.

With all being said about the health and wellness services at SUNY – Potsdam, ranking it among the most well-equipped, beautifully furnished and amazingly managed institutes, won’t be wrong at all.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at SUNY – Potsdam

The State University of New York at Potsdam is a public college in the village of Potsdam in St. Lawrence County, in the U.S. state of New York. The acceptance rate is about 74%. Here are some tasty nearby restaurants and cafes for students at SUNY – Potsdam.

1. Soul Waffle

waffle egg and sausage

Soul Waffle is a breakfast/lunch restaurant that serves up a variety of different foods such as soups, salads, and sammies. They are known for their waffles. Their pricing starts at $2.25(sides of bacon, links , or fruit cup) to $11 (chicken bacon ranch salad).

2. Village Diner

a mug of hot chocolate

Village Diner is a place to go for affordable breakfast and lunch options. They serve the standard breakfast related items such as omelettes and sandwiches. The prices are moderate. A few recommendations to try out are: The Heart Attack, The Remedy, and The Greek Eggwhite.

3. Eben’s Hearth

onion rings and a burger

Eben’s Hearth is a family restaurant that serves up hearty American classics and has an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. The pricing is fairly moderate with pricing being cheaper when ordering more of the breakfast related things than if you had bought a steak or their seafood fillet.

4. Cactus Grill and Cantina

chicken and peppers with onions

Cactus Grill and Cantina is Mexican style restaurant that sells traditional classics such as burritos and fajitas. The pricing usually ranges from around $8-$10. A few recommendations to try out are the seafood enchilada and burrito bowl.

5. 3 Bears Gluten-Free Bakery

a gluten free cake with strawberries

This bakery is a great option for those who choose to eat gluten free for either diet reason or health implications. The pricing is moderate but higher than some bakerys due to the price of ingredients to substitute the gluten. They offer goods such as scones and cinnamon rolls.

6. Lee’s Hawaiian Grill

rice and fried shrimp

This grill is a great place to cool off with some tasty drinks and classic asian style dishes. The pricing is moderate and you can try an Instagram worthy fruit/bubble tea for only $3.99. They also have a classic asian noodle dish that you must try.

7. Between The Buns

the front of the bar

Between the Buns is a restaurant that serves pub food and has access to TVs for sports , full bar, and karaoke nights. The prices are decently affordable and go well with the drinks. Pricing starts at $4 for Soft Pretzels and the highest being $22 for the Big Bastard Burger.

Top 10 Library Resources at SUNY – Potsdam

Potsdam, New York boasts one of the best SUNY campuses. There are a wide wealth of services provided at this school. Some of the best services come within the vast system of SUNY’s libraries and academic research departments.

1) Music Index

Music at Potsdam is also found in the performing arts hall

Many databases of music are available at the Potsdam libraries. It is an important feature of the school and it is showcased prominently in the libraries. A music index is present that contains all music the school has the rights to and has the interest in for sharing to students.

2) Makerspace

A Potsdam student works on a computer in the Makerspace

In the Makerspace at the Potsdam library, students can put their curiosity to use. Educational explorations are encouraged because of the way students can engage with physical learning materials. 3D printers, for example, are present in the Makerspace.

3) Book a Study Room

Two students study in the designated study room space

Study rooms are available for students if they have homework or projects to do or even tests to study for! They are also available for faculty members to reserve. With this, they will be able to occasionally hold classes within these rooms.

4) Printing, Scanning, Photocopying

A book is placed on a scanner

No matter what the class, these three services are always going to be needed by students. Papers, projects, textbooks, and more are put to use thanks to the exceptional quality of the printers, scanners, and photocopiers. With solid WiFi, too, there will hardly be a hitch in the printing process, among others.

5) Sheard Literacy Center

A Potsdam student teaches younger children

The Sheard Literacy Center takes the learning beyond the college classroom. The greater New York communities surrounding the school are serviced by this literacy center. It wouldn’t be surprising to see students at Potsdam who major in education also taking on learning objectives for younger kids.

6) College Archives

A librarian organizes the Potsdam archives

SUNY – Potsdam has a rich and storied history, especially among similar academic institutions. The college archives here depict this history of the school. It does so largely through the history of the school, with documents and newspapers, and some of it is even digitized!

7) Center for Creative Instruction

Faculty members celebrate the opening of the center

This center is home to many different materials and services for students. Moodle, Teaching Online, and Design Media are just a few of these options for students to take advantage of. They are implemented into educational systems for the best possible learning methods.

8) Chat with a Librarian

The logo depicts the 24/7 capabilities

Many schools have libraries that stop their chat and help functions at a certain time of day. However, SUNY – Potsdam makes sure that students are able to get the help they need at any time of day! 24/7 chat functions come in handy when the studying reaches late hours of the day.

9) Drop-in Research

The listed hours pertain to the Crumb Library

Librarians are always on hand to help students with their research goals. What makes it even better is that you do not have to make an appointment to get assistance. You can walk right in on Mondays and Thursdays and get the help you need.

10) Information Literacy Tutorial

Pages fly out of a flipping book

This video and website-based tutorial is an extremely useful for one for students who find themselves frequenting the library. When they are doing their research, it can be hard to comb through all the information to determine what is most relevant. This tutorial helps students understand the information presented to them!

SUNY Potsdam is definitely a top feature of the SUNY system. In addition to great dorms and faculty members, Potsdam also has stellar library services. Students would be remiss to neglect these options.

Library and Services of Potsdam

1) Crane Library

Faculty members work at the Crane help desk

The Crane Library is one of the two major libraries at SUNY – Potsdam. It gets the edge over Crumb because of the eagerness of faculty members to help. They can assist you in your research or even just in finding materials you’re interested in.

2) Crumb Library

The exterior of Crumb features a lamp post

The Crumb library is the other top library on the campus. It has an excellent location as it can be found in the center of campus. Additionally, those in charge of the school are frequently updating the collections based on the student needs.

3) Potsdam Public Library

Instructors guide digital learning for children

The Potsdam Public Library is a Potsdam library that is not a SUNY exclusive. It is mostly frequented by students of local elementary schools. However, SUNY students are more than welcome to access the resources available here.

4) Lougheed Learning Commons

Students collaborate in the Lougheed Commons

The Lougheed Learning Commons are directly tied to the Crumb library. Occasionally, classes are held within Lougheed, as well and many students pass through the halls. Study groups tend to gather frequently within Lougheed.

5) Minerva’s Cafe

Students are hard at work in Minerva's

Minerva’s Cafe is an eatery commons near the Crumb library. And when you’re snacking here, you might leave a few crumbs behind. This is the perfect place for students to get a bite to eat while studying.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at SUNY – Potsdam

The State University of New York at Potsdam is a public college in the village of Potsdam in St. Lawrence County, in the U.S. state of New York. The school’s most notable alumni is Renee Fleming, who is an American Opera singer. Here are 10 cool clubs to check out.

1. Orientation Team

a clock with the word orientation

Join the Orientation team if you are an upperclassmen student who is looking to gain in leadership skills. You will have a chance to show others what the school is all about as well as make new students feel more welcome.

2. Dance Ensemble

 a group of people dancing

The group is a place for students to express themselves through dance. This is a great way for students to be able to show off their dance moves in front of an audience. Come check out the group and either audition or come to one of their performances.

3. Chemistry Department

 different elements of chemistry

The Chemistry Department is a way for students to be able to get involved in the major of chemistry and see it be utilized in real life scenarios. It is a fun group that hosts different events such as Chemtoberfest. A few things they have done is create their own candy ice cream.

4. Center of Diversity

cartoon versions of women and men

The center of diversity is a group on campus that makes people who are of different ethnic groups feel empowered. The group celebrates all races and is a group that looks to educate others with cold hard facts and against stereotypes.

5. Madstop Records

 a line of music notes

Madstop Records is a record label that hosts a variety of different musical talent that is local to the school. It is a great way to get your hands dirty if you are looking to gain powerful experience in the media world. Stop in today to suggest music.

6. Campus Life

 bingo boards and balls

Campus life is a group of students who keep engagement up for other students. They hold free events such as Bingo and Movie nights in order to have students see the great fun that they can have just being at the school with others.

7. Black Student Alliance

 the shape of africa in a fist

The black student alliance group is a group on campus that is meant for students to be able to be empowered by one another. The group also holds events and tablings in order to cut stereotypes and show that the African-American community has so much to offer.

8. Potsdam Pointercounts

a group of people singing

The Potsdam pointercounts is a group on campus that is meant for students to be able to sing their hearts out. The group is an all male A capella group. It is a great way for students to be able to perform and show off their voices with others.

9. Women’s Soccer

 a woman playing soccer

The potsdam women’s soccer is a group that plays the game of soccer. It is a highly competitive sport but will not only keep you in shape and looking your best, but show you vital team work skills. Join if you have a want to be part of a team.

10. 18 and Up Improv

 brick wall with the word improv on it

18 and Up Improv is a group on campus that is a comedic improv group. It is a great group to be in if you have a natural knack for cracking up jokes. This is a great group to be in as well as come out to see, they will have you laughing through their quick wit.

Top Events of the School Year at SUNY – Potsdam

1. Recreational Swim

 a group of people swimming

Come on down to Maxcy Hall MAX-HL POOL for a fun time of recreational swim. There will be plenty of recurring dates to take advantage of. Swimming is a fun way to get out with your friends or by yourself and have a good all over body workout.

2. Skating

 a girl ice skating

Skating is a great sport that allows you to test out your skills when it comes to balance and patience. If you have some sick moves you can show them off to all your friends with this recreational skate event that is recurring. Make sure to stop on by to Maxcy Hall MAX-HL RINK – Ice Arena.

3. Friday Night Entertainment: Trivia Night

 a brain wearing glasses

The Student Union Dining Court is hosting a trivia night. Bring out your friends for a night of teamwork and fun competition. The event starts at 9pm and there will be questions on a variety of different topics so don’t worry about not knowing the answers to everything.

4. Relay for Life

 relay for life with a shoe as part of the logo

Relay for Life is a large event that SUNY-Potsdam takes part in every year. It is a great event that allows people to be sponsored for running and walking a race, the money from the event goes towards the cause of cancer research and helping survivors.

5. Potsdam Community Chorus

 people singing in a chorus

The Potsdam chorus will be putting on their fall concert as a last hurrah to the season of fall and a hello the winter. Come for a great night of entertainment and seeing the talented chorus showcase their voices for those to see.

Top 10 Dorms at SUNY Potsdam

In order to be the best student that you can be, you need to be surrounded by educational tools. By staying in the best dorm possible, you can achieve this easily. Here are the top 10 dorms at SUNY Potsdam.

1. Bowman East

 bowman east

Address: Massena Dr

The first place to stay is Bowman east. This residence hall has a lot to offer to you as a student. Some examples include laundry facilities and computers.

2. Bowman West

Bowman West

Address: Massena Dr

The sister dorm to Bowman east is Bowman west. This is another great dorm free to stay in. This is also a coed space that is very accepting.

3. Bowman South

Image result for suny potsdam bowman south

Address: Massena Dr

The final Bowman building is Bowman South. This is an amazing dorm to stay in for all students. You are offered single and double rooms here.

4. Draime Hall

Image result for suny potsdam draime hall

Address: NA

Draime hall is another great place to live. You’ll be able to live here with some your closest friends. There are single, double, and triple rooms offered here.

5. Knowles Hall

Image result for suny potsdam knowles hall

Address: 23 Barrington Dr

Knowles Hall has a great location on campus. You’ll be able to get to and from class very easily. You can also access the main buildings on campus with ease.

6. Lehman Hall

Image result for suny potsdam lehman hall

Address: Watertown Dr

Lehman Hall has a lot to offer to use a student. For example, there are state of the art features in this building. There are also single and double rooms offered here.

7. Townhouse

Image result for suny potsdam townhouse address

Address: NA

I want a little more freedom, you can stay in a townhouse. This is a mini house on campus. You have much more room to live your life here.

8. Van Housen

Image result for suny potsdam van housen hall

Address: Watertown Dr

The final on campus storm that you can choose is van housen. If you live here, you can have a good time with your friends. This is also one of the cheapest places to live on campus.

9. Collegiate Village of Potsdam

Image result for suny potsdam collegiate village

Address: 206 Outer Main St

The best places to live off campus is the collegiate village of Potsdam. This is located less than 1 mile from campus. This is a great perk to consider.

10. Market Street

Image result for suny potsdam market st

Address: 103 Market St

There is another great housing option on market Street. This is a house that you can share with some friends. This will save you a ton of money.

Here is your packing list for SUNY Potsdam

1. Room basics

white pillows

  • sheets
  • pillows
  • garbage can
  • mattress topper
  • area rug

2. Food and Drinks

granola bars

  • bottled water
  • tea bags
  • granola bars
  • fruit snacks
  • coffee

3. Tech and Entertainment 

cell hone charger

  • movies
  • TV
  • cell phone
  • computer
  • chargers 

4. School supplies 

a notepad

  • textbooks
  • pencils
  • pens
  • calculator
  • notepad 

5. Cleaning and organizing 

stacks of bath towels

  • paper towels
  • bath towel
  • wet wipes
  • shoe rack
  • doormat

6. Campus Gear

red umbrella

  • backpack
  • bike
  • skateboard
  • umbrella
  • water bottle 

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a bunch of pets

  • pets
  • guests
  • furniture
  • hover boards
  • space heater 

10 of the Easiest Classes at SUNY Potsdam

There is no denying that college can be an incredibly difficult and stressful time, and with so much going on, it can be hard to maintain a good GPA. By taking some easier classes, you can take a breather from the humdrum academic routine and lessen your stress. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at SUNY Potsdam that can help to boost your grades:

1. ANTH100 – Riddles of the Past

This class covers topics such as the influences on the rise of civilizations, the way that prehistoric peoples came into contact with each other, and a variety of other basic anthropological subjects; its emphasis is on archaeology. Being an introductory course on material that you’ve likely seen in previous classes, this course will not be difficult.

The word "anthropology" in a dictionary

2. ANTH120 – Evolution

Like the previously mentioned class, this one is an intro-level anthropology course, which explores the origins of evolutionary thought, how evolution occurs, and how natural selection shapes our world. Also like the previously mentioned class, this course contains basic historical material that you’ve probably learned about before!

Picture of silhouettes of an ape evolving into a human

3. HIST121 – U.S. History and Geography

This course is an overview of American history and geography from pre-Columbian times to the present. This course description may sound cumbersome, but it is actually designed to meet the needs of students in the Childhood Education Program. Additionally, if you’ve taken any other basic history courses before, all of the topics discussed in this class should be a review for you.

Picture of the word "History" overlaying an aged world map

4. HIST201 – The United States to 1877

Similar to the class just above this one, The U.S. to 1877 class covers American history, but only up to the year 1877, as its name suggests. Again, this course will essentially be a review of information that you’ve learned time and time again in social studies courses over the years.

Picture of the Declaration of Independence, rolled up atop an American flag

5. ENVR110 – Intro to Environmental Studies

This class is an introduction to environmental studies and incorporates the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of environmental issues. The current human impact upon the environment, and possible solutions to our current environmental problems, are also discussed, so this class can serve as both a GPA-booster and a look into how our actions affect the planet.

Picture of a small tree in a person's hands

6. PHIL120 – Introduction to Ethics

This class is about the nature of judgments or the moral value and possible means of justifying them. The course description may sound confusing if you are unfamiliar with philosophy or ethics, but it is an intro-level class, and Ethics courses usually end up being fun with the diverse opinionated discussions that can be had.

The word "Ethics" on wooden blocks

7. SOCI103 – Intro Criminal Justice Studies

This class will introduce you to the debates, theories, and research methods that help us to understand the organization and relationships that maintain our criminal justice system. This introductory class will be an easy-A, and may even prove interesting to you if you are a fan of crime shows!

Picture of a judge's gavel, books, and handcuffs on a table

8. COMM105 – Survey of Human Communication

As its name implies, this course covers the ways in which we humans communicate with each other, studying topics such as: small group decision-making, public communication, and professional communication, among other things. Besides being a grade-booster, this class could even help to improve your communication skills.

Cartoon image of two men talking through cans connected by a string

9. ARTH102 – Survey Art: Renaissance to Modern

This class covers the artistic movements in Renaissance tradition up until the beginning of the twentieth century, with an emphasis on painting, sculpture, and architecture. Don’t be intimidated if you are not familiar with art; this intro-level course is designed for those with little to no former experience with art or examining it.

Picture of a woman looking at a wall of paintings

10. PHIL100 – Introduction to Philosophy

This class is an exploration of the subject matter, problems, and methods of philosophy. It is similar to the Ethics course in that it is easy and may even be fun, as philosophy is a topic that is easily debated, making for fun classroom conversations.

Image of the silhouette off a person's head with multicolored dots emerging from its brain

Remember: do not be afraid to occasionally lighten your course schedule with a couple of easier classes. Hopefully this list of some of the easiest courses at SUNY Potsdam can help you in your search for a higher GPA and a less stressful college semester.