Jobs for College Students at SUNY Plattsburgh

One of the best pays to start paying off your student loans is by getting a job. This allows you to do something other than school work. You will also have some extra money to have some fun. Here are some of the best jobs for college students at SUNY Plattsburgh!

1. LITS Assistant

The first on-campus job that you should apply for is the LITS Assistant position. This is a job that requires you to work in the university computer labs as a person who helps other students. This is a low paying job because it is very easy to get the job itself. 

a student working in a computer lab

2. Interlibrary Loan Assistant 

If you become an Interlibrary loan assistant, you will help the library carry out the interlibrary loans. This is a lower paying job, but there are some ways to move up the latter. You will contact other libraries and make online purchases. Visit the library in order to learn more about the opening. 

the outside of the library

3. Helpdesk Technician

Another job within the library is the Helpdesk Technician job. This is a position where you help other students with technical problems of all kinds. You will also learn a ton about technology and electronics. You will work anywhere from 15 to 25 hours every single week. 

students receiving tech help

4. Media Technician 

If you want to stay in touch with technology and different forms of media, you should take a look at being a Media Technician. This job will get you out of the library and traveling across campus. This is a very well paying job. That being said, this is a highly sought after job on campus. 

a working media technician

5. Recreation Supervisor 

The Recreation Supervisor position is for a person who wants to be on their feet and moving a little more. You will supervise gym rooms and basketball courts. This is a low paying job that is available. That being said, it is super easy to get this type of job. 

student playing in the pool

6. BurgerKing cook

One of the best off campus options that you have is being a cook at BurgerKing. This is a low paying job that has a lot of room to grow and earn better wages. You will also be able to work more hours than on-campus jobs if you want. This is something that you should keep in mind. 

The Burger King logo

7. OneClass

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

The logo of OneClass


Restaurants and Cafes near for Students at SUNY Plattsburgh

The State University of New York College at Plattsburgh is a four-year, public liberal arts college in Plattsburgh, New York, United States. The school has a 50% acceptance rate. Here are some great restaurants and cafes to check out nearby.

1. Koffee Kat Espresso Bar

koffee kat store front sign

Koffee Kat Espresso Bar is a cool and relaxed hang out to go for study sessions(there is free wifi) or to refuel with pastries, coffee, and tea. The pricing is interesting because it is CASH only but there is access to an ATM. Pricing is moderate.

2. Chapter One Coffee and Tea

blueberry scone and tea

Chapter One Coffee and Tea is a cozy place to come in for tasty coffee , tea, pastries and even locally made products and drink lovers accessories. The pricing is moderate and they switch up their menu for the drinks and pastries depending on the season.

3. Samuel D’s

people smiling, people sitting and food

Samuel D’s is unique because it is operated for the hospitality students of the school. Its location makes it easy to access and showcases the local talent of the students. Pricing varies but the food and drink served depend on the project. A few examples of food are: Mustard Glazed Salmon and Provolone and Portabella stuffed Chicken, there is also Starbucks offered.

4. Irises Cafe & Wine Bar

three glasses of wine

This restaurant is your go to stop for any occassion. You can stop on by for the cupcake bakeshop to bring to any coworkers or birthdays, the deli for any sandwich desires, and even host a office party with outstanding catering. The prices are moderate.

5. Quiche et Crepe

a crepe and crossaint

This French inspired restaurant will be your next Instagram photo goals. The restaurant serves up a lengthy breakfast menu and PLENTY of different options for crepes and quiche (they also serve lunch/desserts). A few crowd favorites have been the Hot Apple Crêpe ($5.99) and Croque Madame ($6.99).

6. Yama Sushi

an artfully made dragon roll

Yama Sushi is a great place to go to for affordable Japanese food. The variety is VERY large with a menu for their appetizers ALONE. The pricing starts at just $1.95 (miso soup) with the max amount spent being the Lobster Tail Hibachi Dinner ($28.95).

7. The Pepper

wet burrito with rice and beans

The Pepper is the place to go to for your Mexican food cravings. The pricing is moderate . A few crowd favorites for food have been the Taco Plate, Carnitas, and The Pepper Surf and Turf. They also have an extensive drink menu with drinks such as the Cadillac Margarita and Michelob Ultra .

Top 10 SUNY Plattsburgh Library Resources You Need to Know

Students who attend SUNY Plattsburgh know that academic excellence is something that only comes through long hours spent in the library where there is consistent dedication to studying. It is with this reality in mind that many students attending this university elect to spend long hours in the libraries affiliated with the school, for doing so is almost sure to guarantee them academic success. If you’re interested in these libraries and what they have to offer students, read on!

1. Extensive Collections

A collection of books
You’d be surprised at how expansive the collection is here, but don’t let this overwhelm you. Attending a school where the library is first-rate is something that not everyone gets to do; enjoy the time while it lasts!

2. Reliable Librarians

This is a librarian
Need help finding a book? Need a reference for a class that you can’t find on your own? Ask one of the librarians here for assistance—they’re always more than willing to help anyone who needs it!

3. News & Publications

This is a newspaper
You should be always be informed, though a clear picture of current events is especially important while you’re pursuing a degree. Fortunately all the libraries affiliated with this university carry a handful of newspapers and publications, all of which are updated regularly

4. Movies & Audio

Movies and audio
The libraries affiliated with this institution offer a lot more than just books and study space. In fact, some of their collections of movies and audio are so extensive, you’ll wonder if there’s more digital information in the library than print information.

5. Private Study Rooms

Students studying
Perhaps you need a private room to do a group assignment. If so, then you will most likely be able to book one for whenever you want at any of the libraries here. These rooms can for the most part be booked for multiple hours, but outside circumstances may cause this to not be the case sometimes.

6. IT Services

A computer, wrench, and screwdriver
If your computer ever becomes unresponsive, these are the people you should take it to. A lot of students on campus have tech-related problems that they cannot fix themselves, which is why the university staffs all of its libraries with experienced IT people who will likely have your computer up and running quickly (if there’s not something majorly wrong with it).

7. Charging Stations

A phone charger
If you’re someone who is heavily reliant on your phone or other electronic devices, you can come to any of the libraries here and know that, in the event your phone or other devices die, there are multiple charging stations where battery life can quickly be rejuvenated.

8. Copying & Printing

This is a copying station
Need to copy an assignment for a professor, peer, or friend? Then you’re going to want to do it here. Like with printing, copying can become expensive fast because of ink and other operating costs. Moreover, a technician will be close by if something should go wrong with one of the machines.

9. Accessibility

A wheelchair ramp
Those students and faculty who require special ways to access buildings will not find any trouble at this university. Wheelchair ramps and reliable elevators can be found in every library, which means they truly are made for everyone.

10. Google Scholar

A graduation cap
There are times at school where regular resources are just not going to cut it, and it’s in such times that Google Scholar is so essential. If you don’t like conducting research in the traditional way, try using this platform for a simpler research experience.

Libraries at SUNY Plattsburgh

1. Benjamin F. Feinberg Library

This is inside the library
Why waste time completing work in a place where you can’t fully concentrate? Come to this library—your academic success is the priority of everyone who works here!

2. Plattsburgh Public Library

This is inside the library here
You’ll have to search long and hard to find a library that offers as much as this library offers. If traditional studying is what you need to thrive academically, then you need to come here!

3. Dannemora Free Library

This is inside this spacious library
The libraries at this school are first-rate, though this one in particular stands above the rest. If you’re someone who has been looking for a place to get bundles of work done, look no further: this is the library you need to come to!

4. Peru Free Library

This is a portion of the library's interior
Chances are you’re going to need a good amount of peace and quiet while you study for your degree, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at this library. In addition, all the librarians who work here are incredibly nice!

5. Little Free Library

An image from inside the library
If you have a big paper due soon, then there’s a good chance you’ll need some time to study. And if you’re looking for the best place to study on campus, this is it! The resources at this library will help you succeed in ways you weren’t even aware of.
With this new information you now have regarding the libraries at this school, you may want to adjust your studying accordingly. College can be overwhelming at times—make use of what these libraries have to offer!

Top 10 Clubs at SUNY Plattsburgh

The State University of New York College at Plattsburgh is a four-year, public liberal arts college in Plattsburgh, New York, United States. The school has an enrollment of over 5,000 students. Here are 10 cool clubs to check out.

1. Astronomy Club: The Galilean Society

Sidewalk astronomy students observing the sky

The astronomy club is meant to promote Astronomy and Space Science education. If you are studying astronomy or just have an interest in it consider joining as you will have a chance to look at and observe stars and other wonders in the sky.

2. Creative Writers Guild

 a person writing in a journal with a cup of coffee

Creative Writers Guild is a way for students who are in writing to get their creative juice flowing. The setting is collaborative and allows for students to be able to talk with each other and gain ideas and critiques. This is perfect for getting rid of writers block.

3. French Club

 the french flag and the eiffel tower

French Club is a club that allow students to be able to practice their conversational French-speaking skills. It also is a great club to be in if you want to know more about the culture of France such as their food and clothing.

4. Platty Slack

 a person slacklining platty slack

Platty Slack is a group on campus that meets up to slackline. The art of the slackline is one that is based on of balance. You have to be able to properly have your weight be distributed in such a way that your feet can go across this slack line.

5. Fishing Club

 a man going fishing

Fishing club is a way for students to be able to compete with other schools on their competitiveness for the sport. It is also a fun and relaxing activity that allows students to be able to get out into the great outdoors and catch a fighter.

6. Climbing

 a woman going climbing on a mountain

Climbing Club is a club on campus that competes with other schools in the speed at which one climbs. It is a great all over body workout that tests your upper arm strength and does not feel like the average workout you would ever do.

7. Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee Club

 men playing ultimate frisbee

Co-ed ultimate frisbee club combines the idea of disc golf which is throwing a disc at a selected target, with the tiring competitive elements of many other sports. You as a player will be running and lunch to grab the frisbee against other students.

8. Autism Speaks U

 the shape of a puzzle piece

The percentage of people with Autism is almost 3%. Comparitively though it feels like much more when you get out into the community. This is a serious case that needs to be talked about more as it is common that many people do not know all the correct facts. This group takes away stigma and stereotypes.

9. Colleges against Cancer

 logo for colleges against cancer

The group colleges against cancer are often seen holding informational tables for those who are suffering with cancer. They are able to give factual information as well as usually are fundraising for cancer research. Their biggest event is the relay for life.

10. Bluegrass Club

 men performing bluegrass music on guitars and other acoustic instruments

Bluegrass  is a form of roots music. Today it is a form that takes on the idea of being mostly acoustic with great vocal range. It is a very peaceful type of music to play and enjoyable if you are trying to relax but can also be high energy as well.

Top Events of the School Year at SUNY Plattsburgh

1. Public Skating

 a woman on the ice skating

Public skating is an event that allows students to be able to enjoy a fun winter sport with their friends and family members. The event is one that is meant to be a fun stress reliever and allows for a cheap way to get out of the house. It is only $3 for public and $2 for students.

2. Cookies and Canvas

 a tray of chocolate chip cookies

Cookies and Canvas is an event that allows you to paint. You can paint with your own unique style as well enjoy some delicious cookies while you paint. Make sure to come with friends to this fun night in. The time it will be happening is 9pm-11pm.

3. Arts and Crafts Fair

 a wood plaque saying arts and crafts

The arts and crafts fair will feature over 100 different vendors. This is a fantastic time to attend with money in your hand and the holiday gifting on your mind. There will be different specialty foods such as smoked meats, cheeses, fudge, jams, and maple syrup .

4. Cocoa and Coloring

assortment of different hot cocoa

Come by for a great event put on by Plattslifeafter dark. Coloring is a relaxing way to relieve stress. The event will have different tools to color with as well as some delicious hot cocoa and some snacks to munch on as well.

5. Friendsgiving

 twice baked sweet potato with walnuts

Everyone regardless of what religion you are if you are unable to make it to see family/ or can’t afford a plane ticket should be able to have a proper thanksgiving get together. This event is only $11 a person and there will be foods such as :whipped potatoes, sage stuffing, candied sweet potatoes and roasted carrots.

Top 10 Residences at SUNY Plattsburgh

Are you looking for a place to stay on campus? Well, look no further! There are plenty of options for you to choose from. Below we have listed ten of the top residences at SUNY Plattsburgh.

1. Adirondack Hall

An idea for a dorm room

Address: 27, 99 Sanborn Avenue Extension, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

This hall makes an L shape and is comprised of wings. This hall features a common area, study lounge, a snack area, and three laundry rooms. Students can also find storage and bike racks as well.

2. Banks Hall

An image of a dorm room

Address: Sanborn Ave, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

This dorm features single and double rooms. Students can find a kitchen and snack area here, vending machines to use, and a lounge area that also features a television for students to utilize.

3. DeFredenburgh Hall

An empty dorm room.

Address: Plattsburgh, NY 12901

This hall also features a lounge area, study rooms, and a kitchen area for students to enjoy. Students will also find a bike rack, laundry facilities, and a lounge area that is located in the main lobby.

4. Kent Hall

An image of a dorm room

Address:  61 Rugar Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

This hall features a lounge area for students to meet up and chill with their friends. Students can also find laundry facilities, the main lobby, and a kitchen/snack area.

5. Macdonough Hall

macdonough hall_SUNY Plattsburgh








Address: 73 Broad St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

This hall has recently undergone renovations and opened up again. This hall features single and double rooms. Students can also find laundry facilities, lobby areas, and lounge areas on each floor.

6. Hood Hall

An idea for a suite style dorm.

Address: 67-71 Rugar St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

This nine-story building features suite-style dorms that are located on each floor. Students living here can find laundry facilities, semi-private bathrooms, and lounge areas that are located within the building as well.

7. Mason Hall

A look inside a dorm room

Address: Rugar St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

This hall features suite-style dorm rooms. Students who live here can find laundry facilities and lounge areas that are located throughout the building. Students can also enjoy a courtyard located outside.

8. Whiteface Hall

An image of Whiteface Hall

Address: 101 Broad St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

This residence hall features double and triple rooms. Students who live here can live in a traditionally styled dorm that comes with community bathrooms that are located on each floor. Students can also find laundry and lounge areas.

9. Macomb Hall

Macomb Hall

Address: Macomb Hall, Rugar St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

This building is a three-story building which features a North and West wing. Students living here can enjoy a common area, a kitchen and snack area, vending machines, and lounge areas.

10. Harrington Hall

Harrington Hall

Address: Rugar St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

This building is a three-story building. Upon entering, students will find the main lobby. As you get more in depth, you will also find lounge areas, study rooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen and laundry facility.

Here is Your Move in Day Packing List for SUNY Plattburgh

1. Room Basics

A person in their dorm room

– Pillows
– Pillow Set
– Comforter Set
– Fave college poster
– Fave celeb poster
– Tapestry
– Sheet Set
– Pillow Cases
– Desk Lamp
– Area Rug

2. Food and Snacks

An image of snacks

– Your favorite candy
– Cereal
– Your favorite bag(s) of chips
– Pretzels
– Eggs
– Kit Kats
– Sour Patch Kids
– Milk
– Bread
– Meat

3. Tech & Entertainment

An image of an iPad.

– Kindle
– Laptop
– Headphones
– Earbuds
– Remote
– TV
– Tablet

4. School Supplies

An image of school supplies.

– Mechanical Pencils
– College-Ruled Paper
– Spiral Notebooks
– Composition Notebooks
– Loose-leaf paper

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

An image of cleaning supplies.

– Mop
– Broom
– Dust-pan
– Windex
– Paper Towel
– Storage Bin

6. Campus Gears

An image of a jacket.

– Earbuds
– Umbrella
– Light Jacket
– Poncho
– Backpack (obviously)

7. Items You Should Ask first before bringing

An image of a microwave.

– Microwave
– TV (if you have a roommate)
– Pots and pans
– Mini-fridge (depending on dorm restrictions
– Cleaning supplies (coordinate with a roommate)


10 of the Easiest Courses at SUNY Plattsburgh

Being in college is simultaneously one of the most fulfilling yet stressful things to do. If you are feeling bogged down or overworked and are concerned about maintaining a good GPA, look no further! Taking some easy classes is a great to boost your grades and help you explore other subjects that you may discover you actually enjoy and want to study further. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest courses at SUNY Plattsburgh:

1. ART161 – Intro Drawing

As its name implies, this course is an intro-level drawing art course. It teaches drawing concepts and skills through beginning-level drawing problems in line, shape, plane, form, space, tone, gesture, pictorial organization and content. This description might sound a little heavy, but art classes can provide a fun and unique break from other typical academic classes.

Picture of a woman drawing a portrait

2. ART211 – Intro Photography

Like the aforementioned drawing class, this is another intro-level art class. You will learn about the aesthetics of photography and learn basic skills, as well as discovering how photography functions as an art form. There is an emphasis on black and white photos.

Picture of a camera

3. PHI102 – Intro to Philosophy

As long as you’re willing to put in just a bit of reading, an intro philosophy course can be both an easy-A and even an interesting course. In this class, you will learn about the nature and problems of philosophy, logic and language. Philosophy classes often lead to fascinating discussions in the classroom, too.

Picture of the word "philosophy" in a dictionary

4. PHI104 – Moral Problems

Much like Philosophy, this class will definitely lead to some interesting classroom discussions. This course is an introduction to moral problems in contemporary society, and you will also learn about the ethical issues that arise in the context of current events, literature, and film.

Picture of the words "moral issue" on wooden blocks

5. ANT101 – Intro Human Evolution

As a human being, this is a topic that you probably already know a decent deal about. This class is an exploration of the scientific evidence related to the origins and evolution of human beings, including topics such as the fossil record of humans and the relationship between humans and primates.

Image of silhouettes of an apelike figure evolving into a human figure

6. ANT102 – Comparative Cultures

Like the previous class, this is another intro-level anthropology course. This class is an introduction to and comparison of a variety of world cultures as a means of introducing the approaches and methods of cultural anthropology. While the description may sound a bit dense, don’t be intimidated; this low-level course is essentially an introductory study of other cultures, and will prove to be both a grade booster and an interesting class.

Picture of the word "anthropology" in a dictionary

7. CRI150 – Intro to Criminal Justice

If you are one of those people with an interest in crime TV shows or movies, then Intro to Criminal Justice will be a class that will both help you maintain a good GPA and interest you, as well. This course introduces the foundations of the American criminal justice system, and covers topics such as crime, types of crime, and police work.

Picture of a book, a gavel, and handcuffs on a table

8. ENV101 – Intro to Environmental Science

This class is about the study of natural ecosystems, human impacts on the environment, and sustainable management of the Earth’s resources. This course covers a topic that is very current and very significant in our society today, so not only will this class give you a grade boost, but it will also increase your awareness of how we impact the world.

Picture of hands holding a small tree

9. HIS101 – U.S. Civil to 1877

This class is about the development of the American civilization we know today. Political, economic, social and cultural life of the American people from the first European settlements through Reconstruction are covered, and if you’ve ever taken a U.S. History class before, this is material that you already know.

Picture of the Declaration of Independence rolled up atop the American flag

10. PSY101 – General Psychology

Introductory psychology courses are essentially the jackpot of easy-A classes. This class covers the basic concepts which characterize the laws of behavior

Image of a head silhouette with a brain inside it and multicolored dots coming off the head

Whether you’re just looking to broaden your horizons or desperately searching for that one class that you need to boost your GPA, hopefully this list has been of some aid in helping you to accomplish your goal.