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Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around Massachusetts.

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Course CodeCourse Name
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I
CHEM L111 General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 112 General Chemistry II
CHEM L112General Chemistry II Lab
MATH 130Finite Math with Recitation
MATH 134Calculus for Management & Social Sciences

Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at Suffolk University

Suffolk University is a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts. The school has around 7,500 students that attend. The school has an acceptance rate of around 84%. Here are 10 different buildings you need to know about at Suffolk University.

1. Rosalie K. Stahl Center

outside of stahl center

The center hosts an impressive collection of resources in the Mildred F. Sawyer Library. The building has over 128,000 books and 144,000 documents on microfilm. The center also is home to the nonprofit Salamander, Inc, which publishes a literary journal twice a year for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

2. Nathan R. Miller Residence Hall

outside view of residence hall

This is a 19 story residential building that mostly accommodates two people. The building is very close to fun places to visit such as the
Faneuil Hall Marketplace and the Boston Public Gardens. The room is suite-style with a shared adjoining bathroom.

3. Frank Sawyer Building

outside view of frank sawyer building

The Frank Sawyer Building is home to many different academic programs. The building has access to 10 different floors with departments such as the theater department, police department, and art and design. The building also has access to computing labs, study areas, and a cafe.

4. Leonard J. Samia Academic Center

people in front of academic center

The academic center holds classrooms as well as science classrooms and a student art gallery. You will find faculty offices where students can come to ask questions on assignments. There is also a 200-seat dining facility which makes it ideal for students and friends to catch a bite to eat.

5. Ridgeway Building

outside view of ridgeway building

Ridgeway building is where you find a large amount of the administrative buildings as well as the fitness area and athletic department. The fitness area which is called the Michael and Larry Smith Fitness Center has a large gymnasium for basketball and volleyball as well as a weight room. The weight room is primarily used by varsity athletes for strength conditioning.

6. Michael S. & Larry E. Smith Residence Hall

 Michael S. & Larry E. Smith Residence Hall outside view

The residence hall is where students can conveniently take their classes near where they live. The residence hall was named after two former alumni who had been greatly involved in the school and even served on the board of trustees. The outside gives a great modern feel with the marble.

7. David J. Sargent Hall

 outside of sargent hall

David J. Sargent Hall is where you will find the School of Law. Law is a broad topic and there are many different sub-specialties of law that one can specialize in such as business or environmental law. The building also has a bookstore, alumni club, lecture halls, and mock courtrooms.

8. Modern Theatre

the inside of the theater

The Modern theater is where you will find a large space for the theater department to showcase their student talent. The theater is equipped with comfortable seating as well as a large stage and state-of-the-art lighting. The theater always has interesting events going on such as holiday concerts or theatrical performances that change yearly.

9. 1047 Commonwealth Avenue

outside of commonwealth avenue

This residential area is co-ed and holds around 380 students. The building double and triple style studio apartments. The building is conveniently close to plenty of different hot spots to visit such as the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and Paradis Rock Club.

10. Athletic Field and Complex

outside of althletic field

The athletic field is where you will find a majority of various games at the college such as baseball, soccer, and track. The complex holds offices and seating so students can watch their fellow classmates. The seating is comfortable and every seat gives a good view of the game.

Suffolk University is unique in the area that it is located in. Because it is in Boston, the University gives students access to plenty of fun events and buildings to explore as well as optimal internship and job ideas. The buildings range from large residential areas as well as even a law school.

10 Coolest Courses at Suffolk University

Suffolk University is a private institution located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts offering a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and law degree programs. The University also offers flexible learning programs such as part-time, evening schedules, and online classes. Below is a list of 10 of the coolest courses offered at the institution.

1. ADPR-257 – Advertising

A computer-generated poster written ADVERTISING

This course introduces students to the concepts and practices of advertising from various perspectives. Students will engage in both theory and practical sessions where they will develop several advertisements for various forms of media. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in advertising.

2. CJN-354 – Digital Cinema

A cinema hall with a wide screen and  seats

This is a very practical course where students study cinematography techniques as applied in various projects. They will throughout the course interact with video cameras, learn about lighting, and composition to create images and scenes. Students will also be required to produce their own content in different environments including stage and on-location shoots.

3. ADI-254 – Lighting

A room with different kinds of lighting

Students that are interested in interior design are recommended for this course. They will be introduced to the art and technology of lighting and explore the use of lighting as a design element in the interior environment. The course also involves studio projects where students are expected to prepare a lighting plan for an interior environment.

4. ADF-S156 – Imaging

A graphic designer imaging on a computer

In the 21st Century, digital visual image generation and modification are essential skills for artists and designers. This course introduces techniques of image capture, manipulation, and output. Students will engage in practical sessions throughout the course that will focus on improving their creative and innovative skills.

5. ENG-212 – Introduction to Creative Writing

An open book with the words Creative WRITING written above it.

If you love creative writing, this course suits you. You will learn the techniques of writing all the major genres in creative writing such as fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Students will read through and analyze already published works from renowned writers to understand the techniques used. Students will also write a series of their own original works.

6. UES-107 – Introduction to Drones

a drone with a camera

This is a very interesting course where students are taught how to operate drones. The course is very practical and students will be outdoors most of the times practising how to start, navigate, land, and troubleshoot different types of drones. At the end of the course, students are expected to operate commercial drones on their own.

7. ISOM-212 – Web Design

A poster written WEB DESIGN

This course introduces students to the concepts and procedures associated with website design. Students will interact with different website development tools as part of the course work. Students will also be expected to develop their own webpages as part of the class project. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in information systems.

8. RS-111 – Introduction to World Religions: Western Traditions

The world surrounded by symbols from different religions

This religious studies course explores the history, traditions, and structure of Western religious and their impact on other world religions. Students will learn very interesting facts about various religions including Greek and Roman religion, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam among others. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in religious studies.

9. ADPR-289 – Social Media

Icons of various social media platforms

This is a very interesting course that examines social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter from a cultural and critical perspective. Students will interact with the various social media platforms and discuss their roles in advertising, creating public relations, social presence, identity building, social activism, and branding.

10. THETR-129 – Acting

A male actor holding an acting mask  in front of a red curtain

This is a very practical course that introduces acting as an art and prepares students for work in production. Students will practice the acting techniques taught as they try to perfect their skills. Students will also watch plays from other actors and analyze the acting techniques used. The course is a requirement for all Theatre Majors.

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Suffolk University

The hardest courses in this university will require the students to put in all their efforts to ace them. Students will have to manage their schedule to study each topic thoroughly before appearing for the exams and getting through it.

1. ACCT-201 – Accounting for Decision-Making I

A pen and magnifying glass placed on balance sheet

This course deals with the accounting cycle and theories about accounting in general. As the course proceeds, students will be able to learn about the financial statements and complete exercises on it. With the accounting information, they will learn how to manage the business and understand the concept of appraising too. Moreover, this course will be hard to pass because of the topics such as international issues on accounting and ethical practices followed by different big firms of the world.

2. ARH-305 – Art of Greece and Rome

Art piece from ancient Mediterranean times in Greece

This course examines the architecture, religion, civic culture and domestic art of the Ancient Mediterranean times. Students will learn about the cultures of Rome and Greece. Topics included in this course will be related to forums, temples, city planning, pottery, sculptures, and mosaics. Also, they will also discover the wall paintings and engineering achievements of the cultures in an academic context.

3. CHEM-332 – Biochemistry II

Student working in a lab

This course helps the students to explore biomolecules metabolism and bioenergetics. Topics included in this course are about amino acids, carbohydrates metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation, and lipids. Also, this course will be difficult to pass because it also consists of topics such as the integration of metabolism and signal transduction. These topics are hard to understand which may require a lot of study and effort.

4. BLE-317 – Managing in the Global Legal Environment

A girl with an icon of balance and money symbol

Managing in the Global Legal Environment course is a difficult one for the students as they have to read a lot of case studies and provide their analysis on it. It also includes surveys of global legal environments with a lot of research. So, students will learn about topics such as international contracts, treaties, arbitration, sovereignty, and the European Union.

5. CHEM-355 – Environmental Chemistry

Process of environmental chemistry

This course is the study of chemical processes which include biological mediation. Students will learn about the cycling effect and the chemical environment affecting them. Topics such as water, air, energy, soil chemistry, and climate change will be included in the course. This course is hard to pass because students will have to learn a lot about theories. So, they must remember the concepts to get through the exam by using different treatment methods and solutions for environmental chemistry. Also, they should discover ways to minimize the pollutants based on their research which can take a lot of their time and effort.

6. EC-432 – Managerial Economics

A man standing with globe that represents world of managerial economics

Managerial economics is one of the hardest courses for the students to get through. The course teaches quantitative analysis and application of microeconomics and students have to analyze rational decisions based on managerial positions. They will use different types of tools to shape out the decision regarding the pricing and output, quality of product and production process. Furthermore, they will also learn about the risk of management within the context of case studies and applying the concepts in real business situations.

7. ENG-301 – Literary Criticism Seminar

Literature books with eyeglasses on it

This course deals with learning about the starting of literature and why is it important. The primary purpose of literature will be discussed in the class with the students during the interactive sessions. Students will learn about the methods of studying literature, English studies along with writing and reading skills. They will also discover different approaches to the study preparations on various levels.

8. HST-251 – Modern East Asia

World map of modern east asia

Modern East Asia is a lengthy and wide course for the students which will be hard to pass as well. It includes the history of Japan, Korea, China and all other leading players of East Asia. They will learn about the historical influences of the countries along with finding distinctions in their culture. Moreover, students will learn the achievements of each country during the 20th and 21st century. There will be lectures, movies and documentaries sessions about the development of the same countries during the course time to enhance student’s learning.

9. LAWU-260 – Criminal Law

Book of criminal law and justice

This course deals with the criminal law knowledge of the United States. Students will learn about the broad perspective along with general principles which they need to memorize. The entire criminal law starting from the offenses, defenses, and perspective will be taught during the course. In addition, topics included in this course are about homicide, terrorism and crime, public morals, government regulations and more.

10. MGT-301 – Leading Change

Sign board of two ways towards change

This course is easy to understand, but there is a lot to reading. Students will discover immense theories which they have to remember until the final exam. They will also learn about the work settings of the industries due to the changes in the market rapidly. Topics included in this course will be about complex strategies, change plans, skill building for leadership and decision making on a managerial level. Students will analyze business cases in the class to get a good grade.

These courses are not easy to pass, but when a student commits toward studying on time, then they will surely score good marks. With consistent study and efforts, students can complete their degree without any hassle.

10 Easiest Courses at University of Suffolk

In Suffolk, England, lies the public institution the University of Suffolk. According to their main website, Suffolk’s Biotechnology Unit finished as one of five international finalists for the REgMedNet Award for Cultivating Excellence. They have also created a series of updated and modern workspaces that was designed to home the women of entrepreneurship. If you are looking to attend the University of Suffolk in the near future or are already attending, here are ten easy and fun courses that can help guide you to some easier A’s.

1. ADF-S101 – Foundation Drawing 1

In Foundation Drawing 1, students will learn the basic techniques needed for drawing. You will learn these skills through exercises assigned throughout class along with assigned research in different styles of drawing, You will also learn more about visual skills and learn how to use different types of materials.The image above shows students drawing in an art course.

2. ADG-224 – History of Graphic Design

In History of Graphic Design, you will get a deeper and more comprehension about the development of Graphic Design over time. You will look at times from the Industrial Revolution all the way to current day designs. You will also look into the different movements and influences that have transformed Graphic Design in different areas.The image above shows a person learning about Graphic Design.

3. ADPR-103 – Presentation Skills

In Presentation skills, you will learn more about how to give a strong presentation along with the development of presentations. You will be expected to develop skills in organization, critical thinking and the use of digital media in this course. This is a great way to learn skills that will benefit you after college while also earning credit.The image above shows a business man giving a presentation.

4. ADPR-102 – Professional Development

Professional Development is another course that will allow you to build the skills and foundations that you can use once you leave college. Students will research more about different careers they could be interest in. They will also learn how to identify different resources surrounding them to help them become better professionals and gain help.The image above shows business professionals watching a speaker.

5. ADPR-229 – The Dark Side of Social Media

The Dark Side of Social Media is an interesting elective course that tests the thoughts of every student. This course is based on of the Netflix series “Black Mirror” where students will look at how social media has created a negative impact on society. Students will compare how the world in Black Mirror compares to the current world today.The image above shows a picture of the icon Netflix.

6. ARH-318 – Art and Museums Today

In Art and Museums Today, students will research more about museums and galleries and how they have changed throughout the years. They will look at how each museum incorporates its own personal style in each building. You will also get the opportunity to visit local art museums to do research.The image above shows a woman admiring art in a museum.

7. AS-220 – Chinese Food in America

Chinese Food in America is another course that is unique to the University of Suffolk. In this course you will research about how Chinese food has incorporated itself into American culture over time. You will gain a different perspective on how Chinese takeout works in your local neighborhood.The image above shows a picture of Chinese Food.

8. CAS-101 – Strategies of Success

If you are a CAS student, a class that is available only to CAS majors is Strategies of Success. This is an amazing course that allows students to have an easier transition to college life, academics and community. You will also get to learn skills that will benefit you throughout your college career such as Communication and Presentation Skills.The image above depicts the idea

9. CI-106 – Failing Successfully

Failing Successfully is also a different class that allows students to challenge the way they think everyday. In this course, you will be encouraged to challenge ideas and create a new way of thinking. You will learn different ways of thinking and how to evaluate different positions.The image above shows a man failing.

10. CJN-255 – Introduction to Media

In Introduction to Media, students will get to look at how media impacts society everyday. You will focus on the media’s importance in political and cultural standpoints. You will also research more about different platforms of media such as radio, television and newspaper.The image above shows icons of different media platforms.So if you are looking to enroll in or are currently attending Suffolk University, let this be your guide to ten easy courses that can potentially help you boost your GPA!

10 Easy Classes at Suffolk

Located in Boston, Suffolk University is a private research institution with an 80% acceptance rate. There are over 9000 students enrolled at this university with a plethora of majors to choose from. Tuition to attend this college is around $37,000. Most of the courses are rigorous and challenging, however, if you are trying to take an easy class for fun or to boost your GPA, here are 10 classes you should look into.

1. 2D/Color-ADF-S166-A – Module 3

This introductory class is 3 credits and focuses on the beginning techniques used for art. The courses focus on hue, value, and strength of colors in art and drawing. The course is essential to understanding the underlying skills to make art and can also be super fun and creative!

Image result for art

2. Contract Design Studio I-ADI-S303-A – Module 3

This course focuses on how to efficiently use space in the workspace. Emphasis is placed on group projects and how certain environmental factors contribute to the best outcome. This is a super useful and interesting class!

Image result for work space

3. Biology’s Big Questions- BIO-201-A – Module 2

This class is designed to answer biology’s five main question. It will focus on genetics, evolution and ecology while looking at these topics from multiple different perspectives. The biggest emphasis in this class will be placed on topics that affect daily lives.

Image result for work biology

4. Presentation Skills-CJN-103-AE – Module 1

This course gives tips and tricks on how to give successful oral presentations. Not only is this class easy to get an A in, it also prepares you to get A’s in other classes with public presentations. It also helps prepare you for your career and life after college.

Image result for presenter

5. Visual Aesthetics-CJN-152-A – Module 1

This class focuses on an approach to different kinds of media, ranging from film to television. While enriching the student’s understanding of these types of media, it’s also really interesting to see how these factors play into our everyday lives.

Image result for tv

6. Intercultural Communication-CJN-216-W1 – Module 1

This course examines differences between cultures focusing on communication and the varied ways cultures interact within their own groups and with other groups. A special focus is on rituals in non-western cultures.

Image result for communication

7. Rhetoric of Protest and Reform-CJN-219-W1 – Module 2

This course examines the multiple strategies used in protest and how that leads to reform. It focuses on civil rights, women’s rights and gay rights in America. In today’s social and political climate, this is a great class to take to educate yourself on how problems get solved.

Image result for protest

8. Leadership and Communication-CJN-222-W1 – Module 2

This class focuses on fostering good leadership skills and how to successfully lead a team of people. In the workforce, most leaders are subpar and do not lead their team as efficiently as possible, and this class will introduce you to the important skill set needed to become a good leader.

Image result for leader

9. Media and Pop Culture-CJN-285-AE – Module 1

This class delves into the impact media has on today’s culture and the positive and negative effects that the media might cause. Television, radio, and movies are only a few of the topics that will be focused on in this class.

Image result for pop culture

10. Social Media- CJN-389-W1 – Module 1

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have taken our youth by storm. This course examines the impact and influence that social media has on our culture. The positive and negative effects will be deeply examined as well.

Image result for social media

These are only a few of the courses that Suffolk University has to offer! A lot of these courses are really fun and easy and can boost your GPA. If you are looking for something interesting, these are the classes to take.

4 Best Performing Arts Clubs To Watch at Suffolk University

Being at Suffolk gives students the opportunity to be close to lots of live theaters and movie theaters. However, these can be costly. Luckily, Suffolk has a variety of performing arts groups that students can see normally at no cost. These four are some of the best on campus.

1. The Ramifications

A renowned collegiate a cappella group in Boston, the Ramifications are a group of students dedicated to the art of a cappella singing. Without the assistance of music, the group sings across all types of genres, including jazz, pop, soul and others. They’ve placed at the ICCA, the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, multiple times. They perform on campus and across Boston.



The Suffolk Dance Company is known across campus for having lively, well choreographed routines. Many of the dances put on by the group are student choreographed, the performers are very polished and they are always fun to watch. They perform at Suffolk’s theater regularly, as well as at shows across the city and even for the Boston Celtics.


3. W!cked

The hip-hop dance group on campus, W!icked performs high pace, engaging and daring dance routines. Known on campus for their aggressive nature and dances, their most recent routine is based on “The Purge” in reference to the recent Purge movie series. Abstract, wild and athletic, the dancers on this group will never fail to “wow” a crowd.


4. Fete Fusion

A fairly new dance group on campus, Fete Fusion is one of the Suffolk dance groups performing Caribbean and Jamaican style dances. The group’s performances are very cultured, very upbeat and very entertaining. Though the show has only had a few dances, they are certainly the new group to keep an eye out for. They have the potential to become a campus wide name.


It’s always great to support your classmates and attending campus club shows is a great way to do so. These four along with others will not disappoint. So next time you see that any of these groups are performing, or any of all the others for that matter, don’t hesitate to swing by the show.

Suffolk University’s 4 Dorms Ranked Best to Worst

Suffolk University housing is rather limited. But not all buildings are the same. Across campuses all across the U.S. and even at Suffolk, students see other dorm buildings and get jealous they weren’t put in it. At Suffolk, this is also the case, and there is a certain hierarchy to which dorm is better than the others. The following Suffolk dorm buildings are listed from best to worst.

1. 150 Tremont

150 is your spot. It’s where you thrive as a human. It’s where it’s all at. If you’re lucky enough to get assigned this dorm, get ready to be social. Students in this buildings rally almost daily, and the 10-person suites are where it’s at. There’ll always be a good time in this building, the dining hall is open rather late and the people are very open to pretty much anything. There’s also a huge common room in the basement with a pool table and a printing room near the dining hall, two things you’ll probably use at some point living here.


2. 10 West

10 West is made up of mostly apartments, which makes for huge get-togethers. But tough luck – most of these people are upperclassmen, so if you’re a freshman, get to know some of them or else there probably won’t be an invitation. These rooms are huge and some apartments are even two stories. 150 beats it only by a smidge.


3. Modern Theater

Crammed and lively, Modern Theater has primarily suite style rooms, with a common sink area and bathroom, two people per room, two rooms in a suite. It’s a solid deal if you go to Suffolk, but it’s a lot less roomy, the RA’s are very likely to hear you getting rowdy, and fighting for a bathroom sucks anywhere. Unlike 10 West, the bathrooms are generally smaller and don’t have a tub space, just showers. It’s never AWFUL to be in Modern Theater, but you’d probably rather be in a 10 West apartment or in 150.


4. Miller Hall

If you’re in this, good luck. Miller is probably the most crammed of the four in terms of space, no one talks to each other, and you’re kind of isolated from the rest of the students in Tremont, 10 West and Modern Theater. While those guys are rallying and having a good time, you’ll probably be stuck in your room talking to nobody, watching the others post snaps of disco-lit rooms on their stories all night. If you know what’s good for you, make friends with people in literally any of the other dorms. It’ll be much better.


College dorms can be bad in general, but if you go to Suffolk University, just do everything in your power to get out of Miller Hall or avoid getting put into it in the first place. You’ll probably make friends with people in the other dorms and find a way to get into these places, but traveling back and forth from Miller sucks. If you get 150, good for you. Regardless, try to have friends in every building, because they all have something to offer (except Miller).


5 Things To Do In Spare Time at Suffolk University

College is time consuming and stressful yet rewarding. Though this is true, on campuses around the country, some students spend their spare time in their dorm room or home being bored, watching Netflix or binge-eating. There are plenty of ways at Suffolk University to pass the spare time away.

1. Hit the clubs

Royale, Middle East, Machine and La Fabrica. These places are your best friends. All of these clubs and venues often put on 18+ and 21+ events or nights where people under 21 can come to party for relatively cheap costs. So if you go to Suffolk and consider yourself a dancer, or think you might like the club scene, check these places out.


2. Visit the Museums and Memorials

Boston is crammed with history and the museums reflect it. For students looking to spend time at a museum to expand their knowledge, the Museum of Fine Arts or the Museum of Science are great places to start. There are also exhibits at the Old State House, the Freedom Trail, the Shaw Memorial, the Holocaust Memorial and others across the city.


3. Explore the city

There’s tons of places to go and see the city while you’re in, you know, the city. North End has lots of old buildings and culture, the Seaport District has some good views, Faneuil Hall usually has festivities, and more. As long as you know where you’re going is safe, it’s always fun to go out and about to see what’s out there. There’s also plenty of photo opportunities all over.


4. Take a tour

The State House gives tours, there are Boston Harbor Cruises, Segway Cruises and many more. One of the more popular ones are the Trolley Tours or Duck Tours which take you all around the city to see landmarks. There are all kinds of places these tours go and the people who attend them are generally very nice and some are even knowledgeable and can direct you to other places to go.


5. See a game, concert or play

Boston Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox games are huge in Boston’s culture. Also, concerts and other various events are often held at House of Blues, Royale and other venues across the city. The city also has a handful of live music theaters and performance theaters (Suffolk does too!) such as Boston Opera House.


There’s no room to be bored being at Suffolk and there’s a mass array of things to do in spare time. If you find yourself sitting idle, these things are a great place to start. As you get to know more people, you’ll learn of more places, so you won’t ever be limited to just these five. So go out and find something you love to do.

4 Ways to Save Money At Suffolk University

Being broke is a huge part of being in college. Students who saved up some money before they went to school may think they have it well, but eventually, that money will run out. There are ways to get around being broke and lessening the financial crisis college kids inherit at Suffolk University.

1. Use the T

We get it – the T system sucks to ride regularly. The MBTA can be awful, the attendants can be jerks, it’s confusing and not always a good experience. But sitting or standing on the T for $2.75 is much nicer on checking accounts for Suffolk University students than the $10, $20, $30 and so on for an Uber or Lyft. Once you understand the T system well enough, outside of the rush hours, it really is not that bad. It’s easier than having to think about traffic and it’s much better than having no money in the middle of the semester.


2. Get a job at SLI, The Mail Room or something else

Suffolk University allows students to work on campus. Two particularly popular ones are at the Student Leadership & Involvement Office (SLI), or if you live in the residence halls, working in the mail room in your dorm is also an option. This will keep you from having to commute to a job. The pay is reasonable for the work being done and you can almost roll out of bed and be at “work” in no time living on campus.


3. Shop at Primark on Washington Street

Need some plain T-shirts? Want to drop $20 or more on some at Macy’s? Nonsense. Primark, located in Downtown Crossing, gives the same options with decent quality for significantly lower prices. Students looking for something simple for an event – like a plain short or long sleeve shirt, certain color socks, whatever it is – should look here first before hitting the chain stores and department stores. The stuff at Primark generally is good enough quality to not look sloppy and is very inexpensive to buy, with some shirts going between $1.50 and $4.00 which is dirt cheap when it comes to clothing.


4. Suck it up, eat Sodexo, stay away from all of Boston’s restaurants

Students who live on campus most definitely have a meal plan and some commuters do as well. Most students want to open up GrubHub or UberEats every night to get some real food, but the money in food plans does not refund. So roll up your sleeves, head down to your respective dorm café and take what they offer. It is not going to be the best food ever. It is not going to be that Regina pizza you’ve been dreaming of for three days. But it will save you the cost of restaurant food and paying a driver.


Getting a job and being smart with money will always be the best way to keep financial problems at a minimum. Going to Suffolk University, it’s easy to get carried away and blow money at all of Boston’s shops and restaurants. Since going to college in Boston is expensive as it is, it’s better to be smart with your money while you’re at Suffolk. There are various ways to to so, but these are a good place to start.