10 Coolest Courses at Stetson University

Preparing for the Spring semester? Do your research on your classes but also, refer to OneClass to look for the notes you may need for that class. The more prepared you are before enrolling, the better you’ll be able to manage the coursework. To help you out we’ve fathered the 10 coolest courses at Stetson University. Good luck next semester!

1. COMM 321V – Gender in Communication

Genders in different colors representing the spectrum of identification

This course focuses on Stetson’s Human Diversity Value. If you enjoy having discussions on gender, this course will be fun for you! You’ll study the relationship between gender and communication theory while practicing those theories. It’ll help you meet more people in your class and understand how gender is discussed in conversations.

2. DIGA 251 – Digital Video Fundamentals

Youtube in the middle, different ways of working Youtube on the outside which is represented in digital illustration

Video is always evolving as new programs are released every year. Here, you’ll be introduced to digital video while learning the basics of video. You’ll study composition, lighting, narrative, non-linear editing and how to use a camera. If you’re more creative, this course will allow you to find your own ideas and portray them in a visual attractive way.

3. ENTP 353V – Social Entrepreneurship

Person having many ideas about business in their mind in a diagram illustration

Where are the entrepreneurs at Stetson University?! If you would like to good in your society while using human and financial resources to develop a sustainable organization, you’ll learn a ton from this course. You’ll be able to discuss social entrepreneurship from societal, financial and managerial perspectives.

4. THEA 130A – Principles of Acting

Hand holding a clapper?

Acting is always a great course to take to express yourself! Learn some new techniques, meet new people, or even star in a popular play. That’s what acting is all about. This introductory course will help get you out of  your comfort zone and keep you moving.

5. POLI 102S – Florida Politics

Voting buttons

Voting is an important issue in America. If you haven’t already, learn more about the federal system and the role of the states in the political system. There are some specific surrounding politics in Florida but the course will navigate contemporary politics and public policies in the state.

6.ENGL 242A – Reading Lyric

Words flowing from the pencil into the air

Interested in writing poetry? ENGL 242A will encourage you to ask questions, discover new concepts, and consider all perspectives that have to do with the study of the lyric. The class will have discussions on the variety of lyric genres, emphasize critical reading and how to produced your own individual poetry.

7.RELS 352V – Nature, the Sacred, and Ethics

Beautiful mountains and river landscape

Nature’s calling! This course can be a really cool part of your day if you’re enrolled! This class is based on Stetson’s Ethical or Spiritual Inquiry Value to study religious traditions about nature and how the traditions can develop an ecological ethic. By the end of the semester, you’ll understand the relationship between different religious views and an ethic of the natural world.

8. SOCI 270S – Sport and Society

Variety of sport items like a soccer ball, basketball, puck, baseball... etc.

All societies engage in some kind of sport. SOCI 270S studies the field of the sociology of sports by analyzing the role, culture, structure, organization, and functioning of sports in each society, examining controversies in sports, and  explores issues of race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality in sports. As a sports lover, you’ll be eager to put your interests to the test and seeing how much you truly know about how societies function in sports.

9.PHIL 104Q – Introduction to Logic

Coclourful cubes placed together

As you study philosophy, the study of knowledge, reality, and existence, think about taking courses outside of your main interest. Logic can be a very easy or difficult topic to discuss since there’s so many point of views regarding this idea. The course will introduce you to the informal and formal principles, techniques, and skills that can help you distinguish differences in logical reasoning.

10. EDUC 275V – Human Exceptionalities

Large group of people walking on a busy street

Are you interested in understanding humans more through the field of human exceptionality? This course focuses on Stetson’s very own Human Diversity Value. Students in the course will discuss problems involving school-aged populations classified as exceptional students. Topics include the various classifications of exceptionalities, services provided for handicapped individuals in society, and in-person learning within schools or service related agencies.

10 Coolest Clubs at Stetson University

Stetson University is a private university and is home to just over four thousand students. This university has four colleges and schools located in Central Florida. Their primary undergraduate campus is located in DeLand. Students come to Stetson University not for only the academics or athletics, as there is a variety of clubs and organizations that students are able to participate in, as well!

1. Academic Success

This image is used to represent the Academic Success Club at Stetson.

Academic Success provides a number of services for students to be successful within their academics! Our department has two locations each offering great services. Students involved in this organization have access to free and informative workshops to help improve study skills and academic habits.

2. Asian Pacific American Coalition

This is Stetson's logo for the APAC.

APAC is an organization at Stetson that promotes diversity and equality. They, as an organization, strive to expand the knowledge and awareness of the Stetson community on the various cultures of the Asian Continent and the Pacific Island. In doing this, they aim create a friendly atmosphere of learning, bonding, and understanding throughout the community.

3. Circle K International

This image shows some of the students volunteering.

Stetson Circle K International is a community service and leadership building organization. Most of our volunteerism is geared towards children and the local youth. Overall, they, as a club, aim to make the communities of DeLand, Spring Hill and Central Florida a better place through service. The various tenants of their organization are service, leadership and fellowship.

4. Global Brigades

This poster is used to advertise for this club across campus.

Global Brigades is part of an international movement that strives to create sustainable communities within Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, and Ghana. By working with health care professionals, this group travels to rural areas throughout these countries to provide medical care and public health measures.

5. Hatter Harvest

This image shows one of the plants and foods harvested.

The primary resolve of this association is to maintain an organic garden on campus that grows vegetables, fruit, and ornamental plants. The garden is a student-led, community oriented initiative to promote the education and awareness of sustainable practices in agriculture! This club is joined by many students and faculty members across the campus community.

6. Hatter Gaming Club

This is the logo for the Gaming Club on campus.

This is a club for anyone who loves video games and wants to play with and talk to other people about the games they love. As an organization, they will, in the upcoming year, be working towards establishing a unique esport teams for a few games.

7. Mindful Meditation Club

This image is used to promote the club on campus.

The Mindful Meditation Club is an on-campus community for those into and interested in meditation. Further, members of this club meet weekly to work on creating a stress and anxiety-free environment. The club offers tea, snacks, and meditation chairs to better facilitate in the guidance of and relaxation of the mind.

8. Ocean Conservation and Ecology of Animals

This creative logo is an abbreviation for the club name!

Ocean Conservation and Ecology of ANimals, or OCEAN, is a student group that has three core values: education, conservation, and community outreach. These values are incorporated into every aspect of OCEAN. OCEAN participates in fundraising, general meetings, guest speakers, and volunteering. And, any and all majors are welcome to join!

9. Religious and Spiritual Life

This logo is meant to allow all students of any faith feel welcome and accepted.

Located in Griffith Hall, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life seeks to create a community where all lives are valued, journeys are supported, contributions are welcomed, and growth is expected. This organization helps all students of any background and faith at all times.

10. Stetson Astronomy Club

This image of a rocket ship really shows what this club is all about!

This is a club for anyone remotely interested in astronomy! Over the course of the school year, they participate in stargazing, visiting planetariums, talking about new discoveries in space. Students in this club find themselves with close friends who share their interests!

Top 5 Events During the School Year at Stetson University

1. Financial Checkup 101 and Budgeting and Saving Money

This image shows what this workshop is all about!

This presentation will help students gain a greater understanding of 401ks, how to invest, make investing decisions, and start saving for retirement. Hosted by Fifth Third Bank, this workshop will provide an informative overview of financial options, decisions students face throughout life, saving, budgeting, home-ownership, investing and saving for college will be covered. This is part of Financial Literacy week.

2. Yoga and Labyrinth Break

This shows a student practicing yoga for relaxation.

For an entire afternoon trying something new! Students will do some yoga and practice some relaxation before diving into their studying in Allen Hall. This program is designed to have students and faculty members de-stress prior to the exam period beginning!

3. 29th Annual Undergraduate Juried Student Art Exhibition

This image shows a professor standing between two works of art composed by students.

The Undergraduate Juries Arts Exhibition is designed to celebrate students’ creativity, grow their imagination and encourage their exploration of the arts. All Stetson Students regardless of major are invited to participate, and entries are adjudicated by the faculty and then presented in this exhibition. Students and faculty members alike love attending this event.

4. Christmas Candlelight Concert

This is an example of a family in the holiday spirit!

This is the annual Stetson Christmas Candlelight Concert. This concert includes works created and performed by students. Such concerts encourage the use of instruments or voice. Students are more than welcome to invite family members to watch them or listen with them.

5. Mythological Round Table

This is the symbol of the Mythological Round Table society.

This group, composed of members of the greater DeLand community and Stetson University, meets every 2nd Monday of every month to explore the relevance of mythology in today’s world. And, most importantly, they focus on how myths can impact one’s own life. They learn how their personal stories connect to The Great Story, or what the most famous of mythology scholars, Joseph Campbell, named “The Hero’s Journey.”

Stetson University provides students with the opportunity to grow and develop as young adults, professionals, and students. Students have the chance to participate in classes and activities that align with their interests, in addition to going to various events to expand their horizons.

Top 10 Residences at Stetson University

Stetson University provides students with a creative community from where they get quality and excellent education that prepares them to reach their fullest potentials in their selected fields. The university has a range of resources and amenities that are specifically designed for students. These includes the halls of residence that have been built to provide students with a place that they can call home away from home. These halls, as well as other off campus accommodations are safe, secure and provide students with a comfortable and conducive environment to study, socialize, grow and make new and long-lasting friendships. Listed below, are the top 10 residences at Stetson University.

1. Carson/Hollis Hall

Carson/Hollis Hall is a residence for the Stetson’s First-Year Experience Living-Learning Community. It is gendered by floor and consists of double occupancy rooms. There is a furnished common area, study lounges, a kitchen, central heat and air conditioning, student lounges, a pool table, wireless Internet access, a laundry room and on-site parking.

Carson/Hollis Hall

242 E. Minnesota Ave. DeLand, FL 32723

2. Chaudoin Hall

Chaudoin Hall is a residence housing female first-year students and is also home to the Women’s Leadership Community. It consists of shared-occupancy rooms with community-style bathrooms. There is a laundry room, a furnished community kitchen, study areas, common area, central heat and air conditioning, on-site parking, a seminar room and wireless Internet access.

Chaudoin Hall

533 N. Woodland Blvd. DeLand, FL 32723

3. Conrad Hall

Conrad Hall is a residence for first year female students. It consists of shared-occupancy rooms with community-style bathrooms on each floor. There is a furnished common area, central heat and air conditioning, TV lounges, laundry room, a furnished community kitchen, wireless and hardwire Internet, on-site parking and basic cable.

Conrad Hall

516 N. Bert Fish Dr. DeLand, FL 32723

4. University Hall

University Hall is a residence for general undergraduate students housing. It consists of double occupancy rooms with private baths. There is a full community kitchen, furnished community spaces, BBQ, wireless Internet access, outdoor areas and laundry facilities.

University Hall

644 N. Woodland Blvd. DeLand, FL 32723

5. Stetson Palms

Stetson Palms is an apartment complex providing accommodation to upper-division students. It consists of furnished one bedroom apartments with two residents in every apartment. There is a furnished living and dining room, full apartment kitchen, newly renovated laundry facilities, cable and Internet access.

Stetson Palms

155 East Stetson Street DeLand, FL 32723

6. Stetson Oaks

Stetson Oaks is a residence for upper-division students. It consists of furnished one and two bedroom apartments that house 2 to 4 residents per apartment. There is cable, Internet access, newly renovated laundry facilities, a courtyard, a full apartment kitchen, a furnished living and dining room.

Stetson Oaks

West Building 275 East Stetson Street
East Building 285 East Stetson Street DeLand, FL 32723

7. Stetson Cove

Stetson Cove is an apartment complex for the upper class students. It is made up of gender-neutral apartments and consists of furnished one and two bedroom apartments. There are outdoor community spaces, wireless Internet access, a furnished living and dining room, BBQ, laundry facilities, cable TV and it is secure.

Stetson Cove

315 W. Pennsylvania Ave. DeLand, FL 32723

8. Smith Hall

Smith Hall is a co-ed residence for first year students. It consists of shared-occupancy rooms community-style bathrooms on every floor. There are furnished community spaces, TV lounges, cable, wireless Internet access, study spaces and a laundry room.

Smith Hall

315 W. Pennsylvania Ave. DeLand, FL 32723

9. Plymouth Apartments

Plymouth Apartments is a residential facility offering apartment style accommodation to upper division students. It consists of one bedroom furnished apartments housing two residents for every apartment. There is a furnished living and dining room, a full apartment kitchen, cable television, newly renovated laundry facilities and wireless Internet access.

Plymouth Apartments

901 North Amelia Avenue DeLand, FL 32723

10. Nemec Hall

Nemec Hall is a co-ed residence for new and returning students. It consists of single and double occupancy rooms with community-style bathrooms. There are furnished community spaces, wireless Internet access, TV lounges, a full community kitchen and laundry room.

Nemec Hall

343 E. Arizona Ave. DeLand, FL 32723

Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at Stetson University

1. Room Basics

Organized bed

Pillow cases
Mattress topper

2. Food and Snacks

food and utensils

Energy bars

3. Tech & Entertainment


Card games
Cell phone

4. School Supplies

School office supplies

Marker pens
Sticky notes
Text books

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

Cleaning Up and Organizing

Flip flops
Clothing hangers
Lysol wipes

6. Campus Gears

campus gears

Campus gear like sweatshirt
Walking shoes
Water bottle

7. Items you should ask first before bringing


Big pieces of furniture like sofas
Iron board
Halogen lamps

Packing for college? Read on here on how to start packing and shop judiciously: Shopping & Packing List for College Dorm here.
You can also download the list below:

10 Easiest Classes at Stetson University

College can be difficult and stressful for many students. Balancing heavy course loads and maintaining a good GPA is often overwhelming at the best of times. However, taking a few easy classes every semester to lighten your course load and boost your GPA can be a great way to manage stress. Below are the 10 easiest classes at Stetson University.

1. CREA 371V: Music and Social Injustice

Students will explore various social injustices including poverty, race, and gender using music as context. This course teaches how music can serve as an instrument of protest as well as a coping mechanism and a source of solidarity. Any student who enjoys music and wants an easy A should take this class.

Music notes.

2. HIST 211H: History of Ancient Greece

Students looking to expand their writing abilities while boosting their GPA should consider this course. Topics studied include imperialism, Sparta and Athens, and the rise of democracy. This easy class gives students an insight into Ancient Greek culture while keeping course loads light.

Image of Ancient Greece.

3. ANTH 210B: Tango, Telenovelas, Taco Trucks

This easy and fun class explores pop-culture in Latin America to analyze the relationship between socio-political and cultural expression. Topics studied include dance, television, food, and beauty. Students can receive a good grade in this class for participating and engaging in the material.

Latin America map.

4. SOCI 2705: Sports and Society

Students wil explore how sports function in contemporary society. This class examines how sports are affected by race and gender, inequality, and sexuality. Anyone who wants to learn more about sports in modern culture should take this easy class.

Sports equipment.

5. MKTG 316- Consumer Dynamics

This course analyzes the consumer decision-making process. Students will learn how situational, group, and individual factors influence how decisions are made. This class also teaches how to build long term relationships with customers.

Customer communication image.

6. ORLG 305: Human Relations, Leadership, and Teamwork

This class is easy and extremely helpful for in and out of the classroom. Students will explore what defines effective leadership as well as productive teamwork and interpersonal dynamics. This hands-on course includes lots of group work and communication.

Leadership image.

7. JOUR 240: Journalism Trends

Students will explore current trends in journalism and media. This class is perfect for students who enjoy writing, participating, and engaging with classmates. Topics studied in this class change every semester, so this course can be repeated for credit.

Student on a computer.

8. GEND 300: Gender and Film

This course examines the relationship between gender and film. Any student looking to destress, watch movies, and get a good grade should take this class. Topics studied include female directors, gender inequality, and sexuality in different film genres.

Film and camera.

9. ARTS 105A: Drawing

Students looking to access their creativity, raise their GPA, and have fun should take this class. This course introduces basic drawing techniques as well as different forms of media and conceptual approaches. Students who participate and are excited to draw will excel in this class.

Image of a person sketching.

10. AMST 154V: Introduction to American Environmental Issues

This easy and socially relevant course introduces students to environmental history, contemporary political debates, and the challenges of implementing environmental goals. Students will also explore what the next best steps the United States should take regarding the environment. Anyone who engages and participates will receive a good grace in this class.

Environment image.

These courses are easy, fun, and super interesting. Students who are feeling stressed this semester should consider taking a few of these classes to lighten their course loads while keeping their GPA high. These classes are designed to help you out this school year, so why not try some?