10 Coolest Courses at St. Edwards University

College is supposed to be the time of your life. These years are the years that you learn to grow and develop. In the process of it all, you start to seek out new interests whether it be through clubs and activities or even classes. Below we have listed some of the top coolest courses that you will see at St. Edwards University so that you can try out some new stuff at your very own fingertips.

1. ARTS 1316 – Drawing I

A person that is drawing a hand

Are you interested in spicing up your drawing skills? This class will teach students the basic concepts of drawing. This includes doing exercises that are designed to help students enhance their own eye skills and develop a relationship with the drawing pencil. This class will allow students to learn more about different materials as well.

2. BDMM 2301 – Principles of Digital Media and Entertainment

The various channels for entertainment and digital media

Have you ever thought about the entertainment industry and how many entertainers portray themselves in various forms of media? This class will emphasize the use of digital media within the entertainment industry. Students will learn about current and special trends that helps the world’s most famous people communicate with an audience.

3. DANC 1110 – Beginning Tap

A person that is about to tap dance in black and white picture

Are you interested in learning more about the dance industry? This class is designed to help students level up their combination skills and practice tap dancing. Students will learn more about different combinations, flexibility, and how to coordinate your bodily movements to songs.

4. COSC 1301 – Introduction to Problem Solving and Computing

A person putting a puzzle back together for problem solving

This class will help students to learn the art of problem solving by using computer based tools. Students will learn more about quantitative reasoning and the variety of disciplines that comes with problem solving as well. Students will learn more about Internet resources and designing as well.

5. COMM 2305 – Visual Communication

A visual for visual communications

Are you interested in learning how to create art through visuals? This class will take students through visual imagery and how they affect us on a daily basis. Students will also learn more about major theoretical and practical theories when it comes to approaching different backgrounds for visual literacy as well.

6. DANC 2145 – Beginning Modern Dance

Modern dancers preparing for dancing

Are you always dancing in your best suit? This class will allow students to develop and practice beginning modern dance movements. Students will be able to learn more about strength and flexibility when it comes to the human body. Students will also learn more about having proper body alignment when dancing.

7. BUSI 3330 – Business Communications

The chain of communication for business

Are you interested in learning more about communication between businesses? Do you want to start your own business? This class will allow students to learn more about messaging and interacting with business people. Students will learn more about writing letters and proposals in order to better communicate.

8. ASTR 1311 – Introduction to Astronomy

Planets and meteors in space

In this course, students will learn more about the world of astronomy. Students will be able to learn more about the galactic fundamentals and concepts of space. Students will also learn more about astronomical terminology in order to better understand the galactic realms around them so that they can be successful in this course.

9. ARTS 2366 – Watercolor I

 A look at a watercolor palette

Are you able to see different colors? This class will teach students about the application of watercolor and how to mix different colors in order to create water-based mediums. Students will also learn more about the concepts and ideas behind the tradition and not-so-traditional styles for watercolor as well.

10. GLST 2321 – Image Methodology

A look at different photographs from around the world

This class will teach students about the strategies and various processes that come with utilizing original images. Students will also learn more about how to examine an image in order to put images in order and create a narrative for an audience or even for themselves. This class will teach students the methods within image methodology.

10 Hardest Classes at St. Edward’s University

St. Edward’s University is a private, Roman Catholic university in Austin, Texas. St. Edward’s University offers many different programs for their students. The university also has a campus in France where students can study abroad. Here are the top ten classes at St. Edward’s University.

1. ACCT 4346 – Accounting Information Systems

A textbook cover for Accounting Information Systems depicting connecting technologies with a blue background

A difficult class required for Accounting majors is Accounting Information Systems. This class requires a high level of knowledge of the different processes within a company. Students are also required to do a lot of reading and rely on knowledge gained from previous classes. Tutoring and study groups are available for anyone that needs it.

2. BIOL 3326 – Neurobiology of Mental Illness

Picture of many different nerves with blue and pink light

This class is for biology and psychology majors and is really complex. Studying the human brain requires memorization of anatomy and constant studying. Students are also asked to know the abnormalities within the brain and what causes mental illness. Tutoring and study groups are available for anyone that needs it.

3. ARTS 4341- Advanced Drawing

Advanced drawing of a cat with black fur and whiskers. The cat also is staring into the screen.

Art majors are required to take advanced drawing which is a difficult class. Students are graded based on how well their drawings look like that. The drawings are complex and require patience and effort. Tutoring and study groups are available for anyone that needs it.

4. MATH 2321 – Calculus III

Calculus textbook with a building facing a lake and a blue sky. The textbook is sitting on a chair

Calculus III is a difficult class required for math, science and engineering majors. This class is the last calculus class required and needs constant studying. This course builds upon knowledge earned from previous courses. Tutoring and study groups are available for anyone that needs it.

5. CHEM 3337 – Physical Chemistry II

Physical chemistry textbook cover with various aspects of chemistry on the cover such as atoms and bonds.

This class is a difficult class required for science and math majors. Students are required to have taken a pre-requisite chemistry course and are required to have a basic understanding of chemistry. Tutoring and study groups are available for anyone that needs it.

6. MATH 2315 – Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics textbook with a picture of shapes on its cover

Computer Science majors are required to take Discrete Mathematics. This class can be difficult for most students since it requires a strong understanding of basic mathematics. Students are also required to put effort outside of class in order to be successful. Tutoring and study groups are available for anyone that needs it.

7. VGAM 3327 – Advanced Game Animation

A screen of video game characters being designed. There are many features shown on the side that are being applied to the characters currently being designed.

Game design and animation majors have to take this class. This class requires a lot of effort when it comes to digital art. Students are required to put in time and effort outside of class to make their work look better. Tutoring and study groups are available for anyone that needs it.

8. PHIL 3340 – Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Science textbook with a painting on it and a blue background

Philosophy of Science is a difficult class for both science and philosophy majors because it challenges many routes of thinking. Students are required to stay and participate in discussions as well as write essays on difficult topics. Tutoring and study groups are available for anyone that needs it.

9. ENGL 4341 – Literary Criticism

Literary Criticism Textbook with a feather as the picture

Literary Criticism is a difficult class for English majors. Students are required to have an advanced understanding of literature as a whole. Students are required to engage in discussions and write complex essays with in-depth analysis. Tutoring and study groups are available for anyone that needs it.

10. BIOL 2303 – Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy textbook with many of the muscles and organs on a model

The hardest lower division class for biology majors is Human Anatomy. Human Anatomy is difficult because it requires a lot of memorization and builds up for more advanced biology classes. Tutoring and study groups are available for anyone that needs it.

Top 10 Residences at St. Edward’s University

Almost half of the undergraduate population in St. Edward’s University lives on campus and engage in several social activities during the evening and on weekends. More students study in the Munday Library, attend club meetings in the Ragsdale Center, and work out in the Recreation and Convocation Center. Here is a list of the top residences in the institution.

1. Basil Moreau Hall

Basil Moreau Hall

Residence Address: 3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, USA

Built in 2003, this hall was named after Blessed Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Basil Moreau Hall is located adjacent to Ragsdale Center and is a co-ed community, home to 180 students. Freshmen live in double rooms with single baths and suite-style rooms with four students sharing a bathroom. This hall features several gathering spaces that are perfect for studying, relaxing and socializing, including a computer lab, a kitchen and a game room complete with ping pong and pool tables.

2. Basil Moreau Casitas

Basil Moreau Casitas

Residence Address: 3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, USA

Upperclassmen, including transfer and international students, live in the Casitas. These townhouse-style accommodations feature private bedrooms and shared baths for five residents, on two floors. Residents have access to the laundry facilities, game rooms and study lounges in Basil Moreau Hall. A resident assistant (RA) lives in the Casitas to support residents.

3. The Casa

The Casa common area

Residence Address: 3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, USA

The Casa was the first residence hall at St. Edward’s built specifically to house upperclassman students. The Casa offers a unique living experience. Rooms are divided among eight “pods,” housing sixty-eight upperclassmen in single and double rooms. Up to nine students in the pod share three semi-private baths. The Casa has an elevator, community kitchen, two laundry facilities, a large lobby with comfortable couches, bistro-style tables, and a big screen television, and an upstairs loft with additional seating for studying and socializing. The building has swipe-card entry and all ground-floor bedroom windows are alarmed.

4. Edmund Hunt Hall

Edmund Hunt Hall common room

Residence Address: 3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, USA

Edmund Hunt hall houses freshmen students and offers a variety of designer touches in a contemporary environment. The hall features include kitchens, a large recreation room, laundry facilities, on-site resident mailboxes, 24-hour computer labs, and study areas. This building is also home to two living-learning communities (LLCs).

5. Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall common room

Residence Address: 3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, USA

The Johnson Hall houses upperclassmen in spacious and well-maintained units. The environment is conducive for social activities and interaction amongst the residents. This residence hall features kitchens, a large recreation room, laundry facilities, on-site resident mailboxes, 24-hour computer labs, and study areas.

6. Le Mans Hall

Le Mans Hall

Residence Address: 3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, USA

Le Mans Hall houses freshmen students and offers a conducive environment for the first years to settle. The Hall has kitchens, a large recreation room, laundry facilities, on-site resident mailboxes, 24-hour computer labs, and study areas. Le Mans Hall houses the Natural Sciences LLC, funded by a generous grant from the National Science Foundation. Le Mans also hosts the Social Justice LLC and the Leadership LLC.

7. Jacques Dujarié Hall

Exterior of Jacques Dujarie Hall

Residence Address: 3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, USA

Jacques Dujarié Hall opened in August 2005 and is located adjacent to Ragsdale Center. It is a co-ed facility, housing 162 students. It offers double rooms with single baths and suite-style rooms with four students sharing a bathroom. Residents enjoy a meditation room, computer lab, community kitchen, and on-site residence mailboxes.

8. Maryhill and Hilltopper Heights Apartments

Maryhill and Hilltopper Heights Apartments

Residence Address: 520 Woodward St, Austin, TX 78704, USA

The St. Edward’s University apartments were constructed in two phases. The Maryhill Apartments were constructed in 1996 and house 172 residents. They are named after Maryhill College, an all women’s college that was previously part of St. Edward’s University. The second phase, Hilltopper Heights, was constructed in 1999 and houses 174 residents. They are affectionately named after the St. Edward’s mascot, the Hilltopper. The Maryhill and Hilltopper Heights Apartments house upper-class students. The apartment residents have the chance to show their style by furnishing and decorating their apartment.

9. Teresa Hall

Teresa Hall

Residence Address: 3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, USA

Teresa Hall was the second hall to house the female students of Maryhill College of St. Edward’s University. In 2012, the interior was renovated, creating a modern atmosphere for residents. Today, it is one of two legacy halls on campus. Teresa Hall is a co-ed community of 148 residents, the majority of whom are freshmen. Teresa Hall offers suite-style rooms situated in two wings flanked by the central lounge area, which includes an adjacent computer lab, kitchen and laundry room, and separate study space. Residents enjoy comfortable oversized furniture that surrounds the flat-screen television and lively rounds of pool and ping pong.

10. The Pavilions

The Pavilions

Residence Address: Moody, Austin, TX 78704, USA

The Pavilions, a condo-style apartment building for upperclassmen, gives an additional 446 students the chance to live on campus. The Pavilions were designed with campus activities in mind: a grassy central courtyard is perfect for fitness activities and movie nights. A glass-walled multipurpose room on the complex’s northeast corner is set to host meetings, yoga classes, career fairs, and a dance party. The Pavilions will also offer fully furnished apartment style rooms with a full kitchen in every apartment.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at St. Edward’s University  

1. Room Basics

A student Room

– Towel
– Wastebasket
– Closet organizer
– Shoe Rack
– Desk lamp
– Sheets, blankets, comforter and mattress pad
– Full-length mirror
– Posters
– Toiletries
– Hangers
– Plants

2. Food and Snacks

 Food and Snacks

– Beverages (coffee, tea, Chocolate)
– Juice
– Biscuits
– East-to-cook food (pasta, spaghetti etc.)
– Fruits

3. Tech and Entertainment


–  Bluetooth speakers
– Laptop
– Game console
– Music player
– TV
– Headphones
– Radio

4. School Supplies


– Notebooks
– Exercise books
– Pens and Pencils
– Sticker notes
– Marker pens
– Paper clips

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

A lady cleaning a table

– Mop/Broom
– Hangers
– Storage containers
– Bucket
– Dustbin

6. Campus Gears

St. Edward's University sweatshirt

– Campus branded clothes (T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, and jackets)
– Bag pack
– Umbrella
– Walking shoes
– Sunscreen

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

Ask first

– Pets
– Furniture
– Refrigerators
– Halogen lamps
– Hoverboard

Packing for college? Read on here on how to start packing and shop judiciously: Shopping & Packing List for College Dorm here.

You can also download the list below:

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at St. Edwards University

St. Edwards University‘s student population of 5,000 students has a diverse group of individuals with many interests. There are tons of clubs available for you to join if you’re seeking to get involved in St. Edwards’ organizations. Here are the top 10 clubs to join:

1. All-Recovery

Image of a hammer shattering a stone with "addiction" written on it

If you’ve dealt with addiction and/or trauma, the All-Recovery meetings are there to align you with people who have battled the same addictions. This is an opportunity to gain social support by connecting with others who are starting or already maintaining a recovery lifestyle. All-Recovery welcomes anyone who is struggling with an addiction, is affected by addiction or supports the recovery lifestyle.

2. Asian Pop Culture

Image of K-Pop band BTS

Asian Pop offers the opportunity for students to meet other people with similar interests in Asian pop culture and learn more about how it’s portrayed in various forms. It’s an open space for students to share and exchange interests in Asian animation, film, literature, language, and anything else they want to speak about.

3. B. Hooved Humor Magazine

St. Edwards University's B. Hooved magazine

B. Hooved is St. Edwards’ campus magazine based on humor. They encourage their students to try writing in a humoristic style where they can have their work published. Students involved with the publication will have the opportunity to gain professional experience in writing, editing and publishing.

4. New Waves Concerts

a rock concert

Do you go to many concerts? Do you want to be involved with the behind-the-scenes of the concerts that happen on your campus? Then join the New Waves Concerts organization! If you have an interest in music and want an entrepreneurial experience behind creating concerts from scratch, this organization will help you gain hands-on experience. You’ll learn how to book shows, speak to booking agents, artists, social media advertise, create graphics, promote the show, etc. The organization has established a relationship between the student body and the Austin community that can help you with future endeavors.


Different varieties of LGBTQ*people

PRIDE focuses on creating a welcoming environment for LGBTQ* folk through events and awareness campaigns such as Ally Week and Day of Silence. They also volunteer at events such as AIDS Walk Austin and Going Up Day to give back to the Austin community.  PRIDE holds group discussions with topics ranging from everyday conversations to more serious topics like the coming out process.

6. Command G

Image of a graphic saying "graphic design"

For anyone interested in graphic design, Command G attempts to spread the influence of design around campus. They help further their SEU’s students skills through meetings since most students don’t have the availability of taking graphic design courses. They go on studio tours, museum visits, lecture series, and many workshops.

7. Deutsch Klub

Lesson on how to say hello in German

Deutsch Klub allows students to learn more about the German culture and to appreciate German-themed events around campus and throughout Texas. There is no language requirement, you just need an interest in immersing yourself into the culture and learning the German language. The club offers German-speaking social hour, trips to restaurants and bakeries, book clubs and movie nights.

8. NERF Club

Image of a nerf gun

If you love playing with your Nerf gun, why not join a club and play with other people who love to play too. Club members mostly play NERF games such as Capture the Flag, Tag, or whatever game the club comes up with.

9. Quiet On Set

Extras on a movie set 

Quiet On Set will introduce you to different parts of a movie set for example lighting, sound, editing, cinematography, directing, and more. many other positions needed to make a set functional. The organization is aimed to teach you the skills in the tech side of sets and eventually get involved with producing short films.

10. New Literati

book shelf that looks like person's head

New Literati is one of the two literary journals on campus where students can cover visual and textual narratives. If you enjoy writing creatively, you have the chance to submit any kid of poem, story, essay, and visual art piece for publication.

Top Events During The School Year At St. Edwards University

1. Texas Teen BookFest

People at the Texas Teen Bookfest

Held in downtown Austin, attendees can listen to over hundreds of guest writers and speakers while helping raise money for the First Edition Literary Gala, a nonprofit organization focused on its literacy programs. There will be many book signings, food trucks, cooking demonstrations, author panels and tons of live music available for a great weekend.

2. Emerge Retreat

Emerge Retreat's event graphic

Every year level at SEU has the chance to go on the Campus Ministry’s emerge retreat. It gives you the opportunity to get away from campus to relax, reflect, build a community of support, and be strengthened for an entire weekend. It’s a time to unplug from any distraction in your life and focus on a spiritual journey. You can practice personal prayers, yoga and meditation, experience one-on-one spiritual guidance or meet new people.

3. Bubble Soccer

People playing soccer while in a bubble

Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to play soccer and bump into people with bubbles on their heads? Regardless of your skill level, join other students in this one-day tournament and have some fun right on campus!

4. Viva La Vida 2018 Parade

Students at a previous Viva La Vida parade

The Grand Procession includes a variety of costumes, props, live music, dancers, and floats at the Viva La Vida parade. They march down the historic 6th Street and ends at the E. 4th Street and Congress Avenue. It’s a great time to celebrate with the Austin community and take a break from your stressful courses.

5. Forever FOSSE

Graphic for Forever FOSSE's event  

For a fun night of singing and dancing, join the campus’ Omni Singers as they perform songs and dances from American dancer, musical theatre choreographer, and director Bob Fosse. The night will be filled with songs from Chicago, Sweet Charity, Cabaret, and Pippin.

10 Easiest Courses at St. Edward’s University

Welcome to St. Edwards! Just like every other university, this school has some really hard classes and some really easy ones.  The hard ones would be described as “impossible” and the easy ones are “a piece of cake”.  Well, in this article, the easiest ones at this university will be discussed!

1. CULF1319 – Understanding/Appreciate Arts: Experimental Printmaking

This class is beyond easy and some even know it as the easiest one at this unversity! You get to watch a ton of movies and go to an art museum.  Sure there is work to do and the class is at night, but you get let out early almost every time and class is cancelled often. The teacher is really nice and funny, which is probably why it’s a well known class around the university.

Woman sitting at an art museum.

2. MUSI2140 – Omni Singers

The teacher is really nice and the class is pretty fun after you get the hang of it.  Practice singing outside of class or you really won’t do well.  He doesn’t take attendance you can miss plenty of classes, but don’t miss a lot or you will fall behind.  He is really experienced and really knows what he’s talking about.

Audience Band Celebration Concert Crowd

3. MGMT2301 – Principles of Management

The professor for this class is very nice! He is really flexible and knows when a student really has put in all their effort, but still doesn’t have the time.  However, he can easily notice when you don’t put any effort in and still feel like you can get by so don’t do that.  Do the work and go to class and you’re golden!

Stocpwatches layered on top of each other

4. MGMT3340 – Operations Management

Williams is really nice and always cares about his students.  He will even let you take assignments that you actually forget to do.  However, don’t miss too many he won’t always do this! His class is lecture based, you don’t need a book, and exams are online.  Simple enough.

Girl managing from her computer.

5. RELS1315 – Basic Christian Questions

You talk about Christianity and how it relates to events today in our society.  The class is pretty easy and as long as you participate in the discussion you will be fine.  Different perspectives are put up for discussion and the best thing is that you can put up your own and discuss.  Very nice professor and really eye opening class.

Catholic church view of pews and altar

6. PSYC2301 – General Psychology

This course will introduce students to the study of the mind in an interesting way.  Topics include childhood development, the brain, disorders, etc. The teacher is very sweet and as long as you go to class and do everything she asks you will easily get an A!

Smilies representing different moods.

7. BUSI3330 – Business Communication

This class dives into the business world and the skills required in order to be a successful businesswoman/man.  You will look at presentations, documents and how to communicate with a team.  There are numerous occasions for extra credit, so there is no excuse to get below an A in this class.  The teacher is really nice and super sweet. She would rather you succeed than fail her class.

Different members of a business talking.

8. PHCO1318 – Analog Photography

This class is for really creative people or just anyone who has an interest in photography.  You will learn about lighting, camera operations, and filming.  The cost for the equipment can be rather expensive for this class, but overall this class will improve your photography skills.  The professor isn’t afraid to give constructive feedback and will help you analyze your best photos.

Photographer in the street.

9. BUSI2321 – Business & Professional Speaking

This class focuses on speaking in the business world. You will learn how to give speeches and presentations in a professional manner and how to work with a team.  On top of that you will learn to persuade people without pressure, and learn how to talk to people with confidence.  Plus, the teacher is funny and enthusiastic which will make you want to try even harder!

Man speaking to a group of people.

10. THAR1330 – Theater Skills I: Stagecraft and Lighting

This class is super chill and the professor is really laid back.  You will learn all the materials and ways of building sets for shows.  As long as you aren’t disrespectful, you will be fine.  Also the tests (midterm and final included) are all open-note so there is no way you could fail them! It’s that simple!

Extravagant stage lighting at concert

Well, hopefully this article helped and that you will take some of these classes in the future if you attend this university. These classes will not only help you grow you mind, but will also help you improve your GPA so that you can graduate with flying colors. These classes require some work, but you are certainly capable of obtaining an A in each one!