10 Coolest Courses at Southern Oregon University

Southern Oregon University is an amazing institution. They highly hold the education that they offer to their incoming students. They offer a wide variety of classes that will target the interests of all students. You can take any of these classes regardless of your major. These are ten of the coolest courses available to students at Southern Oregon University.

1. ART 133 – Introduction to Drawing

 a completed drawing

Drawing is an amazing skill to have. However, many students struggle with being able to draw. Luckily, SOU has created a class dedicated to helping students create the fundamental skills of learning how to draw. This is an amazing course that is equally fun.

2. ASL 101 – Introductory Sign Language I

drawn hands using sign language

An amazing skill to have is American Sign Language. This course will teach you the basics of ASL. You will get to learn more about expressive and receptive skills in ASL. Along with this, you will focus on the cultural awareness that comes with ASL, such as deaf culture.

3. CCJ 241 – Introduction to Law Enforcement

a police officer in front of his vehicle

There are many opinions about Law Enforcement these days. In this course you will evaluate what the roles and public expectations are of law enforcement. You will look at the different sectors of law enforcement. You will also learn more about the path you must take in order to become a part of Law Enforcement.

4. COMM 125 – Interpersonal Communication

a man shaking a business woman's hand

If you think you are struggling with your personal speaking skills, this class will be a great benefit to you. This class focuses on dyadic interaction. You will gain knowledge about how to boost your communication skills. This class requires a lot of participation so be prepared to push yourself outside of your comfort zone!

5. D 182 – Introduction to Modern Dance

modern dancers in the studio

Do you love dancing? Do you want to start to learn how to dance? If so, D 182 can be the beginning of an amazing experience for you. It is a fun and uplifting class that will also help you get exercise into your daily routine. It is fun and based on participation, so make sure you show up to class!

6. ART 255 – Introduction to Ceramics

a variety of different ceramic pots

Learning how to make ceramics is another skill that has been lost throughout time. At this institution, you can take this class to learn an amazing skill and earn school credit. You will learn the fundamentals of creating ceramics along with different techniques and concepts. Be prepared to get messy!

7. BA 292 – Introduction to Wine Production

a vineyard in the daylight

This class was created for students of any major. It is mainly targeted for anyone who is interested in wine. It is an interesting class that will teach you about the production of wine that many people do not see. You will look at the basics from the fermentation to wine all the way to the legal framework for distributing wine.

8. COMM 200 – Communication Across Cultures

animations of people of different races

This is an amazing class for students to take to become more culturally aware. This class will focus on introducing students to cultural and intercultural communication. You will look at readings, listen to lectures and watch guest speaker performances. You will learn more about what it means to be a part of a multicultural community.

9. D 192 – Ballet I

female ballet dancers posing together

Ballet is another fun class that many students can take. It does not require any previous experience in the dance field. It is a way to learn more about the style of dance and the history behind it. You will focus on your center floor work with small and large jumps including short ballet combinations.

10. FR 101 – Beginning French Language and Culture I

a picture of the eiffel tower in france

Are you looking to learn a new language for school credit or for fun? If so, FR 101 is the perfect course for you. You will learn more about not only the language of French but also the culture surrounding France. You will look at different readings and practice your hand at French. This is a great resume booster as well.

There are so many courses available to students. Do not let these courses go to waste! You have the opportunity to learn about so much more than what is in your major. Southern Oregon University prides themselves in offering their students amazing courses. Do not be afraid to enlist in one today!

10 Hardest Classes at Southern Oregon University

College is tough and classes are surely like not high school. Knowing which classes to steer clear of at Southern Oregon University can help you succeed and not panic about the hardest courses on campus. Here is a list of the toughest classes at SOU. Let’s get started!

1. MTH 243 – Introduction to Statistical Methods

MTH 243 is an intensive leveled course for students who are studying business or econ. With this course in your schedule, there is no such thing as an easy academic year. The exams are nearly impossible and there is an overwhelming amount of material.

Picture of a computer screen with graphs and data

2. CS 314 – Computer Organization

This upper level computer course is very hard for most students in college. Since it is a required class for their major, many have no choice but to face it head on or change their major. If a student has no experience with programming, this course is said to be quite the struggle trying to catch up with the professor.

Girl working on computer in class.

3. BI 101 – General Biology: Cells

This course is the basis of most pre-med students who are looking to begin their majors. With a variety of topics covered and lots of material expected to be memorized by student, the exams are said to be nearly impossible for most who take this course. Many students pull all nighters to complete each exam.

Cell with all the organelles

4. PH 201 – General Physics I

PH201 has an extremely high percent of students who fail or drop the course before bombing their GPA. The conceptual material is very hard for students to grasp. Especially for those who do not have prior physics knowledge, and passion to learn about this intricate topic.

Students working at a lab table together.

5. CH 221 – General Chemistry I

For any medical major, this course lives up to its terrible reputation. In CH 221, students are tested to their max, not only in lectures but lab experiments as well. This course is weighted heavily on exam scores and this is one of the most frequent courses visited at the tutor center.

Student working in a chem lab with professor helping

6. EC 201 – Principles of Microeconomics

EC 201 is a course that students enter into fully prepared to work their rear end off! If you sign up for this course, it is countless hours of work outside of the class and lecture. Students are also expected to remember everything from past classes when signing up. Many students find this course miserable.

Professor teaching students in class.

7. HSE 101 – UNIV Foundations Green

This course many students say is the hardest class on campus because of the level of detail that goes into the projects. The unofficial slogan is that students are “already behind” before the class even begins. Many kids also say that the workload is extremely heavy.

Image of SOU campus in spring.

8. PHL 205 – Ethics: Moral Issues

PHL 205 adapts students and molds them into a different way of thinking which many students do not care for. Ethics includes figuring out what follows from what, and why. Beyond the books, many critical thinking skills need to in place when trying to pass this very hard course.

Image of books because there is lots of reading in this class.

9. HST 316 – Ancient Rome

This course takes students into the realm of the past to challenge those who have decided to accept history as their major. Through many deep thinking projects, students often drop the course because of the hours of work it entails outside of the classroom alongside their other courses.

Entrance of SOU campus.

10. BI 341 – Genetics

Genetics is a course that many students struggle with because of the large quantities of work for both their lecture and lab experiments in this course. Students do not recommend taking this course, especially for those in your senior year because many students fail the course.

Students figuring out a problem together in a chemistry lab

Overall, Southern Oregon University has many courses and overall great professors to teach them. Many experienced students say if you try and avoid these classes and can manage on graduating without them, your college career at SOU will be amazing!

Top 10 Library Resources for Southern Oregon University

Being a regionally-engaged learning environment, Southern Oregon University caters to a lot of majors but dedicating much of their strong point on the sciences. Despite that, SOU has a lot of minors that students can make the most out of their educational curriculum. With so much jammed into their scope, there’s a lot of information this university should store in their libraries.

1. Inter-library Loaning

If you want to loan a book from another library, you don’t need to sweat it out too much. The Hannon library provides students a platform to borrow books from neighboring libraries.

2. Academic Support

From career support to mathematics and sciences, Hannon Library provides aid to students in these fields. Career support is very vital to graduating students as this helps them look for the ideal career path or occupation they want to pursue after school.

3. Monthly List of Events

This guide gives students and faculty alike something to look forward to. Libraries aren’t limited to research but have slowly become as a setting to learning various art, culture and even workshops for personal growth.

4. Archives of Academic Videos Online

Lessons are no longer limited to the four walls of your classroom. If you missed out on your lecture, you can find some supplementary lessons that may relate to what your professor discussed. This is free of use and covers a wide range of topics.

5. Guided Sections

Most libraries rely on the system so students can find their books. SOU’s Hannon library has a map that labels each section. This should ease the difficulties of looking for a particular book or research material.

6. Room Usage

If you want to have a discussion done or a research session to be conducted, the library provides rooms that students and faculty can use. These make great settings for studying or making your paper while keeping your research material close.

7. Citing Guides and Print

Citations are always tricky to work around with thus with some guides it can help people out on what they need to do and how to do it right. Hannon Library provides a catalog of information that students can access with various styles to boot.

8. Easy Navigation

There are various ways to find your books on the database of the library. It can be through topic-specific context or the usual author/title/ISBN mix. This variation helps students find books that are relevant to their studies.

9. Anyone can Read

The books are open to the public but you’ll need to be a member of the Friends of the Hannon Library to be able to check out books.

10. Varied History

SOU Hannon Library boasts a wide array of items in their university archive. If you have written reports that need detailed history work or have a knack for old manuscripts, the archives have a treasure trove in store for you.

Top 5 Libraries in and near Southern Oregon University

1. Hannon Library

Southern Oregon University’s Hannon Library boasts a wide selection of books and media that students can take advantage. Being in the heart of the campus makes for a great place to get schoolwork done.

2. Ashland Library

Despite being a public library, Ashland library boasts a very helpful staff and librarian that can guide anyone on what they are looking for.

3. Jackson County Library Foundation

Despite being a foundation, the Jackson County Library Foundation has ample desk space that students can make use for their research work. It’s a quiet place thus you can focus more easily in this setting.

4. Gold Hill Library

Despite being a small library, the Gold Hill library provides numerous computers for use with the resources easily accessible to everyone.

5. Bloomsbury Books

Despite not being a library; this book store caters to various individuals and can also provide relevant literature that students and faculty can peruse.

Top 10 Clubs at Southern Oregon University

Participating in extracurricular clubs at Southern Oregon University (SOU) could be one of the highlights of your campus life. Whether you’re a dean’s lister, president of the class, stay-out-late student, community volunteer, geek, or friendly student, there’s a club out there for you. Most often than not, that club could help you get potential employers and build your social network outside the college. Here are the top clubs and events that you can get join at SOU this school year.

1) Actors Club

Acting performances through Actors Club in Southern Oregon University.

Do you want to be an actor and play different characters? Here at Southern Oregon University, you can join the Actors Club that educates and help students perform. This club offers workshops, auditions, different acting events, open mic nights and acting opportunities.

2) First Year Mentor Club

Ask for help or assistance from First year Mentor Program.

Let this club help you connect with an academically committed and successful mentor during your first year at Southern Oregon University. The First Year Mentor Club’s main goal is to increase first-year participation in academic success and personal growth. It also aids students in building connections in the SOU community.

3) Hiking/Backpacking Club

Enjoy the scenery and keep on trekking!

Southern Oregon has a large community of outdoor lovers. If you particularly love exploring outdoor locations such as the Red Rocks and Zion National Park, then join the Hiking and Backpacking club at SOU. This club allows students to experience the backcountry on foot and enjoy the night under the stars.

4) Music Appreciation Club

Southern Oregon Community loves music!

Do you enjoy listening to songs? Do you love singing? The Music Appreciation Club is a weekly meeting club where members listen, share and enjoy music together.

5) Video Gamer’s Coalition

Club Fair - Video Gamer's Coalition.

If you’re looking for a club to relax and play, the Video Gamer’s Coalition is the right organization for you. This club allows students to compete, play, enjoy and relax video gaming platforms but they also encourage students to prioritixe academics over video games. The club is not strict about attendance and offers a casual video game atmosphere.

6) Black Student Union

Black Lives Matter - BSU members unite.

An all-inclusive club that focuses on providing information regarding different issues of black culture. This club also offers fun and intellectual activities that promote social justice work. This year, black students of BSU aim to create a positive change in the SOU community.

7) Bicycle Club

Experience the Rogue Valley by Bicycle.

Southern Oregon University is located in Ashland, a Gold-Certified Bike Friendly City and the SOU is a Silver-Certified Bike Friendly University. Joining the bicycle club is, therefore, one of the best extra-curricular activity in the campus. This club offers regular and casual adventures and promotes a bike-friendly atmosphere in the university.

8) Cosplay Club

Face-painting and tabling - Cosplay Club.

Cosplay is an art or practice of wearing costumes to portray fictional characters, especially from a Japanese animation and comics. If you love dressing up, join the Cosplay Club at SOU. The club is an open space for all students and they offer cosplay tutorials and workshops.

9) The Siskiyou

SOU Cox Hall - Siskiyou Center.

The Siskiyou is the weekly publication paper of the Southern Oregon University. If you love writing or you want to participate in your campus newspaper activities, then this organization is your best option. The Siskiyou delivers online, precise, unbiased and on-time information and news to the SOU community.

10) United Nations Alliance Club

United Nations Alliance Club Logo - Southern Oregon University.

The United Nations Alliance Club at SOU empowers all their members on human rights. If you want to discuss and learn about international and human rights issues, this is the right place for you. Be an advocate of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and join this club!

The Top 5 Events at SOU this School Year

1) Sleep Out Fundraiser Event

Sleep Out Fundraiser Event at SOU.

This coming November 15, the ECOS will be hosting the second sleep out fundraiser and awareness event at SOU. This event will promote awareness about housing insecurity and houselessness in the local community. To help fundraise, you can donate warm clothes or take a pledge form to gather funds from community works.

2) Tutunov Piano Series

Tutunov Piano Series Event - Tutunov and Friends.

This is an annual series of classical concerts led by Alexander Tutunov, professor of piano and artist in residence at SOU. The event started last September 25 with Lisa de la Salle and will end on May 10, 2019, with Ivona Kaminska and Christopher Bowlby. All performances are held in the Southern Oregon University Music Recital Hall.

3) Athletics 

Southern Oregon Raiders - Athletics Team of SOU.

Southern Oregon University competes in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (Cascade). The athletics event this week consists of men’s wrestling and women’s basketball match. You can check this site for the upcoming schedules of SOU athletics.

4) Homecoming

SOU Homecoming Parade.

Homecoming is an annual celebration for alumni, staff, faculties, and students. The SOU had its homecoming week event last October 10 to 13. This year, the annual Rogue Valley Pride Celebration coincides with SOU Homecoming and the SOU community took part in the parade.

5) Soul Food Dinner

The Importance of Soul Food.

This event is hosted by BSU members annually. It will be held this coming November 20 at the Rogue River room from 6 to 8:30 in the evening. Join the BSU members and take part in an important black culture!

Campus life gives you the chance to gain new experiences, learn new things and meet new people. Hopefully the clubs and events at SOU will help you stretch out yourself and move out of your comfort zone. We encourage you to join the clubs and event as soon as you get the chance!

Top 10 Dorms at SOU

If you’re going to attend college, you need to live in the proper dorm. A big idea in this school is the fact that, in most circumstances, you will have to live on campus. This will make your entire college experience much more enjoyable. Here are the top 10 dorms at Southern Oregon University.

1. Greensprings 

The first place that you can live is Greensprings. This is a freshman complex on campus. If you are a freshman, this is a great place to live in order to get used to college life.


Address: N/A

2. Applegate

Applegate is another good facility that you can choose. This location is right in the heart of campus. This allows you to access the best resources on campus very easily.

Applegate building

Address: N/A

3. Bear creek 

If you want a little more quiet of an experience, you can live at bear Creek. This location is more towards the edge of campus. This allows you to have peace and quiet in your life.

Bear creek area

Address: N/A

4. Crater lake

Crater lake also has lot to offer to you. This is a coed facility that is excepting of everyone. There also single and double suites offered here.

Crater Lake National Park

Address: N/A

5. Deschutes

Deschutes offers you a unique living experience. This is because the rooms are more like apartments. This means that you have a mini kitchen and bathroom right in your room.

Deschutes building

Address: N/A

6. Shasta

Shasta is yet another good place for you to live. If you choose to live here, you’ll be a part of a tightknit community. However, this is where mostly upper class students live.

Shasta building

Address: 1250 Siskiyou Blvd

7. McLoughlin

McLoighlin is a very nice building on campus. This is one of the newer locations that has a lot to offer to you. This means that you have access to state of the art resources.

McLoughlin area

Address: 445 Stadium St

8. Raider Village

Raider village is one of the larger complexes on campus. This is practically an apartment building that students can live in. However, no freshmen are allowed to live here.

Raider Village area

Address: N/A

9. Madrone

The final location for you to live on campus is Madrone. This is another all freshman dorm on campus. There are always events going on here to help you get involved.

Madrone building

Address: N/A

10. Ashlander Apartments

If you have the opportunity to live off campus, you can stay at the Ashlander Apartments. This is a smaller building that has a lot to offer to you. You will save a lot of money if you live here.

Ashlander building

Address: N/A

Here is your packing list for Southern Oregon University 

1. Room basics 

a white pillow

– Doormat
– area rug
– desk lamp
– mattress topper
– pillows

2. Food and drinks

a bunch of tea bags

– bottled water
– tea bags
– instant coffee
– instant soup
– microwavable meals

3. Tech and entertainment

The Netflix logo

– cell phone
– computer
– chargers
– scanner
– Netflix

4. School supplies

Some colored pens

– pencils
– pens
– paper
– textbooks
– notebooks

5. Cleaning and organization 

a small vacuum

– vacuum
– all purpose cleaner
– wet wipes
– paper towels
– utensils

6. Campus gear 

a walking shoes

– backpack
– walking shoes
– umbrella
– rain jacket
– skateboard

7. Things to ask about before bringing 

Cute therapy dog.

– dogs
– big furniture
– hoverboards
– guests
– alcohol

10 Easiest Classes at SOU

If you want to make the most of your time at college, you need to take the easiest classes that you can. By doing this, you will have a higher GPA and a much more enjoyable time on campus. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at Southern Oregon University!

1. ART 133- Introduction to Drawing

A great option you have to satisfy a fine arts core requirement is Introduction to Drawing. This class will teach you the very basics of how to draw for fun and professionally. You will breeze through this class because you can be creative and draw what you want!A student doing a sketch

2. COMM 125- Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication is a basic communication course that will teach you how to properly and efficiently communicate to others. Since you have problem done speeches and have held conversations, this class will be a breeze!Two people conversing

3. GEOG 103- Survey of World Regions

If you want to learn more about the world around us, you need to take Survey of World Regions. You will be covering various aspects of several regions around the world. If you paid attention to geography in high school, this class should be no problem.An old map of the world

4. JRN 251- Journalistic Writing

If you want to get into journalism, Journalistic Writing is the introductory class for you. This class will teach you how to write in a way that is used in the media. If you keep up with the news, you will probably already have a good grasp of the subject.Journalism highlighted in a newspaper

5. MTH 60- Beginning Algebra

If you struggled with math in high school, Beginning Algebra is the right class for you. You will be covering some of the easiest algebraic topics that you have probably already covered in high school!Math equations on a chalkboard

6. PE 530- Outdoor Survival

A super unique class that you can take is Outdoor Survival. You will learn basic survival techniques that you can use to get out of a sticky situation. This is all easy information that you can take with you for the rest of your life!A student survival guide

7. PH 100- Fundamentals of Physics

The most basic physics class that is offered is Fundamentals of Physics. You will learn about a couple of different topics within the rather broad subject. This will give you a well-rounded view of physics without having to stress you out too much!physics_fundamentals

8. USEM 101- University Seminar

The easiest class that you will take is University Seminar. This is a class that every freshman has to take to learn how to thrive and lead a healthy life while at college. This is super easy because all of the material is common sense.A display of freshman seminar

9. HST 110- World Civilizations

World Civilizations is the introductory history course that is offered. You will learn about how civilizations have evolved over time and how they have impacted the world. This class is no harder than a high school history course!The evolution of man

10. FLM 192- Film Genres

A unique way to spend some time on campus is by taking Film Genres. You will learn about various types of film and how they have all impacted the industry. By taking this class you will put a good break in your schedule!A couple enjoying a movieAll of these classes offer different sets of information, but they will all do something in common for you. Theses classes will make your life easier. If you need to get a higher GPA and a better schedule, you should consider taking any of these classes offered at Southern Oregon University!