Top 10 Buildings You Should Know at Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University takes pride in providing students with a campus that they’ll love. With so many academic departments and offices, it can be hard to know which buildings are most useful for you. Keep reading this post to learn about 10 buildings you should know on the SMU campus.

1. SMU Bookstore

Southern Methodist University bookstore

If you love Barnes and Noble, SMU apparel, or both, this is the place for you. There’s seating areas, Internet access, and a cafe so students have the perfect place to studying and reading. The bookstore also has a special showcase for SMU faculty authors.

2. Crum Basketball Center

Crum Basketball Center at SMU

The basketball center has practice courts, locker rooms, lounges, hydrotherapy pools, a strength and conditioning room, and more. In addition, the coaches’ offices and film editing rooms are located here. The Crum Basketball Center also has a tunnel that connects to the Moody Coliseum.

3. Meadows Museum

Southern Methodist University Meadows Museum

The Meadows Museum is home to the largest collection of Spanish art outside of Spain. Some of the artists featured in the museum include Velazquez, Ribera, Zurbaran, Murillo, Goya, Miro, and Picasso. There’s also a gift shop, restaurant, and an auditorium located in the museum.

4. McFarlin Auditorium

McFarlin Auditorium at SMU

McFarlin Auditorium is the largest auditorium on SMU’s campus. The auditorium seats 2,400 people so you’re sure to get a seat if you want one. SMU’s Tate Lecture Series, concerts, and other special events take place here.

5. Patterson Hall (SMU Police)

SMU's Patterson Hall

This building might not be one you go to often but it’s definitely one that you should know. Patterson Hall is home to SMU police so if you ever need anything, this is the place to go. Patterson Hall is also home to Central Utilities Plant and the Energy Management Center.

6. Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports

Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports at SMU

The Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports has recently been expanded and renovated, designed to meet all students athletic needs. The student Wellness Program and Intramural Sports are located here in addition to basketball courts, volleyball courts, climbing walls, an outdoor lounge pool, a five lane swimming pool, and indoor track, and more. The Dedman Center also offers many types of exercise classes for all students, staff, and faculty.

7. DeGolyer Library (Fondren Library Center)

The DeGolyer Library at SMU

The DeGolyer Library is the place to go if you’re looking for information for a research paper or just to find some interesting books to read. The library contains major research collections of rare books, manuscripts, and photographs. Included in these collections are rare and scholarly works about Western Americana, Texana, the U.S.-Mexico border, business history, and more.

8. Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall

Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall at SMU

The Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall is home to the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development. There are also many classrooms, research laboratories, and faculty/administrative offices located here. With a student lounge and multiple study areas, the Simmons Hall was made to be a place where students can learn and thrive.

9. Owen Arts Center

Meadows School of the Arts at SMU

If you’re looking for anything arts and theatre related, it’s almost certainly located in the Owen Arts Center. In here, you can find the Caruth Auditorium, the Bob Hope Theatre, the Greer Garson Theatre, the Margo Jones Theatre, and the Temerlin Advertising Institute. The Meadows School of the Arts classrooms, studios, and practice can be found here as well.

10. Carr-Collins Hall

Vintage postcard of Lawyers Inn at SMU

The Carr-Collins Hall is mostly for law students. The Carr-Collins Hall contains the Dedman School of Law offices, classrooms, and study lounges. In addition, Lawyers Inn and the Political Science and Tower Center for Political Studies can be found here.

Hopefully this post has provided you with some useful information about the SMU campus and its buildings. If you ever get lost or just don’t know where to go, come back to this post to find out!

10 Coolest Courses at Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University is a private Methodist research university located in Dallas, Texas. The university offers many different courses in a wide variety of studies, from liberal arts to STEM fields. Whether you want to dive into a passion, learn a new skill, or find a unique hobby, here are ten of SMU’s coolest courses!

1. ADV 2301 – Consumer Behavior

a girl shopping grocery items

Ever wonder what makes shop windows so alluring to look at, why store credit cards can quickly become money pits, and how people get doctorates in learning how to manipulate people into buying useless things? ADV 2301 looks at consumerism from the lenses of sociology, psychology, economics, and anthropology. The class explores how people are affected by advertising, and what their motivations are for buying certain products. The next time you find yourself reaching for your credit card or opening your Amazon shopping cart, maybe this class will make you think twice about why you’re really doing it!

2. ANTH 2463 – The Science of Our Past

An archeologist digs up ancient remains to analyze humanity's past.

If you ever watched a little too much Indiana Jones growing up and subsequently had dreams of unearthing ancient cities deep in the jungles of Asia…anthropology and archeology are the perfect fields for you! This introductory course to archeology covers how and why archeologists study humanity’s past and even encourages a hands-on analysis of ancient artifacts! Who knows – maybe your studies might even lead you to the elusive Fountain of Youth.

3. HUM 2101 – Getting There From Here: Life After College

Picture of students graduating, with caps on

Have you ever been paralyzed with fear; wondering what will become of you after you get that fancy degree, move out of your college dorm, and have to get a real job? Trust me, every newly minted college grad has been there. To give yourself a bit of a headstart, check out HUM 2101! A unique class that focuses on career preparation, students will learn and practice networking, post-college writing and speaking, and bouncing back from career (and personal) failure. The skills you learn in this class will be sure to impress future employers.

4. ARHS 1335 – Monsters, Mayhem, and Miracles: Life in the Medieval World

Medieval werewolves were definitely nothing like Taylor Lautner's iconically bare-chested character!

Once upon a time, in a land of kings and queens, knights and damsels, and (supposed) witches and wizards… lay the societies of medieval Western Europe. In the time after the Roman Empire and before the Black Death, Europe was suspended in magic, with sorcerers and witches looming in the darkness of plague, werewolves ravaging villages, crusaders plundering the Middle East, and, through it all, building a lasting cultural legacy through art, literature, and architecture. In ARHS 1335, students will explore this unique time period in history through the lens of its diverse artistic legacy.

5. BIOL 3354 – Parasitology

Parasites are both creatures of nightmares and vital parts of the ecosystem.

From annoying lice that plagued many children to the deadly mass-murdering malaria-causing Plasmodium, parasitic creatures that prey on their hosts to survive are everywhere in nature, and often have lasting effects on people, plants, and animals. In some cases, they can even be good for the ecosystem and beneficial to humans. In BIOL 3354, students can explore the disgusting, the beneficial, and the deadly, and understand the role of parasitic creatures in the greater circle of life.

6. ASPT 3309 – Painting in Rome

From an ancient city to a modern metropolitan hub, Rome has been a center of art and culture for centuries.

Can you get any more romantic and renaissance than taking a painting course in the historic city of Rome, Italy (other than time-traveling back to sixteenth-century Italy and working for Michaelangelo)? This painting course takes students abroad to Rome in SMU-in-Italy’s unique cultural immersion program. There, aspiring artists will have the chance to paint the cultural landmarks and beautiful geography of Rome, surrounded by the same landscapes that the masters of the Renaissance saw every day. This class is truly a unique experience for any artist!

7. ANTH 3366 – Magic, Myth, and Religion Across Cultures

Picture of witchcraft materials like tarot cards and candles

ANTH 3366 gives students the opportunity to step outside of their cultural experiences and understand spirituality from the lens of humanity across the globe, and throughout history. From the ancient gods of Egypt and Greece in the east, the nature deities of many tribal nations in the west, the unique pagan religions of early Western Europe, and, finally, the rise of major religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, this class definitely has many unique cultures to explore!

8. DANC 1305 – Beginning Jazz Dance

Black and white photograph of dancers in a studio practicing

Jazz dance is an expressive and beautiful form of art that focuses on rhythm and theatrical displays. Jazz has had a long and powerful history in America, empowering women and African Americans through the industry, while also highlighting the fundamental social inequities apparent in the system. Thankfully, jazz has survived and changed dynamically throughout the 20th and 21st century, and students in this beginning dance course will get an understanding of rhythm and the unique theatrical style of jazz dance.

9. DANC 3374 – The Evolution of American Musical Theatre

Group picture of performers at the Tony Awards on stage. The Tony Awards, held annually, are like the Oscars for Broadway shows. Each year, musicals and plays with great reviews are nominated for awards like Best Choreography, Best Costume Design, and, of course, Best Musical.

From the earliest performances of popular British-style shows to the rise of vaudeville in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to the contemporary rap-battle spectacle of Hamilton, America has a rich and ever-changing culture of musical theater. DANC 3374 takes students on an exploration throughout this history, focusing on how early performance styles eventually culminated into the mixture of dance, music, singing, and drama that modern Broadway encompasses.

10. ENGL 3377 – Literature and the Construction of Homosexuality

Stil from Great Gatsby movie, featuring Tobey MacGuire sitting on his porch

Although in some parts of the world currently, LGBTQ+ people are widely accepted, that usually wasn’t the case in many societies until very recently. Acceptance and recordings of homosexuality or bisexuality in culture have fluctuated from culture to culture throughout humanity’s history, and some literature has openly discussed and even accepted it, while other historical authors had to be more subtle in their incorporations of it. In ENGL 3377, students will explore the complex history of homosexuality in world cultures, analyzing both ancient and contemporary texts.

10 Hardest Courses at SMU

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a private research university in metropolitan Dallas, Texas. The University has seven schools that offer a variety of undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs in the humanities and sciences fields. Here are 10 of the hardest courses offered at the institution.

1. ACCT 4311 – Cost Accounting I

A calculator, pen, and financial records

This accounting course is considered hard by students because of the complex calculations involved. Students will learn cost accounting formulas and theories that they will use to analyze financial data and prepare financial records related to the measurement, accumulation, and control of costs.

2. STAT 4344 – Statistical Quality Control

Statistical Quality Control

Statistics courses involve mathematical calculations that may seem challenging to some students. Students will throughout the course learn statistical concepts related to quality control and use them to solve statistical problems in various processes.

3. CEE 4418 – Engineering Microbiology

Micro -organisms

This is a very technical course that discusses the aspects of microbiology related to environmental engineering. Students will learn very technical terminologies and complex concepts related to the course. Students will also be required to attend lab sessions that are very demanding in terms of time and resources.

4. PHYS 3340 – Computational Physics

Computational Physics

This is an advanced course in physics that discusses the modeling of physical systems. The topics in the course focus on very hard and technical concepts related to this branch of physics. Students will have to allocate a lot of study time in order to grasp the concepts and excel in exams.

5. CHEM 4313 – Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

This chemistry course covers advanced topics in organic chemistry including molecular orbital theory, organometallic mechanisms, and photochemistry. Students will throughout the course study very technical and challenging concepts related to the topics mentioned above. This course requires prior knowledge of some chemistry courses.

6. CSE 3342 – Programming Languages

Programming Languages

Students in this course will cover major programming paradigms. Some programming languages are difficult to understand and may require more time. Students will also be required to write a code for a program using one of the learned programming languages. This may require the students to spend extra hours outside class to complete the projects.

7. EE 3381 – Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems


In this course, students will study concepts related to the architecture, software design, and the interfaces of different types of microprocessors. The course is considered hard because it discusses complex and very technical topics related to electrical engineering.

8. GEOL 3454 – Structural Geology

Structural Geology

Structural geology focuses on the stress-strain relations of rocks, the origin of faults, the brittle–to–ductile transition, and the mechanics of thrusting and folding. All these concepts are discussed in depth and may become hard to students due to the terminologies used and how lengthy the topics are.

9. MATH 4315 – Advanced Scientific Computing

Binary data

This is an advanced course in math that focuses on Advanced algorithms related to scientific and engineering computing. Students will learn complex equations, formulas, and computations related to scientific computing. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in mathematics.

10. ME 4360 – Design and Control of Mechanical Systems

A Mechanical System

This course involves a lot of mathematical calculations and equations that many students find difficult. The course involves technical concepts that require the use of complicated formulas and equations to find solutions to existing problems. The course is recommended for mechanical engineering majors and students who are good in math.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Southern Methodist University

Clubs and organizations can be the backbone of a great college experience. If you’re looking for a new club to join at Southern Methodist University, this list will give you an idea of organizations available to you as a SMU student.

1. Active Minds

Active Mind's official logo

Active Minds is a nonprofit organization where students in colleges across the country get together to discuss mental health while educating others. Through campus events and national programs, the student-run mental health awareness organization provides students and the community with various resources, encourage students to seek help, and serve as a liaison between students and the mental health community.

2. Best Buddies

Best Buddies' banner during an event

Best Buddies helps students with intellectual and developmental disabilities engage with other students at Southern Methodist University and in the community. They host monthly group events to encourage long-lasting friendships. The buddy pairs will commit to keeping in touch once a week and getting together twice a week as a way of including people with disabilities and expanding their friend circle.

3. Mustang Band

A band during a concert

The Mustang Band is a performing ensemble made up of a diverse group of students from Southern Methodist University. They’re also known as “The Hub of SMU Spirit as they’re a close-knit group on campus and perform at various university events.

4. Mustang Fitness Club

Mustang Fitness' official logo

Mustang Fitness Club connects fitness-minded students in a learning and interactive space. They’ve created large events on the SMU campus such as the Strongman Competition, Mr. and Ms. SMU, and SMUmba. If you have an interested in maintaining a fit lifestyle, the Mustang Fitness Club can help you achieve your goals!

5. Public Relations Student Society of America

Southern Methodist University's PRSSA logo

Are you interested in public relations? The PRSSA is one of SMU’s pre-professional societies that collaborates with working professionals. The organization can help enhance your education, increase your list of networks and launch a career in public relations. They host different programs throughout the semesters such as workshops, invited speakers, tours and a career fair in the spring semester.

6. SMU Ballroom

A couple ballroom dancing

If you enjoy ballroom dancing, join the SMU Ballroom club that’s dedicated to all things ballroom. Even if you like dancing in a social manner and not professionally, you’ll have the opportunity to sharpen your dancing skills and participate in national competitions. You’ll definitely learn something new in each meeting and be kept on your toes as SMU Ballroom is one of the most competitive collegiate ballroom clubs in Texas.

7. Student Filmmakers Association

A group creating a film

Student Filmmakers Association is a student-run organization focused on spreading the art of filmmaking. With the club, you can produce your own films and attend a variety of workshops. They also host events on campus for the entire community such as the SMU Student Film Festival, where the club showcases student-created films.

8. Women’s Club Volleyball

Student about to strike a volleyball

Playing sports recreatively can be a great way to make new friends and maintaining a fit lifestyle while having fun. Joining SMU Women’s Club volleyball will allow you to compete with other volleyball clubs at a high level. The sports club tries to empower their women to become leaders by helping them gain experience in teamwork, management, marketing, development, budgeting, and time management.

9. Real Estate Club

A row of houses placed together

The Real Estate Club is an organization for students who are interested in the commercial real estate industry. You can join whether you don’t have any previous real estate experience or you’re a senior looking for a full-time opportunity. As a club member, you’ll gain valuable knowledge, connections and professional opportunities through a mentorship program, tours, career counseling, and networking events.

10. Russian Club

The Russian flag<

The SMU Russian Club engage their members in social events, lectures, museum tours, and film festivals throughout the year. Students have the chance to learn the Russian language, history, and culture through their weekly meetings that are always open to new members regardless of skill level.

Top Events During The School Year At Southern Methodist University

1. Homecoming

A sign saying

As with many colleges, Homecoming is a large tradition that all students, alumni, and friends can enjoy together. Stop by for the parade and tailgate, stay for the football game, and see who wins the King and Queen title during the crowning ceremony!

2. Liudmila Georgievskaya: Chamber Music Faculty Recital

Group of instrument players practicing together

This chamber music recital features a large group of SMU faculty members who are internationally recognized performers. The performance will include works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, and Camargo Guarnieri. If you’re interested in watching your professor perform professionally, this is your chance!

3. Taste of Asia 2018

>A popular location in Asia

This year, organizations and departments associated with Asia are bringing a new twist on their biggest fall event by creating a variety show. There will be many friendly competitions and talent show performances throughout the night. The event will also feature food from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, and China.

4. LGBT Equality Forum

Variety of colors symbolizing LGBT people

The LGBT Equality forum is an annual conference where students and the Texan community engage in conversations surrounding topics that impact the LGBTQIAAP+ community. The LGBT Equality Forum was organized by the Women and LGBT Center on campus and have brought Dominique Jackson, from the FX series POSE as this year’s Keynote Speaker.

5. Winter Camp

Group together in a circle in a camp

Winter Camp is the university’s annual retreat where students and faculty meet with other college campuses to worship God and build a deeper community. If you’re looking for a Christian community, the Winter Camp is a great way to get involved and begin new friendships.

Top 10 Residences at Southern Methodist University

Established in 1911, Southern Methodist University, or Southern Methodist as it’s known throughout the country, private research university with campuses throughout Texas and New Mexico. At present, about 12,000 students are enrolled at this institution, and most of these students are undergraduates. If you’ve been looking for information regarding residence halls and off-campus living around Southern Methodist, then you should read through the following list of residence descriptions.

1) Park Hollow Luxury Residences

The front of the complex

6535 Bandera Ave #1E, Dallas, TX 75225

Location and convenience: those are probably two priorities you have in mind on your quest to find the perfect off-campus housing. Expect all the latest and greatest amenities when you enter your room for the first time—the associates at Park Hollow want you to feel right at home.

2) The Caruth Apartments

A bedroom in a unit here

5445 Caruth Haven Ln, Dallas, TX 75225

The peace and quiet necessary for intense studying is something you will always find if you live at the Caruth Apartments. Between neighborly curtesy and the units being a good distance apart, there’s little doubt you’ll always be able to find that unbroken silence you need to get your work done.

3) Landmark on Lovers Apartments

This is the complex from the outside

5201 Amesbury Dr, Dallas, TX 75206

Do you like stainless steel kitchen appliances and elegant hardwood flooring? Then you’ll love an apartment at Landmark on Lovers. Don’t waste your money on a shabby shoebox when you have the opportunity to live at a vibrant apartment community.

4) Grand Reserve Townhomes

A living room in one of the units here

6044 E Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75206


One of the undeniable benefits of going to this school is that you don’t have to be caged up in some musty residence hall. At the Grand Reserve Townhomes, high-quality is what you’ll experience the second you walk through the door. How does a heated pool and soothing spa sound?


5) The Atwood Apartments

This is a premier living room you could have

6010 Milton St, Dallas, TX 75206


Wouldn’t you give the world to have an enjoyable experience at college? Well it starts with where you live. Don’t go into the fall semester living far from campus, far from the action and from the life you can feel. Live at the Atwood Apartments: you’re only a few miles from campus.


6) The Branch

This is the complex's pool

4670 Amesbury Dr, Dallas, TX 75206


If you’re looking for a sophisticated and community-oriented place to live off campus, then you should consider looking into The Branch. Doesn’t jumping in to one of your complex’s two saltwater swimming pools sound great? After a long day of classes: you’ll need it.


7) Arrive on University

This is the complex's premier pool

5750 E University Blvd, Dallas, TX 75206


There’s no place like home: that’s what you’ll say every day you come back from classes to your gorgeous apartment here. If you like hardwood floors and marble countertops, you’ll love your unit here! The complex is pet-friendly too!


8) Mockingbird Flats

A kitchen inside one of the units here

5600 SMU Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75206


Part of what deters students from living at school is the fear that they’ll have to live in some barely-inhabitable shoebox somebody passed off as an apartment. Students who live at Mockingbird Flats will never have to worry about such a nightmare; the units here are exquisite!


9) The Lofts at Mockingbird Station

 This is a living room inside the Lofts

5331 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75206


Looking for a fine piece of off-campus housing for you and a roommate? If luxury is a top priority, then look no further: Mockingbird Station is the place for you. Every day you wake up in an apartment here, you’ll believe you’re at a resort. The fitness center is pretty nice too!


10) The Gentry on M Street Apartments

This is the complex's fitness roomThis is healthy

3736 Glencoe St, Dallas, TX 75206


Don’t live away from school is you’re going to live in some dump apartment or decrepit, old house; instead, elect to live here! You only have one shot to enjoy your schooling—why would you want to squander that opportunity by living anywhere but here?


Here’s Your Move-In Day Packing List at Southern Methodist University


1) Room Basics

This is a dorm room
– Toiletries
– Bedding
– Fans
– Snacks
– Posters

2) Food and Snacks

This is chocolate covered tangerine
– Plastic wrap
– Paper Bags
– Water Bottles
– Soup
– Plastic Utensils

3) Tech and Entertainment

woman typing on her laptop

– Gaming Console
– Headphones
– Laptop
– Power Strip
– Speakers

4) School Supplies

These are school supplies people like

– Binders
– Tab Dividers
– Glue
– Writing Utensils
– Daily planner

5) Cleaning and Organization

An image of colorful cleaning products

– Trash Bags
– Laundry Baskets
– Detergent
– Surface Cleaner
– Drier Sheets

6) Campus Gear

An image of college fans at a game

– Shower Shoes
– A Swimsuit
– Sweatshirts
– A Winter Coat
– A Backpack

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

A colorful assortment of lighters

– Fans
– A Water Filter
– Cooking Spray
– Lighters
– Candles

With this list at your disposal, you should now be able to find the perfect residence for your time at Southern Methodist. College is a lot harder if you don’t have a comfortable place to come home to; find your dream living-space now!

10 Easiest Classes at SMU

If you are looking for a way to boost your GPA while having an easy schedule, there is a solution for you. Here are 10 of the easiest classes that are offered at Southern Methodist University!

1. PSYC 1300- Introduction to Psychology

One of the most popular choices students make to satisfy a core requirement in the social sciences is Introduction to Psychology. This class will give you the basic knowledge necessary to have a view of psychology in general. This means that the material does not go in-depth and is not challenging.psychology

2. BIOL 1301- Introduction to Biology

Introduction to Biology is one of those classes that is the entryway to the entire subject. If you are even thinking about going into this field, take this class to learn a lot of different areas of biology without having the stresses of college classes later on.biologywebbanner

3. WGST 3380- Human Sexuality

A very interesting and popular elective course is Human Sexuality. This class is easy because a lot of college students already have a pretty good grasp of the concept. You will learn a lot of the information that you probably were taught in high school health classes.human

4. SOCI 1300- Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Sociology is another popular choice to satisfy a core requirement in social sciences. This class picks at a couple of different subtopics to give you a well-rounded view overall. This is also a lectured class which means that there is not a lot of classwork required.sociology

5. GEOL 3340- Face of the Earth

A higher level geology course that you can take is Face of the Earth. This class focuses on the physical attributes of Earth and its various structures. This is a very simple course because the material should be pretty familiar with you.The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17

6. MATH 1309- Introduction to Calculus for Business

Introduction to Calculus for Business is one of the more practical math courses that you can take. Whether you are a business major or not, this class is a perfect choice. Since every student has to take some sort of math class at some point, you may as well take one that will help you in the future.calculus

7. HIST 1303- Millennialism Through the Ages

A very niche, yet simple class you can take is Millennialism Through the Ages. This is a history class that analyzes a variety of different subjects. This is another lectured class so as long as you take good notes, you will do well on the assignments.History

8. ARHS 1300- Art and People of the Ancient World

Art and People of the Ancient World is a perfect choice to fulfill a core requirement in the fine arts. You will learn about art and civilization from places like Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. A lot of this information was taught in high school, so you should not have a problem.colosseum-ancient-rome-rome-italy-europe_main

9. RELI 3319- Old Testament

If you want to get more knowledge about the Christian Faith and the holy literature involved, the class Old Testament will fulfill that curiosity. This class focuses on the meaning behind one of the holiest books ever written. Although religion is a complex subject, this class focuses on making it understandable for

10. PHYS 1303- Introductory Mechanics

If you want to see if a career in engineering or physics is for you, Introductory Mechanics is a great choice. You will learn about the most basic aspects of mechanical engineering while gaining an easy good you take the easier classes that are offered, you will have a better college experience. Having an easy schedule and a high GPA is obtainable by taking any of these classes at Southern Methodist University!