Jobs for College Students at Southern Illinois University

A very popular thing that some students like to do is get a job on or off of campus. This lets your wallet or purse be a little more full in general. This will make your life much better. Here are some jobs for college students at Southern Illinois University!

1. Assistant lecturer

The first campus job that you should look at is the Assistant Lecturer position. This is a great job to gain some professional experience while helping a professor of the university. This is a low paying job, but you will gain some very valuable skills in the process. 

a lecture hall

2. Student Researcher 

 Being a student researcher is a great job to have while a student. You will spend your time doing research projects for various professors and departments. This will make you some money while improving your own research skills. This is a great perk for you to keep in mind. 

a professor researching

3. Musical Theatre Coordinator assistant

The Musical Theatre Coordinator Assistant job is a great job to have as well. You will have some fun while coordinating musicals and other productions. This is a medium paying job that will help put extra cash in your pocket. Don’t forget about this low-key job. 

the theatre at school

4. Public Relations Assistant 

Whether you are majoring in Public Relations or not, you can have a good job working as the Public Relations Assistant for the university. You will get valuable skills with this experience. You will not get paid the most money, but you will have some fun while putting some money away. 

terms relating to  public relations

5. Food Service Worker

A great way to stay within the food service industry is by becoming a food service worker within the university dining facilities. You will earn minimum wage, but you have opportunities to grow into a leadership position at some point. This is a cool factor of the job to keep in the back of your head. 

a popular dining facility

6. Business Development Specialist

The final on-campus job that you should consider applying for is the Business Development Specialist position. You will get great experience and make a decent wage with this job. You will work anywhere from 10 to 25 hours per week. Visit the Business Department for more information. 

a business class

7. OneClass

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

The OneClass logo


Restaurants & Cafes near or at SIU

It can be tough to study and maintain health in Southern Illinois University for the students. The busy schedule keeps you away from having good meals. However, there are restaurants near campus and college cafes on campus as well for the students to explore.

1. Harbaugh’s Café

Sitting area at harburgh cafe

The seating area in the Harbaugh’s café is amazing for you to relax or study. It is quiet and not too busy all the time. You can visit there to enjoy your meals along with your favorite hot or cold beverage. You will be able to find great deals of American cuisines at this place if you are craving for food.

2. Quatro’s Deep Pan Pizza

serving of large size pizza

If you are someone who loves to have Italian food, then prefer this restaurant. You have to walk a few steps away from the campus to reach here. Get the best deep dish pizza and dine together with your friends to have a memorable time. Along with that, there are pasta, lasagna, and other food items to try as well.

3. Fat Patties

serving of burger and salad at fat patties

If you are missing out on soups, then this is a great place for you to enjoy. The restaurant is .5 miles away from the campus so you can easily visit it every day during winters. You do not have to go far from the campus to have a delicious soup. Warm yourself up with the delicious ingredients of soup and other American cuisines in this restaurant.

4. Longbranch Café & Bakery

serving of meal in a plate at long branch

This café serves pure American cuisines to the students even if they are vegetarian. You can tell your preference, and they will serve the meal to your accordingly. The staff is very friendly with the students especially to cater them according to their needs.

5. Underground Barrel Room and Grill

chicken meal serving at underground barrel

If you wish to try poutine, then this is your kind of place. Students are mostly scared of having poutine because you do not find the original recipe for it. This restaurant serves the best recipe of poutine along with burgers, fries and other American food items.

6. Newell House

beef steak with veggies serving in a plate

If you want to have great experience of dining along with delicious food items, then visit this restaurant with your friends. You can get together to enjoy the time to make memories with your close friends. The food is tasty, and big servings are there for the students to eat.

7. Reema’s Indian Cuisine

Bread and Lentil serving at reemas indian

You will be able to find delicious and spicy food at this place. If you are someone who likes to try Asian cuisine and that too filled with spices, then visit this place. The delicious and different kinds of cuisine are here for you to experience. Also, the taste is amazing with bread and complete meals which can keep you full all day long.

Due to the hectic routine of the university, it is possible that you might miss out on the main meals of the day. With the variety of these dining areas, you can check out a lot of places with walking a few steps away from the campus.

Health and Wellness Services at Southern Illinois University

In order to make the most of your time at school, you need to use all of the health and wellness services offered to you by the University. This will make your overall health much better while continuing your studies. The school makes a very important point that physical and mental health is very important to everyone. That being said, you will have access to certain resources in order to maintain your health. Here are five health and wellness resources offered at Southern Illinois University. 

1. Student health services building 

The student health services building is the most common health and wellness resource that is used every day by students. This is a location that has in person and on-call doctors at your disposal. This is where you should go if you pick up a minor illness or need a medical check up. However, we should not go here if you need immediate medical attention. Although this is not a place for emergency response, you can still get some good help here.

 student health center sign

2. Disability Support Services 

If you are a student with a disability, you should utilize the disability support services as much as possible. This is a department that is dedicated to ensuring that you get all the help you need to get a proper education. A lot of students that need this resource use it and find that it is very useful. This is something that you should keep in mind while at school.

a person in a wheelchair

3. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The clinical mental health counseling center is the first stop you should take in order to get some help with your mental health. College students are among the highest with health problems in today’s world. That being said, university is taking steps to making your life a little more enjoyable. No matter how big your problem is, you can come here to talk with a counselor or psychologist to help you get a problem fixed.

a counseling meeting

4. Memorial Hospital of Carbondale

If you need emergency assistance for a medical matter, the Memorial Hospital of Carbondale will be the resource that will help you. This is where you should go if you have a serious medical problem at any given time. This is a very large facility that is run like a normal hospital. If you need to see a doctor anytime of the day, you should hitch a ride to this location.

 memorial hospital building

5. SIU Family Medicine

The final health and wellness resource that is available to you as a student is the SIU family medicine Center. This resource will give you the opportunity to get a good education while still be able to raise a family. Being a parent and a full-time student can be one of the hardest things that you can do. However, this facility will help you balance the two and stay healthy along the way.

home to family health

Top 10 Library Resources at Southern Illinois University

Universities work hard to make their school the best and worthy of the amazing students who come there. They offer a wide variety of resources to their students that most don’t even realize are there. At Southern Illinois University, they provide amazing library resources to help students in their education while attending school. Let this article help familiarize you with some new resources that you can start taking advantage of today.

1. Group Study Rooms

 study room

If you are looking for a quiet and collaborative workspace, rent a group study room. It is free to all faculty and students. It is a safe and great place to come and work on projects or study as a group.

2. Research Guides

graphs on paper  numebrs, and a pen

Research Guides are preset guides that can help you in your research. Guides can push you in the right direction for your project. The library also worked hard to ensure all materials are reliable for school research.

3.  Special Collections

This is an image of an ancient manuscript.

The Special Collections are apart of the Special Collections Research Center in the Morris Library. Here they have materials such as manuscripts, political papers and rare books. They are all available for students to use as resources.

4. Ask a Librarian

This is a librarian holding a stack of books

Ask a Librarian is an online site where you can reach a librarian at all times. They can help you find a book or check if they have it in stock. They can also help you find resources or reliable sources that you may need for your project.

5. Research Consultation

If you need a more formal and personalized meeting with a librarian, you can book a one-on-one research consultation. Here you will be able to privately discuss your project/research with a librarian. They can further your research and help guide you in the right direction.

researcher icon

6. Interlibrary Loan

This is an animation of library books on a shelf.

Faculty and students also get the opportunity to use interlibrary loan. You can check out any resource you need for a period of time. But if you need the source longer, no worries! You can always renew the book ahead of time.

7. DSM-5

This is a student using a computer.

DSM-5 is the new online access to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder. This is a valuable resource for students involved in the diagnosis of mental disorders. Those who are interested should take full advantage of this amazing resource.

8. OpenSIUC

These are students using computers.

OpenSIUC is the free access that the library gives to the public. All the sources inside are produced at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Anyone is free to use this resource online at the library’s personal site.

9. OneSearch

These are different laptop keyboards doing searches.

OneSearch is the place where students should come to find a variety of different sources. OneSearch has everything from articles, to journals to videos. You can use a Keyword or limit your results by specific authors.

10. eBooks

These are people reading books on electronic devices.

For students who cannot physically come to the library, or are working from home, the library offers eBooks online. You can access eBooks by creating a library account online. Students will then get to use eBooks for their research.

Top 5 Libraries at Southern Illinois University

1. Morris Library

This is the outside of Morris Library.

Morris Library is the only library on campus for students at Southern Illinois University. It is extremely large and holds all the resources available to their students. There are many different sectors to the library so don’t be afraid to check it out and look around.

2. SIU Law Library

These are some books found inside the SIU Law Library.

The SIU Law Library is an off campus library for students who are studying law. The library is located in the Lesar Law Building. The library has been known to provide legal research for lawyers, staff and members of the community.

3. Illinois Heartland Library System

This is a poster made by the Illinois Heartland Library System.

The Illinois Heartland Library System is another locally popular library amongst the city of Carbondale. Students can come here and check out books through the app for convenience. They also have a text alert system to keep subscribers up to date on books and events.

4. Carbondale Public Library

carbondale public library

The Carbondale Public Library is the main library used in the city of Carbondale, Illinois. Here they hold many events available to families such as Spanish Immersion Story Times and Teen Super Smash Bros Tournament. The library can be a great place to study as well as a great place to hang out.

5. SIU Study Lounges in Student Center

These are students studying in the Study Lounges.

At the Student Center, there are multiple study lounges for students to come and study on their own or in groups. There are different floors dedicated to noise level and environment. There is a lower level, first floor and second floor.

College can be expensive. Make sure that you are getting the most out of your tuition. There are an enormous amount of resources that universities go out of their way to give to their students. Stop by and take advantage of them today!

Top 10 Majors at SIU

Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a public research university in Carbondale, Illinois, United States. The school has about 13,000 students and an acceptance rate of about 81%. Here are 10 majors you need to check out.

1. Accounting

people going over financial reports

As someone who is in accounting this is a program that allows students to be able to solve financial problems. Accountants are who you would go to if you are a business that needs help with creating an easy to read list of revenues and expenses.

2. Animal Biology

 the different parts of a frog

If you have ever wanted to be a zoologist then this is the major for you. You will have knowledge on all the different animals there are as well as what they eat for their diet and the natural habitat that they have come from. It is a perfect job for the animal lover in you.

3. Art History

 the painting of the man screaming

Art history is a major that teaches you all about art and the famous paintings/ pieces that have been created throughout the years. It is a job that opens you up to working in a gallery or an office that hosts a large art festival.

4. Ceramics

 a person designing a vase

Ceramics is the art of using clay and glaze to create stunning pieces of art work. If you have an eye for creativity then this is the major for you. You can be your own business person and create art for others by selling them at large craft shows.

5. Communication Disorders and Sciences

 a person learning how to speak certain phrases

This major is all about looking at disorders that prohibit people from being able to communicate their thoughts and feelings in the most clear and concise way possible. If you were to work in a career like this you would mostly be helping people with the disorders try to communicate effectively.

6. Writing

 spice shakers that talk about writing

The art of writing is one that is taken to be all about what you say but also how you say it. There is a major for creative writing that explores historical major pieces of writing as well as allows you to get your ideas out on paper. You could be a blogger or write your own books.

7. Dental Hygiene

a person brushing their teeth

The role of a dental hygienist is one that gives patients advice on how to maintain their teeth . This goes beyond just the normal tooth cleaning or staying away from soda. Depending on the case poor hygiene can cause the decay or teeth.

8. English as a New Language

 the different aspects of english

In this major you will look at how the English langauge came about. This is the major you would go into if you are interested in coupling it with a foreign language so that you would be able to teach English to another country.

9. Entrepreneurship

a clipboard with different ideas

Do you have an idea that seems so crazy it just might work? People get ideas all the time but it is a specific individual who is able to carry out the idea into something that is both successful and profitable. This major will show you how to be your own boss.

10. Game Design and Development

 a person designing a game

The gaming industry is ever-expanding the only difference is that graphics are needed to be better and the systems are always changing. If you want to be able to create your own games such as for mobile apps or video games then this major is for you.

Southern Illinois University is a school that offers a variety of different majors to go into. The variety allows students to truly have the time to figure out what they want to do in life. Make sure to check out more info on these great 10 majors.


10 Coolest Clubs at SIU

The Southern Illinois University (SIU) is a state university established in 1869. This University is situated in Carbondale, Edwardsville, United States with multiple campuses across the Southern Region of the state!

1) Fashion Design and Merchandising Association!

This picture showcases designs created by fashion artists of certain gowns/dresses for women!

Are you interested in fashion designing? This club is designed just for you!! The Fashion and Merchandizing club at SIU is for all students who want to create their own fashion designs as well as, learn about merchandising! It is a great opportunity to also meet several other fashion designers!

2) Project management group!

This picture is a representation of what project management looks like. It involves money, organization, data etc.

The Project management club at SIU is designed for all students to create new value for organizations and their customers by innovating and streamlining business practices.

3) U.S. Green Build Council!

This clipart picture showcases a green society which is the best for the environment.

The U.S green build council is a club formed in SIU which is for all students who are interested in promoting the go green campaign which is created to think of the various ways we can make Earth a better place. It is an aim to improve the world by reporting environmental news and coming up with different methods to help improve the environment! Join now!

4) American Society of Interior Designers! (ASID)

This picture showcases various different tools like paint brushes, different colour palettes, ipads etc. which are required for interior designing.

Are you interested in interior designing? The American Society of Interior Design is a club at SIU for all students who are interested in interior designing. You can learn various methods, tools, and mechanisms that are used for interior designing! Join now and you can also have the opportunity to meet more people!

5) Electronics Association!

This picture showcases the various different parts and tools that are required to create electronics!

The Electronics Club at Southern Illinois University is designed for all students who have a passion and love for electronics. It a way for students to gather together and discuss the mechanisms, tools, and parts of all electronics! Join now!

6) Gamers Mechanics Research Studio!!

This picture represents a game controller and the screen behind is a very popular game called Mario Cart!

The Gamers Mechanics Research Studio is a club designed for all students at SIU who are interested in the mechanics of games. All students are welcome with open discussions and ideas about researching several games! Join now!

7) Student Healthcare Management Association!

This picture is a representation of several different images which represent healthcare, like the first aid sign.

The Student Healthcare Management Association is a club at SIU which concerns the benefits of having health care insurance. Students can join the club and help various ways of promotion and discussions on healthcare! All students are welcome!

8) Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE):

This picture is a fictional representation of two engineers who are working on possible designs of a new building!

Are you an engineering major? This club is for you! The Society of Automotive Engineers is a club at SIU that is for all students who are interested or are engineer majors. All students are welcome and can have open discussions about various mechanisms of engineering!

9) TechDawgs!

This picture showcases the various different technologies that are used daily including phones, laptops, computers etc.

The TechDawgs club is a wonderful organization that is designed for all students who are interested in technology! Come and meet new people and make friends, who have the same passions as you! It is a very welcoming environment and all students can join!

10) American Institute of Architecture Students! (AIAS)

This is a picture of various tools that are used for architecture like a pencil, paper, compass, protractor etc.

The American Institution of Architecture students is a club which is designed for all students who are interested in architecture! All students are welcome to have open discussions about the mechanisms of architecture in a very healthy environment! Join now if you are interested!

Top 5 Events at Southern Illinois University!

1) Punk Rock!

This is a picture which showcases a punk rock artist with pink hair, a black suit, and black sunglasses.

The Punk Rock event at SIU is actually quite different to what you think it would be!  This event is actually a theatre performance which is created by a group of outspoken 17 year-olds who navigate their way through the pressures of their last year in high school hoping to avoid catastrophe and make it to it to their futures! If you enjoy watching theatre, come out to this event!

2) Veterans Day at 100!

This picture showcases the official logo that promotes Veterans Day and the importance of celebrating it.

The Veterans Day at 100 events at Southern Illinois Symphony recognizes the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, with music from the belligerent countries, including John Phillip Sousa’s “In Flanders Field. Join this event and appreciate all the people who are responsible for keeping us safe!

3) Loyola!

This picture showcases a very famous game called WORDS. It is a game which is played by making up certain letter words.

Do you love to play games or enjoy watching games? The event Loyola is a game which is part of inviting all Greek organizations to come to enjoy the game. Come out to this event and enjoy playing or watching!

4) Mozart Coronation Mass!

This is a picture which showcases a very famous musician called Mozart!

The Mozart Mass Coronation is a wonderful event at SIU for all students who love music or enjoy listening to music. The event is an Instrumental concert presented by the SIU School of Music! All students are welcomed and invited to watch the performance!

5) Saluicks!

This picture showcases the various different tools that are used in different sports like a soccer ball, tennis ball etc.

The Saluicks is the national sports team at Southern Illinois University! Several events are held every month where many teams from several different teams from each univeristy or state come for competitions! If you are a fan of sports or enjoying watching sports, come out to this event! All students are welcome!

10 Easiest Classes at Southern Illinois University

Are you looking for some easy courses at SIU to make your time at school more enjoyable? If so, there are many classes to choose from at this school and many are quite easier than others. Here are 10 of the easiest courses that are offered at Southern Illinois University.

1. MATH 107 – Intermediate Algebra

For the students who are not too sharp with math, this class is for them. As one of the easiest entry-level math program, MATH 107 will meet the basic math requirements without requiring a whole lot of work. Although there are other entry-level math courses, Intermediate Algebra is definitely one of the easiest.


2. IST 209 – Intro to Programming

If you are looking for a class that does not have a whole lot of work outside of the classroom, Intro to Programming may be a good fit. There are four teachers that teach this course to hundreds of students because it is another basic class that students can take to satisfy a core requirement.


3. PHIL 104 – Intro to Ethics

Intro to Ethics is a very basic class that satisfies the humanities class requirement and does not require much work outside of the classroom. This class is set in a big lecture setting because it is a popular choice to get a core requirement out of the way. Since this is a lecture, there is also not many assignments other than quizzes and tests involved.


4. POLS 130 – Law in American Society

Law in American Society is a class that is at the entry level and serves as the door into the Political Science world. This class is very simple and covers most of the material that you would have covered in a Civics class in High School. This is another lecture class where students have to sit in large halls with many other people. Again, this makes this class not have much in-class work besides quizzes and tests.


5. PLB 117 – Plants and Society

Mainly built for future botanists, Plants and Society is a class where students can learn about how plants and other environmental elements impact our society. Unless you are about to study botany, this class may be known as a blow off for other students. This class does have a little more homework involved, but it is not too much to handle quite easily.


6. ECE 235 – Electric Circuits

Although this class is not an entry class, Electric Circuits is a very basic class that does not require much work. Unlike the other classes, this course is mainly taught in small class settings. This allows students to make a relationship with the professor which makes the class work much easier.

Image result for electric circuit

7. ZOOL 220 – Animal Diversity

Animal Diversity is one of those classes that really would only be taken by zoology majors, yet it is very easy. This class is known to be one of the easiest that is offered within this program. Students will learn all about animal diversity and its impact on the various ecosystems.


8. CE 442 – Structural Steel Design

Structural Steel Design is another class that is not an entry-level class and is in a small class setting. This is designed for students of architecture and related fields. Although this is a class of a higher level, it is still easy for students to complete.


9. EDUC 210 – Intro to Education

Although Intro to Education is a class designed for education majors, there are still people who take this course with other majors because it is known as one of the easiest courses for any student. The lecture atmosphere makes it easy for students to do well in the class.


10. ENGL 121 – Western Literary Tradition

As an entry-level English course, Western Literary Tradition is another easy way to get a core requirement out of the way. This class focuses on a couple different pieces of classic literature that you may have already read in high school. This means that the concepts are not hard to grasp.


If you are not familiar with how the grading system works at Southern Illinois University, here is a figure of how GPA works at SIU.

Southern Illinois University Grading Scale