10 Coolest Courses at Southern Connecticut State University

Nobody likes taking boring classes; time goes by so slowly and you’re not even interested in what you’re learning. College is much more fun when you take classes that you’re actually interested in and excited about. Luckily, if you’re a student at Southern Connecticut State University, you have a lot of exciting courses to choose from. Check out this list of the top 10 coolest courses offered at Southern Connecticut State University!


A close-up image of people working on a mosaic piece.

This class is perfect for those who are artsy and like to create things. Basic skills, techniques, and applications are explored in the materials and processes of weaving, macrame, leather, rug making, stitchery, mosaics, enameling and assemblages. There’s no wrong answer in this course; you are free to express yourself through your creations. This class is a fun way to de-stress and get an easy A.


An image of film crew shooting on set.

Ever wondered how movies and TV shows are filmed? You’ll get a “behind the scenes” point-of-view in this class, which will uncover the magic that goes behind shooting films and shows. This course explores the phases of producing narrative programs using a single camera, film-style approach. Projects are filmed with HD cameras. This class is sure to keep you entertained the entire semester.


An underwater image of people SCUBA diving.

If you love the ocean or marine life, then this adventurous class is the perfect match. This class teaches the theory and techniques of scuba diving. Subject areas include applied sciences, diving equipment, diving safety, and diving environment. Optional open-water training is available for certification by N.A.U.I. This class is sure to liven up your semester.


A collage of famous rap and hip-hop artists.

Hip Hop and Rap are two of the most popular music genres of today. These two genres are prevalent and important in our culture and society. This course includes critical analysis of the historical, cultural, and artistic influences of Hip Hop and Rap from its origins to present trends. It also considers the place of Hip Hop and Rap as a mediator of cultural messages. This class is fun, exciting, and relatable for Rap and Hip Hop fans.


An illustration of different social media icons.

Nowadays, almost everyone is on social media of some sort. Blogging, podcasting, social networks, and mobile messaging have become an integrated means of expressing and sharing our thinking. This course teaches the application of marketing principles to social media marketing. Students learn user characteristics, media features, and promotion strategies in social media marketing. Includes implementation of social media marketing strategies to achieve effective marketing decision-making.

6. MUS 235 – GUITAR I

A close-up image of two people playing guitar.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument, the guitar is the perfect choice! Guitar playing is a very popular hobby, and the perfect addition to a barbecue or bonfire. This is a basic course in playing the guitar, serving as an introduction to the technique of the instrument and to the literature for the instrument. This guitar class is a fun, relaxing way to gain a new skill and college credits at the same time!


A picture of kitten sleeping.

Everyone loves to sleep; it makes us feel refreshed and ready for the day. But sleep is also an interesting thing. Why do we dream? Why can’t we live without sleep? This class covers many aspects of sleep from many different perspectives. Topics include: types and patterns of sleep, functions of sleep, physiological bases of sleep, development of sleep over the lifespan, sleep disorders, and dreaming. Cultural and individuals differences will be addressed. This course will introduce the research of sleep and how the research can drive social policy. Students will gain insight into sleep patterns and dreaming experiences.


An image of a collapsed bridge and debris.

People are fascinated by the idea of an apocalypse; movies and TV shows surrounding an apocalyptic world are usually very popular. This class is an examination of how apocalyptic predictions in this new millennium shape human organization and activity in the U.S. The culture of fear pervading American society as it relates to apocalyptic prophecies, messages, and catastrophic threats is a key theme in the course. Both secular and religious apocalypse is examined making historical and global comparisons.

9. THR 220 – ACTING I

An image of three people on a stage reading from a script and acting.

Many people dream of being a famous actor, but most don’t realize that many famous actors got their big break through theater! This course teaches the Stanislavski method for making choices through scene work. Includes preparation and presentation of scenes. Advanced improvisational exercises, sensory tasks, and text analysis are stressed. Involves outside class work with scene partners. If your life goal is to be in movies or TV shows, then this class is the first step towards achieving that goal.


A picture of two people holding hands and walking along a beach.

Relationships are very common; they’re found in books, movies, games, and real life. The majority of people will get into at least one romantic relationship during their lifetime. It’s also common to experience more than one relationship, with the majority having two or more romantic partners in their life. This class explores the biological, psychological, sociological and philosophical aspects of human sexuality. Experience in therapeutic effects of dialogue about sex and values. This class is not only relatable, but also interesting.

10 Hardest Courses at SCS

Southern Connecticut State University (SCS) is a state university in Connecticut. The University provides about 181 undergraduate majors, minors, and pre-professional programs and about 47 graduate degree programs in the liberal arts and professional disciplines. Here are some of the hardest courses offered at the institution.


A calculator, pen, and financial records

This accounting course involves advanced concepts related to corporates and their consolidated financial statements. The course consists of a lot of computations and mathematical calculations that students might find hard. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in accounting.


A computer-generated image of a human heart inside the chest cavity

This is a very technical course that focuses on the advanced examination of the major body system diseases that affect respiration. Students will be taught very technical concepts related to respiration. The course also involves very demanding and time-consuming practical sessions that may strain the students.


A computer-generated image of molecules

Biology courses are known for their technical nature. This advanced course is no different. Students will be taught very complex and technical concepts related to macromolecules. Students will also be required to participate in very time-demanding lab sessions where they will observe and analyze different specimens.

4. PHY 410 – OPTICS

An image of an optics representation using a candle and a prism

This is an advanced physics course that focuses on the principles of physical optics and their modern applications. Even with the technical concepts and terminologies that students are expected to grasp, they are also supposed to conduct several practicals that are equally technical and very challenging.


An example of Molecular bonding in biochemistry

Biochemistry is an advanced course in Chemistry that focuses on lipids, cell membranes, nucleic acids, and signal transduction. Students will discuss very technical concepts and required to get familiar with confusing terminologies that they will study throughout the course. Above that, they will also be required to attend very challenging lab sessions.


An example of a solved problem in discrete mathematics

Most courses in math are perceived to be hard by most students; this course is no different. This is because the course involves very complex formulas and calculations related to discrete mathematics. Students will be required to implement the learned concepts in solving various mathematical problems.


A computer generated image of the human brain with gears

Computer science courses are known for being very technical and complex. This course discusses artificial intelligence concepts and their applications in tackling complex real-world problems. Students will learn very complex topics including programming languages.

8. HBR 210 – HEBREW IV

Some Hebrew characters and their meaning

This course has a lot of readings and that’s why it is considered hard. Students will be involved in extensive reading of texts from literature, poetry, newspapers, and ancient sources in Hebrew. They will be required to learn advanced vocabulary, grammar, and language structures in Hebrew.


A red and white capsule with the word psychopharmacology whiten above it

This advanced course in psychology discusses the principles of psychopharmacology. Students will discuss very challenging and technical topics such as drug classification systems, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics among others.


A Geochemistry textbook cover page

This course discusses the chemistry of natural materials and systems including the chemical evolution of the earth over geological time. Students will be introduced to very technical concepts related to geochemistry. They will also be expected to complete a series of very challenging practicals before they complete the course.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Southern Connecticut State University

Are you looking to get involved in your university? Sometimes you can get a bit lost in a big school, but a perfect way to fit is is to join clubs. Southern Connecticut State University offers a lot of clubs, here’s the top 10.

1. Dance Team

a dance team

The Southern Connecticut State University Dance Team is full of experienced dancers, they are looking forward to dancing at the collegiate level and bring pride to the campus. If you are interested in dance than make sure to try out.

2. SCSU Cheerleading

womens cheer-leading team

Cheerleading is team sport, has its own uniqueness and is what gives pride to the school. Tryouts are held in april every year. You have a higher chance in getting in if you have previous experience.

3. Anime Society

an anime character

Fun fact! The Southern Connecticut state university was founded under the name Baka Chan Anime Society. If you love anime and want to chit chat with other peers about your favourite anime than make sure to join.

4. Best Buddies

logo of best buddies

Best Buddies is an organization that follows a global volunteer movement to create best buddies, one in one friendships. You can benefit from gaining some leadership skills. Best buddies matches of people of all ages.

5. Blue Crew

logo of SCSU

Do you want to get involved in the sprite of your school? This club does exactly that! The Blue Crew is all about celebrating the sprite of SCSU. From parties to rallies to sprite nights, everything starts here.

6. Chemistry club

bunch of test tubes

Do you love the sciences especially chemistry? Than this is the club for you. Chemistry club meets weekly and participates in numerous events on and off campus. They also participate in science fairs. A way to learn alot of new things.

7. Chinese Student Association

flag of china

SCSU Chinese Club is an organisation that hopes to spread awareness of the Chinese culture throughout the SCSU campus. This is not only restricted to the Chinese american students but for anyone that is interested in learning more about the culture.

8. Club Taekwondo

guy doing taekwondo pose

Taekwondo club has special teachers to train SCSU students in the korean martial art of taekwondo. You don’t have to have previous experience, so don’t be shy, give it try. The professionals will give you great training.

9. College Democrats

logo of college democrats

As you see the name of this club. This oraganization is all about promoting and supporting the goals of the democratic party. They also serve for the political and social empowerments of the community.

10.  Commuter Commission

A desktop computer screen

Are you a computer geek? Here is a club all for you. This club offers innovating programming for its members. Its all about being innovative and trying new programs. This club meets weekly. Make sure to check it out.

Top 5 Events Southern Connecticut State University

1. Global Brigades Bake Sale

cookies plus other baked goods

This yummy bake sale is to support global brigades as they fundraise for their trip for Ghana. Make sure to check it out and buy some baked goods for yourself.

2. Open Mic night


Open mic night is a free event open for all SCSU students, alumni, and local community members. If your a singer or storyteller all are welcome. Enjoy some coffee style foods and it will give you a great vibe.

3. Folio Literary and Art Magazine

pile of books

Folio Literary and Art Magazine welcomes everyone to the november reading from poetry, fiction and non fiction readers. It will also be featuring new popular books so make sure to check it out.

4. Sit Down & Write

written words on paper with pen

This event is to get your papers done. Procrastination can be a real problem when you have to get a 7 page paper done! This is a free zone to get it done. There also be sessions to make writing a good habit in your daily lives.

5. AATF Webster Concert

guy singing at a concert

This is set to celebrate National French Week. It’s inviting French teachers and students to attend a hip hop concert by Québécois artist Webster. The show will be a hit so make sure to come out. Admissions will be $7 per student, and free for teachers.

Top 10 Dorms at Southern Connecticut

Southern Connecticut State University is a public university in New Haven, CT. Southern Connecticut State University also offers accommodations for its students. Here are the top ten dorms at Southern Connecticut State University.

1. Brownell Hall

Brownell Hall residence exterior building

Address: 114 Farnham Ave, New Haven, CT 06515

Brownell Hall is a residence hall at Southern Connecticut State University. It is the perfect blend of a traditional residence hall and upperclassman housing. The residence is apartment style and accommodates 4-6 students in a room. There are lounges and a full kitchen for the residents.

2. Chase Hall

Chase Hall residence exterior building

Address: 174 Farnham Ave, New Haven, CT 06515

Chase Hall is a classic residence hall at SCSU for freshmen and sophomore students. Chase Hall is fully furnished and has only double and triple occupancy rooms. All rooms feature television hook-ups and wireless internet as well as furniture and amenities. Amenities include air conditioning, laundry facilities, and common lounges.

3. Farnham Hall

Farnham Hall residence exterior building

Address: 166 Farnham Ave, New Haven, CT 06515

Farnham Hall is a residence hall at SCSU for freshmen and sophomore students. Farnham Hall also has mostly double and triple occupancy rooms. All rooms feature television hook-ups and wireless internet as well as furniture and amenities. Amenities include air conditioning, laundry facilities, and common lounges.

4. Hickerson Hall

Hickerson Hall residence exterior

Address: 501 Crescent St, New Haven, CT 06515

Hickerson Hall is a residence hall at SCSU for freshmen and sophomore students. Hickerson Hall is fully furnished and provides residents with a compact refrigerator/microwave unit. Hickerson Hall has a main lounge for students to watch television and relax and rent equipment in the front desk.

5. Neff Hall

Neff Hall residence exterior building

Address: 112-116 Wintergreen Ave, New Haven, CT 06515

Neff Hall is a residence hall at SCSU for freshmen and sophomore students. Neff Hall is fully furnished and provides residents with a compact refrigerator/microwave unit. Neff Hall has community bathrooms and lounges for its residents.

6. North Campus Midrise

North Campus Midrise residence sign and building

Address: 180 Pine Rock Ave, New Haven, CT 06515

North Campus Midrise is the largest residence hall in SCSU and houses over 600 students. North Campus Midrise is an apartment-style dorm with four people per unit. North Campus Midrise also has a quiet study space; a game room featuring an air hockey table, multi-game arcade cabinet, and foosball; a computer lab; and a grocery store.

7. North Campus Townhouses

North Campus Townhouses residence exterior

Address: 2124-003-00-0000, New Haven, CT 06515

North Campus Townhomes are an apartment complex offered for upperclassmen. North Campus Townhomes has a full-size refrigerator, kitchen and coffee tables. They have the same amenities as the midrise buildings and have TV access.

8. Schwartz Hall

Schwartz Hall residence exterior building

Address: 501 Crescent St, New Haven, CT 06515

Schwartz Hall offers apartment-style living for students and has double, triple and quad occupancy apartments. Each apartment has a full kitchen with a full refrigerator and stove/oven. All apartments in this residence hall are furnished and include air conditioning.

9. West Campus

West Campus residence exterior building

Address: 501 Crescent St, New Haven, CT 06515

West Campus offers both double, triple occupancy and suite-style rooms. The residence hall is co-ed and houses 350 residents. West Campus also offers recreation equipment, video game room, and a computer lab.

10. Wilkinson Hall

Wilkinson Hall residence exterior building

Address: 158 Farnham Ave, New Haven, CT 06515

Wilkinson Hall is a suite-style residence hall with freshman and sophomore year residents. There are both double and triple occupancy rooms for residents. Wilkinson Hall is furnished, has amenities, laundry facilities and a utility room.

Here’s Your Move-in Day Packing List at Southern Connecticut State University

1. Room Basics

Furnished dorm room with bedding and decor in front of the window

– Bedding
– Carpet
– Room decor
– Window
– Storage
– Pictures

2. Food and Snacks

Variety of food and snacks

– Groceries
– Meal plan
– Mini-fridge
– Microwave
– Plates
– Bowls
– Cups
– Utensils

3. Tech and Entertainment

Laptop to represent technology and entertainment

– Laptop
– Cell phone
– Charger
– Netflix
– Television

4. School Supplies

school supplies

– Pencils
– Pens
– Erasers
– Notebooks
– Backpacks
– Textbooks
– Highlighters

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

Person carrying tub full of cleaning supplies

– Dishwasher soap
– Handwashing dish soap
– Laundry detergent
– Laundry softener
– Tide Pods
– Wipes
– Swifter

6. Campus Gears

SCSU gift store with school apparel

– Southern Connecticut State University t-shirt
– Backpack
– Water bottle
– Comfortable shoes
– Snow gear

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

Hoverboard to represent things you should probably not bring to college

– Hoverboard
– Instapot
– Pets
– Halogen lamp
– Anything that causes a fire!

10 of the Easiest Courses at SCSU

When all of your hard classes are really getting you down mid-semester, you may start to wish you had filled up some of your class slots with something a little easier. Don’t give up now – take a look at this list of 10 of the easiest classes you can take at SCSU, and keep them in mind for next semester!


This is a basic course in which you will learn about different elements of communication, including verbal, nonverbal, feedback, and technological factors. If you ever plan on working in an office, or any kind of corporate setting, this class is an easy introduction to learning how to effectively communicate in a professional setting.

An image of two people in suits shaking hands


In this class, you’ll get an introduction to the creative forms of music, art, drama, and dance, through hands-on activities in class. If you’re willing to be an active participant and get your hands dirty, this is a very easy way to gain 3 credits. No experience necessary!

An image of someone painting with a paintbrush and palette


In this easy intro-level class, you’ll learn about different approaches to critical thinking necessary for the study of culture. There are several readings assigned, but in the type of class, it’s pretty easy to get away with skimming or even skipping a few here and there.

International Students


If you’ve ever been interested in multimedia, this is a great intro class. In it, you’ll develop skills in photo, video, audio, data, and web tools. If you’ve ever played around with software like Garageband or a photo editor, you won’t have to stress over this class!

A screenshot from a digital video editing program


This is one of the easiest science classes with a lab that you can take if you’re not a science major. It’s made specifically for those who are not bio majors, so you don’t have to worry about competing with people who have more specialized knowledge than you. If you’re interested in animals, you’ll do fine in this class!

A photo of a penguin colony, in front of a view of mountains


This class is guaranteed to be a breeze for those who grew up in the Internet Age. We’re all familiar with social media, and this class is essentially a focus on building and managing one’s social media presence to prepare you for doing so in a professional setting.

An image of six different social media app icons


A lot of people are intimidated by language-learning, and especially when it concerns sign languages. However, this class is taught in a very approachable way and is meant to be accessible to all. Studying a non-verbal language opens your mind to different perspectives on communication and culture, and this is an easy introduction to ASL!

An image of an American Sign Language alphabet chart


A favorite of non-science people, this easy astronomy class satisfies any lab requirement you may have, and is fun at the same time! You’ll get to learn about the universe, and space exploration.



Known as one of the easiest intro-level classes you can take during your undergrad years, philosophy is a great elective to take, regardless of your major. As long as you’re willing to bring your opinions to class and participate in discussions, that’s really all there is to it!

An image of a bookshelf filled with old, classical literature


This course will provide an overview of the attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles that can foster personal well-being. This is simple stuff, that we’ve most likely all heard before. Come with an open mind and a willingness to embrace healthy practices, and it’ll be a breeze!

A photo of a woman meditating on the beach, by the sunset

It’s so important to have a balance between more and less work-intensive classes during your time at SCSU. Having too much stress can and will negatively affect your performance as a student. Keep this list in mind, in case you’re ever in need of some easier classes in order to take a load off of your course schedule.

25 Types of Professors You Will Have at Southern Connecticut State University

1. The Ancient Professor

2. The Big Shot Professor

3. The Hot Professor


4. The “Freshman” Professor


5. The Professor Who is Always Late


6. The Really Detailed & Strict Professor


7. The Boring Professor


8. The “How Did You Become a Professor?” Professor


9. The Life Changing Professor


10. The Bossy Professor


11. The Tenured Professor


12. The Mumbling Professor


13. The Weird Professor


14. The Snobby Professor


15. The Spitting Professor


16. The Chill Professor


17. The Hippie Professor


18. The Party Professor


19. The “Call You Out” Professor


20. The Foreign Professor


21. The Comedian Professor


22. The Professor Who Just Reads


23. The Egotistical Professor


24. The Online Course Professor


25. The Power Point Professor

Best and Worst Things About Your First Week on Southern Connecticut State University

The thrill you’ll get the second you set foot in your dorm room for the first time is an unforgettable feeling. The world (well, campus’s teensy-tiny corner of it) is yours, and it’s up to you to make the most of Week One. Those seven days are going to be jam-packed with adventure, but you’ll probably encounter a few things you’d rather not experience. Wondering what you should know in advance? Check out this best/worst breakdown.


1. Finally living on your own

No parents! No siblings! No emptying the dishwasher or driving your cousin to soccer practice! Sure, having a roommate means you’re technically not living on your own. But this is the most freedom you’ve had thus far.

2. The open doors

Throughout the first week in your residence hall, you’ll likely find more doors open than shut. Everyone’s so eager to put themselves out there that they sacrifice privacy for the sake of potential friendship. Because there’ll be plenty of time for locks once the semester starts, you should take advantage of your door prop. You never know who you might meet!

3. Decorating your dorm room

Your walls are like four blank—no, bland—canvases, which means you get to spruce them up however you please. Photo collages? Perfect! String lights? Heck yes! This is your chance to truly own the space you’ve been given—no interior design skills required.

4. The parties

All those floormates who follow the open-door policy will be equally eager to throw down. Shocking, right? Get ready for zero dull moments and about a million stories you’ll end up retelling to anyone and everyone you meet over the next four years.

5. Free stuff!

Week One is the time for freebies. So. Many. Freebies. From neon t-shirts to beach balls and lanyards, you’ll find enough school swag to build a second wardrobe. If you’re hungry, there may even be free pizza! Snag as much as your arms can carry.


1. Unpacking

Decorating can (and should!) be fun, but it’ll require a lot of unpacking that, if you’re like me, you’d rather not do during Week One. If you haven’t already started packing, take this as your warning to pack wisely. Doing so will save you from shattering ceramic mugs and struggling with mismatched socks.

2. Sleep? Good luck.

The dorm room parties will last all night, every night, and your super-thin mattress is going to take some getting used to, so I repeat: good luck. Try to appreciate the restless week for what it is. If you just can’t take the tiredness, though, pick up a pair of earplugs and nap during periods of downtime.

3. Getting lost

You won’t automatically know your way around campus. Unfortunately, finding it means you’ll have to lose track of where you are and wander aimlessly for a bit. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are plenty of upperclassmen and faculty members willing to guide you.

4. Homesickness

Whether you’re far from home or just a quick drive away, you’re going to miss your bed. And your bathroom. And your parents’ stocked fridge. Though tough to conquer, your homesickness can and will get better with time. Consider it your motivation to immerse yourself in clubs, classes, and other campus activities.

5. Pre-college nerves

This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for since you got your acceptance letter! However, it also means college is officially happening. You’ll be nervous. You’ll have some dreams in which you sleep through an exam or lose your keys. You may wake up in a cold sweat, but hey—don’t sweat it. Everyone’s jittery during Week One.

7 Types of Boys You Might Meet at Southern Connecticut State University

1. The 1st Week Fling

He is everything you have imagined in a University boy, maybe even more! Funny, great to dance with, AND confident. Or is he TOO confident? The answer will be clear after the 1st week.

2. Your Floor Fellow

Maybe you have a secret crush on your floor fellow. He’s older, wiser, and nicer than the boys from home. The crush will end as a crush though. BUT there is a chance he will become your strongest ally when you are in trouble with life at UCLA! And maybe someday you would want to be him to other younger Bruins.

3. The Boys Next Door

Whether you’re in Rez or any other type of housing, you will establish a some sort of relationship with him. Like it or not, he will be someone you can’t avoid. AND plus, if you are in Upper Rez, he will be the guy who knows all about your “personal life” and your music taste. 

4. Business Boys

All suited up for school? YES PLEASE! You will never meet another group of people as motivated and well-dressed in the entire campus. 

5. The Frat Star

You might not be able to identify them during day time. But during night, they are fun, extreme, and SUPER ENERGETIC! No wonder you spot lots of your leaders in Frats. 

6. Gym Enthusiasts

Yeah, pretty common on Campus. With so many varsity and intramural sports to choose from, you can spot them at the gym. Usually sweating and way too focused on their sport or bod.

7. Your Guy Friend

Probably the craziest out of all of them. There’s always a crazy drunk story following you and him. AND That’s why you keep him around! 


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The Best and Worst Things About Greek Life at SCSU

You’ve seen them in movies, caught them on TV, and heard all about them from your older friends. But which Greek life rumors are actually true? Here’s why pledging a fraternity or sorority could be the coolest and craziest decision you make in college.


1. The letters

Think of all the Greek life swag you’ll get! There are t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and, heck, probably even socks—all with your chapter’s letters on them. Make sure to leave a little room in your closet on move-in day.

2. The friendships

You’ll meet plenty of people at college. However, the friendships formed through Greek life are next-level deep. Pledging brings fraternity and sorority hopefuls together, and, if all goes well, initiation makes them brothers and sisters for life.


3. The parties

Let’s be real—you probably won’t make it through the front door of at least one party this year. (Pro tip: When in doubt, say you know “insert popular name HERE” and hope for the best!) If you join Greek life, though, you’ll get guaranteed access to mixers, theme nights, and some memorable chapter house parties. 


4. The formals

If you missed your high school prom or felt like the night ended too soon, then here’s your chance to do it again! Most fraternities and sororities hold formals near the end of each semester. Grab a date, toss on your dancing shoes, and appreciate the lack of parent/teacher chaperones.


5. The networking opportunities

Remember that bit about becoming brothers and sisters for life? Well, it’s no joke—especially when alumni weekends roll around. Greek life grants you instant access to a network of career people who carry their chapters’ letters with them wherever they go. And who knows? Sharing a CEO’s letters could land you an interview!



1. The price tag

Before joining Greek life, you’ll want to have a serious conversation with your wallet. The clothes, formals, and events are great perks, but each comes at a price. And, on top of those costs, the dues will definitely set you back a bit.


2. The not-so-fun pledge tasks

Just because hazing’s been on the chopping block for years doesn’t mean you’ll be able to make it through the pledging process with your dignity fully intact. You’ll most likely lose sleep, and you might even be forced to wear a mascot suit in the middle of campus. Hope you don’t embarrass easily.


3. The time commitment

Greek life takes up a lot of time. Between the weekly chapter meetings and mandatory events, it may end up feeling like you’re constantly on-the-clock for your fraternity or sorority. Make sure you keep an updated planner or calendar app by your side at all times.


4. The chaos

Hanging out with your Greek life family is fun…until you’re trying to study for a midterm but can’t think straight because everyone’s in the living room playing Super Smash Bros. Weekends are notorious for loud parties, but, unfortunately, weeknights may be just as wild.


5. The Greek life bubble

Some Greek life members get so caught up in their chapters that they miss out on opportunities to spend time with the world beyond the bubble. Sure, your fraternity or sorority is home to some of your best friends. But don’t let that stop you from chatting up your other classmates.


Greek life is unforgettable. The experience has its ups and downs, but, if you think the pros outweigh the cons, go for it!