Top 10 Buildings at South Mountain Community College You Need to Know

South Mountain Community College is a public community college that is home to 4,000 students. This community college is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is one of the most competitive schools in the Maricopa County Community College District and offers students a wide range of opportunities to choose from and utilize. If you are looking to join this campus, then you should familiarize yourself with the campus! Below are ten of the buildings that you need to know at South Mountain Community College.

1. Music Building

A classroom in the Music Building

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85042

This building is home to SMCC’s School of Music. This building houses a number of classrooms for the music department, offices for administration and staff, rehearsal rooms, and a number of individualized practice spaces for music students to use.

2. Student Union

A look inside the Student Union lounge

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85042

This building is the hub of campus life. It is the Student Union Building. Students will be able to find the Student Union lounge area, dining options, study spaces, recreational spaces, and a game room. This building is also home to a number of event spaces for student organizations as well.

2. Classroom Building

Inside of a classroom in the Classroom Building

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85042

This is the home to the Classroom Building. Students will be able to find a number of classrooms that are dedicated to providing campus with a main building in which classes are held. This classrooms also holds a number of huge lecture halls as well.

4. South Mountain Community Library

Outside of the South Mountain Community Library

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85042

This building is the hub of academic and learning life. This building is called the South Mountain Community Library. Students will be able to find book collections, periodicals, computer stations, printing services, study rooms, quiet spaces, and copying services.

5. Performing Arts Center

The front of the Performing Arts Center

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85042

This building is home to the Performing Arts Center of SMCC. Students will be able to find rehearsal rooms, individual rehearsal and practice rooms, and classrooms for the performing arts. This center also features an art gallery in the lobby.

6. Gymnasium Fitness Center

The sign inside the SMCC Gymnasium

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85042

This building is home to the SMCC Gymnasium Fitness Center. This is the hub for health and fitness. Students will be able to find a number of exercise equipment, group fitness studios, a pool that is indoor, weight equipment, and locker rooms to utilize as well.

7. Agribusiness and Equine Center Annex

The Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85042

The Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center is dedicated to agriculture and agricultural businesses. It offers the campus a number of resources for students who are studying agriculture. Students will also able to find classrooms and offices here.

8. Life Sciences Building

Person that is studying life sciences

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85042

This building is the hub of life sciences. Students who are studying biological sciences, physiology, and environment will find their place here. This building is home to a number of classrooms, offices, teaching labs, and research labs.

9. Liberal Arts Building

Person raising their hand in a liberal arts class

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85042

This building is the home to the department of liberal arts. Students who are studying social sciences, creative arts, and humanities will be able to find their home here. It is home to a number of advising offices, administrative offices, classrooms, and lounge areas.

10. Learning Resource Center

Inside of the Learning Resource Center

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85042

This building is one of the main hubs for learning and academic library. Students will find the Learning Resource Center here. This center is home to a wide-variety of services for students to utilize. This includes academic advising and tutoring for all classes.

If you have ever been a person who isn’t necessarily good at knowing your way around, then hopefully this list has helped you become more familiar with the buildings and what resources each of them has.

10 Coolest Courses at South Mountain Community College

South Mountain Community College is a public community college located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is one of the 10 college located in Maricopa County. The school offers associates degrees and transfer credit for other universities to over 8,000 students every year. Here are 10 of the coolest courses at South Mountain Community College!

1. AIS110 – Navajo Government

Navajo elders at a meeting.

How would you like to learn more about the major American Indian tribe that resides in Arizona, the Navajo? This course focuses on the governance, laws, traditions and society of the Navajo Indians. Federal laws and their effects on Navajo life are major discussion points in the class. It satisfies the cultural diversity requirement.

2. AJS201 – Rules of Evidence

Two cryptographers discuss the rules of evidence in a cartoon

This course is very important for those who want to enroll in law enforcement. Evidence is the key to any crime investigation. You will learn how to recognize evidence, what is considered admissible evidence, and the hearsay rule. Some forms of evidence discussed include written, oral, photographic, and circumstantial.

3. CIS121AE – Windows Operating System: Level 1

A user navigates the Windows 10 operating system.

Do you have no idea how to navigate the Windows operating system? Have no fear since you can just take this class! You’ll learn how to master the basics including how to navigate and customize the desktop, how to install and manage software, and how to get the most performance out of your PC. You’ll also learn about the Windows file system and security. Before you know it, you’ll be a master of Windows!

4. FON 241 – Principles Of Human Nutrition

A food guide lists the recommended values of each nutrient.

Do you want to learn how to eat healthily? This course is all about the scientific principles of nutrition. You’ll learn about macro and micro nutrients and their role in the human body. In addition, you’ll be prepared to prevent diseases from malnutrition simply by eating proper meals. Get rid of all the junk food and start eating your way to a better life today!

5. PED 101GO – Golf

Donald Trump practicing his golf drive in Scotland.

Did your parents say you had to take a sport in college? How about golf? It’s easy and you won’t need to learn how to play beforehand! You will learn how to make a shot, how to select the proper club, and course etiquette. Even advanced players can get something new out of this course!

6. SBS 213 – Hiring and Managing employees

Prospective candidates wait for an interview.

If you want to run a small business, you’re going to have to hire some people to help you. This class will teach you how to manage your employees including how to handle work styles, planning, problem employees, and motivation. You will learn about real world scenarios so you can better understand employee dynamics. Along the way, you will develop a plan for addressing staffing needs.

7. STO 295 – Traditional Storytelling Around the World

An orator tells a story to a captive audience.

Do you like telling stories to your friends or people you barely know? Well, now you can experience story telling from around the world! Learn about the practices unique in story telling from different countries. You will practice telling traditional stories while understanding the role of the story teller.

8. REA 179 – Real Estate Principles I

A realtor advertises an open house.

If you want to make a living selling houses, don’t go to those conventions! Instead, take an actual course on how to sell houses for profit. First, you will learn about the profession including laws regarding a realtor’s license. Then, you will discuss the economics of real estate, property negotiations, foreclosure, and land value. You’ll get the basics down in this course just in time to take part 2!

9. BHS 190 – Professional Portfolio: Supervised Practice in Behavioral Health and Social Services

A intern talks to a patient in a hospital environment.

How would you like to gain real world experience while possibly getting paid and still in school? This internship experience is just what you may need! You will be placed in a mental health institution where you will gain up to 80 hours of experience. In addition, you will learn about the problems facing behavioral health professionals in lectures.

10. ITD 200 – The Physical Child: Birth to Age 3

A new mother plays with her child.

Childbirth is a wonderful thing but what happens to a child in the first years of its development? This course examines the physical aspects of child development during the first 3 years. Students will learn about proper nutrition for infants as well as how to feed and nurture newborns. They will also learn how to detect developmental delays.

Those were 10 really cool classes you can take at South Mountain Community College! Learn how to take care of a newborn and learn about their growth. Practice pitching a house sale to interested buyers. How about a simple round of golf? You can do all that and more by going on the website and applying now!

10 Hardest Classes at South Mountain Community College

Universities are filled with many classes! Some are meant to help you move across your major curriculums while others allow you to take something that aligns with your interests. The hardest college classes prepare you for employment after you graduate but there are some of the toughest classes in college that give you the tools to deal with many difficult problems in your field. Regardless, they all give you a diverse set of lessons and experience that can be taken into the real world. In this list, you’ll find the hardest classes at South Mountain Community College.

1. PHY131 – University Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism

If you’re interested in how electric charge works, this course will give you basic instruction in those topics. You’ll learn how to understand current, electric and magnetic fields and induction in a variety of materials.

Different kinds of physics formulas on a blackboard

2. SBS203 – Financing And Cash Management For A Small Business

Businesses begin every single day and it’s important to know different areas to succeed. This course includes lessons on cash flow planning, identification of financial needs and sources, and equity and debt financing. Students will be able to create their own financial plan for their individual company. This hands-on approach will put an emphasis on sales revenue projection, expense allocation, inventory cost control, and day-to-day operational budgeting.

"Financing" spelled out using Scrabble pieces

3. REA201 – Real Estate Principles I And II

This real estate course will prepare students for a career with the proper tools to succeed. Students don’t need to take any prerequisites and it satisfies Arizona’s requirement of 90 hours of prelicensure education. Lessons include rights and interests in land, contract law, real estate sales contracts, mortgage and notes payable, deeds of trust, lending practices, loans and consumer rights, sources of financing real estate loans, escrow and settlement procedures, and so much more.

A cartoon blue house with e a "for sale" sign in front

4. ENH255 – Contemporary U.S. Literature and Film

Books stacked on top of one another with one open at the top

In this class, you’ll discuss challenges of creating a film from a book, as well as a variety of topics based on casting, narratives, values found in the industries. It will address racial, ethnic, gender, class and religious differences between cultures and both mediums.

5. GLG106 – Life in the Universe

If you’re not studying science as your selected major, you can take this course as an introduction to the search for life in the universe. You’ll study Earth’s location in space and time, nature of life, origin and history of the universe, and the possibility of life on other planets. This course will cover the Natural Sciences (Quantitative) requirement.

Image of outer space seen surrounding the Earth

6. HCR240 – Human Pathophysiology

Human Pathophysiology finds underlying human diseases processes based on cell injury, genetic and congenital disorders, and microbiological and immunologic factors. You’ll learn about the structural and how alterations of pathophysiology factors in health affect your body.

A body cell molecule  with the word pathophysiology on top

7. MAT221 – Calculus with Analytic Geometry I

For many people, math is a difficult subject. This course will discuss limits, differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable, and many other topics that will prepare you for advanced levels of math.

Variety of math equations

8. BPC1708 – A+ Exam Prep: Computer Hardware Configuration and Support

Students interested in the inner workings of personal computers will discover the technical aspects including system components, installation, and system configurations. If you’ll be taking the CompTIA A+ examinations, this course will help students prepare for the exams. The only prerequisite is a grade of C or better in CIS105.

A piece of a computer's hardware

9. CNT170AA – Cisco – Connecting Networks

Are you preparing for Cisco certification examinations? CNT170AA gives you a wide range of knowledge on network devices and WAN technologies that meet network requirements for the exams. You’ll practice configuring and troubleshooting network devices, resolving common data link protocols issues, and implementing Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) operations.

Logo for CISCO

10. ECN212 – Microeconomic Principles

Microeconomic principles include the theory of consumer choice, price determination, and income distribution. If you’re interested in how monopolies, oligopolies and the effects of government regulation affect microeconomies, this course will prepare you with the skills for a long lasting career.

Chart detailing how different effects have an effect on economics

If you need to take the courses on this list, make sure to speak to alumni to figure out the best way to prepare for the class. Speaking to the professors teaching the courses or auditing for a day can give you a sense of their teaching styles.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at SMCC

There is something for every student at South Mountain Community College. Below are 10 of the clubs that students should look into to enhance their educational experience.

1) Spirit Club

The Spirit Club is the organization on campus that focuses on school pride. The Spirit Club and its members support the students and faculty at South Mountain Community College, as well as the surrounding community.

South Mountain Community College

2) Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club works to educate its members on environmental issues, what being sustainable means, how to become more sustainable in your own life, and how to take action. The club also touches on personal health, businesses, and lifestyle.

A cartoon of a green world

3) Student Governance

The Student Governance Board is for the student who is passionate about student leadership and creating a better community for South Mountain Community College. The group plans events, services, and programs for the students at SMCC.

A cartoon of student government

4) Think South Mountain

The Think South Mountain Club is a club that works to connect members, students, and all of the South Mountain Community. The club strives to share unique stories with these groups, opening their minds to people who have had different experiences.

A picture of the South Mountain Community

5) Digital Connect Cub

The Digital Connect Club works to connect the students of South Mountain Community College to the digital realm. The members achieve this through the student newspaper and through creating apps.

The Digital Connect Club

6) Club Teach

Club Teach is an excellent way for future teachers to develop teaching skills, reach out and work in the community, and learn about their future career. The club is an excellent jumpstart and resume builder for educators.

A teacher reading to students

7) Art Club

The Art Club is for the artistically inclined student. Whether you create art or appreciate art, you will find a welcoming space in the Art Club for your creative side.

A student painting a mural

8) Collegiate DECA (Business Club)

Collegiate DECA is a club created for the purpose of benefiting students studying business at South Mountain Community College. The club is for students who are planning on studying marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.

A picture of a business man at work

9) International Friends Club

The International Friends club is for the student who is passionate about learning about differences in cultures. The members of the club are given a safe space to share ideas, cultural differences, and their life experiences.

A cartoon of friends around the world

10) Medical Scrub Club

This club is designed to motivate students who are interested in the medical field. South Mountain Community College provides students with guidance, knowledge and motivation to pursue their goals in the Medical Scrub Club.

Medical students studying away

Top 5 Events at South Mountain Community College

South Mountain Community College not only offers some amazing clubs and organizations, but events as well! Below are five of the events offered to the SMCC community.

1) Stress Awareness Day

South Mountain Community College works to ensure that its students have low stress levels while they are studying. Stress Awareness Day is a mental health centered day, where students are taught how important it is to put yourself first.

Students enjoying some stress relief.

2) Konfections 4 Kids

Konfections 4 Kids is a great way to give back to the community. This event happens monthly and is an event where baked goods and their sales are used to benefit people in need.

Delicious baked goods!

3) Circle of Nations Taco Sale

What’s better than a delicious taco between classes? The Circle of Nations puts on a taco sale fundraiser, selling tacos to students. Be sure to bring a few extra dollars with you! You won’t be able to stop eating these delicious treats.

Bring some money for tacos!

4) Campus Engagement – Donuts and Info

It can always be overwhelming to start college. The Campus Engagement event is designed to get students involved on campus, help their find their niche, and creates a community amongst the students. And, there are donuts!

A picture of delicious donuts!

5) Do Something Nice Day

There is nothing better than being nice. South Mountain Community College has a “Do Something Nice Day” to spread some good karma on campus, leaving every student with a smile on their face!

Smiles everywhere!

10 Easiest Courses at SMCC

If you’re currently a student in one of the ten colleges in the Maricopa County Community College District, you’re probably trying to get your Associate’s degree as soon as you can. That can mean looking for some easy classes to finish your requirements. Here are a few courses that you may be interested in:

1. ACC 121 – Income Tax Preparation

Every college/university should teach students how to file their own taxes. ACC 121 will prepare you with the experience of making your own individual federal income tax returns while using computer software. Best part of it all is that this is an online course! You can take your time learning and mastering the federal tax forms.

person crunching numbers using calculator

2. AJS101 – Introduction to Criminal Justice 

AJS 101 is an introductory course to crime and and how a society responds to it. The course examines the nature and causes of crime, criminal law, and the organization and operation of the criminal justice system including the police, courts, jails, prisons, probation and parole departments. Topics also include the history of the criminal justice system, various terminologies and career opportunities.

Yellow tape in a crime scene

3.ARH100 – Introduction to Art 

This course will help you understand and enjoy art through painting, sculpture, architecture design, and photography. There’s an emphasis on contemporary topics and cultural diversity throughout the arts. If you have an interest in art, this course will be very interesting for you!

girl painting by window

4. ART142 – Introduction to Digital Photography 

Similarly to other digital photography, this course will help you feel more confident using a camera. It includes camera operations, exposure techniques, introduction to digital output, and theory of digital photography.

Someone holding a iPhone camera in front of a landscape

5. BHS264 – Understanding Trauma

BHS 264 is an introduction to trauma in children and adults. It will discuss the impact of trauma on human development, mental health, personality, and overall wellness. The course will cover an overview of major screening tools for assessing and the major treatment modalities available for treating trauma.

Child hiding their face during a traumatic experience

6. BIO100 – Biology Concepts

BIO 100 is an introductory course that covers the basic principles and concepts of biology. Topics include methods of scientific inquiry and behavior of matter and energy in biological systems. Biology discusses many different areas of science and this can be a very helpful course if you want to study Biology.

student at biology lab for research

7. CIS114 – Excel Spreadsheet 

Knowing how to use Excel Spreadsheet can help you in many situations. This course will teach you computer spreadsheet skills that are useful for solving business problems on Excel, including calculations, projections, database searching, linking and statistics. You’ll be able to produce graphs and reports by using multiple, integrated spreadsheets.

Screenshot of an excel spreadsheet

8. COM100 – Introduction to Human Communication 

COM 100 is a theory and practical course that will teach you about using your  communication skills in different public, small group, and interpersonal settings. Topics include the study of the speech communication process and theories behind them.

One person speaking through a can and the other person listening

9. COM110 – Interpersonal Communication

This course will discuss the communication skills that affect your day-to-day interactions with other people. Topics include using verbal and nonverbal symbols, interactive listening, resolving interpersonal conflict, developing and maintaining personal and professional relationships.

Different skills to be a great communicator

10. CPD150 – Strategies for College Success

CPD 150 focuses on increasing your success through lessons on personal growth, study skills development and educational and career planning. This course will lead you to a stronger college success.

3 strategy pointing towards a goal

Hopefully one of these courses excite you! Consider the easy courses you would like to take during your next semester and keep getting those A’s. Good luck!