10 Coolest Courses at South Louisiana Community College

The fall semester is coming up soon and you must be looking for new classes to take! South Louisiana Community College has many unique courses that aren’t tied to specific majors. Anyone can take any of these classes if they’re of interest to you. Check out these cool courses at South Louisiana Community College:


Chefs making a pastry in the kitchen

Interested in the culinary profession? In CULN 1207, you’ll learn about practical cooking applications and theoretical information. Students will be able explore different career options, tools and equipment used in the kitchen, menu making, and the “mise en place” preparation principles. If you wish to further your career in the culinary profession, you will be able to learn about trade publications and professional organizations that offer higher education.


Team of EMTs practicing a drill

Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedics are becoming important career choices to consider. This course investigates the role and responsibilities of the EMT, basic cardiac life support, and the care of ill patients. Students will learn to appropriately assess, recognize and manage all kinds of cardiovascular and pulmonary emergencies. Being an EMT is a great way way to learn basic skills that can help when pursuing a higher position.


Person welding metal

Not that many schools over courses like welding! WELD 1205 introduces students to the principles of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), safe setup of equipment, and the practice of welding stinger beads. This hands-on course will help you practice using single and multi-pass fillet welds with flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions.


names of each area in a hair follicle

As you follow your interest in cosmetology, this intro course discusses skin, hair and the scalp for a basic introduction into what your future courses will be like. These topics are analyzed according to their structures and functions on the human body. You’ll also explore a variety of diseases that can show up in the skin, scalp, and hair.


Airplane flying off the road and into the sky

Are you interested in flying a plane? These lectures and laboratory sessions use mathematics, physics, and aerodynamics to discuss their relationship to aircraft maintenance. You’ll cover aircraft drawings, blueprints, graphs, and charts while learning about fueling, directing, securing, and providing fire suppression for airplanes and helicopters. Aviation maintenance courses like AVMT encourage students to become critical thinkers since they’ll be in high pressure situations.


Design done through a graphics program

Knowing how to create graphics is pretty cool! Students will utilize vector and raster software on a Macintosh operating system. These tools will help you produce graphics for use in the digital media industry. It’ll be awesome to learn to separate color, improve poor images, photographs, and scanned images while using different tools and techniques learned in class.


An inter-web of people connected

Networking is such an important skill to learn as a college student but this kind of networking deals with the internet! This course will cover the following topics: network technologies, media, and topologies, devices, management, tools and security. After a semester here, you’ll know how to install, configure, and troubleshoot networking hardware, protocols, and services.


Two people working on a car

Interested in automotive service technologies? There are many career opportunities available for people who love working with cars. In AUTO 10002 you’ll discuss the safety factors, responsibilities, and tools used in this industry. Topics include careers, chemicals used, certification requirements, and OSHA and EPA regulations.


Apple Mac computer desktop

If you love working on computers this class would be great for you! As a student you’ll be introduced to information technology and the basics of computer organization. Topics will also include the architecture surrounding networks and the Internet. It’s a good way to learn about what goes on the deeper surface of a computer.


Group of ACs, refrigerator, and heating tools

Learning a trade such as heating, air conditioning and refrigeration can come in handy in the future when you’re living on your own. You’ve come to the right class as there are many jobs in the field that need a lot more employees. Topics include safety and health, inventory control, stock management, licensure, certification requirements, and so much more!

10 Hardest Courses at South Louisiana Community College

College students are often told that they need to take easy classes just to get an A and move on with their studies. However, there is fun in getting a little bit of a challenge. Some courses are harder than others due to the amount of work that it takes or the course is simply just, well, hard. Some students who are up for the challenge aim to exceed the expectations and go above and beyond the minimum. Below we have compiled a list of some of the hardest courses that you will find at South Louisiana Community College that is designed to challenge students who go above and beyond.

1. CHEM 1030 – General Chemistry I

Tools that are used in chemistry

Do you have chemistry with someone? This class is geared towards helping students gain a better understanding about the different levels of chemistry. Students will learn about bonding, gas laws, molecules, chemical equations, stoi-chemetry, and quantitative problems. This class is very complex and will require you to do some outside studying on your own so that you can grasp concepts better.

2. AUTO 1604 – Electronic I

People that are surrounding a new car system

This class will surely test your knowledge on technology. Students will be required to learn about the different theories and fundamentals of electrical currents when it comes to automotive systems, batteries, starting, charging, lighting, and air conditioning. Students will also have to complete a lab portion which is very hands on. This class requires students to focus on the steps and different processes.

3. BIOL 1010 – General Biology I

A symbol for the basics of biology

This class will allow students to learn about different concepts when it comes to biology. Students will learn about genetic and cell functions, genetics, cell structure, the make-up of DNA, and biological molecules. Students will also have to study outside of class as this class is very test heavy and has a lot of concepts.

4. ACCT 2101 – Principles of Financial Accounting I

A person handling financial accounting business

This class is designed to help students get a grasp on financial accounting. If you are good with numbers, this is the class for you. Students will learn about transactions, recording of money, stocks, equity, and income when it comes to assets. This class requires students to study outside of the classroom and to also practice various equations and situations to apply to accounting methods.

5. CJUS 1010 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

A symbol for criminal justice

The criminal justice system is very complex. This class will give students a look into the historical and philosophical background of it. Students will learn about the background of police work, how policies are made, the different levels of organizations, and the organization of the judicial system. Students will have to study terms outside of the class and will need to know how to apply them to real-world contexts.

6. DPET 1103 – Basic Hydraulics

A diagram of a basic hydraulic system

This class is designed to give students a more in depth look at hydraulic systems. Students will learn about the inspection, evaluation, and repair process when it comes to hydraulics. Students will also be required to do some hands on projects to test their own knowledge on parts. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and know different processes right on the spot by studying outside of class.

7. ENGL 2170 – World Literature I

A look at readings from around the world

This class is designed to give students an in depth look at writing from around the world. This class will closely exam world writers that are from the Anglo-Saxons to the 1600s. Students will look for social, geographical, ethnic, and religious views when it comes to world literature. This class will heavily analyze different works so be prepared to read beyond the text.

8. ECON 2010 – Survey of Economics Principles

A look at the word economics spelled out

This class is geared towards allowing students to know the basic principles of economics on a national and global level. Students will learn about international trade, fiscal policies, economic growth, market structure, and price determination. Students will also learn more about how policies are made and trends within the economy. Be prepared to study concepts outside of class as well.

9. DGMD 2750 – Animation for 3D Art

A still of the Minions movie animation

This class will require students to think a bit more outside of their comfort zone. Students will learn about the basic concepts of animation, key-framing, and emotion. Students will also learn how to utilize emotions and parameters. Students will also learn more about hybrid environments and 3D animation systems. Students will have to take time out of their own day to really get a grasp on concepts by practicing them on programs.

10. GEOG 2030 – Human Geography

A look at the world map

This class will closely examine the different methods that is used in human geography. Students will learn more about culture, religion, economies, and the affects of human populations and urbanity on the world we live in. This class will examine the broader context of different topics around the world. Students are expected to study outside of class as it is very test heavy.

Top 10 Clubs at South Louisiana Community College

South Louisiana Community College offers some great clubs and organizations to its students. Below are ten of the clubs that would certainly enhance your experience at SLCC.

1) South Louisiana Community College Gaming Club

If you love to game, you should join the South Louisiana Community College Gaming Club! This club is a great way to make friends, play video games, eat good foods, and get a break from studying. The gaming club meets once a week to play games, but the members often meet up other times throughout the week to game.

A picture of students gaming

2) Green Thumb Club

If you love to garden, or you are passionate about conserving the earth, the Green Thumb Club would be a great option for you. This club meets to garden, learn about conservation, listen to speakers in the community, and discuss campus sustainability.

Gardening picture

3) Flo Club

The Flo Club, or the Fashion and Lifestyle organization club, is for the student who loves fashion. If you watch Youtuber hauls, love to organize your life, and are big on living your best life, you will find likeminded peers at the Flo club. You do not need to be a fashion designer to join; Flo is welcoming to all students who love fashion and lifestyle organization!

A cartoon of fashion design

4)Literature Club

The Literature Club is similar to a book club, but the books they focus on are often more classical literature. If you are interested in analyzing literature or an English major, this club is certainly going to supplement your educational experience. This club will help you in all fields by enhancing analytical skills and writing skills.

Classic Literature books

5) Athletics Club

The athletics club is a great organization to join to stay in shape, and to meet fellow classmates who love sports. This club is a great way to play sports and form teams with peers, but it is also an excellent place to find some friends to watch your favorite games with.

A picture of students racing.

6) IT Club

In this current economic environment, any experience working with technology will work in your favor. Whether you are working towards a career in high tech, or simply are knowledgeable about computers, the IT club will be a great fit for you. The club prefers to accept people with previous experience or computer knowledge, but they are welcoming to all.

A picture of a man trouble shooting with some technology.

7) Life Change Bible Study Club

College is a time of change for all students. Sometimes you need a group of people to discuss your life with, and to receive guidance from. The Life Change Bible Study Club is a great way to grow in faith and develop close relationships with likeminded students. Joining this club will be an excellent way to have a solid base at South Louisiana Community College.

A picture of a Bible.

8) Speech, Debate and Drama Club

This club is for the student who loves the spotlight! Whether you are interested in debating or performing in a play, the SDDC has a place for you. They host meetings where members discuss and plan performances, practice debates, and organize events to put their skills on display.

A cartoon of a debate.

9) Umbrella Club

The Umbrella Club is SLCC’s LGBTQ+ community. If you identify as LGBTQ+, or if you love to hang out with openminded loving people and talk about different life experiences, you should look into the Umbrella Club. Joining this club will teach you to love yourself and others more and will allow you to hear stories from people with different experiences than your own.

A picture of a rainbow umbrella

10) Programming Club

This club is similar to the IT club, but it focuses specifically on computer programing, rather than problem solving. This club is an excellent option for students who are interested in entering into the field of high tech or computer engineering. This is a great place to enhance your programming skills outside of the classroom.

A picture of computer coding

Top Five Events at South Louisiana Community College

1) Yoga and Cardio Classes

South Louisiana Community College offers weekly exercise classes for its students. It is often too expensive for students to afford to get a gym membership. These classes are a great way to get active, put yourself first, and relieve stress in the middle of your busy school week.

Stretching and strengthening through yoga

2) Transfer Recruiter Events

South Louisiana Community College wants to ensure that their students are able to transfer to the school of their dreams. To facilitate this, they host Transfer Recruiter Events, where universities visit campus to talk to students about the transfer process and majors.

A transfer fair logo

3) Toy drive

South Louisiana Community College puts a big emphasis giving back to the community. One way that they put this into action is through their annual toy drive. This is a great way for you to clear out your garage, get rid of some clutter, and give back to those in need.

A toy drive logo

4) Food drive

Another great way to give back to the community is through the South Louisiana Community College food drive. Students are taught how lucky they are to be receiving an education and are shown how important it is to give back. Students are encouraged to donate food to help families who cannot afford to feed themselves.

A picture of a food drive

5) Music Meetings

The music meetings, help by the music club, are held a few times a month. These meetings are super fun, are music filled, and discuss music of the past and present. If you love music, you should certainly get a few friends and attend one of the Music Club meetings this year.

Music cartoon
Not only does SLCC have amazing clubs, but they also have weekly events that allow students to stay healthy, supplement their in class learning, and become connected to their community.

10 of the Easiest Courses at SLCC

Many college students who struggle with time management often find benefits in taking easier courses that do not require too much time or effort. This frees up time in their schedules which allows time to focus on other important matters, such as finding an internship. This can surely benefit both their GPA and their mental health. Below are 10 of the easiest courses to take at South Louisiana Community College (SLCC).

1ACCT 2101 – Principles of Financial Accounting I

This course provides an introduction to financial accounting designed to give the student basic accounting tools for business and decision-making. Emphasis is on the corporate form of business organization and includes the analysis and recording of transactions for a merchandising operation. The course covers basic accounting for assets, liabilities, and stockholders’ equity, income determination, and the preparation of periodic financial statements. Emphasis is also placed on the analysis and use of financial statements.

An image of an accountant making calculations

2. ANTH 1010 – Introduction to Anthropology

This course is an examination of the four subfields that make up anthropology. The students learn basic concepts that make up physical, archaeological, linguistic, and cultural anthropology. The course focuses on how anthropologists study humanity and the human condition. Importance is placed on elements of human evolution, functions of culture, and the methodology anthropologist employ in their work. The course provides an overview of cultural, linguistic, biological and archaeological sub-fields, including theory, evidence, and applied perspectives.

An image of the evolution of mankind

3. ARTS 1010 – Design I

This course provides an introduction stressing the components of visual thinking, including basic theories of design, creative application in various media, and exercises in 2D and color.

An image of design supplies

4. CJUS 1010 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course provides the beginning student with the necessary historical and philosophical background of police work, as well as police organizations, agencies and the role of policemen as officers of the court. The survey is organized around the three major components of the criminal justice system: police, courts, and corrections.

An image of handcuffs, books, and a gavel

5. CMCN 1170 – Introduction to Film Production

This course provides an introduction to filmmaking theory and application by way of a project based orientation to production, lighting, acting, cinematography, editing, and sound.

An image of a film production setting

6. COSM 1002 – Properties of Skin, Scalp, and Hair

This course analyzes the skin and scalp according to structure and function. The course also explores diseases of the skin, scalp, and hair.

An image of a woman feeling her scalp

7. ENGL 1010 – Rhetoric & Composition

This course exposes students to the critical thinking, reading, writing and rhetorical skills required in the college/university and beyond. The course introduces students to the importance and application of “writing as process,” audience awareness, genre conventions, citation and documentation, as well as effective prose style.

A drawing of a speaker holding different masks

8. INTC 1030 – Introduction to Graphics

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of mechanical drafting as related to industry. Using engineering drafting techniques, students gain knowledge of drafting equipment and its use in sketching, geometric construction, orthographic projection, sectional views, lettering and dimensioning standards.

An image created by graphic design

9. PHYS 1060 – Introduction to Astronomy I

This course focuses on the solar system. No physics background is required. The course provides an introduction to the astronomy of the solar system.

An image of a telescope aimed at a starry sky

10. PSYC 2010 – Introduction to Psychology I

This course provides an overview of the scientific study of behavior, including such topics as learning, memory, stress, personality, mental disorders, therapies, and social behavior. It emphasizes the understanding and application of psychological principles. While individual introspection and reflection on the course material is expected, the classroom climate is also very interactive.

An image of a holograph of the human brain

Taking these courses can surely be a benefit to both your GPA and your mental health. These easier courses will enable you to focus on harder classes, find an internship, and join extracurricular activities.