SFU GPA Calculator

If you’re going into a final exam and worried about what could happen, our SFU GPA calculator will help you do the following:

Calculate your semester, annual and cumulative GPA
Calculate what final exam mark you need to get a certain course grade
Calculate what your final grade will be if you get a certain final exam mark
Calculate your current grade for a specific course
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How to Use the SFU GPA Calculator

Make your own copy

The first step is to make your own copy.

Click below to access the SFU GPA calculator/final grade calculator:

sfu calculator psu button

On your computer: In the top left corner, click File > Make a copy.

On your phone: In the top right corner, tap the three dots > Share & export > Make a copy.

Now you have your very own, shiny SFU GPA calculator.

A couple quick notes:

1. If you’re on your phone, we recommend downloading the google sheets app to access the SFU GPA calculator. It’s free and is easier to use the SFU GPA calculator this way.

Android: Google Sheets

iPhone: Google Sheets

2. We have FREE SFU Past exams and study guides to help you reach your grade and GPA goals. Check it out!

blue cell with red borders are the only cells needed to be filled in for the final grade calculator

*As a quick and general rule of thumb, you only need to fill in the blue boxes with red borders. Everything else will be automatically calculated and filled in for you!

What is my GPA?

The first tab (SFU GPA calculator) is where you can calculate your semester GPA (SGPA), your annual GPA (AGPA), and your cumulative GPA (CGPA).

SFU gpa calculator for fall and winter semesters, annual gpa, and cumulative gpa.

Add more courses as you wish!

Enter your current CGPA and the credits you earned so far.

Then enter the courses you’ve taken and what your grade was for each. You can also enter what you expect to get in your current courses and see what GPA you’ll end up with.

If you need to convert a 4.0 scale to a letter grade or vice versa, you have the SFU grading scale and GPA scale and its conversions just to the right.

SFU gpa and grading scale that shows conversions between letter grades and a 4.0 scale.

Conversions are tricky but here’s the SFU Grading Scale conversion.

Scroll down and you’ll see your GPA calculations for the semester, for the year, and cumulatively with some additional encouragement!

SFU gpa calculator results

This will help you keep track of your GPA and grade goals.

What do I need on my Final Exam to get my desired grade?

In the second tab (SFU Specific Course Grade), fill in the course you want to calculate your final grade for.

cell to enter course code to specify which course you're looking at when calculating your final grade

For example, you can enter ECON 1000, MATH100 etc.

Next, fill in your current grade, desired grade, and final exam weight to calculate what you need on your final exam to get your desired grade.

the numbers you need to enter to figure out what you need on your final exam to get a certain desired grade on your course.

You just need to enter the whole number, it will convert to percentages automatically.

If you don’t know your current grade, just go to the next tab “SFU Assignments and Deliverables” at the bottom of the screen.

weight and grades needed for assignments and deliverables to calculate current grade for that course

If you have more than 10 assignments and deliverables, just group a couple of them together in the same cell.

Just fill in the assignments, midterms, and presentations you’ve done and record how much each was worth and what your mark was.

Copy and paste that current grade into the first tab and now you’ll see this.

the results shown after the user enters their desired grade, their current grade, and their final exam weight. Shows what is needed on the final exam to get a 70% in the course, motivational statement, lowest and highest possible grades, and a graph showing more possible scenarios.

The graph will change based on what your desired course grade is, so you can play around with the numbers you entered to see more scenarios!

The final grade calculator will show you what you need on your final to get a 70% in your course, the lowest and highest possible grade, a handy graph to show other possible scenarios, and some motivation to achieve your desired grade.

What will my Final Grade be if I get a certain Final Exam Mark?

Similar to calculating what you need on your final exam to get a certain grade, start by entering your current grade and final exam weight.

The difference here is that you enter your expected final exam grade rather than your desired course grade.

the numbers you need to enter to figure out what will happen to your final course grade if you get a certain final exam mark.

If you don’t know your current grade, follow the instructions in step 2 to calculate it.

Scroll down and the grade calculator will get you your results!

results from the final grade calculator that shows that if you get 50% on the final exam, the final course grade will be 70%. Shows motivational quotes, lowest and highest possible grades, and a graph to show more possible grade scenarios

This section will show what will happen to your course grade if you get a certain mark on the final exam.

Voila! Now that you’ve crunched some numbers, you know four things:

1. What you need on your final exam to get a certain grade.

2. What happens to your final grade if you get a certain final exam mark.

3. Your semester GPA (SGPA), annual GPA (AGPA), and cumulative GPA (CGPA)

4. The next time you think “I need to calculate my grade so far before my final”, you can just open up your phone and see what you need on your final quickly and easily.

All that’s left to do now is study.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to cover the material you need so you can ace that final exam!

To help you reach the final exam mark and course grade you’re aiming for, we can help with that too:

Homework Help: If you’re stuck on a question, ask it here and an expert tutor will answer it for you. The best part? It’s FREE!

Study Material: Check out the courses below for SFU Past Exams, Study Guides, Textbook Notes, Class Notes for FREE.

SFU (Simon Fraser University) Study Material

SFU Course CodePast Exams and Study Guides
BISC 100View Now
BISC 101View Now
BPK 105View Now
BPK 140View Now
BPK 142View Now
BPK 143View Now
BUEC 232View Now
BUEC 333View Now
BUS 200View Now
BUS 201View Now
BUS 251View Now
BUS 312View Now
BUS 329View Now
BUS 336View Now
BUS 419View Now
CMNS 110View Now
CMNS 221View Now
CMNS 240View Now
CMNS 323WView Now
CMPT 120View Now
CMPT 128View Now
CMPT 295View Now
COGS 110View Now
CRIM 135View Now
CRIM 335View Now
ECON 103View Now
ECON 105View Now
ECON 201View Now
ECON 260View Now
ECON 291View Now
ECON 302View Now
ECON 305View Now
ECON 345View Now
ECON 354View Now
ECON 426WView Now
ECON 452WView Now
ECON 802View Now
ECON 837View Now
EDUC 341View Now
ENSC 220View Now
EVSC 100View Now
GEOG 100View Now
GEOG 215View Now
HSCI 324View Now
HUM 102WView Now
IAT 309WView Now
LING 220View Now
MACM 101View Now
MACM 316View Now
MATH 100View Now
MATH 150View Now
MATH 151View Now
MATH 152View Now
MATH 154View Now
MATH 155View Now
MATH 157View Now
MATH 232View Now
MATH 240View Now
MATH 251View Now
MATH 310View Now
PHIL 105View Now
PHIL 120WView Now
PHIL 144View Now
PHYS 100View Now
PHYS 102View Now
PHYS 120View Now
PHYS 221View Now
POL 141View Now
PSYC 221View Now
PSYC 250View Now
PSYC 280View Now
PSYC 362View Now
PSYC 370View Now
PSYC 389View Now
STAT 201View Now
STAT 203View Now
STAT 270View Now
STAT 302View Now

There are final exam calculators and gpa calculators out there such as rogerhub and ben eggleston, but none that checks all of the following boxes:

Calculates what final exam mark you need to get a certain course grade
Calculates what your final grade will be if you get a certain final exam mark

Calculates your semester, annual and cumulative GPA?
Available offline (no internet connection needed)
Displays graphs to show all possible grade scenarios?
Calculates your current grade for a specific course?
Mobile-friendly (download google sheets app)?
Looks great?

Additional Resources:

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SFU Past Exams and Midterms 2019

Simon Fraser University students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at SFU.

We recommend adding in your midterm and exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

If you’re looking for additional material to help you study for the upcoming exams at SFU, click on the link beside the course departments and special course offerings.

Please note that this collection is currently not comprehensive or complete. Old midterms and exams should be used as study aids only and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year.

Course CodeCourse Name at SFUPast Midterms and Exams
BISC 100Introduction to BiologyView Now
BISC 101General BiologyView Now
BPK 105Human Structure and FunctionView Now
BPK 140Contemporary Health IssuesView Now
BPK 142Introduction to KinesiologyView Now
BPK 143Exercise: Health and PerformanceView Now
BUEC 232Data and Decisions IView Now
BUEC 333Statistical Analysis of Economic DataView Now
BUS 200Business FundamentalsView Now
BUS 201Introduction to BusinessView Now
BUS 251Financial Accounting IView Now
BUS 312Introduction to FinanceView Now
BUS 329Income Tax for Business Decision-MakingView Now
BUS 336Data and Decisions IIView Now
BUS 419Advanced Derivative SecuritiesView Now
CMNS 110Introduction to Communication StudiesView Now
CMNS 221Media and AudiencesView Now
CMNS 240The Political Economy of CommunicationView Now
CMNS 323WCultural Dimensions in AdvertisingView Now
CMPT 120Intro to Computing Science and Programming IView Now
CMPT 128Intro to Computing Science and Prog for EngView Now
CMPT 295Introduction to Computer SystemsView Now
COGS 110Learning in Everyday LifeView Now
CRIM 135Intro to Canadian Law and Legal InstitutionsView Now
CRIM 335Human Rights and Civil LibertiesView Now
ECON 103Principles of MicroeconomicsView Now
ECON 105Principles of MacroeconomicsView Now
ECON 201Microeconomic Theory I: Competitive BehaviorView Now
ECON 260Environmental EconomicsView Now
ECON 291Canadian Macroeconomic PolicyView Now
ECON 302Microeconomic Theory II: Strategic BehaviorView Now
ECON 305Intermediate Macroeconomic TheoryView Now
ECON 345International FinanceView Now
ECON 354Comparative Economic InstitutionsView Now
ECON 426WIndustrial OrganizationView Now
ECON 452WSeminar in Economic PrehistoryView Now
ECON 802Microeconomic Theory IView Now
ECON 837Econometric Theory IView Now
EDUC 341Literacy, Education and CultureView Now
ENSC 220Electric Circuits IView Now
EVSC 100Introduction to Environmental ScienceView Now
GEOG 100Human GeographyView Now
GEOG 215BiogeographyView Now
HSCI 324Human Population Genetics and EvolutionView Now
HUM 102WClassical MythologyView Now
IAT 309WWriting for Design, Media, and InformaticsView Now
LING 220Introduction to LinguisticsView Now
MACM 101Discrete Mathematics IView Now
MACM 316Numerical Analysis IView Now
MATH 100PrecalculusView Now
MATH 150Calculus I with ReviewView Now
MATH 151Calculus IView Now
MATH 152Calculus IIView Now
MATH 154Calculus I for the Biological SciencesView Now
MATH 155Calculus II for the Biological SciencesView Now
MATH 157Calculus for the Social Sciences IView Now
MATH 232Applied Linear AlgebraView Now
MATH 240Algebra I: Linear AlgebraView Now
MATH 251Calculus IIIView Now
MATH 310Intro to Ordinary Differential EquationsView Now
PHIL 105Critical ThinkingView Now
PHIL 120WIntroduction to Moral PhilosophyView Now
PHIL 144Intro to the Phil of Natural and Soc ScienceView Now
PHYS 100Introduction to PhysicsView Now
PHYS 102Physics for the Life Sciences IIView Now
PHYS 120Mechanics and Modern PhysicsView Now
PHYS 221ElectromagneticsView Now
POL 141International Co-operation and DevelopmentView Now
PSYC 221Introduction to Cognitive PsychologyView Now
PSYC 250Introduction to Developmental PsychologyView Now
PSYC 280Introduction to Biological PsychologyView Now
PSYC 362Close RelationshipsView Now
PSYC 370Introduction to Theories of PersonalityView Now
PSYC 389Emotion and MotivationView Now
STAT 201Statistics for the Life SciencesView Now
STAT 203Intro to Statistics for the Social SciencesView Now
STAT 270Intro to Probability and StatisticsView Now
STAT 302Analysis of Experimental and Observational DataView Now

Get access to the best Simon Fraser University lecture notes, study guides and past exams for all of your courses on OneClass.com. Sign-up and get an unlimited account to see the latest notes and helpful study material for your upcoming exams

Job Opportunities for students at Simon Fraser University!

This image shows the outside view of the Simon Fraser University.

The Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a public university which was established in 1965. Since then, this public university is home to over 40, 000 students and 950 Faculty members. Along with providing a wide variety of programs and courses for students, SFU also provides amazing job opportunities for students who would like to work on campus. Here are 8 jobs that students can find on the SFU campus!!

1. Life Guard!

This is a clipart image of a lifeguard who is monitoring the pools

SFU is not only home to amazing programs, but also very amazing resources for students like proving an recreation center within the university. The Aquatic Center in SFU is one of the largest student employers on campus. The center is always looking for amazing lifeguards who can monitor and help other students with swimming. So, apply for this job if you love to swim and help other people!

2. Library Clerical!

This image shows a clipart picture of a library with kids who are reading different kinds of books.

Do you love reading books? Well, this job is just for you! The SFU library provides amazing jobs for students, specifically becoming a Library Clerical.  A Library clerical or assistant help librarians by sorting and shelving books and other resource materials. They also help patrons locate what they seek and help other students! The SFU library hires about 5-10 clerical every semester. Make sure to apply for this job if you would love to work on-campus!

3. General Clerical!

This is an image of a clip-art picture which shows the inside of a mail room and a person organizing the mail.

The SFU hires students as Organizers and Assistants to work in the Mailrooms. Hired students are required to organize letters and packages according to last name and dormitory. Working in the mailroom is a good way to meet people in your dormitory, or, if you work in another residence, it’s an excellent way to connect with peers who you might not meet otherwise!

4. Foods and Beverage Service!

This picture shows a clipart image of a sandwich, apple, and water which is something quote commonly eaten as a meal for lunch among students.

The Simon Fraser University provides a wide selection of Food and Beverage Services with several different restaurants and numerous food options. Several of these restaurants hire students as chefs, cashiers, and servers. If you are just starting to work or want to gain experience, working in a food and beverage service is an amazing opportunity! It is also a great way to improve your customer service skills!

5. OneClass Note Taker!

This image shows the official logo to represent OneClass

If you would like to have an online job, this is the opportunity for you! Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you are going to classes! When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during lectures for your own classes! Become a note taker today! It is one of the best jobs a student could ask for!

6) Receptionist!

This is an image of a clipart picture which shows a receptionist who is helping other people.

At most universities, a front office is quite common which requires receptionists who can help other people with information about the university as well as, direct them to specific places or people.
The SFU offices hire students to work as receptionists and assist the faculty members and other people. So, a receptionist is a perfect job for a student who is organized, helpful, and loves to interact with other people! 

7) Web Design!

This image shows various people who are designing a website and making different web designs.

Are you a creative and artistic student? Do you love web designing? Well, this job is for you! The SFU is always looking for creative students who are interested in web designing for the official Simon Fraser University website. SFU hires 5-10 students during the beginning of the semester to improve their website and improve its functions!

8) The SFU Bookstore!

This is an image which shows the front-side view of the SFU bookstore.

The SFU bookstore is an on-campus store that is available for all students. This bookstore hires students as cashiers and assistants from the start of term to the end of a term. Students are required to organize shelves, help students, and create a friendly and helpful environment for all customers!

Health Services and Wellness at Simon Fraser University

Health and wellness goes hand in hand since they are part of a long-term process of one becoming aware of the choices and decisions they make in order to live a more balanced and fulfilling life. Everyone is different and therefore needs, experiences, personalities and circumstances will also be different. There are several factors that can influence your health and well-being. The following are some of the centres and services that Simon Fraser University offers in regards to health and wellness:

1. Student services health and counseling

SFU Health and counselling logo

This service offered at Simon Fraser University benefits the students and the staff. The services offered require patients to book appointments in order to access vaccination services where their immunization history will be discussed to ascertain their present needs. Other service offered include travel health consultations where travel medicine advice and vaccinations  are discussed. The centre also provides sexual health-related services and education, for example birth control dispensing and education, pregnancy testing and counseling, and medical testing and screening (sexually transmitted infection testing, urinary tract infection testing, and PAP tests)

2. Children’s Health Policy Centre

A child with paint on her hands

This is part of the faculty of health sciences. This centre is an interdisciplinary research Centre whose main focus is to improve social and emotional well-being for children. The Centre works to advance the health of populations locally, nationally, and globally. Some of the projects that they have undertaken are funded by the government like the BC Healthy Connection Project which is meant to evaluate the effectiveness of the Nurse-Family Partnership.

3. Centre of Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction (CARMHA)

Centre of Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction (CARMHA)

CARMHA forms part of the Faculty of Health Sciences and is a research Mental Health Centre. The Centre is recognized worldwide for its innovation and scientific research in the field of mental health and substance use, especially in clinical or other intervention practice, health systems, and population health and epidemiology. The institution is involved in the following projects:Implementation Research to Improve Scale-Up of Depression Services in Vietnam(IRIS-DSV), Needs-Based Planning of Mental Health and Substance Use Services in British Columbia, Mental Health in Adults & Children – Frugal Innovations(MAC-FI), Mental Health Teletriage Evaluation just to name a few.

4. Simon Fraser Dental Centre

A dentist working on a patient

The Centre is located outside the institution in Burnaby and treats patients with various dental concerns. The Centre offers the finest care from cosmetic to restorative dentistry. It has a courteous, professional staff who are professional in all their duties as they ensure that patients get the smile they have always wanted. The Centre uses state of the art technology
like laser gum surgery for dental care . Recurring dental problems are treated and missing teeth restored with dental implants allowing patients to smile with confidence.

5. Elign Health Centre

Elign Health Centre Business card

The Centre is not part of the institution but is located near the school. It offers unique services as they have a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals including chiropractors and licensed therapists that are committed to providing high quality, patient-centered primary healthcare in an effective, efficient and caring manner. Some of the services offered include massage therapy, chiropractic, laser therapy, active rehab,acupuncture, custom orthotics, weight loss, and ICBC/ Workplace injuries.

Restaurants & Cafes for Students at Simon Fraser University

The University High Street offers full range of services and stores. Aside from many retail and commercial outlets, there are also restaurants near campus that meet the daily needs of the students without leaving the area.

We all know how inconvenient to look for dining areas that are far from the campus. Thankfully, that is not something you’ll experience at Simon Fraser University. There are a number of restaurants to SFU service providers, and if you want to know more about it, make sure to check the following below. 

1. Renaissance Coffee

Photo of Renaissance Coffee shop

Renaissance Coffee is located at University Drive and is a common place for many students to take a little break of their school activities. They have friendly staff and different meals to choose from. From coffee, muffins and any other sweets, they’ve got it for you! It’s a perfect place for having quick coffee on the way to class and the prices are very reasonable on top of that. 

2. Mackenzie Cafe

Mackenzie Cafe picture

Mackenzie Cafe have one of the best interior that is calming. It’s a great place for student who like to take a break and want to healthy offerings. The food is pretty expensive for the students. Regardless, all staff are good and totally amazing! You can have muffins, tea, coffee and some snacks that are always available. 

3. Nature’s Garden Cafe

photo of Nature's Garden cafe

If you are looking for great homemade soups and sandwiches, then the Nature’s Garden Cafe is surely the best! They’ve got healthy options available, a little pricey but definitely worth it. The staff is also good and it is close to the main campus of SFU.

4. Club Ilia

photos of people drinking at Club Ilia

Club Ilia is a perfect place for your cravings! It is very close to the campus and it serves as a bar and grill that offers burgers, pizza and different Italian favorites. Plus! There’s a bar and patio that the students can enjoy. Prices are a little bit over, though. 

5. Quesada Burritos & Tacos

photo of Quesada Burritos & Tacos

Craving for some burritos? Quesada Burritos & Tacos offers a large array of different toppings and sauces that you can put onto your bowls and burritos. The food is really good with fast service and reasonable price. You can try the most favorite delicious burritos together with fresh made daily guacamole and salsas. 

6. Residence Dining Hall

Residence Dining Hall

Residence Dining Hall is a perfect place for students with big appetite. It’s a perfect place that offers a variety of decent food, healthy options for the cheapest price. They mostly offer North American cuisine and is big recommendation for students who are on tight budget. You can feel free to choose on your meal without breaking the bank!

7. Tim Hortons

photo of Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a Canadian chain that sells their signature premium-blend coffee and different panini, pastries and soup. It’s a popular place for many students where they don’t just dine, but also study and hang out. The food quality is really good and the staff is friendly, but the place is always busy with many students coming often!

Top 10 Majors at SFU

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is at the forefront of innovative education, cutting-edge research and community outreach. It considers itself to be Canada’s leading engaged university, it boasts vibrant programs available for students in all tiers of tertiary education. SFU has matured into one of the world’s leading teaching and research universities, and here are the top majors it offers.

1. Biomedical Physiology

A man strapping a belt to a lady

This program has been designed to build a strong foundation in the study of the human body. It prepares students to become more advanced in fields such as medical, dental, veterinary medicine or therapy. The research and lab work to be conducted would prepare students adequately to advance in those fields.

2. Health Sciences

Students looking at a petri dish

Students interested in understanding issues affecting health and disease would find this program very interesting. The program would look into environmental issues that affect communities and global health, or multi-level health policymaking. They would gain a better understanding of chronic and infectious diseases, environmental and occupational hazards, and so much more.

3. Accounting

A man addressing a group

This program has been tailored to help students identify, measure and communicate economic information to people both inside and outside a business or institution, such as CEOs and investors. Students will be exposed to accounting courses and others such as auditing to help them further understand the nature of cooperate finance.

4. Economics

A professor presenting a lecture

Economic policies and theories will be the focus of this program and students will learn how to effect economic change in companies and organizations. Questions such as (what happened during the 2008 financial crisis and how can it be avoided in the future? Why are some countries poorer than others? Why is income inequality rising in Canada and around the world) would be discussed in-depth.

5. International Studies

A group picture of international studies students

The world is changing rapidly learning to interact with people from other parts of the world would increase the range of career opportunities available to you in the future. Studying this program would allow students to be exposed to scholars and teachers who work on real-world issues.

6. Criminology

Four people standing for a picture

This program will allow students to study crime as both an individual and social phenomenon. They will conduct research on the origins and forms of crime, its causes and consequences, and social and governmental reactions to it. This program has been designed for those with an active interest in a multitude of fields and seeks to develop a critical and focused mind.

7. Political Science

Students listening to a lecture

This essentially looks into what it means to have power and influence. Students will get to learn about politics and government, political philosophy, Canadian government and its politics, War, International Cooperation and Development, public policy, and so many more.

8. Biological Sciences

A student viewing a sample through a microscope

Students will get to explore the science of life, whether it’s at the level of Cells, Molecules, and Physiology. They will also venture into other fields such as Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation. This program will prepare students for advanced studies in biomedical research, ecology and more.

9. Mathematics

A woman calculating on a board

Mathematics students will get to study pattern and order, focusing on quantity, arrangement, and form. They will be given a strong foundation in pure mathematics and the options have been made flexible to enable students to apply these skills in fields ranging from finance to cryptography.

10. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Three scientists working in the lab

This program will teach students how to explore the working process of life at the most basic level, from a biochemical, cellular and molecular perspective. They will gain a well-grounded foundation in life sciences.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) Fall 2018 Final Exam Schedule

Simon Fraser University’s Fall 2018 final exam schedule is now available. You should check the schedule carefully to ensure you have the correct date and time for your examination.

We recommend adding in the exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

Please make sure to bring the following items with you to your final exam:

-Student ID

-Pen, pencil, eraser

-Calculator (if permitted by instructor)

If you’re looking for additional material to help you study for the final exam, click on the link beside each course and you’ll be able to see all the available material on the OneClass website.

***Please note that exam dates/times are updated on a regular basis. Please consult with your Simon Fraser University Exam Schedule to ensure the highest degree of accuracy***

Course Code Section Instructor Day Exam Date Exam Time Location Exam Guides
ACMA 210 D100 Y.Lu FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 BLU10021 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/acma/acma-210.en.html
ACMA 425 D100 C.Tsai THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 BLU10021 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/acma/acma-425.en.html
ACMA 440 D100 J.Begin FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5005
ARAB 134 D100 R.Mehri FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 WMC3210 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arab/arab-134.en.html
ARCH 100 D100 C.Giovas WED 12-Dec 15:30-17:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-100.en.html
ARCH 100 D200 F.Berna THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-100.en.html
ARCH 100 D900 ..Sessional WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR3170 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-100.en.html
ARCH 131 D100 D.Sandgathe MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-131.en.html
ARCH 131 D900 D.Sandgathe WED 12-Dec 12:00-14:00 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-131.en.html
ARCH 131 J100 D.Sandgathe TUE 11-Dec 19:00-21:00 HCC1315 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-131.en.html
ARCH 201 C100 D.Maxwell FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-201.en.html
ARCH 201 D100 D.Maxwell SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-201.en.html
ARCH 226 C100 D.Maxwell WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-226.en.html
ARCH 226 D100 D.Maxwell MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-226.en.html
ARCH 272W D100 D.Sandgathe WED 12-Dec 15:30-17:30 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-272w.en.html
ARCH 286 D100 D.Maxwell FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5018 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-286.en.html
ARCH 312 D100 S.Higgins FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5037
ARCH 321 D100 G.Nicholas WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-321.en.html
ARCH 373 D100 H.Cardoso THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 EDB9643 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-373.en.html
ARCH 452 D100 H.Cardoso SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 EDB9643 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/arch/arch-452.en.html
BISC 100 D100 L.Bendell-Young SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biol-sci/bisc-100.en.html
BISC 101 D100 O.Bains TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biol-sci/bisc-101.en.html
BISC 101 D200 I.Mladenovic TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR2740 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biol-sci/bisc-101.en.html
BISC 102 D100 J.Sharp SUN 9-Dec 12:00-15:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biol-sci/bisc-102.en.html
BISC 202 C100 K.Fitzpatrick TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biol-sci/bisc-202.en.html
BISC 202 D100 M.Hart TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biol-sci/bisc-202.en.html
BISC 204 D100 W.Palen FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biol-sci/bisc-204.en.html
BISC 300 D100 B.Schwarz THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biol-sci/bisc-300.en.html
BISC 303 D100 P.Hollmann TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bisc/bisc-303.en.html
BISC 305 D100 J.Christians WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bisc/bisc-305.en.html
BISC 309 D100 N.Dulvy SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biol-sci/bisc-309.en.html
BISC 316 D100 T.McMullan WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biol-sci/bisc-316.en.html
BISC 317 D100 G.Gries FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bisc/bisc-317.en.html
BISC 326 D100 S.Bisgrove FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bisc/bisc-326.en.html
BISC 333 D100 H.Hutter THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 K9500 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bisc/bisc-333.en.html
BISC 357 D100 K.Fitzpatrick SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bisc/bisc-357.en.html
BISC 403 D100 M.Silverman MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bisc/bisc-403.en.html
BISC 405 D100 G.Rintoul FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bisc/bisc-405.en.html
BISC 413 D100 J.Reynolds FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biol-sci/bisc-413.en.html
BISC 435 D100 J.Cory WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bisc/bisc-435.en.html
BISC 440W D100 A.Mooers SUN 9-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bisc/bisc-440w.en.html
BISC 441 D100 B.Crespi THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bisc/bisc-441.en.html
BPK 105 C100 R.Dill TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-105.en.html
BPK 105 C200 R.Dill TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-105.en.html
BPK 110 C100 L.Ramer WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-110.en.html
BPK 110 C200 L.Ramer WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-110.en.html
BPK 110 D100 A.Vieira SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-110.en.html
BPK 110 D200 P.Deck SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 HCC1700 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-110.en.html
BPK 110 D300 A.Vieira MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-110.en.html
BPK 140 C100 A.Arnold TUE 11-Dec 19:00-22:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-140.en.html
BPK 140 C200 A.Arnold TUE 11-Dec 19:00-22:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-140.en.html
BPK 140 D100 D.Bedoya TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-140.en.html
BPK 140 D200 N.Wicks TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 HCC1700 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-140.en.html
BPK 140 E200 M.Walsh SAT 15-Dec 19:00-22:00 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-140.en.html
BPK 141 C100 A.Leyland THU 6-Dec 08:30-10:30 B9201
BPK 141 C200 A.Leyland THU 6-Dec 08:30-10:30 B9201
BPK 142 D100 R.Dill MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-142.en.html
BPK 142 D200 M.Walsh FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-142.en.html
BPK 143 D100 A.Leyland WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-143.en.html
BPK 180W D100 A.Arnold SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-180w.en.html
BPK 201 D100 A.Leyland WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-201.en.html
BPK 205 D100 N.Wicks SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-205.en.html
BPK 207 D100 D.Marigold SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-207.en.html
BPK 241 D100 K.Lunnie MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-241.en.html
BPK 301 D100 J.Wakeling MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-301.en.html
BPK 301 D200 J.Wakeling MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-301.en.html
BPK 303 D100 D.Hsiao THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-303.en.html
BPK 304W D100 D.Mackey WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-304w.en.html
BPK 305 D100 D.Poburko THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-305.en.html
BPK 306 D100 N.Wicks FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-306.en.html
BPK 310 D100 D.Clarke SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-310.en.html
BPK 312 C100 M.White TUE 11-Dec 19:00-22:00 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-312.en.html
BPK 325 C100 L.Ramer THU 6-Dec 12:00-14:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-325.en.html
BPK 326 D100 L.Ramer TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-326.en.html
BPK 340 D100 D.Bedoya MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 K9500 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-340.en.html
BPK 342 C100 A.Leyland THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-342.en.html
BPK 343 D100 R.Dill THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-343.en.html
BPK 375 E100 C.Hull FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-375.en.html
BPK 381 D100 A.Arnold TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-381.en.html
BPK 402 D100 S.Robinovitch MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-402.en.html
BPK 407 D100 J.Carter FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-407.en.html
BPK 407 D200 J.Carter FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-407.en.html
BPK 407 D300 J.Carter FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-407.en.html
BPK 408W D100 M.Barker SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3153
BPK 412 D100 G.Tibbits TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-412.en.html
BPK 422 C100 G.Whitaker WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-422.en.html
BPK 423 D100 D.Cooke WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-423.en.html
BPK 426 D100 S.Doesburg SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-426.en.html
BPK 432 D100 M.White WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3220
BPK 448 D100 J.Hoffer FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-448.en.html
BPK 458 C100 N.Wicks MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-458.en.html
BPK 481 D200 K.Lunnie THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/biom-physio-kin/bpk-481.en.html
BUEC 232 D100 A.Azaron THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/busi-econ/buec-232.en.html
BUEC 232 D200 G.Zhang TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5360 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/busi-econ/buec-232.en.html
BUEC 232 E100 A.Flostrand SUN 9-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/busi-econ/buec-232.en.html
BUS 200 D100 M.Huenefeld SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-200.en.html
BUS 200 D200 C.Seah SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-200.en.html
BUS 201 D100 S.Spector THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-201.en.html
BUS 201 D200 S.Christie-Bell THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-201.en.html
BUS 201 D300 J.Oceguera THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-201.en.html
BUS 201 D400 E.Macdonald THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-201.en.html
BUS 201 D500 K.Jang THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-201.en.html
BUS 201 D600 E.Macdonald THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-201.en.html
BUS 207 D100 S.Matadeen THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-207.en.html
BUS 207 D200 S.Matadeen MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-207.en.html
BUS 207 E100 S.Matadeen THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-207.en.html
BUS 217W D100 S.Christie-Bell WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001
BUS 217W D200 A.Rahman WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 SUR3090
BUS 217W D300 L.Barlow WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001
BUS 217W D400 M.Wilkinson WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001
BUS 217W D500 A.Kar WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001
BUS 217W E100 C.Stevenson WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001
BUS 221 D100 T.Immell WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9200
BUS 221 D200 T.Immell WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9200
BUS 233 D200 J.Pflanz MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-233.en.html
BUS 233 E100 S.Ramnarine SAT 8-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-233.en.html
BUS 237 D100 S.Ho SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-237.en.html
BUS 237 D200 A.Shukla FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-237.en.html
BUS 237 E100 A.Bisher MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-237.en.html
BUS 251 D100 S.Bubra FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-251.en.html
BUS 251 D200 E.Macdonald SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-251.en.html
BUS 251 E100 S.Bubra FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-251.en.html
BUS 254 D100 H.Tan FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-254.en.html
BUS 254 D200 K.Fung THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-254.en.html
BUS 254 E100 H.Tan FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-254.en.html
BUS 272 D100 W.Scott WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-272.en.html
BUS 272 D200 A.Thiara MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-272.en.html
BUS 272 D300 M.Huenefeld WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-272.en.html
BUS 272 E100 L.Higashi SAT 8-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-272.en.html
BUS 303 D200 D.Hooley WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-303.en.html
BUS 303 D300 M.Lucas WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-303.en.html
BUS 303 D400 D.Hooley WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-303.en.html
BUS 303 E100 D.Hooley WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-303.en.html
BUS 311 D100 S.Gibson TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-311.en.html
BUS 312 D100 G.Blazenko FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-312.en.html
BUS 312 D300 A.Hili FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-312.en.html
BUS 312 E100 G.Blazenko FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-312.en.html
BUS 315 D100 Y.Duan TUE 11-Dec 19:00-22:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-315.en.html
BUS 315 E100 Y.Duan TUE 11-Dec 19:00-22:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-315.en.html
BUS 316 D100 A.Bick WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-316.en.html
BUS 316 E100 A.Bick WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-316.en.html
BUS 320 D100 D.Chung THU 13-Dec 19:00-22:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-320.en.html
BUS 320 E100 D.Chung THU 13-Dec 19:00-22:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-320.en.html
BUS 321 D100 S.MacEachern FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-321.en.html
BUS 321 E100 S.MacEachern SAT 8-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-321.en.html
BUS 322 D100 L.Zhang WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 WMC3260 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-322.en.html
BUS 322 E100 L.Zhang WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 WMC3260 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-322.en.html
BUS 330 D100 K.Fung WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3260
BUS 330 E100 ..Sessional WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3149
BUS 331 D100 S.Bubra SAT 8-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3159
BUS 336 D100 A.Flostrand MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-336.en.html
BUS 336 D200 M.Johnson MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-336.en.html
BUS 336 E100 A.Flostrand MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-336.en.html
BUS 341 D100 C.Pitt FRI 14-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-341.en.html
BUS 343 D100 C.South THU 6-Dec 12:00-14:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-343.en.html
BUS 343 E100 Y.Yu FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-343.en.html
BUS 345 D100 S.Dasgupta FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-345.en.html
BUS 345 E100 S.Dasgupta FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-345.en.html
BUS 346 D200 R.Tung THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-346.en.html
BUS 347 D100 S.Kates FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-347.en.html
BUS 347 D200 S.Kates SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR5360 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-347.en.html
BUS 361 E100 U.Paschen WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-361.en.html
BUS 361 E200 ..Sessional WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-361.en.html
BUS 361 E300 U.Paschen WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-361.en.html
BUS 362 D100 N.Saraf FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-362.en.html
BUS 362 D200 N.Saraf FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR2750 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-362.en.html
BUS 381 D100 E.Phillips SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-381.en.html
BUS 381 D200 B.Assadi WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-381.en.html
BUS 381 E100 R.Weston MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-381.en.html
BUS 393 D100 S.Bhalloo WED 12-Dec 12:00-14:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-393.en.html
BUS 393 D200 S.Bhalloo WED 12-Dec 12:00-14:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-393.en.html
BUS 393 D300 J.Pflanz FRI 14-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-393.en.html
BUS 393 E100 R.Elliott SAT 15-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-393.en.html
BUS 393 E200 S.Bhalloo WED 12-Dec 12:00-14:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-393.en.html
BUS 410 D100 J.Niu SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-410.en.html
BUS 410 E100 J.Niu WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-410.en.html
BUS 413 D100 D.Yee FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-413.en.html
BUS 413 D200 D.Yee FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-413.en.html
BUS 417 D100 G.Poitras MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-417.en.html
BUS 418 D100 A.Hili TUE 11-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-418.en.html
BUS 418 E200 A.Hili MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-418.en.html
BUS 419 D100 G.Poitras WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-419.en.html
BUS 420 D100 D.Byrne TUE 11-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-420.en.html
BUS 420 E100 D.Byrne TUE 11-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-420.en.html
BUS 421 D100 K.Hrazdil SUN 9-Dec 19:00-22:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-421.en.html
BUS 421 D200 K.Hrazdil SUN 9-Dec 19:00-22:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-421.en.html
BUS 421 E100 K.Hrazdil SUN 9-Dec 19:00-22:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-421.en.html
BUS 424 D100 J.Jermias SAT 8-Dec 19:00-22:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-424.en.html
BUS 424 E100 J.Jermias SAT 8-Dec 19:00-22:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-424.en.html
BUS 426 D100 D.Greig WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-426.en.html
BUS 426 D200 D.Greig WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-426.en.html
BUS 432 D100 M.Ghorbani WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3210 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-432.en.html
BUS 437 D100 S.Krishnamoorthy THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3260 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-437.en.html
BUS 441 D100 J.Ho THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-441.en.html
BUS 445 D100 R.Krider MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 WMC3260 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-445.en.html
BUS 445 D200 R.Krider MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 WMC3260 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-445.en.html
BUS 447 D100 E.Treen FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-447.en.html
BUS 462 D100 A.Milani Fard WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-462.en.html
BUS 462 D200 M.Brydon WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-462.en.html
BUS 464 D100 F.Papania SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-464.en.html
BUS 464 D200 F.Papania SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-464.en.html
BUS 465 D100 A.Milani Fard SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3003
BUS 466 D100 D.Parker WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-466.en.html
BUS 466 D200 D.Parker FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-466.en.html
BUS 468 D200 D.Gutiw WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-468.en.html
BUS 473 D100 S.Krishnamoorthy SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-473.en.html
BUS 483 D100 S.Ramnarine FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/bus/bus-483.en.html
CA 104 C100 J.Danielson MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 BLU9660
CA 104 D100 R.Ueda MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCBIMAGTH
CA 135 E100 C.Birks WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 RCBIMAGTH
CA 136 D100 J.Clark THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 HCC1900
CA 142 C100 A.Eigenfeldt WED 12-Dec 23:59-23:59 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ca-fpa/ca-142.en.html
CA 149 E100 S.Smulovitz FRI 7-Dec 23:59-23:59 ONLINE
CA 167 E100 D.Barenscott THU 13-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1800
CA 186 E100 J.Clark MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1900
CA 210 D100 C.Lauzon THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 HCC1600
CA 227 E100 P.Andrews THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1600
CA 306 D100 B.Adler THU 6-Dec 09:30-11:30 GCA4390
CA 306 D200 B.Adler THU 6-Dec 09:30-11:30 GCA4390
CA 335 D100 C.Pavsek SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 HCC1800
CA 341 E100 D.Morgan SUN 9-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1700
CA 366 D100 J.Radul FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 HCC1600
CA 406 D100 B.Adler THU 6-Dec 09:30-11:30 GCA4390
CA 406 D200 ..TBD THU 6-Dec 09:30-11:30 GCA4390
CHEM 110 D100 L.Hanlan SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-110.en.html
CHEM 111 D100 L.Hanlan SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-111.en.html
CHEM 120 D100 D.Leznoff WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-120.en.html
CHEM 120 D400 G.Mund WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR3170 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-120.en.html
CHEM 121 D100 D.Leznoff WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-121.en.html
CHEM 121 D200 D.Leznoff WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-121.en.html
CHEM 121 D300 G.Mund WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5240 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-121.en.html
CHEM 121 D400 G.Mund WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR3170 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-121.en.html
CHEM 126 LA04 J.Zhou WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-126.en.html
CHEM 126 LA06 J.Zhou WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-126.en.html
CHEM 180 D100 J.Canal WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5018 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-180.en.html
CHEM 215 D100 H.Yu WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-215.en.html
CHEM 260 D100 C.Walsby THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-260.en.html
CHEM 281 D100 R.Britton SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-281.en.html
CHEM 283 D100 P.Wilson SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-283.en.html
CHEM 284 D100 P.Wilson SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3159
CHEM 316 D100 B.Gates SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-316.en.html
CHEM 332 D200 J.Canal FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 C9000 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-332.en.html
CHEM 336 LA01 L.Hanlan WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5037 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-336.en.html
CHEM 336 LA02 L.Hanlan WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5037 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-336.en.html
CHEM 340 D100 H.Tailor TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-340.en.html
CHEM 366W D100 L.Kaake THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-366w.en.html
CHEM 372 D100 G.Agnes FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5006 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-372.en.html
CHEM 419 D100 P.Li FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5006 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-419.en.html
CHEM 452 D100 E.Plettner FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5018 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-452.en.html
CHEM 459 E100 D.Vocadlo WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ5005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-459.en.html
CHEM 464 D100 G.Leach MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-464.en.html
CHEM 465 D100 M.Eikerling THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5037 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-465.en.html
CHEM 469 D100 J.Wilkie FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5018 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chem/chem-469.en.html
CHIN 100 D100 B.Ng THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chin/chin-100.en.html
CHIN 100 D200 B.Ng THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chin/chin-100.en.html
CHIN 100 D300 B.Ng THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chin/chin-100.en.html
CHIN 100 D400 J.Fei THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCB7300 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chin/chin-100.en.html
CHIN 101 D100 B.Ng FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5030 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chin/chin-101.en.html
CHIN 200 D100 B.Ng WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5030 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/chin/chin-200.en.html
CMNS 110 C100 G.McCarron FRI 7-Dec 08:30-10:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmns/cmns-110.en.html
CMNS 130 C100 E.Brophy TUE 11-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmns/cmns-130.en.html
CMNS 130 D100 S.Matviyenko FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmns/cmns-130.en.html
CMNS 201 D100 F.Lesage FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 RCBIMAGTH
CMNS 202 D100 K.Reilly THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9200
CMNS 220 D100 J.Baker MON 10-Dec 23:59-23:59 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmns/cmns-220.en.html
CMNS 223W D100 J.Baker MON 10-Dec 23:50-23:50 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmns/cmns-223w.en.html
CMNS 240 D100 E.Brophy SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 HCC1900 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmns/cmns-240.en.html
CMNS 240 J100 R.Neubauer SUN 9-Dec 19:00-22:00 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmns/cmns-240.en.html
CMNS 253W C100 R.Smith WED 5-Dec 23:55-23:55 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmns/cmns-253w.en.html
CMNS 453 C100 R.Smith WED 5-Dec 23:55-23:55 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmns/cmns-453.en.html
CMNS 453 C200 R.Smith WED 5-Dec 23:55-23:55 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmns/cmns-453.en.html
CMPT 102 D100 B.Funt WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-102.en.html
CMPT 110 D100 S.Pearce WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-110.en.html
CMPT 120 D100 D.Cukierman THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-120.en.html
CMPT 120 D200 D.Cukierman THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-120.en.html
CMPT 125 D100 I.Shinkar WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-125.en.html
CMPT 128 D100 G.Hamarneh THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-128.en.html
CMPT 130 D100 J.Edgar SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-130.en.html
CMPT 165 E100 D.Cukierman TUE 11-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1900 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-165.en.html
CMPT 166 D100 S.Pearce FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR2750 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-166.en.html
CMPT 225 D100 R.Krishnamurti WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-225.en.html
CMPT 225 D200 T.Donaldson SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 SP291 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-225.en.html
CMPT 275 E100 H.Tsang MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-275.en.html
CMPT 276 E100 A.Lim THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-276.en.html
CMPT 295 D100 A.Lavergne WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-295.en.html
CMPT 300 D100 K.Vora THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-300.en.html
CMPT 300 D200 K.Vora THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-300.en.html
CMPT 307 D100 R.Krishnamurti SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-307.en.html
CMPT 307 D200 J.Peters THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR5240 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-307.en.html
CMPT 310 D100 J.Delgrande WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-310.en.html
CMPT 310 D200 O.Schulte WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-310.en.html
CMPT 318 D100 U.Glaesser SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-318.en.html
CMPT 320 D100 O.Schulte THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-320.en.html
CMPT 354 D100 J.Wang THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-354.en.html
CMPT 354 D200 A.Guha WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-354.en.html
CMPT 363 D100 P.Chilana FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-363.en.html
CMPT 371 D100 J.Peters WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-371.en.html
CMPT 371 E100 B.Gill WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1700 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-371.en.html
CMPT 376W D100 M.Tofiloski WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-376w.en.html
CMPT 379 D100 A.Guha THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-379.en.html
CMPT 383 D100 G.Baker WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-383.en.html
CMPT 384 D100 R.Cameron SUN 9-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-384.en.html
CMPT 405 D100 L.Chindelevitch THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-405.en.html
CMPT 409 D100 E.Ternovska THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-409.en.html
CMPT 412 D100 B.Funt SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-412.en.html
CMPT 413 D100 A.Sarkar FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-413.en.html
CMPT 417 D100 D.Mitchell WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 C9002 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-417.en.html
CMPT 419 D100 G.Mori SAT 8-Dec 19:00-22:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-419.en.html
CMPT 441 D100 L.Chindelevitch WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-441.en.html
CMPT 454 D100 J.Edgar SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-454.en.html
CMPT 459 D100 M.Ester SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-459.en.html
CMPT 466 D100 K.Yin THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-466.en.html
CMPT 470 E100 B.Chan THU 13-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1900 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-470.en.html
CMPT 475 E100 D.Ridinger THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-475.en.html
CMPT 479 D100 W.Sumner FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cmpt/cmpt-479.en.html
COGS 100 D200 J.Turner SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 HCC1900 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/cogs/cogs-100.en.html
CRIM 101 C100 D.Macalister WED 5-Dec 12:00-14:30 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-101.en.html
CRIM 101 D100 B.Cartwright MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-101.en.html
CRIM 101 D900 Z.Rowan WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-101.en.html
CRIM 103 C100 J.Wong THU 6-Dec 15:30-17:30 K9500 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-103.en.html
CRIM 103 D100 E.Mccuish SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-103.en.html
CRIM 103 D900 J.Warren WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR2995 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-103.en.html
CRIM 104 C100 ..Sessional WED 5-Dec 19:00-21:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-104.en.html
CRIM 104 D100 B.Cartwright SUN 9-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-104.en.html
CRIM 104 J100 C.Perkins SUN 16-Dec 08:30-11:30 HCC1315 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-104.en.html
CRIM 131 C100 S.Fabian MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-131.en.html
CRIM 131 D100 D.Murdoch THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-131.en.html
CRIM 131 D900 S.Yercich THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-131.en.html
CRIM 135 D100 H.Wheeler THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-135.en.html
CRIM 135 D900 H.Wheeler WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-135.en.html
CRIM 203 D100 J.Kinney MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3260 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-203.en.html
CRIM 210 C100 R.Corrado THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-210.en.html
CRIM 210 D100 E.Mccuish FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-210.en.html
CRIM 213 D100 S.Yercich WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-213.en.html
CRIM 220 C100 T.Palys FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-220.en.html
CRIM 220 D100 S.Wiley SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-220.en.html
CRIM 230 C100 S.Verdun-Jones MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-230.en.html
CRIM 230 D100 I.Ponomarenko WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-230.en.html
CRIM 230 D900 T.O’Doherty FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 SP291 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-230.en.html
CRIM 241 D900 D.Murdoch THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR3170 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-241.en.html
CRIM 251 D100 T.Hodgkinson TUE 11-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-251.en.html
CRIM 251 J100 T.Hodgkinson SUN 16-Dec 12:00-15:00 HCC1315 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-251.en.html
CRIM 300W D100 A.Lysova FRI 14-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-300w.en.html
CRIM 301 C100 F.Kara-MacAlister TUE 11-Dec 23:59-23:59 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-301.en.html
CRIM 302 D100 T.O’Doherty WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9000 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-302.en.html
CRIM 310 C100 R.Corrado MON 10-Dec 23:58-23:58 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-310.en.html
CRIM 310 D100 R.Corrado FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-310.en.html
CRIM 315 J100 K.Glowatski SUN 9-Dec 08:30-11:30 HCC1800 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-315.en.html
CRIM 318 D900 H.Morden SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5360 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-318.en.html
CRIM 320 C100 G.Davies WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-320.en.html
CRIM 320 D100 M.Helmus FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-320.en.html
CRIM 321 C100 J.Kusz SUN 9-Dec 23:57-23:57 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-321.en.html
CRIM 321 D100 C.Perkins MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-321.en.html
CRIM 330 D100 G.Bowbrick TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-330.en.html
CRIM 332 C100 D.Macalister THU 6-Dec 12:00-14:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-332.en.html
CRIM 332 D100 B.Cartwright THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-332.en.html
CRIM 335 C100 D.Macalister TUE 11-Dec 15:30-18:20 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-335.en.html
CRIM 335 D100 T.O’Doherty THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-335.en.html
CRIM 335 J100 G.Bowbrick SAT 8-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1505 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-335.en.html
CRIM 338 D100 D.Macalister FRI 14-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-338.en.html
CRIM 352 D100 M.Andresen WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCB8100 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-352.en.html
CRIM 355 C100 M.Ueda MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-355.en.html
CRIM 355 D100 J.Warren MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-355.en.html
CRIM 356 D100 L.Bell FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-356.en.html
CRIM 357 D100 L.Bell WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-357.en.html
CRIM 380 C100 R.Frank TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-380.en.html
CRIM 380 D100 R.Frank SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-380.en.html
CRIM 380 J200 A.Conroy FRI 14-Dec 19:00-22:00 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-380.en.html
CRIM 402 C100 S.Michener THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-402.en.html
CRIM 413 D100 G.Davies THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-413.en.html
CRIM 417 D100 J.Gallison SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-417.en.html
CRIM 454 C100 E.Beauregard MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-454.en.html
CRIM 455 C100 C.Griffiths WED 12-Dec 23:56-23:56 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-455.en.html
CRIM 458 C100 R.Parent FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 K9500 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/crim/crim-458.en.html
EASC 101 D100 G.Williams-Jones THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-101.en.html
EASC 101 D200 C.Hansen FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5360 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-101.en.html
EASC 104 C100 G.Williams-Jones FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-104.en.html
EASC 107 D100 K.Cameron WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-107.en.html
EASC 202 D100 K.Cameron SUN 9-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-202.en.html
EASC 207 D100 A.Calvert WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-207.en.html
EASC 209W D100 B.Ward WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-209w.en.html
EASC 210 D100 C.Hansen THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-210.en.html
EASC 301 D100 D.Thorkelson THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-301.en.html
EASC 304 D100 D.Allen FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-304.en.html
EASC 309 D100 B.Dyck SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5008 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-309.en.html
EASC 310W D100 R.Donald TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5008 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-310w.en.html
EASC 315W D100 D.Kirste FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-315w.en.html
EASC 401 D100 D.Marshall WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5008 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-401.en.html
EASC 413 D100 D.Elmo THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/easc/easc-413.en.html
ECON 102 D100 N.Schmitt THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-102.en.html
ECON 103 D100 M.Rekkas FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-103.en.html
ECON 103 D200 M.Santamaria FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-103.en.html
ECON 103 D900 S.Choi SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-103.en.html
ECON 105 D100 B.Krauth MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-105.en.html
ECON 105 D900 S.Choi SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-105.en.html
ECON 182 D100 K.Pendakur SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3150
ECON 201 D100 C.Luelfesmann THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-201.en.html
ECON 201 D200 N.Barkin FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-201.en.html
ECON 260 D100 K.Dust WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-260.en.html
ECON 290 D100 J.Liu WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-290.en.html
ECON 302 D100 S.Mongrain FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-302.en.html
ECON 302 D200 S.Lu SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-302.en.html
ECON 305 D100 J.Knowles SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-305.en.html
ECON 325 D100 M.Rekkas WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-325.en.html
ECON 342 D100 S.Easton WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-342.en.html
ECON 345 D100 M.Santamaria SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-345.en.html
ECON 362 D100 F.Aragon Sanchez FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-362.en.html
ECON 381 D100 J.Friesen SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-381.en.html
ECON 383 D100 V.Golovetskyy WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-383.en.html
ECON 383 D200 J.Arifovic THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-383.en.html
ECON 383 D300 N.Barkin WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-383.en.html
ECON 402 D100 A.Kessler THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5018 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-402.en.html
ECON 425 D100 C.Luelfesmann WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5018 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-425.en.html
ECON 450W D100 S.Easton THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-450w.en.html
ECON 460 D100 K.Wainwright MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-460.en.html
ECON 480 D100 S.Woodcock MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-480.en.html
ECON 480 D200 S.Woodcock MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-480.en.html
ECON 483 D200 K.Lam SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-483.en.html
ECON 484 D100 K.Lam WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3210 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/econ/econ-484.en.html
EDUC 212 D100 S.Gillings Rodney FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-212.en.html
EDUC 220 C100 J.Nesbit MON 10-Dec 15:30-17:30 K9500 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-220.en.html
EDUC 220 D100 Z.Marzouk SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-220.en.html
EDUC 240 D100 C.Bingham MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-240.en.html
EDUC 322 C100 L.Lemare TUE 11-Dec 12:00-14:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-322.en.html
EDUC 322 C200 L.Lemare TUE 11-Dec 12:00-14:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-322.en.html
EDUC 326 C100 C.Mamchur WED 5-Dec 23:55-23:55 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-326.en.html
EDUC 326 C200 C.Mamchur WED 5-Dec 23:55-23:55 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-326.en.html
EDUC 422 C100 M.Hoskyn THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-422.en.html
EDUC 445 C100 C.Faucher WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-445.en.html
EDUC 464 C100 M.Macdonald FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-464.en.html
EDUC 464 C200 M.Macdonald FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-464.en.html
EDUC 466 C100 M.Macdonald THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-466.en.html
EDUC 471 C100 S.Barber MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-471.en.html
EDUC 471 C200 S.Barber MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-471.en.html
EDUC 471 C300 S.Barber MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/educ/educ-471.en.html
ENGL 111W D100 J.Smith SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-111w.en.html
ENGL 111W D900 M.Minard SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-111w.en.html
ENGL 112W D100 B.Rossell THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCBIMAGTH
ENGL 113W D100 D.Solomon SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-113w.en.html
ENGL 113W D900 N.Flagel THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-113w.en.html
ENGL 114W C100 C.Kim MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-114w.en.html
ENGL 114W D100 E.Schellenberg THU 6-Dec 12:00-14:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-114w.en.html
ENGL 115W D100 J.Fleming TUE 11-Dec 08:30-10:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-115w.en.html
ENGL 203 D100 M.Minard THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-203.en.html
ENGL 206 D100 M.Linley SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3260 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-206.en.html
ENGL 207 D100 S.Brook THU 13-Dec 08:30-10:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-207.en.html
ENGL 216 D100 C.Lesjak FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-216.en.html
ENGL 310 D100 P.Budra SAT 15-Dec 15:30-17:30 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-310.en.html
ENGL 313 J100 R.Arab WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1315 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-313.en.html
ENGL 315 D100 J.Fleming THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-315.en.html
ENGL 327 C100 C.Lesjak WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-327.en.html
ENGL 360 D100 S.McCall WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-360.en.html
ENGL 387 D100 N.Didicher WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-387.en.html
ENGL 394 D100 C.Kim MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/engl/engl-394.en.html
ENSC 204 D100 B.Gill TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-204.en.html
ENSC 220 D100 M.Parameswaran SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-220.en.html
ENSC 251 D100 K.Swietlicki SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-251.en.html
ENSC 252 D100 A.Tino MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-252.en.html
ENSC 316 E100 L.One SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3520
ENSC 324 D100 M.Syrzycki MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-324.en.html
ENSC 351 D100 K.Swietlicki WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-351.en.html
ENSC 380 D100 P.Ho FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-380.en.html
ENSC 385 D100 N.Rajapakse WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 K9500 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-385.en.html
ENSC 424 D100 I.Bajic THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-424.en.html
ENSC 460 D200 P.Lane THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-460.en.html
ENSC 462 E100 B.Gray FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ5005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-462.en.html
ENSC 477 D100 M.Sarunic SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ensc/ensc-477.en.html
ENV 320W D100 J.Brown SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/envir/env-320w.en.html
EVSC 100 D100 M.Branfireun FRI 14-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3170 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/evsc/evsc-100.en.html
EVSC 100 D300 M.Branfireun SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/evsc/evsc-100.en.html
FAN X91 P100 M.Videnovic SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3210
FAN X99 D100 M.Malekian FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fan/fan-x99.en.html
FAN X99 D200 FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fan/fan-x99.en.html
FAN X99 D300 S.Hosseini FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fan/fan-x99.en.html
FAN X99 D400 J.Chan FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fan/fan-x99.en.html
FAN X99 D500 S.Marshall FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fan/fan-x99.en.html
FAN X99 E100 G.Glebov THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fan/fan-x99.en.html
FAN X99 E200 Y.Tuncer THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1315 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fan/fan-x99.en.html
FASS 118 D100 K.Pendakur SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3150
FNST 101 D100 R.Reimer WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fnst/fnst-101.en.html
FNST 101 D200 B.Myles FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR3240 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fnst/fnst-101.en.html
FNST 101 P100 R.Reimer WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fnst/fnst-101.en.html
FNST 201W D100 D.Reder SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fnst/fnst-201w.en.html
FNST 201W D200 N.Morgan SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 HCC1315 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fnst/fnst-201w.en.html
FNST 301 D100 N.Morgan WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCB8100 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fnst/fnst-301.en.html
FNST 325 J100 M.Knickerbocker THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1900 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fnst/fnst-325.en.html
FNST 360 D100 S.McCall WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fnst/fnst-360.en.html
FNST 401 C100 M.Ignace WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fnst/fnst-401.en.html
FREN 120 C100 L.Bruneau-Jolly WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC1608 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-120.en.html
FREN 121 D100 P.De Rycke FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fren/fren-121.en.html
FREN 121 D200 P.De Rycke FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fren/fren-121.en.html
FREN 122 D100 C.Ollivier-Budisa THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fren/fren-122.en.html
FREN 122 E100 C.Ollivier-Budisa WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fren/fren-122.en.html
FREN 210 D100 C.Bossavit MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-210.en.html
FREN 210 D200 C.Bossavit MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-210.en.html
FREN 211 D100 C.Bossavit WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-211.en.html
FREN 211 D200 C.Bossavit WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-211.en.html
FREN 212 D100 C.Ollivier-Budisa FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fren/fren-212.en.html
FREN 212 F100 P.De Rycke WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fren/fren-212.en.html
FREN 245 D100 H.Hakeem THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-245.en.html
FREN 275 D100 C.Guilbault WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-275.en.html
FREN 275 E100 R.Canac-Marquis SAT 15-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-275.en.html
FREN 301W D100 G.Planchenault THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fren/fren-301w.en.html
FREN 301W F100 C.Ollivier-Budisa SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/fren/fren-301w.en.html
FREN 344 D100 S.Steele TUE 11-Dec 08:30-10:30 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-344.en.html
FREN 407W D100 L.Bruneau-Jolly WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5018 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-407w.en.html
FREN 417 D100 R.Canac-Marquis WED 12-Dec 15:30-17:30 WMC3510 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-417.en.html
FREN 440 D100 S.Steele SAT 15-Dec 15:30-17:30 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/frn/fren-440.en.html
GEOG 100 D100 G.Mann TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-100.en.html
GEOG 100 D200 G.Ferguson WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 SP291 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-100.en.html
GEOG 104 D100 T.Holland WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-104.en.html
GEOG 111 D100 A.Perkins MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-111.en.html
GEOG 162 D100 M.Wiens SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-162.en.html
GEOG 162 J100 M.Wiens SAT 8-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1315 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-162.en.html
GEOG 213 D100 J.Venditti WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-213.en.html
GEOG 214 D100 W.Read WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-214.en.html
GEOG 215 D100 M.Schmidt FRI 14-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-215.en.html
GEOG 221 D100 R.Collard SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-221.en.html
GEOG 241 D100 J.Young TUE 11-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-241.en.html
GEOG 251 D100 S.Balram THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-251.en.html
GEOG 253 D100 P.Pickell FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-253.en.html
GEOG 255 D100 N.Hedley THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-255.en.html
GEOG 264 C100 T.Evans TUE 11-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-264.en.html
GEOG 311 D100 D.Nnane SAT 8-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-311.en.html
GEOG 312 D100 A.Perkins SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-312.en.html
GEOG 314 D100 K.Zickfeld FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-314.en.html
GEOG 317 D100 M.Schmidt THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-317.en.html
GEOG 324 D100 S.Nieweler THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 HCC1700 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-324.en.html
GEOG 352 D100 S.Balram THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 C9002 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-352.en.html
GEOG 356 D100 N.Hedley SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-356.en.html
GEOG 377 D100 T.Paulson SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 K9500 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-377.en.html
GEOG 382 D100 I.Winton MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-382.en.html
GEOG 385 D100 C.Miewald FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 HCC1800 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-385.en.html
GEOG 386 D100 V.Crooks WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-386.en.html
GEOG 412W D100 A.Perkins SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-412w.en.html
GEOG 442 D100 M.Koepke SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 HCC1425 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-442.en.html
GEOG 445 D100 J.Irwin WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 HCC1600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/geog/geog-445.en.html
GERO 300 E100 A.Mahmood MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1700 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/gero/gero-300.en.html
GERO 301 E100 S.Crawford FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1500 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/gero/gero-301.en.html
GERO 406 D100 S.Koehn FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 HCC1315 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/gero/gero-406.en.html
GERO 410 D100 S.Crawford FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 HCC1315 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/gero/gero-410.en.html
GERO 413 C100 ..TBD WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3260 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/gero/gero-413.en.html
GERO 420 C100 A.Wister THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 BLU9660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/gero/gero-420.en.html
GSWS 101 D100 L.Campbell FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/gndr-sex-wom-st/gsws-101.en.html
GSWS 102 C100 S.Chen TUE 11-Dec 19:00-21:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/gndr-sex-wom-st/gsws-102.en.html
GSWS 201 D100 M.Koolen WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/gndr-sex-wom-st/gsws-201.en.html
GSWS 317 E100 M.Shearman WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1800 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/gndr-sex-wom-st/gsws-317.en.html
HIST 101 D100 W.Keough THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-101.en.html
HIST 102W D900 D.Borys TUE 11-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-102w.en.html
HIST 106 D100 A.Windel SUN 9-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-106.en.html
HIST 115 D100 E.Chenier WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-115.en.html
HIST 130 D100 L.Clossey MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-130.en.html
HIST 130 D900 M.Lanthier THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-130.en.html
HIST 146 D100 S.Walshaw SUN 9-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-146.en.html
HIST 151 D100 A.Ghazal MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-151.en.html
HIST 204 D100 L.Wiener SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-204.en.html
HIST 220 D100 V.Vintila MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-220.en.html
HIST 224 D100 P.Garfinkel FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 WMC3260 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-224.en.html
HIST 236 D100 J.Matsumura SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-236.en.html
HIST 237 D100 K.McCullough FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-237.en.html
HIST 254 D100 W.Guo WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-254.en.html
HIST 275 D100 D.Krallis MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5005
HIST 277 C100 S.Higgins MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-277.en.html
HIST 285 D100 L.Rossi SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCB8100 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-285.en.html
HIST 315 D100 J.Craig FRI 7-Dec 20:00-20:00 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-315.en.html
HIST 325 J100 M.Knickerbocker THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1900 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-325.en.html
HIST 371 D100 J.Matsumura FRI 14-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-371.en.html
HIST 372 D100 N.Kenny MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-372.en.html
HIST 377 D100 T.Paulson SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 K9500 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-377.en.html
HIST 390 D100 W.Guo MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hist/hist-390.en.html
HS 201 C100 D.Krallis TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3005
HS 275 D100 D.Krallis MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hellenic-std/hs-275.en.html
HS 277 C100 S.Higgins MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hellenic-std/hs-277.en.html
HS 280 D100 J.Horncastle SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5037 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hellenic-std/hs-280.en.html
HS 312 D100 S.Higgins FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5037
HSCI 100 D100 I.Tietjen SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-100.en.html
HSCI 100 D200 E.Pokrishevsky SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-100.en.html
HSCI 120 E100 K.Salters WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-120.en.html
HSCI 120 E200 K.Salters WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 SUR3170 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-120.en.html
HSCI 130 D100 M.Tun FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-130.en.html
HSCI 130 D200 M.Tun FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-130.en.html
HSCI 180 D100 J.Somers THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-180.en.html
HSCI 214 D100 D.Vigo SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-214.en.html
HSCI 215 D100 M.Salajegheh WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-215.en.html
HSCI 304 D100 R.Allen FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-304.en.html
HSCI 305 D100 M.Lavergne SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-305.en.html
HSCI 307 D100 E.McClymont MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-307.en.html
HSCI 324 D100 E.Pokrishevsky WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-324.en.html
HSCI 330 D100 K.Card WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-330.en.html
HSCI 338 D100 M.Niikura SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-338.en.html
HSCI 340 D100 N.Berry WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-340.en.html
HSCI 407 D100 J.Calvert WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-407.en.html
HSCI 410 D100 L.McCandless THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 BLU11660 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-410.en.html
HSCI 432 D100 K.Card WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-432.en.html
HSCI 458 C100 N.Wicks MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-458.en.html
HSCI 478 D100 P.Lincez WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hsci/hsci-478.en.html
HUM 101W D100 P.Crowe SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-101w.en.html
HUM 102W C100 D.Mirhady THU 6-Dec 19:00-20:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-102w.en.html
HUM 102W C200 D.Mirhady THU 6-Dec 19:00-20:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-102w.en.html
HUM 102W D900 A.Capperdoni SUN 9-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-102w.en.html
HUM 105 D100 P.Dutton TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-105.en.html
HUM 130 C100 M.Newton WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-130.en.html
HUM 130 D900 M.Newton SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-130.en.html
HUM 130 J100 M.Minard WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-130.en.html
HUM 161 C100 D.Mirhady THU 6-Dec 15:30-17:30 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-161.en.html
HUM 216 D100 D.Mirhady WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-216.en.html
HUM 305 J100 A.Capperdoni SAT 8-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-305.en.html
HUM 309 D100 A.Feenberg-Dibon WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-309.en.html
HUM 325 D100 A.Capperdoni MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 HCC2205 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-325.en.html
HUM 340 D100 A.Feenberg-Dibon WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC2205 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/hum/hum-340.en.html
IAT 106 D100 N.Shireen THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/intact-art/iat-106.en.html
IAT 167 D100 Y.Yang FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/intact-art/iat-167.en.html
IAT 202 E100 S.Clements-Vivian FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/intact-art/iat-202.en.html
IAT 206W D100 N.Rajah FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/intact-art/iat-206w.en.html
IAT 210 D100 E.Ulas SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/intact-art/iat-210.en.html
IAT 265 D100 M.Hatala WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/intact-art/iat-265.en.html
IAT 267 D100 H.Serban THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/intact-art/iat-267.en.html
IAT 352 D100 M.Hatala FRI 14-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR5360 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/iat/iat-352.en.html
IAT 359 D100 H.Serban WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR3090
IAT 432 D100 L.Bartram FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/intact-art/iat-432.en.html
IAT 455 D100 H.Serban FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/intact-art/iat-455.en.html
IAT 481 D100 D.Gromala SAT 15-Dec 19:00-22:00 SUR5360 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/iat/iat-481.en.html
IS 101 D100 B.Lyshaug FRI 14-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/is/is-101.en.html
IS 101 D900 B.Lyshaug FRI 14-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/is/is-101.en.html
IS 101 J100 S.Kaya THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1325 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/is/is-101.en.html
IS 210 J100 E.Gurcan MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1800 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/is/is-210.en.html
IS 220 D100 L.Armijo WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/is/is-220.en.html
IS 265 D100 S.Parker SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/is/is-265.en.html
IS 280 D100 J.Horncastle SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5037 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/is/is-280.en.html
IS 435 D100 M.Barraza THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 HCC1315 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/is/is-435.en.html
ITAL 100 D100 C.Rassekh FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ital/ital-100.en.html
ITAL 100 D200 C.Rassekh FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ital/ital-100.en.html
ITAL 100 D300 C.Rassekh FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ital/ital-100.en.html
ITAL 101 D100 ..Sessional WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ital/ital-101.en.html
ITAL 200 D100 C.Rassekh SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ital/ital-200.en.html
ITAL 300 D100 C.Rassekh SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ital/ital-300.en.html
JAPN 100 D100 N.Takei WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/japn/japn-100.en.html
JAPN 100 D200 N.Takei WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1510 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/japn/japn-100.en.html
JAPN 100 D300 N.Takei WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1510 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/japn/japn-100.en.html
JAPN 100 E100 N.Takei WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/japn/japn-100.en.html
JAPN 100 E200 N.Takei WED 12-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1510 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/japn/japn-100.en.html
JAPN 101 D100 C.Furukawa SAT 15-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/japn/japn-101.en.html
JAPN 101 D200 C.Furukawa SAT 15-Dec 19:00-22:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/japn/japn-101.en.html
JAPN 200 D200 N.Omae WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/japn/japn-200.en.html
LBST 101 D100 K.Strauss WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/labour-std/lbst-101.en.html
LBST 202 D100 K.Strauss WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5016
LBST 230 D100 L.Masilamani TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 RCB8100 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/labour-std/lbst-230.en.html
LBST 307 C100 K.Strauss THU 6-Dec 15:30-17:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/labour-std/lbst-307.en.html
LBST 311 D100 J.Walker THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/labour-std/lbst-311.en.html
LING 100 D100 H.Bliss WED 12-Dec 08:30-10:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ling/ling-100.en.html
LING 111 D100 I.Pankrats FRI 14-Dec 15:30-17:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ling/ling-111.en.html
LING 111 J100 I.Pankrats WED 5-Dec 19:00-21:00 HCC1325 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ling/ling-111.en.html
LING 200 D900 T.Block WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5360 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ling/ling-200.en.html
LING 220 D100 H.Bliss FRI 7-Dec 12:00-14:00 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ling/ling-220.en.html
LING 282W D100 C.Burgess WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 WMC3260
LING 322 D100 K.Kim FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ling/ling-322.en.html
LING 330 D100 M.Munro WED 5-Dec 15:30-17:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ling/ling-330.en.html
LING 350 D100 H.Yeung WED 5-Dec 08:30-10:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/ling/ling-350.en.html
MACM 101 D100 B.Bhattacharya TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math-comp-sci/macm-101.en.html
MACM 101 D200 A.Bulatov SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math-comp-sci/macm-101.en.html
MACM 101 D300 T.Donaldson THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math-comp-sci/macm-101.en.html
MACM 201 D100 M.DeVos THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math-comp-sci/macm-201.en.html
MACM 204 D100 M.Monagan THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3144 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math-comp-sci/macm-204.en.html
MACM 316 E100 J.Stockie SAT 8-Dec 19:00-22:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math-comp-sci/macm-316.en.html
MACM 416 D100 M.Trummer WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5037 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/macm/macm-416.en.html
MATH 100 D100 A.Dyck FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-100.en.html
MATH 100 D200 J.Chan FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR3170 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-100.en.html
MATH 150 D100 P.Feijao TUE 11-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-150.en.html
MATH 150 D200 V.Jungic TUE 11-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-150.en.html
MATH 151 D100 N.Bruin TUE 11-Dec 15:30-18:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-151.en.html
MATH 151 D200 Z.Lu TUE 11-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-151.en.html
MATH 152 D100 R.Wittenberg TUE 11-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-152.en.html
MATH 154 D100 Y.Tuncer FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-154.en.html
MATH 154 D200 M.Faizrahnemoon FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-154.en.html
MATH 157 D100 P.Menz SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-157.en.html
MATH 157 D200 M.Virgilio SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR2995 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-157.en.html
MATH 190 C100 P.Menz TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-190.en.html
MATH 190 D100 S.Burrill FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-190.en.html
MATH 232 D100 A.Dyck THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-232.en.html
MATH 232 D200 J.Williams THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-232.en.html
MATH 240 D100 M.Monagan THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-240.en.html
MATH 251 D100 D.Muraki FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-251.en.html
MATH 251 D200 S.Foroushani FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-251.en.html
MATH 251 D300 J.Mulholland FRI 7-Dec 15:30-18:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-251.en.html
MATH 303 D100 R.Fetecau SAT 8-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-303.en.html
MATH 308 D100 Z.Lu WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-308.en.html
MATH 310 D100 V.Singh THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-310.en.html
MATH 310 D200 V.Jungic THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-310.en.html
MATH 322 D100 S.Choi SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-322.en.html
MATH 340 D100 I.Chen SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-340.en.html
MATH 343 D100 L.Goddyn TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-343.en.html
MATH 345 D100 L.Stacho WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-345.en.html
MATH 408 D100 T.Stephen WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR5360 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-408.en.html
MATH 418 D100 D.Muraki THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-418.en.html
MATH 424 D100 N.Nigam SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-424.en.html
MATH 447 D100 P.Lisonek SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/math/math-447.en.html
MBB 201 D100 S.Vlachos SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mol-biol-bioc/mbb-201.en.html
MBB 222 D100 A.Barlev SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mol-biol-bioc/mbb-222.en.html
MBB 231 D100 I.Kovalyova SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mol-biol-bioc/mbb-231.en.html
MBB 243 D100 J.Li WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3250
MBB 321 D100 I.Northwood SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mol-biol-bioc/mbb-321.en.html
MBB 322 D100 N.Hawkins TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mbb/mbb-322.en.html
MBB 331 D100 S.Vlachos FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mol-biol-bioc/mbb-331.en.html
MBB 342 D100 F.Brinkman SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 WMC3260 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mol-biol-bioc/mbb-342.en.html
MBB 440 D100 S.Jones MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mbb/mbb-440.en.html
MSE 100 D100 K.Vijayaraghavan FRI 7-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mech-sys-engrin/mse-100.en.html
MSE 220 E100 W.Kim SAT 15-Dec 19:00-22:00 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mech-sys-engrin/mse-220.en.html
MSE 221 D100 G.Wang THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3170 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mech-sys-engrin/mse-221.en.html
MSE 250 D100 A.Rad WED 5-Dec 12:00-15:00 SP291 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mech-sys-engrin/mse-250.en.html
MSE 310 D100 M.Narimani MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mech-sys-engrin/mse-310.en.html
MSE 320 D100 K.Vijayaraghavan THU 6-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mech-sys-engrin/mse-320.en.html
MSE 321 D100 M.Bahrami SAT 15-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mech-sys-engrin/mse-321.en.html
MSE 352 D100 M.Narimani TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mech-sys-engrin/mse-352.en.html
MSE 380 D100 F.Firmani THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mech-sys-engrin/mse-380.en.html
MSE 422 D100 E.Kjeang TUE 11-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5080 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mech-sys-engrin/mse-422.en.html
MSE 491 D100 F.Farzan THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR5360 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/mech-sys-engrin/mse-491.en.html
NUSC 341 D100 C.Andreoiu TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/nusc/nusc-341.en.html
PERS 118 D100 R.Mehri SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pers/pers-118.en.html
PERS 190 D100 R.Mehri WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5006
PHIL 100W D100 T.Donaldson FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-100w.en.html
PHIL 100W J100 J.Leardi TUE 11-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-100w.en.html
PHIL 105 D100 L.Crawford THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-105.en.html
PHIL 105 E100 S.Pollon THU 6-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1700 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-105.en.html
PHIL 110 D100 J.McIntosh TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-110.en.html
PHIL 120W D100 E.Tiffany MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-120w.en.html
PHIL 120W D900 B.Thomas FRI 14-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-120w.en.html
PHIL 121 D100 B.Thomas WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 WMC3260 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-121.en.html
PHIL 144 D100 J.McIntosh THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-144.en.html
PHIL 144 D900 J.Katz SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR3090 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-144.en.html
PHIL 201 D100 M.Hahn MON 10-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-201.en.html
PHIL 203 D100 F.Amijee SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-203.en.html
PHIL 300 E100 J.Leardi MON 10-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phil/phil-300.en.html
PHYS 100 D100 J.McGuirk THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-100.en.html
PHYS 100 D200 R.Narimani THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR5240 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-100.en.html
PHYS 101 D100 C.Forde WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-101.en.html
PHYS 102 D100 B.Stelzer WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-102.en.html
PHYS 102 D200 K.Stevens WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR3170 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-102.en.html
PHYS 120 D100 D.Ahrensmeier WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-120.en.html
PHYS 125 D100 M.Vetterli WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-125.en.html
PHYS 140 D100 S.Johnson WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR5140 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-140.en.html
PHYS 140 D200 S.Johnson WED 12-Dec 12:00-15:00 SUR5100 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-140.en.html
PHYS 190 D100 H.Trottier SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-190.en.html
PHYS 211 D100 J.Bechhoefer TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-211.en.html
PHYS 255 D100 A.Frolov SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-255.en.html
PHYS 347 D100 N.Forde THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-347.en.html
PHYS 384 D100 D.Sivak WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-384.en.html
PHYS 385 D100 I.Herbut SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3154 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-385.en.html
PHYS 413 D100 L.Pogosian TUE 11-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ5007 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-413.en.html
PHYS 421 D100 E.Mun SUN 9-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-421.en.html
PHYS 455 D100 P.Haljan WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5006 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-455.en.html
PHYS 465 D100 J.Sonier SAT 15-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3005 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/phys/phys-465.en.html
POL 100 D100 E.de Rooij SUN 9-Dec 12:00-15:00 GYMCENTRAL https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-100.en.html
POL 100 F100 R.Leger FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3150 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-100.en.html
POL 101W C100 A.Heard MON 10-Dec 15:30-17:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-101w.en.html
POL 101W D900 L.Masilamani SAT 15-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR5280 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-101w.en.html
POL 121 D100 C.McGovern TUE 11-Dec 15:29-15:29 TAKE-HOME
POL 141 D100 A.Moens FRI 7-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3182 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-141.en.html
POL 151 D100 C.McGovern MON 10-Dec 15:29-15:29 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-151.en.html
POL 210 D100 M.Laurence THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-210.en.html
POL 210 J100 M.Laurence FRI 14-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1800 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-210.en.html
POL 221 D100 K.Ie THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 HCC2205 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-221.en.html
POL 222 D900 K.Ginnell THU 13-Dec 15:30-18:30 SUR3310 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-222.en.html
POL 253 D100 A.Hira FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 SWH10041 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-253.en.html
POL 310 D100 M.Laurence MON 10-Dec 15:30-18:30 SWH10041
POL 321 J100 S.Prest FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1800 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-321.en.html
POL 324 D100 A.Heard SUN 9-Dec 12:00-14:00 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-324.en.html
POL 329 D100 C.Camcastle THU 6-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ5018 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-329.en.html
POL 332 D100 C.McGovern FRI 7-Dec 23:59-23:59 TAKE-HOME
POL 344 D100 A.Sajoo THU 6-Dec 11:59-11:59 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-344.en.html
POL 346 C100 J.Busumtwi-Sam WED 5-Dec 23:55-23:55 TAKE-HOME https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-346.en.html
POL 347 F100 J.Cornut SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5016 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-347.en.html
POL 348 D100 N.Teeple WED 5-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3149 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-348.en.html
POL 381W D100 T.Kawasaki WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5018 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-381w.en.html
POL 455 D100 L.Dobuzinskis SAT 8-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ5018 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/pol/pol-455.en.html
PSYC 102 D900 J.Thompson WED 5-Dec 19:00-22:00 SUR2600 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-102.en.html
PSYC 201W D100 M.Sigal FRI 14-Dec 12:00-15:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-201w.en.html
PSYC 210 D100 M.Sigal THU 6-Dec 12:00-15:00 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-210.en.html
PSYC 241 D100 S.Zaitsoff MON 10-Dec 08:30-10:30 RCBIMAGTH https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-241.en.html
PSYC 260 D100 J.Wright WED 5-Dec 08:30-10:30 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-260.en.html
PSYC 268 C100 D.Connolly FRI 7-Dec 08:30-10:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-268.en.html
PSYC 268 C200 D.Connolly FRI 7-Dec 08:30-10:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-268.en.html
PSYC 280 C100 N.Watson WED 5-Dec 19:00-21:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-280.en.html
PSYC 301 D100 M.Maraun WED 12-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-301.en.html
PSYC 303 D100 T.Spalek WED 12-Dec 15:30-18:30 AQ3153 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-303.en.html
PSYC 308 D100 T.Racine WED 12-Dec 08:30-10:30 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-308.en.html
PSYC 325 D100 L.Schimanski MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 HCC1900 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-325.en.html
PSYC 355 D100 S.Atwood THU 6-Dec 12:00-14:00 C9001 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-355.en.html
PSYC 357 D100 W.Loken Thornton MON 10-Dec 12:00-14:00 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-357.en.html
PSYC 362 C100 R.Cobb TUE 11-Dec 15:30-17:30 AQ3181 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-362.en.html
PSYC 363 D100 S.Neufeld WED 12-Dec 15:30-17:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-363.en.html
PSYC 365 D100 D.Cox THU 13-Dec 12:00-15:00 B9201 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-365.en.html
PSYC 376 C100 P.Coburn MON 10-Dec 12:00-15:00 AQ3159 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-376.en.html
PSYC 379 D100 A.Blanchard FRI 14-Dec 15:30-17:30 SWH10081 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-379.en.html
PSYC 382 D100 L.Schimanski WED 5-Dec 15:30-18:30 B9200 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-382.en.html
PSYC 383 D100 E.Caldbick THU 6-Dec 12:00-14:00 WMC3520 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-383.en.html
PSYC 386 D100 J.McDonald FRI 14-Dec 08:30-11:30 AQ3003 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-386.en.html
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PSYC 391 J100 N.Muir FRI 7-Dec 19:00-22:00 HCC1700 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-391.en.html
PSYC 391 J200 S.Farstad SUN 9-Dec 08:30-11:30 SUR5360 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/psyc/psyc-391.en.html
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WL 410 D100 M.Barraza THU 13-Dec 08:30-11:30 HCC1315 https://oneclass.com/all-materials/ca/sfu/wl/wl-410.en.html

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10 SFU Library Resources You Need to Know

The library can be one of the best academic resources for college students.  Whether you are studying for a test, working on a research project, or meeting with a group of classmates, university libraries have something for everyone!  Students at Simon Fraser University are fortunate to have multiple libraries on their three campuses with access to a plethora of resources.  See below for the different libraries and library resources you can find at Simon Fraser University.

1.  AskAway

Front desk at W.A.C. Bennett Library

Simon Fraser has a live chat service.  If students have questions between the hours of 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM, they may use the live chat to inquire without ever having to leave their home.

2.  Computers

Computers at the W.A.C. Bennett Library

All three SFU libraries have computers with software resources on them for students to use. Before going to the library, students can check the computer availability link on the SFU library website for real time updates about which computers are open for use.

3.  Equipment Borrowing

An Apple cinema display available for borrow

At the three SFU libraries, students can borrow various pieces of equipment including laptops, chargers, and microphones.  Students enrolled in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology have additional items available for them to borrow including cameras, lighting equipment, and audio equipment.

4.  Rooms and Spaces

A study lounge at the W.A.C. Bennett Library

The three libraries at SFU have various study zones to meet the needs of students.  Spaces include bookable group study rooms, quiet and silent study areas, lounges, and graduate group rooms.

5.  Student Learning Commons

SLC Student Learning Commons

Available on all three campuses, students can visit the student learning commons for help with writing, learning, and studying.  Students can attend workshops here and can also make one-on-one appointments. The learning commons also provide help for students who are learning English.

6.  Game Room

Game room at the Surrey Campus library

At the SFU Surrey campus library, students can borrow gaming consoles and games.  Gaming consoles available include the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis.

7.  Research Commons

Research Commons as SFU

The Research Commons are located on the 7th floor of the library at the Burnaby campus. This space helps students with the different phases of research.  At the commons, students can find wireless access, workstations, bookable group consultation rooms, and areas for discussion and relaxation.  The commons also have a Graduate Open Writing Lab and Thesis Boot Camp.

8.  Workshops and Classes

Student Learning Commons Workshops logo

All three SFU libraries hold workshops and classes.  Examples of workshops include ‘Managing Procrastination’, ‘How to Argue Academically’, and ‘Practice-Based Presentation Skills’.

9.  Citation Management

Zotero software helps students manage citations

Citing resources when writing a paper can be difficult.  The SFU library website has a plethora of information about managing citations.  Students can also attend workshops to learn more.

10.  Interlibrary Loan Service

Interlibrary loan icon

If you are looking for a resource that is not available at a Simon Fraser library, you can request the resource from another library.  Items are requested online and picked up at a designated Simon Fraser library.

Libraries at Simon Fraser University

1.  W.A.C. Bennett Library

Exterior of the W.A.C. Bennett Library

This is the main library located on the Burnaby Campus.  Most of SFU’s physical collection, staff, and services are at this location.

2.  Belzberg Library

Belzberg Library

This library is located at the Vancouver campus.  Belzberg Library provides support to the different academic programs at the SFU Vancouver campus including SFU at Harbour Centre, the Wosk Centre for Dialogue, the Segal Graduate School of Business, and the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts.

3.  Fraser Library

Fraser Library

This library is located at the Surrey campus.  Fraser Library is 25,000 square feet and provides students with access to books, journals, media, games, and equipment.

4.  Special Collections and Rare Books

Special Collections at the W.A.C. Bennett Library

The special collections are located within the W.A.C. Bennett Library.  This area of the library includes rare books, archival materials, and manuscripts.  Special events and displays are also offered.

5.  Burnaby Public Library

A Burnaby Public Library Branch

While not located on the Simon Fraser campus, Burnaby Public Libraries can be another resource for students to use.  The public library has 4 branches within Burnaby.  Students can get a library card and borrow books, movies, and music.

10 SFU Buildings You Need to Know

Simon Fraser University opened in 1965 and has 3 campuses located throughout British Columbia. The Burnaby Campus is the main campus. Between the 3 campuses, the university has 30,000 students, 6,500 faculty and staff, and 130,000 alumni. Before you step on campus, check out 10 important buildings as well as some fun facts about Simon Fraser University.

1.  Academic Quadrangle

Academic Quadrangle

This building is located at the Burnaby campus.  The interesting design depicts the Brutalist style of architecture.  This building contains lecture halls, classrooms, offices, and a large outdoor garden.

2.  W.A.C. Bennett Library

W.A.C Bennett Library

Located at the Burnaby campus, the library is seven floors and has almost 2 million different items.  The library contains group study rooms, quiet study rooms, lounges, graduate group rooms, computers, and wireless access.

3.  Lorne Davies Complex

Lorne Davies Complex

Located at the Burnaby campus, this building is home to the Fitness Centre.  The gym offers personal training, group fitness, 45 cardio machines, free weights and weight machines, and an indoor climbing wall.

4.  The Towers

SFU Towers

This mostly first-year student residence community is located at the Burnaby campus. The community includes three eight-story buildings.  All rooms in the Towers are single-occupancy so you don’t have to worry about having a roommate.

5.  Maggie Benston Centre

Maggie Benston Centre

This 6-floor building at the Burnaby Campus is filled with many different departments. Students go to this building for all sorts of needs including the bookstore, financial services, health and counselling services, parking services, and work integrated learning.

6.  Dining Hall by Residence

Student dining hall

If you have a meal plan, this dining hall is all-you-can-eat.  Come here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late-night snack.

7.  The Diamond Alumni Centre

Located at the Burnaby Campus, this building holds conferences, meetings, weddings, and various other special events.  The building contains fireplaces, a lot of greenery, and panoramic views of the mountains. It is the perfect place for SFU alumni to come visit once they graduate.

8.  Fraser Library

Fraser Library

This library is located at the Surrey campus.  The unique library contains more than just books.  You can borrow media, games, and equipment as well.  The library is 25,000 square feet and includes group, quiet, or silent places for students to work.

9.  Segal Building

Segal Building

This building at the Vancouver campus is home to the Beedie School of Business.  The building is a renovated bank and has space for meetings, seminars, presentations, banquets, and receptions.

10.  Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

Located at the Vancouver campus, this building is home to academic programs that study art and culture, dance, film, music, theatre, and visual arts.  The building also contains theatres, an art studio, and a gallery.

Interesting Facts about Simon Fraser University

1.  Simon Fraser has many different sports teams.

SFU Football Team

The university is the only Canadian member of the NCAA.

2.  There are a plethora of options to study with 8 faculties to choose from.

Class at SFU

This includes the Faculty of Applied Sciences; Arts and Social Sciences; Communication, Art, and Technology; Education; Environment; Health Sciences; Science; and the Beedie School of Business.

3.  The Burnaby Campus has won many architectural awards.

SFU Burnaby Campus

These awards include the Gold Medal for Lieutenant-Governor Awards in Architecture and the 2007 Royal Architecture Institute of Canada’s Prix du XXe siècle.

4.  There are many student clubs and organizations to join.

SFU Club Days

The university has over 100 campus clubs and 6 Greek organizations.

5.  The Burnaby Campus is in the mountains!

SFU Campus on top of Burnaby Mountain

The campus is located on top of Burnaby Mountain with elevation of 365 meters.  This beautiful campus also overlooks Burrard inlet.

Simon Fraser University is a great school to attend.  Come take a campus tour to learn more about what this school has to offer and to see the beautiful buildings for yourself!

Top 6 Residence at SFU

Simon Fraser is a university that enjoys accommodating all genders and personality style. These are important factors when deciding upon the perfect place to stay. You’ll want to find good roommates and be in a room next door to individuals you are comfortable being surrounded by. So, rather you prefer staying in a space with just the girls or the bro’s Simon Fraser has a place for you. If you like to have a quiet place to stay, there’s also a place for you! Here are 6 residences that anyone could love at SFU.

1) The Towers

the tower at Simon fraser

Address: 8888 University Dr, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6, Canada

The Towers host up to 727 students. It is one of the largest residences on campus. There are many styles of rooms and accommodations available at this location. You could choose from co-ed, single-gender, and study intensive rooms.

2) Shell House

shell house at Simon fraser

Address: 8888 University Drive SFU, Burnaby BC, V5A 1S6

The Shell House speaks for itself with the name. All students that stay in this house will have their own personal “shell”. Every room available is private. In addition, no gender is left behind at this residence. It is a co-ed facility that houses 130 students.

3) McTaggart-Cowen Hall

Mctaggart Cowen hall at Simon fraser

Address: 2 Residence LN, Burnaby BC V5A 1S6

Every room in this hall is private so students won’t have to fight for available single rooms. Rooms have wifi, a mini fridge, book shelf, etc. However, you will have to share the kitchen. Yet to ease your daily walking process, if you get a room on a higher floor, you can take the elevator.

4) The Townhouses

the townhomes at Simon fraser

Address: 8888 University Dr, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6, Canada

The beautiful townhouses available at Simon Fraser give undergraduates an opportunity to live more independently. Each house has its own kitchen and two bathrooms. Altogether, the houses are built in three levels. The first floor holds the kitchen and living area. The other two floors have two single bedrooms and one bathroom each.

5) Hamilton Hall

hamilton hall at Simon fraser

Address: 2 Residence Ln, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6, Canada

If you really enjoy your privacy, you will enjoy staying in Hamilton Hall. Leaving your room won’t be as necessary after a long day of classes, you can come to your studio-style room. Additionally, each room has its own kitchen and bathroom.

At a school where they encourage you to push for greater, you will have a greater place to rest your head. It’s up to you to decide on the perfect temporary home. Take your time deciding on that special place and enjoy your time at SFU.

7) Charles Chang Innovation Centre

charles chang innovation centre at Simon fraser

Address: 308 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N4, Canada

Mainly graduate students obtain rooms at Charles Chang Innovation Centre. It is home to about 68 students in total and is fit for students who love cozy accommodations. There are single and Double suites available!

Here’s your Move-in Day Packing List at SFU

1) Room Basics

a room at a college dorm

1.Twin size comforter set

2) Food and Snacks

snacks students could keep in their dorm

1. Crackers
2. Little Debbies
3. Tv Dinners
4. Juice
5. Chips
6. Popcorn
7. Canned Foods

3) Tech & Entertainment

having fun things in your room keeps you from getting bored

1. Headphones
2. Cell phone
3. Laptop
4. Chargers
5. Alarm Clock

4) School Supplies

school supplies needed for college

1. Pens
2. Pencils
3. Paper
4. Binders
5. Notebooks

5) Cleaning up & Organizing

cleaning supplies needed for college dorms

1. Broom
2. Swifter
3. Filer (for books)
4. Air Freshener plug-ins
5. Clorox wipes
6. Gloves
7. Cleaning Solutions

6) Campus Gears

campus gear helps students show school spirit

1. School shirt
2. School hat
3. School License plate
4. School Stickers
5. School Writing utensils
6. School Backpack

7) Items you should ask first before bringing


Some items may be unsafe to bring on-campus

1. Candle Warmer
2. Candles
3. Hot plates
4. Matches
5. TV
6. Microwave