10 Coolest Courses at Siena College

Siena College is a private Franciscan liberal arts college in Loudonville, New York. The school has around 3,000 students that attend. The school has an acceptance rate of 73%. Here are 10 cool courses you need to check out at Siena College.

1. ACCT 350: Cost Accounting

tax and a calculator and pen

Costing Accounting is a course that allows students to learn what it takes to do accounting on the basis of revenue and expenses for costs. It itemizes the various costs to that the business/person has an idea of where their money is going and how much per unit it all costs. The course is very helpful if you are looking to make decisions on where to allocate funds.

2. ACCT 105: CPA Problems

calculator and a stack of coins on top of spreadsheet

The CPA problems course is a course that allows you to practice skills required for the CPA exam which is vital for being a licensed accountant. It is a great course to take as it teaches you organization, speed, and accuracy. If you are looking to excel on the test this is a good foreground.

3. POSC 355: Global Environmental Dilemmas

Ecology concept on green blurred background with tree, plants in ground on realistic female hand vector illustration

This political science course is one that touches on the main problems in society when it comes to our environment. It is a course that allows students to learn about global warming, major issues such as natural disaster, as well as pollution and waste. The course is perfect for students looking to lobby for change.

4. PHIL 210: Ethics

business man with devil and angel on shoulder

Ethics is a course that teaches students what it means to do business on a legal versus an ethical way. In many cases when ethics are not properly taken into account, it backfires on the business. Ethics is the moral responsibility of a person/business and its employees.

5. PHIL 150: Basic Logic

a cartoon of a man on a stack of textbooks

Basic Logic is a course that covers the sector of philosophy that goes over how logic and reason can be used in an argument. When you use logic and reason it gives you a stepping stone for an argument that is backed up with facts. It makes it so that the argument has more behind it than just being on an emotional level.

6. MRKT 323: Retailing

the buying habits of customers illustrated in cartoon characters who are buying different objects

The world of marketing is very vast but a major component is a retail market. If a product is able to gain traction then your major client would be a retail outlet as it makes the product accessible to many eyes. It is an industry that is more so internal as you deal with partnerships, logistics, shipping, a deal-making.

7. MRKT 332: New Product Dev+ Brand MGT

the various stages of story telling in how it relates to a product idea

The course uses marketing as a topic of how to create a product and give it a niche audience and how to implement it. Creating product ideas is not as easy as it looks, and in this class, you get to learn ideation techniques. You also learn the best routes to putting the plan into place.

8. CREA 360: Reporting for Radio and TV

the set to for a tv and green screen

Reporting for Radio and TV is a course that gets your creative juices flowing as everyday is always different. In Radio and TV, while the programming can be similar the topics are always different. This means that your delivery on the topic would have to be adjusted to the appropriate situation.

9. CREA 213: Basics of Singing

a microphone in front of a huge crowd of  people

Singing, in general, is a concept that is not seen to be very difficult but in general, it is not something easily well done. In singing, you learn to carry out a tune and keep with the pace of rhythm. It makes your lungs tired and overall can be exhausting but rewarding.

10. FINC 025: Personal Finance

jars of coins with plants growing out of them

Personal Finance is a course that teaches students how to be a mentor to those who are looking for guidance when it comes to how to handle their spending. It is pivotal for a finance degree as it takes major communication skills to do well in personal finance. It is also important as it works for making individual client relationships.

Siena College is located in an area that makes it perfect for doing summer internships in the city that never sleeps. Its small size makes it ideal for students to use their skills in the various courses (all the way from finance to singing) and apply them without fear of not having a professor to seek help. The school overall has an accepting percentage meaning they welcome many students to come learn with them.

10 Hardest Courses at Siena College

Every student wishes all their classes would be easy. But let’s face it, that’s just not realistic. So when choosing courses for an upcoming semester, it’s important to find a good balance between hard and easy classes. You don’t want to take five hard classes in one semester; you’ll get overwhelmed and burned out. If you’re a student at Siena College, you should check out this list of courses so you don’t accidentally end up taking a bunch of them all at once. Here are the top 10 hardest courses at Siena College.

1. ACCT 305 – Intermediate Accounting II

A pen and magnifying glass sit atop a piece of paper with many numbers on it.

Accounting deals with a lot of numbers, equations, and formulas.
If you dislike math and memorizing vocab terms, then this might not be the class for you. This course is a continued study of contemporary accounting theory and the application of generally accepted accounting principles to various financial statement items. Introduction accounting classes are challenging, so you can expect this intermediate accounting course to be even harder.

2. ASTR 392 – Principles of Astrophysics II

Image of a solar system with a line graph drawn on it.

Astrophysics is the application of physical principles to astronomical systems. Astrophysicists use their knowledge of physics to explain observations of astronomical phenomena, drawing upon a wide range of subjects in physics, including classical mechanics, quantum and atomic physics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, chemistry, and nuclear physics, among others. Students will learn how to use a variety of physical principles to understand the characteristics and evolution of planets, stars, galaxies and the Universe as a whole. This is an advanced science course, so if science is your Achilles heel, then you might want to steer clear of this class.

3. BIOL 425 – Molecular Biology

Close-up of a DNA strand.

Biology is all about studying life and living organisms. The course will cover the principles of gene structure, function, organization and expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Some specialized aspects of eukaryotic genes such as gene mobility, gene rearrangement, cancer genes and animal virus genetics will be studied. Molecular biology is difficult for many people to grasp because it can be hard to understand something you can’t even see.

4. CHEM 310 – Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium

Clip art of four science beakers showing chemicals in them.

If science and math are your worst subjects, then consider this class a real challenge. This course deals with the application of mathematics and physics to the solution of macroscopic problems in chemistry. Topics include the properties of ideal and real gases, extensive and intensive properties, the laws and mathematics of thermodynamics, the chemical potential, chemical equilibrium of single and multiphase systems, ideal and real solutions, ionic solutions and electrochemistry, introductory chemical kinetics and kinetic molecular theory. There is a lot of memorization requires in this class. Prepare yourself for some late nights of studying, studying, and more studying.

5. CSIS 415 – Software Engineering II

Close up of laptop screen with code on it.

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of this class just because you know how to use a laptop/computer. This isn’t an introductory class so it’s a little more challenging.This course extends the concepts introduced in Software Engineering I and introduces new topics important to software engineering profession, such as secure coding, ethics, intellectual property, copyright, cloud computing, and software maintenance. It’s lot of time-consuming hard work, so make sure you have the time for it before signing up!

6. ECON 490 – Seminar in Advanced Economic Theory

High Demand and Low Supply analysis concept on a graph with a red push pin.

This class is an analysis of selected topics on an advanced level. Topics are drawn from micro and macro-economics. The course is designed to acquaint the student with advanced subjects and original literature. Since this is an advanced class, it’s even harder than the intermediate and introductory class. You have to be able to read and understand charts, as well as memorize terms and do math.

7. FINC 425 – Advanced Corporate Finance

Image of a pen and calculator under a paper with graphs on it.

If you like math, money, and analysis, then this just may be the class for you. This is an advanced Finance course designed to outline theories and techniques for effective financial decision-making and for the assessment of the impact of these decisions on performance. Specifically, the course develops tools for effective capital budgeting and financing decision-making, and for firm valuation. Special attention will be paid to developing a comprehensive approach to solving financial problems. You have to be able to read and understand charts, as well as memorize terms and do math.

8. MATH 260 – Differential Equations

Various written differential equations and formulas

If math and numbers aren’t your strong suit, then this class is going to be difficult for you. This course is a study of ordinary differential equations, including first order equations and linear homogeneous and non-homogeneous equations of higher order. Applications of differential equations are emphasized throughout the course. Standard solution techniques, including the Laplace transform, are introduced. If you find yourself struggling in this class, check out the notes linked in the course title for some extra help!

9. PHYS 260- Thermal Physics

Representative image of thermal physics (3D graphs of thermal temperature).

Physics is arguably one of the hardest studies of science there is. This course is a study of thermal phenomena from a macroscopic point of view, including the development and applications of the first two laws of thermodynamics, entropy, thermodynamic potentials, and equilibrium phenomena. The concept of distribution functions is developed. This is followed by a study of classical statistical mechanics and the statistics of Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac. If you love science, then consider challenging yourself with this advanced physics course.

10. PSYC 225 – Health Psychology

Sticking notes with different health-related topics written on them.

Health psychology is a basic research and clinical practice area within psychology that focuses on understanding the scientific relationships between social, behavioral, and psychological processes and health. Topics will include health beliefs and health-enhancing behaviors, the effects of stress and coping on illness and disease recovery, adjustment to chronic or terminal illnesses, and clinical interventions such as pain management, behavioral management of diseases like HIV-spectrum illness and cancer, the relationship between the health care provider and patient, and cross-gender and cross-cultural variations in prevention and development of disease and in the factors related to positive coping with illness. The hardest part of this class is the memorization required to know and remember all the different scientific terms and definitions, so if memorization isn’t your learning style, then good luck in this class.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Siena College

Clubs make an integral part of your college experience. Don’t miss out on the chance of meeting new people who share the same interests as you. Check out this list of the top 10 coolest clubs at Siena College that you can join!

1. Bus Stop Club

A group of people together

Club members plan and promote sibling sessions and family events for siblings of chronically ill and special needs children on campus. They have an annual dance and holiday party throughout the year where they’re able to meet other people who share similar experiences. The club creates a safe and fun environment for the siblings of chronically ill and special needs children to cope with their emotions and everyday challenges. They all participate in fun therapy activities, speak about their emotions and learn about the condition/disease their siblings live with.

2. Actuarial Science Club

Many words explaining what an Actuarial Science Club is

The Actuarial Science Club helps students understand what is an Actuary and guide them through the process of becoming one. As an Actuary, you gather and analyze statistics to then use them to calculate insurance risks and premiums. The club will help you study for placement exams and help discover employment opportunities.

3. Karate Club

Siena College's karate club banner at their studio

The Karate Club is open to all Siena College students. It doesn’t matter if you have a limited experience either. The club instructors will teach you self-defense and the discipline needed to succeed in karate while in an open and fun environment.

4. Biology Club

DNA cells around each other

The Biology club at Siena College provides students with an enjoyable way of getting involved with biology on and off campus. This club is intended for students in all majors interested in attending meetings and events that incorporate service and science outside of the classroom. They have bi-weekly trips to the Arbor Hill Elementary School where members set up small experiments to get 4th and 5th graders excited about science.

5. Lost in Sound

Music notes in different colors

Whether you’re interested in performing or only want to listen, Lost in Sound is the perfect club for you if you enjoy music! They mix songs together with different levels of difficulty to sing to give a diverse kind of performance, which they perform throughout the community including the annual Cabaret.

6. Siena Night Life

Student giving another student free drinks 

Siena Night Life hosts free events every Saturday night from 9pm-12am for students who stay on campus over the weekend. They try to create a wide range of events on and off campus that include free food, giveaways, and entertainment.

7. SOLID Step Team

Students stepping in the street

Siena College’s co-ed step team SOLID performs on campus and collaborates with other organizations to produce exciting events. They also help and volunteer in the communities when the opportunity arises. When SOLID isn’t performing on campus, members travel to other areas and compete with other college step teams throughout the Northeast.

8. Siena College Marketing Association

Marketing aspects 

Siena’s Marketing Association study and research everything that has to do with the field of marketing,. They prepare their members for a professional career by discussing a variety of topics, attending networking events, and developing skills that can help them in their job search.

9. The Promethean

The Promethean's newspaper

Founded in 1937, The Promethean is Siena College’s oldest student newspaper that publishes their work on a bi-weekly basis. It includes a variety of campus and community stories for their News, Sports, and Arts & Entertainment columns. The newspaper has gone through numerous name changes but in 1989, the newspaper’s name was officially changed to The Promethean.

10. Women In Computing

Someone using a computer to compute information

Joining Women In Computing is a great way to get involved on campus and have the chance to engage with other women interest in the computer science field. They encourage their members to attend computer science conferences for networking opportunities and enriching learning experiences. The club also goes to primary and high schools to introduce students to computers and technology.

Top Events During The School Year At Siena College

1. Move-In Weekend

Students transporting their belongings to the building

Returning back to campus after a long resting summer brings the time to carry all your belonging across the parking lot to your rooms. The move-in weekend includes an orientation that features a dance party, carnival, lawn games, outdoor movie, BBQ, team building activities, and opportunities to make friends. Don’t miss out on all the fun!

2. SienaFest

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie performing on stage

SienaFest is the biggest weekend of the year that people look forward to the most. From sunrise to the end of the night, the campus is buzzing with non-stop events that will keep you from spending the day stuck in your room or the library. SienaFest concludes with a concert that has previously brought artists like A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, T-Pain, Kid Ink, and B.O.B.

3. Relay For Life

Families at the Relay For Life

Relay For Life starts with the Survivor Walk that honors everyone who’s been affected by cancer and who have contributed to this year’s Relay season. It doesn’t matter when someone was diagnosed, people can walk while others gather around to cheer them on. During the Luminaria ceremony, the Relay For Life organizers represents everyone affected by cancer with a Luminaria. Each light represents a life. Then during the closing ceremony, everyone takes the time to celebrate the event’s conclusion and unify for everything that needs to be done moving forward.

4. Festa Vino Food & Wine Festival

The food and wine flyer for the event

If you enjoy food and wine, the Food & Wine festival will allow you to taste the world’s best wines and sample different kinds of foods. All proceeds go towards the Siena Saints Alive! Athletic Fund and other college needs.

5.  Family Weekend

A family walking down the street together

Family Weekend is a great opportunity for your family to visit your dorm space and see where you spend most of your time. Events include Paint & Sip, Escape the Room, different sports games, dinner, fireworks and so much more. There are so many ways to get your family integrated with your college experience at Siena College!

10 of the Easiest Classes at Siena College

Do you need to make your college more fun and less stressful? If you answered yes you need to take some of the easiest classes that you can. This will make your time on campus much better and your GPA higher. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at Siena College!

1. FINC 413 – International Finance

If you are already in the finance track, you should consider taking International Finance.  This class focuses on how money is tracked and run across international borders. You will be able to get through this class with ease because of how simple the information is.

A meme of Spongebob

2. BUDV 305 – Business Ethics

Business Ethics is one of the easiest business classes that are offered. This class teaches you about how to be ethical in the business world. A lot of the information is common sense so you should have no problem getting a good grade.

Wood blocks spelling Ethics

3. HIST 101 – Shaping of the Contemporary World

Shaping of the Contemporary World is an entry-level history class that you can take to learn more about how our founding fathers and other worldly figures have formed our world. This is a lectured class so there is not a lot of classwork required of you.

An old-fashioned world map

4. PHYS 440 – Quantum Physics

Although physics can be a pretty challenging subject, Quantum Physics is a class designed to be easier than it sounds. You will cover the very basics of the rather difficult subject without going into a lot of detail so you will not be very stressed out.

quantum physics equations on board

5. POSC 140 – Comparative Politics

If you want to learn more about political science, you should take comparative Politics. You will learn the various sides of political issues in America and abroad. More and more college students have become politically active, so this class may just be common knowledge for you.

The logos for both American political parties

6. HIST 327 – New York History

If you want to learn more about New York, you should take New York History. You will dive into how the state was founded and evolved over time. Since this school is in New York, you probably already have the basic understanding of this material.

The New York skyline

7. GREK 101 – Elementary Greek I

Depending on what type of degree you are pursuing, you may need to take some foreign language classes. If this is the case, you should take Elementary Greek I to learn more about the very basics of this ancient language. Since the class is designed for anyone with any skill level, you should have no problem with it.

A saying using greek style writing

8. CREA 309 – New Art Form

New Art Forms is an art class that you can take to learn more about the forever evolving world of art. You will be able to pass this class with ease because you have probably seen some of these art forms before.

Instruments of art

9. EDUC 261 – Foundations of Language and Literature

If you want to get some more education credits out of the way, you need to take Foundations of Langauge and Literature. This class focuses on how literature uses different form of language to convey a message. Fortunately, most of this material was taught in high school.

A stack of books

10. POSC 150 – World Politics

If you want to learn more about politics, World Politics is the class for you. You will learn about all the current political issues that cross our boards. If you stay up with the news, this class will be no problem.

A colorful map of the world

No matter which of these classes that you take at Siena College, you will be able to have a higher GPA and a much better experience on campus!