10 Buildings You Must Know at Shepherd University

Shepherd University is a public university in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The school has a 92% acceptance rate. The school has around 3,000 undergraduate students. Here are 10 buildings you need to know about at Shepherd University.

1. Wellness Center

interior pool picture

The Wellness Center is a place for students to take advantage of when they are looking to get in shape. The wellness center has a cafe for tasty after workout food, a large 8 lane pool, racquetball court, and so much more. If you want to get trained with a routine that will give you results make sure to ask about the conditioning and tips.

2. Butcher Center

 inside of basketball court

The Butcher Center is where the bulk of the basketball games for the school take place. The center has a large court and plenty of seating so every guest has a great view. The center also can be rented depending on timing for other large scale events.

3. Center for Contemporary Arts

outside view of center of contempory arts

The Center of Contemporary Art holds the Department of Contemporary Art and Theater. The building holds a large theater that is utilized by students for theatrical performances as well as other events. The building also holds an impressive ever-changing art gallery.

4. Frank Center

 large group performing on stage

The Frank Center is a concert hall where you will find students and friends/family watching various musical performances throughout the year. The acoustics inside the building makes it optimal for sounds to be heard. The seating allows any concert to be easily seen and no one to have a bad view of the stage.

5. Conrad Shindler House

outside view of conrad shindler house

The Conrad Shindler House is a historic building that is a must-see when you are visiting the school. The house was bought by Conrad Shindler who was a revolutionary war veteran. Now the house is used as a place to restore pieces of history and tell the present masses.

6. Boone Field House

view of football field and goals

The Boone Field House is where you go to attend various football games. You will find a press office as well as an area to grab tickets and food. The field house offers incredible seating so everyone has a great view of the game.

7. Thatcher Hall

 outside view of thatcher hall

Thatcher Hall is a residence hall that allows students to conveniently live on campus so they are close to their classes and possible employment for on-campus jobs. The hall holds around 140 students and houses both freshman and upperclassmen.

8. Popodicon

outside view of presidents house

The Popodicon is a southern mansion style building with 17 rooms and a garden. The building is where the school has its president live in. The building being on campus means that the president can effectively work nearby while being an instrumental tool for the success of the school.

9. Dining Hall

inside view of dining area with chairs.

The Dining Hall is where students are seen eating before or after their classes. The dining hall has plenty of seating to bring friends and family as well as different menus every day! The food options are fresh and you will never be bored with what is to eat.

10. Miller Hall

outside view of miller hall

Miller Hall is a suite-style living residence that has around 7 suites that hold between 4-5 students each. What a suite is is that students will be together in a room usually 2-3 beds and will have a connecting room, being the bathroom, to another room of people. The suites make the building tight-knit and easy to meet new people.

Shepherd University is a smaller college that allows students to meet one another easily as well as get to know their professors for much-needed help. The school has plenty of fun buildings to do things in such as attend art galleries, concerts, or grab a bite to eat with friends. There are also plenty of functional spaces such as study lounges and meeting spaces.

10 Coolest Classes at Shepherd University

Some courses at a college or university are required – in fact, it seems that most courses you will take in college will already be set with little flexibility. However, if you want to expand your palette a bit and learn something new, these courses are perfect for you. For students at Shepherd University, these courses are among the coolest and most interesting. Not only could you learn skills valuable to your studies, but they could also make you more knowledgeable in everyday life.

1. BADM311 -Exploring Entrepreneurship

Tax papers with a phone open to the calculator app and a cup of coffee

Nowadays, everyone has ideas – and these ideas could easily lead to a future career or even a successful business. At SU, this course‘s title speaks for itself: students have the ability to explore small business and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Perhaps now in life, students make not feel that it be necessarily applicable, but you never know when an idea will spark. Even as a small business on side, this course can help you get started in taking your ideas and turning them into something real.

2. COMM343 – Graphic Novels

Assorted comic books on a shelf in a store

As the course description cites, “comics have grown up and are establishing themselves as a fast-growing and respected literary genre.” This course takes students through not only the explosion of graphic novels as a cultural influence, but also why they are so successful. Students will learn the history of prominent and influential comics, and even write their own comics. Drawing skills are not necessary, and anyone is able to take this course to learn the ins and outs of graphic novels.

3. CIT450 – Web Design Studio

Laptop with website open sits on desk with mouse, water jug, cactus and newspaper

These days, it seems everyone has a website for just about everything. Whether it be for a portfolio, resume, small business or anything in between, knowing how to create a website is key in today’s world. This course introduces students through hands-on experience how to create a website. In teams, they’ll learn and create their own websites, complete with programming, creation and design.

4. ENGL402 – The Bible as Literature

Opened Bible with wind lifting up pages

The Bible is often taken quite seriously in religious terms, but seems to rarely be examined as a work of literature itself. This course offered at SU allows students to take a deeper look into the Bible on the literary side. They will learn about the various types of literature found in the Bible. As well as this, students will gain different viewpoints and possible meanings and interpretations for this work.

5. ENGL400 – Greek Mythology

Statues of Greek mythological figures outside of an old building

Greek Mythology has always been of interest even before the Percy Jackson book series brought it to public light. This course examines the influence of Greek mythology on the Western world, and how it directly impacts parts of everyday life. Through historical, cultural and literary significance these myths will be studied in order to fully understand their impact. Significant Greek and Roman texts have been translated in order for students to gain a better understanding of these myths applied to the world they live in.

6. ENVS324 – Environment in Film

Lake, forest and mountains in the wilderness with reflective water

The environment is a topic at the forefront of many global conversations, though this course description cites that most Americans encounter the world around them mostly through TV, film and documentaries. This course discusses how these films can influence our views and understandings of nature. Some of the best environmental films of the past century will be viewed and reviewed during this course. Students will also have the opportunity to create their own environmental film, and perhaps change the way their viewers will view the world around them.

7. PSCI351 – Model United Nations

Aerial view of a large conference room with flags and desks in a circular shape

The United Nations itself has a great global influence, and understanding the way that it works can have a great significance on life as an informed citizen. This course allows students to participate in Model United Nations, where they will learn about the history, structure and function of the U.N. as a global entity. Students are assigned a country and in turn learn the inner workings and problems faced by other countries. Open to all majors, this very informational course also allows students the opportunity to participate against other college students at the Model United Nations conference.

8. RECR343 – 21st Century Tourism

Woman standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris during the daytime

Many students go on vacation, but how many students understand how the tourism industry works? This course delves into the world of tourism not only in the United States but also abroad. There are many business opporunities in tourism unique to this world that students will discover through this course. Next time they go on vacation, they’ll have a deeper understanding of just what makes tourist attractions successful.

9. SIGN101 – Conversational Sign Language

Hands doing American Sign Language (ASL) in front of a red and blue background

Sign language is an important life skill to know, while also being more interactive and, quite literally, hands-on than other kinds of language learning. At SU, students will learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL). Students will also learn the culture surrounding deaf and hearing people as well as differences between them. Overall, this course will open students up to a new world and perspective that they may not have yet encountered or been able to understand.

10. SOCI340 – Sociology of Humor

A dog wearing disguise glasses with a nose and mustache.

What makes someone funny? What makes someone…not? This course introduces students to the theories and analyses behind humor. Students will learn why humor is important while communication with others and how jokes and humor have cultural meaning. This course also deeply discusses the use of humor in media as well as how it relates to politics, race, ethnicity and gender.

Throughout college, there will be courses students have to take, and then courses that they want to take. These courses are some examples of the coolest classes Shepherd University has to offer – classes that you’ll not only want to attend, but classes you’ll learn a great deal from. These classes are fun, unique and interesting, and will also teach you a great deal. Aside from being very cool, they may just change how you perceive the world – or, at least part of it.

10 Hardest Classes at Shepherd University

Shepherd University, formerly known as Shepherd College, is a public university in Shepherdstown, West Virginia founded in 1871. Today, the college has a student body of 3,776 undergraduates and 265 graduate students. As a liberal arts college, Shepherd University offers more than 80 academic majors and minors, over 100 professional and social organizations, and hundreds of internship opportunities. There are mainly five colleges available; if you are looking for a challenging course across these five departments, here is a list of the top 10 hardest courses at Shepherd University.

1. ACCT 410 – Accounting Theory

a calculator on a desk

Accounting Theory teaches contemporary financial accounting issues as reflected in pronouncements of leading professional research and policy organizations such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The class will provide a frame of reference for assimilating and evaluating the historical foundation of the basic accounting theories and concepts as they appear in the current accounting standards.

2. BADM 407 – Business Strategy and Policy

a person with laptop, notebook and phone on the desk

This course is a capstone and writing intensive course for all business administration majors. Students are expected to integrate experience in the basic disciples of business through active engagement, study the development of company policy and strategy, understand the impact of a company’s internal and external environment on strategic decisions, and learn case practices in analyzing and formulating business policy and strategy. The class will focus attention on the total enterprise, its long-term direction and strategy, its resources and competitive capabilities, and its prospects for success.

3. COMM 420 – Advanced Production

someone filming an in erview with a camera

This course encourages students to develop and produce supervised original projects in electronic media. Notable projects may involve broadcasting, sound design, video, and multimedia.

4. BIOL 412 – Comparative Animal Physiology

a deer

BIOL 412 is a comparative approach to the functional adaptations of animals to diverse environments with emphasis on underlaying physiological and biochemical mechanisms. The curriculum involves relevant physiological functions, including gas exchange, circulation, digestion, excretion, osmoregulation, metabolism, muscle contraction, as well as neural and endocrine coordinating mechanisms.

5. PSYC 361 – Biopsychology

a brain mold

This course involves a study of structure and function of the nervous system. Students will gain an appreciation for the biological basis of everyday behaviors and an understanding of the physiological correlates of many types of psychological pathology.

6. BADM 415 – Operations and Production Management

inside of a factory

Operations and Production Management is an analysis of operational problems and opportunities in service and manufacturing sectors, site location, facilities design, forecasting, work methods and measurement, inventory management, and operations decision making.

7. CIS 486 – Network Security

cords attached to the the hard drive of a desktop computer

Students will learn how to protect computer networks from internal and external digital threats by studying security concepts and techniques in this course. Topics include fundamental concepts of cryptography, cryptographic key distribution and management, authentication protocols, digital signatures, security policy, virtual private networks (VPNs) and their implications to security, and protection of Internet and Web-based systems and services. Weekly hands-on laboratories will investigate computer network security techniques.

8. MATH 318 – Numerical Analysis

wooden triangular ruler

MATH 318 is a study of the mathematics of numerical approximation. Topics include initial value problems, iterative techniques for linear systems, approximation theory, finding eigen values, boundary value problems, and numerical solutions to partial differential equations. 

9. ENVS 441 – Hydrology and Lab

the stream inside a forest

ENVS 441 – Hydrology and Lab will focus on the dynamic nature of earth’s surface and subsurface waters and the impact of human exploitation of these water resources. Techniques for monitoring and analyzing both surface and subsurface waters will be presented and practically applied as part of the laboratory component. Water quality standards and the criteria on which these standards are based will also be addressed in this course.

10. ENGR 326 – Signal Processing

image of a sound board

ENGR 326 explores signal types, digital and analog signals, frequency spectrum, signal addition, signal sampling, Nyquist sampling rate, discrete time signal aliasing and folding, linearity, time invariant, causality, and convolution. The curriculum will also include discrete Fourier series (CTFS and DTFS), continues and discrete Fourier transform (CTFT and DTFT), FIR systems, FIR block diagram, Z-transform, pole-zero placement and significance, inverse Z-transform.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Shepherd University

Joining a club or organization on campus can be an enriching experience for any undergraduate student. If you’re looking for one, consider this list with a variety of organizations available at Shepherd University.

1. Global Shepherd Students

Students in the Global Shepherd Students organization

The Global Shepherd Students at Shepherd University provides international and local students the opportunity to participate in educational programs based on multiculturalism in their international and local communities. Global Shepherd Students also give their members the chance to share their cultures through educational, fun and interactive events.

2. Campus Cares Competition

The Campus Cares COmpetition official logo

Campus Cares Competition is a friendly competition between members of the community, with the goal of creating change in society on a local and national level. Shepherd’s major/minor departments, student organizations and clubs, resident halls and athletic teams are encouraged to participate in the competition, to share positive community engagement.

3. Dungeoneers & Dragonslayers

Dungeoneers & Dragonslayers official logo

This club, established in 1974, is dedicated to the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. If you join this club, you’ll be able to go on many magical adventures without leaving your seat. Older member stand by as they help out new members navigate the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

4. Alianza

Alianza members dancing at an event

Alianza is a representative voice of the Hispanic/Latino privileges, rights and issues they face on campus and in the world. They aim to strengthen the Hispanic/Latino community by promoting the identity and unity of the Hispanic/Latino students at Shepherd University, increasing Hispanic/Latino student involvement in campus activities and in the community, and providing student and faculty with an environment where they can interact and learn more about the community.

5. It’s On Us

 The nation-wide logo for It's On Us

It’s On Us is a national movement to end sexual assault. It gives you a chance to step up and understand that we can change the conversation. It’s a rallying cry to be a part of the solution. About 300,000 people have taken a stand against sexual violence by following the It’s On Us pledge.

6. Relay For Life

 The nation-wide logo for Relay For Life

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life gives everyone around the world a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer and fight back against the disease through many events. Join other students and faculty members in fighting cancer!

7. Shepherd University Running Club

Someone's shoes on a field

If you want to get in shape, make friends, run socially, or train for an upcoming race, the running club is perfect for you. It’s open to all students who want to join other club members in running a variety of nearby trails, roads, and paths in the Shepherdstown area.

8. Student Nurses Association

Shepherd University Nursing's logo

Dedicated to building a community for all nursing students, Student Nurses Association is a mentorhsip program where students will improve their performance skills, leadership skills, and create friendships with other members. The organization also strengthens ties within the community and the university.

9. Study Abroad Club

Image of a plane soaring through different counties

The Study Abroad Club encourages and educates students about the opportunities and advantages of studying abroad. They’re the ones that can help you make your study abroad dreams become a reality. It’s open to students who have studied abroad, are planning to go abroad, and are interested in studying abroad.

10.  WSHC

WSHC's official logo

WSHC is the campus’ official radio station alternating from alternative, pop, rock, hip-hop to R&B music. The surrounding areas in West Virginia and  Shepherdstown/Sharpsburg all have the ability to listen. WSHC is a student-operated radio station but they also include weekend specials done by Shepherdstown locals. If you have an interest in being a DJ, graphic designer, marketing/advertiser, technology and music, this is the place for you!

Top Events During The School Year At  Shepherd University

1. Salon Series concert

Hands in the air during a concert

Shepherd University’s Salon Series was created by the Department of Music. This year’s theme is “From the Inkwell: a recital of poetry and passion” and is free for the public. Professors from the department will present recitals with themes on passion, forbidden love, family, and justice., as well as contemporary pieces. If you have a love for poetry and music, stop by!

2. Shep-or-Treat

A trick-or-treat basket full of candy

If you love Halloween, Shepherd University host their 18th Annual Shep-or-Treat Halloween event this year for all faculty, staff, and community members. Shep-or-Treat is a campuswide community event where staff and students get together to plan Halloween activities for the rest of the community. Anyone can volunteer their time in supporting this annual Shepherd University event.

3. Literature Fair

Books stacked on top of each other

Shepherd University’s Department of Education, Division of Graduate Studies, and the West Virginia Reading Association sponsor a literature fair for elementary and middle school students. This free event allows students to analyze their favorite book, develop a display, and give presentations based on their research. The literature fair promotes a love of reading for the young community.

4. President’s Lecture Series

The official logo for the university's President's Lecture Series 

The Shepherd University President’s Lecture Series covers a variety of topics including health issues such as Lyme disease, and climate change. Four lectures are planned. They’re all free and open to the public. The upcoming lecture is about “Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT): What is it? How does it work? What can it do for you?” This presentation will include the basics of what PBMT is, how it alters physiology and its clinical potential.

5. Annual Kayak Football Tournament

 sports equipment

The Storm-Kersey Memorial Scholarship Kayak Football Tournament and Silent Auction raises money for the Storm-Kersey Memorial Scholarship fund, which offers academic scholarships to veterans who enroll at Shepherd University. Kayak Football blends football, soccer, water polo, and kayaking together for a fun day of unique activities. The event will also include smaller competitions such as a Most Bodacious Beard contest, Battle of the Floaties, Paddle Swim and Highest Cannonball competition.

Top 10 Dorms at Shepherd University

Shepherd University is a state-funded university in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The university is small with only 4,041 students. Like other universities, Shepherd University also provides housing for students. Here are the top ten residences at or near Shepherd University.

1. Potomac Place

interior dorm room

Potomac Place is a new residence hall at Shepherd University. Potomac Place has wireless internet access, dining hall, and laundry facilities. The rooms are single or double occupancy and have semi-private bathrooms.

2. Shaw Hall

Shaw Hall exterior

Shaw Hall is another residence hall at Shepherd University.  Most rooms are double occupancy with community bathrooms. There are vending machines and laundry facilities in Shaw Hall. Shaw Hall also provides ADA rooms.

3. Thatcher Hall

students on move in day

Thatcher Hall is a residence hall at Shepherd University. Most rooms are typically double occupancy with community bathrooms. Thatcher Hall features study lounges with kitchens, vending machines, and laundry facilities.

4. Miller Hall

black and white picture of miller hall

Miller Hall is a suite-style residence hall at Shepherd University. Miller Hall has seven suites which house 4-5 students each. Miller provides a tight-knit community for its residents and comes with many different amenities such as laundry facilities, a kitchen and vending machines.

5. Dunlop Apartments

Dunlop exterior

Dunlop Apartments offer apartment-style living for sophomore students. It is a twin residence to the Printz Apartments. Dunlop has twelve apartments with a full kitchen and living room. There are vending machines and laundry facilities as well.

6. Printz Apartments

printz apartment exterior

Printz Apartments offer apartment-style living for sophomore students. It is a twin residence to the Dunlop Apartments. Like Dunlop, Printz has twelve apartments with a full kitchen and living room. There are vending machines and laundry facilities as well.

7. West Woods Complex

bird's eye view of west woods

West Woods Complex is an apartment complex on the Shepherd University campus. West Woods Complex is an apartment complex with the internet, laundry access, and fully furnished apartments. The complex houses 6 buildings: Burkhart, Moler, Yost, Boteler, Lurry, and Martin Halls. Martin Hall is available for honors students only.

8. New Street Apartments

updated signage at sheperd

New Street Apartments are an off-campus apartment complex near Shepherd University. Apartments are each one bedroom and have a very nice community. The apartments are cable ready, laundry facilities, and provide parking spaces.

9. Washington Stay Apartments

exterior apartment

Washington Stay Apartments are off-campus apartments located in the historical part of town. The apartments are charming and only one bedroom each. The property is within walking distance from school and shops.

10. Shepherd’s Glen

Shepherd Glen apartment exterior

Shepherd’s Glen is another off-campus apartment near the Shepherd University campus. Shepherd’s Glen provides a nice environment for students and has the luxury of being close to the school. The apartments also have laundry facilities on site and are decently priced.

Here’s Your Move-in Day Packing List at Shepherd University

1. Room Basics

a bed room

– Bedding
– Curtains
– School supplies
– Room decor
– Pictures

2. Food and Snacks


– Canned food
– Groceries
– Snacks
– Mini-fridge
– Plates
– Bowls
– Cups
– Utensils

3. Tech and Entertainment

cartoon of technology used to communicate and entertain

– Laptop
– Cellphone
– Television
– Chargers
– Netflix
– Hulu
– Cards

4. School Supplies

These are school supplies people need

– Pencils
– Pens
– Binder Paper
– Notebook
– Sticky notes
– Textbook

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

cleaning supplies

– Mop
– Swifter
– Broom
– Laundry detergent
– Soap
– Dishwasher detergent

6. Campus Gears

Wellness centre at Shepherd

– Campus gear
– Backpack
– Water bottle
– Snow gear
– Summer clothes
– Sunscreen
– Comfortable walking shoes

7. Items you should ask first before bringing

picture of microwave
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

– Hoverboard
– Halogen lamps
– Pets
– Microwave
– Anything that is a potential fire hazard

10 Easiest Courses at Shepherd

Your first year at college can be overwhelming at times, from social events, to living situations, sometimes you might just want to take a time out. To help out with your already high stress level, below is a list of courses at Shepherd University that offer fascinating learning opportunities with the least amount of stress. Shepherd offers a wide range of courses that allow you to dip your toes into topics you might not otherwise have thought to look into, with the least amount of hassle. So let’s get into them!

1.BIOL 101: General Biological Science

General Biological Science is an introductory course for those interested in the sciences but not pursuing a degree in biology. This course covers your general education science requirement while at the same time giving you an introduction to the biology of plants, animals and much more. This class is both a mix of lecture and lab time, allowing you to have hands on experience with the material that you’re learning about.A strand of DNA

2. CIS 104: Introduction to Computer and Information Sciences

This course will give you a fundamental introduction into a wide array of computer science topics. From number systems, to hardware, to computer languages, introduction to computer and information sciences will give you a great base line understanding of what goes into a computer science degree. This course is great for those who are intrigued by the field of computer and information sciences but haven’t yet had the chance to delve into the major’s material.Apple computer desk devices

3. ECON 123: Contemporary Economics

Once you’ve completed the introductory economic course at Shepherd University, you will have access to a wide range of riveting courses, one of those being Contemporary Economics. In this course you’ll be able to learn about several modern economic issues, using the skills you’ve learned in your previous course to apply them to real world phenomenon that are affecting people today. You will also get to utilize fundamental economic principles to talk about social issues ranging from unemployment to pollution in this course.An image of stock market

4. ENGL 101: Writing and Rhetoric I

Writing and Rhetoric I covers your general education English requirement at Shepherd University while also giving you the fundamental tools on how to write a persuasive and articulate piece of work. In this course you won’t just be writing sterile academic papers, but you will also get the change to write for an array of different audiences, mastering techniques that will make you an effective communicator in a world that requires a diverse array of communication skills.A person grading a paper

5.  GWST 201: Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies

Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies is a great elective and also can help you build to a Gender and Women’s Studies minor if you so desire. This class utilizes texts from the fine arts to the natural sciences, analyzing them through the lens of women’s studies in today’s political climate. You will get the opportunity to work in a team-taught multi-disciplinary style classroom and delve into the root of women and gender conversations being had today.Women united with their fists poster

6. GEOG 202: World Regions

This geography course not only looks at the geographic elements of today’s world regions but also dives into the effects of the human footprint on these regions as well. From economic patterns to politics to urbanization, this course will give you a broad understanding of contemporary issues through the lens of geographic locations. Through this course you will also get the chance to learn how to make use of maps and data. Once comfortable with these practical skills, you will also get the chance to analyze the world regions you’ve been studying through comparative case studies.A globe

7. HIST 103: History of Civilization: the Modern World

History of Civilization: the Modern World is a course that takes you through cornerstone events in our world’s history but has a heavy focus on what we call the Modern World. This class will start with the French Revolution and follow its effects all the way up to the 20th century. You will get the chance to see how events that took place 300 years ago have had a direct impact on the past 30 years. From concepts like liberalism, nationalism and industrialism, you will get the chance to learn and understand how these ideas came to fruition, and how they have become what they are today.A map and a magnifying glass

8. MATH 101: Introduction to Mathematics

Introduction to Mathematics is a great course for those on the fence about studying Mathematics as well as those looking to satisfy a general education requirement. This course has a central focus on the ideals of logic, and students will get the chance to learn about various mathematical systems that are at the core of more intense mathematical thinking. This class also has a discussion based element to it, where students will get the chance to discuss and ask questions about the concepts taught in class, something not often found in a mathematics course.Someone doing math problems

9. PSYC 305: Social Psychology

Once you have completed the basic introduction to psychology level course, you are free to explore a breadth of riveting topics, such as this course Social Psychology. Social Psychology offers an introduction to the inner workings of how individuals interact with one another in group dynamics. This class allows you to pull from your own personal experience out in the world and utilize it to gain an in-depth understanding behind the science of how and why humans interact the way they do.A meme about people who study psychology

10. SOCI 205: Social Problems

The sociology course Social Problems delves into how and why social problems exist and how they affect all members of society. This course specifically focuses on how complex and unique social problems can arise from place to place, and culture to culture, and yet how they can all have similar repercussions on the overall population. This course is a great introduction into the fundamentals of sociology and will give you the tools needed to continue your studies at a more in-depth and complex level.( a group of people sitting around)College can get hectic at times, so it’s always nice to know what courses could decrease your stress level while still keep you interested and engaged! These 10 courses offer a wide range of topics to explore and will also keep you from going crazy during finals!