10 Coolest Courses at the School of Visual Arts

At the School of Visual Arts, students receive guidance on how to become artists, designers and creative professionals for the very demanding art industry. The institution has a faculty of dedicated working professionals and a dynamic curriculum that support the success of its students. The institution generally advocates for critical thinking, innovation, and social responsibility. Here are some of the 10 coolest courses at the institution.

1. ADC-2563: Production in Motion: The Advertising Process

picture of advertising on the background iwht icons, and hands reaching out like at a business meeting

This course in advertising introduces students to the advertising production process. Students will interactively learn how to create television and online commercial content for various audiences. The coursework will include a field trip and talks from guest speakers who are advertisement production personnel and creatives.

2. ANC-1022: Animation: An Introduction

Characters in an animation film

This is an introductory course in animation designed for students who wish to explore the field of animation. Students in the course will learn the concepts and techniques related to animation. The course is very practical and interactive as students will spend most of the time in the studio. Students will be expected to develop their own animated piece as a project.

3. DSC-2021: Graphic Design: Basic

A colorful poster written Graphic Design

This course in Graphic design introduces students to the techniques and concepts related to the art of graphic design. Students will interact with several design tools as they learn and practice how to use them. At the end of the course, students will be required to develop their own unique designs as part of a course project. This course is recommended for all students that wish to learn graphic design as an art.

4. CFC-1003: Digital Filmmaking

A digital camera on set

If you wish to pursue a career in film production, then this course is recommended for you. The course will introduce students to the production process for digital filmmaking. The course is very practical and students will spend most of the time in the studio practicing and building on their skills. Before the end of the course, every student is required to create a script, direct and shoot a short digital project. 

5. FIC-2137: Portrait Drawing I

A portrait image of a girl's face

This course in fine arts teaches students the fundamental concepts and techniques related to portrait drawing. Students will learn through observation how to analyze the structure of the face and coming up with full portraits. At the end of the course, students will have gained the necessary skills and practice to confidently draw any portrait.

6. CIC-2011: Cartooning Basics

A cartoon drawing of a man's face with a pencil running through his ears

If you love cartoons and would like to learn how to draw your own cartoon characters, then this course is recommended for you. Students taking this course learn the fundamental techniques and concepts related to cartoon creation for different audiences. This course is considered cool because students learn by doing and will spend most of the time in the studio. At the end of the course, students will be required to produce their own cartoon comic book.

7. FIC-1223: Painting

A painter holding brushes in one hand while painting with the other

This course in fine arts is considered cool because students spend more time in the studio rather than in the classroom. The course is designed to teach beginning students the art of painting. Students will learn how to use color and the techniques used in painting. Students will use their creative skills to create paintings according to what they learn in the course.

8. CFC-1076: Acting

Acting masks in front of a theatre's curtains

If you like acting, then this course in performance arts is tailored for you. This course will introduce students to the techniques and method of acting. Students will spend most of the time in the theatre practicing to perfect their acting skills. This course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a major in performance arts.

9. PHC-1003: Black-and-White Photography

A black and white image of a person holding a camera

Black and white photography is an independent genre in photography. This course will focus on the concepts and techniques required in capturing and processing black and white photographs. Students will have interactive sessions throughout the course as they capture photographs from different scenes and locations. The course encourages students’ creativity and builds on their photography skills.

10. FIC-1430: Sculpture

Sculptures of different human bodies in an exhibition

If you wish to explore 3D art, then this course is recommended for you. The course is not restrictive and is recommended for students of all levels. Students will learn the concepts and techniques for sculpturing. The course is considered interesting as most sessions are practical and take place in the studio where students practice and explore new ideas. Students are required to come up with a well-developed, final project towards the end of the course.

10 Hardest Courses at School of Visual Arts

Here at the School of Visual Arts, students can find the courses that best fit their majors and interests. Some classes are taken to challenge the student. These types of harder classes can help students with the knowledge of real life situations. This will make them better when graduation comes as they will find their successful career. Here are 10 challenging class provided at the School of Visual Arts.

1. DSC-4010-CE – Design Portfolio

Example of a graphic design portfolio

This course costs $480 and is on Mondays. This intensive course will help create and expand student’s portfolios. They will develop new skills beneficial for the real world. Topics include critique in a workshop setting that includes laptop work, hands-on work, and one-on-one focus sessions.

2. ANC-3020-A – Stop Motion Animation

Pictured examples fo stop motion animation

This course is $635 and is provided on Thursdays. The course focuses on stop animation in a workshop setting. Students will work with foam models and sets and they learn new animation skills. They are encouraged to use their imagination and create their own productions using the hands on knowledge they gain.

3. CAC-1078-A – Jewelry Design and Wax Model Making

picture of jewelry

This class is $510 on Tuesdays. It focuses on prototypes of wax jewelry of a soft medium that could be carved or molded. An apron and sketchpad is required. Students pay special attention to design and quality of the pieces as they are graded on these specific details

4. PHC-3419-A – Advanced Fashion and Editorial Photography

picture of a fashion style shot

This course is $440 and is available Thursdays and Fridays. It consists of advertisement and editorial narratives of fashion photography. Advanced and individual style is taught to further critique student’s images. Pictures can be used to build a highly advance portfolio.

5. ILC-2129-A – Formula Drawing and Analysis for Cartoonists II

Example of character body sketches

This class is $480 and held on Mondays. It focuses on accuracy of the structure and natural feel of portraits. Topics include further advancing figures, objects, and perspective. The course stresses the anatomical features of the drawing as it will look more realistic.

6. IXC-3041-A – Product Design

picture of prototypes of products

This course is $1,100 and is taken on Thursdays. This fast-paced course focuses on taking ideas and making them realistic. Weekly steps are given to the students to learn about Design Sprint. There are opportunities to take all the knowledge students learn during the weeks and practice running a Design Sprint for their own projects.

7. SMC-2527-A – Coding: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery

picture of java logo

This course is $640 and provided on Thursdays. Students learn to use the web browser-based language JavaScript. This knowledge further develops student’s skills of developing websites. Topics include changing pieces of HTML codes, creating image slideshows and performing other useful tasks.

8. ADC-3052-A – Intro to Creative Advertising

picture of cartoon newspaper

This course is $520 and is provided on Tuesdays. Students willl criticize current advertisement and observe their flaws. They will take the flaws as a lesson and gain skills to good advertisement. These new skills will convey those ideas in simple and interesting ways.

9. PHC-2157-A – Street

black and white photography

This course is $220 on Wednesdays. Students work in art styles that are experimental, experiential and fresh, The objective is to make something from nothing. There will be readings and discussions about historical and contemporary street photography.

10. CFC-3014-A – Voice-Over: Workshop

picture of someone singing in a studio

This course is $320 and taken on Mondays. This course focuses on giving students new skills in voice-overs to achieve success in the competitiveness in New York. Topics include voice-overs for national commercials, corporate/educational projects and narratives, animation work, television/radio promos, trailers and audio books. 

Top 10 Clubs at the School of Visual Arts

Having a good college experience is important in life, and that includes being well rounded in many things; academics, socially, and extracurricularly. Extracurricular clubs and activities are a great way to get involved. Here’s the top 10 SVA clubs!

1. Art Squad

Male artist painting

Art Squad ?is a community of artists who are interested in getting together and improving their drawing skills, executing collaborative projects, and visiting NYC museums.

2. Cards and Dice

Stack of board games

Cards and Dice is a group that talks, plays, and breathes board games. From the traditional board games, like chess or monopoly, to the wacky and zany games that can’t even be correctly pronounced, they play them all!

3. Cartoon Allies

Cartoonist doing artwork

Cartoon Allies is a student-run, comics-based organization. They serve as a resource for the school’s comic-loving community by holding tutorial nights, drawing jams, and promoting student work at local conventions.

4. Graphic Production

Graphic designer digital art

Graphic Production actualizes student graphic design and advertising concepts. They explore contemporary and cutting edge technologies as well as revisit old world technologies.

5. Hiking Club

Man hiking outside

Hiking Club seeks to provide SVA students the opportunity to get out of the city and immerse themselves in nature. The club focuses on physical and mental well-being.

6. Mafia Club

Men in the mafia

Mafia Club gets together to play a classic party game known as Mafia, also known as Werewolf. The rules and roles have been customized making for a more unique and fun social experience.

7. Super 8 Society

Man making a film

Super 8 Society aims to improve the experience of student filmmaking for both experts and amateurs of the craft by creating a reliable network of creators.


Microphones at a radio station

WSVA is the college radio station for SVA. Come express yourself on our radio station through conversation, interview, and musical performance or simply drop by to explore our massive music library.

9. Circolo Italiano

Italian digital art

Circolo Italiano ?shares and explores Italian traditions, festivals, and holidays with others. Learn about the cultural differences between the Italian-American and the traditional Italian experiences.

10. League of Legends SVA

Kid playing video game

League of Legends SVA brings students together to play League of Legends, an online game, to relieve stress and build new friendships with others around the school.

5 Cool Events at the School of Visual Arts

1. SVA and NY Comic Con

People at comic con

Students at the School of Visual Arts have great access to the very popular event, New York Comic Con! Being in the middle of New York City makes it easy for students to come to this event and support their favorite artists/shows!

2. Wassaic Project

Students in a lecture hall

Founders of The Wassaic Project will discuss artist opportunities for exhibition, residency, community engagement and how to start your own arts organization.

3. Nick Animation Studio Lecture

People working in an animation studio

Nickelodeon Animation Studios’ Ariel Goldberg will come to the School of Visual Arts and hold an informal talk on how to break into the Animation industry.

4. Studio Visit

Animators working in the studio

Studio visits are the most important way for artists to gain new opportunities and connections. Come to this event to learn how to ask for studio visits, how to make the most of them, tips on best practices, and how to properly follow up.

5. Spotify Recruiting Info Session

Spotify Logo and headphones

Recruiters and designers from Spotify will be on campus to discuss their recruiting process and opportunities for summer internships. This is a great opportunity for students looking for career options.

10 of the Easiest Courses at SVA

With all of the things you need to juggle throughout your years at college – major requirements, extracurriculars, a part-time job – it’s always in your best interest to take the easiest route possible. To make your course planning smoother, consider these ten easy classes from School of Visual Arts to take for general education, electives, or just for fun!

1.  ADC-2030 Build a Great Portfolio, Get a Great Job, Win Lots of Awards, Have a Nice Life

This course is as useful as it sounds. For everyone that has complained that school doesn’t prepare you well for the real world: here’s your answer. This course will teach you skills to create a portfolio that will get you “that great first job that opens the door to a great career”! You will learn how to generate and complete first-rate campaigns, adsand innovative alternative media.Resume and data sheet 

2. ANC-1022 Animation: An Introduction

This animation class is designed for students from any discipline who may be interested in animation. You’ll learn basic animation concepts and techniques, such as from storyboard and layout to in-betweening and overlapping action to arcs and walk cycles. And you get to practice everything taught with hands-on exercises and projects in a creative workshop environment. You’ll walk out of the class with your own animated short and 3 CEUs.Minions animation 

3. CFC-1076 Acting

If you’re a fan of being in the spotlight, this class will suit you better. This course will introduce actors and directors to the technique of Method Acting. You’ll work on connecting your personal experiences to the characters you bring to life as an actor, writer, director and artist and help you embrace your authentic self.Man holding clapper board 

4. SMC-2422 Coding: HTML and CSS—Basic

In the rise of the technological age, any computer programming experience on your resume will set you ahead of others. This little course is 2 CEUs and you will learn to write HTML and CSS,  how to format text, incorporate images, build tables, create links and host and upload a website. By the end of the course, you’ll have your own website! There’s also a subsequent course if you want to learn even more tricks.Laptop, notebook, and HTML and CSS textbook 

5. SMC-2213 Maya: Basic Computer Animation

If you were a big fan of cartoons as a kid, this class may interest you. You will be using Autodesk Maya software to learn basic techniques in modeling, animation, lighting and rendering will be addressed. You’ll walk out of this class with your own 10-second animation piece!Monsters Inc. animation 

6. CFC-1003 Digital Filmmaking

In this introductory class, you’ll go through all the steps in the production process for digital filmmaking. Through a hands-on approach, you’ll learn skills in camera work, sound recording and lighting, aesthetic choices for creating a scene, and collaborating with a production crew. Throughout the class, you’ll develop your own three-to-five minute digital film!Video camera recording 

7. CFC-2017 The Art of Editing

In a followup course to the one above, this class will more closely examine the editing process of films. You will learn distinctive concepts, skills, processes and editing grammar essential to creative postproduction. There will be particular emphasis on motion-picture styles and the use of editing techniques that enhance them.Woman editing video 

8. CFC-2136 The Screenwriter: Finding and Developing Your Inner Voice

If you have a vivid imagination and like staying behind the scenes, this class may suit you. This introductory course will discuss creativity and how it is affected by everyday experiences, spirituality and how we choose to live our lives. With professional guest lecturers, you’ll create your own first-draft screenplay. throughout the class!Writing with edits 

9. SMC-2208 Photoshop: An Introduction

Whether you simply want to brush up your own selfies or pursue a career that involved editing, this introduction to photoshop will do you much good.  The course will give a foundation on solid selection techniques and creating  and manipulate layers. In particular. you’ll learn about Photoshop’s tools such as cloning, healing brush, text and the color replacement, retouching and color correction.Photoshop on two computer monitors 

10. CAC-1011 Design and Create Your Own Jewelry: Metal Techniques I

This is a unique class not found at most other schools. This course will teach you basics in soldering, stone setting, metal construction, piercing, polishing, finishing, surface design, stamping, repoussé, reticulation, and low-tech casting. Your first project will be making a silver ring set with a cabochon stone, and after that, your projects will be completely up to you!Box of rings College is a once in a lifetime experience. Take classes that interest you and give yourself as little hassle as possible so you can enjoy life outside academics. Keep these ten easy classes in mind when registering for courses!