10 Coolest Courses at Santa Fe Community College

Santa Fe Community College is a public community college in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The school has around 3,400 students and the cost of in-state tuition is around $2,000. Here are 10 cool courses that you need to check out at Santa Fe Community College.

1. ACCT 140L: Personal Tax Preparation Lab

tax and a calculator and pen

Personal tax preparation lab is a great course to take as it is very relevant to not only other people but your own taxes as well. Many people depending on the sitution will go to an accountant for help. This course will be helpful because it saves time and money knowing how to do your own taxes.

2. ACCT 124: Payroll Accounting

an example of a pay stub

Payroll Accounting is a course that teaches students the process in which a person would create balance sheets and spreadsheets that record what a person is to be paid. It teaches organizational skills as well as different ways to conduct pay. You learn of different pay routes such as direct deposit, reload card, PayPal, and etc.

3. ANTH 252: Anthropology of Food

a large loaf of bread on a cutting board

An interesting course to take is the anthropology of food. It goes over how different have come about such as where they were discovered and the different environments they are in. It is a great course if you are interested in learning the process of cultivating the food as well as the history and cultures behind it.

4. ANTH 112: The Nature of Culture

Ecology concept on green blurred background with tree, plants in ground on realistic female hand vector illustration

The nature of culture is a course that goes over the different aspects when it comes to perspectives of people and how culture is cultivated. A culture is made up of a group of people and the environment and how people react to it. So when someone refers to the culture of a group they are referring to how the group reacts and communicates with each other and the world around them.

5. ECON 200: Principles of Macroeconomics

the buying habits of customers in cartoon illustration showing different characters buying different things

Principles of Macroeconomics looks at the big picture when it comes to understanding the buying and spending habits of America. It goes over statistics as well as databases that help to make predictive trends on how the economy will look in the future. It is an eye-opener on how money in the US is distributed.

6. ECON 201: Principles of Microeconomics

person trading an apple for money with microeconomics written in the middle

Principles of Microeconomics go into the small aspects of how money is distributed and the causes of why people do and don’t spend their money. It looks at examples of buying habits from not only individuals but also local businesses as well. A few key factors for spending habits would be income, household size, and location of jobs.

7. POLI 200: American Government and Politics

the democratic sign for donkey

American Government and Politics is a course that goes over the various types of political parties that are in America. It gives around the basis of their stances on certain hard pressing issues. A few examples of issues and topics brought up would be gun control, abortion, and immigration.

8. CULA 250: Pastry Presentation and Display

a plate of glazed scones

If you have ever wanted to work in a bakeshop or in general learn a new skill when it comes to food then this is a super fun course to take. Presentation is key due to the fact that people eat with their eyes. You will learn techniques in baking such as tools to get interesting textures and how to plate the food in a tantalizing way.

9. CULA 256: History and Uses of Spices

wooden spoons with herbs and spices

History and Uses of Spices is a course that goes over the various historical turns when it comes to how spices have changed over time. Spices have been used for many different purposes and today used for all sorts of things. For example, spices are used to flavor a meal or put in coffee/tea to give it a unique aroma.

10. EXSC 126: Instructional Methods: Personal Training

fruits with approved stamps on them

In the world of diet and exercise, learning personal training is more than just knowing what workouts are for certain areas of the body. You also learn how to control the tone your body and also learn to motivate others and teach workout regimes. Personal training also looks at working with a dietitian or learning facts on foods that work complement well with working out.

Sante Fe Community College provides students an affordable education as well as a variety of courses to take. The smaller enrollment size makes for an easy transition from high school to college. The course variety gives students the needed skills to make it in the workforce.

Top 10 Clubs at Santa Fe Community College

Santa Fe Community College is a public two-year community college in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The school has a little more than 6,300 students. The small amount makes it easy for people to meet new friends as well as have a chance to connect with their professors for help.

1. Clay Club

 clay ceramic cups and bowls

Clay Club is  a group on campus that allows students to showcase their art work through donations and sales. It is a great way to connect with other enthusiasts of ceramics as well as educate people on how to create art with clay.

2. Fellowship of Gamers

 a student getting angry at a game with his controller

The fellowship of gamers play a wide range of games that deal with cards, tabletop, video, and other social games. The group seeks to bring the love of games to the community and is open to all. Make sure to come with any game suggestions.

3. Powertalkers Toastmasters

 the logo for toastmasters

The powertalkers toastmasters group is a group on campus that is committed to teaching you the basics of leaderships when it comes to talking. Often people are afraid of public speaking. This group shows you how to have more confidence.

4. Veterans United

 veterans in uniform in front of the flag

Veterans United is a group on campus that acts as a resource for people who are getting used to civilian life. They are meant to be support for those veterans as well as guiding them to resources that they can use to help get back on their feet.

5. The Student Voice

 a computer containing a newsletter

The Student Voice is a newsletter that is given to students as a source of information for fun school and local events to get to know. This is a great group of people who work tirelessly to get information out in a timely manner.

6. Phi Theta Kappa

 students in phi theta kappa gowns and cords

Phi Theta Kappa is the National Honors Society for those who attend a community college. The group is committed to hard work and excellence, which is why you need to have at least a 3.5 gpa for two recently consecutive semesters.

7. Student Ambassadors

 student ambassadors wearing special shirts

The student ambassadors are the face of the school. If you have a orientation or in general are looking to get a guided tour, the person showing you around is most likely a student ambassador. Student ambassadors are lively and more experienced students who can answer any questions you might have.

8. Fashion

 sketches of runway fashion

If you are a creative mind that is looking for an outlet to get their ideas layed out then fashion is for you. This club is a great way for students to get out of their shells and make something that is completely unique to them, you can also get advice on trends and looks from members.

9. Student Government Association

 the logo for student government association

Student Government Association is a group that is on campus that is the voice of the school. They are the people who represent the students and their concerns and opinions. It is a great way for students to be able to get involved and bring up new and innovative ideas.

10. Mycology

 a group of mushrooms in the ground or fungi

If you are in the sciences and are specifically looking to know more about biology, then this is the club for you. Mycology is the study of fungi and other small organisms. It is a good way to know about the uses that fungi has to humans.

Top Events of the School Year at  Santa Fe Community College

1. EMPLOYER RECRUITER: Michael’s Valet of Santa Fe

 a person in a car talking to a valet

If you are looking to make a few extra dollars on the side, you can do this by working for Michael’s Valet. There is a recruiter coming to the school to talk about the pay and the job. All you need is proof of a clean and safe driving record as well as license.

2. Glass Club Sale

 glass art made into a flower scene

Nothing says a unique gift for your loved one quite like the idea of hand-made. This beats out your average homemade card and elevates it to a handmade piece of beautiful glass that the glass club will be selling. Come by for this event and even check out club details on how to get involved.

3. Campus Cupboard

 the logo for campus cupboard

Campus Cupboard is an initiative on campus to fight against hunger. To be a successful student you cannot be hungry. The campus cupboard has their opening as a recurring event on Fridays when school is in session. Feel free to donate any items or if you know someone in need refer them, they only need to bring their school id.

4. Research and Citation help with librarians and tutors

 the difference between doing an in text citation and a bib

If you are working on a last-minute projects or just unsure if you are doing the assignment correctly come in for this event. A librarian and tutor will be there to have any questions asked about good research as well as the different tools you can utilize.

5. Career Walk in Clinic

 a resume going out to other people and a gear


The career walk in clinic is an event that allows students to have 45 minutes to be able to meet with a person who is knowledgable about the job industry. They can answer any questions such as that of creating and editing your resume as well as preparing for an interview.

Top 10 Library Resources at Santa Fe Community College

In order to make the most of your time at school, you need to use the best resources possible. Fortunately, a lot of the resources that you need are available at the library. Here are the ten best resources at Santa Fe Community College!

1. Academic Search Premier

Academic Search Premier is one of the most popular databases that you have access to. That being said, it is important that you use it while you can. You will have access to a bunch of great documents that have been archived on the database. 

Academic Search Premier

2. Question Forum

If you have a quick question about a library resource, you can chat a librarian through the website. This is a super cool perk that you can take advantage of. You will not even have to go to the library to find the answers that you need. 

Question and Answer

3. Librarian meeting

If you need some more help with a research project, you can schedule a meeting with a librarian. These professionals know where you can find exactly what you need. This will make the paper writing process much easier.

A librarian

4. Course Reserves

An online forum through the library is course reserves. If you want to see what you will be covering in a new class, this is the place to look. You will have access to some popular course materials in this section.

Course Reserves

5. Interlibrary Loan

If there is a resource or book that you need that is not in the school’s library, you can apply for an interlibrary loan. This is when the library will buy the book you need for you to rent. This will save you some money in the long run.

Interlibrary loan

6. Research and Writing Guide

The Research and Writing Guide is a great resource that you should use. By using this, you will improve your writing skills very quickly. This guide focuses on showing you how to incorporate writing with research. 

A writing guide

7. A to Z World Food

If you are doing some sort of project revolving around food, you can check out the A to Z World Food database. This is a very cool site that will teach you about tons of different foods from cultures all around the world.

Food database

8. Points of View Reference Center

Points of View Reference Center is the database for you if you need to reference popular magazine and newspaper articles. This is also a database that is very easy to maneuver. This is a great place for you to go in order to get some great information. 

POV Reference Center

9. History Reference Center

If you are doing a research project revolving around anything about history, the History Reference Center is the place for you. This is a large database that has tons of archived documents. All of them provide you with great information. 

History Reference center

10. Newsbank

The final great option that you have is Newsbank. This is one of the largest resources that is available to you. You will have access to so many journals and articles for you to reference. 

Newsbank logo

Top 5 Libraries at SFCC

1. SFCC Library

The SFCC Library is the only library on the school’s campus. That being said, this is a one-stop-shop for all things that you need on campus. This is also a great place to just visit and study in peace. 

Address: 6401 Richards Ave

Room in the library

2. Santa Fe Public Library

If you live off campus, it may be easier to visit the Santa Fe Public Library. There are still tons of great features that this library can give you. This is a cool place to visit and read some books. 

Address: N/A

Santa Fe library

3. Southside Public Library

There is also Southside Public Library. This is a location that provided you with some great resources. You will be in good hands when you visit this area of the city. 

Address: N/A

library room

4. La Farge Public Library

La Farge Public Library is a good resource that usually goes unnoticed by students.  You’ll still be able to get help by professionals at this location. You should go here to avoid the busyness of campus.

Address: N/A

library front

5. Tyree library

The final great location near campus is the Tyree library. This is a smaller facility, but there are still plenty to offer to you. You even have some fun at this location.

Address: N/A

tyree building

10 of the Easiest Classes at SFCC

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, SFCC has been designated a “2015 Military Friendly” and “Best for Vets” school that emphasizes community and has great programs in fine arts and sciences. The following courses are some of the easier and fun classes that you can take to lighten your coursework while still receiving credit.

1. WOOD 111 – Introduction to the Fine Art of Woodworking

Wood 111 is a class where you can unleash your creativity and breathe life into wood. The shop is well stocked and organized. Leading instructor drives the point home of safety in a wood shop class. Since it is an introductory class, you will learn and pick up proper and safe methods to work with this material. If there is any shadow of a doubt, ask away as there is no dumb question.

The interior of a woodshop.

2. STC 338 – Emerald Home Presentation

Prepare your green thumb! For those interested in breeding plants instead of carving them can turn towards this class. Focusing on greenhouses, the eco-conscious student can learn how to work with these structures that harbor a safe and controlled environment and climate for plants.

A newly renovated and furnished greenhouse

3. ENGL 111 – Composition and Rhetoric

This class is all about composing your paper and making it sound coherent. Your argumentative abilities will be more developed too. Very handy skills to have and practice without the distraction of other concepts of writing that can confuse you or make you over think essays. It’s not the most fun class but its difficulty is relatively low compared to the more advanced English courses.

Key concepts of composition and writing.

4. MART 121 – Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a versatile art tool for all skill levels. This class will give you the knowledge to upgrade your game. You will be designing eye-catching works in no time while bringing out your inner artist.

The iconic Adobe Illustrator logo

5. HPER 111L – Beginning Yoga

Yoga is already a low-intensity activity, and at the fundamental level, it is all about composure and relaxation. If your other classes are giving you stress, make sure to check this class out and unwind. No intense balancing skills required.

11 yoga poses for beginners.

6. CULA 113L – Basic Pastries I

The first food-related class entry on this list. For those with a sweet tooth, beginner pastries are a real “treat” to make. You will learn the basic recipes for simple pastries and their baking times, along with their preparation methods.

Recently baked "Elephant Ear" pastries.

7. ASTR 111 – Introduction to Astronomy

This course will spare you the headaches of astrophysics while still blowing your mind “out of this world”. You will be able to see the comparison of celestial bodies and the different stages in such objects. Get a good grade AND learn about the cosmos.Colorized photo of space by College of Westminster, London.

8. PSYC 111 – Psychology I

A soft introduction to the world of cognitive processes and psychology and an easy A. Subjects like behavior and cognitive functions and some forefathers of the field gracethe books . You will be studying fundamental topics and concepts that will help you understand why people do things, but not even this course may help you figure out why some people do things.

Fundamental psychology concepts and topics.

9. CK 304 – Gluten-Free Baking

The second food-related class, Gluten-Free Baking will expose you to the world of dietary-restricted cooking. Giving one insight into an otherwise frustrating condition. It is sure to come in handy if you ever want to cook for someone who can’t consume gluten, something that will definitely be appreciated whole-heartedly.

Gluten-Free alternate food seal.

10. CULA 232L – Cake Making

The final and third food-related entry on this list, get your whisk out and oven mitts on because cake making will teach you all the essentials to prepare and bake yummy cakes. Bound to give you easy A. Time to store the Easy Bake Oven and prepare the adult-sized one.

Basic ingredients to make a cake.

So, whether you want a breather or a GPA booster, make sure to check out some of these easy classes at SFCC while gaining some worthy skills and not having the stress of a heavy workload while having some fun and break from other intensive classes.