Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara City College is a public community college in Santa Barbara, California. The school has around 9,000 students that attend the college. The cost of in-state tuition is around $1,300 and out-of-state tuition is $9,800. Here are 10 different buildings you need to check out at Santa Barbara City College.

1. Luria Library

 outside view of luria library

Luria Library is 7:30am-10pm most days. The library has credible books, databases, reserves, and journals. This makes it easy for students to research topics as well as find information fast. The library has plenty of new inventory of books to enjoy as well as cool events throughout the year such as therapy dogs during finals.

2. Sports Pavillion

 outside parking lot of sports pavillion

The sports pavilion is where students are seen going inside for the gym that is used during basketball games and practice. The building also has a gym and offices for athletic coaches. The building is loved by many as a place to go to cheer on their fellow classmates.

3. Life Fitness Center

student working out in gym

Life Fitness Center is where students go to take physical education classes. The building holds a large exercise room that is equipped with state of the art machines that are able to target every muscle. The free weights make it easy for students to build muscle and endurance.

4. West Campus Center

outside view of west campus center

The west campus center is unique because it has received many awards for being sustainable and using energy efficiently. The school is also making strides to be more green as well as zero-waste. The center has many windows that serve as a way to open up space and bring in natural light.

5. Humanities Building

 outside view of humanities building

The humanities building is where students take a majority of their humanities courses that are in the arts. The art department hosts the Atkinson Gallery in this building. It is a beautiful spectacle to visit when looking for unique pieces.

6. La Playa Stadium

 stadium view of football field

La Playa Stadium is the seating and box office area for tickets as well as where students and loved ones can watch a game of football or even run the track field. The stadium is wide and open which makes watching a game easy and comfortable. The stadium also has a great view of the weather with palm trees all around.

7. Culinary Arts Building

outside view of culinary arts building

The Culinary arts building is where you will find the JSB cafe which offers the public tasty meal options for both on the go or sitting down. The building has the culinary arts program in it. The building has a gourmet dining room so students can experience hands-on work with events.

8. Gavin Theater

Image result for santa barbara city college buildings

Gavin Theater is a beautifully renovated theater that is what the drama and art department use for their events and performances. The building has state-of-the-art stage lighting. You will also have plenty of luxury seating so everyone has a good view of the stage.

9. Orfalea Early Learning Center

 outside view of learning center

The learning center is where you can take your kids to that is conveniently located on campus. This makes it easy for parents or siblings to enjoy their classes while being close to the kids. The kids that the center serves are ages 6 months to 5 years.

10. International Education Center

international students smiling in front of school

The international education center holds the office for study abroad. This means if you are looking to get a more well rounded and rare college experience then you would ask about studying in a different country. This is also where students from other countries studying at the school ask their questions for a smooth school transition.

Santa Barbara City College is a medium-sized school that allows students to enjoy higher education at an affordable price. The school’s layout makes it easy for students to get to classes as well as navigate to various buildings for recreational activity. You can find anything from gyms to theaters and so much more.

10 Coolest Classes at Santa Barbara City College

College is the time to learn new things and grow. Part of being a college student is deciding what your major is going to be and what classes you need to take. Although it’s important to take classes that fill your requirements, it’s also important to take classes that interest and excite you. Keep reading this post to learn about some of the coolest classes offered at Santa Barbara City College.

1. WELL NC025 – Your Nutrition and the Environment

Sustainable global feeding

While eating and fueling ourselves is important, it’s also important to make sure that our lifestyles are sustainable. In this class, students will learn how to prepare both healthy and environmentally sustainable meals. Some of the specific topics include evaluating grass fed meat and dairy, sustainable fish, organic products, and the effect that food and diet has on global warming.

2. CSMT 121 – Introduction to Cosmetology-Module 1

A cosmetologist practicing a hairstyle on a mannequin

Most girls do their hair and wear makeup. Whether you want to learn so you can do this for yourself or you want to learn so you can help others, this class is the first step. Students will learn how to style hair, give manicures, apply makeup, do facials, and give scalp treatments.

3. REC 215 – Outdoor Education

kids hiking

If you like going on outdoor field trips, this class is definitely for you. Students who take this class will learn about the basic fundamentals of outdoor education and recreation. They will also study plants, animals, history, geography, and environmental issues in the Channel Islands and surrounding areas.

4. ID 100 Introduction to Interior Design

interior living room

Interior design is a good skill to have when it comes to decorating your own house or helping someone else decorate! This class provides students with an overview of interior design as a profession and will prepare students for an interior design career. This class also allows students to explore how the designer communicates and works with their clients.

5. ENG 068 – Introduction to Reading, Composition and Study Skills- Intensive

A kid reading and writing

Reading, writing, and studying are some of the most important skills college students need. Many students aren’t prepared for college-level reading and writing; this class prepares you for that. This class will also teach students effective study methods that will allow them to retain and process information faster and more efficiently.

6. GDP 110 – Media Design

Creating designs for media on a computer

This class is a good introduction for students who are thinking of pursuing a career in graphic design and/or media arts. Students will learn about how design and composition relates to the digital world. Some specific topics include line, shape, color, texture, balance, repetition, unity, and more.

7. CA 124 – Principles Of Baking

A plate of cookies

Baking is a fun hobby to take up, especially if you have a sweet tooth! In this course, students will be introduced to the skills they need to own and operate a professional bake shop. Particularly, students will learn about the theory and skills they need to make quality pastries and breads.

8. ENG 089 – College Composition Workshop

Someone writing in a notebook

Being able to write at a college-level is essential to succeeding as a college student. This course allows students to truly focus on their writing in order to prepare them for future college courses. Students will also learn the skills they need to analyze college-level texts.

8. MUS 110 – Music Appreciation

A girl listening to music and dancing

Music is a way that many people express themselves. If you’re one of these people or you just enjoy listening to music, consider taking this class. Students will learn about the history of music along with musical elements, construction, forms, styles, and composers. In addition, there are concert field trips!

10. WEXP 290A – General Work Experience: Career Planning Skills

Career planning tools

Career planning is crucial for a successful professional career but not a lot of schools offer courses just about career planning. Luckily, SBCC does! While taking this class, students will be able to develop skills they will need in their professional lives. The course is designed for students who are interested in learning about different careers available to them and planning for their futures.

Going to class doesn’t mean you can’t also have fun! Taking classes that interest you is a good way to keep your coursework light and make sure you actually show up to class. Keep this post in mind as you pick your classes for next semester!

10 Hardest Courses at SBCC

Santa Barbara City College is a two year community college located on a 74 acre campus adjacent to the beach in the city of Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A . It offers a wide range of associate degree and certificate programs, as well as transfer programs that provide the first two years of study toward the baccalaureate degree. In 2013, the college was named the #1 community college in the nation. SBCC is recognized for its quality and focus in four areas: facilitating underrepresented and minority student success, student learning outcomes, degree completion and transfer rates, and labor market success in securing good jobs after college. Here are 10 of the hardest classes at SBCC.

1. BIOL103 – Cell Biology

This class consists of 72 hours of lecture and 81 hours of lab. The focus is on cell structure and function: molecular architecture, reproduction and growth; mechanisms of genetics; intercellular communication; cell and organ system physiology. It hard because there is a lot to cover and the labs are extremely long and frustrating if you mess up even a single bit.

Here is the inside of a cell.

2. PHYS105 – General Physics

This course is equal parts lab and equal parts lecture. It is definitely not for those who do not have a good grasp of math since the course is all about math. Concepts include Newton’s Laws of Motion, statics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies, work and energy, rotational motion, fluid statics and dynamics, temperature and heat, thermodynamics, wave motion and sound.

The Newton's cradle is a good example of Newton's third law.

3. BUS105 – Introduction to Business

The concepts in this class are not hard, it is just easy to fall asleep in class and fall behind. Your days are spent in lecture listening to the professor drone on and on about social responsibility and ethics, government regulations, business law, globalization, technology and e-commerce, economic and financial systems. It can be a real bore but you need to pay attention for the quizzes and exams.

Here you will analyze charts.

4. ECON102 – Macroeconomics

Ahh, the dreaded business course everyone majoring in it has to take. This course is an introductory course focusing on aggregate economic analysis. Topics include market systems, aggregate measures of economic activity, macroeconomic equilibrium, money and the financial system, the business cycle, monetary and fiscal policy, and economic growth. You can get out of it with the AP exam.

Some of what you will learn in Macroeconomics.

5. ETHS107 – Racism in America

What is so hard about this class on ethics? Well, this course examines race and ethnicity and the impacts of racism upon selected racial and ethnic groups in American society. It covers major theories on the development of racial attitudes and behavior. Attention is also given to relationship between racism, sexism and class oppression. In other words, get ready for lots of essay writing.

Racism is still alive in America.

6. POLS121 – International Politics

This is not the class you want to be in if you have a fear of public speaking. It will prepare you for a career in diplomacy through the discussion of the history of international politics, including the emergence of nation-states, international organization, and nongovernmental organizations. It’s great if you are a people person but 75% of people aren’t to a certain degree.

Learn about other cultures.

7. ENG262 – Shakespeare

If there is one class every English major should dread, it’s the class on Shakespeare. Granted his works are a fun read but the language is very tough to decipher. Imagine having to do that for all 4 genres for an entire semester!

A famous sketch of Shakespeare.

8. CIS117 – Introduction to SQL programming

Incorporate SQL to retrieve, insert, update and delete information from relational databases. Create row and aggregate functions, inner and outer joins, set operations, subqueries and parameter queries. It’s an interesting class, but you have to put effort into learning it. SQL doesn’t come overnight and you will need to practice using it often.

The editor you may use when learning SQL.

9. COMP271 – Business Communications

The only thing worse than having face to face contact is having to also write to that contact. This class focuses on relationships so you will have to be able to communicate both orally and through writing. This means having strong suits in both of these areas.

Communication is a big part of  business dealings.

10. AUTO111 – Engine Rebuilding

This last class is all hands on pretty much. You will learn how to fix engines in lecture and have to actually fix engines in lab. All car engines are not made the same so sometimes you will struggle with it.

This is a typical example of a car engine you may be fixing.

And those were 10 of the hardest courses at SBCC. Do you want to learn how to be a care mechanic? Then you’ll have to take the engine repair class. Maybe you want a career in politics? Then you’ll have to get over your fear of public speaking. There are many avenues to choose and hard classes in all of them. You just have to decide which is the best fit for you!

Top 10 Clubs at Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara City College is a two-year community college in Santa Barbara, California, United States. The school is fairly large and has about 17,000 attendees. The school is on a beautiful 74 acre stretch of land. Here are 10 different clubs to go check out.

1. Yoga Club

 a woman doing a yoga pose on a mat

Yoga Club is a great club to be a part of if you are interested in learning how to fully relax. Being in the meditative state is not something that is learned overnight. There are trained people who will guide you in deep breathing exercises.

2. Ultimate Frisbee Club

 students running for the frisbee

When someone thinks of frisbee they usually consider a fairly relaxing sport that doesn’t take much effort to play. Part of that is true, but ultimate frisbee is a combination of many other sports with a frisbee. It is a high competitive game with trying to get for a goal and plenty of running.

3. Anime Club

 anime main characters luffy and naruto

Anime club is a group that gathers anime enthusiasts together. Anime is a Japanese style cartoon that one can watch. Make sure to come to the club with a list of different show you enjoy watching and be prepared to see some new genres and titles.

4. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

 banner that says intervarsity christian fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a group on campus that brings students closer in their relationship with the lord. The group has small group, which is made up of students that are picked based on a category such as living space or ethnic group. The large group meets up for seminars and events.

5. Fellowship of Christian Athletes

 the logo for the christian athletes

If you are an athlete on campus it is often hard to coordinate time to put the lord as a high priority. Join the fellowship of christian athletes to meet fellow students that will keep you on task and motivated. This is a great way to socialize as well.

6. American Sign Language Club

 the signs for a s and l in sign language

Have you ever tried to perform sign language to translate for someone who is deaf? Now you can learn how to do just that. The club is open to all levels of experience and will even help you to learn phrasing and improve your skills.

7. Japanese Culture

 woman eating japanese noodles

The Japanese culture club allows students who are from Japan to celebrate and showcase their culture with fellow students. Students are able to participate in different culture and diversity events. The group is a great way to explore clothing and food from Japan.

8. K Pop Dance Club

 a photo of a famous k pop group

K pop dance club is a group on campus that dances to upbeat Korean Pop music. This is a fast paced and energetic group of students. They are often seen performing their talents on stage at a number of different culture events.

9. German Culture Club

 a woman holding beer in munich germany oktoberfest

Do you have family that is from German decent ? Do you want to learn more about the culture that is Germany? Learn all about the great quirks of Germany as well as present day holidays that have swept the US that came from Germany such as Oktoberfest.

10. Spanish Club

different flags in a hand

Spanish is a language that is the second most common in the United States. Brush up on your Spanish-speaking skills by attending this club. The club will also hold fun events such as food tastings and events such as Hispanic month.

Top Events of the School Year at  Santa Barbara City College

1. Cherríe Moraga to Speak at SBCC

a photo of activist and writer Cherrie Moraga

Cherrie Moraga is an  internationally recognized poet, playwright, author and activist who will be speaking at the Garvin Theatre. She is known for writing empowering stories on her Latina heritage. She is a feminist and will be talking about her life.

2. Trunk or Treat

 a car trunk with halloween decor and treats

Are you a parent or know students and faculty who have kids? Come to the annual trunk or treat event. There will be roughly 20-30 cars that will feature candy. This is a great way to dress up with your little one and safely find candy.

3. The Game’s Afoot

 a theater performance of a games afoot

The theater club on campus is doing a showing of The Game’s Afoot. It is a comical murder mystery. If you are looking for twists and turns with a lighthearted and funny feel make sure to get your seats. This is a great event to get into the Halloween Spirit.

4. Earth Day Festival

 globe in the water with animals and trees

Earth Day Festival is a day that is all about being sustainably conscious. The festival will feature info booths of many different organizations that keep the planet clean. Make sure to take part in the events as well as about any volunteer and internship opportunities.

5. Veterans Day

 poppy flower symbol for veterans day

Veterans Day is an all day event that is observed as a day to be taken off from classes. It allows students to celebrate the lives of those who have been sacrificed as well as remember those who have served to protect us. Make sure to pick up a poppy for veterans day.

10 Easiest Classes at SBCC

Are you looking for some filler classes for SBCC? Maybe you need a GPA boost? Maybe you just want a couple of extra easy credits. Here’s a list of 10 easy classes to take at Santa Barbara City College Campus.

1. ASL 101 – Beginning American Sign Language I (5 Units)

This class is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to pick up sign language. This course only requires around an hour of extra work a week, and it will encourage students to attend deaf events.A picture of signing the letters "ASL." 

2. CA 124 – Principles Of Baking (2 Units)

For the aspiring baker, this class teaches the necessary skills to run a bakery. With emphasis on bread and pastries, this will be a class that will cater to the foodie in anyone. No need to fear the science of baking anymore!A picture of baking tools and baking ingredients. 

3. ERTH 122 – Dinosaurs (3 Units)

Were you ever a dinosaur-loving kid? Want to cultivate the dreams of your eight-year-old self? Take this class to understand the science of dinosaurs and study fossils!A picture of a T-Rex. 

4. FIN 010 – Financial Basics (1 Unit)

Are you a college student that is terrible at money management? Take this easy one credit course that will teach you the basics of finances. Learn to live independently.A picture of hundred bills scattered. 

5. MAT 153 – Web Design I (3 Units)

Learn how to design, map, and publish on websites to optimize photos. You will need to know how to use Photoshop, but by the end of this class, you will learn the necessary skills to design an aesthetically-pleasing web page.A picture of different technological devices. 

6. MDT 101 – Information and Introduction to Marine Diving Technology (.3 Unit)

Here is an interesting and different course that you could take! It assesses swimming, diving and mathematical skills for future use. SBCC is known for its marine courses, so take advantage of the ones that are available for those not pursuing the MDT degree.A picture of scuba divers. 

7. MUS 100 – Fundamentals Of Music Techniques (3 Units)

Have you always wanted to learn more about music, but you don’t have a musical bone in your body? This is mainly for non-majors and will teach you the basics of musical techniques, without requiring too much outside time. Soon, you will learn how to read and even compose music.A picture of musical notes. 

8. PD 100 – College Success (3 Units)

The dominant question is how to succeed in college. This course will have the rundown on how you can go through college with the most ease and get the most out of your education. No need to worry about graduation, only about how to graduate at the top of your class.A picture of a group holding graduation caps. 

9. PE 101A – Beginning Badminton (1.5 Units)

This class will teach you the basic rules and etiquette of badminton. Need to hone your badminton game? Take this course. This is one of many sports courses offered at SBCC, so if badminton isn’t your sport of choice, there are many others that you could take.A picture of badminton rackets and birdies. 

10. WEXP 290A – General Work Experience: Career Planning Skills (1-3 Units)

This class provides students with opportunities to develop marketable skills in preparation for employment. If you have no idea what to do in life, then this class will show you the way!A picture of a woman looking at line graphs. Any class at SBCC will add to your overall experience, but might as well have some fun with the ones you do choose. Try any of these courses, and you’ll see that earning credits is easier than you ever thought!