Restaurants and Cafes for Students at San Diego State University

There are several restaurants and cafes that are found near San Diego State University. This makes life so comfortable for the students at the university since they have several restaurants and cafes to choose from when it comes to having their meals. The restaurants and cafes are located at convenient distances. Restaurants and Cafes near San Diego University include;

1. Kensington Café

Kensington Café?

The café offers a wide range of breakfast to dinner for every student who finds their way through their doors. It is located at 4141 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116. The café is fully stocked with food that is so sweet and always aromatic, especially their breakfast menus which are finger-licking. Their menus cater for all sorts of students from the vegetarians, cheesy egg, and to the meat lovers.

2. The Living Room

The Living Room

This is the perfect coffee and chill spot for all the coffee lovers at SDSU. It is found at 5900 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115. The students love it since it is located right in the college vicinity. It was created by putting in mind all the coffee and food lovers at the university. The food they offer is more of European inspired format. Most of the foods they provide are sugary which attracts students to make their way to the café for a hangout or while on work breaks. For the tastiest pastries while at the college this is your spot.

3. Daily Grinds Café

Daily Grinds Café

In this restaurant, you are ever guaranteed to leave satisfied and full. No student leaves this place hungry! Their food ranges from seafood, all sorts of meat, and food for the vegetarians. Found at 6695 El-Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115. Their omelets are the best.

4. The Omelete Factory

The Omelete Factory

Who does not fancy themselves an omelete anytime they crave for one? Well, you will be sorted perfectly at this spot for all your breakfast needs search no further. Found at 8860 N Magnolia Ave Santee, CA 92071. They are friendly, accommodating, have an excellent service, sell the best bottomless cups of Joe, and not forgetting their large size foods.

5. Gourmet India Restaurant & Catering

Gourmet India Restaurant & Catering

Located at 810 4TH Ave, this is the spot where your craving for vegetables and Indian cuisines will be taken care of perfectly. They are so keen on food hygiene and their customer needs/tastes. They cook samosas and a combination of meals that contain tofu to replace proteins found in animal products.

6. BCB Coffee

BCB Coffee

The topmost favorite spot for the students while at the campus. Located at SDSU, 5500 campanille Dr, San Diego, CA 92182. They are the best when it comes to the famous New York Style East Coast bagels, egg sandwiches, crepes, juices, smoothies, salads, and more tasty meals.

7. Bandar Restaurant

Bandar Restaurant

At 845th Ave you will find yourself through their doors for all the delicious vegetarian meals. They have meals such as the stuffed grape meals, spanakopita, food made from phyllo mixed with garlic, feta, and spinach.

8. Werewolf


It is the best place for all whiskey connoisseurs. They have all the lists of whiskey at the best prices. On top of this, they have burgers,meat-free salads, burgers, sides, appetizers, sweet potato sliders, garlic fries, and sandwiches

These restaurants and cafes have made it possible for all students at the University to have their meals at their convenient time without having to stress over the same. Their meals and drinks are pocket-friendly keeping in mind the budget of most students. Students have all the choices in their hands when it comes to their meals from these restaurants and cafes.

Top 10 Coolest Courses at San Diego State University

It is the dream of every university student to have an easy life in school. Well, at San Diego State University your dreams are still valid! With a variety of some of the coolest classes that you can enroll to, you are assured of having fun and joy in campus. These classes won’t cause you any headaches as they will be relatively easy. There is no other better way of gaining skills and knowledge than with enrolling in this cool classes at San Diego State University. Check out the list below!

1. LING 352 – Language and Advertising

Advertising word cloud

The first class is an interactive class that brings the instructor and the students together. In this interesting class, students get to learn about the linguistic devices and how they are used as part of persuasion in advertisement. The use of grammar, vocabulary and sound structure will be explored.

2. COMPE 160 – Introduction to Computer Programming

A blurred code in Computer Programming

It is important for students to have basic programming skills in this current world. It will be an introductory class to basic concepts in computer programming. Students will learn about computer organization and binary representation of data.

3. DANCE 181 – Introduction to Dance

Human figures dancing

Imagine getting extra credits for learning what entails dance. Students in this class will get a basic overview of dance as a ritual, fitness, an art and therapy. Focus will be on the western civilization.

4. ENGL 100 – Rhetoric of Written Argument

People figures pushing a writing hand

In this exciting class students get to learn about rhetoric of written arguments and to make the necessary decisions about rhetoric conventions, structure and cohesion. At the end of the classes students will be able to do better in writing projects.

5. ENS 304 – Physiology of Exercise

A man and woman in a gym

Current lifestyles demand that we exercise routinely to avoid getting obese or developing lifestyle illness. In this class you will evaluate the physiology of exercise in depth by looking at how body physiological functions are affected by physical activities.

6. GEOG 340 – Geography of Food

A pile of donuts and burgers

From a geographical point of view food undergoes different processes from production until it is prepared and consumed. In this class, you will also explore the various food and their economic, political, social and social aspects.

7. GEOL 305 – Water and the Environment

water and environment and a recycle sign

This is simple yet very useful class. Students will get to explore the movement of fresh water on the earth and the cycle that is undergone evaporation to formation of rain. Topics in water pollution, urbanization, overuse of water resources and the problems these cause will be discussed.

8. HIST 435 – History Through Film (A)

A person waling on a cinema film

This is another cool class where you will explore different historical periods through film. In this class the main historical document is film. How cool is that!

9. NAV S 302 – Navigation

A large ship navigating in water

Not all of us get a chance to know how to operate ships in the ocean. In this interesting class students will be able to learn navigation, piloting, maneuvering and the rules of nautical road. Students will also learn how to operate gyro and magnetic compasses.

10. JMS 450 – Media and Culture

Word cloud about Media and Culture

Lastly, in this class students will be able to learn the way media and culture interrelates. It is a fun class that is easy to study and pass. Enroll now and improve your classroom experience.

In conclusion, the information about the coolest classes at San Diego State University will help you to wisely add some to your schedule. These classes will impact knowledge and teach you skills in the coolest way. It is only fair to have one or two of these in your schedule. Enroll now!

Health and Wellness Services at SDSU

Going to be college can be exciting and stressful, but no one can deny staying healthy is important. One way to live up to your fullest potential in college is by taking care of yourself; physically, mentally, and emotionally. San Diego State University offers plenty of resources for students to reach their potential, especially in the area of health and wellness. Here are some services they offer students!

1. Calpulli Center

This is a fantastic place for students to go when they are sick while at school, and acts as a doctor’s office like back home. Medical care, immunizations, allergic reaction treatment, STD testing and laboratory services are provided here. Physicians, nurse practitioners and health professionals are always on site. There is also a pharmacy and X-ray center located in this building for student needs as well. Scheduled appointments are preferred, but call ahead same day visits are also an option in case of a need of a quick visit.

Student service center on campus.

2. Speciality Care Services

Student Health Services offers a number of specialty care services like Dentistry, Optometry and Orthopedic Clinic for additional fees for students at a discounted rate as well as with insurance if they have that. These services are great for students who are at school year round and are far away from home. All of these specialty care services are located on the third floor of the Calpulli Center, which is very convenient when on campus at San Diego State.

Everyone should go to college to get the awesome services!

3. Mental Health Services

The Mental Health Service center is a group of trained professionals working to improve the mental health of the SDSU student body through counseling, education & consultation. This service in particular does ADHD screenings. The clinic also helps students who have learning disabilities succeed with their academic struggles and obstacles.

Image of counseling benefits.

4. University Police

The police force of SDSU are dedicated to keeping their students safe and well on and off campus. While police are patrolling campus, they taking phone calls, attend to problems in dorms, and ensure the safety of students. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all students throughout San Diego.  All officers are sworn in and certified by the State of California. They strive for students to live in a safe environment while learning at the university.

Police biking through campus at SDSU. 

5. Active Shooter and Response Training

Acitve Shooter Response training is provided to assist SDSU faculty, staff and students in making the best possible choices and actions in the event of an active shooter or a violent intruder event on campus. In this training offered by police and safety officials, participants will gain valuable knowledge and insight. This training is offered several times throughout the school year the on SDSU campus. Some classes also require this training for the course to help students enhance their knowledge on safety.

Image of police officer with car. 

Overall, these are only a few resources SDSU offers many students. To improve their physical and mental health, students should look into what the university has to offer. Taking advantage of many free or low cost services will help students have the best experience possible at college.

Top 10 Hardest Classes at San Diego State University

Are you the student that is looking for a challenge? Are you even up for the challenge? Before you start searching for classes, think about what you want out of it. Do you want to challenge yourself to think critically? Then below are some of the most challenging courses at San Diego State University that will definitely challenge you!

1. ASTR-101 – Principles of Astronomy

A depiction of human anatomy

Let’s take a look at the stars! This class will focus on the universe. Students will learn more about planets, stars, galaxies, and the cosmos. This class is geared to giving students an in depth look at the principles of astronomy and how they shape our world.

2. BIOL-101 – World of Animals

animal genetics

Do you like animals? The purpose of this class is to help students gain a better understanding on the relationship between of animals and the environment. Students will also learn more about the development of the evolutionary theory as well.

3. ANTH-301 – Prin of Biological Anthro

A picture showing Anthropology

This class will explore principles of biology. Students will participate in a number of hands on class projects. Topics that will be discussed include the evolution of humans, human adaptability, behavior between primates, and skeletal biology of humans.

4. BIOL-211L – Fundamentals of Microbiology

A depiction of the field of biology

This class will focus on the fundamentals of microbiology. Students will have a chance to learn more about the study of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Students will also learn more about living and nonliving organisms.

5. CHEM-200 – General Chemistry

Tools that are used in chemistry

This class will focus on the general concepts of chemistry. Students will learn more about inorganic and organic compounds. This class offers students the chance to engage in many lectures, however, there is a lot of reading to be done as well.

6. CJ-301 – Law in Society

A depiction of law and society

This class will primarily focus on law in society. Students will learn how to think like social theorists and develop their own theories. Students will learn about systems of law, legal studies, and major movements that have since affected people.

7. ECON-301 – Collec/Use Data in Econ

A look at tools in economics

Students who are taking this class will discuss economic data that is gathered on the Internet and other related sources. Students will also use statistical data which they will highlight on spreadsheets and basic regressions.

8. ENV S-301 – Energy and the Environment

A depiction of energy and the environment

The purpose of this class is to engage students in energy and the environment. Students will learn more about physical concepts, underlying energy in the environment, and how to convert that energy so that it will positively impact the world.

9. FIN-321 –  Managerial Economics

Words that relate to economics

This class will discuss the role of economics around the world. Students will learn more about the art of supply and demand, how much goods costs, and transporting those goods and/or services to various nations that are around the world.

10. ACCTG-201 – Financial Accounting Fund

A representation of an account

The purpose of this class is to allow students to develop a better understanding on finances and accounts. Students will learn about external reporting, how businesses make transactions, capital accounts, and liabilities.

Top 10 Library Resources at SDSU

Trying to find some resources for your next paper? No worries! There are plenty to go through, but you want to make sure you have the right one to use for you. Below we have listed some of the top library resources at San Diego State University!

1. Reference Desk

a reference desk

Do you have a question about something? Maybe you need help. Students and staff can go up to one of the members at the Reference Desk who can help you with anything you’re finding a hard time trying to get to.

2. Ask a Librarian

a librarian on SNL.

Did you know that you can ask a librarian anything from an electronic device that connects to the Internet? The Ask a Librarian feature is available online until around 5PM on weekdays!

3. Computer Lab

a computer lab

There are a number of computer labs that are located around the library. These labs serve as a way for students to get work done if they do not have access to one at home.

4. Printers and Scanners

a printer.

Do you need to print off a document? Maybe your teacher wants you to scan something in. Students and staff can use the printers and scanners that are located all around the building!

5. Library Staff

library staff

The library staff members are here to help you! Use them for whatever you need as long as its library related. They can surely help you find anything!

6. Study Rooms

a study room

Do you need a place to study? Whether you’re alone or with a group of people, students have the opportunity to reserve or just drop into a study room to study the night away!

7. Inter-library Loan

a loan

Are you not finding something in the library you need or you’re looking for? The library offers students the chance to checkout materials from libraries around the world!

8. Online Databases


Do you need scholarly journals for your next article to reference? You can find some in the library’s online database. Just type in keywords and start conducting research online today!

9. Free Wi-Fi

wifi icon

Do you like free things? What about free Wi-Fi? Students and staff have the opportunity to connect to the library’s wifi for free! Whether you are near or in it, just press connect and you’re done!

10. Books


What’s your favorite book? The library has plenty of books for students to choose from. Whether you want to read for fun or read for a class, the library has plenty of books for you to checkout!

Top 5 Libraries at San Diego State University

1. SDSU Library

SDSU Library

This library is located right on campus. Here, students can find resources that they can utilize, study rooms, computer labs, and more!

2. San Diego Central Library

San Diego Central Library

This library is also located right off of campus. Here, students and the general public can find numerous resources such as study rooms, computers, and other technology

3. City Heights Weingart Library

City Heights Weingart Library

This library has many books and resources for the community to use. Students will have a chance to utilize meeting rooms, study rooms, and online databases.

4. San Diego County Public Law Library

San Diego County Public Law Library

Are you hoping to one day go into the field of law? This library gives the community access to public legal and law documents so that they can learn more about the justice system.

5. Mission Valley Library

Mission Valley Library

This library is located in a small community. Here, students can utilize the online database, study rooms, meeting rooms, and computers which are located within the library.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at SDSU

There’s no doubt that college life can be difficult to adjust to. One of the best ways to get involved is the clubs. At SDSU, there are over 250 student organizations, meaning there’s a group for every interest, career goal, and person out there. Take a look at this list to get a feel for some of the coolest clubs to find at state.

1) Associated Students

Logo for associated students sdsu

A.S. is effectively the student government of campus. They help create community and plan various events on campus, like Aztec Nights.

2) Culture Clubs

Asian culture at sdsu

There are a number of clubs to join on campus for students to learn about different cultures, meet those of similar ethnicities, and create a larger cultural understanding across campus.

3) Greek Life

Sdsu alpha phi sorority girls holding the greek letter signs


Although there are plenty other opportunities to get involved on campus, Greek life is a huge part of social life at San Diego State University. If you’re interested in joining, get more information and start the rush process today!

4) Intramural Sports

SDSU swimming

Even if you don’t make the varsity teams, there are many intramural sport clubs that exist on campus. From Quidditch to flag football, there truly is something for everyone.

5) Language Clubs

Sign for spanish club

From French to Spanish to Chinese, there’s a group for every language that can connect you with native speakers, study abroad opportunities, and cultural events.

6) Pre-professional Clubs

Student from SDSU Pre vet association holding a bird

For those interested in professions that require more schooling after undergrad, like medical or law school, there’s a club for you! The pre-professional clubs can help you stay on track all four years and assist in finding mentors and with the application process.

7) KCR College Radio

kcr college radio logo

Without a doubt, KCR is one of the easiest and most fun clubs on campus. Regardless of if you’re interested in going into journalism, KCR will give you time on air to broadcast your voice and music to the world.

8) Aztec Unity Project

aztec unity project

From Dog Surfing Competitions to helping out local food shelters, the Aztec Unity Project is the perfect group to hook you up with volunteer opportunities throughout the San Diego area.

9) Green Love

A leaf that's in a heart shape

If you’re into sustainability and trying to save the planet, then this is the club for you! They meet weekly to discuss various ways the student body can help make SDSU a greener campus.

10) The Global Aztec Alliance

Image of global connections

This group connects foreign students who are studying abroad here at SDSU with current students so they can better connect with our American culture and way of life. It’s a great way to get a fun new friends from a country across the world!

Top Events Durings the School Year at SDSU

1) Aztec Nights

Aztec nights

Aztec Nights is a series of events thrown by A.S. during the beginning of every school year. From carnivals to movies on the green, the events are a blast, and FREE to every student and up to one guest.

2) Football Games

Aztec football players

There’s no doubt football games are a big part of the student culture at SDSU. Be sure to get there early to tailgate!

3) Themed Nights at the Garden and UTK

Entrance to University kitchen and aztec market

The dining halls are not notorious for absolutely delicious food. But, it’s themed nights, like Southern BBQ at the Garden and Sushi Night at the University Towers Kitchen, shouldn’t be missed.

4) Basketball Games

Basketball players playing the game

Similar to football games, the basketball games are a lot of fun. Even if you’re not into sports, they can be an awesome time.

5) Farmer’s Market

Students attending the farmers market

Every Thursday on campus, you can find a plethora of stands across the walkway selling fresh foods of all kind.

Top 10 Professors at San Diego State University

San Diego State University is located in Dan Diego, California. Further, it is the largest and oldest higher education institution in San Diego County. With this comes pressure to have wonderful, educated, and inspiring professors. And, in order to help students select the best professors that this old and prestigious university has to offer, a list has been compiled.

1. Professor Mark Laumakis

This headshot of Professor Laumakis is seen on the page for RateMyProfessor.

Rating: 88%
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught by Professor Laumakis: 

PSY 101 – Learn More
PSY 333 – Learn More
PSY 350 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Laumakis:

“This class helped me decide to be a psychology major! The professor is so knowledgeable and makes such a huge class enjoyable. Clicker points are important so don’t miss class. The tests arent too bad if you go to the SI study sessions and study on your own. I wish i went to SI sooner, it was so helpful.”

“Took this class online for summer and super easy, as long as you read and do all the learning curve quizzes you will be good!”

“made everything super clear which was nice, clicker questions were used for participation but going to lectures were not bad at all and the clicker questions were often used on tests. tests were clear and not at all difficult if you paid attention to lecture, 10/10 would recommend.”

2. Professor William Nericcio

This image shows Professor Nericcio working with a student in his classroom.

Rating: 86%
Department: English

Courses Taught by Professor Nericcio: 

ENG 220 – Learn More
ENG 301 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Nericcio: 

“Professor Nericcio is amazing! There are a lot of readings in his class but they are all very interesting and I actually enjoyed all of them. He also opened my mind in my thinking and I really appreciate his lectures.”

“He was a great guy and the subject really opened my mind to artistic the world really is!”

“Dr. Nericcio is an awesome professor. You have to work hard but it pays off. All of the books assigned were awesome and I like how we watched movies and episodes to supplement the topics we were studying.”

3. Professor Micheal Rapp

This professional headshot shows Professor Rapp on campus.

Rating: 92%
Department: Communication

Courses Taught by Professor Rapp:

COM 103 – Learn More
COM 201 – Learn More
COM 407 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Rapp:

“Great Professor. Super relatable and funny as well as easy going.”

“Professor Rapp is the it factor for learning communications. I feel like very few of us are excited to give speeches but his lectures are super informative and helpful AND TOTALLY HILARIOUS! He is a great professor. As long as you complete the online homework (multiple tries till you pass) you will do great! Totally recommend!”

“Pretty much the only choice for Comm 103 large lecture, but a good one. He makes lectures funny and interesting, but you can tell he’s been doing it for a while and gets kind of repetitive. Very simple instructions and grading criteria, and makes it clear that you must attend for clicker points.”

4. Professor Tom Semm

This image shows Professor Semm with his colleagues as they display various certificates.

Rating: 90%
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught by Professor Semm:

SOC 101 – Learn More
SOC 102 – Learn More
SOC 150 – Learn More
SOC 403 – Learn More
SOC 433 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Profession Semm:

“I have never learned so much about actual world problems in a class then I did in Soc 102. Utterly fascinating, if not a bit depressing. Semm knows his stuff and makes sure his students do too. Do the extra credit, take notes during class and you’ll be fine.”

“Absolutely LOVED his lectures and he’s extremely passionate about his topic. Not only that, but he’s really funny and engaging. If you don’t enjoy brutal honesty and playful sarcasm, then don’t take this class. But if you DO, I highly recommend taking this class. Can’t recommend him enough!”

“Professor Semm is genuinely one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had. The subject matter he covers is extremely interesting and important to know especially in our current societal and political climate. Tests are easy as long as you study, we rarely have homework and we’re are given opportunities for fairly easy extra credit.”

5. Professor Dae Elliott

This image is of Professor Elliott in a home.

Rating: 74%
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught by Professor Elliott:

SOC 101 – Learn More
SOC 201 – Learn More
SOC 320 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Elliott:

“Dae is an amazing professor! She really cares about your learning and gives great lectures. Her class is structured to force you to learn and she has super fun side projects and extra credit.”

“Elliot is a great prof. Unlike most soc101 classes, there are no essays! She lectures most classes, take notes because her tests are 50% lecture/ppt 20% reading 20%readings/movies. The movies shown are pretty cool. She is funny, and makes the topic extremely interesting. Do the EC offered at the beginning of the semester–it’s worth it.”

“She’s funny and gives a lot of extra credit. She might do one extra credit assignment worth a lot, definitely do it. You really have to study for the test though.”

6. Professor Victor Camp

This image shows Professor Camp out in the field.

Rating: 90%
Department: Geology

Courses Taught by Professor Camp:

GEL 303 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Camp:

“Everything you need on the power-points. If you want an A tho best to show up to class because some of the power-points can be pretty useless if you don’t have the lecture to support it. Type of class where if you show up, take notes, study a bit – you’ll pass. Given the topic, Camp does a pretty good job at keeping lecture interesting.”

“Camp is extremely passionate about Geology. His lectures might be boring to some but the subject of Natural Disasters is pretty interesting and he often lightens the mood with fun personal anecdotes. There is one “paper” or take-home essay to write which is extremely short, and the rest of the grade is based on tests. Study and you’ll pass easily.”

“Pretty straightforward GE class to take. Only 1 paper which is pretty easy, 3 midterms (lowest scored one gets dropped) and a cumulative final. Not so stressful because there’s no book or side homework activities just lectures. Prof. Camp really is passionate about the subject so he makes the lectures more interesting.”

7. Professor Paul Gilbert

This image shows Professor Gilbert smiling for the camera.

Rating: 96%
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught by Professor Gilbert: 

PSY 365 – Learn More
PSY 361 – Learn More
PSY 260 – Learn More 
Student Reviews of Professor Gilbert:
“No words can describe this professor. Honestly, one of the the best in the country! Wish we have more like him. Take him and you won’t regret it!”
“Dr. Gilbert is amazing ! He is very passionate about his work and very professional without being unaccessible to his students.”
“Lectures were fun, adds in a little humor here and there. Exams are based off lectures and online quizzes, so textbook isnt necessary. Also posts study guides nbline and TAs are there to verify the answers. 5 exams total; 1 non-cumulative final and 4 exams with the lowest being dropped.”

8. Professor Jeffrey Hay

This image is of a book written exclusive by Professor Hay.

Rating: 86%
Department: History

Courses Taught by Professor Hay:

HIST 100 – Learn More
HIST 101 – Learn More
HIST 106 – Learn More
HIST 486 – Learn More
Student Reviews of Professor Hay:
“Amazing teach. A little monotone, but great sense of humor. He is very knowledgable and approachable. Would take another class from him.”
“Go to class and read the required material and youll pass. A nice tip to pass all of his essays (exams) is to prep the week before by doing practice papers. The more detailed the better. Memorizes some dates and names and youll get an A.”
“I would recommend taking hay you have 3 in class writing test and 1 writing assignment he’s a understanding teacher that is good at what he lectures he doesn’t go up there and talk about nothing it’s very important to go to lectures.”

9. Professor Shawna Saponjic

This image is of Professor Saponjic.

Rating: 94%
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught by Professor Saponjic:

PSY 101 – Learn More
PSY 301 – Learn More
PSY 340 – Learn More
PSY 351 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Saponjic:

“I Loved Professor Shawna Saponjic, She Always Put Effort to make the class interesting and fun. She is an amazing person who is helpful, caring, and seems like she genuinely cares about her students.”

“Great class! There are 4 exams, which she tells you how many questions are coming from each chapter. Never bought the textbook and got an A-. She gives a ton of extra credit so make sure you do all of it. Come to every class because there is extra credit almost every class. Overall, take this course! It’s pretty easy and you don’t need to do much.”

“Lectures definitely help you prepare for the exams–her lectures also totally clarify any confusion about the material! She is very kind, and understanding.”

10. Professor Jung Choi

This headshot of Professor Choi appears on the SDSU page.

Rating: 92%
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught by Professor Choi:

SOC 101 – Learn More
SOC 352 – Learn More
SOC 403 – Learn More
SOC 410 – Learn More
SOC 537 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Choi:

“This professor completely opened my mind to an entirely new world of thinking. I’ve never in my life seen a professor this passionate about what he was teaching. My entire worldview is changed, I would listen to this man talk about anything. Easy homework, just show up and listen.”

“seriously the best professor i have ever had. makes you want to make a change in the world. very mind opening.”

“Sociology with Prof Choi was really the only class I could skip this semester, but I wouldn’t want to because his lectures were just that amazing! Attendance is not mandatory, and depending on who your small section TA is, there really isn’t any homework. The tests are straightforward and I got by without doing any reading, if you can, take him!”

Notable Research Projects Per Faculty at CofC

1. Research Project by Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes

This professional headshot is of Dr. Amuedo-Dorantes

Faculty: Economics  

Catalina Amuendo-Dorantes co-authored a research article that states that the increase in immigration enforcement between 2001 and 2015 contributed to raising the share of Hispanic children in foster care between 15 and 21 percent, an extraordinarily large number when really considered. As the research indicates, migrant kids will likely end up dominating the already strained foster systems.

2. Research Project by Saima Aslam

This image shows researchers from the SDSU School of Medicine.

Faculty: School of Medicine 

Saima Aslam is working with various medical organizations outside of SDSU on phage therapy, which is not a new idea. Historically, it can be shown that scientists were looking into the possibility of using them for treatment until the discovery of modern antibiotics in the 1930s redirected scientific research interests. However, unlike antibiotics, there is no real danger of bacteria becoming superbugs, which makes them extremely worth looking into. Saima Aslam is studying how to create and improve upon phage therapy as a whole.

3. Research Project by Ralph-Alex Müller

This headshot appears on the SDSU website.

Faculty: Psychology 

Ralph-Alex Müller led the study to help determine that the brains in children with autism fold differently than those of their typical peers. Essentially, in order to come to this conclusion Müller and his team scanned the brains of 64 children and adolescents with autism and 64 controls, and they gauged the degree of folding. And, they discovered that various parts of the brain fold differently and appear differently in children with autism.

4. Research Project by Allen Gontz

This image shows Dr. Gontz out in the field.

Faculty: Geological Sciences

Dr. Gontz along with his team has been researching the San Andreas Fault in southern California. Dr. Gontz argues that by bettering our understanding of this fault and being able to map both fault zones and land surface changes, we can deepen the understanding of hazards posed by the fault and possibly prevent future damage. In addition, the research team is looking to discover new fault zones and active fault traces.

5. Research Project by Erik Funk

This image of Dr. Funk is featured on the SDSU site.

Faculty: Evolutionary Biology

Erik Funk, with the help of associate Kevin Burns, recently built a complex statistical model to consider two competing hypotheses for the origins of Darwin’s finches. With this model, researchers hoped to gain clarity into the origin of Darwin’s finches. While that did not happen, however, they realized that a better understanding of how species move can be determined from figuring out the origin of the finches.

Ultimately, San Diego State University provides students with a great education while also giving them access to wonderful professors. Professors at SDSU actively participate in world-altering research as they educate students and help them reach their full potential.




Top 8 Dorms at SDSU

Living on your own is an exciting, albeit stressful, time in any young person’s life. And when attending college, the freedom and excitement of those formative years are improved no better than living on campus. Yes, there may be shared showers, rotten roommates, and decaying dishes all crammed into one closet of room. However, the community built with the people in and around your floor is an experience that no freshman should live without. Here’s the definitive ranking of dorms at San Diego State University, so you know the most about your options.

1) South Campus Plaza

South Campus Plaza is the newest of the available dorms.

Address: 5100 Montezuma Place, San Diego, CA 92115

With suite style living as well as dining and retail options on the ground level, this dorm is one of the most sought after, especially amongst freshmen. Trader Joe’s, Sushi, Poke, and more are all just an elevator ride away. It’s also the dorm that is closest to the main campus.

2) Zura Hall

Freshly renovated in 2015, Zura Hall is pictured here as seen from the observation deck.

Address: 6124 Montezuma Road, San Diego, CA 92115

This traditional residence hall was recently renovated, and accommodations include living areas on each floor and a communal kitchen on the main floor. Additionally, there is a sixth floor observation deck that is available exclusively to Zura Hall residents and their guests. With a pool nearby shared with Tenochca and a surf theme throughout, it’s obvious why this dorm is so popular.

3) Cuicacalli Suites

Cuicacalli Suites, as pictured from the pool.

Address: 5150 East Campus Drive, San Diego, CA 92115

Similar to South Campus Plaza, these dorms are suite style. The people assigned to this dorm are generally more likely to get private rooms, and each pod of rooms shares a single bathroom, communal living space, and kitchenette with a full-sized fridge. The dorm also has it’s own private pool and is connected to the main dining hall on the East Side of campus.

4) Tenochca

Two students relax outside Tenochca Hall.

Address: 6126 Montezuma Road, San Diego, CA 92115

This dorm has not been updated in a long, long time, hence the reason it’s nicknamed ‘T-Nasty.’ However, it does have a shared pool with Zura and is situated in a good location on the East Side of campus. Although not ideal now, a renovation is expected to be completed by Fall 2018, possibly bumping this dorm into the top 3.

6) University Towers

University Towers is generally reserved for student athletes as it is closest to the sports facilities. Address: 5505 Montezuma Road, San Diego, CA 92115

Address: 5505 Montezuma Road, San Diego, CA 92115

University Towers is a unique style of dorm. The rooms are doubles and share a bathroom with the room next to them. Additionally, the dorm rooms are massive compared to others and their is a dining hall on the first floor. However, the one caveat of UT is that it is located on the far southwest corner of campus, making walks to class, clubs, and events incredibly long.

7) Chapultepec

Chapultepec, or 'Chappy,' pictured as the sun sets.

Address: 5400 Remington Road, San Diego, CA 92115

Chappy is filled with doubles and triples with communal bathrooms. Similar to UT, it is a very long walk to main campus as compared to most of the dorms. However, students in Chapultepec tend to grow a very strong sense of community and have the best views of beautiful San Diego from their windows.

8) Maya & Olmeca

Chapultepec, or 'Chappy,' pictured as the sun sets.

Address: 5400 Remington Road, San Diego, CA 92115

Maya & Olmeca are the oldest unrenovated dorms on campus, and it shows. The dorm houses communal showers. However, in addition to Chappy, these dorms build an amazing community around them. Additionally, these dorms are on the East Side of campus, perfect for visiting friends in different dorms and just a short walk away from campus.

Overall, the dorm experience is different for everybody. However, it truly is what you make of it. Although these are the rankings, regardless of your dorm assignment, there is fun and community to be found in each and every building on campus. Best of luck this year and, as always, Go Aztecs!

Here is Your Move-in Day Packing List at SDSU

1) Room Basics

  • Closet organizer
  • Desk lamp (non-halogen)
  • Towels/washcloths
  • San Diego appropriate clothing
  • Hangers
  • First aid kit
  • Shower tote and shoes

2) Foods and Snacks

  • Utensils
  • Mugs, plates, and bowls
  • Can opener
  • Peanut butter
  • Bread
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Oatmeal
  • Fruit

3) Tech & Entertainment

  • Chargers
  • Extension cords
  • Surge protector
  • Headphones or earbuds
  • Laptop

4) School Supplies

  • Notebooks
  • Pens and pencils
  • Flash drive
  • Stapler
  • Index cards
  • Sticky notes

5) Cleaning Up & Organizing

  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Laundry detergent
  • Laundry bag
  • Tissues
  • Febreeze
  • Removable wall hooks
  • Paper towels

6) Campus Gear

  • Bike or skateboard
  • Swimsuit
  • Backpack
  • Walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

  • Candles
  • Toasters
  • Coffee machines
  • Rice cookers
  • Anything that plugs in

5 SDSU Buildings You Need to Know

Going to school on a new campus in a new city can be scary, so there are a few buildings every SDSU student should know before they begin classes. With this list, you can arm yourself with the most pertinent landmarks around campus to make your transition easier.

1) Hepner Hall

Hepner Hall is featured on the official SDSU logo.

Hepner Hall was built in 1931 when SDSU moved from their first location in downtown San Diego. When built, it was originally the entrance to the main campus. Although the school has grown since then, it remains an iconic shot and is the most photographed building on campus. With it’s central location, many classes are held inside of it.

2) Malcolm A. Love Library

The main entrance is pictured above, lovingly referred to as

On any campus, the library is a vital resource for research, entertainment, and simple silence. That’s no exception at SDSU. Malcolm A. Love Library is composed of six stories across two connected buildings. It features quiet spaces for studying, reservable study rooms, computers, and a modern media center.

3) Viejas Arena

basketball hoop

Viejas Arena is home to SDSU’s women and men basketball teams and houses New Student and Family Convocation at the beginning of freshman year. Additionally, artists regularly perform concerts here, with a history including J. Cole, Van Halen, and Lady Gaga.

4) Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union

The Conrad Prebys Student Union is one of the most green buildings on campus.

With a renovation completed in 2014, this building is often considered the “living room” of campus. It hosts a variety of events, including various club meetings, free film previews, dining options, and a bowling alley. It’s a building filled with great, FREE activities that every person on campus should take advantage of.

5) Housing on East Campus

Zura Hall is one of many buildings located on East Campus.

Although in reality a group of buildings, East Campus is an area that absolutely every student should know. Almost completely consisting of student housing and dining options, it’s the hub of life, especially for those in freshmen year.

Hopefully, reading this list has put part of your mind at ease about attending San Diego State University. With a new campus, there’s a lot to learn. These 5 buildings are some of the most crucial to get your bearings and be a successful Aztec.

Interesting Facts about SDSU

1) The institution is one of the oldest in California.

Zura Hall is one of many buildings located on East Campus.

Founded on March 13, 1897, San Diego State University is one of the oldest in the California State University system.

2) SDSU has a brilliant study abroad program. 

The Colosseum in Rome, a popular study abroad option.

According to the Institute for International Education’s Open Doors Report, SDSU is ranked as #9 in the nation for number of students currently studying abroad.

3) The university operates San Diego’s public broadcasting systems.

The station is owned by SDSU.

KPBS, a public radio and TV station, is owned by San Diego State University and is consistently rated one of the best in the country.

4) It was originally a teacher’s college.

SDSU shortly after being built at it's current location.e

By 1921, SDSU had begun granting teacher’s certificates and degrees to its students. At this time, it was named the San Diego State Teacher’s College.

5) The university has since moved from its original location.

The original building of San Diego Normal School in downtown San Diego.

SDSU moved from its original downtown San Diego location to its current location in February 1931. It was renamed San Diego State College in the 1950s and later renamed again to San Diego State University in 1974.

All About The Nutrition Major at SDSU

Nutrition is defined as the branch of science that deals with nutrients and nutrition, particularly in humans. Nutrition is a very popular and common major to take, especially at San Diego State. Not only is it very popular, but it is very informative not only to learn about your health, but the health of others. SDSU offers a large variety of courses in nutrition, making the option for classes very diverse. Here is all you need to know about the nutrition major.

#1 The Major

The major in foods and nutrition offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary study of the nature and quality of the food supply and the nutritional requirements for health in people. Students take core sequences of coursework in the areas of nutrition, food science, and food management founded on prerequisite courses in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physiology, accounting, management, and the behavioral and social sciences. Course emphasis in the major is placed upon the composition, properties, quality, and safety of foods and food ingredients; the relationships of metabolism and utilization of nutrients in food by the human body to health and disease states; influences of exercise and fitness; the physiological basis for diet therapy; nutrition problems in the community; and organization, management and operation of food service facilities. This major is planned for students interested in qualifying professionally for diverse careers in the fields of dietetics, food service management, and food industries. The accredited didactic program in foods and nutrition allows students eligibility for membership in the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and for post-baccalaureate dietetic internships or preprofessional practice programs. Students must be admitted to and complete satisfactorily a post-baccalaureate program and pass the ADA Registration Examination prior to qualifying for registration as dietitians.

Basic concept of Biochemistry for Nutrition

#2 Faculty

Emeritus: Boggs, Cooke, Dickerson, Josephson, Spindler Director: Kolkhorst
Professor: Kern
Associate Professors: Beshgetoor, Hong

Assistant Professor: Hooshmand-Yazdi Lecturers: Lane, Rupp

The University of Alabama faculty

#3 Impacted Program

The foods and nutrition major is an impacted program. To be admitted to the foods and nutrition major, students must meet the following criteria:

A. Complete the following courses (or the irequivalents): Nutrition 201, 203, 205; Biology 100, 100L, 211, 211L, 212; Chemistry 100, 130, 160; Economics 201 (or Statistics 250); Exercise and Nutritional Sciences 200; Psychology 101; Sociology 101. A grade of C or higher must be earned in Chemistry 100 and 130. These courses cannot be taken for credit/no credit (Cr/NC);

B. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.70 or higher.

To complete the major, students must fulfill the degree requirements for the major described in the catalog in effect at the time they are accepted into the premajor at SDSU (assuming continuous enrollment).

picture of food within human body

#4 Preparation for Major

Nutrition 201, 203, 205; Biology 100, 100L, 211, 211L, 212; Chemistry 100, 130, 160; Economics 201 (or Statistics 250); Exercise and Nutritional Sciences 200; Psychology 101; Sociology 101. (43 units)

These prerequisite courses may not be taken Cr/NC. A grade of C or higher must be earned in Chemistry 100 and 130.

man in suit working on financial reports and looking at economic trends at job

 #5 Writing Assessment

Passing the Writing Placement Assessment with a score of 10 or completing one of the approved upper division writing courses (W) with a grade of C (2.0) or better. See “Graduation Requirements” section for a complete listing of requirements.

person writing test

In conclusion, nutrition is a great major to choose. It is not only very interesting, but you will attain a lot of knowledge if you choose this major. SDSU offers a large variety of courses in nutrition, so you will never get bored. Also, with nutrition as your major, you can get a lot of different jobs that will allow you to be successful. Overall, this major is great and you are bound to learn a lot!