Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University is a public university in Huntsville, Texas. The school has a 72% acceptance rate. The undergraduate enrollment is around 17,000 students. Here are 10 buildings you need to check out at Sam Houston State University.

1. John R. Ragsdale Visitor and Alumni Center

 large sign for visitor center

The visitor center is the first place where you will find a majority of tour guides have you visit. It is where you get information on the school as well as various hints on how to navigate the campus. The visitor center also holds offices for alumni relations and even holds a theater for small performances.

2. Estill Hall

outside view of estill hall

Estill Hall is a residential building where students can live on campus which makes it convenient as you are close to all your classes and dining areas. The residence building offers two-bed layouts with a shared bathroom with suitemates. The overall setting of the building makes it easy to make new friends.

3. College of Humanities & Social Sciences

outside view of social science building

The college of humanities and social sciences has all the major courses you will need for the major. The building holds classrooms as well as study areas and teacher offices for any after-class questions. You will also find the academic success center where there is staff trained to help with any mentoring you may need.

4. Health & Kinesiology Center

group of students running

The health and kinesiology center is a popular hub for students to gather when they are in need of a good workout. The center holds the recreational center, which holds an impressive array of different workout machines. You will also have access to free weights as well.

5. Newton Gresham Library

outside view of library

The Newton Gresham Library has all you need for research or homework needs. You have access to tons of different credible resources such as archives, digital resources, government documents and so much more. It contains a music listening room as well, which makes this library even more special.

6. Lowman Student Center

outside view of lowman student center

Lowman Student Center is a large building that offers a wide variety of different services to students. You will find a mother’s room which is equipped for all things when you take your baby on the go. You will also find the information center where students can ask questions about clubs, events, and navigating through campus. There are spaces that can be rented for meetings and events as well.

7. Gaertner Performing Arts Center

Gaertner Performing Arts Center  Concert Hall with chairs

This massive performing arts center is 90,000 feet in square space. The building seats up to 800 people for a concert and 175 people for a recital. The building has access to dance studios, dressing rooms, and areas to practice performances.

8. Old Main Market

 inside view of dining hall with chairs

The Old Main Market is the all you can eat buffet that campus dining uses as a way students can have a changing menu as well as eat until they are sustained. This is an ideal building and dining experience for athletes so that they are taking in enough energy. The dining options change daily and have great stations like an international area as well as a grill station.

9. Art Complex

outside view of art complex

Inside the art complex, you will find a large number of art classes such as animation and graphic design. The art complex also has impressive galleries that have interesting and professional art displayed from all over the USA. It is a great place to visit for an inexpensive activity and a history lesson in art appreciation.

10. SHSU Student Health Center

inside of a doctors office

Students do not need to worry about being away from their regular health doctor or dentist. The school’s health center provides students with health care that is conveniently placed on campus for easy access. You have access to a dentist’s office, medical clinic, pharmacy, and laboratory.

Sam Houston State University is a medium-sized school that allows students to meet one another in a setting that is not overwhelming when it comes to the number of students. The school has a number of different buildings that you can visit. You can enjoy a workout in the kinesiology center or even catch a relaxing dinner with friends in the Old Main Market.

10 Coolest Courses at Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University (SHSU) prepares its students for academic achievements and meaningful lives by offering a conducive environment and ample resources. SHSU offers its students a variety of academic programs including over 80 undergraduate, 50 master’s, and six doctoral programs. Below are some of the coolest courses offered at the institution.

1. ATTR 3383 – Head & Face Injuries in Sport

An athlete being checked out his eye injury

This course will examine the common head and facial injuries related to sports and physical activity. Students will throughout the course learn important skills in diagnosis, care, referral, and return-to-activity guidelines for sports injuries. This course is recommended for students that wish to major in athletic training.

2. COMS 136 – Public Speaking

A female speaker speaking to a gathering

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills required to deliver quality speeches for different audiences. Students will be required to use the knowledge and skills taught to write and present a number of speeches within the class setting. The speeches will then be analyzed through group discussions.

3. DANC 1222 – Intro to Modern Dance Techniques

A female dancer performing a move

This is a very practical and fun course where students will be introduced to concepts of modern dance. Students will be required to practice and express themselves through different dance and movement techniques. To enrol in this course no prior experience in dance is required. 

4. ENGL 1301 – Composition I


This course focuses on developing the skills required for college-level writing. Students will study English diction, sentence structure, and rhetoric. Students will be required to write several compositions which will be analyzed and discussed during class sessions. This course is recommended for English majors and any other students that wish to develop their writing skills.

5. ARTS 1316 – Drawing

A person drawing a rose flower

This art course introduces students to the fundamental principles of drawing and mark-making. Students will learn how to 2-dimensional representations using various techniques taught in the course. Students will be expected to present drawings as course projects. This course is recommended for students that are pursuing an art major and other art-related courses.

6. THEA 2330 – Stage Make-Up

A female with make-up on her face

This is a very interesting course where students study the different types of stage make-up and how it is applied. Through the course, students will learn the principles of designing make-up for characters in a play. Students in the course will engage in intensive practical sessions where they practice their makeup application skills.

7. MUSI 1181 – Class Piano, Level 1

Students and instructors in a piano class

This course in music seeks to teach students the basic techniques of piano playing. Students will practice playing the piano throughout the course as they aim to perfect their skills. This course is recommended for students pursuing a major in music and who have a little familiarity with the keyboard.

8. KINE 2110 – Scuba/Diving

 Two scuba divers under water

This is a very fun and highly interactive course that teaches students diving, scuba diving, and synchronized swimming. Students will learn the techniques and safety measures associated with scuba diving. They will also learn how to use scuba diving equipment. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in kinesiology.

9. HIST 3317 – War & Revolution in China

Army troops in a battle zone

This history course examines the profound changes that China has undergone from the early twentieth century until the present day, focusing on the themes of war and revolution. Students will learn very interesting facts through readings and films that explore the revolution period in China.

10. SPAN 1411 – Elementary Spanish I

An orange background written Espanol

This course seeks to help students who have had no previous instruction in Spanish to develop pronunciation, vocabulary, and basic language codes in the language. The course uses an oral teaching approach where students will practice conversations and oral drills in the language.

10 Hardest Courses at SHSU

Sam Houston State University, founded in 1879, is the third oldest higher education institute in Texas. They currently enroll over 17,000 students with a 73% acceptance rate.

1. BIOL 2401 – Human Anatomy

male human anatomy of muscles

Anatomy is commonly a very hard class on any college campus in America. Students in this class have to memorize the structure of the human body, its bones, veins, organs, systems, muscles, etc. The tests and homework in this class are pretty hard.

2. BIOL 3470 – General Microbiology

blue rod shaped bacteria free floating

General Microbiology is a class about different microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and fungi. There are many different aspects about these microorganisms that students need to understand. This class is heavy in reading and testing.

3. CHEM 2323 – Organic Chemistry

scientist holding up a blue test tube

Organic Chemistry is another class that’s commonly hard on most college campuses throughout America. This class teaches students about chemical bonding and structure of organic molecules. Tests are very difficult.

4. CHEM 3339 – Biochemistry

petri dish of blue liquid on paper

Biochemistry is a class about bioenergetics in metabolic pathways in the body. Students learn about lipids, carbs, proteins, and nucleic acids and the ways they metabolize. Tests are often very hard in this class.

5. GEOL 4304 – Geochemistry

diagram of the earth's crust and core

Geochemistry is a class about the chemical concepts related to geological processes and environments. This includes thermodynamics, isotopic chemistry, crystal chemistry, and more. There is a lot of reading required in this class.

6. HLTH 2381 – Human Diseases

women sitting in bed holding a tissue

Human Diseases is an interesting but difficult class. Students in this class have to learn about and understand numerous different human diseases, the bacteria/viruses that cause them, how they can be prevented/stopped, their history, and more.

7. MATH 1420 – Calculus

animated person confused about math

Calculus is another class that’s often hard no matter where you go. Students in this class have to learn about limits, matrices, continuity, derivatives, and more. You have to study and prepare a lot for tests.

8. MATH 3376 – Differential Equations

colorful math equation signs multiplication division addition subtraction

Differential Equations is a very advanced math course teaches students about solving math problems in the physical sciences. There is a lot of studying and practice problems students need to do to succeed on exams.

9. PHYS 2426 – Heat, Wave and Modern Physics

physics wave properties and distance

This physics course focuses on teaching students about heat and wave motion, especially regarding sound and light. There is an additional lab required with this course, adding to its workload. Tests are often pretty difficult.

10. PHIL 4333 – Bioethics

white ethics street sign blue sky

Bioethics is a philosophy class discussing ethics in the medical field. There are many ethical dilemmas professionals face in the medical field. Students need to study many different ethics and relationships, making essays very hard.

Top 10 Dorms at Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State is a school many Texas students flock to for higher education! In addition to excellent classes, the school offers some stellar housing. Among these are the ten dorms listed below:

1. Piney Woods Hall

This is an image of Piney Woods Hall

Address: 2120 Ave I

No student would deny that Piney Woods Hall is the best. The newest building on campus also houses the honors students. State of the art technology here is available exclusively for residents.

2. White Hall

This is an image of the lounge in White Hall

Address: 2100 Avenue I

The technology and architecture still feels pretty new at White. The most traditional dorm for non-honors students provides a lot to offer for these kids. You are able to control your own heating and air conditioning, as well!

3. Raven Village

This is an image of the laundry room in Raven Village

Address: 1002 16th St

The living rooms and kitchens are common areas at the Raven Village. However, most of the bedrooms are pretty private and run as suite styles. The best part about Raven is that the bathrooms are private, too! You’ll never have to wait for a shower here.

4. Vick House

Vick House room

Address: 1929 Avenue I

Vick House is among the most welcoming residential areas for first year students. The lobby is huge and very accommodating for transitional students. Additionally, the climate and environment is very strong thanks to the students who live here.

5. Spivey House

This is an image of the lounge in Spivey House

Address: 1925 Avenue J

Spivey House is a residence that will provide one of the strongest senses of family and community on the entire campus. It also helps that it’s located right near many other residence halls on campus. Additionally, it’s situated very closely to some of the dining halls on campus.

6. Lone Star Hall

This is an image of Lone Star Hall

Address: 901 Bearkat Blvd

Named for the Lone Star state, of course, this is one of the newest residence halls on campus. It has student residential life facilities located directly inside the building, too! The rooms, though colleges tend to buck dorm trends by crafting suites, are actually in loft style, which is very creative.

7. Houston House

This is an image of Houston House

Address: 1641 Avenue J

At Houston House, you get all of the positives about living in a fraternity or a sorority with none of the negatives. It’s located near these communities so strong bonds and shared values can come together. However, it is not a frat or a sorority, so none of the baggage comes with it.

8. Sam Houston Village

This is an image of Sam Houston Village

Address: 1660 Avenue I

One of the titular residence halls on campus, the village is an advanced one. It even comes with an underground parking garage! The personal mailbox for each student serves to add to the convenience that comes from living in Sam Houston Village.

9. Anne Shaver House

This is an image of the Anne Shaver House

Address: 1640 Avenue I

The lobby and lounges at Ann Shaver are very large and perfect for entertaining. Additionally, the Ann Shaver House has a unique aspect to it. The students who live here are all sharing in a criminal justice study experience.

10. Elliott Hall

This is an image of Elliott Hall with flowers in front

Address: 1006 17th St

Elliott Hall is one of the most conducive-to-studying dorms on campus. It is also one where bonds that last a lifetime manage to crop up. An all-female dorm, students will always feel safe and taken care of at Elliott.

Sam Houston is one of the many prides of Texas. Students will undoubtedly want to spend as much time around the school as possible. The living areas mentioned above provide this in spades.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at SHSU

1. Room Basics

This is an image of a wall calendar on June

– Wall art
– Calendar
– Handheld mirror
– Window blinds
– Television

2. Food and Snacks


– Bottles of water
– Frozen pizza
– Snack foods
– Coffee machine
– Coffee mugs

3. Tech and Entertainment

This is an image of a deck of cards

– Podcasts
– Posters
– Library card
– Card games
– Printer

4. School Supplies

This is an image of manilla folders

– Extra staples
– Tab dividers
– Sheet protectors
– Manilla folders
– Three-subject notebooks

5. Cleaning and Organization

This is an image of a blue container of screen wipes

– Shoe box
– Hangers
– Disinfecting wipes
– Screen protector
– Screen wipes

6. Campus Gear

This is an image of a black and red gym bag

– Purse
– Checkbook
– Handbag
– Pocket book
– Gym bag

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

This is an image of three candles with open flames

– Roommate agreements
– Poster tabs
– Mini fridge
– Anything that has an open flame
– Service animals

Top 10 Clubs at Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University was founded in 1879 and is the third-oldest public institution of higher learning in Texas. The school has about 17,000 students that attend the college. Here are 10 cool clubs that you should check out.

1. Her Campus

 the banner for her campus

Her Campus is an online hub of all things girl related. The site gives girls advice on relationships, dating, and lifestyle. It is a great source of experience if you are looking to get your voice heard by other students. Check out the site today.

2. National Association of Hispanic Journalists

 microphone and sound for a radio station

This group of students are part of an organization that believes in doing good for the Hispanic students in the college. The group visits different possible job locations such as radio stations, TV stations, and newspaper making places.

3. Kats for Christ

 the wooden cross by the sky

Kats for Christ is a group on campus that meets up to grow the community of students to live out Jesus through work. The group has a number of bible studies as well as attends seminars and retreats. This is a great way to meet like-minded individuals.

4. Extreme Couponing Club

 scissors and coupons for items

The Extreme Couponing Club is a group on campus that allows students to give their money-saving tactics to each other. As a broke college student you need to be aware of ways to eat and live the best , without having to spend too much money.

5. Food Pantry

 food in boxes at a food pantry

The food pantry is an organization on campus that is meant to help struggling students stay nourished with food to successfully go about their day with plenty of energy. You can choose what kind of foods best suit your life, just be sure that it is on need basis as the pantry does serve many students.

6. AnyBody Can Dance

 people doing a jazz dance

This group is meant to merge all levels of experience when it comes to dancing. It is a great way to get active and to learn different dances that one can do such as but not limited to: jazz, ballet, tab, and swing. Make sure to bring friends to a meeting.

7. Love Your Melon

 a child wearing a love your melon hat

Love Your Melon is a group of girls on campus that is committed to making sure every child that is suffering from cancer/chemo treatment has a hat to cover their head. The group fundraises by being ambassadors of the hat company.

8. Ignite College Ministry

painting of jesus telling to word to people

This ministry is on campus, which makes it accessible for students to get to. It is open to the ages of 18-29, which also makes it so that alumni can enjoy the services and events. The group is committed to the word of the lord and celebrating his presence with others.

9. Masters of Dance

 a dance professional in her groove

Masters of Dance is a group of students who are looking to dance on a professional level. It is made up of experienced dancers that have a passion for showing their talents to the world. Make sure to check out their performances.

10. Society of Women for Excellence in Engineering and Technology

 drawing of spaceship and money gears

It is often seen that women are not to be “working” or smart enough to go into majors that deal with engineering and tech. This group is here to empower women to do whatever they set their minds to . This is a great way for students to know more about the majors.

Top Events of the School Year at Sam Houston State University

1. Movie Night

movie night popcorn

This event is a great way to meet the members of the club Alpha Lambda Delta. The group will be playing the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp. Come in for door prizes of Lotto Trees and a fun time with your friends watching this action packed movie.

2. Weekly Discussion Meeting

 the logo letters for ratio christi

The organization Ratio Christi holds discussion meetings to go over the hard pressed questions that go through every christian’s mind. A few of these deal with why God lets certain things happen, or what happens if someone tries to convert you.

3. Jacks on Belay

 a woman rock climbing

The Jacks on Belay event is a for students who are looking to do competitive climbing. The climb is for rock climbers and is a great way to strut your strength and speed. You will be going against other schools. This event is hosted by the Bearkat Competitive Climbing Group.

4. General Body Meeting

 a group of nursing students

The student nurses association puts on their general body meeting. This is a way to meet all your fellow members of nursing as well as interact with each other. The event is happening at the Willis Friendship center and usually lasts an hour.

5. Student Organization Leadership Retreat

 a person telling another person leadership skills like creativity

The student organization leadership retreat is an event that happens annually during the beginning of the year. It is required to have at least one representative of the group attend(usually the president). Sign up to make sure you have the key leadership skills you need.

10 of the Easiest Classes at SHSU

Welcome to SHSU!  Although this college’s acceptance rate is pretty high (about 70%) there are some extremely difficult classes just like any other university.  On the flip side, there are some really easy classes where you will still learn, but taking them will really help your GPA.  Here are some of the most common ones:

1. KINE 1113 – Basketball and Soccer

This class dives into the technical part of both of these sports and will help you no matter what level you are.  The teacher really knows the sports and is very fair.  On top of it all, she will go out of her way to help  you.  This may not seem like the ideal lecture-type class, but you will simply get 1 credit for practice two really cool sports!

youth playing soccer on the field

2. ENGL 1301 – Composition I

In this class, you will learn more about sentence structure and developing your writing.  You get 3 credits for taking it and the teacher is super easy.  As long as you go to class, turn in assignments, learn new vocabulary, and actually pay attention this class is an easy A.

Man writing a paper.

3. CRIJ 2361 – Intro to the Crim Justice Sys

This is an introductory course in order to start a student’s look into the criminal justice system.  You will also learn the criminal processing system and how they are punished.  On top of that, as long as you actually go to class and look over your notes before the test you will be A okay.  The tests come from the notes word for word sometimes!

A gavel, one of the most common symbols for the court room.

4. KINE 2115 – Lifetime Health and Wellness

In this 1 credit hour class, you will understanding fitness and nutrition.  You will also look at health-related diseases and how you can reduce your risk by developing a healthy lifestyle.  The professor is SUPER easy and you just basically have to go to class and finish the work on time.  An hour long class, but always finishes early.

Girl running on the beach.

5. BESL 2301 – Multicultural Infl on Learning

This is a 3 credit hour class focusing on how the world being so diverse affects how we learn and who teaches us.  Main topics include: language, status, and diversity.  The teacher makes the topic interesting and exciting.  Plus, the tests are open-note and there are tons of extra credit if for some reason you don’t do well on on them (really hard to fail them though).  She is really nice and is always there to help if you need it (although, for this class you most likely won’t need it).

Looking at the diversity and connections of the world.

6. LSSL 1330 – Information Access Strategies

Teacher is really helpful and you really only need to go to one out of the two classes per week.  REALLY, REALLY easy A! Teacher is relaxed and laid back and is always there to help you if for some reason you aren’t doing so well.  However, this class focuses more on the university than using more material so you should be fine.

A bunch of books.

7. GEOL 1403 – Physical Geology

This is a 4 credit class with a focus on the structure of the earth.  You will learn about earthquakes, volcanoes, erosion, oceans, and more.  There is a lab with this class but its really easy and focuses on analyzing rocks and minerals.  Doesn’t require a lot of work, isn’t really that interested, but will for sure boost your GPA.

Look at the physical world.

8. MUSI 1306 – Music Appreciation

This course involves a study of music from a perspective of non-music majors.  Many composers and their works will be studied.  Easy class, teacher is very helpful, will help prepare you before each test, and is an easy A! He really wants you to learn the material and you will, but in a fun and easy way.  Just make sure you know when the quizzes are so that you will never miss them.

Little boy singing.

9. MATH 0112 – Intermediate Algebra

Although you will only earn one credit from this class,  you will easily learn more about functions and algebra all together.  The teacher is great, the textbook is required and this is one of the easiest math classes offered.  Just make sure you say on top of all the work and ask questions right away when you don’t understand something.

Key concepts of algebra.

10. KINE 2368 – Coaching of Volleyball

This is a 3 credit class focusing on exactly what the course title says.  Coaching of Volleyball.  Really fun class and you will play and practice in the gym.  If you really don’t know anything about volleyball this class might be hard for you, but overall it is really easy.  There is no book for the class and the material is really easy to learn because you are actually practicing it.

Volleyball coach with her team.

Well that’s it! Hopefully this article helped you pick your classes for next semester or the ones you will take in the future to distress and lessen your load.  This classes definitely require work, but they won’t be as hard as any classes like organic chemistry or any type of engineering classes.