10 Coolest Courses at Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University is a private Roman Catholic university located in St. Leo, Florida. Offering a wide selection of classes both online and in-person, St. Leo University students can earn degrees in everything – from accounting to zoology. For anyone looking to learn a brand new skill, dive into a passion, or try out a unique hobby, here are 10 of the coolest courses at Saint Leo University.

1. ART 227 – Ceramics 1

A person makes a work of pottery on a pottery wheel.

If you’d rather work with your hands and learn an ancient craft rather than spending three hours in a lecture hall, consider exploring ceramics and pottery! A craft that humans all over the world have practiced since hunter-gatherer times, learning the basics of ceramics can be the beginning of a new hobby or the start of a life-long passion (and perhaps even an artisanal career)!

2. ANT 343 – Anthropological Linguistics

The major study areas in Anthropology in a wordcloud

Why do some languages assign male or female roles to objects? What are language families anMultd how do they develop? How do the words we use create and reinforce our societal values? In ANT 343, students will explore these questions and more, focusing on the historical creation, proliferation, and evolution of different world languages in relation to societal, political, and cultural factors.

3. ENV 205 – Oceanography

A scuba diver looking at the Pink jellyfish.

The best part of Florida, many would say, is it’s never-ending coastline, being surrounded almost on all sides with magnificent beaches and ocean views. For those seeking to gain a deeper (no pun intended) understanding of the ecosystems that cover most of Earth, ENV 205 introduces students to the scientific study of our seas. With 95% of the ocean still left completely unexplored, who knows what could be lurking down there, just waiting for future scientists to discover?

4. FAS 127 – Acting

College students in an acting class.

Whether you want to star on the silver screen or have your name in lights on Broadway, it’s never too late to test out those acting chops and take your first intro class. In FAS 127, students will learn and practice basic stage presence, vocal warm-ups, creating a character, and, most importantly, finding the confidence to be vulnerable in front of an audience. Break a leg!

5. ENG 215CL – Monsters and the Monstrous in Literature

image of Count Dracula character from the 1931 movie.

From the terrifying gothic vampire to the grotesquely modern zombie, monsters have been an integral part of literature and folklore in even the earliest forms of storytelling. Many times, these creatures reflect a culture’s values and beliefs – for example, vampires were widely thought to represent sinful sexual expression in Catholic Europe. In ENG 215CL, students will explore different literary texts and analyze what the monsters in these stories actually represent.

6. ENG 202 – Creative Writing

person writing on notebook

Getting ready to write the next great American novel, but still stuck on the first blank page on Word? Don’t fret – every great writer had to start somewhere. Whether you’re a hobbyist who secretly writes Twilight fanfiction or planning on writing for a career, ENG 202 has got your back. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the creative process, explore different genres of writing, and practice using prompts and assignments. Hopefully, by the final exam, you’ll have added a few more pages to that blank Word document!

7. IDS 210HM – Once Upon a Time: Folklore and Culture

Artistic depiction of Slenderman, an internet horror figure.

From the Egyptian gods that governed the natural forces to the witches and sorcerers of Europe that manipulated the laws of physics to their will, fantastical creatures, extraordinary humans, and all-powerful deities have always been a part of our stories. In this class, students will explore the nature of folklore in different global cultures and understand how these early legends and myths evolved and even shaped modern societies’ beliefs, ethics, culture, and political ideologies.

8. HTY 315 – The American West

Nat Love, a famous African-American cowboy in the Wild West and former slave.

Although the old black-and-white Westerns may have you believing that cowboys ruled the Wild West, duels broke out in front of the saloon, and everyone got their horses in the back, the history of the American West is actually much more diverse and interesting, mired in shades of grey. Students will explore the fascinating history of the West using primary sources from those iconic cowboys, but also from indigenous people, women, Mexican Americans, Chinese immigrants, and African Americans.

9. ART 226 – Beginning Photography

A camera takes an image of this natural scene.

With the rise of Instagram businesses, Youtubers, blogging careers, and widespread web content creation, good photography and video skills are in high demand! In addition to being able to make your own Instagram profile look more ~aesthetic~, learning the basics of photography can lead to a fun and lucrative side hustle to help pay for college expenses.

10. IHT 205 – Traveling the World for Fun and Profit

A woman works at her laptop on the beach.

You see the ads on the internet, the beautiful pictures on Instagram, the breathtaking videos on Youtube: in this glorious age of remote working, people can travel for a living. Although this sounds like an amazing gig, figuring out how to actually do it is another story. That’s why IHT 205 is there to help you out! In this course, students will learn about how to gain the most out of their traveling experiences, the tourism and travel industries, and the employment and business opportunities that allow some post-grads to travel the world for fun (and sometimes, even for profit!).

10 Hardest Courses in Saint Leo University

There are various courses that every university offers that are very challenging for the students. This is because you are learning in-depth about the topics. Saint Leo University also offers some challenging courses. If you would like to avoid picking them in your undergraduate years, we have compiled a list for your reference! Here is a list of the ten hardest courses in Saint Leo University.

1. CRM 230 – Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

Crime scene "do not cross" tape

Study of crime is very challenging for the students due to the complexity in investigating the crime scene. This also makes this course one of the hardest courses offered at Saint Leo University. You will be learning about critical concerns about the crime scene, methods to eliminate those concerns, search patterns of the crime scenes, and ways to find the evidence.

2. COM 203 – Computer Systems

a computer processing chip

Computer courses are always hard for the student. No matter what stream of computer you are studying, its complex composition, hardware and software require a lot of time to get used to and learn. This course covers the topics of introduction to networking, hardware, software, processor technology, storage, data representation, systems software, etc.

3. ACC 302 – Intermediate Accounting II

Income tax act book

The students may find this course hard because of the complicated principles of accounting. It also includes topics such as equity, accounting changes, revenue realization, leases, income taxes, financial statements, and many other complicated processes.

4. SOC 201 – Globalization

A web linking different locations around the globe

Globalization has great impact on every part of our society. It has effects ranging from cultural, social and economic perspectives resulted from the different connections between several parts of the world. This course gives you an understanding about the intricate processes of globalization, social justice, the consequences and causes of globalization.

5. HTY 339 – Readings in History

History section at a book store

History seems daunting for the students it deals with all the details that happened in the past, rather than the present. Topics covered include: politics and history of America, the events of 18th, 19th, and 20th century, the researches and findings of the past and how the historians used those finding to inform future improvements.

6. MKT 310 – Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing channels: social media, blogging, SEO and more

Marketing in this era is now becoming more and more complicated by every passing day. From simple printing marketing, to the digital marketing that’s prevalent now. Students may find it so challenging to understand the concepts of marketing strategies, integrated communications, advertising and branding and other demanding tasks related to the marketing of the business.

7. SPA 320 – Introduction to Spanish-Speaking  Cultures

Word cloud of frequently used spanish words

Foreign languages are always tricky for non-native students. Spanish is one of the hardest languages; that’s why students avoid picking this course. The topics include the introduction of the Spanish language, its culture and tradition, linguistics, socio-historical events, communication in the Spanish language and much more.

8. HRA 340 – Organizational Training and Development

different elements of human resources

Human Resources is also one of the hardest courses that the students find it difficult because of the modern technology and methods used for human resource training and management. Training and development are also becoming complicated in this field to better improve the efficiency and teamwork within an organization.

9. SOC 321 – Methods of Social Research I: Quantitative Methods

Words related to sociology

Students find this course challenging because of the methods and techniques of social research. It also includes research design, hypothesis testing, measurement, analysis of statistical data, construction of tables and graphs, univariate, bivariate and many other tough topics.

10. BIO 223 – Botany

plants growing on the soil

Botany means plant sciences. It is challenging for students to understand the processes of plants as it is very different from human sciences. This course covers the topics of the plant kingdom, the evolution of plants, their life processes, their relationships with other plants and with the environment, etc.

These are the ten of the most challenging courses that the Saint Leo University offers in its undergraduate programs. Most of the students don’t like to study these courses as these could be very complicated and there’s a lot to study. But once they started taking an interest, they will enjoy learning these subjects.

Top 10 Clubs at Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University is a private, nonprofit, Roman Catholic liberal arts university. The school was first established in the year of 1889. The school is located in St. Leo, Florida. Here are 10 cool clubs to check out at Saint Leo University.

1. AMA

 banner for american marketing association

AMA stands for american marketing association. The group comes together to host different speakers that come in and talk about their career and what goes on in the marketing industry. It is a great club to be if you are in the marketing major.

2. K-Pop and Anime Club

a k pop group wearing matching shorts

Do you enjoy Korean popular music? Do you enjoy Japanese cartoon televisions? Why not have the best of both worlds with a club that appreciates both. You can listen to your favorite songs while comparing genres and titles of anime.

3. Slam Poetry Club

 a mouth and microphone

Slam poetry is where the spoken word of poetry is used for emotion. It is a great club to be in if you are looking to have your voice heard. This is a great way for those who are writing majors to explore the world of poetry in a truly emotional way.

4.Students Veterans of America

 logo for student veterans for america

The students veterans of America is a group on campus that is there to be support for those who have served the country. Often once people become verterans it is hard to completely make the change back to civilian life. Students are there to show vets the different options of help they have.

5. Math Club

 pie with the number of places in pi

Math club is a way for students who enjoy math(usually math or engineering /computer majors) to be able to celebrate their love of math. The big events that the club celebrates is Pi day as well as math week which is dedicated to math.

6. Black Student Union

 country of africa in a fist

Black student union is group of students who are looking to empower the community of African Americans within the school. The school is looking to educate others on the struggles that minorities deal with as well as bring in traditional cultures.

7. Spanish Club

 the word hola meaning hello

Spanish is the second most popular language in the US. This club is meant for students to be able to brush up on what they have learned in a conversational way. This is also for those students who would like to learn more Spanish.

8. E-Sports Club

 esports gaming competition international

E-Sports club is a club on campus that allows you to connect with others or bring your friends to a fun time of playing e-sports. E-sports is as if you were playing a regular sport game just on a computer or TV screen. This a is a relaxing way to get away from homework, if only for a little bit.

9. College Republicans

 red white and blue elephant

College Republicans is a group on campus that allows for students to be able to learn more about the government and different social issues that are happening not only in the US but also the world. This is a great group to join if you don’t know the stance that republicans are in.

10. I Am That Girl

 white letters spelling i am that girl

I Am That Girl is a movement that is meant for both college women and highschool women. The movement is for learning leadership skills as well as empowering women to go onto whatever job or career they wish to be in life.

Top Events of the School Year at Saint Leo University

1. Native American Heritage Month

 native american getting ready for a powwow

Native American Heritage Month is more that just knowing who native american people are. It is about being attuned with all their cultural backgrounds of stories as well as different turmoils and struggles that they dealt with.

2. Thanksgiving Dinner

 people gathered to eat thanksgiving dinner

Even if you are unable to come home to your family for this dinner of fun and eating that does not mean you have to miss you. The social work club will be collecting cash donations in order to be able to make sure every student and community member is able to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Campus Store — Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Party

 harry potter and other students in movie scene

This event will be MAGICALLY great. The campus store is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter! You will be able to attend a potions class as well as themed photobooths and Harry Potter trivia (there will be prizes).

4. All Saints Day

a view of Abbey Church

All Saints Day is a holy obligation for those who are Catholic. The mass will be at 10am-12pm. This day is a day where the community of students will join in celebration of the living and those who have died Saints from around the world.

5. Undergraduate Admissions Open House

 undergraduate admissions office for Saint Leo University

Are you a prospective high school student or looking to transfer to the school? Look no further to the admissions open house. The event will feature food so that students and parents can get the full experience of the school, there will be time for guided visits.

Top 10 Dorms at Saint Leo University

If you want to be a good college student, you need to surround yourself with the best possible resources. This allows you to have a great time on campus. Here are the top 10 dorms at Saint Leo University. 

1. Alumni Hall

If you are an upper class student, you can stay at alumni Hall. This building houses hundreds of students every single year. You will be in a tightknit community here.

Alumni hall

Address: Campus Dr

2. Benoit Hall

If you are a freshman, you can stay at Benoit hall. This is a coed and inclusive space. There are single and double rooms available to you here.

Benoit building

Address: Library Dr

3. Henderson Hall

Another great option that you have is Henderson Hall. This is a fairly large building. This means that you will be surrounded by a ton of your peers.

Henderson Building

Address: Library Dr

4. Snyder Hall

Snyder hall also has a lot to offer to you. This is a coed dorm the offer single, double, and triple rooms. There are tons of options for you when you live here.

Snyder building

Address: N/A

5. East Campus Apartments

If you need a little more room, you can live at the East campus apartments. The rooms here are much bigger and there are more amenities that you can take advantage of.

East Campus Apartments

Address: N/A

6. Apartments 1

Apartments 1 is another good place for you to live. This apartment building has a lot to offer to you on campus. This is also one of the largest apartment complexes that you can live in.

apartments 1 area

Address: N/A

7. Apartments 5

Another area within the apartments is apartments 5. This area is close to the rest of campus. This allows you to get to and from classes super easily.

Apartments 5 area

Address: N/A

8. Roderick Hall

If you’re a freshman, you should live at Roderick hall. This area has a lot to offer to first year students. There are a lot of events that go on here to help you feel at home.

Rderick building

Address: Library Dr

9. Marmion Hall

One of the newer buildings on campus is Marmian hall. There are some great amenities here for you to take advantage of. A couple examples include conference rooms and study areas.

Marmion building

Address: N/A

10. Apartment 6

The final great living options you can choose from is apartment six. This is another area within the main apartment complex. This hall has a lot to offer to use a student.

Apartment 6

Address: N/A

Here’s your packing list for Saint Leo University

1. Room basics

a shirt

– area rug
– mattress topper
– pillows
– sheets
– clothes

2. Food and Drinks


– bottled water
– coffee
– hot chocolate mix
– granola bars
– chips 

3. Tech and entertainment

cell phone

– cell phone
– charger
– laptop
– adapters
– extension cord

4. School Supplies

a stack of notecards

– notecards
– notebooks
– textbooks
– calculator
– pencils

5. Cleaning and Organization

a vacuum cleaner

– paper towels
– bowls
– vacuum
– all purpose wipes
– shoe rack 

6. Campus gear

water bottle

– Bicycle
– water bottle
– umbrella
– walking shoes
– skateboard 

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a small printer

– pets
– alcohol
– guests
– big furniture
– printer

10 of the Easiest Classes at Saint Leo University

One of the best ways to boost your GPA while having an easy schedule is by taking easy classes. This, in turn, will allow you to enjoy your time at college much more. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at Saint Leo University!

1. ART 221 – Drawing

A great way to put a break in your schedule while having some fun is by taking Drawing. This art class goes through the basics of drawing technique and how to do it well. You will be able to go at your own pace and be creative.Two children drawing

2. CMM 101 – Introduction to Communication

One of the introductory classes that you can take is Introduction to Communication. This class will introduce you to how communication operates and runs in today’s world. This is also quite easy because it is a lectured class. This means that there is not a lot of classwork required.Two people conversing together

3. ECO 322 – Health Economics

A niche, yet easy, class that you can take is Health Economics. This class dives into how economics work in the medical and health fields. You will learn a lot, but the material taught is in no way challenging.Two doctors comparing charts

4. GEO 221 – Intro to Physical and Cultural Geography

Intro to Physical and Cultural Geography is a great choice if you need to fulfill some elective requirements. You will learn about how Earth is shaped both physically and culturally. You will be able to breeze through this class because a lot of the material is common knowledge.The physical map of the world

5. HUS 121 – Introduction to Human Services

Introduction to Human Services is another introductory course that you can take to put a break in your schedule. You will learn about the basic services that companies and organizations give to society. This class will be as easy as pie!A question mark forming a brain

6. IHT 130 – Introduction to International Tourism

A very unique class that you can take is Introduction to International Tourism. You will learn all about the other side of taking those big family vacations. This is very easy because of how enjoyable the class is.All of the world's attractions together

7. HTY 245 – Vietnam War

You may have covered some of the wars in high school. By taking Vietnam War, you will learn a lot of information you probably already know about this conflict. This makes this class easy and will surely put a good break in your schedule.Soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War

8. CHE 123 – General Chemistry I

One of the most popular choices to satisfy a core requirement is General Chemistry I. This class covers the basics of a lot of topics within this broad subject. That being said, you will not be challenged much because the information taught is of the most basic.A collage of flasks and beakers

9. EDU 228 – Educational Technology

Just about every college student knows how to use basic technology. That being said, Educational Technology is a class that you should consider taking to learn more about technology in the classroom. Fortunately, you probably already know a lot about this technology.A close up of a keyboard

10. FAS 123 – Introduction to Film

Introduction to Film is a great elective that you can take to learn more about how a film is made and the history of it. chances are that you have seen movies before so you might know a lot about this subject already.A roll of film.If you want to raise your GPA while having an easy schedule consider taking any of these classes at Saint Leo University!