10 Coolest Courses at Roger Williams University

It’s easy to get burnt out in college – between the dozens of general education requirements that you swore you already took in high school, the six finals your professors all schedule within the same week, and the seemingly endless path to a degree, …it can get tiring. College is much more enjoyable when you take classes that you’re actually interested in and excited about. Luckily, if you’re a student at Roger Williams University, you have a lot of exciting courses to choose from. Check out this list of the top 10 coolest courses offered at Roger Williams University!

1. AMST 318 – Movies and Moviegoing in American Culture

This is an image of a collage of classic Hollywood films.

Watching movies is one of America’s favorite pastimes. This course is an examination of movies and the process of moviegoing in American life historically and in the present. This course will consider the way the United States has been and is currently being portrayed, to Americans as well as those outside the country, on film. A variety of genres will be considered as we endeavor to understand the way our culture is portrayed and the significance of this portrayal in American history and its impact on contemporary life and culture. Who wouldn’t want to watch movies in class and get college credit for it?

2. ANTH 220 – Self, Culture and Society

This is an illustration of hands painted with national flags on them.

Culture is made up of a lot of different things; music, trends, food, values, social norms, etc. The culture you live in is a huge part of what makes you who you are. There are hundreds of different and unique cultures all around the world, and it can be very fun and interesting learning about people who live very differently than you do. This class is the study of the role of culture in the formation of personality and the problems of individual adjustments to the demands of culture.

3. CW 100 – Survey of Creative Writing

This is an image of a person writing in a notebook.

Everyone has picked up and read at least once book in their life; many even have a favorite book or author. What makes a book or story so good? Usually, it depends on how creative and unique the writing is. This is an introductory course covering three major genres of creative writing: poetry, fiction, and drama. Students will both discuss and begin to implement the techniques of writing and lay the foundation for study of the relationship between critical reading and the creative process. Requirements include, but are not limited to: participation in lectures, workshops and discussions, as well as building both a portfolio and annotated bibliography which will continue to develop through each additional creative writing course.

4. DANCE 150 – Introduction to Dance Technique

This is a picture of a dance class.

If you’re looking for a fun way to exercise or learn a new skill, then consider taking up a dance class! This class explores dance as an art form through familiarization of the student with various contemporary dance techniques. Emphasizes the acquisition of basic dance skills and the development of kinesthetic perception, energy qualities, and rhythmic awareness. For the student with no dance training. Dancing and music are a huge part of almost every culture, so why not improve your dance skills while getting credit for it?

5. FILM 101 – Introduction to Film Studies

This is an image of a film roll and clapperboard.

Do you like films and dream of being a producer or director someday? This course provides an introduction to the development of film forms, styles, and theories providing a basic aesthetic and social understanding of film as both a mode of communication and a means of artistic expression. It explores the interrelationship of visual design, motion, editing, and thematic significance, helping students develop the foundational skills with which to interpret and articulate the myriad ways in which films create meaning, and elicit responses within viewers. The ultimate objective of the course is for students to become acquainted with a variety of film forms/styles, while developing the basic skills necessary to analyze and evaluate the cinematic presentations.

6. MRKT 302 – Advertising Campaigns

This is an illustration of advertising icons.

Do you have a creative mind and interested in business? Advertising is the perfect mix of both worlds. This class builds knowledge of creative advertising. This is an applied marketing course in which students create complete integrated marketing communications campaigns, including the preparation of original advertisements. You’ll get to learn the ins and outs of how TV commercials, radio spots, Out of Home, and social media ads are produced and aired.

7. MUSIC 132 – Guitar Lessons – Non Majors

This is an image of two people playing guitar.

Want to learn a new hobby or skill? Why not impress your friends, family, and crush with a little guitar playing. This class is a weekly private guitar lesson instruction. Adding this course to your schedule is the perfect way to have a less stressful semester that you’ll actually enjoy. This class is not only fun and creative, but its relaxing too.

8. PSYCH 215 – Human Sexuality

This is an image of different sexual and gender identities drawn on a chalkboard.

There are many different types of sexuality; gay, straight, bi, lesbian, pan, demi, and ace to name a few. This course covers the biological and psychological aspects of human sexuality. This class is an examination of the development of male and female gender identity; the nature of sexual relationships; problems and conflicts inherent in the changing sociocultural norms for sex role behavior.

9. THEAT 110 – Acting I

This is a picture of three people on a stage reading from a script and acting.

Everyone dreams of being a famous actor someday; the career looks fun, you have millions of fans, and you can get paid really well. The course focuses on elements which form the basis for the art and craft of acting. Its emphasis is on the actor’s instrument: body, voice, intellect and emotion and the resources needed in creating a role. These are explored through a series of acting exercises involving concentration, energy, sensory awareness, rhythm and imagination. The class includes discussions of theory and practice, and an introduction to physical and vocal warm-ups and scene work

10. VARTS 231 – Foundations of Sculpture

This is an image of a person sculpting a head.

If you’re looking for a creative outlet, then this is the perfect class. This course is an introduction to sculptural materials and processes. Using simple hand tools to manipulate a wide variety of materials including plaster, wax, and clay; essential sculptural elements will be applied through an exploration of basic sculptural methods such as subtraction, addition, manipulation, and substitution, while placing emphasis on the individual’s creative development. Experimentation and exploration are paramount. This class is great because there’s no wrong answers! You’re free to express yourself however you want.

10 Hardest Courses at Roger Williams University

Roger Williams University is a private liberal arts university found in Bristol, Rhode Island. It was founded back in the year 1956, named after the co-founder Roger Williams who was a theologian. Some of the hardest course in this university include:

1.LAW 106 – Accounting for Lawyers

Accounting is just like mathematics entails a lot of calculation.

Just by the mention of the name this class is bound to be a nightmare to many of the students! The combination of law and accounting means more hectic notes to go through and advanced calculations. You have to stay focused to pass the hard exams.

2. HCA 105 – Introduction to Public Health

health sector or any other related areas.

For all those students interested in venturing into the health sector or any other related areas. Students are facing the difficulty of having to go through the entire core curriculum, the compulsory 8 courses, on top of that additional electives which should give them the mandatory 120 credits. All this is not a walk in the park.

3. SEC 340 – Code, Code-makers, and Code-breakers- A Beginning Class for Cryptography

hectic coding and programming languages then this is your course

Are you a fan of computers and all that entails the systems? If the answer is yes and you already have the passion for learning the already hectic coding and programming languages then this is your course. Otherwise, the time spent coding using the difficulty code languages makes many drop out of this course.

4. LS 101 – The American Legal System

It involves studying the basic legal aspects

If you are not a fan of reading and vast volumes of notes you should keep away. The unit is so hard in that students have to read widely on past cases and apply the same in their exams. You have to cram and understand as well in order to pass.

5. CJS 105 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

Criminal Networks and Organized Crimes

Students will be introduced to the vast criminal justice system in the country from arresting somebody all the way to justice being administered as per the constitution. If you don’t love reading vast notes and dealing with past cases stay away from this course.

6. PHYS 320- Modern Physics

The physics in this course is at an advanced level compared

Have you ever thought that you were done with the sciences in your high-school studies? Well, this becomes a nightmare once more again in this unit. The physics in this course is at an advanced level compared to that taught in high-school. The exams set too are not that easy to pass.

7. ENGR 409  – Structural Design

design different structures which entails a lot of physics and mathematics

If you don’t love spending long hours on one thing then kindly you should steer away from this course! Students will be taught on how to design different structures which entails a lot of physics and mathematics. It calls for one to be good in both subjects and loves designing.

8. MATH 221 Discrete Mathematics

If you enjoy mathematics and are good at it

You will be faced by challenges such as sets, functions, induction proofs, elementary probability, on top of so much more are entailed in this unit at a more advanced level! The mathematics in this course creates all the problems on top of not being that favorite course for many.

9. WTNG  310-  Expository Writing

all aspects of writing and even speaking English

It becomes a challenge in that each student is required to be that perfect in all aspects of writing. There is no room for guesswork you have to stick to the writing guidelines strictly. The students have to learn all aspects of writing which are in contrast to what they used to know.

10. MATH 213 – Calculus I & Lab

study calculus at an advanced level at the college and still taking this to the lab

Many students will attest to the fact that mathematics has ever been that hectic to them. Then this is further complicated by having to study calculus at an advanced level at the college and still taking this to the lab. The calculations and equations involved in this course make many to drop out.

Having the guts to enroll in any of the above courses will give you that much desired prestige in the society. Self-believe is all that is required to pass well with a high GPA in any course. Visit the school’s website for more information.

Top 10 Library Resources at RWU

Are you constantly looking for resources to utilize on campus? Well have no fear! There are plenty near. The library will give you access to a number of resources that are right on campus. Below we have compiled a list of some of the top library resources at Roger Williams University!

1. Printing and Copying Machines

A look at a printer printing

Students and staff can utilize a number of printers and copying machines that are located throughout the library. These machines allow students to print off from colored or black and white ink for a small fee.

2. Computer Labs

A look inside a computer lab

The library has a number of computer labs that are located throughout the library. These labs offer a space for students and staff to utilize desktop computers for assignments, classes, or projects.

3. Electronic Checkout

A look at electronic devices

The library offers electronics for students to checkout. Students and staff can check these out for a short period of time so that they can use these devices for class assignments and projects.

4. Group Study Rooms

 A look inside a study room

Do you and your friends need a place to study? The library offers students the chance to use group study rooms. Students will be able to use group study rooms away from all the distractions the library may bring.

5. Personal Study Rooms

A look inside a study room

Do you need a space for yourself? The library offers just that! Students and staff can utilize personal study rooms so that they can have their own environment and space away from all of the distractions that the library brings.

6. Ask a Librarian

A symbol for ask a librarian

Do you have a question about something? The Ask a Librarian feature is available online. They can chat live with a librarian online so that they can have anything answered for them by the reliable staff members.

7. Help Desk

A person that is helping people

The library offers a  help desk for students and staff to utilize. Just go up the desk and the next available staff member will be able to help you. Students and staff members will be able to ask about anything they need.

8. Charging Stations

This is a look at a charging station

Does your phone need to be charged? What about your computer? Students and staff can utilize these charging stations to charge their batteries so that they can continue to use their devices.

9. Library Tours

A sign that says tours

The library offers students the chance to tour the library. In fact, they encourage new and incoming students to book these tours so that they can learn more about the resources offered.

10. Library Staff Members

These are library staff members

The library staff were hired for a reason! They offer anyone assistance and are there to help. Just go up to the nearest one and they will be happy to assist you in any way.

Top Libraries at RWU

1. Architecture Library 

A look at a table in a library

Address: Bristol, RI 02809

This library houses and supports the School of Architecture, Art, and Historic Preservation. It holds over 20,000 volumes an digital collections for students for students to utilize.

2. University Archives

A girl looking through books

Address: Bristol, RI 02809

This is the official archives and repository for Roger Williams University. Students will be able to look through special collisions and archives that relate to the university.

3. RWU Authors Collection

A look at books on a shelf

Address: Bristol, RI 02809

This collection features books and media for full and part time members of the Roger Williams University community. Students can come here to read from some of their fellow peers.

4. University Library

A look at books on a table

Address: Bristol, RI 02809

This library is the main library on campus. Students can come here to utilize a number of resources which includes meeting rooms, study rooms, computer labs, printing, and copiers.

5. Rogers Free Library

A map in a library

Address: 525 Hope St, Bristol, RI 02809

This library is open to the public. Students will be able to utilize a number of resources which includes meeting rooms, study rooms, computer labs, printers, electronics, and more.

Top 10 Residences at Roger Williams University

If you are still looking for housing and can’t seem to find the right match, maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. Below we have listed some of the top housing options at Roger Williams University! Hopefully you find one that best suits you.

1. Almeida Apartments

Almeida Apartments

Address: 201 Bayview Ave, Bristol, RI 02809

This residence hall consists of three buildings which includes The Apartments, Flats, and Townhouses. Students living here will have a chance to stay in a two or four bedroom apartment that consists of single and/or double rooms. All are fully furnished.

2. Baypoint Residence and Conference Center

Baypoint Residence and Conference Center

Address: 144 Anthony Rd, Portsmouth, RI 02871

This residence hall allows students to live in a hotel-style dorm hall. Students living here will also have a chance to sleep in double-sized beds, enjoy fully furnished rooms, and single rooms.

3. Bayside Courts

Bayside Courts

Address: Portsmouth, RI 02871

These apartments house approximately 500 students. Students living here will live in single or double rooms, apartment units that are fully furnished and come with a kitchen and a living room.

4. Cedar Hall

Cedar Hall

Address: 1 Old Ferry Rd, Bristol, RI 02809

This residence hall is a freshmen only dorm hall. Students living here will live in a traditional style dorm that offers single, double, triple, and quad style dorms. All rooms are fully furnished.

5. Maple Hall

Maple Hall

Address: Bristol, RI 02809

This dorm sits near many academic buildings and houses 26 residents in ten units that consist of eight and nine single and double dorm rooms. Students will also be able to find a common room and kitchen area in each dorm.

6. North Campus Residence Hall

North Campus Residence Hall

Address: Bristol, RI 02809

These apartments house over 300 students. Students living here will get a chance to live in a suite or apartment style room. All rooms are fully furnished and come with a kitchen, lounge area, and more.

7. Stonewall Terrace

Stonewall Terrace

Address: 1 Old Ferry Rd, Bristol, RI 02809

This dorm hall houses nearly 450 students. Students living here will be housed in suite style dorms. All suites are fully furnished and come with movable furniture and a private bathroom.

8. Willow Hall

Willow Hall

Address: Bristol, RI 02809

This residence hall houses students in townhouses. Students will be able to enjoy other amenities such as a courtyard, open field, study spaces, vending machines, and lounge areas. All units are fully furnished.

9. 343 Thames St 

343 thames st

Address: 343 Thames St, Bristol, RI 02809

These apartments are located just a few miles away from campus. Here, students will be able to stay in a three bedroom apartment that comes with a fully equipped kitchen, living room area, and more.

10. Warren Apartments

Warren Apartments

Address: 624 Metacom Ave, Warren, RI 02885

These apartments offer students a chance to choose between a one or two bedroom apartment. Each apartment comes with a kitchen, common living room area, and a shared bathroom.

Here’s Your Move-In Day Packing List at Roger Williams University

1) Room Basics

A dorm room

– Rug
– Bedding
– Curtain
– Pillows
– Posters

2) Food and Snacks

This is snacks

– Plastic wrap
– Paper Bags
– Water Bottles
– Soup
– Plastic Utensils

3) Tech and Entertainment

This is technological cosnoles

– Gaming Console
– Headphones
– Laptop
– Power Strip
– Speakers

4) School Supplies

School supplies

– Binders
– Tab Dividers
– Glue
– Writing Utensils
– Daily planner

5) Cleaning and Organization

Cleaning supplies

– Trash Bags
– Laundry Baskets
– Detergent
– Surface Cleaner
– Drier Sheets

6) Campus Gear

an image of shower shoes

– Shower Shoes
– A Swimsuit
– Sweatshirts
– A Winter Coat
– A Backpack

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

an image of a fan

– Fans
– A Water Filter
– Cooking Spray
– Lighters
– Candles

Packing for college? Read on here on how to start packing and shop judiciously: Shopping & Packing List for College Dorm here.

You can also download the list below:

Top 10 Clubs at Roger Williams University

Roger Williams University is a private, coeducational American liberal arts university located in Bristol, Rhode Island. The average acceptance rate is about 78%. If you are interested in attending the school the chances of getting in is fairly high. Here are 10 clubs you must check out.

1. Crossings

 a book with the word yearbook on it

Crossings is the school yearbook club. This club allows students to get experience with interviews, photography, event management as well as overall a way to speak to a variety of representative students to best show what the school has to offer.

2. The Hawks’ Herald

 a newspaper and the look with large titles that jump out

The Hawks’s Herald is the campus newspaper. The Campus Newspaper allows students to get hands on experience in a number of different major specific activities such as :marketing , journalism, writing, and even graphic design.

3. WQRI-FM 88.3

 an average radio station set up

WQRI-FM 88.3 is the school radio station. Make sure to check it out to request any songs or contact them to make suggestions. The radio station is open any ideas for talk shows as well as podcast style. You would be able to get hands on experience working in media.

4. All Paws In

 stray dogs in india

All Paws In started with a student who cared deeply about the lives of animals. She dedicated her free time to fundraising money for stray animals to get the shelter and love they needed. Join the group All Paws In to help those struggling animals.

5. Transfer Connections Club

transfer students

Transfer students often have a difficult time with getting to know other students on campus due to them feeling like freshman but graduating in a few short years. Many transfer students miss out on meeting new people through on campus dorms. This club is meant for students to have an easier time meeting people.


 the banner that says prssa

PRSSA stands for Public Relations Student Society of America.The group has weekly meetings and covers a variety of topics on PR:of which there are many. The group has guest speakers from many backgrounds of PR such as: sports, fashion and food.

7. College Democrats

 red white and blue starred donkey symbol of democratic

The College Democrats club is a group on campus that participates in social and political issues. The group is skewed to their political party, but will be open to teaching you the different issues in the government. If you are out of the loop this is a great way to know what is happening in the country.

8. Habitat for Humanity

habitat for humanity building houses

Habitat for Humanity is a group on campus that supports the local Habitat for Humanity organization. The group fundraises as well as attend build days or helps out in the restore. The overall goal for habitat for humanity is to provide affordable housing for those in need.

9. Love Your Melon

Hand united together in care

Love Your Melon is a group of women on campus that is committed to helping those children who are suffering from cancer/chemo. The group fundraises money by being ambassadors for Love Your Melon, the money is then used to donate warm hats to those in the hospital.

10. Food Recovery Network

food on plates in a table

Food Recovery Network was created with the idea that on campus dining often has a lot of food waste that occurs. This is a stark contrast to the amount of students who suffer every day from not having enough to eat. Join to make a different, stop waste and give it to those who need it.

Top Events of the School Year at Roger Williams University

1. Graduate Open House

Open house for all students interested to participate in international education

The graduate open house is a chance to visit info booths and have questions answered about the graduate programs that are open to you. There are many different options to choose from. Just to name a few: Architecture, Construction Management, Criminal Justice,and  Forensic & Legal Psychology.

2. Undergraduate Open House

 diploma grad cap and books

Are you a prospective high school student that has been looking into college? Make sure to visit the undergraduate open house to have all your questions answered on different classes and programs to take part in. You can visit the classrooms and residence halls.

3. Veterans Day Ceremony

 american flag and a soldier

Inside the GHH Atrium there will be a Veterans Day Ceremony to honor those who have died or have served their country. The event is open to the public. This is a great time to bring any family members or friends you know who have served.

4. Dance Theatre: In Concert

 man and woman dancing

Make sure to see the wonderful performances of guest artists, students, and faculty. You must RSVP for the event as well as pay. The event will be a fun and innovative interpretation of dance. You are open to bring any family and friends to this event.

5. Music Series: Instrumental Ensemble Concert

 a man listening to music

The Performing Arts Center (The Barn) will be hosting a music series event that will take your ears on a journey. This event is completely free. Make sure to take a rest from holiday and study craziness with the sounds of sweet music.

10 of the Easiest Courses at RWU

Roger Williams University, also known as RWU, is a private university located in Rhode Island. Further, this school is both coeducation and a liberal arts university. From its founding in 1956, the enrolment of students in this university has grown to over 5,000 students, with over 480 academic staff.

1. ENG 110 – Serpents Swords Symbols and Sustainability

This course requires no prerequisite courses, and it counts as a lower level English elective. This unique class gives students the tools to learn the universal language of symbols from ancient cultures to the present to ultimately help students analyze interdisciplinary & cross-cultural literary and visual works in non-fiction and natural history,  literature, and film.

This is an image of a sword with a serpent on it, which corresponds directly with this course title.

2. ENG 320 –  Global Literature: The Holocaust in Literature

This course is not only interesting, but it also satisfies the English Literature Global requirement. This course examines the European literature of the Holocaust, prior to and during World War II. And, some of the texts considered and reviewed include the Diary of Anne Frank,  Night, and Bent.

This is a novel about the Holocaust that could be read in this course.

3. ASIA 100 – Foundations of Asian Studies

This course offers students a detailed introduction to East Asian cultures and civilizations. Moreover, this class provides a background on the philosophical and religious thought of China, Japan, and Korea. Because this course centers upon philosophy and religious thought, students have the ability to participate in more discussions and freely express their feelings.

This image is of a globe specifically of Asia, which again ties into the title of this course.

4. ENG 299 – Special Topics: Magical Women

In this course, students will review the darker side of “Magical Women” and all of the negative connotations that come with such phrasing. Some questions considered include: Why are women with magical qualities often judged to be mysterious, often malevolently? And what does sexuality have to do with all this? To answer such questions students will study in depth  visual arts, video games, film; music, and literature, including myths, fairy tales, and novels.

This image is of a magical woman that is studied within this course.

5. DANCE 131 – Mime Workshop

This course explores the techniques and philosophies of mime. An emphasis is placed on the concept of body isolation, movement, and character development. For grades, students preform mime pieces that are constructed and critiqued by peers and professors.

This is an image of a mime that is used to promote mime workshops.

6. AQS 262 – Aquarium System Design & Life Support

This four credit course requires no previous knowledge of the topic, and it is intended to provide the technical knowledge and practical experience that allows students to design successful systems on many scales. The lecture portion of the course will focus on design issues, and the laboratory aspects will concentrate on water quality and toxicity.

This aquarium is one that is developed by one who may have taken this course.

7. EDU 302-Literacy in the Elementary School I

This course examines the development of young children’s knowledge of the English Language Arts. The major focus of this course is the teaching of reading and the teaching of speaking and listening strategies. Students within this course also participate in various voluntary reading programs in local schools.

This image is of elementary school aged students reading together.

8. ANTH 100 – Intro to Cultural Anthropology

This course deeply examines the diversity of beliefs, values, structures and practices in the range of human social life in the contemporary world. This course introduces the principle concepts, methods, and ethics that anthropologists employ. Specifically, students engage in ethnographic case studies, films, and practical research exercises.

This image is of a professor going to visit and study those of a different culture.

9. EMS 101 – Introduction to Health Professions

As an introductory level course, this class is one that many students find interesting and on the easier side. This class, to prepare a student for an administrative position at a high level, will cover aspects of government structure, strategic planning, leadership, and marketing.

This stethoscope is one used by a multitude of health professionals in various professions.

10. ANTH 200 – Native North Americans

This three credit course provides a survey of native North American peoples. One group from each of the ten subculture areas is considered and reviewed in depth. Further, this course introduces contemporary social problems related to the reservation system and urban migration.

This image is of the Indian tribes in America in the past.

Ultimately, RWU gives students many opportunities to learn simply for the sake of learning, as this school provides easy courses that span a variety of topics – really, there’s a topic for any learner. And, this flexibility and openness in course options truly makes classes special. The bonus is getting to boost your GPA!