Top 10 Buildings at Radford University

Located in Radford, Virginia, Radford University is a public university known for offering undergraduate degrees in more than 100 fields, graduate programs, and specialized doctoral programs in health-related professions. The university consists of beautifully-designed and unique buildings that support the various important functions. Below is a list of the top 10 buildings at the institution.

1. Recreation & Wellness Center

The Recreation & Wellness Center at  Radford University

The Recreation and Wellness Center is home to fitness, wellness, and active recreation activities at the university. The building has a court, a cycling studio among other fitness facilities. The department of recreation and wellness that has its offices in the building offers students an array of opportunities for social interaction, improved health, and overall well-being.  

2. Bolling Hall

The Bolling Hall at Radford University

Renovated in 2015, the Bolling Hall is a residential building that houses approximately 125 upper-class students. The building is co-ed by alternating rooms and has individual bathrooms. There is one Deluxe Super Suite on the third floor and one super suite on the first floor for upper-class students. The building has several common areas that students share.

3. McConnell Library

The McConnell Library at Radford University

The McConnell Library is the institutional’s main library serving both students and staff members. The library is spacious and well equipped to support private and group study sessions as well as research. The library has a large collection of books, journals, archival materials, DVDs, and multimedia equipment for academic and recreational use.

4. Porterfield Hall

The Porterfield Hall at Radford University

The Porterfield Hall at Radford University is home to the drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, and jewelry studios. The building also contains other art history facilities as well as departmental offices for the Art department. 

5. Kyle Hall

The Kyle Hall at Radford University

Opened in 2012, Kyle Hall was named in honor of Penelope Kyle who was the University’s present for 11 years. The building is home to the Davis College of Business and Economics. The building contains conference rooms, auditorium-style classrooms, and gathering spaces. It also features the latest in educational technology and financial research capabilities.

6. Dedmon Center

The Dedmon Center at Radford University

The Dedmon Center, which was opened in 1981, is an athletic complex at Radford University. The recently renovated facility is one of the premiere collegiate athletic facilities in the Big South Conference and Mid-Atlantic region. The main arena of the Dedmon Center is home to the Radford University men’s and women’s basketball, and volleyball teams.

7. Heth Hall

The Heth Hall at Radford University

The Heth Hall is strategically located at the center of the campus next to Dalton Hall. Originally built in 1973, Heth Hall currently houses eight separate student services departments. The building also contains multiple conference rooms, private offices, open work areas, and lounges.

8. Moffett Hall

The Moffett Hall at Radford University

Moffett Hall is a residential building that offers residence to upper-class students. The building is co-ed by alternating rooms and has individual bathrooms. About 350 students find residence within Moffett Hall. The Students Health Services is also located on the ground floor of Moffett Hall.

9. Center for the Sciences

The Center for the Sciences at Radford University

The Center for the Sciences has been home to a number of special events and outreach efforts at the Radford University. Also, The Artis College of Science and Technology is also housed within the building. The
Artis College of Science and Technology is a premier science destination for research students.

10. Covington Center

The Covington Center at Radford University

The Covington Center is home to the Art Museum that displays art throughout the academic year. The Art Museum usually hosts an annual exhibition that features works by national and international artists. The Art Gallery also hosts art faculty shows, the MFA and BFA exhibitions that happen each semester, and the senior show for the department of interior design and fashion.

If you require more information about the above-mentioned buildings, or about other buildings within the campus, you need to visit the university’s official website. If you are a new student at the university, you need to familiarize yourself with most of the buildings within the campus so that you could settle easily.

10 Coolest Courses at Radford University

Radford University has some of the most interesting classes to offer for everyone! Most of the interesting classes here are, not surprisingly, not super memorization-based. They’re more focused on the students gaining something out of the class to take with them post-undergrad. Let’s dive right in!

1. NUTR 300 – Medical Terminology  

medical terms in a wordcloud

One of the most interesting courses out there in Radford University is the medical terminology courses. Learn how to sound (and act!) cool like a doctor by having these handy terms under your belt by the time you finish this class. Let’s go!

2. BIOL 334 – Microbiology

picture of glass beakers in chemistry

Understanding how microorganisms thrive in their environments is a critical aspect of microbiology. Microbiology is one of the most fascinating subjects of them all! Learn to see and experience things the way a microorganism does. It’s truly a life-changing class if you have the right professors! Onward!

3. CRJU 385 – Research Methods in Criminal Justice

Picture of fingerprint on a keyboard

Everyone’s fingerprint is unique, making this one of our fundamental differences. Take this course to find out how scientists and researchers match a suspect’s identity with the criminal’s. Methods involve analyzing gel electrophoresis, blood types, and other biology-based techniques. This class is super fun and interesting to take with a group of friends!

4. ESHE 362 – Principles of Self Defense

Picture of person with brown belt in a defense stance

A must take course! Take this course with your friends to figure out how to block attacks, maintain your defensive position, and even avoid weapons! This class has light training and is not super intensive.

5. BIOL 322 – Anatomy and Physiology

Picture of a skeleton in the forest

Take this course to learn about all eleven different systems in our bodies! You also get to work with others in learning how to integrate different systems together and see how they overlap. Stay tuned if you want to see some dissections!

6. COSD 221 – Introduction to ASL and Deaf Culture

Picutre of a person with an earpiece that helps them hear

ASL, or American Sign Language, is probably the most unique language you can ever learn. The course is filled with humor and is surprisingly easier than most people think. Go show off your signing skills to the world!

7. BIOL 215 – Plants and Society

Picture of plants and green eco friendly energy on the right and a deserted dark side with energy plant at the back.

Plants are much more interesting and cooler than you think! Take this course along with it’s lab section to learn about plant anatomy, their role in society/industry, and the overall effect on people’s lives! One of the coolest courses on campus.

8. ATTR 365 – Therapeutic Exercise

picture of person who is jogging on an outdoor path

Exercise is not just a critical part of our lives, but also a vital component. Take this extremely therapeutic and fun exercise/yoga class! You’ll make the most friends on campus in this one class alone than any other class you’ll take in undergrad. You may even have a few “field trips”!

9. ASTR 111 – General Astronomy I

Picture of rocket going up

Astronomy. What’s there not to love about astronomy? It’s a mesmerizing class filled with the most curious people. The professors also have super interesting stories if you keep up with lecture!

10. ARTH 420 – Twentieth Century Art

Picture of paint splatters

2oth century art is no different, in principle, from all art antecedent to it. Dive into this class and experiment a bit with your own style! Attending office hours will get you extra practice on your understanding of modern art!

That’s it! Those are some of the most interesting and coolest courses you’ll ever encounter will at Radford University! Enjoy your time here and take advantage of what this institution has to offer in it’s curriculum an catalog!

10 Hardest Classes at Radford University

Radford University is a public university located in Radford, Virginia. The university offers over 100 degrees in fields emphasizing the liberal arts, sciences, and education. Over 80% of the faculty have doctorate or other terminal degrees. It would not be a stretch of the imagination to think Radford University has a very tough curriculum. Here are 10 of the toughest classes offered.

1) ITEC330 – Numerical Analysis

This class is all about numbers

This course is all about the study of algorithms used to obtain numerical solutions on a computer. Basically, you will be learning how a computer computes the numbers required for killing that one enemy soldier in Fortnite. It may sound interesting but it’s actually pure math. Oh, and it’s a 3 hour lecture so you may fall asleep.

2) MATH480 – Advanced Topics in Mathematics

Math can give you a headache

This class may be challenging depending on what you or the faculty member teaching it is interested in. There isn’t even a syllabus unless enough students are enrolled in the class! Credit hours can range from 1 to 6 hours so that can give you an idea as to the workload. It’s an interesting class for sure, but it can also be a nightmare.

3) PHYS330 – Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Thermodynamics word cloud

This class is often the bane of any physics students and for good reason. Thermodynamics is already tough but usually its a separate class on its own. To combine it with statistical mechanics, well that’s just pure torture. The mathematics just goes over your head before you can even recite the first law of thermodynamics.

4) BIOL433 – Cancer Biology

You don't want this stuff in your body

Here’s a class which is ever evolving. It focuses on the development of cancer as well as the treatment process once cancer is detected. As a living class, the content may be rapidly altered without notice. There is also still a lot that hasn’t yet been discovered about some forms of cancer.

5) BIOL334 – Microbiology

A microscropic look at germs

Have you ever wanted to explore the world of microbes? This class explains the fundamentals of microbiology including the morphology and taxonomy of the major groups of microorganisms, including viruses.  People don’t tend to take this class seriously since they think it’s easy when it isn’t. There is a lot of reading involved so you will have to work for an A.

6) PHYS421 – Electromagnetic Theory I

Picture showing electric currents

This course explores the fundamentals of electromagnetic theory are presented at an intermediate level. Topics covered are electrostatics, electric current, magnetic fields, the Maxwell equations, and electromagnetic radiation. The laboratory component of the course includes electrical measurements, electric currents, and basic electronics. The theories can be difficult to wrap your head around so be prepared to ask for lots of help. The labs at least offer some hands on experimentation.

7) ANSC420 – Advanced Forensic Anthropology

A graphic illustration of a murder

If you have ever wanted to find out how people died, this is the course for you. It offers advanced hands-on experience and training in the identification of unknown human skeletal remains. Students will conduct skeletal analyses focusing on basic vital statistical parameters like age, sex, race, and stature. Other topics reviewed will include the role of the forensic anthropologist in crime scene investigation and recovery of skeletonized human remains, determination of time since death, skeletal trauma and pathology, and special techniques in forensic anthropology. It’s not for the squeamish among you.

8) DSNI320 – Computer Aided Design

You might not be able to afford such a house but you can make it in software

This course provides an introduction to 2D and 3D design with the aid of a computer. It may be useful to you if you ever want to design a home remodel in the future. Unfortunately, it isn’t for people who are visually challenged since the course requires a good sense of where things belong in the room.

9) MUSC373 – Computer Music Composition

Become the Mozart of the digital age

Now this is a class worth your time if you love to write music! The only difficult thing about it is that you will have to perform whatever you compose to a live audience in an audiovisual presentation. It is designed for the musician who likes to also tinker a bit in music writing. Just don’t get stage fright!

10) CHEM361 – Molecular Modeling

Now you can make a benzene ring and not wonder what it looks like

This class explores the theory behind molecular models and their applications in chemistry and biochemistry research. Students will apply their knowledge of general and organic chemistry as well as mathematics to the study of computational molecular modeling. Yup, even more math only this time you’re using it for something so small you can’t even see it with an ordinary microscope. Who knew math would follow you when you’re not even a math major?

Radford University has many great courses to choose from with highly dedicated faculty. However, some of the classes are tough! Do you dare find out how to identify a dead body? Maybe try your hand at molecular modeling? No, you want to go for the dream house? Enjoy building your future, one painful step at a time!

Restaurants & Cafes for Students at Radford University

Any student will appreciate a good snack, meal or beverage at any time of the day. Good food is necessary to aid in energy supply, nutrition and general satisfaction. Have you ever tried studying on an empty stomach? It becomes so difficult and distracting since you don’t have the energy to fire up your brain. You therefore have to go visit either a college café or a nearby restaurant in order to grab something. The following is a list of the cafes and restaurants for students at Radford University.

1. New River Grille House

Front view of the New River Grille House

The New River Grille House provides students with a place they can get quality and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is diverse and caters for all the student’s needs. The services are great and the food is amazing. The prices for the foodstuff have been set to accommodate students from different financial backgrounds.

2. Outtakes – Proudly brewing Peet’s Coffee

The counter at the Outtakes - Proudly brewing Peet's Coffee

The Outtakes – Proudly brewing Peet’s Coffee offers students with the special Peets coffee and other beverages like tea. There are also snacks sold as well as sandwiches. Students can take out the items as they head on to some other activities. Students can be able to afford the items as they are well priced.

3. Chick-Fil-A

Front view of the Chick-Fil-A

The Chick-Fil-A restaurant is located at the Hurlburt Student Center. It provides students with chicken specialties, sandwiches, milkshakes, lemonades among others. The food is usually delicious, high quality and always getting students back with more orders.

4. Starbucks

Front view of the Starbucks

Starbucks gives you an opportunity to enjoy a Starbucks coffee along with sandwiches. The environment around which the restaurant is set is fun and conducive. Students can take their coffee as they pass on some time checking their phone or finishing up on some school work.

5. Dalton Kitchen 

The Dalton Kitchen. No customers are inside while the photo was taken.

Dalton Kitchen provides students with a place that they can get a meal. It opens from Monday through Friday and offers students with a variety of meal options during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is of high quality and the service is great. Students leave when they are satisfied and happy.

6. Wendy’s

Front view of the Wendy's

Here at Wendy’s students can get chicken sandwiches, crispy salads, and cheeseburgers. The prices are reasonable considering that the food is of high quality and very delicious. It is also a place that students can take their break.

7. Hissho Sushi

Food counter at the Hissho Sushi

Hissho Sushi gives you an experience of a kind. It provides students with freshly prepared sushi. This enhances your experience with this type of food. The prices are friendly and affordable by most students.

8. Pinkberry

A hand holding a cup of ice cream outside Pinkberry

Pinkberry is located within the Hurlburt Student Center. It provides students with affordable foodstuff including beverages, sandwiches and other snacks. It is the perfect place to grab your breakfast. A place with enough space for you to relax as you check on your mail and phone.

Jobs and Opportunities For Students at Radford University

Radford University has a vibrant student employment unit. As one of the top institutions in Virginia, it has numerous activities, implying that student jobs are readily available for those that are looking for financial aid while also schooling. The student jobs vary and students can apply for those that suit their qualifications and skill sets.Here are some of the jobs available for students at Radford University.

1. Office Assistant

An office assistant on her desk

Students can be hired as office assistants for administrative and academic staff. Assistance will be in the areas of administrative, classroom, research, and mobility. This person must be reliable, be able to maintain confidentiality, be flexible, and detail oriented. This person must have effective reading and proofreading skills. The schedule is somewhat flexible, and the application process is very easy.

2. ESL Tutor

ELS Tutors posing for a picture

As an international institution, the school has students from other parts of the world that lack a proper understanding of the English Language. The student will be required to devote 15-29 hours weekly tutoring international students with English deficiencies. It is a high-end job that requires the student to know at least one foreign language and experience living and working abroad. Students can apply with the HR department via their official email.

3. Learning Coach Assistant

A lady in front of a computer

Students hired for this post will help the learning coaches by providing online and phone support to adults learners in an online, competency-based education (CBE) programs developed by the Vinod Chachra IMPACT Lab at Radford University. The students will answer questions regarding online competency-based instruction, providing guidance for the use of online simulations and virtual labs, reviewing learning analytics, and more. The ability to communicate in a positive and supportive fashion is essential to the role. Students with strong academic standings are most preferred for this role and they must also possess strong verbal and written communication skills.

4. Administrative Support Clerk

A lady answering a phone
Administrative Support Clerk working

This is an off-campus job at Lewis-Price, an SBA 8(a) certified professional services company committed to providing confidence to both government and private clients. The Administrative Support Clerk will be tasked with providing exceptional and professional administrative support for the company’s clients.It is also a high-end job that requires the applicant to obtain a public trust security clearance and covers numerous roles. Applications for this job should be submitted to the company in person or via their official email.

5. Instruction Library Assistant

Two people talking in the library

The library assistant will be tasked with helping the librarians in designing, developing course-integrated information literacy sessions, and others. This position reports to the Head of Reference and will also have reference and collection development responsibilities, including some evenings and weekend hours. This position is a very open one with students that have organization skills most preferred. Applicants for this position can submit their resume with the school library department.

Top 10 Radford University Library Resources You Need to Know

The Radford University is a public university, founded in 1910 and located in Radford, Virginia, that serves the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation through a wide range of academic, cultural and human service and research programs. The university is well known for its innovative use of technology and the library services offered to help students in the 67-degree programs, 22 masters’ programs and three doctoral programs at the graduate level. These are 10 Radford University Library Resources you need to know.

1) Borrowers

books being exchanged between two people

Students at Radford University can borrow books and others materials owned by the university library. They only need to present a valid Radford University ID Card at the library Front Desk. Virginia residents who are not affiliated with Radford University can also borrow by presenting a current Virginia driver’s license, a military ID or passport at the Front Desk.

2) Interlibrary Loan

Sharing books program in the country
The Interlibrary Loan service allows university´s students, faculty and staff to borrow books, articles, and other materials that are not already owned by the Radford University McConnell Library or that are owned by McConnell but are currently checked out. The service is free of charges and interested must request materials by submitting a request forms on the library web page.

3) Audiovisual Equipment Loan

microphone, video beam, monitor, sound system, tripod (audiovisual equipment)

Audiovisual equipment can be checked out from University Library by current students, faculty, and staff. Holds can be placed on equipment through the online catalog, emailing, or directly at the library Front Desk. The following items are available for checkout: Digital Cameras, Digital Camcorders, Digital Audio Recorders, Microphones, Projectors, Projection Screens and many more.

4) Research Consultations and Classes   

searching for information in a book
Students, faculty, staff, scholars and community researchers can contact the archivist or library specialist for personalized guidance on assignments, research or creative projects. The library offers appointments for in-depth consultations to support the needs of researchers and helps faculty and students by offering presentations that incorporate the use of archival, manuscript and special collections.

5) Study Spaces

People doing work and research in a quiet space
The university library offers different spaces and rooms for a single student or groups. There are tables, study carrel, and comfy chairs. And for group students, the library has special rooms with tables, chairs, and whiteboards. There are also media study stations where students can plug in laptop, tablet or smartphone in order to be projected in large format on a screen.

6) Assistive Technology

Everything that takes part in the Assistive Technology

Radford University McConnell Library has an Assistive Technology Room that is available for use by the campus community. The AT Room offers two computer workstations, Mac and PC, with monitors with adjustable arms, and motorized adjustable tables. The PC runs JAWS, Kurzweil, and Dragon Naturally Speaking software. The Mac has a large 27” screen along with magnification and screen reading accessibility tools. The room also offers noise-canceling headphones, full-spectrum lighting, and a TeleSensory magnifier.

7) Course Reserves

People using different devices to reserve courses

Course Reserves is a library resource that provides access to supplementary course materials for specific classes. Reserve material is kept at the library’s Front Desk and is available anytime the library is open.  Interested can check the availability of specific items by searching from them from the Reserves search tab on the library’s homepage.

8) Thesis and Dissertation Binding

Three theses done

The library will bind personal copies of theses and dissertations on a cost recovery basis for the bindery and shipping fees.  There are no charges for library staff time and effort.  This is a great resource for students that want to conserve their works of investigation and theses keeping a low cost.

9) Printing and Scanning

A person using the photocopier
Students, faculty, and staff can use for free the Printing and Scanning services at the library by logging on the library´s webpage. The b&w print job will automatically go to the printer nearest to the computer that made the request. For public patrons, all the print jobs will automatically go to the printer at the Front Desk named “Pay_For_Print”. Several scanners are located in the Library Commons. Scans may be saved to a USB drive, e-mailed, or printed.

10) Testing and Education Reference Center

the GALE´s testing and education reference center logo
Gale’s Testing and Education Reference Center database is a library resource that provides access to a variety of practice tests and tutorials. All the material is oriented to help students for entire academic career and beyond. The database includes many helpful tutorials and practice tests that cover scholarship from basic academic skills through career preparation. There´s also help for international students, including information for those seeking citizenship in the United States.

Libraries of the Radford University Linked Through the Virginia Library Association

1) McConnell Library

McConnell Library

The McConnell Library at Radford was first located in the Administration Building and is the main Library of Radford. It was opened in 1914. Today McConnell Library support student and faculty research, scholarship, and the free and open exploration of ideas. The library has a large collection of books, DVDs, journals, archival materials, and multimedia equipment for academic and recreational use. Thousands of library electronic resources can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The Library is an important partner of the Virginia Library Association which serves the Commonwealth of Virginia and permits other libraries to share resources with McConnell.

2) Williamsburg Regional Library

williansburg radforda

The Williamsburg Regional Library consists of the Williamsburg Library, The James City County Library, the Stryker Center, and the Mobile Library Services vehicles. To access the Information it is necessary to have library cards for all the associates. The library is a 24/7 operative system. In addition to the buildings’ hours of service, and its outreach service to schools, day care centers, assisted living facilities, homebound, and neighborhoods, its website offers access to the library´s catalog, downloadable materials, databases, and information on its wide variety of programs and services.

3) Portsmouth Public Library

Portsmouth Public Library

Portsmouth Public Library was established in 1896 in New Hampshire. The library’s mission is to provide popular media materials to the public and supply information and access to reference works. The library also hosts computer stations, library databases, and internet access. It also provides wireless access and printing and copying services.

4) Staunton Public Library 

Staunton Public Library

The Staunton Public Library is a department of the City of Staunton and it was established in 1874. Actually, the library occupies the former Thomas Jefferson School. The mission of the Staunton Public Library is to acquire, organize, and provide access to a wide variety of information and materials to the community people.

5) Central Rappahannock Regional Library

Central Rappahannock Regional Library

The Central Rappahannock Regional Library (CRRL) was built in 1909 in the city of Fredericksburg and opened to the public in 1910. The CRRL system was established in 1969 as the public library system for the counties of Spotsylvania, Stafford, Westmoreland, Caroline, and the City of Fredericksburg.



Top 10 Majors at Radford University

Located in Radford, Virginia, the Radford University is among the best public universities present here. The university is known for many programs and courses it has to offer and has more than 9,400 students. The most popular majors of the University are listed below.

1.  Liberal Arts and Humanities

Radford University_Interdisciplinary Studies

This major is designed for the students who have a clearly defined educational goal. And, the goal should be interdisciplinary. This major is very flexible and aims to accomplish specifically designed set of goals.

2.  Management (Entrepreneurship)

Radford University_Management(Entrepreneurship)

This major prepares the student for the career in organizations. The major gives a basic knowledge of business and administrative and helps to understand business and administrative functions. The students develop analytical problem-solving and decision-making skills.

3.  Psychology

Radford University Psychology

The Student pursuing this major at Radford University can take benefit from the latest instructional technology, new research spaces, and new clinic space. Also, this department provides student and faculty with a great opportunity to work together in research, involve in training experiences and provide service to the community.

4.  Criminal  Justice

Radford University_Criminal Justice

This major offers two types of Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. One is the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and another one is Bachelor of science in Criminal Justice.

5.  Business Administration

Radford University_Business Administration

The University offers two types of Business Administration degree. One is a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and another is Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. This major prepares the students for the career in the private, public, government and non-profit sectors.

6.  Marketing

Radford University_Marketing

The main focus of the major is to teach to plan, plan, price, promote and distribute products or any kind of services in a way to satisfy the needs of the customer who purchase and use these services. Also, it should meet the organizational goal. Customer behavior, marketing strategy, marketing research, interactive marketing, advertising and promotion, logistics and supply chain management, retailing and sales are the areas of study of this major.

7.  Communications

Radford University_Communication

Students undertaking this major will study about the ways people use communication in public life, politics and social movement. The courses in this major combine the material from humanities the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences. This is because it helps to explain how and why people interact in the ways that they do.

8.  Biology

Radford University_Biology

The students pursuing biology at Radford University can choose any listed concentration to graduate from the University. The list is as follows:

  • Environmental Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Pre-health
  • Medical Technology
  • General Biology

9.  Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Radford University_Parks, Recreation and Tourism

An undergrad major comprising of at least 63 semester hours incorporates 45 semester-long periods of center courses and 18-24 semester long stretches of fixation courses. The rest of the 51-57 hours to finish the 120 semester hours for graduation are satisfied through electives and main subject prerequisites.

10.  Nursing

Radford University_Nursing

As the demand of Nurses is growing stronger each year, the department provides students with opportunities to excel in a field. Being a leader in Nursing education, Radford University has the top-ranked faculty members. Radford University provides Nursing programs: BSN and RN-to-BSN.

The above mentioned are the top 10 Majors, one can undertake at the Radford University. Any other majors other than this will also help you to set a good career track. Explore and research more about this university for more information.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Radford University

It is important to join extracurricular activities like clubs in college and university. It’s a great way to expand your horizons, meet new people, and get involved! Here’s ten great clubs at Radford University.

1. English Club

English Club Time

The English Club works with the English Department to sponsor poets and writers as well as English events. They provide information to future English majors for their careers, and involve English majors and other students in social activities.

2. Women’s Studies Club

Women's Studies Club

Established in March 2006, the Women’s Studies Club aims to create a more positive environment for women, promoting justice and equality for all people regardless of class, ethnicity, gender, race, religious beliefs, sex or sexuality.

3. Spanish Club

Spanish Club Graphic Art

The Spanish Club seeks to provide students with cultural and educational information as well as social functions relating to Hispanic culture. It’s a great club to join to learn about the Spanish language and culture.

4. School of Psychology Graduate Student Association

Psychology Brain Graphic

The School of Psychology Graduate Student Organization (SPGO) focuses on enlightening undergraduate students and faculty on the roles and responsibilities of school psychologists.  SPGO also acts as an organization  for arranging trips to conferences and other professional development opportunities.

5. Public Relations Student Society of America

Public Relations Student Society
Though the PRSSA concentrates on public relations, members come from all educational backgrounds.  In the public relations field, networking is a necessity, and PRSSA meets that need by providing students with networking opportunities.

6. Psychology Club

Psychology Club Thinking

The purpose of the Psychology Club is to represent the interests of members in all university activities, specifically those related to psychology, and to facilitate the exchange of information between the University and the students about psychology and mental health.

7. Political Science Society

Political Science Society

The Political Science Society seeks to inspire and inform students about world and national affairs as well as other political and social issues facing our generation.

8. Philosophy and Religious Studies Club

definition of philosophy

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Club is an organization that provides students an opportunity to discuss philosophical and religious issues.  The club is open to all Radford University students of any major.

9. Criminal Justice Club

handcuffs, gavel and law books

The Criminal Justice Club sponsors a variety of criminal-justice related activities. This club is for students interested in studying or passionate about criminal justice.

10. Chinese Club

Movie Night Art

The Chinese Club aims to put on programs that educate the campus and community about Chinese culture.  During club meetings they cook Chinese cuisine, speak and write Chinese, learn different cultural traditions, watch movies, host events and fundraisers, and go on cultural field trips.

5 Cool Events at Radford University

1. Movie Night

Movie Night Art

Radford University hosts free, occasional movie nights for students to enjoy. New, fresh out of the theater movies are played! Students can come for free with friends using their student ID.

2. Fall Dance Fest

Ballet Dance Class

The Fall Dance Fest is a fun, exciting exhibition of the talents of Radford University dance students. Dance students of all specialties and talents perform at this fest.

3. Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming Weekend Flyer

Homecoming Weekend is an exciting time for all Radford Students. It’s a fun time for family and friends to celebrate being a part of Radford. There’s barbeques, pep rallys, football games and more!

4. BFA MFA Show

BFA MFA Art Show

The BFA MFA show is a great art show offered for students to attend during the school year. Museum art is presented for students and families to enjoy and appreciate.

5. Meditation

Meditation at the Sunset

Radford University offers free meditation/yoga classes for students to wind down. These classes are a great place for students to relieve some stress and relax.

10 Easiest Classes at Radford

Some semesters can seem intimidating when taking rigorous classes. In the midst of trying to juggle several clubs and obligations as well as handling required courses, trying to maintain a high GPA can be a challenge. Here is a list of several classes that can help you take a breather at Radford.

1. ENGL 463: Grammar and Language for Teachers

This is a 3 credit hour class, and has CORE 101 and CORE 102 listed as the prerequisites. This course is designed for those pursuing a career as an English language arts teacher. It covers topics pertaining to English grammar through history and the development of english itself. Topics such as the acquisition of literacy in areas where used, and exercises based on classroom-based structures will be implemented. The average reported GPA is 3.48. 

2. ESHE 390: Kinesiology

This 3 credit hours consisting of two lecture hours and two lab hours, has BIOL 322 or BIOL 310 or BIOL 311 listed as prerequisites. While the general material of the class is to examine the study and analysis of human motion, it also goes in depth regarding anatomical foundations. It further explores information regarding the structure and function of joints, the muscular system, and neuromuscular function that are all contributors to movement. This course has a reported average GPA of 3.43. 

3.  UNIV 100: Intro to Higher Education

This 1-2 credit hour course is geared for first year students and/or first semester transfer students (by permission). It discusses the core values of a well-rounded liberal arts education, and covers topics regarding problem solving, decision-making processes, academic success, and other areas as such. The average reported GPA is 3.68. 

4. CRJU 341: Introduction to Forensic Science

This is a 3 credit hour class that has CRJU 320 listed as the prerequisite. It will cover the application of biological and physical sciences and how it plays a role in the legal system. It will also serve to introduce the students to basic principles of forensic science. some topics that will be discussed include: science and the law, crime scene processing, laboratory processing, DNA analysis and typing, and questioned documents. The reported average GPA is 3.95. 

5. EDUC 310: Teaching and Learning Elementary Science

This is a 3 credit hour course that is composed of three lecture hours, and hold a 2.5 GPA as a prerequisite. The course content includes: National and State Science Standards, proper teaching and learning strategies for elementary science, scientific process skills, science themes, integration across the curriculum, and inquiry learning and instruction. The average reported GPA is 3.63. 

6. LEAD 110: Emerging Leaderships

This 3 credit class requires a minimum of 2.0 GPA. It is structured to introduce students to new visions of leadership and guide them to determine their own potentials to be leaders. The class runs in forms of discussions, readings, speakers, and interactions. It will also cover topics pertaining to leadership theories, traits, and techniques. The average reported GPA is 3.68.

7. HLTH 410: Drivers Education Theory

This is a 3 credit hour class that requires at least a junior year status and a 2.5 minimum GPA. The course covers the foundation of being a teacher and the skills to construct and organize classroom instruction regarding driver and traffic safety education. It also examines other efficient skills to administer drivers ed program. The average reported GPA is 3.76. 

8. HUMD 300: Human Growth and Development: Birth through Adolescence

This is a 3 credit hours class that holds a minimum of 2.5 GPA as the prerequisite. It delves into the vital aspects of human development, particular to that of the prenatal stage to the adolescence. It will cover various theories, ethics, research and applications pertaining to such topics. It will also address the factors that can influence the different developmental stages. The average reported GPA is 3.52. 

9. ESHE 315: Physical Activity and Aging

This is a 3 credit hour class, and it holds BIOL 105 and a 2.5 minimum GPA as a prerequisite. It covers the study of various sectors of exercise, fitness, and the process of aging. It will also explore topics including: biological theories and myths of aging, senility, sexuality, non productivity, psychosocial theories, functional age changes, and illness prevention. The average reported GPA is 3.68. 

10. EDEF 320: Introduction to Professional Education

This course requires a minimum 2.5 GPA as a prerequisite, as well as a course in human growth and development (or taken together). The average reported GPA is 3.71. The class exposes the students to teaching as a career, and will cover the organization and culture of schools, legal rights, responsibilities of teachers, that of students, various perspectives, historical developments, and many other topics. No matter which courses you register for, it’s okay to explore. There are plenty of other classes that can still be fitting to your interests and also help your GPA. Regardless, best of luck to your future endeavors!