10 Easiest Courses At Purdue University

Here at Purdue, there are some formalities concerning credit hours for financial aid and scholarships. In order to continue receiving free money to study here at Purdue, you may need a little bit more credit hours within your schedule. Or, you may simply not be concerned about scholarships and financial aid but you need to fill in some requirements for general education, electives, or for your major. Or, you simply are super excited to learn new things about the world in general. Anyways, if you happen to be looking for a bunch of easy classes to suit your purposes, here are is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Purdue University

1.HORT 360 Flower Arrangement And Indoor Plant Management



This class serves as a great stress reliever and helps instill a strong sense of appreciation for the aesthetic arrangement of flowers. Led by Mary Lou Hayden, an instructor of floral design, students design a number of floral arrangements that include wedding bouquets and silk corsages. Students also learn a few things about taking care of plants. They will be each given a houseplant to take care of during the beginning of the semester. Though there is a laboratory materials fee, the 3 credit hours and relaxing feel of arranging flowers more than make up for it.

2.COM 318 Principles Of Persuasion

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This class focuses on how persuasion affects individuals and society. If you take this class, you will explore various perspectives and models of persuasion and examine theoretical and pragmatic approaches to the art. In addition to being an interesting class, COM 318 is a fairly easy class that has no final and no homework and just three exams with the lowest one being dropped, and one written assignment. If you would like 3 easy credits and the ability to always convince your friends to share food with you, consider taking this class.

3.PES 116 Golf

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PES 116 is a class where you basically just play golf all day. Meeting twice a week, you will focus on different golf techniques such as pitching and chipping and working with different types of golf clubs. You are given a free bucket of golf balls and are allowed to play at Purdue’s golf course for as much as you like. Whether you are new to golf or a seasoned professional, this class is a good way to relax and appreciate the art of whacking a white plastic sphere over a long distance. This class does come with some fees, but for the amount of play time, 1 free credit, and easy homework assignments this class is worth it.

4. EAPS 106 Geosciences In The Cinema

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This class explores earth and atmospheric sciences based on depictions in popular and documentary cinema. Instead of having to listen to boring lectures about all that “sciency” stuff, you will engage in interesting discussions of how earthquakes, dinosaurs, volcanoes, severe weather, meteor impacts, and the earth’s interior were depicted in movies. You will mainly be watching films, discussing, and answering questions. After completing this class, you will receive 3 credits.

5. NUTR 303 Essentials of Nutrition

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This is an easy science class that offers one credit and teachers students the science behind healthy eating. Without any labs, students students will not have to worry about hard lab practicals that can threaten their grade. As you explore the field of nutrition, you will learn about fallacies in current nutrition as well as how to plan an effective diet to suit your needs. This class can also been taken online if you do not wish to walk to a physical location.

6.SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology

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Would you like to gain some insightful knowledge of the human society? Or maybe you just want an easy 3 credits. SOC 100 is a relatively easy class that encourages you to make analysis of society, culture, social institutions, and social change with different factors such as gender, race, education, and religion. In terms of workload, the homework assignments are easy and you will only have to do about 1 hour’s worth reading per week for an easy A.

7. AD 113 Art and Design

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AD 113 is a chill class where you learn some basic art techniques. You will be assigned some readings as well as practice drawing to be turned in to your instructor. You will soon learn how to be fluent in communication with your sketches, where your thoughts and imaginative bring forth majestic pieces of work. Instead of having to mentally grind out boring math formulas, you get carried away producing fine masterpieces. This class will give you 3 credits.

8.PSY 200 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

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PSY 200 is another easy 3 credit class that can be interesting to both Psych and non-Psych majors. With an easy workload of a few online quizzes and homework, you will breeze through the course as well as explore topics that include mental life, reading, attention, consciousness, imagery, memory, problem solving, decision making, and artificial intelligence. You will be able to take part in interesting lectures that sometimes include some fun guest speakers. If you have the slightest interest in the workings of your noggin, you should consider taking this class.

9.MET 349 Stringed Instrument Design and Manufacture

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Ever wondered about the process behind constructing a guitar? Or better yet, ever wanted to craft your very own stringed instrument? Well look no further. Here at MET 349 you can do just that. Meeting twice a week for lectures and 4 times a week for labs, you will work in teams of 5-7 people where you guys create an instrument for each person on the team. You will learn different techniques and processes behind constructing your very own stringed instrument, starting from 2D designing on the computer and physical creation in the lab. This class awards 3 credits.


10. CLCS 380 Alexander The Great And The Hellenistic World

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CLCS 380 is a super easy class that exams the career of Alexander the Great and to explore the rise of Macedonia and the Hellenistic Civilization. You will learn about various interesting things that include aspects of Greek warfare and the mental genius of Alexander. With trivial exams, homework, and quizzes you will not be stressed at all as you cruise through this class for your 3 credits.

Creating the perfect schedule here at Purdue can be quite hard especially when you need filler classes to get the right amount of credit hours, but with these fun and easy classes, your schedule creation process will be quite painless. In addition, you may learn some things that you may find interesting and insightful. Since none of these classes involve loads of homework and hard tests, you won’t be biased to think poorly of these classes since they won’t give you a hard time. Even if they don’t interest you, at least they won’t get too much in your way.

5 Least Boring Electives That Give You Credit At Purdue

You may be needing some extra credits to maintain a minimum number of credit hours based on your major or a scholarship that you have. However, your current schedule may already be super busy and you simply cannot handle another serious class. So how exactly are you going to get those additional credits without putting additional stress upon yourself? Well here at Purdue University, there are a wide variety of electives that you can take that still give you credit. Among the selection of classes, some are quite boring while others are quite fun. Here are some of the least boring electives at Purdue that won’t require much of your time while still providing credit hours.

1.PES 115 Bowling

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This is literally a class where you literally bowl for credit hours. Of course, you won’t be bowling the entire time as you will be learning about game mechanics, rules, scoring and other game-related things, but you will be able to bowl 2 games each class. Instead of having to really work your brain attempting to decipher the cryptic messages that your professors are trying to convey in your math class, you are put in a relaxed environment where you learn the fundamentals of a simple game. If you really get into bowling, perhaps you may even consider joining Purdue’s bowling club! Since this class is located in the Memorial Union, you will have access to a bunch of restaurants that serve delicious food after your class.

2.ENG 232 Dragons: Myth and Literature

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A class about dragons? Seriously? ENG 232 is a class that explores dragons, mainly by studying how they were depicted in past written works and more modern things such as video games and movies. If you are a fan of Tolkien, play Skyrim, or enjoyed how the How To Train Your Dragon Series, this class is perfect for you! This class was created as a way to make English class more interesting to students. Students get to read different books and written pieces including His Majesty’s Dragon, Beowulf, and even a graphic novel, Nimona. This class is perfect if you do not enjoy the bland boring articles that you need to read for school assignments in general where instead, you are given exciting stories about adventures with dragons.

3.CS 10100 Digital Literacy

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Whether you are a CS major or just an avid hobbyist who has some interest in technology, this class is worth considering. Even though you won’t be doing any programming or assembling actual hardware, this class gives an overall awareness of the technology that is out there and how it works. You will be lead by Douglass Comer, who headed a number of research projects that lead to the creation of the Internet and has written quite a bit textbooks which are widely used. With his passion for technology and enthusiastic teaching style, you will be lead on a wild journey through the past, present, and future of tech.

4.FS 470 Wine Appreciation


Enjoy a chill, relaxed environment where you can taste different types of wines served along with some bread and cheese. In this class, you will learn the business behind wine production, the history of wine, and different wine tastes. The class itself does not have very much homework and you even get to tour a winery. Being a self-declared connoisseur of wine can be an entertaining side hobby that you can do while studying for your actually career and still get credit. Eventually, you will develop an expert taste in all sorts of wine, beer, bourbon, and other alcoholic drinks.

5.HIST 371 Society, Culture, and Rock and Roll

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In this class, students will explore how rock and roll affected post World War II society. The class will survey trends and styles in rock and roll including its origin from country and blues, how it related to the corporate and political world, and how it was used as a form of social expression. Lead by Professor Roberts, a popular professor amongst students at Purdue, this class is taught in a lively upbeat manner filled with discussions of the rich culture behind this genre of music. Perhaps you will be a fan of rock and roll after taking this class.


Electives can be quite fun and interesting if you take the right ones. We all have the things we need to learn and understand when it comes to our majors and future careers, but it is always nice to learn a few new things that are unrelated but can be interesting. With at least some exposure of different things, we may develop new interests or just be aware of different career options and hobbies that are out there for a more wholesome experience of life in general.

Beating Freshman 15 At Purdue

You may have heard rumors of the phrase “Freshman 15” when you were still in high school. You may have thought that it wouldn’t apply to you because after all, you were on the school team for a few sports. However, in college two things increase: freedom and stress. With access to as much food as you want, control of your own schedule, and no parental supervision and loads of assignments and exam preparation, your level of discipline may not be enough to prevent you from making the right decisions. But do not fear, we have gathered some of the best tips for you to beat the Freshman 15 here at Purdue!

1. Use The Water Fountain Dispensers



You probably have seen one of these nifty little systems integrated into what is normally just a very average water fountain all around campus. Drinking lots of water is one of the key things to losing weight. Water can help energize your workouts and help cleanse your body of waste. Water can also temporarily boost your metabolism. Sometimes, when you feel super hungry, you are just super thirsty. Instead of gorging yourself on another meal, fill your water bottle up in the fountain and quench your thirst. With one of these dispensers located on every floor of each dorm at Purdue, a fresh source of water will always be near you.

2.Deserting The Dessert Section

Image result for purdue dining courts


In each of Purdue‘s dining courts, there is always that one corner that has all of the oh-so-delicious desserts: all you can eat ice cream, cookies, cakes, and berry pies. To prevent Freshman 15, it should be your duty to make a mental note of where exactly are these locations in each dining court and to make sure you stay away from them. While you can give yourself some leeway and treat yourself to some dessert maybe a few times per week, you should make sure that you and your friends are not sitting anywhere in the dining courts where this tempting oasis of delight resides.

3.Choose Your Meal Plan Wisely

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At Purdue, there are various meal plans that grant students meal swipes and dining dollars. Each meal swipe allows students entry for one meal at a dining court and dining dollars can be used to purchase food at certain locations. You should take note of how many meals swipes per week and how many dining dollars per semester you actually use and adjust your meal plan accordingly. Perhaps you may even try to cut down the number of meals you eat each week, especially if you are on an unlimited meal swipe plan. You can be saving more money and saving yourself from over eating if you decide to switch to a meal plan with less meal swipes and dining dollars.

4.Join A Fitness Class At The Corec



If you are new to working out, just going to the Corec by yourself may be quite scary and intimidating at first. You may not necessarily know what each piece of equipment is used for and to be honest, sometimes working out can get super boring. You should look into the fitness classes offered by the Corec. You can choose from a wide variety of selections, including learning how to scale cliffs from rock climbing lessons, flexibility and mental calmness from yoga classes, and upbeat group dance workouts from Group X. There are many ways to get fit, but the most important thing is that they should be fun and easy to get into (but challenging to master).

5.Find A Workout Buddy

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We have all heard of the phrase, “iron sharpens iron.” Well despite how cliché it sounds, it is actually quite true. Sometimes you may simply not feel motivated at all to workout. However, Freshman 15 doesn’t care whether you are motivated or not, so you better find a way to keep going. It’s a good idea to find a workout buddy. Whether he or she is from your dorm, math class, or club, your workout buddy will help motivate you on days you don’t want to train while you help them when they are unmotivated. With this buddy system, there is less likely of a chance that you will miss workout days and you will also earn the friendship of a loyal companion.

Physical fitness and physical well-being is an important aspect of our lives. It is important not to let your freshman year of college carry you away from maintaining a healthy and fit body. Not only will you feel much better, staying healthy and exercising regularly can help you maintain a sharp mind that can help you study hard and ace your exams, so that you can graduate as soon as possible and enter the workforce.

5 Best Off-Campus Restaurants Near Purdue

Purdue‘s campus has a wide variety of places for students to get food. There are its various dining courts located around campus and different restaurants in the Memorial Union and Chauncey Hill. Students are presented with different choices of food from different cultures and styles. They can enjoy a delicious pizza from Mad Mushroom, put their own sandwich making skills to the test at Earhart Dining court, or enjoy a delicious bowl of Pho at Green Leaf Vietnamese Cuisine. While these options may be nice for a while, what if students get tired of visiting the same places over and over again? Well here are some  fresh new options that are near campus but may require a little bit of commuting.

1.La Hacienda Bar and Grill

5 Best Off-Campus Restaurants Near Purdue


Located near Chauncey Hill, La Hacienda Bar and Grill is an authentic Mexican restaurants that aims to bring the fresh tastes of Mexico. With a wide selection of tacos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas and many more options, all of your cravings for Mexican food will be satisfied here, even if you have moved here from California, where the Mexican cuisine is a lot more readily available. As a bonus, you get free unlimited chips and salsa with every meal! If you follow La Hacienda on Facebook, you can stay tuned for occasionally deals that they sometimes offer such as all you can eat enchiladas.

2.McGraw’s Steak Chop and Fish House

5 Best Off-Campus Restaurants Near Purdue


Located along the Wabash river in a riverfront building is McGraw’s Steak Chop and Fish House. Though it opened in 1999, the building that McGraw’s Steak Chop and Fish House was opened in has been around for nearly two hundred years. With a building with two centuries of local history and a family friendly environment, McGraw’s Steak Chop and Fish House brings a unique experience of fine dining. McGraw’s specializes in serving artisan steak and delicately prepared seafood. Unlike many restaurants, they even serve frog legs!

3.Heisei Restaurant

5 Best Off-Campus Restaurants Near Purdue


Perhaps you are a huge fan of Japanese cuisine and would like to treat yourself to some delicious sushi rolls. You should definitely consider making a visit to Heisei Restaurant, a restaurant that specializes in delicious specialty combo plates. This restaurant is known for having the best ramen around Purdue as well as the only place around the area to have Katsu Curry (fried pork with sweet curry). If you are a huge sushi eater, you should come here during Tuesdays where there is a 20% discount on sushi.

4.Sai Shaukin Indian Fast Food

5 Best Off-Campus Restaurants Near Purdue


Do you wish to one day enjoy an authentic taste of Mumbai street cuisine but are currently too broke to actually plan a vacation to India? Instead, you should pay a visit to Sai Shaukin Indian Fast Food! This restaurant serves a wide variety of Indian snacks and street food in a casual setting. For newbies, we recommend that you try paneer, a sort of cheese curry that is served in a bowl along with a a plate of rice. Their food is always made to order so your meals will always be fresh, hot and ready to eat.

5.Nine Irish Brothers

5 Best Off-Campus Restaurants Near Purdue


Enjoy the warm friendly atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub at Nine Irish Brothers. Named the best Irish Pub in the state of Indiana by both Yelp and Buzzfeed, Nine Irish Brothers is a place you won’t want to miss. This Irish pub serves premium Irish food and spirits and is open to all ages from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Here, you will be able to savor on some delicious Guinness Stew, munch on a slice of Shepherd’s Pie, and chow down on some Fish and Chips. In addition to tasty Irish food and beer, Nine Irish Brothers features live Irish entertainment on most weekend nights, where they invite bands to come in and play.

Purdue itself already has many great options to go out to eat, but sometimes the restaurants on campus and on Chauncey Hill can get quite old. By listening around for new restaurants near Purdue to try, not only will you continue to discover awesome restaurants that will satisfy your cravings, you will be able to help support local restaurants continue with their passions of cooking food for all to enjoy.

Productive Procrastination At Purdue

Sometimes you just can’t focus. You may be studying for an upcoming test. You may be having trouble staying focused for an assignment due tomorrow. You may be simply bogged down by the sheer amount of assignments that your teachers have forcefully crammed onto your list of duties. However, you just don’t seem to be able to do anything at the moment. Well, here are some things you can do to procrastinate…but still be productive.

1. Working At The CoRec

Perhaps it’s time for your brain to rest from the workout that it receives during homework time. It’s time to workout your body instead! You should take some time to enjoy the plethora of exercise options at Purdue’s CoRec. Whether you are scaling the climbing wall like an agile monkey or role-playing a human forklift by squatting an insane amount of weight, working out at the CoRec provides time for mental recovery, but still allows you to work on something.

Image result for co rec purdue


2. Browse Online For Ways To Make Money 

Another alternative to your school studies is taking the time to browse online for ways to make money. Assuming that you are a broke college student needing to pay some bills, it is a good idea to be aware of some side hustles that you can do while still in college. You will discover plenty of options that mainly involve some sort of freelancing. Maybe you will start designing logos for Youtubers or flipping exotic items of Ebay.

Related image


3. Take An Actual Break

No, we did not choose this picture because Purdue is in Indiana with lots of open fields. But, there is one thing about this picture that you should be aware of: an absence of any electronic device. Sometimes we decide to take a “break” from work because we are too tired. However, we then simply sit back and pop open our phones and start browsing. Looking at a screen will not help you rest properly as it keeps your brain constantly stimulated. If you really want to rest from your work, just put the phone away and take a nap.

Image result for rest


4. Visit The Demonstration Kitchen

Instead of trying to tackle a hard calculus problem, why not learn how to cook? For only $10, you can schedule a session at Purdue’s Demonstration Kitchen where you make and learn delicious recipes. You will also learn nutrition information, culinary techniques, and food sanitation guidelines. Learning to cook is quite an important skill, especially if you get tired of the food at the Purdue dining courts.

Image result for purdue demonstration kitchen


5. Learn The Lyrics Of Hail Purdue

If you happen to be really bored, perhaps its time to summon your inner feelings of devotion towards your college. You should find a copy of the lyrics of Hail Purdue and a good version of the song on Youtube and sing your heart away. Once you have mastered the song, you will be able to march along with Purdue’s marching band as they flourish the campus with their joyous fanfare.

Image result for hail purdue

While these may be excellent tips that can help you procrastinate in a productive manner, it is still a good idea that you eventually get back to your homework. After all, your GPA depends on it. Not to mention planning to do something and following through without getting distracted builds great discipline!

5 Cool Work-Study Jobs At Purdue

You may have come to college to learn how to make money. Or, you may have come here to explore and learn about the world around us. Either way, your education is funded by money and you may need a few side hustles to eventually pay off your student debts, or you may simply want some spending money to enjoy outings with your friends. At Purdue, there are numerous options to work part time while still being a student. Here are some of the coolest work-study jobs you can have at Purdue.

1. PSUB Graphic Designer

If you happen to be interested in further developing your graphic design skills by getting some actual paid practice, you should consider applying to be a graphic designer for the Purdue Student Union Board (PSUB). From creating colorful posters and eye-catching flyers, you will be working with a team to create promotional materials for PSUB and Union Rack and Roll events. You will be able to show off your professional Photoshop skills as well as add to your resume.

Image result for woman hand smartphone desk

2.Starbucks Barista

What better job is there than working for a coffee shop that produces mouth-watering Frappuccinos and other caffeinated drinks. Getting a job at Starbucks is a coffee-lovers dream. Employees at Starbucks get free drinks and food and who would say no to free Starbucks? Whether you are enduring long homework assignments or recuperating from the damage after recent exams, making and drinking some delicious coffee while earning money may help with the process.

Image result for purdue starbucks

3. Class Tutor

Some classes in Purdue offer private tutoring from students who have already passed that class. If you have mastered some previous classes and happen to be that one person who always helps your friends with the homework, you should consider looking into being a tutor for that class. Not only will you make some good money based on your credentials such as your grade and previous grade in the class, but you will win the respect and admiration of the people who you saved from failing the class.

Image result for college tutor

4. Being A Teacher’s Assistant

If you were unable to secure a job as a tutor either because your class did not offer it or you didn’t find enough students who needed your help, you can apply to be a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) for a class you have mastered. TAs lead recitation classes where they explain and go over homework problems with students, as well as proctor quizzes and tests. Compared to working as a tutor, being a TA gives you a more professional experience of teaching students in a classroom setting.

Related image

5.Cooking For A Food Truck


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to operate a mobile cooking machine? Perhaps you should apply to work for The Daily Bite! As a cook for The Daily Bite food truck, you will travel around, all over campus, bringing delicious Mexican food to students everywhere. You will prepare tasty tacos, mouth-watering quesadillas, and ice-cold beverages for all to enjoy. Just make sure you don’t get too hungry while cooking!

Image result for daily bite

While these are some of the coolest jobs that you can have here at Purdue while studying, you should always keep an eye out for other job opportunities that can be just as awesome just in case these jobs become no longer available. Ask people around for job opportunities as well as checking Purdue’s official job website and you will eventually be able to land the gig!

Stereotypes Purdue Students Are Tired Of Hearing

As a university becomes more popular and established, people in general begin to form different feelings and opinions on it. With more and more people visiting, attending, and graduating from Purdue University, people start to form stereotypes based on the university which may or may not be true. As a matter of fact, sometimes people who have never ever been to Purdue use these stereotypes they may have heard or read somewhere when trying to explain to their friends about Purdue while pretending that they actually know something about the school!

1. Purdue Only Focuses On Engineering and Computer Science

Image result for purdue engineering

With is solid courses in engineering and computer science which are reflected by its national rankings, many have concluded that Purdue is all about these two and that its other programs are virtually non-existent. This is simply not true. While you may meet a bunch of future engineers and computer scientists if you go to Purdue, there are also many others who are super passionate about other studies such as Actuarial Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, and Neural Science. Next when someone tells you he/she goes to Purdue, you may even be super surprised to hear that he/she is Liberal Arts major.

2. Purdue Is All Study No Party

Image result for lonely guy at party

With its reputation of having rigorous courses and excessive workloads, many think that Purdue students don’t know how to party because they just don’t party in general. With so many homework assignments, someone even joked that half of “Purdue” is “due.” While this is actually quite a funny joke, this stereotype simply isn’t true. While Purdue may not be your top party school, the Boilermakers still know how to have a good time by hosting massive Tailgate, Halloween, and other themed parties. If it’s a serious frat, they definitely go hard.

3. Indiana University Has Taken All The Pretty Girls

Related image

A common claim that many at Indiana University say is that Purdue has all of the ugly girls. Not only is this a rude generalization of a population that is constantly being changed every year as students come in and graduate out of the college, but this is simply false. Any IU student who comes to visit Purdue will have to grudgingly accept that Purdue girls are cute too, but if they seriously want to visit, they better make sure that no one knows they are from IU, or else they may be ostracized. Just look at the picture, no one here at Purdue wants to hang out with these losers.

4. There Are Nothing But Corn Fields

Image result for west lafayette corn fields

Many think that if they decide to attend Purdue University, they will be bored by the lack of “civilization” as they are surrounded by massive corn fields. Just ask the Purdue students and they will tell you that the city of West Lafayette is filled with fun and adventure. Whether it be trying to use puzzles to escape the urban tunnels of Rugged Xscape or enjoying a movie at Goodrich Wabash Landing Theater, it is definitely not boring here. And who knows, may it would be fun playing tag in a corn field!

5. Most Males Are “Enginerds” Who Aren’t Social

Related image

Some may be repulsed by Purdue‘s male to female ratio which comprises of a higher male population. They claim that Purdue is just a bunch of male “enginerds” who don’t know how to be social and more importantly, have no luck in getting girls. Honestly, this is quite false. Engineers learn to work in teams and since Purdue is strong in engineering, it is very likely that most students here are quite social and know how to talk to people. Also, since there are less girls than guys at Purdue, the men here actually have quite a bit of game since with less females and more competition, they need to try harder to get a date.

With any college, there will be stereotypes about it, but most are just out of pure ignorance. While it may be funny that some people always seem to form strong opinions despite not knowing much about a university, it is important to always reveal the truth to dispel the myths. However, since this article is written from Purdue‘s perspective, we would like you all to know that any bad stereotype about IU probably holds quite a bit of truth!

How Purdue Students Can Stockpile Groceries

So you are now sick and tired of eating the same food over and over again at Purdue‘s dining courts and have started to subscribe to a lot of cooking channels on Youtube. Now, you are about to start shopping for groceries for the very first time. However, with money being a limiting factor that prevents you from buying a whole shelf of canned soup, you may be asking yourself one question: “What is the most efficient way to stockpile groceries as a college student?” Well if you’re a Purdue student, you’re in luck! Here are some tips to help!

1. Cheapest and Nearest Groceries

Image result for purdue grocery

Depending on how your schedule is planned, you will be shopping based on either convenience or price. If you are look for cheap, affordable groceries, you should consider visiting Walmart or Save-A-Lot. To be honest, you can basically find anything at Walmart which turns out to be one of the go-to places for any college necessities for Purdue students. Save-A-Lot is a discount supermarket chain that offers great deals. Keep in mind though, you will have to take the bus or drive to either grocery store, so if you need a closer, on-campus location, you should consider going to either Tarkington Market, Urban Market, or Third Street market. (They are on the expensive side though!)

2. Moocho

Image result for moocho app

Moocho is an app designed for college students to save money from their spendings at campus shops and restaurants that they go to. Even though Moocho only has a limited number of universities that it is partnered with, Purdue is one of them! With points awarded for every purchase which can be used to redeem rewards and periodic free deals that give the user things such as a free sub at Subway, Moocho is highly effective to help students save money if they shop on campus. Moocho can help students have more grocery money, or if they need to shop at more expensive on-campus locations such as Tarkington Market or Urban Market, they can get some money back!

3. Careful Selection of Purchase

Image result for grocery store shopper

You have arrived at the grocery store and now it’s just grab whatever you need right? Not quite. At the grocery store, there are a few things you should be aware of to get the best bang for your buck. You should try to go for less packaging and more produce. An item with more packaging will simply raise the price and most of the time, it’s really not worth it unless you are buying a six-pack of soda since soda goes flat before you can finish a whole liter bottle. If you don’t mind maybe a slight difference in taste, you can make sure you buy store the grocery store brand instead of a name brand. Perhaps the grocery store brand pizza rolls may even taste better than Totino’s.

4. Write A List Before Shopping

Related image

Sometimes it may be super tempting to grab everything you see in a grocery store. Whether its the brightly colored packaging, the allure of the smells, or the promise of a prospective delicious meal, sometimes you may just want to buy out the entire store. However, because you are probably on a tight budget, you won’t be able to do this. (I mean, if you are rolling in cash, why are you attending college to get a degree for a job?) In order to prevent this, you must write a grocery list, even if you think you can memorize everything. Just having a physical piece of paper will constantly remind you what you are here to buy and hopefully deter your temptations.

5. Calorie Counting


Wanna know the best way to save food? Just don’t eat it at all! Okay well of course that’s not possible, but we can still do one thing: control the amount we eat. By consuming food in a more efficient and disciplined manner, we will be doing our bodies and wallets a favor. To count how much calories you need to either gain, maintain or lose weight based on your needs, simply Google search a calorie counting website and eat accordingly. You may discover that you don’t need to spend so much on groceries after all!

We know that college life can be quite hard, especially with Purdue‘s rigorous courses, new social environment, and increased responsibilities, but stressing over not having enough good food should not be one of the problems. We wish you Purdue students good luck with your studies and a happy, satisfied stomach!

5 Tips To Survive Your Very First Programming Class At Purdue

Majoring in Computer Science in some way has gotten quite popular. With most of the high-paying jobs in technology, many are scrambling to have some sort of programming experience within their college courses. With its strong reputation from its CS course, Purdue is a strong contender for one of the colleges with the best Computer Science program. However, with its great reputation comes with super duper hard programming classes, so here are some tips to help you survive your very first programming class at Purdue, especially if you are entirely new to coding.

1.Office Hours and Supplemental Instruction (SI)

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When it comes to learning a programming language, it is quite hard to sufficiently learn everything by yourself from simply going to the lectures and attempting to work on your homework. Trust me, you will want to fall sleep during most of the lectures. Instead, look up the schedule for Office Hours and Supplemental Instruction sessions to help you prepare. Office Hours are times held by teacher assistants where you can work on anything CS related and ask them for help. Supplemental Instruction sessions are led by students who have previously finished the CS course you have taken and are there to answer any questions you and others have about programming.

2.Coding Exercise Websites

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Each programming language comes with a bunch terms and formats that can be quite hard to remember if you don’t know what each one is supposed to be used for. In order to make all those peculiar words stick inside of your head, it is a good idea to actually make good use of them by practicing more on various websites online that provide exercises for each programming language that you are learning. If you happen to be learning either Java or Python, codingbat.com is a good place to start.

3.Stay Active On Piazza

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Piazza is a website that serves as a question and answer forum for college classes. For your programming class at Purdue, your instructor will ask all of you to sign in to their class on Piazza. Staying up to date with the posts on your class page on Piazza will help answer a lot of your questions as well as give your information on policy changes for each assignment. Just make sure you don’t post your entire homework code to your post unless it’s set to private for viewing by instructors only! Perhaps if you happen to excel at programming, you can be the one who answers other people’s questions.

4.Work On Projects IMMEDIATELY

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Projects…oh what a fond memory. Projects are assigned every few weeks and are basically super beefed up homework problems. Expect to spend around 5-8 hours on each assignment as well as additional unaccounted hours looking up unknown programming concepts and pleading your smart friends for help. Whenever a project is assigned in your programming class, work on it IMMEDIATELY. It really sucks to cram last minute and not to mention, the online submission website may be overloaded with very many poor souls trying to submit their code.

5.Explore On Your Own

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Because this is your first programming class, you may or may not know the purpose of the programming language and what it is used for. It would be a good idea to do some online research about the language that you are being taught and also to learn about additional programming languages and what they are capable of doing. Assuming you are somewhat interested in some tech related job, this research will help you plan out your next CS related college courses. You may even be simply inspired to explore within the endless boundaries of the realm of technology.

With those tips, you should be well equipped to enter your first programming class at Purdue. As long as you put in hard work and dedication, you will reap the fruits of your labor. In your journey to become a super programmer, you will also meet other inspired individuals like you who aren’t afraid to conquer the world of computers!

5 Things You Should Know About Purdue Basketball Before March Madness

With Purdue’s current success with its basketball team and all the hype that comes with it, it is quite hard to avoid hearing people around campus talking about it. Being 3rd in the Big 10, Purdue ranks pretty high in this conference. Whether you are an avid fan of college basketball, a casual baller, or a competitive athlete, here are some interesting things that you should know about Purdue’s basketball team before this year’s March Madness.

1. The Origin

Purdue first started its basketball career under head coach C.I. Freeman. In 1896, it started competing within the YMCA in Lafayette, Indiana. After the season ended, they were able to go undefeated with a record of 8-0. Eventually, the Purdue Athletic Association decided that maybe basketball was pretty popular after all and that the university would probably see some success if they decided to have an official team. 3 years later, under their college nickname, the Boilermakers, Purdue’s basketball team would play in the Big Ten Conference, along with the other states in the Midwest.


2.Caleb Swanigan

Among the crazy super athletes that has seen action as part of Purdue’s basketball team includes Caleb Swanigan. Standing a lanky 6 feet 9 inches and weighing around 246 pounds, Caleb dominates in his position as a poward forward. During his high school years, Swanigan was ranked No. 9 in ESPN’s Top 100 for class of 2015 and in college, and in college was named the Big Ten Player of the Year. He currently plays in the NBA G League for Canton Charge, but has been drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers. Hopefully we will see him become a big player in the NBA in the future!

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3.Mackey Arena

This is the home base for Purdue’s basketball team. With the capacity to seat over 14,000 people, things can get really loud and hectic during basketball games, especially when overzealous Boilermakers and their parents come pouring in to cheer on their team and boo out the opposing team. For opposing teams, the arena may feel like a circular dungeon of doom where everything is too close together. We aren’t sure if that is by design, but with Purdue’s current fabulous performance, we just can’t help but wonder if the engineers of the arena designed it to make opposing teams feel unwelcome.

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4. Head Coach: Matt Painter

A key ingredient to a successful basketball team is the coach. The coach serves as the eyes and ears of the bigger picture of the basketball game as a whole while leading the team of players together in one unit. Currently, Purdue’s basketball coach is Matt Painter. Original hired in 2005, Matt Painter has led the basketball team until this day. Though beginning with some rocky starts, he was able lead Purdue to win the 2017 Big Ten Conference Title its first in 7 years. I mean just look at this guy’s face! It’s INTENSE!

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5.Purdue Basketball’s 2017-18 Performance

This year has been quite exciting for Purdue’s basketball team. Despite losing Caleb Swanigan this year who no longer plays for Purdue, they were able to rank 3rd in offense points and 7th in defense points in the Big Ten. Unfortunately, Purdue recently lost to Ohio State and Michigan State, but they are still ranked 3rd in the Big Ten Conference. Hopefully, Purdue will be able to win more games while the higher ranking colleges such as Ohio State can lose some which will allow Purdue be a higher seed when we watch them play in March Madness.

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As March is approaching, all of us basketball fans will become more excited and anxious about Purdue’s performance. Whether you are seriously into the sport itself, or more into the Boilermaker basketball team itself, we can all agree that this has been an exciting season for Purdue. At the end of the day, despite our performance, we should remember that basketball is just a game…to be taken seriously so grab your foam fingers, airhorns, and beer cans and BOILER UP!