Purdue University Past and Practice Exams 2019

Looking for Purdue past exams, old exams, and practice exams? This list includes past exams and solutions at Purdue University. Feel free to check them out and be sure to share them with your fellow Purdue peers.

Course CodeCourse NameView Here
AAE 20300Aeromechanics IView Here
AAE 20400Aeromechanics IIView Here
AAE 33300Fluid MechanicsView Here
AAE 33400AerodynamicsView Here
AAE 34000Dynamics And VibrationsView Here
AAE 35200Structural Analysis IView Here
AAE 37200Jet Propulsion Power PlantsView Here
AAE 42100Flight Dynamics And ControlView Here
AAE 56700Introduction To Applied Stochastic ProcessesView Here
AAE 62600Turbulence And Turbulence ModelingView Here
ABE 32500Soil And Water Resource EngineeringView Here
ABE 58000Process Engineering Of Renewable ResourcesView Here
AGEC 20300Introductory Microeconomics For Food And AgribusinessView Here
AGEC 22000Economics Of Agricultural MarketsView Here
AGEC 33000Management Methods For Agricultural BusinessView Here
AGEC 34000International Economic DevelopmentView Here
AGEC 35200Quantitative Techniques For Firm Decision MakingView Here
AGEC 40600Natural Resource And Environmental EconomicsView Here
AGEC 45500Agricultural LawView Here
AGEC 64000Agricultural PolicyView Here
AGEC 65200Application Of Quantitative Analysis: Mathematical ProgrammingView Here
AGRY 25500Soil ScienceView Here
AGRY 30500Seed Analysis And Grain GradingView Here
AGRY 37500Crop Production SystemsView Here
AGRY 46500Soil Physical PropertiesView Here
AGRY 51500Plant Mineral NutritionView Here
AGRY 56000Soil PhysicsView Here
ANSC 10600Biology Companion AnimalView Here
BCHM 56200General Biochemistry IIView Here
BCM 38000Concrete ConstructionView Here
BCM 38501Soils In ConstructionView Here
BCM 47500Construction CostsView Here
BIOL 11000Fundamentals Of Biology IView Here
BIOL 11100Fundamentals Of Biology IIView Here
BIOL 20300Human Anatomy And PhysiologyView Here
BIOL 20400Human Anatomy And PhysiologyView Here
BIOL 22100Introduction To MicrobiologyView Here
BIOL 23000Biology Of The Living CellView Here
BIOL 23100Biology III: Cell Structure And FunctionView Here
BIOL 24100Biology IV: Genetics And Molecular BiologyView Here
BIOL 24200Laboratory In Biology IV: Genetics And Molecular BiologyView Here
BIOL 28600Introduction To Ecology And EvolutionView Here
BIOL 30100Human Design: Anatomy And PhysiologyView Here
CDFS 25500Introduction To Couple And Family RelationshipsView Here
CE 20300Principles And Practice Of GeomaticsView Here
CE 21000Introduction To GeomaticsView Here
CE 22200Life Cycle Engineering And Management Of Constructed FacilitiesView Here
CE 23100Engineering Materials IView Here
CE 27000Introductory Structural MechanicsView Here
CE 29700Basic Mechanics I (Statics)View Here
CE 29800Basic Mechanics II DynamicsView Here
CE 32200Introduction To Construction EngineeringView Here
CE 33100Engineering Materials IIView Here
CE 34000HydraulicsView Here
CE 35000Introduction To Environmental And Ecological EngineeringView Here
CE 36100Transportation EngineeringView Here
CE 37100Structural Analysis IView Here
CE 38300Geotechnical Engineering IView Here
CE 39700Undergraduate Professional InternshipView Here
CE 47300Reinforced Concrete DesignView Here
CE 47400Structural Analysis IIView Here
CE 58700Soil DynamicsView Here
CE 59700Civil Engineering ProjectsView Here
CE 69700Civil Engineering ProjectsView Here
CEM 49700Construction Engineering ProjectsView Here
CHE 20500Chemical Engineering CalculationsView Here
CHE 21100Introductory Chemical Engineering ThermodynamicsView Here
CHE 30600Design Of Staged Separation ProcessesView Here
CHE 32000Statistical Modeling And Quality EnhancementView Here
CHE 33000Principles Of Molecular EngineeringView Here
CHE 34800Chemical Reaction EngineeringView Here
CHE 37700Momentum TransferView Here
CHE 37800Heat And Mass TransferView Here
CHE 69700Special Topics In Chemical EngineeringView Here
CHEM C1260Experimental Chemistry IIView Here
CHM 11100General ChemistryView Here
CHM 11500General ChemistryView Here
CHM 11600General ChemistryView Here
CHM 11900General ChemistryView Here
CHM 12300General Chemistry For Engineers IView Here
CHM 12400General Chemistry For Engineers IIView Here
CHM 20000Fundamentals Of ChemistryView Here
CHM 22400Introductory Quantitative AnalysisView Here
CHM 25500Organic ChemistryView Here
CHM 25501Organic Chemistry LaboratoryView Here
CHM 25600Organic ChemistryView Here
CHM 26100Organic ChemistryView Here
CHM 26200Organic ChemistryView Here
CHM 32300Analytical Chemistry I HonorsView Here
CHM 33300Principles Of BiochemistryView Here
CHM 34200Inorganic ChemistryView Here
CHM 37000Topics In Physical ChemistryView Here
CHM 60500Safety In The Chemistry LaboratoryView Here
CHM 66800Physical Organic ChemistryView Here
CHM 69600Special Topics In ChemistryView Here
CNIT 18000Introduction To Systems DevelopmentView Here
CNIT 27200Database FundamentalsView Here
CS 17700Programming With Multimedia ObjectsView Here
CS 18000Problem Solving And ObjectView Here
CS 25000Computer ArchitectureView Here
CS 33400Fundamentals Of Computer GraphicsView Here
CS 35200Compilers: Principles And PracticeView Here
CS 38100Introduction To The Analysis Of AlgorithmsView Here
CS 42200Computer NetworksView Here
CS 49000Topics In Computer Sciences For UndergraduatesView Here
CS 50200Compiling And Programming SystemsView Here
CS 50300Operating SystemsView Here
CS 52600Information SecurityView Here
CS 53600Data Communication And Computer NetworksView Here
CS 54100Database SystemsView Here
CS 55500CryptographyView Here
CS 56500Programming LanguagesView Here
CS 57300Data MiningView Here
CS 58000Algorithm Design# Analysis# And ImplementationView Here
CS 59000Topics In Computer SciencesView Here
EAS 13000Introductory Earth Science for Elementary EducationView Here
EAS 22300Ocean StudiesView Here
ECE 20100Linear Circuit Analysis IView Here
ECE 20200Linear Circuit Analysis IIView Here
ECE 20700Electronic Measurement TechniquesView Here
ECE 25500Introduction To Electronic Analysis And DesignView Here
ECE 26400Advanced C ProgrammingView Here
ECE 27000Introduction To Digital System DesignView Here
ECE 30100Signals And SystemsView Here
ECE 30200Probabilistic Methods In Electrical And Computer EngineeringView Here
ECE 30500Semiconductor DevicesView Here
ECE 30700Electromagnetic Fields And Waves LaboratoryView Here
ECE 31100Electric And Magnetic FieldsView Here
ECE 38200Feedback System Analysis And DesignView Here
ECE 42300Electromechanical Motion ControlView Here
ECE 43300Power ElectronicsView Here
ECE 43700Computer Design And PrototypingView Here
ECE 43800Digital Signal Processing With ApplicationsView Here
ECE 46100Software EngineeringView Here
ECE 48300Digital Control Systems Analysis And DesignView Here
ECE 53800Digital Signal Processing IView Here
ECE 57300Compilers And Translator Writing SystemsView Here
ECE 59500Selected Topics In Electrical EngineeringView Here
ECE 60800Computational Models And MethodsView Here
ECE 63800Principles Of Digital Color Imaging SystemsView Here
ECE 65900Quantum Phenomena In SemiconductorsView Here
ECE 66100Computer VisionView Here
ECE 69500Advanced Topics In Electrical And Computer EngineeringView Here
ECET 10900Digital FundamentalsView Here
ECET 15900Digital ApplicationsView Here
ECET 21400Electricity FundamentalsView Here
ECET 23100Electrical Power And ControlsView Here
ECET 23300Electronics And Industrial ControlsView Here
ECET 25700Consumer Power ElectronicsView Here
ECET 30400Introduction To Communication SystemsView Here
ECET 30700Analog Network Signal ProcessingView Here
ECET 32400Fundamentals Of ElectromagneticsView Here
ECET 37400Digital TelecommunicationsView Here
ECON 25100MicroeconomicsView Here
ECON 25200MacroeconomicsView Here
ECON 35200Intermediate MacroeconomicsView Here
ECON 36000EconometricsView Here
ECON 37000International TradeView Here
ECON 37100International Monetary ProblemsView Here
ECON 38000Money And BankingView Here
ECON 41500Contemporary Economic Problems And PoliciesView Here
EDST 20000History And Philosophy Of EducationView Here
EDUC Q2000Introduction To Scientific InquiryView Here
ENG E3010Literatures In English To 1600View Here
ENGL 10600FirstView Here
ENGR 12600Engineering Problem Solving and Computer ToolsView Here
ENGR 13200Transforming Ideas To Innovation IIView Here
ENGR 19500FirstView Here
FN 31500Fundamentals Of NutritionView Here
FNR 10300Introduction To Environmental ConservationView Here
FNR 40700Forest EconomicsView Here
GEOL G1110Physical GeologyView Here
HIST 35100The Second World WarView Here
HORT 20100Plant PropagationView Here
IE 23000Probability And Statistics In Engineering IView Here
IE 33000Probability And Statistics In Engineering IIView Here
IE 33600Operations ResearchView Here
IE 58100Simulation Design And AnalysisView Here
MA 10800Mathematics As A Profession And A DisciplineView Here
MA 11100AlgebraView Here
MA 15200College AlgebraView Here
MA 15300Algebra And Trigonometry IView Here
MA 15400Algebra And Trigonometry IIView Here
MA 15900PrecalculusView Here
MA 15910Introduction To CalculusView Here
MA 16100Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus IView Here
MA 16200Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus IIView Here
MA 16500Analytic Geometry And Calculus IView Here
MA 16600Analytic Geometry And Calculus IIView Here
MA 17300Calculus And Analytic Geometry IIView Here
MA 17400Multivariable CalculusView Here
MA 18200Honors Calculus IIView Here
MA 22300Introductory Analysis IView Here
MA 22400Introductory Analysis IIView Here
MA 26100Multivariate CalculusView Here
MA 26200Linear Algebra And Differential EquationsView Here
MA 26500Linear AlgebraView Here
MA 26600Ordinary Differential EquationsView Here
MA 27101Honors Multivariate CalculusView Here
MA 30300Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations for Engineering and the SciencesView Here
MA 51100Linear Algebra With ApplicationsView Here
MA 51500Mathematics Of FinanceView Here
MA 53000Functions Of A Complex Variable IView Here
MA 54400Real Analysis And Measure TheoryView Here
MATH M0070Elementary AlgebraView Here
ME 20000Thermodynamics IView Here
ME 27000Basic Mechanics IView Here
ME 30900Fluid MechanicsView Here
ME 36500Measurement And Control Systems IView Here
ME 37500Measurement And Control Systems IIView Here
ME 41300Noise ControlView Here
MGMT 20000Introductory AccountingView Here
MGMT 20100Management Accounting IView Here
MGMT 35000Intermediate Accounting IView Here
MGMT 46200Advanced Manufacturing Planning And Control SystemsView Here
PHYS 21900General Physics IIView Here
PHYS 24100Electricity And OpticsView Here
PHYS 27200Electric And Magnetic InteractionsView Here
PSY 20000Introduction To Cognitive PsychologyView Here
SOC 10000Introductory SociologyView Here
STAT 11300Statistics And SocietyView Here
STAT 22500Introduction To Probability ModelsView Here
STAT 51200Applied Regression AnalysisView Here

10 Hardest Classes at Purdue University

Purdue University is a public, research university located in West Lafayette, Indiana. Purdue offers over 200 undergraduate majors and over 70 postgraduate programs. There are well over 40,000 students and 18 intercollegiate sports teams. There are many opportunities for students, both inside the classroom and out. Here are the 10 hardest classes you can find at Purdue!

1. AAE 43900 – Rocket Propulsion

This class combines several different aspects of physics and astronomy to discuss rocket propulsion, making it a complex and challenging subject. Some important topics include flight mechanics, propulsion system requirements, nozzle analysis and design, thermochemistry of propellants, performance calculations and rocket engine cycle analysis.

spaceX rocket taking off next to spaceX building

2. ECON 46000 – Econometrics

This upper level economics course focuses on the statistical techniques used in testing economic theory. You will need a solid mathematical background and there will be emphasis on estimating a single equation. You will be able to use Purdue’s computational facilities to complete calculation and estimations for this course!

econometrics introductory slide with graph

3. BME 55100 – Tissue Engineering

Biomedical engineering is one of the most demanding majors. In this class, students will focus on the structure-function relationships in tissues and how they relate to organ function. You will also examine pathological tissues. Some topics include drug delivery, tissue and cell transplantation, bioartificial organs, and in vivo tissue regeneration.

a chart of the four different types of tissues

4. CS 48900 – Embedded Systems

Computer science is one of the most popular majors out there, but also a difficult one! This class focuses on software for embedded systems and writing programs with constraints on memory, storage, and processing power. Some main topics include Finite State Machines (FSMs), asynchronous and synchronous serial connections, and General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins. You will complete a team project for this class!

the hardware parts of an embedded system

5. MA 44000 – Honors Real Analysis I

This pure math class will require a lot of abstraction and logical reasoning. This introduction to real analysis will consider one and n-dimensional Euclidean spaces. Some key topics are the completeness property of real numbers, the Heine-Borel theorem, convergence of sequences and series in Euclidean spaces, the Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem, continuity, and Riemann or Riemann-Stieltjes integrals. This is not for those without strong proof writing skills!

comic on the analysis of functions

6. CHE 43500 – Chemical Engineering Laboratory

This four credit class is not to be messed around with! As well as intense labs, you will also be writing lab reports. Some lab topics include fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer such as distillation, absorption, drying, etc., and rates of equilibria. You will also practice working in groups and giving oral presentations.

chemistry lab with students working in it

7. PHYS 42200 – Waves And Oscillations

Waves is one of the most interesting topics in physics! You’ll learn about sound waves, elastic waves, and electromagnetic waves such as light. Some topics are simple harmonic oscillators, transverse modes of a continuous string, optics, diffraction, and resolution. Your professor might also choose to throw in nonlinear waves and surface waves!

a water droplet creating waves

8. MET 33400 – Advanced Fluid Power

Fluids is always a hard topic to master. This course covers hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, the selection and design of components and systems used in fluid power transmission, and motion control are studied. By the end of the course, you’ll have seen industrial, mobile, aerospace, marine, and other applications!

a diagram of the flow of air around a car

9. STAT 50300 – Statistical Methods For Biology

Statistics can get hairy very quickly, so you have to be extra attentive! This class covers statistical methods with some topics such as binomial and normal distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression, and contingency tables. This class is restricted to only life sciences and related majors!

biostatistics graphic with test tubes and a graph

10. NUCL 35000 – Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics I

Purdue has an entire major dedicated to the difficult subject of nuclear physics. This class discusses nuclear reactor thermal transport and associated hydraulics, macroscopic balances, dimensional analysis, and flow measurement. Fluid behavior, momentum transfer, and applications to reactor systems and design. There is a second course in this sequence for those not faint of heart!

model of an atom with a nucleus and electrons

Although these classes are difficult and sound daunting, they are all very interesting and worthwhile! Tough classes are much better with a friend or two and remember to always ask the professor or TA for help if you need! Take advantage of all the opportunities and challenges that Purdue University offers!

Purdue University Past Exams and Midterms 2019

Purdue University students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at Purdue.

We recommend adding in your midterm and exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

If you’re looking for additional material to help you study for the upcoming exams at Purdue University, click on the link beside the course departments and special course offerings.

Please note that this collection is currently not comprehensive or complete. Old midterms and exams should be used as study aids only and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year.

Course CodeCourse Name at PurduePast Midterms and Exams
BIOL 11000Fundamentals Of Biology IView Now
BIOL 11100Fundamentals Of Biology IIView Now
BIOL 20400Human Anatomy And PhysiologyView Now
BIOL 24100Biology IV: Genetics And Molecular BiologyView Now
BIOL 28600Introduction To Ecology And EvolutionView Now
BIOL 42000Eukaryotic Cell BiologyView Now
BIOL 53700ImmunobiologyView Now
BIOL 56200Neural SystemsView Now
CHM 11500General ChemistryView Now
CHM 33300Principles Of BiochemistryView Now
CS 17700Programming With Multimedia ObjectsView Now
CS 18000Problem Solving And ObjectView Now
ECE 30100Signals And SystemsView Now
ECE 30500Semiconductor DevicesView Now
ECE 53800Digital Signal Processing IView Now
ECON 21000Principles Of EconomicsView Now
ECON 25100MicroeconomicsView Now
ECON 25200MacroeconomicsView Now
HIST 15100American History To 1877View Now
HK 10000Foundations Of KinesiologyView Now
HK 44000Human Diseases And DisordersView Now
HK 46800Advanced Exercise Physiology IIView Now
MA 11100AlgebraView Now
MA 15200College AlgebraView Now
MA 15300Algebra And Trigonometry IView Now
MA 15400Algebra And Trigonometry IIView Now
MA 15900PrecalculusView Now
MA 15910Introduction To CalculusView Now
MA 16100Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus IView Now
MA 16200Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus IIView Now
MA 16500Analytic Geometry And Calculus IView Now
MA 16600Analytic Geometry And Calculus IIView Now
MA 17400Multivariable CalculusView Now
MA 18200Honors Calculus IIView Now
MA 22300Introductory Analysis IView Now
MA 22400Introductory Analysis IIView Now
MA 26100Multivariate CalculusView Now
MA 26200Linear Algebra And Differential EquationsView Now
MA 26500Linear AlgebraView Now
MA 26600Ordinary Differential EquationsView Now
MA 27101Honors Multivariate CalculusView Now
ME 20000Thermodynamics IView Now
ME 27000Basic Mechanics IView Now
ME 37500Measurement And Control Systems IIView Now
ME 41300Noise ControlView Now
MGMT 35000Intermediate Accounting IView Now
MGMT 46200Advanced Manufacturing Planning And Control SystemsView Now
PHYS 17200Modern MechanicsView Now
PHYS 24100Electricity And OpticsView Now
PSY 12000Elementary PsychologyView Now
PSY 42100Alcohol Use And DisordersView Now
SOC 10000Introductory SociologyView Now
STAT 51200Applied Regression AnalysisView Now

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Top 10 Coolest Classes at Purdue University

Taking a break from some of your harder classes in college is much needed, especially if you are one of the ones to stress out over them. Luckily, there are a few classes that are designed to keep and grab your attention. These are known as the cooler course. Below we have compiled a list of some of the top coolest courses at Purdue University!

1. AAS 27100 – Introduction To African American Studies

An image of an African-American family

Let’s take a look into the philosophical and methodological principles in African-American studies. This class is designed to grasp your attention. Students will learn more about the psychology, politics, education, social organizations, and art behind African-American culture and history.

2. GREK 34400 – Greek Epic

A look at the exterior of a Greek building

Have you ever heard of Hercules or his dad? What about other Greek gods and goddesses. Students will learn, read, and discuss Greek epics. This includes learning about passages from Homer and Hesiod that will take you to another dimension.

3. DANC 10300 – Jazz Dance I

 A dancer that is taking a leap

This class is designed to give students an introduction into the principles of jazz dance and technique. Students will learn about jazz from various approaches. This includes learning more about basic locomotion, body alignment, isolation, and rhythmic patterns.

4. DANC 24500 – Practicum In Dance Performance And Production

A look inside a dance class

This class will give students an introduction into the study and practice of performance of dance. Students will learn about dance techniques for the concert level and main-stage dancing. Students will also learn more about the different styles of dance as well.

5. ASTR 36400 – Stars And Galaxies

A look at the stars and galaxies

This class is designed to take you into another galaxy. Students should expect to learn more about stars and the galaxies. Students will also learn more about white dwarfs, neutron stars, dark matter, clusters, properties of black holes, and the evolution of space.

6. ASTR 37000 – Cosmology

A look at the word cosmology

This class will give students an introduction into basic physics and math related topics that relate to the universe. Students will learn about the importance of these topics when it comes to being a scientists or engineer as they put their own skills to the test to navigate through space and time.

7. ANTH 28200 – Introduction To LGBT Studies

A look at the different genders

This class is designed to give students an introduction into the studies of the LGBTQ Community. This includes learning more about about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer lives. Students will also learn about the various theories related to sexuality.

8. AAS 35900 – Black Women Writers

A person writing in a notebook

Are you a writer? This class will introduce you to the enriching and varied texts that black women have written throughout history. Students will learn more about cultural, gender, historical, background of their writing and throughout history.

9. ANTH 23500 – The Great Apes

A look at an ape eating

This class will discuss the behavior and context of some of our closest relatives known to mankind, the apes. Students will learn about early apes and how they relate to humans physically and mentally. Students will also learn about cross-cultural topics and research.

10. HIST 10300 – Introduction To The Medieval World

A look at a castle from the Medieval world

This class is designed to take you back in time! Students who take this class will learn more about the Medieval World. This includes learning about Europe and how it develops, the lives of men, women, and children, social status, students, witches, and teachers.

Health and Wellness at Purdue University

University life is one of the most challenging phases that you’ll ever experience. It is where you’ll learn how to adapt to real-life situations and socialize in the wider world. And because of the demanding and sometimes difficult academics and outside activities that your campus offer, it is likely that you’ll get sick sometimes. But don’t worry, here at Purdue University (PU) you can be assured that your health is a priority. Check out the health and wellness services that Purdue University offers to its students, faculy and staff.

1) Purdue University Student Health Service

The Building of the Purdue University Student Health Services.

Studying is difficult but it is harder when you’re unhealthy. At Purdue, students have health service privileges that allow them to focus on their personal and educational goals. The Purdue University Student Health Service is the widely known campus healthcare program that aims to deliver high quality medical and wellness services to the Purdue community. This health service also includes online appointment scheduling for the student’s satisfaction and convenience. 

2) Disability Resource Center

Open House at Disability Resource Center.

Purdue University believes in equality and inclusion, and thus, created the Disability Resource Center. This center ensures that everyone has access to programs and classes regardless of a student condition. The Disability Resource Center’s primary goal is to establish a welcoming community that allows students with disabilities to participate or join any university activities. This center uses interactive programs that encourage and inspire students. A typical class starts with a conversation that allows understanding within the center.

3) Counseling and Psychological Services

WellTrack Web Based Healthcare Services.

Do you have problems adapting to life at the campus or you have difficulty socializing with people? The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at Purdue University can help you with your personal issues. The CAPS is a team of professionals that offers psychological services to students in crisis and prevent personal problems from developing into more serious ones. Recently, just this November CAPS has launched a web and application based service called WellTrack to help student mental health and wellness needs. This web service is available to all actively enrolled students. 

4) Purdue Fire Department

Purdue Fire Department Advanced Life Support Ambulance.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation or life threatening injuries, you can depend on the Purdue Fire Department. One of the emergency services center that Purdue University has is the Fire Department. The Purdue Fire Department maintains an advanced life support service (ambulance) that is open for 24 hours. The Fire Department personnel are all trained and professional medical emergency technicians. They can immediately respond to any medical emergencies on the campus. 

5) Healthy Boiler Wellness Program

Healthy Boiler Wellness Program at Purdue University.

One of the most recent health and wellness services that Purdue University offers is the Healthy Boiler Wellness Program. This program was launched in January of this year to address the significantly increasing healthcare trends and costs. The Healthy Boiler Wellness Program helps eligible employees and their spouses improve their health and wellness while earning financial incentives. To stay up to date on Healthy Boiler Wellness Program, you can visit their website portal and read their blogs. 

These are some of the health and wellness services and centers at Purdue University. You can check their website and browse for more information to avail or participate other health and wellness services. Remember that studying is better when your mind and body are healthy! Be part of the health and wellness services at Purdue University and ensure a healthy life while at campus!

Top 10 Majors at Purdue University

The flagship campus of the Purdue University system and a public research university was founded in 1869 after Lafayette businessman John Purdue donated land and money to establish a college of science, technology, and agriculture in John Purdue’s name. The university is located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

1. Accounting

The Purdue University_Accounting_Learning about Accounting

The student can pursue a career in accounting to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam. The student undertaking this major get the opportunity to work in corporations, public accounting firms, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

2. Agricultural Communication

The Purdue University_Agricultural Communication_Gaining Skill in Agriculture Communication

The undergrads taking this major gain skills and experience in public relations, marketing, journalism, and new media through diverse coursework and competitive internships. The program is designed in such a way that, students have the advantage of excelling in communication, science, and agricultural courses—a combination of future employers value.

3. Agricultural Economics

The Purdue University_Agricultural Economics_Study about Agriculture Economics

The suitable career field for agricultural economics graduates are economic and business principles for banks, farm credit institutions, feed companies, farm equipment and fertilizer manufacturers, and food processing firms. Within an agricultural economics academic course, students can choose majors such as agricultural finance, agribusiness management, farm management, food industry marketing and management, quantitative agricultural economics, and sales and marketing.

4. Art History

The Purdue University_History_Study about the Past and Its Affect on the Present

This major teaches art History students to think critically, research, and learn the theoretical aspects of this field, and express themselves effectively in written and oral form. The student partaking the art history must minor in another field. The undergrad with an undergraduate degree have a future in the career such as; teaching, in the museum world, in art-dealing, in art journalism, or to attend graduate school.

5. Biomedical Engineering

The Purdue University_ Biomedical Engineering_Study of Experimenting

Purdue’s Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering (BME) academic course incorporates engineering fundamentals, design, and analysis, as well as coursework in organic chemistry, biochemistry, biomaterials, bioelectricity, biomechanics, and biological heat and mass transfer. The undergrad gain hands-on engineering experience through lab coursework and by solving real-life biomedical problems.

6. Crop Science

The Purdue University_Crop Science_Crop Plant Management and Crop Improvement

This major mainly involves the crop plant management and crop improvement. The opportunities for undergrad are numerous and encompass a broad range of science, business, and education. The undergrads are especially qualified for graduate study in plant nutrition, environmental science, crop physiology and ecology, biotechnology and plant genetics, and plant breeding.

7. Data Visualization

The Purdue University_Data Visualization_Data Visualization Design and Study

The student pursuing this major learn data visualization design principles, theories, data management skills, and graphics techniques that are required to design and develop interactive data visualizations. Once the student completes the program, they will be able to design effective visual representations of data based on the data’s characteristics, business needs, and the requirements of prospective users.

8. General Management

The Purdue University_General Management_Comprehensive Study On Management

The General Management Major hones students critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills. It helps the undergrads to cross boundaries and effectively collaborate with finance, accounting, marketing, and other functional specialists. The undergrad pursuing major in management may add minors and concentrations that emphasize particular specialties such as Consulting, or Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

9. Marketing

The Purdue University_Marketing_Studying Details of Marketing

The student majoring in marketing will learn communication, teamwork and analytical research skills with real-world problems in case-based marketing classes. Combining analytical and creative skills, the undergrads will be prepared to conduct market research, analyze trends, or develop a new product or service.

10. Mathematics

The Purdue University_Mathematics_Students Learning Mathematical Equations

Math students get a great deal of personal attention as the students are 40 or less. Moreover, the math curriculum is flexible enough that students can take classes in other interest areas or pursue a double major or a minor without too much difficulty.  Mathematics specializations include:

-Applied mathematics
-Business mathematics
-Mathematics teaching
-Mathematics with computer sciences option
-Mathematics with statistics option
-Operations research

With these we have here a list of 10 Majors at Purdue University. It is a great University to pursue Majors and excel in the career. For other details, check the University Website.

10 Purdue University Library Resources You Need to Know

With midterms season in full swing and the rest of the semester just around the corner, every student needs a place to get work done. The perfect place is the library. But, many Purdue student don’t realize how many resources are actually available to them. Read on to find out more.

1) Study rooms

An example of a study room at one of Purdue's libraries.

If you need a quiet group-area to study or complete a project in, look no farther than your very own library. Purdue has a number of study spaces available, including rooms by reservation. It’s great for the upcoming group project and a midterm group study session.

2) Online course reserves

Visit online today to utilize this resource!

Instructors can collaborate with the library to create online course reserves for their students. Depending on the class, homework, practice worksheets, notes, and book readings can be accessed here.

3) InterLibrary Loan

Libraries across the country contribute to the InterLibrary Loan.

Many libraries are limited by the information they hold within their walls. However, with the InterLibrary Loan, Purdue students can search for books and papers from other libraries and universities. Then, the source can be sent directly to Purdue for regular library check-out.

4) UBorrow

UBorrow makes research a breeze.

This is another resource similar to the InterLibrary Loan. Regardless of which subject you’re pursuing, this resource will help. Using UBorrow, your research can span across many libraries and be send directly to you at Purdue.

5) Online almanacs

An example of an almanac map.

For your upcoming history project, there’s a gigantic database of historical almanacs and maps. They range in practically all time periods, areas, and types. It’s perfect for an upcoming historical report!

6) Guides by subject

Subject Guides

Confused about a specific class? No worries. From science to humanities to education, there’s a guide for most major subjects and colleges located on the library website. There’s great information to utilize for upcoming tests, projects, and of course for finals season.

7) Purdue e-Pubs

The e-Pubs are another superb resource.

With Purdue e-Pubs, you can search for books, publications, and papers that pertain to your topic from anywhere! No matter the subject, there’s a huge database to search, meaning there’s information on virtually any subject. Obviously, there’s a number of great research resources at Purdue.

8) Tutorials

Tutorials are offered on a variety of things, including APA style.

College classes can be confusing. That’s why Purdue has tutorials that teach college course basics. For instance, there’s tutorials for students confused about finding scholarly articles, following copyright laws, and adhering to plagiarism.

9) Print, copy, and scan

Printing and scanning at the library

Like many libraries, Purdue offers resources to print, copy, and scan right on campus. For a small price, anybody can utilize this resource.

10) Purdue e-archives

The e-archives span across all of Purdue's history.

This database is reserved exclusively for research and papers published by Purdue and its constituents. With information going back to Purdue’s founding in 1869, there’s research spanning decades and centuries. If you’re looking for a paper specifically published under a professor at Purdue, this could be a good place to start.

Libraries at Purdue University

1) Humanities, Social Science, and Education Library

The Humanities, Social Science, and Education Library at Purdue.

This is one of the main libraries on campus. Stop by here to get some work done and research. This library is specifically tailored towards humanities, social sciences, or education.

2) Library of Engineering and Science

The main area of the Engineering and Science Library at Purdue.

As the name implies, this library is focused around engineering, science, and similar STEM fields. It has resources devoted mainly to the study and understanding of said fields. You can even find tutoring for these fields here!

3) Roland G. Parrish Library of Management and Economics

Pictured above is the entrance to the Roland G. Parrish Library.

This is another awesome place to get work done on campus. The smaller environment makes it perfect for studying alone. Despite its size, it also has a variety of research resources available.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at Purdue University

Purdue University is a research school that is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. The school is decently large, with about 30,000 students. It is worth applying to as the acceptance rate is almost 60%. Fun fact the nickname given to students and alumni of the college is Boilmakers. Here are 10 of the coolest clubs at Purdue. Keep on BOILING.

1. Spoon University

Spoon University is an online publication that is written by students for students. This is made for students that are looking for health tips and everything food such as restaurants and places to eat on campus.

spoon university logo

2. Her Campus

Her Campus is an online publication written by women for women. It talks about advice on boys, different places to visit on campus as well as study tips. This is a great site to visit for all things girl as well as they are taking applicants for writers and editors.

logo for her campus

3. A Cause for Paws

This group strives to save all animals. This group specifically fundraises for the saving of animals and tries to end shelters from killing. They try to motivate shelters to be a no kill shelter.

logo for cause for paws

4. Athletic Training Club

The Athletic Training club celebrates those going into the athletic training field. They do fun networking days as well as join together for charitable events and service. This is a great tool for meeting like minded individuals.

athletic training club

5. Boiler Volunteer Network Student Leadership Team

The group gathers to be not only leaders but partake in a variety of different charitable acts. They do weekly meetings and sometimes will volunteer for building houses, fundraising, or even packing up food for homeless.

picking up trash

6. Caduceus Club (Pre-medical group)

The pre-medical group teaches you the ins and outs of the medical field. They are a resource that gives you access to hearing guest speakers, yearly medical outreach trips, hands on experience through different medical labs. This is mainly for students interested in the health field.

Mission trip to Puerto Peñasco

7. Global Medical Brigades

Global Medical Brigades is an international club that provides medical assistance to developing countries. People go on mission trips to be a beacon of hope and give to those in need.

global medical brigades

8. Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Club

The occupational therapy club helps students prepare for the application process for grad school. It helps you at every step of the process. From doing the physical application to how to speak to admissions on what the best route to go for classes is.

sports injury

9. Pre-Dental Club

The Pre-Dental Club gives students access to a variety of different opportunities. You get a chance to learn the application process of getting into dental school. As well as volunteer opportunities and talking directly with dental professionals.

pre dental society

10. Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society meets up to talk about all things law. They get you ready for law school as well as give you access to guest speakers, law school admission officers and even application workshops.

prelaw society


Top Events During the Year at Purdue University

1. Picnic with the Purduettes

This event showcases the first performance that the Purduettes(a women of singers) put on for students and alumni. Grab your blankets and towels and come with a basket of snacks to enjoy a FREE picnic with live music. The performance will be at Slayter Hill.

the purduettes

2. Boilermaker Crossing Fan Fest

Great event to make new friends or enjoy your old ones. There will be plenty of fun activities and it is located at Sally & Bob Weist Plaza between Mackey Arena and Holloway Gymnasium. There will be a beer garden, live music, giveaways, and plenty of food.

fan fest

3. Engineer’s Week

This is a week long event that is specifically made for engineering students. Some of the events include: tech showcases, food trucks, races, and trivia. If you are in engineering and need a good time to unwind check out the fun things happening at Engineer’s Week!

college of engineering

4. Dawn or Doom

This explores the idea of what are the good and bad things about emerging artificial intelligence. It makes for a multi day event that is free for all. There will be guest speakers and chances to ask any questions.

artificial intelligence

5. Thrill on the Hill

This is the time when the Purdue marching band performs their first set. This is the pregame performance. Come on by to support the band and enjoy a relaxing free performance.

thrill on the hill

5 Buildings at Purdue University You Need to Know

If you’re paying a lot of money for a college, you definitely want to be sure that it has nice facilities and buildings. For some people, having a nice campus is an essential. With that being said, here’s 5 buildings at Purdue you need to know.

1. University Hall

University Hall

University Hall is a classic sight on Purdue’s campus. Every student knows it, as it stands out from the rest of the buildings. This is the only original Purdue building that still stands past its construction in 1874.

2. Memorial Union

Memorial Union

Purdue’s Memorial Union Hotel is another iconic, beautiful building on campus. It opened in 1924, and today it is a hub for student and community life. This building acts as a hotel but also a public building with restaurants, a bowling alley, and more.

3. Elliot Hall

Elliot Hall

The Elliot Hall of Music is one of the top 5 college theaters in America. Elliot Hall was designed by the same architect who made the Radio City Music Hall in New York. This building hosts the school’s music groups, as well as many guest performers.

4. Bell Tower

Bell Tower

The Purdue Bell Tower is a huge landmark on campus. It houses the original tower’s bells after it burned down in 1894. It is said that any student who steps on the seal below the tower before graduation will not graduate in 4 years, so be careful!

5. Ross-Ade Stadium

Ross Ade Stadium
Purdue is a renowned sports school across America, so it’s only fitting that they have an amazing stadium to go with it. The Ross-Ade stadium can seat nearly 60,000 people, and is a hotspot for Purdue students and fans alike.

Interesting Facts About Purdue University

1. The Drum


Purdue’s massive drum, A.K.A ‘Big Bass Drum’, is actually the world’s largest drum! It is 10 feet tall and has a crew of 4 people who attend to it during games, and 2 drum players.

2. Airport

Purdue Airport

Having an airport near your school is a pretty basic need, especially if you live far away. Believe it or not, Purdue actually owns its own airport! This is the first university owned airport in America, and also the second largest airport in Indiana!

3. Aviation

Purdue Aviation

Purdue seems to really like planes, because they also offer the world’s first 4 year Bachelors degree in Aviation! Purdue is well known for its aerospace and engineering program, so this is a great school for anyone into aviation!

4. Rivalry

Players with the Bucket

A massive college rivalry in the U.S is between Purdue and Indiana. In fact, both teams compete for a certain trophy! This trophy is called the Old Oaken Bucket and the tradition of fighting for it has persisted since 1891.

5. Nuclear Reactor

Purdue Reactor

Purdue is one of the 24 American universities that have nuclear reactors. Inside the engineering building lies a 17 foot deep nuclear reactor! This is also the first and only nuclear reactor in Indiana.

Top 10 Professors at Purdue

Classes in college can be super tough, and a difficult professor who doesn’t seem willing to help makes them so much harder. In a large university like Purdue, it can often seem like every professor you find doesn’t really care about you.

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Below are the top 10 professors at Purdue University who are guaranteed to help you succeed, learn a lot, and have fun in their class.

1. Vincent Duffy

Vincent Duffy.

Rating: 89%
Department: Industrial Engineering

Courses Taught

IE 556- Learn More
IE 486- Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Duffy is a great guy. He is very helpful and approachable. I really enjoyed taking his class. The content was interesting and there was a lot of teamwork involved, which was nice.”

“Overall it isn’t very difficult, you just have to show up and do all the work. Professor Duffy is a super nice guy and genuinely works to help students learn about topics in Job Design.”

“Be aware that it is mostly a flipped class, and it is really important to attend class. Dr. Duffy is very accommodating, so be sure to email him when you need help or clarification. This was an interesting course to take.”

2. Kelly Blanchard

Kelly Blanchard.

Rating: 86%
Department: Economics

Courses Taught

ECON 251- Learn More
ECON 210- Learn More

Student Reviews:

“She is very sweet and personable during lectures, but the material can become very heavy. The class does require a good amount of out of class work, but she is always willing to help you. Exams are fairly difficult. The homework is very helpful.”

“Blanchard is an amazing professor: teaches the concepts clearly and attempts to make it as simple as possible with real-life examples. The tests are pretty hard–doing the homework (easy 100%) helps your grade and to understand the information.”

“Overall, really good professor. Would definitely recommend taking her class. Extra credit points for doing hot seat questions in class. Not the easiest class ever, but not too difficult either. The grade is almost all exams with a few homework points.”

3. Joseph Chen

Joseph Chen.

Rating: 100%
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught

MA 162- Learn More
MA 161- Learn More
MA 303- Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Professor Chen is the best math professor I have had at Purdue. He cares about his students and is willing to put his extra minute to make sure that you understand the material.”

“His notes are always on point and he always keeps communication between us and himself whenever there are changes. He always uploads notes and lecture recordings. Very clear and easy to follow.”

“Professor Chen is always welcoming. He has a lot of office hours so it is always easy to find him outside of class and if you have any quick questions he is very good at responding to e-mail in a timely manner. Totally recommend his lectures!”

4. Kimberly Reppa

Kimberly Reppa.

Rating: 100%
Department: Civil Engineering

Courses Taught

ENGR 194- Learn More
ENGR 132- Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Wonderful professor. She cares about her students a lot. you go to class to listen to lectures and take attendance. The class is so interesting that you don’t even want to skip. But if you do, you can only miss 1 class so be careful. there is 0 to little homework. 3 papers in the whole semester but they are really easy and can be done in an hour.”

“Kim is passionate about helping every student succeed and is very approachable! This was the best class that I took this semester, I would take it again if I could.”

“Super easy class. Kim gives motivational lectures and is a super easy grader, too. It was great to have a class I didn’t have to worry about and be able to hear some amazing speakers. I could just go to class and relax, and it definitely did help me choose my engineering major.”

5. Buster Dunsmore

Buster Dunsmore.

Rating: 93%
Department: Computer Science

Courses Taught

CS 180- Learn More
CS 177- Learn More
CS 170W- Learn More

Student Reviews:

“A really good professor. Makes you want to work harder and be like him. Very inspirational. HIs lectures are very easy to understand, and with some dedication and effort one can easily do well.”

“One of the best professors I’ve had. He gives great, entertaining lectures, and all the coursework comes directly from them. Having him as your first CS professor will give you a great groundwork to build upon. Just pay attention in class and make sure you understand the homework/labs and you’ll be fine.”

“Professor Dunsmore is fantastic! Lecture slides are accurate and learning objectives are clear from the start. Dunsmore injects humor into lectures, making them more interesting. Students highly respect him and are not afraid to ask him questions.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Purdue University

1. Research Project by Hong Tan

Hong Tan.

Faculty: Computer and Electrical Engineering

Hong Tan researches a method to receive messages by learning to interpret signals on the forearm. She looks at how different buzzing sensations can function as different letters. She hopes her research will help hearing impaired people turn different messages and speech into emotions.

2. Research Project by Joaquin Goni

Joaquin Goni.

Faculty: Biomedical Engineering

Joaquin Goni researches how neural connections in the brain can reflect a person’s genetics. Goni and his team look at images of the brain to determine structural and functional connectivity. Goni plans to use his research to help doctors track diseases and neural health.

3. Research Project by Jayson Lusk

Jayson Lusk.

Faculty: Agricultural Economics

Lusk and his team of researchers study how consumers respond to genetically engineered food. He looked at a case study in Vermont, where genetically engineered ingredients had to be labeled on food items. He found that labeling genetically engineered ingredients increases consumer support of the product, and plans to further research the reasons behind this in the future.

4. Research Project by Pablo Zavattieri

Pablo Zavattieri.

Faculty: Civil Engineering

Zavattieri has recently been researching the strength of a composite material in the mantis shrimp. This material strengthens as it is cracked and twists, and is made of similar material to that found in exoskeletons in insects. He hopes further research on this material will lead to insights into new technologies in space, sport, and automotive industries.

5. Research Project by Joe Ogas

Joe Ogas.

Faculty: Biochemistry

Joe Ogas studies gene expression in plants at Purdue University. He’s discovered that plants can repress their gene expression and have a switch that can destroy the repressive state plants put their genes in. His research is important for plant scientists and breeders who want to manipulate gene expression in plants.

The professors above will definitely help you achieve a good grade in their class. They’ll also make sure you understand the material, are enjoying yourself, and help whenever you need it. Professors in college can often make or break your experience in a class, and these ones will definitely give you a good experience.

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