10 Buildings You Need to Know at Providence College

Providence College is a private Catholic university located in Providence, Rhode Island. There are about 3,800 undergraduate students currently enrolled there. Here’s ten of their buildings that you need to know!

1. Howley Hall

providence college howley hall

Address: 56 Eaton St, Providence, RI 02908

Howley Hall is one of many buildings at Providence College that is designed in the iconic PC style. Howley Hall is the home to health policy and management programs and classes on campus.

2. Ryan Center for Business Studies

Ryan Centre for Business Studies building in the evening

Address: 117 Eaton St, Providence, RI 02908

The Ryan Center for Business is a more modern looking building on campus. There are tons of study spaces for student use here, as well as dozens of great business classrooms and lecture halls.

3. Bishop Harkins Hall

 providence college bishop harkins hall

Address: 45 Admiral St, Providence, RI 02908

By far the most recognizable building on campus is the Bishop Harkins Hall. This was the first building built on campus back in 1917. This building houses administrative offices, the Education school, and other classrooms.

4. Slavin Center

providence college slavin center entrance

Address: 40 Admiral St, Providence, RI 02908

The Slavin Center is home to the student union at Providence College. This building contains the bookstore, radio studios, club meeting rooms, and more. It’s a very useful space for students!

5. Science Complex

providence college science complex

Address: 21 Cunningham Square, Providence, RI 02908

The Science Complex is a massive building composed of Albertus Magnus Hall, Hickey Hall and Sowa Hall. These three buildings have dozens of important science classrooms and laboratories.

6. Phillips Memorial Library

 providence college library building entrance

Address: 1 Cunningham Square, Providence, RI 02908

The Phillips Memorial Library is a very important and well used building on campus. There are hundreds of thousands of digital and physical sources of info for students to access here.

7. Saint Dominic Chapel

providence college saint dominic chapel

Address: 100 Admiral St, Providence, RI 02908

Saint Dominic Chapel is a much smaller building on campus. It is used as a religious gathering center for Catholic students on campus to come in and celebrate their faith.

8. Aquinas Hall

providence college aquinas hall

Address: 101 Cunningham Square, Providence, RI 02908

Aquinas Hall is a massive residence hall on campus. There is a large study hall, chapel and cafeteria located inside as well as many different style dormitories. This is the oldest residence hall on campus.

9. Concannon Fitness Center

providence college gym

Address: 16 Eaton St, Providence, RI 02908

Concannon Fitness Center is a massive gym on campus. They have hundreds of treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, weight racks and many other machines that are free for student use.

10. Smith Center for the Arts

 providence college smith center

Address: 11 Eaton St, Providence, RI 02908

The Smith Center for the Arts is a great building on campus for art and performance majors. There is a beautiful art gallery located inside for showing off student artwork.

This article was created to help new, incoming and prospective students understand and learn more about the Providence College campus. Hopefully we’ve helped you learn about PC!

10 Coolest Course at Providence College

At Providence College, students have plenty of opportunities to select classes that best suit them. Many courses provide fun yet challenging concepts that students can learn to master. Topics in these classes fit students’ interests when they are creating their schedule for the semester. Here are 10 courses that students can enroll that will spark their interest in learning.

1. ARH 272 – America on Film

Film equipment laying on a wooden table

This is a 3 credit course. It focuses on the development of American cinema through decades of social, political, and cultural change. Students will examine typical cinematic portrayals of the “American Experience” as films will challenge these characterizations. There will be emphasis on race, ethnicity, gender, and social class.

2. ENG 194 – Science Fiction

Fictional spacecrafts moving through a colorful outer space scene

This is a 3 credit course. This course shows the development of science fiction from its formative years to the present. There will be emphasis on the novel, examined by studying such authors as Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Robert Silverberg, Fred Pohl, and Ursula Leguin. Students will focus on films that show science fiction’s impact on that medium.

3. COM 201 – Mass Media and Society

A street sign labeled mass media with categories of media below it.

This course is 3 credits. It will explore how media influences our lives and changes our society. Students will focus on the social impact of various media, including the movies, television, the internet, advertising media, and news media. Specific topics include news coverage of wars, television violence, the stereotyping of minorities, etc.

4. ENG 216 – Modern Murder Mystery

a silhouette of a detective with a magnifying glass and a pipe with a red fingerprint in the background.

This course is 3 credits. Students will learn the development of the murder mysteries. References examined range from Edgar Allan Poe through Law and Order and CSI. This class also focuses on Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles, Hammett’s The Thin Man, Parker’s Hush Money, and Mobain’s Killer’s Payoff.

5. HUM 214 – The Eighties and Beyond

A Back to The Future font of the 80s sign

This course is 3 credits. It examines trends and events in American society since the 1980s. Topics include the Reagan Presidency, the communication revolution of new digital technologies, the emergence of media conglomerates, “Yuppies,” the impact of “downsizing,” etc. Emphasis will be given to how specific movies and television programs have expressed cultural preoccupations during the 80s through the 90s.

6. LBR 322 – Collective Bargaining

A map of collective bargaining laws in each state in the US.

This course is 3 credits. This course is an introduction to the structure and process of bargaining. Emphasis is given to the economic and behavioral theories of bargaining. Students will focus on the strategies and tactics utilized in negotiations and the consequences of a breakdown in negotiations.  Theories of impasse resolution will also be studied. 

7. PHL 314 – The Philosophy of Violence

The word Violence written on a chalkboard and underlined.

This course is 3 credits. Students will learn about how violence is a dominant theme in media, and a major concern for educators and ethicists. Topics will include the effects of violence on 9-11, Waco, Oklahoma City, The Unabomber, road rage, etc. This course provides enthasis of recent developments in the study of violence, roots, theoretical concepts of violence, and humane ways of dealing with violence.

8. SOC 332 – Sociology of Leisure

A picture list of different kinds of leisure activities humans can do everyday.

This is a 3 credit course. It focuses on the sociological study of leisure concerns time. Students will study how we use leisure and control it. This class will examine in depth the social arrangements people form as part of social and cultural life as a whole. The emphasis in this course is on the dynamic interrelationship between social class, race, and gender.

9. TDF 101 – Theatre Appreciation

An audience perspective looking down at a performance stage.

This is a 3 credit course. It increases the student’s awareness of the performing arts and their impact on society. The course will examine the various processes of stage production and the economics of the performing arts. Emphasis will be on the development of sound critical standards. Students will participate through readings and attendance at performances.

10. THL 328 – The Letters of St. Paul

a booklet of letters written by Saint Paul.

This is a 3 credit course. Students will study a details of the principal letters of Paul. Topics include his teaching about law, grace, and justification. There will be emphasis on the resurrection of Jesus, the Body of Christ, the Church, and the cosmic Christ.

10 Hardest Courses at Providence College

Providence College is one of the best private Roman Catholic University located in Rhode Island, United States. This college was founded in 1917 by the Dominican Friars at the invitation of Bishop Harkins to provide a Catholic education in the arts and sciences. Providence College is committed to academic excellence and holds itself to the highest standards in teaching, learning, and scholarship. Here are the top 10 hardest courses offered at Providence College.

1. ACC 405 – Advanced Accounting

An image of Advanced financial Accounting

This course emphasizes the application of accounting principles and the objectives of financial reporting relative to a variety of entities. The corporate entity is explored in the context of business combinations and consolidations. Accounting and reporting for governmental units and not-for-profit entities are surveyed. This calculations in this course are very complicated, as such, most students find them very difficult to solve.

2. MGT 301 – Organizational Behavior

organizational behavior

This course examines how people behave both as individuals and as members of groups in organizational contexts. Topics include job attitudes and performance, motivation, group dynamics and team effectiveness, leadership, power and influence, decision-making, and cross-cultural diversity. This course is extremely challenging and boring.

3. FIN 311 – Management Science

The principles and techniques of Management Science

This course introduces the standard tools in Management Science as applied to problem-solving and decision making in business. It emphasizes the elementary concepts and procedures in management science which includes optimization, simulation, and network modelling. This is the hardest course for finance students.

4. MKT 205 – Principles of Marketing

An image of marketing strategy

This course explores the basic principles, theories, problems, and practices in the ever-changing marketing environment and its impact on product, price, promotion, and distribution decisions in the domestic and global market. Emphasis is placed on the marketing functions, planning, and the distribution of goods and services from the producer to consumer. This course contains a lot of work, memorizing and takes commitment but, with motivation, it’s manageable.

5. PHL 339 – Environmental Philosophy

A picture of Environmental Philosophy

This course is a study of the relationship of human beings to the nonhuman world. Topics may include the mechanism, land rights, animal rights, deep ecology, stewardship, preservation, and conservation. Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary nature of environmental concerns. It’s a very hard course.

6. ARH 106 – Art History Survey

The concept of Art History Survey

A survey of the visual arts in relation to political, religious, social, economic, and aesthetic values from prehistoric times to the present, primarily focused on the Western tradition are covered in this course. This course makes many students switch majors because it’s very hard to comprehend.

7. MTH 215 – Linear Algebra

A sample picture of Linear Algebra

This course deals with the systematic study of the basic concepts of linear algebra. Topics include systems of linear equations, matrices, determinants, finite dimensional vector spaces, linear transformation, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and diagonalization. Students with bad mathematics background don’t do well in this course because of the advanced calculations involved.

8. BIO 205 – Human Anatomy

Human organ systems from an integrated and functional perspective, especially for students preparing for non-medical school or allied health programs. The laboratory includes cat dissection and human anatomical models as well as the latest software technology.

9. PSC 201 – American Government and Politics

American Government and Politics

Students are taught the analysis of American political institutions, politics, and political behaviour in this course. The interrelated nature of public opinion, pressure groups, political parties, the decision-making structures, and public policy are surveyed. The course content is very bulky, therefore, students are advised to start early preparation.

10. SOC 323 – Contemporary Social Problems

various components of Contemporary Social Problems?

This course covers the major social problems of contemporary American society. Attention is given to the problems of poverty, racism, sexism, war, the environment, overpopulation, drug use, and crime. An analysis is made of the structural causes and consequences of these issues.

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at Providence College

Students looking for extra cash can join a job while going to school. There are plenty of jobs and opportunities for students at Providence College. The bonus for getting a job at school is that students do not need to commute long hours and waste money on transport. Here is a list of student jobs.

1. Baker

There a lot of food service places at school. There is a baker position open. If you have previous experience in asking food than this would be a good job for you as it would be much easier for you. This is a minimum wage job but there is room for advancement.

male worker baking bread in oven

2. Dishwasher

This position looks for students that are able to work on weekdays from 4 pm to 7:30 pm. This would be ideal for students as it does not contain long hours to disrupt school commitments. This is a minimum wage job.

women washing dishes in job

3. Night Awake Assistant Counsellor

This job would be ideal for student who are good at solving problems and encouraging students. Of course as you can see by the tittle of the job you would have to work during the night. Please keep this in mind before applying as it may not be something that you are up for.

counsellor listening to student's problem

4. Bookseller

This is a temporary job. If you are a student looking for a job just for a few months than this would be a good job to apply for. Students will be needing to shelve books, sell books, and have cashier knowledge. Students must be at least 16 years old to be considered for employment.

women looking at books at book store

5. Food Service Worker

As there is a lot of food places in college there is a lot of open positions online that students can apply for. This is a minimum wage job but there is chance to advance. Students will have to make food, take orders and keep workplace clean.

male making food at workplace

6. Retail Clark

This position gets quite busy during seasonal times as a lot of students buy textbooks during this time. Students will have to keep up with the busy schedule. Roles will be to answer students questions, help them get textbooks and check books out.

male putting textbooks on shelve

7. OneClass Online Note Taker

Take notes with OneClass and receive payments while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Note taker today.

women taking notes on laptop

Top 10 Library Resources at Providence College

There are many resources for students to use on campus. Their job is find these resources so that they can use them to their own advantage. We have compiled a list of some of the top library resources at Providence College below.

1. Online Databases

graphic of 6 people interaction with different ways to take notes

The library is notorious for being one of the most knowledgeable sources of information. One of its most prominent resources is its databases online. These databases hold the key to tons of resources and credible articles that students can cite.

2. Tutoring

a woman tutoring a little girl

If you’re having a little trouble in  class, you can always get tutored by someone. The library offers students the chance to be tutored by fellow peers for free. This way, they can really dive into their own academics and get good grades.

3. Movies & Audio Collections

A look at different movies

The library also offers a wide array of video and audio books. Students will be able to check these out whenever they become available online or in person.

4. Group Study Rooms

A look inside a study room

Are you and your friends looking for a place to study? Well you’ve come to the right place! The library offers group study rooms for anyone on a first come, first serve basis.

5. Personal Study Rooms

A look at a study room

The library also offers personal study rooms for students to utilize. Whether you are trying to get away from the distractions or simply want a place to study, you’ll surely get your work done here.

6. Copying Stations

Printers and scanners at the library

The library offers copying stations for students to utilize. Copying can get expensive when you own your own, especially if you need to buy new ink every once in awhile. This is a way to save money!

7. Librarians

A librarian putting up books

Do you need help finding a book? The library has reliable staff members that are always able to offer you assistance. Whether you need to find a book or need to check one out, there is always someone who can help.

8. Computers

A look at a windows laptop

Don’t panic if you need a computer by the end of the day to finish your paper. The library has you covered . They offer many computers that are scattered all around the library for students to use.

9. Printing Stations

A printer printing off pages

Trying to avoid having to buy a printer? No worries! The library offers students the chance to print at one of the many printing stations. You can print in colored or black and white ink.

10. Accessibility

Tools used for special needs

The library makes sure that everyone has a chance to get in. If you are having difficulties because of a disability or injury, or you need some help to meet your specific, they got you covered!

Top Libraries at Providence College

1. Phillips Memorial Library

A look inside a library

Address: 1 Cunningham Square, Providence, RI 02918

This library is located right on campus. Here, students have access to millions of books and research databases. Students will also have access to a media center, library checkout, online renewal, computers, and study rooms here.

2. Providence Public Library

A table in a library

Address: 150 Empire St, Providence, RI 02903

First built and founded in 1875, this library was built to house a wide a wide array of books and movie collections. Students will also have access to meeting rooms and study rooms.

3. Knight Memorial Library

A look at books on a shelf

Public library in Providence, Rhode Island

This library is a public library that is located right off campus. Here, students will have access to numerous computers, printers, copying machines, meeting rooms, and more.

4. Rochambeau Library

A girl looking through books

Address: 708 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906

This library was first built in 1930. Students have access to thousands of books and databases to use on assignments and projects. Students will also have access to a wide array of resources such as study rooms, computers, and printers.

5. Smith Hill Library

The inside of a library

Address: 31 Candace St, Providence, RI 02908

This library was first built in 1932. Students will be able to utilize a number of resources which includes campus resources such as study rooms, meeting rooms, and more.

Top 10 Dorms at Providence College

Providence College consistently produces some of the best academic scholars around. Anyone with college experience knows this cannot be achieved without excellent dorms. Here are ten of the best:

1. Suites Hall

This is an image of Suites Hall with trees in front

Address: Suites Hall, Providence, RI

Suites Hall is a top choice for students living on campus at Providence College. Even better, if you’re a sophomore, you’re likely to live in Suites and make the most of your second year at Providence! Each floor in the building has wide-reaching study rooms and a prominent function hall is also featured at Suites so students are always close to the action.

2. Aquinas Hall

This is an image of Aquinas Hall

Address: Aquinas Hall, Providence, RI

Aquinas Hall is a co-ed dorm, but these rooms are separated by certain wings of the building. This provides the best of both worlds for people who want some sort of privacy. With this privacy, the ability for students to also embrace a large amount of diversity at the hall is also present.

3. Bedford Hall

This is an image of Bedford Hall

Address: 320 Sycamore Lane

Mainly sophomores and juniors live at Bedford Hall as they move away from first year experiences. This point of transition is emphasized by the apartment style housing that gives students a taste of life after college. It is also recently renovated, as of five years ago!

4. Mal Brown Hall

This is an image of Mal Brown Hall

Address: Mal Brown Hall, Providence, RI

Mal Brown Hall is another apartment style housing option at Providence College. You won’t be experiencing average dorm life, though, which typically consists of two roommates. At Mal Brown Hall, the apartments actually consist of six roommates in each room.

5. Davis Hall

This is an image of Davis Hall

Address: 80 Washington Street

Davis Hall is mainly for upperclassmen, specifically juniors and seniors. Each suite comes with a living room style common area, as well. A coveted perk in Davis Hall is the convenience store located within its halls.

6. Guzman Hall

This is an image of Guzman Hall

Address: Guzman Hall, Providence, RI

The best feature of living at Guzman Hall is the close proximity you have to top campus options. Located near many academic buildings, you won’t be a far walk from your various classes. Also nearer to the center of campus, Guzman Hall is excellent for students who traverse to more than just classroom buildings.

7. McDermott Hall

This is an image of McDermott Hall

Address: McDermott Hall, Providence, RI

McDermott’s location, like Guzman, gains it points for students who live there. It’s actually the closest dorm building to science academic buildings and to the library. The major downside is that it tends to be an exclusive building, housing only male freshmen.

8. Meagher Hall

This is an image of Meagher Hall

Address: 123 Westminster Lane

Meagher is essentially the counterpart to McDermott Hall. A dorm hall for only female students, Meagher is also located near to the library. The reason it ranks lower than McDermott is because it is a slightly further walk from some of the science buildings.

9. DiTraglia Hall

This is an image of DiTraglia Hall

Address: DiTraglia Hall, Providence, RI

DiTraglia Hall is one of the more extravagant residence options at Providence College. Each apartment style suite comes with kitchens, dining rooms, and more. This provides for a great living experience, but it is also one that is going to be more expensive.

10. Raymond Hall

This is an image of Raymond Hall

Address: 98 Raymond Hall Drive

Raymond Hall is a great option for students who only want to leave their residences when they have to go to class. Rooms were renovated within the past seven years to allow for top notch triple and quad rooms. There is also a dining hall and a post office located within Raymond.


Located in one of New England’s top metropolitan areas, Providence College is a boon for students. You will not have trouble fitting in at any of these complexes. You’ll feel right at home at Providence College.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Providence

1. Room Basics

This is an image of a full length mirror

– Pillowcases
– Power strip
– Shower shoes
– Full length mirror
– Mini fridge

2. Food and Snacks

This is an image of a rolling pin

– Lunchbox
– Brown paper bags
– Rolling pin
– Pizza trays
– Spatula

3. Tech and Entertainment

This is an image of a picnic basket

– Equipment for picnic
– Television
– Live sports apps
– Humorous books
– Laptop

4. School Supplies

This is an image of a Crayola pack of markers

– Pencils
– Colored pencils
– White-Out
– Crayons
– Markers

5. Cleaning and Organization

This is an image of dryer sheets

– Dryer sheets
– Fabric softener
– Laundry detergent
– Storage totes
– Laundry basket

6. Campus Gear

This is an image of a dark olive knapsack

– Keychain
– Keys
– Headphones
– Shoulder bag
– Knapsack

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

This is an image of a grill with chicken on it

– Grill
– Clotheslines
– Alcohol if you are over 21
– Pepper spray
– Pocket knife

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Providence College

It’s important to make sure you’re involved on campus. Joining extracurricular clubs and activities is a great way to make friends and get involved! Here’s the top 10 clubs at Providence College!

1. Amnesty International

Amnesty International logo

Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights. AI’s vision is of a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights.

2. PC Lifestyle and Fashion

Female model walking on the runway

PC Lifestyle & Fashion is a student run organization under the School of Business, focused on creating awareness of fashion, food, athletics, campus activities, business topics and events within the Rhode Island area.

3. Science Fiction Club

UFO in space

Science Fiction & Fantasy Club is a community of like minded individuals. Their meetings consist of themed events, movies, party games and more! They discuss and share interests in various Sci-Fi and Fantasy franchises.

4. Toastmasters

People making toasts

Toastmasters International is an organization for public speaking. In PC’s chapter of the internationally recognized club, members develop communication skills and self-confidence among a group of supportive peers.

5. Best Buddies

Best Buddies Logo

Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a volunteer movement that creates opportunities for friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

6. PC Pals

Adult mentoring a student

Providence College Pals is a program that creates relationships between PC students and local school children between the ages of eight and twelve. The program’s activities include individual and group time as well as field trips.

7. Urban Action

Pretty house outside

Urban Action is a group of students dedicated to improving the Providence community beyond the borders of the Providence College campus. Students help those less fortunate than themselves build houses, and in the process, build friendships.

8. Debate Team

Political candidates debating

The Debate Team travels to various schools for competitions around New England. The team also co-sponsors debates on campus with other clubs and organizations in relevant issues.

9. Health Care Club

Female nurse holding tablet

Health Care Club is geared towards students interested in Health Policy, Medicine, Psychology, Biology, and related fields. Their main events include Alumni Panels for students to learn about career options, a Study Abroad night, and more.

10. Investment Club

Man stacking coins

The Investment Club is open to all who have an interest in investments.  The mission of the Investment Club is to educate students on the “why” to invest as well as general introductory knowledge.

5 Cool Events at Providence Club

1. Bingo Night

Bingo game sheets and balls

Bingo Night is a fun late night event for students who want to try their chances in winning great prizes. This is a fun time to enjoy your time with friends playing games!

2. Trick or Treat Yo Self

Pumpkin painted trick or treat

Join the PC After Hours crew for pumpkin decorating, candy apples, Halloween candy and more!  This is a fun event where college students can ‘trick or treat’ with friends.

3. Pumpkinfest

Three pumpkins on hay

Pumpkinfest is an another fall event where Providence College students come together and enjoy the Fall season with pumpkin painting, Trick-or-Treating in the dorms, hayrides, snacking, taking photos, etc.

4. NFL Sunday Ticket

Men playing football

If you don’t have a place to watch Sunday football games, come to McPhail’s hall! There’s free food, a great TV, a comfy lounge, and plenty of friends to enjoy NFL Sunday.

5. Choral Concert

People singing in choir

The Fall Choral Concert features I Cantori and Oriana Choir, two premiere choirs formed by students at Providence College. Students in choir perform and show off their dedication and talent at this event.

10 of the Easiest Courses at Providence

This private, co-educational college located in the heart of Rhode Island is sure to have courses that’ll lighten up your schedule. Furthermore, Providence offers a plethora of easy courses that won’t drag you down, but instead, help your GPA rise up. Here is a list of the top 10 easiest courses at Providence College:

1. AMS 101 – Introduction to American Studies

This 3-credit course introduces students to very basic problems, tools, and the methodology needed to examine a range of topics related to American culture and history. You will have ample time to study each topic, as themes shift every semester. If you still need an AMS elective, this course will satisfy that requirement.

A man holding a U.S. flag

2. APG 101 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

This interesting class will teach students about the importance of humans as makers of tools, moral judgements, and rules. Students will also compare the ways in which people of Western and non-Western countries make sense of their environment and their experiences. With the limited amount of homework assigned and the surface-level material, this class will be sure to be an easy A.

A sculpture diagramming the human brain

3. ART 101 – Visual Design I: 2D

Every college offers an easy art class that will fit into most schedules. This class will investigate the elements of two-dimensional design, such as texture, line, shape, color and value. The different mediums that will be explored include painting, drawing, photography, and print-making. You will need to attend class 6 hours a week, but at least it wont be laborious.

An abstract art piece made using paint

4. ARH 110 – Introduction to Museum Studies

This introductory class aims to survey the methods of curators and museums. There will be a focus on the study of original works and connoisseurs, as well as exposure to personal training. There are no prerequisites required due to the easy nature of the class, however, ARH 106 is suggested. Once again, this class will still offer a solid 3 credits.

Framed photographs on a blank wall

5. BLS 101 – Introduction to Black Studies

This course aims to simply familiarize students with a foundation of black studies from a scholarly view. It also introduces students to theoretical approaches that will further prepare them for further courses in black studies while also helping to build analytical skills. Students will not simply be completing daily assignments, but engage in a semester long activism project. The material in this course is not intended to be difficult, but rather used to develop an appreciation for black studies in the student.

A woman smiling and closing her eyes

6. GEO 175 – Introduction to Geography

This course is one of the easier science or environment-based classes. It seeks to explore the major concepts and approaches of modern geography, including the physical, cultural, economic, political and environmental aspects. It will also investigate their influence in the 21st century. Learning will be based on direct inquiry, analysis of world issues, and technological labs. Not all learning will be learning or lecture-based, but students will also engage in hands-on activities and discussions.

A man with a suitcase walking on a map

7. HPM 101 – The American Health Care System

This 3-credit course will explore the historical evolution leading up to the current setup of the American health care system. It will examine the socioeconomic context in which health care is delivered, those who pay for care, and the providers. For those with any interest in law, it will also analyze contemporary proposals for health care reform. This course serves as an introductory course for Health Policy and Management, so the material will not be in-depth.

A person writing surrounded with a variety of healthcare equipment

8. HIS 100 – Thinking and Writing About History

This course will introduce students to the study of history, and literally get them to start thinking and writing about history. Students will break down the different aspects of historical thinking including critical investigation, synthesis, interpolation and evaluation. Students will learn research and writing skills, as well as verbal skills. It will further consider basic issues of historiography, and the philosophy of history.

A man looking at historical art work

9. MTH 105 – Introduction to Mathematical Methods

Fear not, for this is not another difficult math class. It is designed to introduce students with minimal math background to the problem-solving process, basic computer-programming, consumer mathematics, and statistical inference. All topics discussed only require previous high school knowledge, and will be reviewed.

A person measuring and cutting a piece of paper

10. MSC 101 – Basic Concept of Music

Not musically gifted like some of your friends? Well, this course requires little to no musical background, likewise to the limited amount of work you’ll have to do. Students will be introduced to note reading, pitch, musical notation, rhythm, scales and harmony. Music from the 17th and 20th centuries will also be explored.

A guitar lying against a blank wall
 If you’re still stuck on which classes to choose for the upcoming semester, try adding a few of these. They will be sure to ease your schedule while simultaneously boosting your GPA.