Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at Pomona College

Pomona College is a small private liberal arts college that houses just a little under 2,000 students. This college is located in Claremont, California. It was first founded in 1887. Now, students have chance to study a wide range of topics and majors through various opportunities. Here are the ten buildings at Pomona College you need to know.

1. Bridges Hall of Music

Bridges Hall of Music
The Bridges Hall of Music

Address: 150 E. Fourth Street, Claremont, CA 91711

This building is the home to the Bridges Hall of Music. It is also known as Little Bridges. This building was finished in 1915 and is one of Pomona’s oldest standing buildings. Students will find public musical concerts and ceremonies here such as Convocation.

2. Renwick House

Renwick House
The front oft he Renwick House

Address: 146 N. College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

This building is the home to the Renwick House. It was first built in 19000 as the private residence for Claremont’s well-known philanthropist, Helen Renwick. Now, this building houses the Office of Advancement Services and Information Systems.

3. Seaver House

The front of Seaver House

Address: 305 N. College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

This building is home to the Seaver House. It was built in 1900 and was then dedicated to Pomona in 1979. Now, this building houses the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement. Students will be able to also find a lobby and lounge area.

4. Smith Campus Center

Front of the Smith Campus Center

Address: 170 E. Sixth Street, Claremont, CA 91711

This building is home to the Smith Campus Center. It is the center for student activity. It currently houses the Coop Store, the Coop Fountain, the ASPC office, the student government office, the mail-room, meeting spaces, the Sageghen Cafe, and the Rose Hills Theatre.

5. Sumner Hall (Admissions)

The front of Sumner Hall

Address: 333 N. College Way, Claremont, CA 91711

Home to Sumner Hall, this building is home to several offices. It was first built and given to the college in 1888. Today, it houses the Office of Admissions, the Office of Financial Aid, the Office of Campus Life, and mailing services.

6. Walton Commons

The front of the Walton Commons

Address: Claremont, CA 91711

This building is home to Walton Commons It is located a little south of Lawry Court. It currently houses the Seven College Queer Resource Center, and other facilities for residents within the Lawry Court neighborhood as well.

7. Kenyon House

Front of the Kenyon House

101 N. College Way, Claremont, CA 91711

This building is home to the Kenyon House. Here, students will find a number of offices for several colleges. This building is also located just south of the Pendleton Dance Center. It is also home to Facilities and Campus Services.

8. Draper Center for Community Partnerships

Draper Center for Community Partnerships

Address: 735 Dartmouth Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

This building is home to the Draper Center for Community Partnerships. It houses a number of community-geared offices and center for the campus. This center often hosts a number of events geared towards educating and uplifting the outer community.

9. Alexander Hall

The David Alexander Hall of Administration

Address: 550 N. College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711

The David Alexander Hall is the home to a number of administrative offices. It was first built in 1991. This includes the Office of the President, the Dean of Students, the Registrar, Career Development Office, Treasurer and Communications, the Academic Dean, other offices as well.

10. Cowart Building

The front of the Cowart Building

Address: 156 E. Seventh Street, Claremont, CA 91711

This building is home to the J.C. Cowart Information Technology Building. It was first built in 2004. It now houses the Information Technology Services, also known as ITS, an underground parking garage, a computer lab, tech support, and post printing services.

Knowing your way around and your surroundings is the key to staying safe. If you are a returning or new student or just a visitor, hopefully this list has helped you become more familiar with the campus!

10 Top Coolest Courses at Pomona College

Classes are about to begin for thousands of students across the United States. Needless to say, there are some courses that aren’t necessarily as fun as others. College is all about having fun, correct? Below we have compiled a list of some of the top coolest courses that students will be able to find at Pomona College!

1. THEA002 PO – The Dramatic Imagination

Two brains that are imagining different things

In this course, students will learn more about the art of imagination in theatre. This class will allow students to design themselves as people on theatre, operatic, and dance-based stages. This class will examine the contemporary and historical designs of theatre throughout time.

2. THEA017 PO – Make-up

James Charles holding up eye makeup on his arm

Are you a person that is interested in doing make-up in the future? This class is for you then! This course will examine the techniques of applying stage make-up. This includes learning more about turning a person into another character and creating an imaginative being for another audience.

3. DANC010 PO – Beginning Modern Dance

People dancing in a dance class

You’re probably the person who always dances around in their room to their favorite tunes. Students will learn more about the techniques and principles of modern, ballet, and jazz dance. Students will also learn more about body alignment and composition when it comes to dance.

4. DANC152 PO – Hip-Hop Dance

Kids dancing to  hip hop music

Can you two step? This class will allow students to learn more about the techniques and principles that are related to hip-hop. Students will also learn more about the movements of hip-hop that includes basic steps and combinations. Students will also learn more terminology in dance.

5. ASTR002 PO – Introduction to Galaxies and Cosmology

A look at the galaxies in space

Have you ever wondered what is out beyond the stars in space? This class will discuss the topics that relate to the Milky Way galaxy, stars, classification of galaxies, and the evolution of space. Students will also study the universe on a much larger scale as it relates to history.

6. ART025 PO – Sculpture I

People in a sculpting a sculpting class

Are you a person that is interested in learning more about sculpting? This class will take students through various materials and processes that come to making a sculpture. Students will learn more about the techniques for sculpting, expressing yourself through art, and the materials used as well.

7. ARHI140 PO – The Arts of Africa

Kids performing African based instruments and dance

There are different parts of the arts that stem from Africa. With its cultural and national diversity, Africa brings different aesthetics to the arts. This class will examine the social, political, and religious aspects that play a role in the development of the arts through iconographic themes and aesthetics.

8. MUS007 PO – Group Piano

Kids playing the piano in class

Learning a new instrument can allow people to develop a sense of musicianship. They can see the behind the scenes rehearsals that play a role in making concerts successful as well. This class will allow students to learn more about technique and repertoire when it comes to playing the piano at a beginner level.

9. SOC075 PO – Social and Political Movements

The different stages of social movments

Are you interested in the ongoing primary for the 2020 elections? In this course, students will learn more about society and political institutions. Students will learn more about the development of society and political movements that play a role in the world we live in.

10. ART005 PO – Drawing I

A look at a rose being drawn

This class will inspire you to tell your story through drawing. In this class, students will allow students to learn and pay close attention to lines, shapes, forms, gestures, values, and composition. Students will also learn more about the materialistic side of drawing art.

10 Hardest Courses at Pomona College

Pomona College is a private, coeducational liberal arts college in Claremont, California, United States. The college offers 48 majors and approximately 600 courses in different areas of study. Some of the courses offered are considered hard due to various reasons. Below is a list of 10 of the hardest courses offered at the institution.

1. ASTR125 PO – Galactic Astronomy

Galactic Astronomy

This course in astronomy focuses on the phenomenological investigation of galaxy structure, formation, and evolution.  The course is considered hard because of the technical topics related to astronomy. Students will also be involved in time-consuming lab sessions where they will study some heavenly bodies like meteorites.

2. BIOL180 PO – Microbial Ecology

Microbial Ecology

This biology course discusses the role of microbes in controlling element cycling and in shaping the geosphere. The course involves very technical terminologies and concepts thus making it a hard course. The course also involves very demanding and time-consuming labs where students will examine various specimens.

3. CHEM115 PO – Biochemistry with Laboratory


This course in chemistry is considered hard because it combines the study of complex chemistry and biology concepts. The course also involves a series of lab sessions where students will perform a series of experiments and tests.

4. CSCI151 PO – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

This course discusses artificial intelligence concepts and its various applications. The course is hard because it combines computer programming concepts and other advanced computer-related topics. Students will be required to create programs using various programming languages.

5. MATH067 PO – Vector Calculus

Vector Calculus mug

This advanced mathematics course discusses linear algebra and single-variable calculus, giving a streamlined introduction to multivariable calculus. Like many math courses, this course is considered hard because students will learn very complex mathematical formulas related to vector calculus and implement them in solving advanced mathematical problems.

6. PHYS170 PO – Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

This course in physics is considered hard because it discusses advanced topics in physics. The topics include The Schroedinger equation, operator methods using Dirac notation, harmonic oscillator, and angular momentum. Students will spend long study hours in order to grasp the concepts taught.

7. NEUR189T PO – Neuroendocrinology


This neuroscience course explores the relationships between hormones and the nervous system. Students taking this course consider it hard because of the depth and technicality of the topics. The topics involve a lot of technical terms and are very long.

8. GEOL121 PO – Tectonic Landscapes

Tectonic Landscapes

This is a geology course that discusses various advanced topics such as the integration of field and GIS mapping, quantitative geomorphic analyses, and numerical modeling. Students in the course find it hard because they have to engage in a series of practical sessions where they have to travel for field work which is very involving and time-consuming.

9. BIOL162 PO – Genetic Analysis

A biologist in a lab

This is an advanced course in biology. It discusses topics related to genes in human beings. Students find this course difficult because of the technicality of the topics. The course has a lot of technical terminologies that students need to understand. Students also need to allocate a lot of study hours in order to excel in the course.

10. ART126B PO – Sculpture II-Casting: One & Many

A Sculpture artist at work

This arts course aims at expanding the technical, conceptual and expressive skills of students through individually designed projects. Students will be required to successfully design and implement an art project before the end of the course. Students learn specific technical skills related to casting in a range of materials.

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at Pomona College

You may be a student looking for a job so you can gain some experience in a field or get a job just to get some extra money. Students have plenty of option at the campus they go to. Pomona college has opportunities for students to join a position at school. Here is a list of jobs and opportunities for students at Pomona College.

1. Restaurant Team Member

food worker prepping food

This is a job for students that would like to work at a food service place to prep food and cash out students. This is a minimum wage job as there are chances to raise your wage for the amount of time you work. Work is also flexible as they are ware of students busy schedules.

2. Customer Service Representitive

logo of customer service

This job is for students that are able to communicate with other students and co-workers to maintain their roles in the job. You will have to answer phone calls and keep detailed records as well as answer students questions about school.

3. Student Farm Laborer

a farm with a barn and animals

There is a current search for a student farm laborer to work in the
College of Agriculture. There will be some physical demands, so students should make sure that they will be able to meet the demands such as moving heavy objects and riding a tractor. This is a minim wage job.

4. Admissions Representative

admission board at  a school

This position requires students to take in inquires of students and to keep track of admissions. You will be on the computer a lot so make sure you know the basics of the computer. You will also be needing the knowledge to answer students questions about admissions to the schools and have great communicating skills.

5. Tutoring

girl helping another girl with school work

As tutor students would have to have the knowledge of the course content and be able to teach other students in a well mannered way. Students pursuing a teaching career will have great experience with this job and would look good on their resume.

6. Multimedia Specialist

social media icons on phone

If you are a student that is doing great on social media and have great video making skills, including editing than this would be a great job for you. The basis is to make people knowledgeable on Pomona college. This is a high paying job with $22.71 per hour.

7. OneClass Online Note Taker

man taking notes on papers

Take notes with OneClass and receive payments while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Note taker today.

Top 10 Dorms at Pomona College

Pomona College is one of the top academic institutions in terms of value. This value extends all the way to the residence aspect, as well. Here are ten of the best options for housing at Pomona:

1. Walker Hall

This is an image of Walker Hall

Address: 700 N College Way

Walker Hall is easily the best dorm on campus because of its high ranking amenities and close proximity to campus fixtures, like the library. For example, it has fully functioning kitchen and laundry facilities that were recently renovated. It also boasts the largest study lounge on the entire campus!

2. Sontag Hall

This is an image of Sontag Hall

Address: 701 N Amherst Street

Sontag Hall is not only the best for students, it’s the best for the environment. The only dorm on campus with a rooftop garden, it also has a renewable energy resource. This is thanks to the solar panels that power the amenities inside of Sontag!

3. Dialynas Hall

This is an image of Dialynas Hall

Address: 601 N Amherst Street

The newest residence hall on campus, Dialynas will make students feel like the college experience is a luxurious one. It also boasts a different kind of lounge that not every school will have. There’s a drop down screen Dialynas’ very own movie theater!

4. Lawry Court

This is an image of Lawry Court

Address: 375 E 6th Street

A smoke-free complex, Lawry Court is split into three towers. These towers help foster one of the strongest senses of community on the entire campus. The area is also very close to student unions and learning complexes, maximizing the ability for students to attend campus functions.

5. Smiley Hall

This is an image of Smiley Hall

Address: 550 N College Way

One of the oldest residence halls on the entire Pomona campus, the amenities are not as up to modern standards. However, this is kind of part of the charm, honestly. And it ranks this high on the list because it is located in the center of campus.

6. Gibson Hall

This is an image of Gibson Hall

Address: 251 E 2nd Street

Gibson Hall makes amazing use of its very small size by providing a lot of privacy for the students. Rooms do tend to fill up quickly here, however. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a dorm that feels like it’s a vacation home in southern California or central Florida?

7. Lyon Court

This is an image of Lyon Court with shrubs

Address: 173 E 2nd Street

Lyon’s claim to fame at Pomona is the fact that it has the largest dorm rooms on the entire campus. Boasting plenty of space for students to move into, Lyon features mostly freshmen. It is also just a quick jaunt away from some of the most coveted areas on campus, including the pool.

8. Mudd-Blaisdell

This is an image of Mudd-Blaisdell

Address: 230 E Bonita Ave

Mudd-Blaisdell is the largest residence hall on the entire Pomona campus. Housing the most students of any other residence hall, it makes it easiest for students to nab a room inside. They’ll definitely want to, too, because of the wide study rooms, conference rooms, and multiple laundry facilities.

9. Oldenborg Center

This is an image of the Oldenborg Center

Address: 350 N College Way

The Oldenborg Center provides the most unique college living experience at Pomona. The international building, students of all ethnicities and backgrounds live here. This diverse, rich experience becomes a building block of certain academic endeavors.

10. Wig Hall

This is an image of Wig Hall

Address: 120 E Bonita Avenue

Wig Hall is one of the more recently renovated halls on campus. It offers housing to first and second year students. There are also many different types of rooms that students can opt to live in at Wig, including suites.


Pomona has so many great residence options. It’s a shame that you can only live in one of them at any given time. How great it would be to utilize the benefits of each area listed above!

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Pomona

1. Room Basics

This is an image of multicolored towels

– Room divider
– Laundry basket
– Dresser
– Printer
– Towels

2. Food and Snacks

This is an image of microwave popcorn

– Microwavable popcorn
– Paper towels
– Ice cream
– Microwave
– Baking sheets

3. Tech and Entertainment

This is an image of an iPhone and its charger

– Cell phone
– Cell phone charger
– iPod/MP3 player
– CD player
– CDs

4. School Supplies

This is an image of a Dry Erase kit

– Sharpies
– Dry Erase markers
– Erasers
– Dry Erase tablets
– Pens

5. Cleaning and Organization

This is an image of a microfiber feather duster

– Feather duster
– Febreze
– Dish scrubber
– Dishwasher tablets
– Laundry pods

6. Campus Gear

This is an image of a UMass school hat

– Schoolwork folder
– School hat
– Running shoes
– Earbuds
– Backpack

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

This is an image of a blue lighter

– Lighter
– Candles
– Curtains
– Towel rack
– Microwave

10 Great Clubs at Pomona College

Joining clubs is a great way to enjoy yourself in school and get yourself out there. Through clubs you can make professional connections, learn new things, and meet new friends! Here’s ten great clubs at Pomona College.

1. 5C Dance Company

Ballet man leaping in the air

Each semester, the 5C Dance Company is comprised of 10-20 dancers from a wide and diverse range of dance backgrounds. Dance members collaborate to create unique, fun pieces that are exciting to watch.

2. Science Bus

Toy kids getting off the bus

Science Bus is a student run organization that write and teaches weekly hands-on science lessons. Each week they visit five different schools in the Pomona Unified School district.

3. Human Rights Club

Friends at the beach

As a club this group aims to educate themselves and their peers about the human rights abuses that occur on a daily basis in our community and around the world, as well the structures of power that bring about such abuses.

4. Mental Health Alliance

Drawing of a colorful brain

The 5C Mental Health Alliance (MHA) is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting dialogue about mental illness and wellness at the Claremont Colleges (5Cs).

5. Real Estate Ventures

Keys to a house for sale

5C Real Estate Ventures aims to introduce the world of real estate to students. The club will do this by introducing members to different areas of real estate including private equity, brokerage, lending, development, etc.

6. Student Scoop

Student's journal handwriting

Their goal is to bring a fun and authentic student perspective to 5C athletics, events, and more!  They prioritize professionalism and quality in their reporting style, video quality, and social media presence.

7. Tech for Good

Colorful computer microchip

Tech for Good is a student organization at the Claremont Colleges striving to expand the use of technology as a force for social good, and raise awareness about the ethical dimensions of ubiquitous technologies.

8. Wordsmiths

Person typing on laptop

The Wordsmiths aim to be the home base for the creative writing community on campus, connecting all creative writing entities and individuals regardless of level of experience with creative writing.

9. 5Circus 

Circus group performance

This club provides students with the space and equipment to learn, practice, and share circus skills with other circus enthusiasts on campus. Club members have the opportunity to learn new skills and practice them!

10. Ascent Club

Woman rock climbing outdoors

Ascent Climbing Club is the Pomona College Climbing Club. We organize trips to outdoor locations all over Southern California. They take many trips to go rock climbing together!

5 Great Events at Pomona College

1. The Felt Project

Different colors of felt

The Felt Project is an art exhibit on campus that’s free for students. It is a collaboration with 1st Street Gallery artists to create new works for an exhibition at the Chan Gallery.

2. Film Screening

People watching a movie outdoors

Another free event for students is the multiple film screening opportunities on campus. The school offers tons of different types of movies ranging from action to indie!

3. Lecture Series

Students in a lecture hall

The Lecture Series at Pomona College is a great learning environment for students. Many different types of lecturers come to the event to speak to students and faculty.

4. Student Recital

Woman playing the violin

Students who have been taking private lessons perform selections they’ve worked on during the semester at the recital. This performance is open to students and the general public.

5. Career Day

People talking at a career fair

Career Day is a popular event at Pomona College that provides students with the opportunity to look into their professional and career options. Students can network with real world professionals.

10 Easiest Classes at Pomona College

It is important to know which classes you are taking are hard and easy so that you can allocate time to those classes appropriately. There are many classes to choose from at Pomona College. Keep reading to find out about the top ten easiest classes at Pomona College:

1. African Studies 10A: Introduction to Africana Studies

This class introduces the interdisciplinary exploration of key aspects of Black history. This includes culture and life in Africa and America. Students that take this course learn about the global Black experience as it is stated in literature and shown through art and social sciences. Students take this class in order to satisfy their general education requirements. They say that there is a midterm and a final. However, the study guide is almost identical to the exams themselves.An image of African Designs

2. Anthropology 002: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

This class covers the structure and dynamics of human culture and social institutions from a comparative perspective. Diversity in the ways of life and patterns of social organization are explored. Students also learn about ethnographic materials from societies around the world. Students usually take this class because there are three required essay papers that they have to write. There are no exams, such as midterm examinations or finals.The evolution of man

3. Art 108: Figurative Painting

This class is for students that want to explore the technical problems of painting the figure. It goes over how artists represent the body in the past and present works of art. There are formal problems and frameworks that are assigned throughout the semester through projects. Therefore, this class is mostly art projects. Students tend to take this class to satisfy general education requirements.girl painting on canvas in studio

4. Environmental Analysis 010: Intro to Environmental Analysis

This class is offered each semester at Pomona College. It looks at environmental change over periods of time and investigates the environmental ramifications of economic and technological decisions. There is one midterm and one final, but the study guide really helps students with these. Most of the time, students end up doing very well in the class.

A photo of an old map of the world

5. Linguistics 010: Introduction to Linguistics

Students investigate what exactly is language, and what do you know when you know a language. The different topics covered in this course are how sound is produced and how words are constructed from their component parts. Students like to take this class because it is very interesting and straight forward. Because of this, it is easy to understand so most students end up getting A’s in the class.

Speech bubbles with "hi" in different languages

6. Media Studies 076: Gender and Genre

Media Studies 076 investigates gender and how it is related to musical genre. This class does have exams and a term paper, but these are all straight forward. Students say that the study guides really helped them prepare for the exams. Additionally, the term paper wasn’t a very long paper. It was brief, so students say that definitely made the class a lot easier as well.A female student listening to music

7. Music 004: Materials of Music

Students learn elementary understanding of the materials of music. This includes harmony, melody, and rhythm. There are no exams in this class. There are many projects and papers that take place so that students know the historical and theoretical viewpoints of the factors that enter into the musical experience. Because of this, many students feel that this is an easy class.

A woman dancing to music

8. Art 109: Painting as Experiment

This is a class that investigates the central question of what it means to paint. It goes over experiments related to the process, materiality and meaning of contemporary and historical painting practices. Projects typically include using materials and performance to show the painting’s relationship to site. Students do not have a final exam or a midterm, so the fact that it is mainly just projects really makes it an easy class for students to take.An image of music

9. Environmental Analysis 1020: Nature, Culture, and Society

This class goes over case studies regarding nature and society. Students are able to analyze problems and dilemmas relating to key contemporary environmental issues. The different types of topics vary but draw on different types of sources in humanities and social science, such as history, philosophy, literature, religion, and art. There is a lot of group work involved in this class, so pretty much almost everyone gets an A as long as you are doing your part of the assignment or projects in the class.The marine environment

10. History 010: Ancient Mediterranean

This class goes over the political and cultural history of the Mediterranean world from 3000 B.C.E. to 400 C.E. Students will be expected to know about the earliest Ancient Near Eastern empires through the decline of the Roman Empire. This class requires a lot of memorization, but the dates and facts that students must know are said to be easy. Therefore, if you just memorize what you need to know for the exam, this will be a very easy class for you!Ancient Mediterranean artPomona College definitely has a long list of easy classes that students take to either bump up their GPA or increase the amount of units that they are taking. In addition, these classes are really helpful with getting pre-requisites out of the way. Make sure you sign up for a couple of these interesting yet easy classes! You will not regret it.