10 Coolest Courses at Point Park University

Many students often neglect the many different options of classes available to them. However to many students’ surprise, there are a whole list of classes that students belonging to any major are allowed to take. Luckily for students at Point Park University, there are so many fun classes available to you. In this article, you will learn about ten of the coolest courses available to Point Park University.

1. CINE 101 – Introduction to Cinema

an empty movie theatre with a screen on

This is a fun course that many students should take the opportunity to enroll in. You will learn all about the fundamentals of Cinema Production. Some practices you will focus on will include producing, editing and directing. You will study both traditional film and modern day film.

2. DANC 105 – Tap Dance I

tap dancers on a podium performing

If you want to try your hand at dancing, this is the perfect course for you. you will learn the basic tap dance styles. You will be expected to learn the vocabulary of the dance styles and incorporate your knowledge into your dance style.

3. DIGI 102 – Digital Design Tools and Techniques

a person editing photos on his computer

In a generation of technology, it could be beneficial for any student to learn more about how to use media. This course will focus on using the tools used in Digital Media. The basic processing software you will be using is Adobe Production Software.

4. ART 100 – Introduction to Visual Arts

an art museum piece for the public to see

This class is a great breather course between your more difficult classes. It is a very fun way to learn more about art in an analytical and historical perspective. You will learn more about Western art all the way to present day art styles.

5. EDUC 150 – Introductions to the Teaching Profession

an elementary teacher with her students

This is an amazing course to take whether or not you are looking to enter the teaching profession. This course will help you look at the philosophy behind being a teacher. You will look at what it takes to be a teacher and how to appreciate the profession.

6. CINE 170 – Introduction to Screenwriting for Non-Majors

a paper of screenwriting with edits

This is another fun class dedicated specifically to students of any majors. This course will focus on storytelling and how it plays into the motion pictures. You will apply your knowledge to writing your own short scripts. This class will have a lecture and a lab portion.

7. DANC 115 – Music Fundamentals for Dancers

dancers performing on stage together

This is also a fun class for all students, regardless if they have a dancing background or not. There is no previous knowledge or experience in dance needed. You will look at the foundation of music reading. Along with this, you will focus on different movement and ear training exercises.

8. ART 213 – Introduction to Drawing

a person drawing an image of a woman

If you have ever taken an interest in drawing, this can be your chance to start learning. You will learn the basics of drawing. You will learn about fundamental exercises regarding drawing. Along with this, you will get the ability to create your own personal style.

9. MUS 106 – Piano Class

a clean close up of a piano keyboard

Another fun class to take is MUS 106. This class will give you the opportunity to learn piano during class time. You will focus on the music fundamentals and note reading. You will learn about keyboard techniques and work towards getting to sight reading.

10. ARBC 101 – Elementary Arabic I

a man writing arabic on paper

One unique class that is available to students at this institution is Arabic. There is a series of language courses dedicated to giving students the opportunity to learn this amazing language. This is a unique course that many institutions do not offer to their students.

If you are looking for a fun way to learn more about the world, take your shot at taking a variety of different classes. College can be fun if you decide to let it. There are so many classes available to students that many students do not take advantage of. Start taking advantage of them today!

10 Hardest Classes at Point Park University

College is tough and classes are surely like not high school academia. Knowing which classes to steer clear of in at Point Park University can help you as a student succeed and not panic about the hardest courses on campus. Here is a list of the toughest classes at PPU. Let get’s started!

1. ACCT 201 – Intermediate Accounting I

This course is a two hundred level class, so most students begin to think it is a blow off. However, many students who have taken the course say that this class one their toughest by far. With lots of material covered and lengthy, cumulative exams, ACCT 201 is not on many students’ list of desired classes.

Students on a business meeting.

2. BIOL 102 – General Biology II

This course is the basis of most pre-med students who are looking to begin their majors. With a variety of topics covered and lots of material expected to be memorized by student, the exams are said to be nearly impossible for most who take this course. Many students pull all nighters to complete studying each exam.

Students working in lab together.

3. CHEM 221 – Organic Chemistry

For any medical major, this course lives up to its terrible reputation. In CHEM 221 students are tested to their max with not only lectures but lab experiments as well. This course is weighted heavily on exam scores and this is one of the most frequent courses visited at the tutor center.

Professor teaching in class.

4. ECON 202 – Principles of Microeconomics

Microeconomics is a high level course for students who are almost completed with their degree. With this course however in a schedule, there is no such thing as an easy junior or senior year. The exams are nearly impossible as said by students and there is an overwhelming amount of material.

Building on PPU campus.

5. MATH 175 -Elementary Statistics

MATH 175 is a course that students enter into fully prepared to work their rear end off in! If one signs up for this course, it is countless hours of work outside of the class and lecture. Students are also expected to remember everything from previous math classes when signing up for this class. Many freshmen find this course miserable.

Students learning in lecture.

6.BIOL 222 – Intro to Genetics

BIOL 222 is a course that many students struggle with because of the large quantities of work for both their lecture and lab experiments in this course. Students do not recommend taking this course, especially if your schedule is almost full. This is because many students don’t pass the course.

Girl working in lab.

7. HIST 202 – History of Western Civ II

This course takes students into the realm of the pass to challenge those who have decided to accept history as their major. Through many deep thinking projects, students often leave the course because of the hours of work it entails outside of the classroom alongside their other courses as well.

Historic building in the US.

8. JOUR 280 – Introduction to Multimedia

JOUR 280 adapts students and molds them into a different way of thinking which many students do not care for. This course forces students to think outside of the box. Beyond the books, many critical thinking skills are needed to pass this very hard course.

Student writing at desk.

9. BIOL 210 – Evolution

This course covers environmental issues and how they affect and correspond with the laws our society has today. Topics included disregard any personal value and focus strictly on the black and white which is why students have a hard time separating themselves emotionally from many topics in this course.

Gif of person saying college? with a crying face

10. BMGT 300 – Corporate Finance

BMGT 207 focuses on cost determination in jobs and process cost systems, including standard cost measurement. A big part of the class is on cost information for decision-making, including ethical issues. Students must have great knowledge in technology and computer skills for this tough course.

Professor teaching in class.

Overall, Point Park University has many courses and overall great professors to teach them. Many experienced students say if you try and avoid these classes and can manage on graduating without them, your college career at PPU will be amazing!

10 Point Park University Library Resources You Need to Know

Point Park University prides itself in the various courses spanning from sciences to the arts. With such a wide range of majors to tackle, surely the libraries are jamming with resource material waiting to be sifted through.

1. Which Books are Which?

Books can range from one subject to the other.

Much of the books found in the ground floor of the Point Park University Library cater to all the courses. However, certain content such as the course reserves, reference, as well as the cinema faculty dvd collection will have to be requested from the first floor.

2. Borrow from Another Library

Borrowing from one library to another is never a hassle.

You can easily borrow books and media from another library without having to go another campus. This can be done through EZ-Borrow; as the name of this service, it makes borrowing a breeze.

3. All for One, One for All

Everyone has a turn to using the books.

Resources that are needed by another individual despite currently being unavailable on the library will be tagged as ‘recalled’. Recalled items such as books and videos are to be returned so that another individual can make use of them. This paves way for others to have equal chances of using the source material .

4. Ease of Access for Media Catalog

The system is simple and straight-forward so one can navigate through the selection without difficulty.

The library offers an easier approach to getting the right video for your presentation. By simply accessing the library’s website, you can get a link to the library’s online video collection.

5. Contact your Librarian through Text

The means of contacting your librarian is not limited to going to the library.

While most of our mobile phones are dedicated to being connected to the web, Point Park University has set up a network where students and faculty can contact the librarians through a specific keyword.

6. Donated Items are Welcome

Donated books need to be cataloged in the appropriate section.

The Point Park Library accepts donated materials mainly in the academic field. While there can be a compromise on the terms of the donated items, they do belong to the library and shall be of further aid to the students and staff in their future studies.

7. Detailed List of Personnel

The library personnel can be easily communicated to reconvene with library concerns.

Unlike most university libraries, Point Park University library prides itself with its staple list of point of contact individuals that handle various aspects of the library. The information can be easily accessed through the website through the library directory tab.

8. Plagiarism Game

Find the goblins and answer each question correctly to understand how to do your papers right.

While not everyone is well-versed with what you can use and what you can’t, the library offers a ‘Plagiarism Game’ which will guide students what you can and can’t put on your written report.

9. Numerous Guides

What do you need to get your paper right?

Not everyone can write the perfect paper which is why Point Park  University library has various PDF’s to guide students on how to write their essays and correctly input their citations.

10. University Archives

There's something interesting in the archives.

While geared mostly to Point Park University’s diverse history, there’s still some information that one can get in looking back at the foundations of the school.

Top 5 Libraries in Point Park University

1. Point Park University – University Center Library

Point Park University - University Center Library

Being the in-house library, much of the academic resources can be located here. It provides numerous books and media that students can borrow with no difficulty. Resource material can be easily sifted through the aid of the library’s designated search engine.

2. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Being the closest library to the university, it gives students an alternative place to study and gather their resources. This is a small but comfortable study space where books can be borrowed and enjoyed.

3. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main Library

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main Library

This library hosts numerous activities that promote various individuals and interests. It boasts a wide selection of books and genres, even its own musical score collection that visitors come back to.

4. Hillman Library

Hillman Library

The library can be a little crowded during weekend and exam season but it provides a modern setting for one to study and get things done. Hillman Library provides numerous desktop computers that students can work on; and five floors of information to sift through.

5. Green Tree Public Library

Green Tree Public Library

This library is more on the homey side and caters to small crowds. A great place to conduct small activities and classes.

Top 10 Clubs at Point Park University

A college should represent the best years in a students’ life. On the other hand, this period is difficult for some students. If you want to be involved, motivated and animated, you should find a proper club where you can meet people with the same interest as yours. Point Park University provides many clubs and events that you can join and easy the process of studying.

1. Information Technology Student Organization

Information Technology Student Organization's Learning Materials

The main goal of the club is promoting Information Technologies, Computer Science and Video Game Development. The members of the club also develop professional networks for ITSO members and all students on campus.

2. Pinnacle Productions

Cup of painting tools at Pinnacle Productions

Pinnacle, Productions is Point Park University’s club. Members of this club participate in interesting projects in which they express creativity and explore underground theatre scene.

3. Point Park University Rugby Football Club

Point Park University Rugby Football Club Logo

Do you like playing rugby? Well, this is a great place for you. Point Park University Rugby Football Club maintains a rugby team of playing and non-playing members. The teams compete at the Three Rivers Rugby Conference.

4. All Things Horror

All Things Horror Club Poster

Horror Club is a place which gathers all horror fans. If you are one of them, join the club. As a member, you will be involved in creating scary things and events.

5. Sport, Arts, and Entertainment Management Club

Sport, Arts, and Entertainment Management Club Logo

This club is opened for all undergraduate and graduate students. They can assist in marketing campus events and attend professional networking events. There are lots of volunteers in this club.

6. Black Student Union

Black Student Union Club Logo

Black Student Union is very popular at Point Park University. BSU creates a positive environment for all minority students. The club addresses cultural, educational, political, and social needs of minority students. Each of these students can get all the information they need to solve everyday problems.

7. John P. Harris Society

John P. Harris Society Club Logo

Are you passionate about movies? John P. Harris Society is a place opened for all Point Park University’s students who love to watch movies.

8. Dance Club

Dancing Classes at the Dance Club

Discover the art of dance through Point Park University’s Dance Club. The club is dedicated to all students who would like to know everything about dance. There are also social gatherings in which each student can experience a sense of cooperation.

9. IMPULSE Hip Hop Team

IMPULSE Hip Hop Team Club Logo

Another dance club but this time for hip-hop fans. IMPULSE Hip Hop Team club helps you connect with other people who share a passion for dance. You will have an opportunity to learn about hip hop, jazz funk/street jazz, heels, and many other dancing styles.

10. Phi Beta Lambda

Phi Beta Lambda Club Logo

Phi Beta Lambda brings a positive environment in which students can work together on innovative leadership and personal growth. This organization motivates its members to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Top 5 Events at Point Park University

1. Fashion Show

Point Park University's Fashion Show Event Poster

Each year students go to a Fashion show! This event is hosted by two clubs, Black Student Union and The Point Closet.

2. Dancin’ In The Dark

Point Park University's Dancing in the Dark Poster

There is no better way to meet new faces than dancing events. Dancin’ In The Dark is a social event organized by Black Student Union. Don’t miss homecoming dance this year!

3. For Health & Wellbeing, a Consciousness Raising Event

Health & Wellbeing, a Consciousness Raising Event Logo

The club provides a lot of useful information to students. Students learn about mental, emotional, and physical tools that can improve the quality of their lives.

4. Kickback W/ BSU: Movie Night

Point Park University's Movie Nights

Movie Nights are a great thing for relaxation. If you want to watch a free movie and eat free food, you are an ideal candidate for this event!

5. Kickback W/ BSU: Karaoke Night

Point Park University's Karaoke Nights

Check your singing potential! This time you can check whether your voice is good or bad. The one thing that is certain, that will be a fun night.

Top 10 Residences at Point Park University

Established in 1960, Point Park University is a private liberal arts college located in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A school where just over 4,000 students are enrolled, Point Park is a favorite school of in-state students, most of whom are enrolled in undergraduate studies. If you’ve been looking for information regarding residence halls and off-campus living around Point Park, then you should read through the following list of residence descriptions.

1) Arsenal 201

TThis is a living room inside a unit here

Address: 3922 Foster St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

They say that a home away from home is hard to find, but such is not true for individuals who live at Arsenal 201. If you want to enjoy your time at school, you need to rent out a unit here. Not only does Arsenal 201 have all the amenities you could ever want in every single one of there units, there are other facilities on the grounds you can utilize because of your membership here.

2) The Brix at 26

This is the interior of the building

Address: 75 South 26th Street, 112, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Wouldn’t you give the world to have an enjoyable experience at college? Well it starts with where you live. Don’t go into the fall semester living far from campus, far from the action and from the life you can feel. Live at The Brix at 26: you’re only a few miles from campus.

3) Crane Village Apartments

A bedroom at Crane

Address: 651 Oaklynn Ct, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

When it comes to off-campus housing, there are some priorities you should keep in mind. You’re going to want a apartment with state-of-the-art appliances and amenities, and such is what you’ll get if you live at Crane Village. Don’t go into the fall semester living in an uncomfortable home; you’ll be destined for academic defeat.

4) Hyland Hills Apartments

This is the complex's front of the building

Address: 275 Oakville Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Location and convenience: those are probably two priorities you have in mind on your quest to find the perfect off-campus housing. Expect all the latest and greatest amenities when you enter your room for the first time—the associates at Hyland Hills want you to feel right at home.

5) River Vue Apartments

The facility's workout room

Address: 300 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The peace and quiet necessary for intense studying is something you will always find if you live at River Vue. Between neighborly curtesy and the units being a good distance apart, there’s little doubt you’ll always be able to find that unbroken silence you need to get your work done.

6) May Building Apartments

This is the front of the building

Address: 111 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and community-oriented place to live off campus, then you should consider looking into May. Doesn’t jumping in to one of your complex’s two saltwater swimming pools sound great? After a long day of classes: you’ll need it.

7) Heinz at 950 North Shore

This is the place's lobby

Address: 950 Progress St Suite #1, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

There’s no place like home: that’s what you’ll say every day you come back from classes to your gorgeous apartment here. If you like hardwood floors and marble countertops, you’ll love your unit here! The complex is pet-friendly too!

8) The Residences at the Historic Alcoa Building

This was taken inside one of the units

Address: 611 William Penn Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Don’t waste time and money in some rundown shoebox that a sketchy landlord somehow passed off as an inhabitable  piece of real-estate. Instead, live here! All the amenities you could ask for and a community that’s first-rate; it simply doesn’t get better than this!

9) Keystone Flats

This is the front of the building

Address: 319 Third Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The traditional woes and worries associated with renting an apartment for school will not be found here. When you elect to live at Keystone Flats, you’ll be choosing to live in a vibrant and loving community where neighborly kindness is so potent, you may start to think it’s in the air.

10) City View Apartments

The grounds of the complex

Address: 1420 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Don’t drop a dollar or a cent on some shoebox apartment you couldn’t have imagined in even your wildest of nightmares. Instead, elect to live at City View. Comfort, luxury, and satisfaction are three qualities you’ll come to be real familiar with. You’ll never want to leave.

Here’s Your Move-In Day Packing List at Point Park University

1) Room Basics

This is the ideal dorm

– Toiletries
– Bedding
– Fans
– Snacks
– Posters

2) Food and Snacks

An image of a popular vegetables

– Plastic wrap
– Paper Bags
– Water Bottles
– Soup
– Plastic Utensils

3) Tech and Entertainment

An image of popular devices

– Gaming Console
– Headphones
– Laptop
– Power Strip
– Speakers

4) School Supplies

These are school supplies

– Binders
– Tab Dividers
– Glue
– Writing Utensils
– Daily planner

5) Cleaning and Organization

Cleaning supplies people need

– Trash Bags
– Laundry Baskets
– Detergent
– Surface Cleaner
– Drier Sheets

6) Campus Gear

These are school fans

– Shower Shoes
– A Swimsuit
– Sweatshirts
– A Winter Coat
– A Backpack

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

An image of candles

– Fans
– A Water Filter
– Cooking Spray
– Lighters
– Candles

With this list at your disposal, you should now be able to find the perfect residence for your time at Point Park. College is a lot harder if you don’t have a comfortable place to come home to; find your dream living-space now!

10 Easiest Classes at Point Park

Even the “easiest” majors at universities can still be extremely difficult and stressful at times so all students really need to balance their schedules with easier, nicer courses against those tough major requirements. Plus, these courses are usually GPA boosters. At Point Park University, students are no different and stress levels are the same – so here’s a list of some easy, less-stress classes that you can take as a Point Park student.

1. Introduction to Criminal Justice – CRMJ 150

This class is a general overview of the US criminal justice system focusing on the major agencies responsible for running and maintaining our constitutionally created justice system. While sometimes holding controversial discussions, this course is a great way to explore modern politics and modern issues on a national and global scale while also still being in an introductory class therefore not needing to worry as much about the level of difficulty or level of expertise expected of you.A gavel next to handcuffs and a stack of books

2. Introduction to Literary Studies – ENGL 120

Designed to give students some useful tools for collegiate literary classes, this course teaches students terms, definitions, and reading strategies that are essential to literary studies. For most students who have come from a well-rounded primary education, this class should be a breeze and should really just be a refresher course on how to properly read and annotate books for a class.An example of literary annotations of a novel

3. Development of the Death Investigation System – FSCI 100

An overview of forensic science from its origins to modern day, this course provides students with a wide description of possible job opportunities in forensics and also gives students a chance to explore a relatively understudied field. Since it is an introductory class based mostly on descriptions, definitions, and history, this course should provide students with a bit of a break from their hectic classes while also giving them something new and fresh to explore.A scientist swabbing blood spots at a crime scene

4. Effective Speech – ENGL 121

Basically a public speaking class, Effective Speech will give students the opportunity to hone their presentational skills while also exploring topics they may find interesting or are just curious to learn more about. This class is great for students who are a little nervous speaking in front of others because it prepares them for real-world job presentations, interviews and other possible public speaking events they may stumble across in their futures.A view of an audience from a public speaker's position

5.  Languages of the World – GCS/MLNG 205

An introduction course to the theories of human language, this course lets students look at the development of human language systems and explore political, geographical, and sociocultural factors that affect language development and continuation across the globe. The course also includes language recognition training and increased exposure to dozens of global languages.A graphic representation of the most spoken languages on Earth

6. History of American Music – HIST 220

Students will learn about the development of American music styles along with the history leading up to those developments in this course as well as look at the ever-evolving musical technology that allowed those developments to reach our homes and touch our lives so easily. Students will also be exposed to musical critiques and have the opportunity to explore both the composer/musician side of the music as well as the audience/listener side.A shot of a classic, American jazz band focusing on the saxophone

7. Introduction to Intelligence – INTL 101

An introductory course, this class offers students a detailed description of the origins of collecting, assimilating, and using intelligence from the Spartans all the way to modern-day citizens. This is a foundational class that lays the groundwork for further exploration of methods and analysis of intelligence.An intelligence gatherer using modern technology to asses information

8. Critical Thinking – PHIL 201

This course studies the strategies, techniques and principles of effective problem-solving, decision making and critical analysis. Emphasis is placed on the development of a student’s critical thinking skills and everyday application of those skills both inside the classroom and outside.A breakdown of critical thinking among left and right-brained thinkers

9. City-University Life – UNIV 101

This course introduces students to the communities that people construct for themselves and the values and dynamics that define such communities . Actively exploring the notion of what it means to be a responsible member of the community, students will discuss and analyze their studies through the lenses of multiple communities that they themselves are a part of.A representation of global community building with people of different races and backgrounds

10. Elementary Spanish 1 – SPAN 101

An introduction to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture through conversation and basic grammar, this class offers students with no Spanish language experience a great opportunity to try something new and perhaps fall in love with a culture and language so unique from their own.The word for Spanish in the Spanish language decorated with traditional latin cultural events or items i.e. insturments or dancersSo, if you are looking for a bit of a break from your heavy classes or your stressful work load, check out a few of these listed courses to see if any of them suit your fancy! While most are introductory courses, they might ignite an unexplored passion inside you and, who knows, maybe one of these courses could lead to your future career! Even if that’s not the case, just remember to enjoy your college experience as much as you can and soak up as much information from each class you take because you’ll never again get the opportunity to explore so many different subjects, cultures, and ideas.