10 Coolest Courses at Piedmont Technical College

Piedmont Technical College is a public community college with its main campus located in Greenwood, South Carolina. It serves seven counties in the Lakelands regions of South Carolina. Below are the 10 coolest courses at Piedmont Technical College:

1. ARV 261 – Advertising Design

cartoon image of a newspaper with a title in red bolded letters that says Advertising

Advertising is prevalent in virtually all fields and careers, and being able to design for advertisement is an important skill to have. This course is an introduction to the advertising arts, including the principles, techniques, media, tools, and skills used in the visual communication field. As a part of this course, students will focus on print, web, and broadcast media. 

2. ARV 114 – Photography I

man holding camera

If you’ve been interested in going into photography as a hobby or even as a career, this class is for you! In this course, students will be introduced to photography. It is a study of the principles, terminology, techniques, tools and materials of basic photography. 

3. AST 102 – Stellar Astronomy

illustration of magentar

The universe is full of interesting galactic concepts and objects out of our reach. This course is a descriptive survey of the universe with emphasis on basic physical concepts and galactic and extra-galactic objects. Students will also discuss topics of current interest in this course. 

4. CGC 106 – Typography 1

poster labelling each different part of typography

The type of font you use gives off a particular impression onto your audience, hence why we were often asked to use Times New Roman in our written reports in middle school or high school. The font is easiest to read. This course teaches you more about typography, and covers typography and photocomposition. Students will focus on using page authoring software.

5. CPT 288 – Computer Game Development I

man sitting and typing in front of two computer screen

Computer games are fun to play, but have you ever wanted to make one? In this course, students will be introduced to computer game design and development using the Windows API model. They will learn about topics such as creating 3D models using matrices, transformation, rotation, texture mapping, and so on.

6. CRJ 145 – Juvenile Delinquency

silhouette of young boy behind bars

One topic of curiosity that occurs prominently in life and in television shows is that of juvenile delinquency. This class includes a survey of the sociological, biological, and psychological theories involved in juvenile delinquency. Modern trends in prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency will also be discussed. 

7. CRJ 203 – Forensic Photography

forensic scientist photographing crime scene in a car

When assessing crime evidence, one of the most important forms of evidence is in the form of forensic photography. This course is designed to introduce students to procedures for photographic documentation of crime scenes and physical evidence. This includes preparation of court exhibits and in-court presentations.

8. FSE 101 – Introduction to Funeral Services

picture of person placing rose upon casket during funeral

One of the coolest parts of technical colleges is their vast variety of technical courses available for you to take. In this course, you will learn about the history, principles and practices of funeral services. Particularly, there will be a focus on the fundamental skills, knowledge, ethics, aptitudes, and obligations of a funeral service professional in the United States. 

9. SPC 205 – Public Speaking

microphone on podium in front of crowds of people

Public speaking is such an important skill that encompasses all crafts. In this course, students will be introduced to the principles of public speaking. In addition, there will be application of speaking skills. 

10. WLD 102 – Introduction to Welding

person welding

Another example of the variety of technical courses offered is this welding class and many more like it. This course introduces students to the profession of welding. Students will learn about the principles of welding, cutting, and basic procedures for safety using welding equipment. 

10 Hardest Courses at Piedmont Technical College

Not all courses are created equal, some are harder than others. Therefore, if you’re deciding for a major or degree, you better know what courses you’re getting yourself into. At Piedmont Technical College (PCT), you will encounter both easy and difficult subjects. Today, you will learn the 10 hardest courses at Piedmont Technical College. Continue reading to learn more about these difficult courses.

1. ACC 102 – Accounting Principles II

A group picture of students from Piedmont Technical College.

Numbers and theories if combined are quite a handful for college students. If you’re taking an Accounting degree, you’ll have to study this course. ACC 102 is one of the hardest courses at Piedmont Technical College because it focuses on managerial accounting theory and procedures for financial statement and cost accounting.

2. ACR 224 – Codes and Ordinances

Picture of person with hardhat working on electrical wires

Are you familiar with codes and ordinances for air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating installment? This course will help you learn the appropriate building of ordinances and codes for heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration installation. Math is one of the basic foundations of this course and you have to know how to apply principles to be able to pass this subject.

3. CHM 110 – College Chemistry I

a teacher looking over a student's lab station

Our list of 10 hardest courses at Piedmont Technical College is incomplete without a chemistry course. This subject is known for its difficult lectures. In College Chemistry I, you will learn gas laws, atomic and molecular structure, solutions and equilibria, and nomenclature and equations.

4. CPT 237 – Advanced Java Programming

Computer technology student working on computer

If your computer language is as easy as ABC, anyone can create computer programs. However, learning the computer language is not easy. This course is about one of the computer languages that you’ll encounter if you’re studying computer technology. Advanced Java Programming covers network programming, swing classes, multi-reading, layout managers and JavaBean component model.

5.ECD 203 – Growth and Development II

Early Childhood Development event at Piedmont Technical College.

Fifth on our list of 10 hardest courses at Piedmont Technical College is the subject, Growth, and Development II. This course covers an in-depth study of preschool children developing and growing in recent years. You have to learn about different tasks and activities that are appropriate for the children. If you think you can’t handle kids, then you’ll find this class a bit challenging.

6. EET 145 – Digital Circuits

A sample of a computer board from a class in electronic engineering.

Do you like studying math, numbers, algebra, and logic? If not, then this course will give you a headache. Digital Circuits course tackles number systems, logic optimization, counters, registers, Boolean algebra, and basic logic gates. Apart from these concepts, you will also learn how to model a circuit, test and construct it.

7. EGT 215 – Mechanical Drawing Applications

Tools needed in engineering design class at Piedmont.

If you want to learn art designs in a technical and industrial environment, then this course can help you. However, you need a great foundation in engineering and computer knowledge to understand this class. Mechanical Drawing Applications course covers advanced drawing principles and applications in the industrial setting.

8. FSE 101 – Introduction to Funeral Services

Symposium of students from Funeral Services Department

This course is not just hard but it’s only for students who are brave enough to handle dead people. If you think you have a calling to do funeral services then this is the best class for you. While this subject is quite difficult because of all the ethical principles it covers, the course can help you learn more about life and death.. The course covers the history, principles and practices of funeral services, with attention ethics, fundamental skills, knowledge, obligations and aptitudes of a funeral service professional in America.

9.MAT 140 – Analytical Geometry and Calculus I

An ongoing Math lecture at Piedmont Technical College.

We can’t go on with our list without a Math subject. Analytical Geometry and Calculus I is one of the 10 hardest courses at Piedmont Technical College because this course require good foundation in Geometry, algebra, trigonometry, polynomials, logarithmic and most basic and higher math concepts. This course also covers topics about curve, sketching, minima and maxim functions and related rates.

10. PHM 202 – Pharmacological Anatomy and Physiology

Student Memorizing medications

Do you have problems with memorizing things? If you do, then you’ll find this course hard. Memorization and understanding are the key skills you need to pass this subject. Pharmacological Anatomy and Physiology is about therapeutic drug categories. It also tackles anatomy and physiology of systems affected by medication actions.

The road to achieving your dreams is not always smooth. You will encounter hardships and challengers. One of the many obstacles that you must overcome are the hardest courses in your campus. Hopefully this list can help you come up with ways to pass college with flying colors.

10 Easiest Courses at PTC

Piedmont Technical College is a two-year public community college founded in 1966 that serves students across seven counties in the Lakelands region of South Carolina. However, the primary campus location of this school is in Greenwood, South Carolina. Students may be searching for easy courses, so here is a list of 10 easiest courses at PTC:

1. Pest Management – AGR 205

This three credit hour course allows students to study major pests, such as weeds, insects and diseases, of the major South Carolina crops – which makes perfect sense given the fact that this college is located in South Carolina counties. Further, the theory and practices of integrated pest management will be explored at length throughout this class.Large picture of ant

2. Basic Electricity of HVAC/R – ARC 106

This science-driven course includes a the review of electricity, on a relatively basic level. This class focuses on Ohm’s Law along with series and parallel circuits in terms to the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.Schema of residential HVAC system

3. Long-Term Care – AHS 163

This one-hundred level course emphasizes for interested students the basic skills needed to care for those in the long-term care settings, such as nursing homes or hospitals. Ultimately, this course is a hands-on experience, as students will apply practical use of these skills through clinical projects in various long-term care facilities.Multicultural group of seniors laughing

4. Art History and Appreciation – ART 101

This is an introductory course to the history and appreciation of all sorts of art, which includes the elements and principles of the visual arts. Because this course does not simply cover one aspect or sub-group of art, there are prerequisites to this course. However, because it is an introductory level course, it is still easy to succeed in.5 pieces of art side by side

5. Basic Anatomy and Physiology – BIO 112

Though students must be fluent in math skills, this course is still an introductory one, which makes it far simpler than many others. This course is a basic study of the structure and function of the human body, and all body systems. A specific focus is placed on biological chemistry, cells, tissues, organization and homeostasis.Frontal and supine view of the human body's muscles

6. Contemporary Chemistry I – CHM 106

This is a course that focuses in chemistry for all non-science majors. Because this class is designed for non-science majors, it covers solely the basic principles of chemistry. Such topics include atomic and molecular structure, nuclear chemistry, chemical reactions, as well as acids and bases. Within this lecture course, there are additional laboratory sessions to emphasize applications of basic techniques lecture topics.Different chemical elements connected in a network

7. Basic Graphing Calculator Skills – COL 108

This course assists students in understand the menus on all graphing calculators. More specifically, it covers all ways to enter and solve basic arithmetic functions as well as how draw on a graph and set up matrices. Finally, this course helps students to troubleshoot any issues with the calculator that may arise for them.Graphic calculator

8. Introduction to Criminal Justice – CRJ 101

This one-hundred level course includes an overview of the functions and responsibilities of all agencies that are primarily involved in the administration of justice both in the country and the world, over all. Such agencies include police organizations, court systems, correctional systems, and juvenile justice agencies.Closeup of police badge and handcuffs

9. Growth and Development I – ECD 102

This course is the first in a series that cover the philosophies and theories of growth and development of infants as well as toddlers. Focus is placed on the total development of the child, including on the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and nutritional areas of development and growth. This course does include a hands-on component of study.Illustration of baby boy and girl's development into young adults

10. Health, Safety, and Nutrition – ECD 135

This course, centered upon both the family and the education of individuals,  covers a review of the health and safety practices recommended for child care and for those intending to go into childcare. This includes providing students with information on common diseases and health problems, and trains students in pediatric safety, CPR, and first aid.First Aid KitUltimately, Piedmont Technical College provides students with the opportunity to take classes in many subjects. Further, each subject gives students the option to take both easy and challenging classes, depending on what you’re looking for. This has been a list of the 10 easiest courses at PTC, perfect to boost your GPA and lighten your semester load.