10 Coolest Classes at Pacific Union College

Pacific Union College is a liberal arts college located in Napa Valley, California. With a number of roughly 70 undergraduate majors, Pacific Union College offers a plethora of course options. You may be overwhelmed with the number of available courses, and have trouble deciding on which classes would be coolest to take. In any case, here are the 10 coolest classes at Pacific Union College.

1. AGRI 212 – Home Greenhouse Gardening

inside of greenhouse, pants hanging from ceiling, two doors.

Have you ever wanted to start growing your own garden at home? This course teaches you about the greenhouse as a solar energy source for your home. You will get to learn about the growth and multiplication of plants for use as food and home beautification. 

2. CHEM 210 – Laboratory Glassblowing

torch on glass, lab glassblowing

In a laboratory, sterile glass instruments are such an important part of your lab experience. If you’ve taken a lab class, you’ve probably broken a few test tubes or beakers at some point. In this class, you will be introduced to laboratory glassblowing, such as basic seals, annealing, and glass repair.

3. DRMA 229 – Acting I: Fundamentals

5 people on stage, 3 people acting in character

If you’ve never acted before but want to try your hand at it, you can take this course! This class teaches students how to develop their stage presence through the studying of improvisation, voice, movement, and acting. You even get to participate in a public performance as a part of this course. 

4. ESAC 133A – Mountain Biking

mountain biking in woods, man and woman

Not only is mountain biking great cardio exercise, you also get to see the beautiful scenery of nature around you as you ride. This class teaches students aspects in regards to the elements of mountain bike riding. Topics include safety, riding techniques, bike maintenance, and physical conditioning. 

5. MUSP 162 – Music Lessons: General

music notes on color splats

Perhaps you have never learned too much about music, or you are interested in taking up another instrument for fun. In this class, you can choose to partake in elementary instruction in voice, harpsichord, organ, piano, guitar, and orchestra and band instruments. 

6. PSYC 344 – Adolescent Development

silhouette of teenage girl, colorful brain outlined

Adolescence is a period of everyone’s life filled with uncertainty and major changes, both physically and emotionally. This class teaches students about the major theoretical models of personality, personality classification systems, and empirical research in adolescent development through survey and analysis. 

7. ARTF 210 – Art Glass Designs

art glass cube design

Art glass designs are very intricate and beautiful. If you’ve wanted to learn about how to create these historically significant artworks, you’re in luck! In this class, you will learn about copper foiling and leading techniques for art glass designs. 

8. ARTF 330 – Printmaking-Woodcuts and Etchings

wave woodcut

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at printmaking? Woodcuts and etchings have been used throughout history as a relief printmaking technique. This class introduces students to the creation of prints through the relief process of woodcuts and the intaglio process of etchings. 

9. ARTP 150 – Photography: Black & White Fundamentals

black and white photograph, with man walking through city streets

Black and white photographs are edgy and create a vintage feel to any photo. In this class, students can learn about the basic equipment, experimental manipulations, and photographic skills involved in producing black and white negatives, contact prints, and enlargements. You will also be well-versed in proper use of various films, papers, and chemicals. 

10. JAPN 111 – Beginning Japanese I

two text bubbles with Japanese text in one and a red dot in the other (Japanese flag)

If you’ve wanted to visit Japan for travel, it is very important to understand a bit of Japanese as well as Japanese culture. In this class, students will develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Japanese. After taking this class, you’ll be a lot more knowledgable in the Japanese language!

10 Hardest Courses at PUC

Pacific Union College also known as PUC is a private Adventist liberal arts college in Napa Valley, California. PUC is the only four-year college in Napa County and has a national reputation for educational excellence and student success. This list contains 10 of the hardest courses students offer at PUC.

1. ACCT 322 – Cost Accounting II

A graph showing performance of a product

Students find Cost Accounting especially challenging because it introduces an entirely new set of accounting concepts. This course which is more complicated than the previous builds on more complex concepts while adding new ones at the same time.

2. AVIA 178 – Advanced Private Flight Training

A pilot undergoing flight training

Becoming a pilot is not a smooth sailing process, it involves a lot of hard work and dedication. This is one of the most tasking courses aviation majors of PUC face, and it is one everyone must pass. While the stakes are undoubtedly high, students learn skills that make them efficient pilots here.

3. BIOL-354 – Genetics

Illustration of the DNA strands

Many Biology majors consider Genetics the hardest course they offer because of the mathematical approach it takes. In this class, students will learn the mechanisms of heredity and evolution. The course work includes Mendelian inheritance, meiosis, recombination, gene mutation and mapping, and modern biochemical, molecular, and population genetics

4. BUAD-325 – Business Law I

Lady Justice and a lawyer

Business Law can be a very challenging course for many students. This class often involves Case Studies and using laws to give opinions which most times are not clear-cut. Although a challenging course, business law is also beneficial for business administration majors.

5. CHEM 373 – Organic Chemistry III

Sigma complex in organic chemistry

Organic Chemistry III is a very demanding course and one of the most dreaded chemistry courses. In this class, students are tasked with learning a large number of complex reactions, nomenclature, and molecular theory. Students will learn more on aromatic compounds, aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, organic nitrogen compounds, and much more.

6. INFS-115-01 – Introduction to Computer Programming

A computer scientist writing a program

Although this is an introductory course to programming, it is still difficult for Information Systems majors. While this course does not delve deep into the world of programming, students learn the process of taking an algorithm and encoding it into notation.

7. MATH 275 – Logic and Sets

The founding cycle of set theory

This is a course which is designed to act as a transition to other advanced courses proves to be a very challenging one. Some students find Logic entirely abstract and more complicated than other math courses.

8. NURS 390- Pathophysiology

The pathophysiology of hypertensive crisis

In this advanced nursing class, students will study the disordered physiological processes associated with a disease or injury. The course demands a lot from the memory of students. While this class is challenging, it is essential for helping students develop critical thinking to understand the pathophysiologic principles for nursing.

9. PHYS 389L – Experimental Physics

Thermal Expansion Experiment - Optical Interference

While Physics is by no means an easy course, experimental physics is one area many students finds tricky. This is because the bulk of the course work is made up of new concepts and calculations. Although an introductory course, students need to put in a lot of work to understand this course.

10. RELT 320 – Philosophy of Religion

The conflict between religion and philosophy illustrated

This is one of the most mentally demanding courses students of PUC have to face. Students learn the nature and beliefs of different religions while arguing against the existence of these gods. Students often find theistic arguments confusing and hard to grasp.

Jobs and Opportunities for students at Pacific Union College

Pacific Union College has a lot of student jobs and opportunities that will be able to full-fill their demands. Whether it be for money or for work experience both are available at this school. Students can always check online for new posting for jobs on the school website. For now, here is a list of jobs and opportunities for students at Pacific Union college.

1. Food Service/ Cashier

cashier getting money from customer

This posting is for the food services at the school’s campus. The pay is from 25.3 thousand to 36.9 thousand per year and the hours are full-time, so as a student make sure that you have enough time on your schedule to be able to do a full-time job. If you have worked in the food industry before this will be an easy job. As a cashier you have to be able to take orders and handle the cash register.

2. Land Management

a group of PVC round pipe

This position is looking for workers to start immediately, so make sure to apply as soon as possible for a greater chance of getting the job. The duties include moving pipes, splitting wood and other manual labour. As you read the duties you can see that it is very physically demanding so make sure you are fit for the job.

3. Tutors

women helping man with homework

Students can apply to become a tutor, you have to at-least be an sophomore and be responsible and dependable to take on the job. If you are willing to help your peers with the subject that you are strong in, then this will be a great job for you. For information on how to apply students will have to meet the tutoring program coordinator.

4. Cogen/Heating Plant Position

electrical system room

If you are a student that would like to do construction once they graduate than this would be a great opportunity for you. Students have to be able to at least be able to work for 10 hours per week. You also have to have a valid driver’s licence. Students will revive training in steam line/heating/electrical systems.

5. Ramapo Year-Long Program

a group of disables people

This is a special opportunity for graduate students. If you are looking for a job to work with disabled children, then this will provide you with great experience. Students will work aside permanent staff members to help the kids. Your job will also be to help the disabled kids to become self-efficient and develop skills on their own.

6. Dietary Staff

a group of fruits on a table

The duties for this position are dish washing, food preparation, kitchen cleaning and serving customers with beverages. They are also looking for someone who is able to cook meals for 60 people. If you are someone who is experienced with cooking for a huge group of people, then this will be a great job for you.

7. OneClass Online Note Taker

boy uploading notes on computing

Take notes with https://oneclass.com and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with https://oneclass.com,you not only earn money but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Note taker today!

Top 10 Library Resources at the Pacific Union College

Classrooms are not the only place where you can study and learn new things. Most of the time, it’s in the library where you will discover the mysteries of the universe. And today, you can maximize your use of the library at the Pacific Union College by using their library services. Check out the top 10 Library Resources at the Pacific Union College.

1. Room Reservations

Do you need to continue your work outside the classroom? Then finish it easily using the study spaces available at the Pacific Union College Library! Simply make a room reservation online – anytime, anywhere!

books on the table

2. Interlibrary Loan

Can’t find the specific research material or document for your assignment? Then borrow it from nearby libraries using the Interlibrary Loan service! Get the book you’re searching for in a few weeks’ time.

collection of dvds

3. Borrowing and Renewing

You don’t have to strain your schedule and drain your remaining time at the library. Simply borrow the books you’re using and continue your research at home!

a picture of books

4. Study Spaces

One of the best ways to learn is to share your ideas and insights to your classmates. This is where study spaces become essential. Reserve one of the study spaces online and start sharing your inner genius!

clasroom with whiteboard

5. Course Reserves

Books and other materials that are personally held by professors can be found at the front desk of the campus library. Students can borrow these materials or make a copy of them.

music book

6. Journals Print and Online

The Pacific Union College Library holds a collection of journals, manuscripts, newspapers and even eBooks. Students get free access to these materials every day.

roller printer

7. Media Services

Residents at the Pacific Union College is provided free media services by the campus library through their collection of CDs, DVDs, audio files and recordings.

piano and music sheet

8. Research Help

If you find yourself needing assistance on your research, the librarians at the Pacific Union College Library is more than happy to help you out. Simply ask for their research help any day!

reading books

9. Computer Services

Get the latest news online using the free WiFi and computers at the campus library! These services are completely free and can be used by the general public as well.

set of computer equipment

10. Archive and Special Collections

Are you looking to find the history of the college? Or do you want to check out specific news in time? Then you can access these materials using the Archive and Special Collections!

Top 5 Libraries at the Pacific Union College

1. Pacific Union College Library

The Pacific Union College Library is the sole library of the Pacific Union College. It has a collection of a variety of books including economics, philosophy, literature, and many more. Also, it has books and pamphlets about the history and beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

two people at the library

2. Napa City-County Library

The Napa-City County Library offers a lot of books and services to the general public. From children resources to Ebooks and Streaming, the library has all the materials most individual would want to find in a library.

teacher reading book

3. St. Helen Public Library and Partners

The St. Helen Public Library and Partners has a huge collection about religious books, documents and research materials. If you want to learn more about Christianity, then this library is a treasure trove for you.

female student reading bible

4. Sonoma State University Library

The Sonoma State University Library provides books and library services to its students as well as the general public. Its library services range from Research and Teaching to Library jobs and Gallery Program.

kid with books

5. Berkeley Library University of California

The Berkeley Library University of California holds a huge collection of books including anthropology, art, history, environmental science, philosophy, law, and many more! The library is open Mondays to Sundays.

librarian with glasses

Top 10 Dorms at Pacific Union College

One of the top liberal arts schools in all of California is Pacific Union College. A private school, students will feel right at home with this environment. This is thanks in large part to the strong residence halls at the school.

1. Graf Hall

This is an image of trees outside of Graf Hall

Address: 13 Angwin Ave

Graf gets points as the top residence hall on campus, thanks to its features. The campus cafeteria is located here, for optimal convenience! Additionally, the porch swing outside makes it feel very homey.

2. Andre Hall

This is an image of Andre Hall

Address: 957 Union Street

An all-women’s dorm, Andre Hall is quite exquisite and of high quality for female students. It also has a good blend of sociability situations. There are many quiet areas to study, but also many talkative locations for gatherings.

3. Newton Hall

This is an image of Newton Hall

Address: 11 Angwin Ave

The top all-male dorm at Pacific Union, Newton Hall is very large. Thanks to its size, it accommodates a great variety of students. From international students to transfers, you won’t have a hard tie forming bonds at Newton.

4. Grainger Hall

This is an image of Grainger Hall

Address: 975 University Way

Recently remodeled, Grainger Hall still maintains its classic charm. Once serving as a hotel, many of the amenities at Grainger are still going to be present and embraced by students. The quality of hotel living is present here at the residence hall of Grainger.

5. McReynolds Hall

This is an image of a dorm room in McReynolds Hall

Address: 16 Angwin Ave

McReynolds Hall is the newest residence hall on the Pacific Union campus. It’s also one of the smaller ones, but this enables it to build a bond between the students and their intimate location. There are also parking spaces available, making the entire living situation a convenient one for students!

6. Nichol Hall

This is an image of Nichol Hall

Address: 2811 Nichol Avenue

Nichol Hall is one of the newer buildings on campus and it’s also one of the smaller ones, much like McReynolds. Housing mostly upperclassmen, many of the amenities are up to code and up to date. It is also somewhat exclusive as you have to be in good academic standing to live in Nichol.

7. Winning Hall

This is an image of a dorm room in Winning Hall

Address: 1 Angwin Ave

Of all the strictly-women’s dorms on campus, Winning is the largest. Because of this, many of the school’s functions are held here on campus. This can make for some difficult studying times, but it also creates a wide variety of friendships at school.

8. White Cottage Apartments

This is an image of a house at White Cottage Apartments

Address: 260 White Cottage Road

White Cottage Apartments are a selection of white cottages with apartment style rooms inside. Fairly expensive, they provide excellent convenience to the PUC campus. There is plenty of room for roommates here, too!

9. Annadel Apartments

This is an image of the Annadel Apartments

Address: 1020 Jennings Avenue

One of the cheaper off campus options, Annadel is well-loved by PUC students. The floor plans have a modern layout with singles, doubles, and triples available. There is also a coffee bar located within Annadel.

10. Santa Rosa Apartments

This is an image of the Santa Rosa Apartments

Address: 100 Fountain Grove Parkway

Breakfast is provided for free at Santa Rosa. Obviously, this can come in clutch for PUC students who are running behind. Thanks to the alarms fixed into Santa Rosa, as well, hopefully they’ll never have to worry about being late to class!


As you can see, Pacific Union remains a top academic institution. With top notch dorms and some stellar class opportunities, you’ll love studying at Pacific Union. There are few schools better to work and live at!

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Pacific Union

1. Room Basics

This is an image of a mini freezer

– Bed raising kit
– Mini freezer
– Microwave
– Wall hooks
– Storage totes

2. Food and Snacks

This is an image of a steel ladle

– Pots and pans
– Strainers
– Ladles
– Wooden spoons
– Cooking spray

3. Tech and Entertainment

This is an image of the board game, Monopoly

– Dartboard
– Board games
– Deck of cards
– Photo albums
– Book of stories to tell in the dark

4. School Supplies

This is an image of multicolored highlighters

– Chalk
– Canvases
– Sticky notes
– Page markers
– Highlighters

5. Cleaning and Organization

This is an image of a toilet paper package

– Hand sanitizer
– Tissues
– Toilet paper
– Bars of soap
– Body wash

6. Campus Gear

This is an image of a Boston Red Sox hat

– Local sports team clothing/memorabilia
– Sunscreen
– Sunglasses
– Swimsuit
– Beach towels

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

This is an image of a tall lamp

– Bleach
– Stand-up lamp
– Pets
– Cooking knives
– Living plants

10 Coolest Clubs at Pacific Union College

Getting involved on campus is pretty important to get the best college experience. Having extracurriculars helps you meet new people and get involved in interesting activities. With that being said, here’s the 10 best clubs at Pacific Union!

1. Social Work Club

People helping each other up

The Social Work club provides an opportunity for socialization with those of the same professional interests involving social work. This club provides its members with professional networking connections and opportunities.

2. Thaumatrope

Theater students gathered in circle.

This club’s goal is transforming the young adults of today into catalysts of change for tomorrow through global awareness, service towards others, and realization of God’s purpose and passion for other’s lives.

3. Business Club

Two men in a business meeting

The purpose of the Business club is to promote social events and networking involving business opportunities. Members receive great benefits like professional networking and career development.

4. Psi Chi Psychology Club

Woman drawing a brain on a chalkboard

This club aims to plan small events for all Psychology majors. Members discuss psychology, psychology related news and events, and new discoveries and research relating to psych.


The logo of ENACTUS

ENACTUS is an entrepreneurial-based community service club for students of any major, though mostly business/advertisement majors join. Members take part in great service opportunities around their community.

6. Bigs for Kids

Adult man mentoring a child

The aim of the Bigs for Kids student group is to give a helping hand towards underprivileged kids through education opportunities. Members visit local schools to see underprivileged students and help them with their education.

7. Korean Adventist Student Association

Korean student friends hanging out

The Korean Adventist Student Association is a group of Korean Christian students who seek to make friends through their faith and identity, and spread love across campus.

8. Communications Club

Man and woman communicating

The aim of this club is to provide students with the opportunity to get involved and socialize with other students. In addition, members gain access to prime communication networking opportunities.

9. Pre Med Pre Dental Club

Pre Med Pre Dental Logo

The goal of the Pre Med Pre Dental Club is to expose students to the Medical and Dental field and provide guidance for their futures. Members gain support with their academics through peers and also prepare themselves for their futures.

10. Chemistry Club

Drawings of chemical symbols

The aim of the Chemistry Club is to promote awareness of the field of chemistry and its importance in modern science. Members can be of any major as long as they are interested in and passionate about chemistry.

5 Great Events at Pacific Union College

1. Chair Massage Stress Relief

Masseuse massaging a man in a chair

Four times per semester, one of Pacific Union’s favorite local certified Massage Therapists or Reflexologist will give free 20-minute massages to promote stress relief among students.

2. Career Day

Students learning at a career fair

Career Day is a big opportunity for students to learn more about their career options. Career consultants can answer these significant questions in choosing a career.

3. Job Search Workshop

Students preparing for their careers

This workshop focuses on preparing for and starting a job search. Different methods are explored, including networking, as well as how to choose what works for you.

4. Zumba

Women dancing at Zumba

A fun filled, healthy event to attend is Zumba classes! These classes are free and you can come with friends, or alone to meet new people! Have fun and dance your night away!

5. Lunch and Learn

Lunch date at a restaurant

At the 2x per semester learning workshop, students can come and get lunch with friends or peers to learn about how to maintain their health and wellness while in college.

10 Easiest Courses at PUC

We all know we have to take difficult courses to get through college, so if we can take a few easy classes along the way, why not? Pacific Union College is known for its challenging courses. Easy classes can help us boost our GPA, give us more free time to spend with friends, and help make college a less stressful experience overall.

1. ARTH-260 – History of World Cinema with Jon Carstens 

Whether you are interested in the history of the world or not, Jon Carsten’s passion will inspire you to pay attention in class. You will have fun doing various activities as a group in class. This class is riddled with extra credit, so even if you don’t do well on the work, you can still get an A.

Christopher Columbus acting shady.

2. BUAD-118 – Personal Money Management with John Nunes

Want to learn how to save up money while having almost no homework? I’ve got just the class for you.  You can get an A because he will drop quizzes and assignment grades to give you the highest grade possible.

Oprah portrayed giving away free money to all.

3. BUAD-223 – Personal Law with Abram Fisher

If pop quizzes scare you, I would be wary of this class. However, if not, everything on his quizzes and tests is relatively simple. As long as you pay attention during lecture, you can get an A in his class.

Man studying in the library.

4. COMM-101 – Intro to Communication with Michelle Rai

This class is one everyone compliments and loves. The professor makes all her lectures relatable to her students and cares deeply about what she teaches. Her tests and quizzes are easy, and she actually hands out the notes for the lectures.

Man from the future enlightens us with knowledge from his time.

5. PHIL-101 – Intro to Philosophy with Robert Kurtz

Want to learn interesting things and share your opinion? Then take this Intro to Philosophy course.  You will be told exactly what to study for quizzes and tests.You will leave this classroom with a higher GPA and a more open mind.

This meme preaches the truth about philosophy classes.

6. COMM-22 – Media Communications with James Chase

We could all use a professor that genuinely cares about us as a whole and wants to do their best to help us succeed.  This professor is one of the most helpful and encouraging people you will ever meet. You will pass and excel as long as you put in some effort into this class.

This meme shows how easily fake news affects us all.

7. MUEN-161 – Choir with Bruce Rasmussen

Do you secretly have a beautiful singing voice that you’ve kept hidden? Why not reveal it in Choir with the absolute best music teacher in all of PUC. His sense of humor will help you enjoy the course even more.

A great excuse for procrastination.

8. ART-341 – Photography with Tom Turner

If you’ve been curious about learning about photography in depth, take Photography with Professor Turner.  He is absolutely in love with what he teaches and will teach you so much but somehow manage to make it interesting, fun, and easy.  You will leave this class seeing the beauty the world around you has to offer.

A basic white girl obsessed with photography.

9. STAT-101 – Intro to Statistics with George Hilton

Wait, don’t leave just because there’s math on this list. I promise that Professor Hilton will do his best to make Statistics easy for everyone in the class. He wrote his own textbook for the class that will most definitely be the funniest textbook you’ve read.

You know you’ve reached success in life when Ryan Gosling finds you attractive.

10. MUHL-105 – Music with Leroy Peterson

Now this man right here will keep you engaged and excited about Music. He can play so many instruments and has amazing demonstrations. His lectures may stray from the test material, but if you’re ever confused about specifics you can always ask him and he will happily answer.

Joseph Haydn keeping up with the times.

In the end, whether you want to take an easy class to for the fun of it or out of necessity, you do you. One of the greatest things about college is being able to explore classes that aren’t directly under your major but still appeal to you. Plus, many of these courses are GPA boosters. Enjoy college while you can, and fit in some easy classes amongst your Physics and Calculus life draining courses.