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If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at Ohio University, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in Ohio. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at Ohio University.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around Ohio.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHEM 1210Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM 1220Principles of Chemistry II
CHEM 1510Fundamentals of Chemistry I
CHEM 1520Fundamentals of Chemistry II
CHEM 2410Analytical Chemistry I: Quantitative Analysis and Electrochemistry
CHEM 2410LAnalytical Chemistry I Lab
MATH 1101Elementary Topics in Mathematics I
MATH 1102Elementary Topics in Mathematics II
MATH 1260Finite Mathematics
MATH 1321Elementary Applied Mathematics I
MATH 1322Elementary Applied Mathematics II

10 Buildings at Ohio University You Need to Know

Ohio University is home to over 29,000 students. With it being a larger campus and a larger student body, getting from place to place can be a challenge for some who don’t know their way around quite yet. Luckily for you, each building is built differently so that you can know the difference. On campus, there are a number of buildings that students need to know as well. Below are ten of the buildings that you need to know at Ohio University.

1. Academic and Research Center

The front of the Research Center

Address: 61 Oxbow Trail, Athens, OH 45701

This building was first built in 2009 and was finished in 2010. It is located on the north-east side of the Stocker-Engineering and Technology Center. It serves as the research center for students, staff, and faculty on campus. It holds research facilities, resources, a computer lab, and academic classrooms.

2. Baker University Center

The front of the Baker University Center

Address: 1 Park Pl, Athens, OH 45701

First built in 2006, the Baker University Center continues to service as the hub for campus life. Here, students will find various campus offices, organization meeting rooms, ballrooms, a gallery, quiet spaces, the campus info desk, and meeting room. If you also get hungry, you can grab some food here from one of the many dining spaces as well!

3. Charles J. Ping Student Recreation Center

The outside of the Ping Center

Address: 82 S Green Dr, Athens, OH 45701

The Ping Center is located on Hocking River. It provides the campus with a recreational center that features a climbing wall, five gymnasiums for both basketball and volleyball, multipurpose rooms, a walking/running lane, locker rooms, and workout equipment. If you’re looking to stay in shape, this building is your go to and is definitely for you!

4. Alden Library

Front of the Alden Library

Address: 30 Park Pl, Athens, OH 45701

The Alden Library serves as the main library for the campus of Ohio University. It is located in the College Green. Currently. this library has collections from over millions of electronic and print volumes, digital media items, serial titles, printing titles, computer, study spaces, meeting rooms, and a cafe if you need a study break or two.

5. Central Food Facility

The front side of the Central Food Facility

Address: 120 S Shafer St, Athens, OH 45701

If you ever get hungry on your way to or from classes, you should stop by the dining hall! This building was first built in 1972. The Central Food Facility houses the bakery, administrative offices, test kitchens, veggie preparation facilities, and other facilities to help maintain the quality and quantity of food you eat on campus.

6. Hudson Health Center

The front of the Hudson Health Center

Address: 2 Health Center Dr, Athens, OH 45701

This building was first built and opened in 1949. This serves the campus community where students can receive health services. This includes services that range from illnesses, injuries, dental care, and physical and mental health services. This is also home to the offices within medicine.

7. Mail Service Building

The outside of the Mail Services Building

Address: 122 Ridges Cir, Athens, OH 45701

Do you need to mail something out to your friends and family abroad? Maybe you just need to return something you got online. The Mail Services Building works as the central mailing office for the campus community. Here, students staff and faculty can check their mailboxes, send and receive mail, and get any mail materials needed.

8. Lin Hall- Kennedy Museum

The front side of the Kennedy Museum with a cherry blossom tree in front

Address: 100 Ridges Cir, Athens, OH 45701

Don’t you just love art? This building houses the Kennedy Museum which is open Tuesday through Sunday. Here, the public can see two wings worth of art and artifacts. You will also find many of the museums administrative offices and other general rooms for visitors.

9. Konneker Alumni Center

Konneker Alumni Center in the winter

Address: 52 University Terrace, Athens, OH 45701

Whether you have graduated or you were once a part of the campus community, the Alumni Center provides a number of resources to keep in contact with those who once walked the campus and building halls. This building serves as the Alumni Relations Department and the National Akumni Board center.

10. Schoonover Center of Communication

The front of the Schoonover Center of Communication

Address: 20 E Union St, Athens, OH 45701

This building serves as the home for five school of the Scripps College of Communication and the WOUB Center for Public Media. It was named after Steven L. Schoonover and houses a number of classrooms, computer labs, digital media rooms, filming rooms, and equipment checkout areas for students.

Hopefully this list familiarizes you with some of the campus buildings. Whether you are new or are a returning student, it’s important to know how to navigate the campus so that you don’t get lost. Use this list as guide to help you do just that!

10 Hardest Courses at Ohio University

Ohio University is a public research university in Athens, Ohio. It was chartered all the way back in 1787, and opened in 1809 for students. Here’s ten of their hardest college courses!

1. ASTR 3251 – Fundamentals of Astrophysics

galaxy in space

Astrophysics is a difficult concept that covers the nature of stars, galaxies, planets, and other celestial bodies. This class teaches about how theories and methods in physics apply to the universe.

2. BIOS 1300 – Human Anatomy and Physiology

human anatomy

On most college campuses throughout the nation, anatomy and physiology is often one of the most difficult classes. This is due to the mass amounts of information that students need to memorize ranging from veins and capillaries to muscles and bones.

3. BIOS 2210 – Microbes and Humans

small microbe

Microbes and Humans is another Ohio University class that’s pretty difficult. Students need to learn about many different microbes, their evolution, their biology and structure/function, and their affect on humans. There’s a lot of information in this class that students learn.

4. CHE 3700 – Chemical Reaction Engineering

scientist in lab

Chemical Reaction Engineering is a difficult class that goes deep into the concept of chemical reactions. Students learn all about how to engineer different chemical reactions, how chemicals interact, and more. The tests for this class are very tough.

5. MATH 2301 – Calculus

sphere calculus

Calculus is another class that’s usually hard on most college campuses. Many students struggle in this class because of its piles of homework and classwork, and the immense amount of studying needed to do well on tests.

6. NUTR 3000 – Nutrient Metabolism

different food

Nutrient Metabolism is an interesting but difficult class about how nutrients are digested and distributed throughout the body, what nutrients are good for what parts of the body, and more. There’s a lot of reading required.

7. PBIO 2470 – Biomes of the World

forest biome

Biomes of the World is a class that requires a lot of memorization and reading up. Students in this class learn about biodiveristy, different biome types all over the world, the animals and plants that inhabit these biomes, and more.

8. PHIL 4300 – Ethical Theory

values and ethics

Ethical theory is a deep philosophy that goes into the theories about ethics throughout the world. This includes ethical morality, ethical medicine, ethical law, etc. There is a lot of reading and writing in this class.

9. PHYS 2001 – Intro to Physics


Physics is another all around tough class throughout the nation. Many students struggle to understand these new physics theories, problems, methods and more. There is a lot of homework and classwork, and difficult tests in this class.

10. POLS 3520 – International Peace

dove for peace

International Peace is an interesting but difficult class. The concepts taught in this class are very abstract, so they require a lot of time to understand them. There is also a lot of reading and writing involved.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Ohio University

Sometimes, the only thing that crosses your mind as a student of Ohio University is where to grab a decent meal with tasty varieties. Here are places near or on campus that you can go to satisfy your craving without having to drain your pocket.

1. Hungry Cat Food Truck

The Hungry cat food truck picture of students waiting in line

This is where you should go when you can’t spare many bucks. With less than $10 you are good to go! You get to eat yummy food without the need to stay longer than usual. It’s one of the best places you can be when you are hungry and in a hurry. The green bleeding food truck has the school logo on it. You can always grab some Mac and Cheese or fries depending on how you want it.

2. The Farmacy

sign for the Farmacy

This restaurant is about a few minutes walk from Palmer Palace. You only need to stroll down with friends to enjoy a healthy meal after you might have been loading your tummy with junks for days and you would agree that the value of a tasty and healthy meal cannot be overestimated. The Farmacy provides yummy and nutritious meals like pitas, hummus, and organic veggie dishes.

3. Salaam Restaurant

Salaam restaurant interior

Sometimes, as a student, you might be on the romantic side with the hope of impressing your date with a meal that will spice up the feeling. If you ever find yourself in that shoe, take your date to hang out at Salaam. You will always get varieties of meals with delicious tastes that go with the flow of your mood and that of your friend.

4. Sol Restaurant

Ohio University students participate in the Homecoming "Dinner with 12 Strangers" event at Sol on Oct. 8, 2014.

On campus, Sol Restaurant is where you can get one of the best Cuban food like nachos for instance. You can always gulp down those sweet nachos or pizza with drinks which are equally sold at the restaurant. Remember, Sol is a place to be when you need to show off to your immediate family about where to wine or dine in Ohio.

5. Fluff Bakery

Fluff bakery interior

If you ever feel like teasing your taste buds with something very sweet and delicious, then you may have to stop by Fluff Bakery. Cupcakes of different flavors, cookies, brownies, cannolis and special treats for vegans will definitely satisfy your quest for something sweet. If these varieties don’t do the trick, you can try out their locally brewed beer if you are 21 years old or above.

6. Ginger Asian Kitchen

Ginger Asian Kitchen advertisement for ordering online

Are you are a vegetarian or with vegan friends? If yes, then Ginger Asian Kitchen is the place to be! Veggies of various kinds like hibachi bowls and lots of sushi, rice or lo mien, steamed and seasoned veggies, as well as organic tofu with a taste to die for,  are provided by the kitchen. Fish-free rolls are also available for grabs anytime you opt to have sushi. It won’t be a mistake to say their sweet potato roll is something you will always crave.

7. Big Mama’s Burritos

Big Mama's Burrito picture

At times, during your stay on campus, you may suddenly be stirred up by the wave of hunger at around 2 am in the wee hours of the morning. Do not fret or worry, Big Mama’s Burritos has got you covered! All you need to do is to take a stroll down there to save your hungry soul, and you can be assured of getting tasty and yummy burritos to do the job.

Above are some of the great café and restaurants near Ohio University. So whether you are a student of OU or not, keep this list of nearby spots handy.

Jobs for College Students at Ohio University

There are various types of student employment opportunities at Ohio University. Eligibility is determined by completing the online PACE application. Eligible students will have: completed 15 semester hours of coursework, maintained at least a 2.3 cumulative grade point average, demonstrated a need for earnings, pay rate is based on the Federal Minimum Wage or the State of Ohio Minimum Wage, whichever is greater. In this post, we will be taking a gander at available student jobs at Ohio and how to apply.

1. Executive assistants

picture of a student executive assistant

In this role, the student will be working with Heritage College which includes but not limited to Executive Dean/Chief Medical Affairs Officer, Dean of Athens, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief of External Relations, etc. The rate of pay is $19.00 per hour. Responsibilities include supporting the general administrative functions of a wide variety of academic or administrative units including answering phones, greeting/referring/assisting visitors, customers, staff, or others, preparing documents and reports, compiling records, scheduling meetings, organizing and maintaining information, coordinating calendars, analyzing data including budgetary expenditures, and providing high level administrative assistance to executives. Applicants may apply by visiting the  PACE Website.

2. Baker/Front Counter 

picture of a student baker decorating cookies.

In this role, the student will be working with Insomnia Cookies on campus. The rate of pay is $8.70 per hour. Responsibilities include assisting all customers fulfilling orders.  Must have prior customer service experience and a great smile. Baking cookies and taking customer orders in store and for delivery as well as cash handling. Applicants may apply by visiting the  PACE Website.

3. Student Graduate Assistant – Residential

A group picture of residential assistants

In this role, the student will be working with the Resident Director on campus. The rate of pay i per hour. Responsibilities include but not limited to coordinating with faculty in residence to document, assess, and report on FIR initiatives. Provide support to FIR for implementation of initiatives, including purchasing of supplies. Collaborate with RDs and Director to design and assess SLE educational plans and initiatives in residence halls. Assist with campus partner collaboration for SLEs and development of new SLEs and so on. Applicants may apply by visiting the  PACE Website.

4. Assistant Producer- Theater

Students on tour at ABC news

In this role, the student will be working at the Tantrum theatre on campus. The rate of pay is per hour. The Assistant Producer assists and supports the Producing Director on the planning, scheduling, and delivery of Tantrum Theater productions and programming. The assistant producer provides critical administrative support and initiative in the following areas: supporting all aspects of guest artist and student apprentice relationships; artistic and operational planning and administration; facilitating budget, payroll, and financial management; supporting the strategic planning initiatives of the Tantrum leadership; developing and coordinating special events and other one-time projects; and facilitating staff, guest artist, and student apprentice collaboration and communication under the supervision of the Production Manager. Applicants may apply by visiting the  PACE Website.

5. Team Member (Part Time & Full Time)

A group photo of students team members

In this role, the student will be working at the Follett corporation off campus. The rate of pay is per hour. This position greets customers, assists customers with inquiries, both in the store and on the phone. Operates the cash register and is responsible for processing all facets of customer transactions in accordance with established processes and policies, with a focus on safe money handling procedures and secure transaction practices. Shelves product and partners to ensure the product is signed and displayed properly. Applicants may apply by visiting the  PACE Website.

6. Kids on Campus After-school Team Leader

After-school team leader and a child.

The rate of pay is $8.30 per hour. Duties include: help deliver engaging, hands-on enrichment activities to children and teenagers in the afterschool program. Assist children with academic work. Monitor children’s progress toward stated goals under the direction of a supervisor. Provide a safe and productive environment in which children can learn and grow etc. Applicants may apply by visiting the  PACE Website.

7. Retail Sales Associate

A pet store retail sales associate

In this role, the student will be working at PETSMART off campus. The rate of pay is per hour. Duties include: creating sincere connections with pet parents and welcoming them (and their pets!) to the store, facilitate an easy check out process as a cashier and ensure that they found everything they needed. Ensure the safety of all living pets our stores—including fish, reptiles, birds, and small animals. You’ll be their family until they get a family of their own; you’ll help to keep them healthy, clean, and well fed! You’ll also engage with pet parents to provide them with the best solutions specifically for their pets. Applicants may apply by visiting the  PACE Website.

8. Internship- Quality Engineer

A quality engineering student enjoying his job.

In this role, the student will be working at Quidel Corporation off campus. Duties include: Assessing capability and conduct gap analysis of the process by identifying Critical to Quality (CTQ) attributes. – Review the process in detail, focusing on the consideration of design for manufacturability. – Document process layout, communication channels, and training structure. – Identify gaps in the process and opportunities for improvement. – Review existing related nonconformance/failure modes and trending information. – Apply Quality improvement tools for problem-solving. – Provide a feasible proposal for solutions to minimize potential process issues. At the completion of the internship, the intern will be responsible for providing a presentation that describes their contributions to the QA team . Applicants may apply by visiting the  PACE Website.

9.  OneClass Online job opportunities

one class logo

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today. 

Top 10 Coolest Classes at Ohio University

Ohio University is a wonderful institution, not only offering amazing courses but superb classes too. With success stories from so many graduates, who have attributed their triumphs with the unique classes that take place at Ohio. We’ve listed the top ten coolest classes at Ohio University.

1. CFS 5780 – Advanced Child Life

A baby in between his parents

This will allow you to critically analyse children’s psychology and health. This class will prepare you for your important internship, which will set you up for national certification and therefore employability options.

2. EXPH 1001 – Lifetime Fitness

Athletic shoes and weights

This class teaches students all about the long-term benefits of regular physical activity, correlating it to long-term health and wellness. This also touches on how the human body responds and adapts to certain changes.

3. AAS 2250 – History of Injustice in the United States

flag of america

Not everything is super pretty, but it’s important to learn about it nonetheless. This course offers a unique perspective into the history of America, which you can only admire Ohio for.

4. FILM 3430 – Screenwriting

A person with a laptop, a notebook, camera, coffee and film slate

This is a really class, set out more like a workshop. Students will study screenwriting from structure, format, theory and dialogue. By the end, they’ll be able to complete their very own script for a short film.

5. COED 3212 – Coaching Wrestling

two people wrestling

Ohio offers a wide range of coaching classes from soccer, tennis and golf. However, we thought one of the coolest was coaching wrestling. You’ll learn all the technical and tactical aspects of wrestling, in a way that you’ll be able to coach.

6. AHSW 2970T – Translation Health

A person taking notes

This is a really cool class, as part of the Applied Health and Sciences Course. It’s offered to students that are on the Honors Tutorial program, making it all the more special.

7. CONS 3450J – Writing in Human and Consumer Sciences

A person writing in a red notebook

As part of the human and consumer sciences course, your analysis, research and findings all really boil down to your writing. This class will give students the ability to develop all types of writing formats.

8. THAR 3162 – Stage Combat

2 stage masks

Imagine being able to all the specifics behind those amazing stage combat scenes? Well, now you can at Ohio University. This is one of the most important lessons you can take in theater – it stops people getting injured.

9. Aviation weather

A combat plane

An important class to take through your aviation course. Weather hazards that may affect pilots, airline management and dispatchers need to be prepared for. This is also a really engaging class to take.

10. NUTR 3600 – Nutrition Counseling

Veggies and fruits

This class is the introduction to nutrition therapy. This way, you’ll be able to communicate all your health and nutrition advice to your consumers. This is a really helpful class, for everybody.

As you can see, Ohio University has so many different, cool classes to choose from. You’ll be sure to learn so much, develop amazing skills and make new friends. Don’t miss out.

Health and Wellness at Ohio University

As any other university in this world, Ohio University also has a keen focus on the health and safety of its students as the university believes that the students’ healths one of their core objectives and there has to be special attention paid towards this area of concern. The students also consider a university’s health facilities before making the decision of getting admission in that university. Students enrolled on the Ohio University Athens Campus are eligible to receive the medical care facility regardless of the insurance plan taken/not taken by the student.

1. Counseling and Psychological Services

A psychiatrist doing counselling of women

The Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) department of University of Ohio is open to students and the their parents along with the faculty by providing therapy and consultation facilities to regenerate mental health.
It offers individual counseling, group counseling, and psychiatry. It also makes referrals to a wide range of other services both on and off campus. The counseling sessions Psychological to students and consultation the University of Ohio believes that its students are its utmost priority and special attention should be paid to guide them to students and help them combat their stress or any other mental pressure that they are facing.

2. Emergency Programs

Image showing the Emergency Alert Programs symbol

An emergency is an unexpected event that causes disruption, loss of lifeand property and needs immediate assistance. The Emergency Programs look after the emergency planning, emergency response, disaster mitigations, life and, and business continuity planning. This is a very important area of concern as the emergency programs are used to make sure that immediate help is provided in case of any mishap. It works to take quick decisions that lead to the betterment of the students.

3. Patient Portal

Image for helping people how to enter in  Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is the service through which students have online records of their health and medical related information. It has the updated medical records and test results. The portal also has the option through which a student can message their care team directly. The portal could be used to schedule or request appointments and the medical records are also present so refill prescriptions can be accessed and printed out. The patient portal tends to be a very interactive tool to ensure the health and wellness of the students.

4. Community Clinic

Community Clinic? Health Centre logo image

The Heritage College’s Community Health Programs offer medical aid and care services for adults and children. CHP has a variety of services that include women health screening, free medical assistance and immunization facilities. These facilities focus on the patients who cannot afford to cater to their health needs and provide them the care they need. The program is fully supported by a dedicated team of students, healthcare professionals, physicians who contribute to the center with their time and expertise.

5. Bio-metric Health Screening Services

doctors are discussing the student disease

This administration particularly suits the youthful group going to the university. Understudies will in general abstain from setting off to the facilities when these administrations are accessible in the grounds. Thus, the university gives a Biometric health screening services benefit where the understudies can check whether the manifestations they are having merit getting looked at by experts. As it’s been said, information is control, they will have an unmistakable thought of what sort of administration they ought to solicit the assistance from. In the event that it’s something awful, they could contact the crisis focus, or else they could pick clinical administrations.

Top 10 Majors at Ohio University

Are you currently deciding which major you may be interested in studying at Ohio University? There are over 250 majors to consider and while most programs can be completed in four years, there’s a limited amount of two-year programs available. Here’s a list of degrees available at Ohio University:

1. Nursing

A student in scrubs is holding a clipboard


Interested in the health field? This degree is designed to prepare you for the registered nurse (RN) licensing exam by teaching you how to apply safe nursing practices, interact with patients, families, and members of the community, among many other important skills. As an Ohio University student, you’ll be able to take courses such as BIOS 1300 – Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology I, CHEM 1210 – Principles of Chemistry I and NRSE 1111 – Clinical Judgment I.

2. Business Administration and Management

A variety of thees in business administration


Students interested in business will have the opportunity to study all the aspects in one-on-one tutorials, seminars, and class lectures with faculty who work in the field. The program will help you excel as a business student by helping you develop research, writing, and presentation skills that will prepare you for employment or graduate school. If you want to continue with your studies and reach for a law, medical or doctorate degree, this business program will give you the tools to move forward in the field.

3. English

A variety of ideas someone can write about


Students will study fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama texts to discuss the historical and cultural contexts within British and American literature. After graduating, you can continue to pursue graduate degrees in law, business, journalism, and many other studies. Many alumni have developed careers in publishing and news, participate in teaching and service programs, and assist with research and writing for diverse organizations.

4. Integrated Language Arts

Cartoon people with conversation bubbles above their heads


As part of the Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) program at Ohio University, this is one of the seven majors available. Others include Integrated Mathematics, Integrated Social Studies, Integrated Science, Earth/Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. If you desire to go into teaching, this major will prepare you to gain your Ohio educator teaching license. This license will allow you to teach English and a variety of language courses within the grades 7-12.

5. Journalism

People from news outlets holding their microphones up


Ohio University’s Journalism program prepares students for a professional career and graduate school. Students can choose to follow one of the two tracks: news and information track or strategic communication track. There will be basics and skills classes, labs, and lectures where students can continue to work on their journalistic skills and develop a professional rapport with faculty and professionals.

6. Chemical Engineering

A student looking into the microscope


This degree will help you gain a strong foundation in chemical engineering through a variety of courses and time spent on theory and practice. You will begin with courses in chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics while working on individual and team projects to build teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. The B.S. in Chemical Engineering will prepare you to enter the field in areas such as specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, alternative fuels, and plastics or areas such as production, quality control, environmental protection, process design, sales, marketing, or management.

7. Early Childhood Education

early childhood setting

Is your dream to become a teacher and work with young children? Then consider the Early Childhood Education program that will teach you the tools to teach young children from birth through eight years of age. Graduates will finish school with licenses to teach in public and private preschools, Head Start programs, nursery schools, child care centers, private and public school kindergartens, and the primary grades.

8. Communication Studies

communicagion represented by icons

Communication Studies will explore human communication found in messages, relationships, social settings and in culture. The program provides students with an understanding of the theories along with a specialization within a context or theme. You may focus on public advocacy, organizational communication, and rhetorical criticism. Students are encouraged to study abroad and learn a second language while they’re studying at Ohio University.

9. Health Services Administration

A lady answering a phone

Interested in working in the health care industry? This degree will allow you to be successful in entry-level administrative, general staff, and non-clinical positions within the health care industry. Students will learn about the cost, quality, and variables of the health care system, analyze financial data, and gain verbal communication skills and techniques.

10. Psychology

A brain in the middle of images representing different job fields

The Psychology Department ensures students develop a strong foundation in the different areas of psychology through research and opportunities within the department. They encourage participation in service activities,  on campus, and completing their degree in a 4-year period. Also, the Psychology program offers an online program that will allow you to finish the bachelor’s degree from the comfort of your home.

Top 10 Residences at OU

Ohio University is a student centered institution that gives the students a chance to achieve their objectives and realize their promise. Students from all across are offered with a range of options to choose from with regards to accommodation. These halls offer the students with a great opportunity to be near the school for convenient studying. The halls also encourage socialization through student interactions. The following are top 10 residences at Ohio University.

1. Bush Hall

Bush Hall is a residential facility for Coed and first year students. It consists of single, double and triple rooms. There are study areas, air conditioned rooms, Ethernet connectivity, wireless Internet and lounges.

Bush Hall

50 E Green Dr, Athens, OH 45701, USA

2. Tiffin Hall

Tiffin Hall is houses Coed and second year students. It consists of singles, doubles and triple room styles. There is air conditioning, study lounges, Wi-Fi and a music room.

Tiffin Hall

60 E Green Dr, Athens, OH 45701, USA

3. Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall is a Coed and first year students’ residential hall, as well as members of the Fine Arts Learning Community. It consists of doubles, triples and quads room styles. There is a dance studio and a meeting room on the first floor of the hall.

Lincoln Hall
45 East Green Dr, Athens, OH 45701, USA

4. Ryors Hall

Ryors Hall houses members of the OHIO First Scholars Living Community, Coed and First year students. It is made up of single and double rooms. There is air conditioning, study areas, Wi-Fi and lounges.

Ryors Hall

101 West Green Dr, Athens, OH 45701, USA

5. Boyd Hall

Boyd Hall is a residential hall for Coed, first and second year students. It consists of singles that are only available to the upperclassmen, doubles, triples and quads. There is a study lounge, electronic access, Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Boyd Hall

100 West Green Dr, Athens, OH 45701, USA

6. James Hall

James Hall houses Coed, first and second year students. The hall is made up of singles that are only available for the upperclassmen, doubles and triple room styles. There is air conditioning, study area, a main informal lounge and other informal lounges as well as electronic access.

James Hall
97 West Green Dr, Athens, OH 45701, USA

7. Brown Hall

Brown Hall is a residence for Coed and first year students. It consists of single, double and quad rooms. There are study lounges, electronic access, Ethernet and wireless connectivity.

Brown Hall

69 South Green Dr, Athens, OH 45701, USA

8. Smith House

Smith Hall houses Coed and second year students. It consists of single and double rooms. Every single hallway leads into a central living environment. The hall also houses the LGBT and a Gender Neutral housing experience. There is a recreational room, elevator and Wi-Fi.

Smith House
131 South Green Dr, Athens, OH 45701, USA

9. Hoover House

Hoover House is a residence for Coed and the upperclassmen. It consists of single and double rooms that are reserved for the juniors and seniors who have been approved to live on campus. There is electronic access, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and elevators.

Hoover House

136 South Green Dr, Athens, OH 45701, USA

10. Adams Hall

Adams Hall houses Coed and second year students. It consists of suite doubles and ADA compliant rooms. There is a study area, lounges, elevator, electronic access and air conditioned rooms.

Adams Hall

63 South Green Dr, Athens, OH 45701, USA

Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at Ohio University

1. Room Basics

Organized bed

Mattress topper
School supplies

2. Food and Snacks

food and utensils

Water bottles
Energy bars

3. Tech & Entertainment


Cell phone
Chess board

4. School Supplies

School office supplies

Text books
Sticky notes

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

Cleaning Up and Organizing

Face towels
Paper towels
Lysol wipes

6. Campus Gears

Campus Gears

Walking shoes
Campus gear like sweatshirt
Water bottle

7. Items you should ask first before bringing


Big pieces of furniture like sofas
Halogen lamps
Iron board

8 Ohio University Library Resources You Need to Know

Ohio University is as old as the State which it was named after. In 1803, Ohio became a state and on February 1804, the Ohio General Assembly passed an act establishing “The Ohio University”, which opened in 1808. Since its founding, it has passed for a lot of growing, from graduating its first woman in 1873 to start graduating international students 1895; and to reach where it is now it had to develop different methods and resources to help students achieve their goals. That’s why here’s a list with 8 Ohio University resources you need to know.

1) Database

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Article databases are sources for information about articles that were published in magazines, journals, and newspapers. The libraries’ page has a database featured on the front page of this website that is a great starting point for articles on all subjects. It includes the contents of hundreds of otherwise separate databases, on all subjects. They have more than 100 specialized article databases covering virtually all academic disciplines.

2)  Special Lecture Events

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Ohio University Libraries do a lot of events through the year, making it an all-inclusive event by extending the invitation to all who wants to participate. These events consist of lectures of different special guests (professors) of lots of different schools around the country that were invited not just for their knowledge but for the message they are spreading about important topics that people need to be aware of like “Vandals in the Stacks: Decolonizing the Archives”; and there’s always a discussion about all the lectures to spread the message with different faculties in other events, like a lunch with Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies faculty and graduate students, where they will read and discuss what was said in the lecture.

3)  THATCamp

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THATCamp is a free event that takes place every year and is part of the many educational events of Ohio’s Libraries. It is designed for those interested in digital humanities and technology to get together to share knowledge of digital tools and to provide and receive feedback about related projects, making it a two days event that makes sure to give the best opportunities for innovation and learning.

4)  Graduate Research Projects

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Graduate students at Ohio University conduct new research and develop creative projects each semester as they move toward the completion of their degree. In order to better illuminate these processes, the Libraries is partnering with the Graduate Student and Faculty Senates on the Graduate Research Series (GRS). Each semester, the GRS committee selects a student or group of students to discuss their research process in a public presentation at Alden Library.

5)   Hands’ reach Help

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If you are in need of help you can always contact a librarian via email, phone or chat. Also, you can always help yourself with “How-To videos” that the libraries have create to help the users, and “Subject guides” that were created by subject librarians who specialize in a discipline, these guides are designed to give you a thorough starting point on your research.

6)  Writing and Tutoring

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Writing tutors are available to assist students at designated tables on Learning Commons (2nd Floor). Also, on the 2nd Floor tutors are available for tutoring in a variety of subjects, including but not limited to mathematics, chemistry, and physics. In addition, AAC (Academic Achievement Center) staff can help you with study skills, computer skills, and more.

7) Borrowing


The entire Ohio Community can request materials from Ohio University Libraries (Athens and regional campuses) online or in the library; they have unlimited access and loans to use all the libraries’ resources. The non-Ohio Community also can borrow resources from the libraries but they need to request access first.

8) Computing, printing and Wi-Fi

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Approximately 200 desktop PC’s are available throughout the Libraries. The Multimedia Center provides Macintosh workstations equipped with Adobe Creative Suite and a variety of other software and peripherals for audio, video, and multimedia production, as well as assistance from Student Multimedia Specialists. A small number of laptops are available for short-term, in-building loan to OHIO students, faculty and staff. Also, printing, wireless internet (wifi) and scanners are available throughout the Libraries.

Libraries at Ohio University

1) Vernon R. Alden Library

alden library

The Vernon R. Alden Library serves as the central library facility in the Ohio University. The collection contains over 2.3 million units of microfilm material and 3 million printed volumes. The university archive maintains and displays rare books and collections, among other treasures is a 13th-century Bible. The Learning Commons, located on the building’s second floor, is open 24 hours, 5 days a week allowing students to meet and access library facilities. Laptops and other accessories are available through technology services at the reference desk.

2)  Music and Dance Library


The Music and Dance Library, located on the fifth floor of Robert Glidden Hall, has a collection that reflects the course offerings and faculty interests of the Ohio University Schools of Music, Dance, and Interdisciplinary Arts. The collections include books and periodicals on music and dance, music scores, and recordings. It has five PCs, twelve Macintosh computers, two scanners, one black and white printer, and two MIDI keyboards available for public use. An audio-visual room in the library provides access to records, Blu-Ray, VHS, and cassette players. The room is equipped with a 40-inch flat-screen HDTV and studio-quality speakers.

3) The Mahn Center 

a picture of the mahn library

The Robert E. and Jean R. Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections, that it is located on the 5th floor of Alden Library, is the principal repository for rare books, manuscript collections, and the Ohio University archives. Its mission is to support the education, research, and creative endeavors of the Ohio University community.

4) The Fine Arts Library

fine arts library

The Frederick and Kazuko Harris Fine Arts Library is located on the 3rd floor of Alden Library. The collection offers a blended delivery of resources, which incorporates traditional research methods with cutting-edge digital technology to aid students in their research and artistic endeavors. Relying on books, periodicals, visual media, and electronic databases, the Fine Arts Library complements the study of all aspects of the visual arts, including art history, architectural history, theory, criticism, materials, techniques, and practice. The Fine Arts Library encourages and supports critical engagement and the examination and experimentation of ideas that connect the arts to their contexts in the world.

5)  The Center for International Collections


Established in the summer of 1999, the Center for International Collections (CIC), located on the first floor of Alden Library, has curatorial responsibility for a number of special area studies collections like the Chubu Collection, Latin American Collection, Southeast Asia Collection, and Overseas Chinese Collection. The CIC directly supports the research and curriculum of Ohio University’s Center for International Studies and an ever-expanding circle of students and faculty at Ohio University and beyond. The CIC provides specialized reference services for Africa, East Asia, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.