10 Coolest Courses at Ohio Dominican University

Ohio Dominican University is a private Dominican liberal arts university in Columbus, Ohio. The school has under 1,2oo students. The acceptance rate is about 52 %. Here are 1o cool courses you need to check out.

1. COM 105 – Public Speaking

a microphone in front of people

Public Speaking is a course that is not only interesting but will serve you as helpful for almost any type of job you have. You will need to talk to other people or start up a meeting about your points. Public speaking gives you practice for those important speeches as well as tips to avoid being overly nervous as well as learn confidence.

2. ECN 208L – Principles of Macroeconomics

cartoon of money and trade on a scale

In this macroeconomics course, you will look at the large scale reasons for people’s spending habits. One of the reasons would be the number of kids that people are having in a society which makes it hard to have a job. You will look at different graphs that take old spending data to be able to figure out the future of said spending.

3. ENG 110 – College Writing

doctor typing on a computer

College writing is a fairly introductory course for those who are looking to improve their writing skills. What this course provides are tips on ideation. The course also offers different technical skills. These technical writing skills are helpful as communicating professionally comes with proper error /grammar correction and proofreading skills.

4. FIN 110 – Personal Finance

calculator and a stack of coins

Personal finance is a course that is interesting as it pertains to everyone. It is interesting as it teaches life skills on not only where you should be allocating your money, but also helpful tips on maximizing your monetary gain. You will also learn about budgeting as it relates to your finances.

5. ECN 207L – Principles of Microeconomics

person trading an apple for money in a graphic illustration

The major difference between micro and macro when it it comes to economics is the individual cases become a trend for buying. Microeconomics is about the smaller reasons for what certain items/service are sold or not sold. An example of microeconomics is when someone has a table set up at a convention and someone traded their game for a credit.

6. BUS 343 – Human Resources Management

Cartoon of human resources with benefits over employees heads

Human Resources management is a course about the job of a leader in human resources. You will go over documentation or similar programs to what larger companies use for paperwork and people who are quitting. Human Resources is the department you would speak to if you were looking to be the voice for angry employees or you might need to speak further about services.

7. BUS 240L – Management and Organizational Behavior

a meeting being conducted with a leader

Management and organizational behavior is a course that teaches students who are looking to learn to be a leader in their job. The course teaches you how to coach others to be successful in their job. It also teaches how to be organized with paperwork and tasks.

8. PRS 205 – News Writing

a news paper with the word press release

News writing is a fun course to take as it teaches students how to conduct news research as well as learn a new style of writing. It takes the quotes and the facts and puts them into a bare minimum. The writing is fairly straightforward and easy to read so that it is the most accessible.

9. EXSC 122 – First Aid

cartoon of the various tools in a first aid kit such as gloves and bandaids

First aid is a fun course that teaches you how to give first aid and help out people who are in need of medical help temporarily. It is great way to learn how to become a sports doctor or be on the sports side of exercise science. The course regardless of if you are in exercise science is helpful skill-wise to have overall.

10. EXSC 355 – Personal Training

a group of people doing stretches

Personal training is a course that teaches aspiring exercise science majors to be a coach for others when it comes to being healthy. In personal training, it is so much more than just helping a person exercise. You have to learn to plan out a diet regime to follow, schedule checkups on health and performance, as well as create a schedule of different workouts and days of concentration of certain areas of the body.

Ohio Dominican University is a small school that allows students to get a varied education. The small school helps it be not overwhelming for new students. Its size makes it perfect to get additional help from the professor as well as find the right courses.

10 Hardest Courses at ODU

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Ohio Dominican University (ODU) is a private Dominican liberal arts university offering undergraduate degrees in 40 majors, 9 graduate degree programs and 23 certificate programs. Some of the courses offered at the institutions are considered hard for a number of reasons. Below is a list of 10 of the hardest courses at ODU.

1. BIO 469 – Cell & Molecular Biology

Carbon atoms abstract

This biology course involves the study of the life of cellular organisms. Students find this course hard because they learn very technical concepts and terminologies throughout the course that need time to understand. The course also involves a series of challenging and time-consuming lab sessions.

2. CHM 440 – Quantum Mechanics & Spectroscopy

A poster written QUANTUM MECHANICS

This is an advanced course in chemistry. Students find this course difficult because it discusses very complex concepts throughout the course. The course also subjects students to a series of lab sessions that are equally difficult and time-consuming. This course is recommended for students that wish to take a major in Chemistry.

3. CIS 350 – Advanced Data Structures

A Poster Written Data Structures

Advanced Data Structures is a course in computer science that discusses programming techniques and methods. Students find this course because they will learn very complex concepts related to programming. They will also be required to write programs using dynamic and object-oriented techniques throughout the course.

4. MTH 350 – Linear Algebra

A word art written Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra is among the many courses in math that are considered hard. Students will learn complex mathematical topics such as computational and theoretical aspects of systems of linear equations, matrix calculations among others. They will solve challenging algebraic equations throughout the course.

5. SWE 311 – Software Design & Architecture

A poster written  Software Design & Architecture

This course discusses the concepts of software design including performance, safety, security, reusability, and reliability. Students will learn very technical and challenging topics throughout the course. Students will also engage in equally challenging and time-consuming practical sessions.

6. DSN 380 – Design III: Interactivity & Web

A poster written Interactions

This is a studio course that focuses on advanced work in computer web and video graphics. Strong emphasis will be placed on perfecting computer graphic skills. Students will learn very technical concepts related to graphic design. They will also be expected to engage in personal projects.

7. ACT 440 – Advanced Accounting


This course discusses very advanced topics in accounting. Students find this course hard because of the complex concepts, theories and calculations taught in the course. Students will throughout the course implement the knowledge taught to solve a series of accounting problems. This course is recommended for accounting majors.

8. EXSC 370 – Biomechanics

An image of a running skeleton

This course provides an in-depth understanding of how the components of the musculoskeletal system produce human movement. This course is considered hard because of the technical terminologies used and concepts discussed in the topics. Students find the concepts hard to comprehend and have to input more study time to grasp the concepts.

9. PSY 354 – Psychopathology

A poster written Psychopathology

Psychopathology is an advanced course in psychology that discusses advanced psychological conditions. The course involves a lot of readings and technical concepts thus considered hard by most students. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in psychology.  

10. ENV 330 – Ichthyology: Natural History of Fish

An image of a fish in water

This course studies fish; the diversity, adaptations, and ecology. This course discusses very technical concepts and has a lot of readings related to fish. The course also includes a series of very engaging and time-consuming laboratory sessions that will involve fish capturing and identification.

Jobs for College Students at Ohio Dominican University

Are you currently looking for employment on the Ohio Dominican University campus? Take a look at the opportunities available on this list and reach out if any of them interest you. There are many chances of getting work experience that can help you after you graduate.

1. Library Homework Help Center

Digital paper with an A+ on it

Working in the homework help center means you have to make appointments with students and assist anybody who enters the center. You’ll have the opportunity to review homework instructions with students, teach them, and offer study skills. If you aren’t doing well in a subject, you may also use the other center employees to your advantage.

2. Research Assistant

Person looking at a computer on a desk

Research assistants search information for data collection, data entry, and data analysis. There many topics and departments that are looking for assistants interesting in helping with research! The only requirement for students interested in doing psychology research is to take PSY 320 and receive a final grade of B or higher. You’ll be working in psychology labs using SPSS.

3. PR/Marketing Assistant

Different kind of PR styles illustrated by digital graphic

Public Relations teams work with organizations and departments to promote them and their events. As an assistant, you’ll draft text for print, online newsletters, and press releases. You’ll have the chance to recruit prospective members, attend meetings,  and answer e-mails on behalf of the center. 

4. Media Center Associate

Different tools to use for media, cartoon of person connected to cameras and a laptop

Do you have an interest in media-related topics? In the Media Center, students can come in and ask for help with homework, computer skills, and general information. Associates also go to classrooms to help with classroom instruction. There are many ways of getting involved and doing things that you’re interested in!

5. Multicultural Peer Educators

Levels including students and educators

Multicultural Peer Educators in the Office of Multicultural Affairs participate in the planning, coordinating, and implementation of programs created by the office. Student workers also provide office assistance, peer advising, and assist with the recruitment of underrepresented students. Serving as a representative of the department will give you the chance to meet other representatives at campus events.

6. Athletics Team Manager

Track and field runners  during a race, with Usain Bolt in the foreground

Are you interested in sports? As a manager, you will assist with practice operation, film home games, and office work. This position will give you the opportunity to get really involved with the Athletics Department. You’ll build a rapport with the coaching staff and athletes at Ohio Dominican University.

7. OneClass Note Taker

One Class logo

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Ohio Dominican University

Being in college and eating dining hall food can be such a drag. It can be fun to change up what you eat and where to go on a daily basis while on campus. Searching for new and exciting college cafes, and restaurants near campus can also show students unique and quietly kept places of their college down. Here is a list that students at Ohio Dominican University can use as a guide to check out new food options!

1. Bexley Coffee Shop

The Coffee Grounds Cafe is an awesome place for students to relax and study while in a quaint, coffee shop setting. They have a variety of food such as vegetarian friendly, vegan options, gluten free options. Any student can come here and find something they love. It is even ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp!

Barista making a latte.

2. Upper Cup Coffee

This cafe is located right outside of campus for students to grab coffee and be on their way to class. It has a variety of coffee beans and teas for students who pull on nighters. They also have snacks and mugs for ANU students as well!

Danishes and small latte in a cup.

3. Old Bag of Nails Pub

This local bar and cafe is very close to campus and is the place to be when it comes to both day and night life. Students come here on the weekend to meet up with friends and have a good time. Aside from the nightlife bar scene, their daily food is said to be amazing and served all day from breakfast till night!

Drinks served at a bar.

4. Stav’s Diner

This restaurant, cafe duo serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch for students and locals. Found right outside of campus, this super uniquely decorated cafe leaves for great picture opportunities too. They are also very accommodating with any allergies, or lifestyle diet choices like veganism.

Skillet fresh off the grill.

5. RiverCity Grille

The RiverCity Grille is a very up and coming eatery that serves food from breakfast till dinner, has excellent sandwiches, and fries that customers rave about! This cafe is reasonably priced which is great being so close to campus. The food is really tasty and the waitstaff is said to be so friendly!

Chicken sandwich on a pretzel bun.

6. Waffle House

This restaurant is one of the most popular breakfast spots close to campus. They serve famous waffles that everyone buzzes about, alongside delicious hashbrowns. They also have a fairly wide price range of foods to choose from. The style of this cafe is really cool and rustic which is why a lot of people enjoy coming here!

How customers feel when eating here.

7. Native Cold Pressed

Native Cold Pressed Juice is just what it sounds like, a awesome juice bar! Made from all local, organically grown products, this cafe truly uses the healthiest ingredients. All food on the menu is gluten, dairy, soy, free and paleo, all while tasting amazing!

Juices pressed in tall glasses.

Overall, these are just a few of the restaurants and cafes around campus for students to check out. Exploring different places can be so exciting and fun. Getting off campus can also be a treat, so try one of these places to dine and enjoy it!

10 Coolest Clubs at Ohio Dominican

Ohio Dominican University is central Ohio’s only Catholic University. Their mission is to combine passion with a purpose, giving all students opportunities and access to programs which enable them to pursue their dreams. There are a wide selection of clubs to join and events to attend whilst studying here.

1. Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

Learn new PR and marketing skills with the PR club.
Picture: Pixabay

This club mutually benefits everybody involved. The students can get a taste of what life as a PR professional would be, the University gains successful PR techniques and PR professionals are subject to new, fresh ideas. If you’re looking to develop in the public relations world, join this club.

2. Band Club

Let your music talent shine with the band club.
Picture: Pixabay

Perhaps you’ve always been a member of a band or you’ve always wanted to be. ODU’s band club gives all musically-skilled students the opportunity to practice, develop and perform with a hard-working group. Keep your musical talent active and grow to a college level with the Band.

3. Panther Players

Panther players is ODU's theatre club.
Picture: Pixabay

The Panther Players is the theatre organization at ODU. This incredible club will give you the chance to grow and improve all aspects of your skills. You will have the opportunity to act, design or direct.

4. World Student Club

World Student Club provides support to international students.
Picture: Pixabay

This is a support club, providing support to all students from various backgrounds. It can be difficult for international students to integrate themselves into a new culture, city and University. Their goal is to help all international students adjust as stress-free as possible.

5. Sanctum Nerditude

The club for anything and everything considered
Picture: Pixabay

This is for all the self-proclaimed “nerds” at ODU. This club discusses and holds events for everything from anime, fiction, comics, science fiction…and everything in between. Join to surround yourself with like-minded people.

6. Panther Activities Council

Get first-hand experience with events planning with PAC
. Picture: Pixabay

If you’re looking to enter the world of events-planning, or just want inside knowledge on-campus events, the Panther Activities Council will deliver. If you join, you’ll help plan ODU annual events, becoming a big part of what makes ODU such a fun University.

7. Birding Club

Appreciate Ohio's diverse array of wildlife.
Picture: Pixabay

If you’re searching for something different to join…the Birding Club is definitely an option. Ohio has an impressive selection of bird species flying about. With the club, you’ll be able to get outside, appreciate the wildlife and learn new things. Trips to wildlife areas and parks are planned through the Birding Club.

8. Cheerleading

Become an ambassador for ODU with the cheerleading club.
Picture: Pixabay

Of course, every University has to have a cheerleading society. It’s an important part of campus life – showing your solidarity to the sports players, improving your fitness and learning new skills. ODU’s cheerleading club has a large responsibility as being the ambassadors for the University. Also, you’ll learn how to tumble, pyramid and perform partner stunts.

9. President’s Society

A club for all the hopeful future presidents.
Picture: Pixabay

For students who possess leadership qualities and the desire to bring change. If you join the President’s Society, you’ll serve as a representative for
ODU at major events and functions, including the convocation and commencement. If you feel that you can combine leadership and academia whilst serving ODU, you’ll do a great job.


Be a part of incredible co-curricular activities.
Picture: Pixabay

ASPIRE gives all students the opportunity to be a part of unique events, these can be in service, leadership, faith, vocation and culture. This is a great way to enhance skills, learn new things and meet new people.

Coolest events at ODU this school year

1. Door Decorating Contest

Decorate your door for the chance of winning.
Picture: Pixabay

Get your creative juices flowing and decorate your door. Take a picture of your creation and send it to the University. The ODU community will vote for their favorite door at the Community Dinner and Tree Lighting event on December 3rd. You never know; you might just win. Be imaginative.

2. Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Compete in creating the most amazing gingerbread house.
Picture: Pixabay

Maybe you’re more of a gingerbread decorator than a door decorator. Get into the Christmas mood and compete in this festive challenge. Be quick, the kit boxes are available on a first-come, first served basis. It starts on December 3rd at 11am. You might just be crowned the winner.

3. With careful Scrutiny: Anne Cushman and the Art of the Print

Witness Anne Cushman's work for yourself.
Picture: Ohio Dominican University.

Witness Anne Cushman’s (the talented printmaker) newest work. It will be featured in the Wehrle Gallery from February 3rd to April 7th 2019. It focuses on the beauty of nature and how human’s are imposing upon it. See her talk on February 12th.

4. Opening Reception: 2019 Senior Exhibition

Take a look at graduating senior's creative work.
Picture: Pixabay

Celebrate and support ODU’s graduating seniors by checking out their work. The exhibition will feature their art, graphic design work, textiles…and everything else. You’ll be able to witness it on April 28th all the way until June 14th 2019.

5. Cultural Dress-Up Day

Dress up in traditional culture outfits to embrace diversity.
Picture: Pixabay

Learn about other cultures, appreciate them or share your own with the world. Students are invited to dress in any traditional outfit that they want. There will also be a photo-booth at the info desk so you can document the moment. This event starts on November 15th at 12pm.

10 Library Resources at Ohio Dominican You Should Know

Ohio Dominican University is a private four-year liberal arts institution located in Columbus, Ohio. The university has a large amount of library resources to accommodate its student population of over 1,000 undergraduates. Here are 10 library resources at Ohio Dominican University that you should check out.

1. Interlibary Loan

For students not finding everything they need at the university’s libraries, interlibrary loan is an option. Materials from other local libraries can be ordered for research purposes. They are then delivered to campus. Students can participate in interlibrary loan online or ask a librarian.

Materials available through interlibrary loan.

2. Research Guides

This resource is perfect for students who are not sure where to start their research. Perusing the research guides is sure to make inspiration strike. Research guides are available on a variety of different subjects. Ask a librarian for more information.

A conglomeration of terms related to research guides.

3. Quick Reference

This resource provides students with quick access to online citation help, reliable web sites, fast facts, demographics, and specialized search engines. This is a great research tool. Librarians are available for students needing further assistance, either with research or using the resource.

Quick reference guides available to students.

4. Printers

Students needing to print materials have access to printers, located on almost all library floors. Materials can be printed in either color or black and white. Printing quota can be used by students, or more can be purchased if needed. Staplers are also available.

A printer that prints color images.

5. Photocopiers

Students wishing to photocopy materials have access to this resource as well. Materials can be reproduced in either color or black and white. Printing quota can also be used to photocopy. Ask a librarian for further assistance in this matter.

A photocopier that copies color images and text.

6. Library Catalog

This resource helps students find the materials that they need quickly and efficiently. They simply need to type in keywords, and the desired material will pop up. They can then see where the material in question is located in the library and check it out. Ask a librarian for further assistance.

Materials that can be found via library catalog.

7. OhioLINK

This resource provides students and faculty with access to millions of resources. These include but are not limited to databases and subscriptions to electronic and print journal publications. This is an excellent research tool for students. Ask a librarian for further information.

The logo for the OhioLINK service.

8. Course Reserves

This resource can be used by students to find any course available at the university. Course can be searched by name or number. This is a helpful resource for students wishing to find out more about Ohio Dominican academics. Ask a librarian for further assistance.

The logo for the Course Reserves service.

9. OneSearch

This search engine is meant for students conducting research. Students can search for books, articles, journals, media, and more. Searches are by keyword. Ask a librarian for further assistance.

The logo for the OneSearch service.

10. Study Rooms

Study rooms can be reserved by students desiring a quiet study space. Reservations can be made online or in person. It is encouraged to make a reservation in advance. Ask a librarian for further assistance.

A study room that can be reserved.

Libraries at Ohio Dominican University

1. Ohio Dominican University Library

This is the main library located on campus. It is the most frequented library on campus. The library offers all of the above resources. It is open 7 days a week, offering these resources to students.

The Ohio Dominican University Library interior.

2. Spangler Learning Center

This is another on-campus library. Students can find the above resources here. They can also find a quiet place to study. The library is open 7 days a week.

The Spangler Learning Center at Ohio Dominican University.

3. Columbus Metropolitan Library Hilltop Branch

This public library is close to the campus. Students can come here seeking additional materials for their research. They must open an account to check out materials. A quiet study space can also be found here.

The Columbus Metropolitan Hilltop Branch exterior.

4. Columbus Metropolitan Library Northside Branch

Not far from campus, this library is open to the Columbus community. Ohio Dominican students can also use the library’s resources, provided they sign up for a library card. A quiet study space can also be found here. The library is open 7 days a week.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library Northside Branch exterior.

5. Columbus Metropolitan Library Martin Luther King Branch

This public library is not located far from Ohio Dominican University. Students can come here seeking additional research materials. A quiet study space is also available. The library is open 7 days out of the week.

The Martin Luther King Branch exterior.

Top 10 Dorms at Ohio Dominican University

Ohio Dominican University is an extremely well-run collegiate institution. Academics are just as important as student life here. For student housing, there are some solid options, too, including those listed below:

1. Siena Hall

This is an image of a room in Siena Hall

Address: 1216 Sunbury Rd

Siena Hall is the best option for on campus housing at Ohio Dominican. It has the nicest, most spacious rooms since it is a part of the honors college. The community here is also fairly tight knit.

2. Aquinas Hall

This is an image of a room in Aquinas Hall

Address: 1292 Sunbury Road

Aquinas Hall comes fully furnished with everything a student needs in a dorm. The suites are also co-ed at Aquinas. Additionally, the entire hall is the largest one on the entire campus.

3. Fitzpatrick Hall

This is an image of Fitzpatrick Hall with a sign of the school in front

Address: 1260 Sunbury Road

The views from the higher floors at Fitzpatrick are breathtaking. And the laundry machines in the bottom are very convenient. There are also some excellent rooms to conduct study groups within Fitzpatrick.

4. Lynam Hall

This is an image of Lynam Hall

Address: 1234 Sunbury Road

Lynam is the newest residence hall on the Ohio Dominican campus. It is also one that houses mostly upperclassmen. There are even some supersized rooms that students can live in for plenty of space to spread out.

5. The Commons at Olentangy

This is an image of the sign at The Commons

Address: 4765 Blairfield Drive

The Commons at Olentangy are the best apartments for off campus students. It even has some basketball courts for the athletic students in mind. Cable readiness is a top feature for those academics who prefer to stay inside.

6. Flats on Vine

This is an image of Flats on Vine

Address: 205 Vine Street

Flats on Vine is one of the more expensive off campus options. However, it does come with dishwasher accessibility. Some of the apartments even come with their own washing and drying machines!

7. The Gardens at Easton

This is an image of a room at The Gardens

Address: 3701 Governors Club Blvd

The Gardens at Easton are very inexpensive considering how fully furnished they come. The style and interior design is of a very high quality, as well. It also comes with both air conditioning and ceiling fan features.

8. University Village

This is an image of the kitchen at University Village

Address: 2981 Olentangy River Rd

University Village is the closest apartment complex to the Ohio Dominican campus. It is also the cheapest option on this list. But it does come with some high quality furnishings and appliances, as well.

9. DGB Communities

This is an image of a room in DGB Communities

Address: 1190 Chambers Road

DGB Communities operates within some fairly reasonable utility budgets. There is free WiFi available to tenants, as well. There is also a great surrounding neighborhood that can engage students.

10. Easton Commons

This is an image of the Easton Commons

Address: 4011 Easton Way

There is a swimming pool and a sundeck available at Easton Commons. These come in handy during the hotter months during the academic year. The hall also features a fitness center that is open for twenty-four hours during the day.

Ohio Dominican University is one of the most celebrated schools in central Ohio. These residence halls only contribute to its illustrious reputation. You won’t have a hard time finding a great place to live, for sure.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Ohio Dominican

1. Room Basics

This is an image of roller blinds

– Printer
– Desk chair
– Window blinds
– Microwave
– Mini fridge

2. Food and Snacks

This is an image of a Ziploc bag

– Lunchbox
– Cooking spray
– Baking sheet
– Ziploc bags
– Tinfoil

3. Tech and Entertainment

This is an image of Qwirkle, a board game

– Board games
– Headphones
– A/V cables
– Kindle
– Kindle charger

4. School Supplies

This is an image of a box of paper

– Pencils
– Pens
– Notebooks
– Filler paper
– Printer paper

5. Cleaning and Organization

This is an image of a three-ring binder

– Dryer sheets
– Shampoo
– Three-ring binder
– Bed sheet freshener
– Drawer dividers

6. Campus Gear

This is an image of a black bike helmet

– Bicycle
– Bike lock
– Helmet
– Skateboard
– Knapsack

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

This is an image of a toaster with bread

– Iron
– Toaster
– Extra storage totes
– Area rug
– Pocket knife

Packing for college? Read on here on how to start packing and shop judiciously: Shopping & Packing List for College Dorm here.

You can also download the list below:

10 Easiest courses at Ohio Dominican University

X marks the spot and you’ve landed on treasure! Uncover some hidden gems at Ohio Dominican University. Here are 10 easy courses that you can add to schedule to get a easy A.

1. Political Science: POL 100

In this course, you will be recovering the great issues of politics. You’ll learn the theory and function of government and the political process, public law, international politics and more.

Symbols representing justice

2. Introduction to Psychology: PSY 100

In this course you will learn the basic principles of psychology. Interested in why human think the way they do? Topics include research methods, human development, gender differences, learning and cognition, and more.

Two shadows of heads representing their subconcsious

3. Introduction to Theatre: THR 181

In this course, you’ll learn the elements of theatre. These include acting, directing, stagecraft, and play-writing. Take this course and you’ll be on Broadway in no time.

Ballet performance on stage

4. American History:  HST 202

In this course, you will discuss the Progressive Reform movement, World War I, the Great Depression, and the Cold War. If you are into history this is definitely for you.

Historical picture of soldiers during a war

5. Music of World: MUS 181

Explore different cultures around the world and their music. Students will study culture, instruments, musical elements, creation and performance, and more.

Music sheet

6. Personal Finance: FIN 110

Learn better ways to finance your money and get an A! This course gives students a practical introduction to sound money management. Students will also explore real life problems that are faced and how to correctly manage them.

US dollar bills

7. Developmental Issues and Practice in reading: EDU 212

In this class, you’ll learn cognitive and linguistic foundations of literacy development in the learner. You’ll take into the account of cultural and social principles that effect the learners practice.

Old books on shelf

8. Financial Accounting: ACT 210

In this course, students will receive basic concepts and fundamentals of financial decision making. This course will also help with problem solving skills so check this one out for sure!

Coins increasing representing growth of finance

9. Public Speaking: COM 105

Not only is this class and easy A, it will prepare you for the future. You’ll study oral communication. Studying historical speeches, vocal and linguistic skills will be practiced.

Icon of person with A+

10. Art History: ART 150

In this course, you will be exploring Western Art from the prehistory through 16th century. Who knew art went back that far? You’ll pay closer attention to its connection to society through the examination of visual artifacts.

Mona Lisa

Now that you’ve dug up this treasure, use it to your full advantage. Add some of these courses to your spring or fall semester schedules and make sure you get a GPA boost. For more hidden gems, visit the Ohio Dominican University main page.