Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at Northwood University

Northwood University is a private university that is home to over 33,000 students. It is currently situated in Midland, Michigan where it was established in 1959. Below are the ten buildings that you need to know at Northwood University!

1. Student Union Bookstore

The front of the bookstore

Address: Midland, MI 48640

Do you need textbooks for a class? The university bookstore at Northwood University is your one stop for getting your textbooks for class. You can also stock up on some of your favorite Northwood gear and supplies. Students will also find souvenirs here as well if they are just visiting.

2. Gerstacker Athletic Complex

Inside one of the fields at the Gerstacker Athletic Complex

Address: Midland, MI 48640

This outdoor and indoor facility space is home to the Gerstacker Athletic Complex. It houses a baseball field, tennis courts, and a football field. Students will also be able to watch multiple practices and live games at these fields as well.

3. McNAir Center

The front of the McNair center

Address: Midland, MI 48640

This building was established and founded in 2015. It is now called the McNair Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. It now holds the heart of market economics, creation, and advocacy. Students have access to conference rooms, meeting rooms, and more.

4. Griswold Center

The front of the Griswold Communications Center

Address: Midland, MI 48640

This building is home to the Griswold Center. It holds a pod-styled meeting room with colorful decorations. It is also home to a number of facilities which includes a computer lab, auditorium, audio visual management services, and a dining room.

5. Church Family Administration Building

The Church Family Administration Building

Address: Midland, MI 48640

This building houses the Church Family Administration Building. It houses a number of offices for students and faculty to utilize. Administrative offices include the office of the Registrar, student account services, financial aid, and admissions.

6. Strosacker Library

The front of the Strosacker Library

Address: Midland, MI 48640

This is the main library on campus and the hub for academics and learning. Here, students will have access to numerous amounts of resources. This includes book collections, computer stations, printing services, quiet areas, and study rooms.

7. Bennett Sports Center

The inside of the Bennett Sports Center

Address: Midland, MI 48640

The Bennett Sports Center is home to tennis courts, baseball practice courts, a volleyball court, and a badminton court. It’s also home to dance rooms, exercise rooms, the baseball batting cages, and a track. This facility also houses a 4,000 seat sports center.

8. Hach Student Life Center

The Hach Student Life Center

Address: Midland, MI 48640

This building is managed by the Timberwolf Recreation staff. Students will have access to a 62,212 square-foot facility. Student shave access to a four-lane running track, three multi-purpose courts, classrooms for different departments, a fitness center, a wellness room, and a snack bar.

9. Dow Commons Dining Hall

Students eating in the Dow Commons Dining Hall

Address: Midland, MI 48640

This building space is home to the Dow Commons Dining Hall. Students will be able to meet up with friends and socialize. Students will also be able to eat from a number of food choices which includes, but is not limited to, meat, pizza, a salad bar, and international food.

10. DeVos Graduate School

Front of the DeVos Graduate School

Address: Midland, MI 48640

This building is home to the DeVos Graduate School of Management. This school is designed for training the future leaders, managers, and business leaders. It houses classrooms, a teaching lab, business meeting rooms, team rooms, study areas, and offices.

Hopefully this list has helped those who don’t know their way around to feel more accustomed to campus. Students who know this list won’t have any trouble getting around, unless there’s a new building being built. Now, you can rely on your instincts knowing where to go next time.

10 Coolest Courses at Northwood University

Northwood University (NU) is a private university located in Midland, Michigan.  NU believes in a strong code of ethics that supports its mission of developing the leaders of the future. The university offers marketable academic programs ranging from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Of all the courses offered at NU, below is a list of 10 of the coolest.

1. SPC 2050 – SPEECH

A person giving a speech to an audience

This course teaches students the fundamentals of public speaking. Students learn how to interact with different types of audiences while still maintaining relevance. Students will also learn how to employ verbal and non-verbal cues during speech delivery. Students will practice public speaking during class sessions.

2. SPN 2010 – SPANISH I

A colorful poster written LEARN SPANISH

This course is part of a two-semester sequence that teaches beginning university students the Spanish language. Students will learn how to communicate, read, and write in Spanish. At the end of the course, students will be expected to have basic conversations and write in basic Spanish.

3. PHL 3300 – LOGIC

A human head with jigsaw pieces as the brain

This course in philosophy focuses on the study of traditional Aristotelian logic, propositional logic, informal fallacies among other topics related to logic. Students will analyze a number of writings, videos and audios to try and understand the logical arguments in them. This course is recommended for philosophy majors.

4. EXF 1420 – SWIMMING

A woman swimming in a pool

This highly physical course provides students with instruction on the basic skills of swimming and water safety. Students will learn elementary freestyle, backstroke, sidestroke, and breaststroke. The course is recommended for all students that wish to learn how to swim.


A poster written COMPOSITION with a pencil over it

This English course introduces students to rhetorical awareness focusing on audience and purpose. Students will learn writing strategies and techniques through readings in fiction and non-fiction pieces. Students will be required to write a researched argumentative paper before the end of the course.


A drawing of a girl on a piece of paper

This course explores the fundamentals of drawing through theory and practical studio sessions. Students will learn sighting and modeling, contour drawing, creating three-dimensionality among other techniques. Students will spend most of the time in the course practising their drawing skills by implementing what is taught.


Buttons written names of various programming languages

If you love computers, then this course may interest you. It introduces students to basic programming languages, concepts and techniques. Students will familiarize themselves with a number of programming languages as they learn to develop computer programs. Students will be required to create their own computer programs as part of the class work project.


An assortment of wines and beers in bottles and glasses

This course in hospitality explores various wines/beers from around the world. Class sessions involve beverage tasting and evaluation as a mode of learning. The course is recommended for Hotel/Restaurant students, but there are considerations for other interested students.


Women dressed in old-fashioned clothes and assessories

This course focuses on the evolution of apparel and accessories from the Egyptian period to today’s current fashions. Students will learn about how economic, social, and political factors have influenced the construction, designing, and terminology used in fashion throughout the ages. This course is recommended for students majoring in fashion marketing and management.


Soldiers from the Vietnam war speaking to a woman

This History course examines facts and events of the Vietnam War, including its causes, the military involvement, and the political, social and economic aspects of the war. Students will learn very interesting facts about the war through class readings from renowned writers.

10 Hardest Courses at Northwood University

Northwood University is a private university in Midland, Michigan. With more than 57,000 alumni the University pursues to provide highly skilled and ethical leaders and vibrant future among students. They offered courses not only to develop the skills and knowledge of a student but also one’s personal values, and creativity. Among all the courses they offered, here are the 10 hardest courses at Northwood University.


man checking a graph beside a laptop

This course will allow students to collect and interpret data and identify problems. It requires the ability to analyze a system to understand the details on what the system should do and its components to worth together. It deals with concepts, tools and techniques, and methodologies.


man writing an infographic on his notebook

International trade studies trade based on each nation which includes foreign exchange, payments, investment, export and import controls, free trade, and tariffs. It requires knowledge and understanding to learn the differences of how a nation deals with international trades. This is a challenging course for a student who wants to understand international trade.


bearded man in a suit using his laptop on a cafe

Environmental Economics is an area in economics that studies the impact of environmental policies on economics. A student will be able to learn how to analyze environmental issues and concerns affect economics. This is a challenging course since it is broad with plenty of factors that affect economics.


man editing a spreadsheet using a laptop with a coffee nearby

This course is an introduction to the basics of investing, debts, rights and warrants, options and mutual funds. This is one of the difficult course because it requires analysis in order to understand capital markets.


math formulas with a blue background

This introduces how basic engineering principles affect the operations of their facility. This affects the facilities a student should be able to learn the accurate and best use of tools in order to accommodate the improvements in the operation of their facility.


man with glasses writing on a notebook

This course focuses on studying the issues that will have an effect on the profession and its relevance in order to help their professional development. This is considered as one of the difficult course because of the different issues that can affect their development and each has its own understanding and resolution in order to grow as a better professional.


man in suit using his phone beside a newspaper and laptop

This examines the factors in international business such as trades, finance, law, marketing, and management as well as the culture and the effects it brought to human behaviors and their cultural differences. Understanding the differences in culture can affect the international business and it may be confusing and difficult to deal with.


bookshelf filled with books

This overviews the international legal environment and the laws implemented on international business. There are many laws that explore international jurisdiction, legal agreements, treaty agreements and treaty law that needs understanding and learning by students. One must fully understand how these laws maintain peace and fair trade internationally.


woman with a pen thinking what to write on his note

This course focuses on the economic factors that affect the affordability of care. This is a broad course which contains both major and minor issues that affect the affordability of care and this is what makes this course difficult: the many factors such as political pressure that affects demand for health services and completion on delivery systems.


man with a note be happy on this forehead while sitting on the office

This course includes strategies are done in order to deliver their products and give a massive impact to costumers. A student must develop a strategy that will help boost the rate of the product, select a business location as well as tradeoffs. Their strategies must come from customer survey, preference and what is trending.

Top 10 Library Resources at Northwood University

Northwood University has a lot of library resources setup in the library and online for the students use. These are resources that students should be aware of for their future successes in university. There are many that are available and you can check these out online but here is a list of the top 10 resources.

1. Online Resources

logo of online resources

For students research purposes there are over 35 databases to utilize online. The databases range from business related information to financial databases and much more. Students can utilize this by going on the schools libraries website.

2.  Interlibrary Loan

interlibrary loan logo

This is a great service students can utilize. Interlibrary loans lets you get in hold of a book from another library that is not available in the school’s library. Something that would be convenient for students as they do not have to travel from library to library.

3. Ask A Librarian

online chat logo

This feature allows students to communicate online. They can ask their questions though the 24/7 online chat and there will be a librarian on the other end that will answer your questions.

4. Online Library Card Sign Up

library card

This resources lets students to sign up online for a library card. This service would be convenient for students as they do not have to physically come into the library to get a crad and it also would be a faster service for them.

5. Library Hours


The schools library is open everyday, opens early in the day and closes at midnight on most days. Students can have busy schedules to deal with from various activities, so these hours will be beneficial to them as they have the plenty of time to go study at the library.

6. Reference Help


As a new student to Northwood university it may be hard for you to find research information that is related to your topic as there is a lot of resources. For help you can drop by or make an appointment to work with librarians for research help.

7. WiFi Available

wi-fi logo

There is wi-fi available in the library so if you would like to work on your laptop, then you can bring it to the library, connect it to the wifi and use it. It will be helpful for the students that want to continue their work on the laptop from where they left off at home.

8. Valcat Catalog

online catalog search

Considering of how many books the library contains it would be hard for students to find the material they are looking for. For this reason you can use the valcat catalog to search if your books are in the library or in surrounding areas.

9. Printers, Scanners, Copiers


The library contains printers, scanners, and copiers for students uses. You can use all of these devices at a cheaper price at the library. The library contains black and white printers and also the use of color printers.

10. Computers

computer set

If you don’t have a laptop to work on or don’t have a certain software program downloaded on your laptop, than chances are that you can find it available on the libraries computers. There computers available on all the floors.

Top 5 Libraries at Northwood University

1. Strosacker Library

Strosacker Library

This library is affiliated with Northwood university. It is located in the campus for students uses. They have a collection of 34,090 volumes and circulates 1,049 items per year. As mentioned above they have multiple resources so make sure to use them.

2. Point Edward Library

Point Edward Library

Point Edward library has a wide variety of books and research material for the students uses. They also have a wide range of hours they are open so students can visit the place and get some studying done.

3. Ann Arbor District Library

Ann Arbor District Library

Ann Arbor District Library has great staff service, they are always available to help the students in need. They have ample of study space and have occurring activities among the community that happens time to time.

4. Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library

Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library

Harlan Hatcher graduate library has everything that students need to get work done. They have good wi-fi, comfortable furniture and excellent lighting. A well stocked and functioning library.

5. Ann Arbor District Library – Traverwood Branch

Ann Arbor District Library - Traverwood Branch

The Traverwood Branch is a modernized library. The place is bright, spacious and clean. They have plenty of tables and outlets by the walls. Everything offered for a student to get their work done.

Top 10 Residences at Northwood University

Northwood University is an institution of higher learning that offers students with education as an investment of the future. Students at Northwood are able to achieve their study and personal objectives through training and provision of the necessary resources. Students at this university get to choose from on campus and off campus accommodation options available within and around. Students are therefore able to utilize university resources more often, have a nice college experience and make lifelong friends. Below are the top 10 residences at Northwood University.

1. Dubois & Miner Residence Hall

Dubois & Miner Residence Hall are residences set aside for the freshmen students under the age of 20 years. It consists of single and double occupancy rooms. There are laundry facilities, computer lab, vending areas, Ethernet and wireless Internet access, study lounges and 24hr security.

Dubois & Miner Residence Hall

4000 Whiting Drive, Midland, MI 48640, United States

2. Naegele Village Apartments

This are residences that have been designed and set aside for students beyond their first year in the university. It consists of apartment style living with one and two bedroom units. There is central air conditioning, laundry facilities, Ethernet and wireless Internet access, shared living room and kitchenette.

Naegele Village Apartments

4000 Whiting Drive, Midland, MI 48640, United States

3. North Village

This are residences offering accommodation to students in a modern and secure environment. It consists of modern fully furnished one, two and four bedroom units. There is an open floor plan, full modern kitchens, study lounges on every floor, laundry facilities and elevator.

North Village

4000 Whiting Drive, Midland, MI 48640, United States

4. Universal Apartments

This are residences designed to accommodate Northwood students. They consist of townhouses in large and spacious apartment bedrooms. There are study spaces, recreation spaces, living area, dining areas, TV lounges and laundry.

Universal Apartments

4915 Universal Dr, Midland, 48640

5. Birchwood Pointe Apartments

These are apartment style living option for students looking for off campus accommodation. They consist of furnished one, two and three-bedroom apartment units. There is a fitness center, a refrigerator, dishwasher, air conditioning, a valet trash, a Jacuzzi, large closer space and vaulted ceiling.

Birchwood Pointe Apartments

1500 Wood Pointe Lane, Midland, 48642

6. Oakwood Place Apartments

Oakwood Place Apartments are apartment options for students in Northwood university. It consists of spacious two and three bedroom apartments. There is surface parking, study spaces, dishwasher, air conditioning and water include.

Oakwood Place Apartments

5301 Dublin Ave, Midland, 48640

7. Ivy Terrace Apartments

These are residences that provide Northwood students with independent living in off campus accommodation. They consist of one and two-bedroom apartment units. There is a multimedia room, on-site salon, recreational spaces, a wellness room, study spaces and bike storage.

Ivy Terrace Apartments

402 Joseph Dr, Midland, 48642

8. Eastlawn Arms Apartments

These are apartment style residences offering off campus accommodation to students. It consists of studio, one and two bedroom apartments. There is high speed Internet, a pool, laundry, storage space and parking available.

Eastlawn Arms Apartments

2211 Eastlawn Dr, Midland, 48642

9. 2414 Swede Avenue Apartments

These are apartments that offers students with off campus accommodation. It consists of studio or two bedroom apartments. There is a laundry room, hardwood flooring, gaming lounge, wheelchair access, wireless Internet access, a fitness center, storage space, refrigerator, TV lounge, media room, balcony, dishwasher, on site management and a billiards room.

2414 Swede Avenue Apartments

2414 Swede Avenue, Midland, 48642

10. The Village at Joseph’s Run

These are residences providing Northwood residences with off campus living. It consists of furnished single and double occupancy rooms. There is air conditioning, an outdoor pool, car parking, dishwasher, high speed Internet, disability access, fitness center, laundry facility and basketball court(s).

The Village at Joseph's Run

700 Village East, Midland, 48642

Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at Northwood University

1. Room Basics

Organized bed

Pillow cases
Mattress topper

2. Food and Snacks

food and utensils

Energy bars

3. Tech & Entertainment

Entertainment sign

Cell phone
Card games

4. School Supplies

School office supplies

Marker pens
Sticky notes
Text books

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

Cleaning Up and Organizing

Flip flops
Clothing hangers
Lysol wipes

6. Campus Gears

Campus Gears

Campus gear like sweatshirt
Walking shoes
Water bottle

7. Items you should ask first before bringing


Big pieces of furniture like sofas
Iron board
Halogen lamps

10 of the Easiest Courses at NU

Northwood University, affectionate deemed NU by students and alumni, is a private university located in Michigan. This school was established in 1959 and has only continued to grow since its initial construction. Overall, over 33,000 students have graduated from this school, and with so many students having graduated, it comes as no surprise that this university offers many classes spanning a range of subjects. And, for students searching for easier classes, look no further, as the following is a list of some of the easiest courses to take at NU.


This introductory course for students in automotive marketing and management is both discussion based and hands-on. Within this course, students study the role and function of the automobile dealership within society as a whole, possible career paths within the automotive industry, and facilities planning.This is an image of cars often distributed by the automobile industry.


As a course for primarily freshman, this introduces students to the complexities and details of college writing. Professors utilize a variety of genres to introduce students to rhetorical awareness of audience and purpose.  A final project will take the shape of researched argumentative paper using APA documentation.This image is of a student composing a piece of work via pencil and paper.


This introductory class provides an exposure to merchandising terminology to students interested in a career in the fashion and marketing industry. This class includes hands-on activities that explore the fashion apparel work, and discussions regarding the entrepreneurs who influence the industry are also important.This image is of dresses designed by students who would have taken such a course.


With the help of heart monitors and newer technology, students will learn to monitor their own cardiovascular health indicators as they learn to coordinate aerobic fitness and conditioning activities with music of all sorts. In regards to choreography, proper cardiovascular exercises will be demonstrated, and students will complete these exercises to music following the demonstration.This image is of an instructor and her students in a dance course.

5. EXF 1150 – TENNIS

This single credit course gives a basic introduction to tennis as a sport and as a good way to get a student’s heart rate up. Students are taught the rules, terminology and strategy of tennis as the build up to competitive play against their peers. Each course begins with a brief lecture followed by class activity for the duration of the period.This image is of a man playing tennis, and this is the goal for students within this course.


This course emphasizes academic and skill development of individual students with the ultimate goal of showing how they can be useful in a larger organization. With this, there is a focus on understanding the difference between interpersonal, mass communications, and public relations.This course aims to help students get to this point--interviewing a famous sporting team member. 


This is a three credit course that, obviously, tackles the medium of drawing. Drawing fundamentals are explored through hands-on studio experience, which allows professors to also introduce a variety of new materials and mediums. There are many techniques explored, and the include contour drawing, sighting and modeling, creating three-dimensionality, and creating texture.This image demonstrates what students should and shouldn't do in this class regard how they should and shouldn't draw. 


This course is unique as the student who participate gain an insight in the development of the industry through popular trade magazines, guest speakers, and field trips, which gives students an edge through hands-on experience. These trips and experiences are designed to build an understanding of the hospitality industry.This is an image of young professionals manning the counter of a hospitality industry. 


As an lower level course, students are introduced to the historical development of Western civilization and its unique traditions. Major themes include the evolution of social, economic, religious, and political systems and to fit the changing conditions of each age and time.This image is of a globe, which connects directly to the history of the world. 

10. MGT 2300 – Principles of Management

This foundational course provides students with an overview of the principles, concepts, and theories the underly the management discipline. Arguably more important, students learn the specialized vocabulary necessary for the practice of management.Here, in this image, two professionals analyze data that was collected.Ultimately, Northwood University gives students the opportunity to not only succeed, but also to thrive in any number of easy course within many different disciplines. Students at NU cannot wait to go to class due to the sheer number of interest and easy courses available to them!