10 Coolest Courses at Northwestern College

Northwestern College is a private Christian liberal arts college in Orange City, Iowa. They currently have over 1,200 students with a 66% acceptance rate. Here’s ten of their coolest courses!

1. COM 101 – Mass Media and Society

mass media platform logos on blocks that are on a table with a laptop

Mass Media and Society is an interesting communications class all about the history and significance of mass media, how it’s used, etc. This class explores cool topics regarding our obsession with media.

2. PHI 204BR – Mind, Knowledge and Reality

man thinking with lightbulb

A cool philosophy class at Northwestern is Mind, Knowledge and Reality. This class is all about the human perception of the world and reality, how we process it, and why. It’s a pretty mind bending course!

3. SOC 202 – Social Problems

digital art of people thinking and colourful gears over their heads

An interesting sociology course is Social Problems. Like the name states, this class discusses modern and past issues regarding society. Students learn about these issues, as well as possible solutions.

4. SOC 220 – The Criminal Justice System

 judge in a court room

Another interesting sociology course is The Criminal Justice System. This class is all about the criminal booking process, the police system, laws and policies, and the psychology related to crime doing.

5. PHI 208 – Intercultural Communication

people talking at a restaurant  with an open laptop in front of them on the table

Intercultural Communication is an interesting class about how people can communicate through different cultures. This class discusses language barriers, cultural understanding, etc.

6. KIN 237 – Substance Abuse

pills laid out on a table

Kinesiology has an interesting class called Substance Abuse. Students in this class learn all about different abused substances, their negative effects on the body, and more.

7. PSY 214- Social Psychology

people holding hands outside while looking at the sunset

Social Psychology is a cool course at Northwestern all about how we act in social settings. Humans are social creatures, so it’s interesting to learn the different ways we behave in these social settings, and why.

8. PSC 260CC -Human Geography

world map geography

Another cool course at Northwestern is Human Geography. Students in this class learn all about the history and origin of map making, exploring, and making boundaries. This class explains why the world has the boundaries it does.

9. PHI 310 – History of Political Thought

american flag outside against grey clouds

History of Political Thought is another cool philosophy class at Northwestern. This class teaches students all about the origin of politics, how and why it came about, and why it’s so significant in today’s world.

10. KIN 325- Physiology of Exercise

woman running outdoors

Another interesting Kinesiology class is the Physiology of Exercise. This class teaches students about how and why we move the way we do, and how exercise affects our body in positive ways.

10 Hardest Courses at Northwestern College

Do you prefer easy classes or hard classes? Some prefer easy classes because of the low stress levels. You can get an easy A and maintain a good GPA while still being able to go out and have fun. Others prefer hard classes; they like a challenge. Whether you like hard classes or not, if you go to Northwestern College, this article will be very useful in helping you pick out your classes. Here is a list of the 10 hardest courses offered at Northwestern College, so you can either take on the challenge, or avoid these courses completely!

1. ACC 315 – Intermediate Accounting I

Image of a pen and calculator sitting atop a paper with numbers on it.

Accounting deals with a lot of numbers, equations, and formulas. Besides the math, there’s also a lot of terms and definitions to memorize. This course is a study of the development of accounting principles and practices as they apply to financial statements. Emphasis is placed on the development of the theory used in accounting practice. Introduction accounting classes are challenging, so you can expect this intermediate accounting course to be even harder.

2. BIO 340 – Neuroscience

graphic art of a brain with marks highlighting different areas of the brain.

If you don’t like science, or it isn’t your strong suit, then you might want to avoid this course. Neuroscience is a blend of biology, chemistry, and psychology. This class is an introduction to the structure and function of the nervous system, emphasizing neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology and aspects of neuropathology. Multiple levels will be explored from the molecular and cellular levels through brain and spinal cord networks that contribute to complex behavioral and cognitive function. The most difficult part of studying neuroscience is the sheer volume of information. There are a lot of terms and definition to remember.

3. BUS 304 – Investments

Clip art of a stock market chart.

This class is considered hard because not many people know much about the stock market, trading stocks, or analyzing stock graphs/charts. In this class, models of risk and return are carefully developed to provide a basis for assessing investment opportunities and to enhance our understanding of the role and importance of financial markets. A considerable portion of the course will be devoted to the pricing of derivative securities including options, forward contracts and futures contracts. A lot of research and analysis skills are needed to succeed in an investment class.

4. CHE 321 – Organic Chemistry

Clip art of molecules and compounds.

If you like science, then you might not find this course that bad. But organic chemistry, also known as ‘orgo’, has a reputation of being difficult and time consuming. This course is the study of carbon compounds and their functional groups, including nomenclature, synthesis, reactions, structures, mechanisms and spectroscopic analysis. Prepare yourself for some late nights of studying, studying, and more studying.

5. COM 332 – Advertising Campaigns

Illustration of the different parts of advertising.

The most difficult part of this course is the time commitment and creativity needed to succeed. Any advertising class where you have to create something is time consuming; a lot of time is needed to research and brainstorm, with even more time needed to bring the idea to life. The primary objectives of this course are knowledge integration and skills application. By conceiving, researching, creating, executing, and evaluating a comprehensive advertising communication plan that incorporates research, creative, media, and promotions, students will understand how various components work together to provide a client with a cohesive campaign that communicates their message. Students will give a formal oral presentation to their client that includes a usable campaign and all the creative materials needed to execute the campaign. There are a lot of components to a campaign, which is why this class is a challenge.

6. CSC 351 – Data Structures

Illustration of different data structures in computer science.

Don’t be fooled; just because you know how to use a laptop/computer, doesn’t mean you’ll find computer science easy. This course deals with data structures and their algorithms. Emphasis is given to good data abstraction and efficiency. The data structures covered include arrays, linked lists, trees, graphs and strings. Other topics covered may include design patterns, analysis of algorithms, and complexity classes. Programming is done in an object oriented language. This class is not only difficult because of the math and science aspect of it, but also because it takes time and dedication to master the concepts, theories and application of what you’ve learned. It’s lot of time-consuming hard work, so make sure you have the time for it before signing up!

7. ECO 315 – Intermediate Microeconomics

High Demand and Low Supply analysis concept on a graph with a red push pin.

Microeconomics is more difficult than macroeconomics because it requires at least some minimal understanding of calculus-level mathematical concepts. Since this is an intermediate class, it’s even harder than the introductory class. This course will examine economic theory and methodology with emphasis on the principles of price determination, consumer behavior, market equilibrium, optimality of resource allocation, production and costs, comparison of market structures, and the behavior of firms in nonperfect competition. Not only do you need to be able to analyze a graph, but you’ll have to memorize all the different scenarios that affect and shift things in the economy.

8. MAT 212 – Calculus III

Chalk board with calculus equations and formulas written on it.

Calculus is arguably one of the hardest studies of math, so it’s no surprise it made the list. Even those who are good at math will be challenged by this advanced calculus class. This course is a study of the cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems, vectors in two dimensions and three dimensions, vector valued functions, functions of several variables, multiple integration, and vector calculus. If you find yourself struggling in this class, check out the notes linked in the course title for some extra help!

9. PHY 211SN – Classical Physics I


Physics is the study of how and why the universe behaves the way it does. The most difficult aspect of this course is that it’s a calculus-based physics course. So if you’re bad at math, science, or both, you might want to stay away from this physics class. This course includes the following topics: kinematics, Newtonian mechanics, energy, momentum, gravity, oscillations, and thermodynamics.

10. PSY 360 – Psychopathology

Clip art of human head made of gears.

This is another science-related course, so if science is your weakness, then you might find this class hard. Psychopathology is the scientific study of mental disorders, including efforts to understand their genetic, biological, psychological, and social causes. This course will provide a broad survey of what is considered to be disordered in behavior, emotional expression, and cognition in adults. Emphasis will be placed on a scientific view of psychopathology. The hardest part of this class is the memorization required to know and remember all the different scientific terms and definitions, so if memorization isn’t your learning style, then good luck in this class.

10 Library Resources at Northwestern College

As a private Christian-focused college that specializes in sciences and liberal arts, the Northwestern College caters to a little more than 1200 students yearly. With a smaller student populace, it’s easier to cater to the students without having to sacrifice the quality of education.

1. Go Online

The DeWitt library website provides ample resources students can access online.

Much of the DeWitt Library content can be easily sought online through the library website. With the wide scope of the internet, students can easily get their materials reserved before they step inside the library.

2. Room Reservation

Having a room for your discussions and study groups makes it easier to share one's knowledge.

The library provides rooms that students and even teachers can use. These are ideal places for discussions, research work and academic meetings to be conducted in. You can even reserve them online.

3. New Material Lists

There's a list for newly received books and media which can help students if the book they requested has arrived.

If you want to check what new books or materials the library has received or purchased, the DeWitt library has a list of materials categorized per month so students can check if the book they requested is already available or not.

4. Varied Collections

To cater to a wide list of majors, DeWitt Library has a lot of books and media in their collection.

The DeWitt library also offers collections that can help take a further step to one’s academic field. These can be about heritage, children’s books and more.

5. Publish your Works

Northwestern College can help students and faculty publish their work and keep in in the library collections.

The DeWitt Library helps students and faculty publish journals about the student’s or faculty’s research work. These publications are stored in the library to aid the academic community in their future coursework.

6. Research Database

The research guidelines and database that DeWitt Library provides is vast and detailed.

The library and its online website provide a detailed guide about research and guides on how to conduct a proper and thorough research.

7. Citing Tool

Citations are required in various coursework thus a tool can make this tedious task go smoothly.

Citations are a student’s worst nightmare. The DeWitt library provides Noodle, a citation tool, that can help students on their citation work.


8. Preparing for Tests

Having test prep materials lessens the anxiety of students about to take their exams.

Normal libraries do not provide test prep materials but in the Northwestern College, the DeWitt library has an archive for test prep. Students and faculty can reserve or request a material online or through the library staff.

9. Peer Learning Center

The Peer Learning Center helps students get a better understanding of their coursework with the aid of their peers.

The Peer Learning Center is located in the first level of the library and dedicated to students who are helped by fellow students. This makes for an easier approach for individuals on difficult topics. It is a systematic approach to tackling difficult courses.

10. Off Campus Services

Even if you are off-campus, students and faculty can still access the content from DeWitt Library due to its online platform.

With the ease of the internet, students can enjoy the library services by logging into their account on the library website.


Libraries in Northwestern College

1. DeWitt Learning Commons

The in-house library of Northwestern College provides a great place to do research.

The DeWitt Learning Commons is Northwestern College’s campus library. It contains all the course materials and aid that students require for their academic needs.

2. Orange City Library

This library may be a much homey approach but it can provide a great selection of research materials for coursework.

If the DeWitt Learning Commons is too crowded during exam season, Orange City Library is the nearest library that can cater to students. This library is quite near to the campus thus makes a great alternative place to study.

3. Alton Public Library

Alton Public library's high ceilings give it a much relaxed air that's perfect for focused studying.

Despite its old look, the Alton Public Library provides ample resources and great research materials. They also offer research services to make the process much smoother.

4. Sheldon Public Library

The Sheldon Public library has a lot of materials students can refer to for their research work.

Sheldon Public Library offers a more leisure approach to the usual library setup. Students can get their leisure reading or light coursework done in this particular library.

5. Le Mars Public Library

Le Mars Public Library may look cramped thus it's not ideal for leisure reading but there's a lot of activities conducted here.

This library offers a lot of media and books but also caters to some workshops and various events that are culminated within its doors. Individuals can enjoy various activities aside from the usual academic coursework.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at Northwestern College

Northwestern College is a private Christian liberal arts college boasting more than 1200 students. Located in Orange City, studying here promises countless activities and things to do. The beautiful campus and great graduate rate makes Northwestern College a popular choice for many. Here are the coolest clubs and events you can find whilst studying here.

1. International Club

A support group and meeting place for international students.
Picture: Pixabay

If you’re an international student, you may want to consider joining Northwestern’s international club. This club acts as support and a meeting place for students from diverse backgrounds. They organize trips, meetings and events too.

2. Theatre Production Ensemble

Act, produce, design or direct with the theatre production ensemble.
Picture: Pixabay

Join this club to gain experience revolving around the theatre. Whether it’s acting, producing, directing, sound design, scenery, lighting or costumes. Productions and performances take place all year round, featuring classics and student-created plays.

3. Student Government

Enhance your leadership and political traits with the Student Government.
Picture: Pixabay

For all those interested in politics, leadership or social rights, joining the student government could be a natural progression for you. In this role, you could make positive changes to enhance a student’s experience. It will also give you valuable insight into the world of politics.

4. Beacon

Contribute to the student-run newspaper.
Picture: Pixabay

Become a contributor to the student-led newspaper, Beacon. This is a perfect chance for all those interested in journalism or PR to get the first-hand experience with the publishing world.

5. Spectrum

Spectrum is a student literary arts magazine.
Picture: Pixabay

Spectrum is a student literary arts magazine. Again, this publication will give you valuable insight into the PR and journalism industries. Spectrum is also the place to be if you’re an art, design or creative student.

6. Crosswalk Media

A student-run, student-staffed communications agency.
Picture: Pixabay

Crosswalk Media is student-managed, student-staffed communications team. With the help of this club, you’ll fast become a PR, event managing, advertising, promotional wiz. As a member, you’ll gain and experience so much with Crosswalk Media. Perfect for anybody looking to go into a media role after graduating.

7. Creation Care Club

Create Care's mission is to help the environment through conservation.
Picture: Pixabay

Creation Care is for any student that cares about the environment and climate change. The club organizes events, meetings and talks. Things such as Northwestern college’s campus recycling were created by Creation Care.

8. Ultimate Frisbee Club

ultimate frisbee club

Are you looking for a challenging, exciting and different sports club to join. Ultimate frisbee could easily become your new hobby. Learn, practice and compete with your new ultimate frisbee club.

9. Student Activities Council

Be behind all the events and activities held at the Northwestern college.
Picture: Pixabay

Do you want to be behind all the amazing events that Northwestern College holds? Well, you can with the Student Activities Council. This club is responsible for filling the campus calendar with incredible events like, say, dancing, concerts and open mic nights.

10. Softball

Compete and practise with the softball team.
Picture: Pixabay

Join the softball team to further improve your skills, make new friends and compete across the country. The Notherwestern College softball team is a competitive, motivational club that will push your limits and improve your skill.

The best events at Northwestern College this school year

1. Jake Van Wky Art Exhbiti

Visit Jacob Van Wyk's
Picture: Northwestern College.

This is a really exciting event, through to December 7th, Northwestern college will feature a major installation of multimedia artwork by Jacob Van Wyk. Pop down and see the sculptures, paintings, graphite drawings and much more. The exhibit is called “Apocalyptic Vision”.

2. Chamber Ensembles Concert

Attend the Chamber Ensembles Concert on Dec 7th.
Picture: Pixabay

Witness the Chamber Ensembles Concert for yourself at the Christ Chapel on Friday, December 7th, 2018. It starts at 7:30pm and ends at 9:00pm. This would be the perfect way to bring in the Christmas season.

3. Movie Night Out

Enjoy a movie night out at the Holland Plaza Theatre.
Picture: Pixabay

What better way to spend a night after the Christmas holidays than with a movie? On Friday, January 11th 2019, join Student Activities on a movie night out to the Holland Plaza Theatre.

4. Dress up Bingo

Dress up and play bingo.
Picture: Pixabay

On Saturday, February 9th 2019 you can experience a hilarious bingo night. Who doesn’t love bingo? Who doesn’t love dressing up? Well, the two have been combined to create a night of laughs. It begins at 8pm at the RSC 4-Court area.

5. Glow Dance

Attend the glow dance for a night of fun.
Picture: Pixabay

This is one Northwestern College students do not want to miss. Be prepared for a night of dancing, glowing and UV powder paint. Make your way over to the glow dance to be immersed in an explosion of glowing paint and colors.

10 Easiest Courses at Northwestern College

College students around the world are getting ready to go back to school. This means that many are facing the fact that they will have to face long nights of study. Although, there are some loop holes that can help students get away from this at Northwestern College by taking easy electives.

1. BIO 101SN – Introduction to Environmental Science

This course will introduce students to environmental science as it relates to the field of biology. Topics to be discussed include ecosystems, how humans impact the environment, and how the environment on Earth has changed since Earth’s birth.A picture of someone holding a tree.

2. ART 331WI – Art Since 1940

Have you ever thought about why art is created? This course will give an introduction to contemporary art. Students will learn about art from the 1940s to present times. Topics to be discussed include social and political movements, major works, major artists, and society’s influence on artwork.A picture of a paint palette.

3. COM 101x – Mass Media and Society

How does the media impact the world we live in? This course will help students to understand the impacts and influence that the mass media has on society. Students will study media through historical contexts, how society views the media, and what problems have risen because of it.A picture of the CNN sign.

4.  COM 332 – Advertising Campaigns

What’s the right way to advertise yourself or your brand? This course will help students to develop and improve their own skills in research, creativity, and brainstorming throughout the duration of this course. This course introduces students to the realm of advertising, where students will put their thinking skills to the test.A billboard advertising facial cleanser.

5. ECO 214 – Principles of Macroeconomics

Students will be introduced to the world economy in this class. This course will also have a heavy focus on macroeconomics. Students will learn about supply and demand of goods, services, and productions, monopolies, inflation, how unemployment affects the economy, fiscal policies, and budget deficits.This represents the world economy.

6. AGR 301 – Agricultural Marketing

This course is designed to help students understand agriculture and the agricultural industry. This course will explore globalization and industrial industries that provide products for individuals. Topics to be discussed include land use, agriculture, manufacturers, distribution, natural resources, and  production of goods.An image of an open field on a farm.

7. MUS 101 – Music Fundamentals

In this course, students will learn the basic fundamentals of music. This course will help students to understand musical notation, pitch, rhythm, time signatures, scales, keys, triads, and how to read music. Students will also be given history lessons on music.The top of the Fur Elise music score.

8. MUS 116 – Jazz Exploration and Understanding

What’s music without jazz? This course will allow students to comprehend jazz music and its history. Throughout the semester, students will learn how jazz has influenced not only the music industry, but the world as well. Students will also learn about the roots of jazz.Jazz musician, Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet.

9. HIS 240 – Issues in American History

This course will cover prominent issues that America has faced and issues that the country is still facing. Topics and themes to be covered include the 1960s, the history of American women, civil rights movements, and the Cold War in America.An image of the US flag on the map of America.

10.PHI 204BR – Mind, Knowledge and Reality

How do you question our world? This course will cover various topics in philosophy that have to do with questioning and gaining knowledge. This course will address the existence of a greater entity, good vs. evil, the mind and the body, attaining knowledge, and personal identity.An image representing thinking and intellectualism.These courses were established to help students steer clear of the dreaded long nights of homework and all nighters many pull for tests and quizzes. These courses will help students to focus on their other courses that may be more challenging compared to others. God ahead and register for a course or two!